Strange bedfellows?

Lynne McTaggart

Recently, I received the latest issue of Eureka magazine, from the London Times, a periodic science publication, with a photo of cancerous lungs in a museum case. The article featured inside promised that scientists were making such magnificent discoveries about cancer that they were soon to consign specimens such as this to a museum curio.
I have to chuckle when I think about this rosy-hued view of the way medicine works.  It’s reassuring to think that there are big organizations out there so wedded to our best interests that they are beyond reproach, impossible to buy or sell.
WHO cares
The premiere organization with this kind of impeccable reputation the world over is the World Health Organization, one of original agencies set up by the newly formed United Nations. Its objectives were lofty; as described in its founding constitution, it was intended to “combat disease, especially key infectious diseases, and to promote the general health of the people of the world”.
The WHO, as it’s commonly known, was set up three years after the end of World War II, and its headquarters—as if to underscore its even-handed mandate—were in formerly neutral Switzerland.
At the time of its inception, polio raged around the world. In short order, the WHO’s main line of focus became infectious disease. In 1980 the WHO triumphantly declared that smallpox had been wiped off the face of the earth and set as its next target the eradication of polio.
So, it came as a shock to me recently to find out just how cozy a relationship there had been between senior members of the WHO and the pharmaceutical industry in the swine-flu affair of last year.
The pandemic that wasn’t
As you may recall, it was the WHO that first raised the alarm over swine flu, predicting a phase-6, or runaway, pandemic that was expected to claim the lives of millions of people just in the US, the UK and Europe alone. This, of course, persuaded countries in Europe and in North America to splash out millions for supplies of Tamiflu and flu vaccines.
As we all now realize, the pandemic never arrived, leaving many countries with huge unused stocks of antivirals and vaccines that were not needed—and lots of egg on their faces.
As my magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You recently learned, senior representatives of the drug companies making the drugs in question funded a group of scientists claiming to be an independent working party on influenza, headed by someone who is among the WHO’s most influential scientists on vaccines.
Furthermore, a batch of senior execs met with the WHO’s Director-General to press her into revealing when she was going to announce a phase-6 pandemic. These disquieting relations led to worldwide fear, damage by unnecessary (and dangerous) drugs and, of course, record profits for Big Pharma.
Rounding up renegades
That the line between regulation and commerce is becoming ever thinner is also apparent in the cancer industry. Recently, my husband Bryan Hubbard (also a journalist) unearthed an enormous body of evidence shows that cancer may be caused by bugs after all—specifically, by an imbalance in our usual bacterial flora caused by environmental insults.
Nevertheless, every scientist who has ever touched this proposition has been vilified or even imprisoned by the regulatory agencies or big cancer organizations—again largely advised or funded by the pharmaceuticals.
Monkey business
I also refer you to the case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  The US and UK governments and the press are exulting in the recent highly public hanging of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, recently found guilty of misconduct by the British General Medical Council.  Wakefield, you may recall, is the British gastroenterologist who first raised the alarm bells over the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR).
Wakefield never maintained that the MMR vaccine caused autism.  All he did was to raise a cautious alarm after finding that a number of children with autism were presenting with the same gut problems that seemed to have developed right after their MMR jabs.
He and his colleagues in America have carried out a subsequent study on monkeys, which demonstrated that the hepatitis B vaccine can cause neurological damage and progressively severe chronic inflammation in gastrointestinal tissue—exactly what he originally discovered with the MMR vaccine and autistic children.
Despite being exhaustively peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, Wakefield’s monkey study was subsequently pulled as ‘not suitable’ for publication after the GMC delivered its verdict.  The more the editors of my publication WDDTY have dug into this issue, the more layers of deceit we have uncovered in the form of censorship, data-massaging and burying of damning data.
We have found dirty tricks at the very heart of medicine that would have made Richard Nixon’s Watergate henchmen proud.  We havefound journalism ought and paid for by drug companys.
Journalism in collusion
But what has been most shocking to me as a journalist is the misinformation spread about by my own colleagues in the press. Virtually no major newspaper, TV or radio station (save The Huffington Post) has bothered to look beyond the official releases of the GMC or government agencies to learn the truth about MMR.  Some journalists have even allowed themselves to get in bed with drug companies.
Recently I heard from one of Wakefield’s colleagues.  His phone is tapped, and all his good research – much of it having nothing to do with MMR – is all getting publicly repudiated by the various publications in which he has published in the past.  Wakefield is like a character in a Kafka novel, whose footprint on the planet slowly being erased, one research article at a time.
What needs to be put on display is not false promises about winning the War on Cancer or an honest scientist like Wakefield, but the level of deceit that is now routine — among scientists, researchers and reporters — all in the name of the public ‘interest’.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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32 comments on “Strange bedfellows?”

