On January 11th, 2019 by Lynne McTaggart

As I observe the stalemate between the American Republicans and Democrats over the Mexican wall and parliamentarians of all parties over Brexit, I can’t help thinking that all these great elected government officials could learn a thing or two from Orland Bishop and the rival young black gang members he is instructing how to relate […]


On January 4th, 2019 by Lynne McTaggart

If you’re like me, you watch the nightly news with a sense of dread. Even though I’m a journalist myself, I am dismayed by the increasing tendency of most news agencies to abandon any sense of objectivity and paint every situation in the worst possible light. According to the major news agencies on both sides […]


On December 24th, 2018 by Lynne McTaggart

During this dark time of uncertainty, when all familiar systems seem to be collapsing around us, I take enormous comfort in one simple fact: the extraordinary regenerative power of small groups to create miracles.


On January 20th, 2017 by Lynne McTaggart

Like many people, I approach the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the US with extreme trepidation, save for one fact: his public stance on vaccination. Among the parade of people who have been heading in and out of Trump Tower in the last months were Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield, […]


On January 13th, 2017 by Lynne McTaggart

Now that we’ve moved past one of the more tumultuous years in my lifetime, but are about to welcome the most controversial of American administrations, I’ve decided that the ride may continue to be bumpy for a while, but that I can do my part to smooth things over by adopting a few resolutions. Here’s […]


On December 23rd, 2016 by Lynne McTaggart

After all the continuing hate and vitriol over the elections in the US and the UK, is there a way to bring both sides together? We can take inspiration from the work of Dacher Keltner, a psychologist at University of California at Berkeley, who has made it his life work to counter the prevailing view […]


On December 23rd, 2016 by Lynne McTaggart

After all the continuing hate and vitriol over the elections in the US and the UK, all of us are left wondering how on earth we will ever bring both sides back together. Recently, I discovered an ingeniously rapid way to heal divisions between people in the work of Dacher Keltner, a psychologist at University […]


On December 16th, 2016 by Lynne McTaggart

I’m going to make a personal disclosure so that you don’t accuse me of speaking in self-interest.  If Donald Trump becomes President, I will personally benefit. The taxes on my American corporation will be lower, meaning there will be greater profits for us and more money to pay our team.


On December 9th, 2016 by Lynne McTaggart

Two British epidemiologists, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, spent more than thirty years painstakingly examining why certain human societies live longer and healthier than others, the results of which are contained in their book, Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Always Do Better. After researching the social conditions of virtually every Western country, Wilkinson and […]


On December 2nd, 2016 by Lynne McTaggart

Dear Mr. Trump, No doubt you are pretty busy, attempting to fill the vacancies in your future cabinet. but I wanted to respond to your promise, in the Thanksgiving video last week, to ‘unite’ the country and to be a ‘President for all the people.’ As you no doubt know, there have been non-stop protests […]

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