  1. I had measles as a child, mumps as an adult, and rubella on my wedding day.
    I understand that these illnesses may have serious consequences. Those consequences may well not be as serious as autism.

  2. Worse yet, there is a "rumor" that both CDC and The Genome Lab in Oak Ridge Tenn, were responsible for creating either H1N1 or H1N5? This was to give the pharm. industry something to manufacture, or "to prepare us for a pandemic." ?

  3. Bravo Lynne!
    More responsible journalists need to pull the curtain back and reveal the corrupt little man at the control panel.
    Thanks to excellent journalism like yours, people are becoming more and more aware of how nefarious organizations like WHO (which has become little more than a value-added reseller for the pharmaceutical industry) are.
    I love reading your posts. Keep up the GREAT work!
    Warm regards,
    Ron Matthews

  4. You hit the nail on the head. We are left to our own devices when faced with health choices. What they are doing to Wakefield is like the McCarthy hearings in the 1950's. I do not mean to exaggerate the situation either. Much of the standard advice is downright criminal, like advising diabetics to eat carbs and take more insulin.

  5. Lynn, if intention, and the belief in the effecacy of intention, in the cure, improvement or disappearance of disease actually works, then doesn't it follow that the disease itself is caused by belief and or intention (conscious or unconscious)?

  6. Here again. If I had read the rest of the e-news I would have seen that the question I asked above is fully answered in your seminars and teleconferences. Thank you. This entire dialog is wonderful.

  7. My Mother, Mary, aged 90 was in a nursing home here in Ireland for 3 years..she suffered from vascular dementia and had broken her arm about 3 years ago needed 24/7 care. A few months after the swine flu pandemic has subsided they surprised me by asking if I would consent to my mother having the vaccine..I said no but they pointed out that everyone else had agreed and I felt pressured and relented. My Mother never really recovered from it and died a short time later..are there stats out there for the number of people in nursing homes who died as a indirect consequence of this vaccine...

  8. They will never officially release a cure for cancer because they make money out of the sick. I refuse to donate money towards cancer research even though people close to me have died from the disease. Instead I donate to hospice charities and Macmillan who care for those suffering with the disease. It is about time the corrupt WHO is overthrown and reinstated with a new body for a positive future.

  9. Unless we do contract illnesses such as measles, mumps and rubella, we won't develop a natural immunity. My son got mumps in spite of having had an MMR! Correct nutrition and a healthy lifestyle should ensure that symptoms of any illness are mild. The incidence of illness in no way corresponds to the vaccination programmes anyway, leaving their efficacy in serious doubt.
    Big pharma and its allies want a drugged up controlled population. We need to wake up, take control of our health and get wise to what is going on.

  10. It's wonderful when journalists uncover this kind of damning evidence... however many decades behind the times it might be.
    When my mother fell ill with lung cancer three years ago I quit my job to uncover alternative cures, since the survival rate of this particular cancer in mainstream medical practice is 2%.
    Unfortunately alternative modalities were also unable to save her, but at least they failed honestly. The first thing her mainstream doctor told her was that chemo was her only option. Lie #1, but a doozy. What he did not tell her was that he would receive a healthy kickback from the pharms for subjecting her to this treatment/nightmare from which she had no hope of survival anyway.
    Even my beginning sleuthing uncovered incredible results nearly instantly. For example: the board members of America's finest cancer institutes are also owners and major stockholders of Big Pharma...surprise. Most other approaches are not just frowned upon, but actually illegal... surprise again. The FDA , also tied very closely with Big Pharma, is the only organization in the US that can pass a law without Congress, making patenting of medicines and passing of self-serving laws very convenient indeed - such as those illegalising alternate treatments. The A-list of corruption goes on... and on.
    Staying with my mother in a treatment clinic in Mexico and doing basic homework made me realize that the Orwellian nightmare is not grey and dingy but has Ph.D.s with white lab coats and inhabits the marbled halls of power and learning.
    Thanks for bringing this information forward. There is so much more conflict of interest here to unearth, but the fundamental one is simple: getting and keeping people sick is good business.

  11. Lynne,
    It is an unfortunate fact of life that where you find the potential for 100’s of billions of dollars to be made, you will find unscrupulous people taking advantage of that opportunity.
    I’ve heard many times over the years that the cure to all cancer is sitting on a shelf somewhere…kept hidden on purpose.
    But esoteric wisdom teaches that putting effort and intention into fighting against something only empowers it.
    I applaud Sorynzar’s attitude of supporting those organizations that assist the ill versus attacking organizations viewed as dubious in their mission.
    Let’s aim our intention at curing those in need!
    Karma will sort out the rest…
    Write On!

  12. 3 Cheers Lynne for bringing this information to light and getting it out there. My next 3 cheers will be to all those out there who begin to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Many of us have been all too willing to allow others to make decisions about what is best for us to our detriment. I am Mum to 3 beautiful children and I am their primary healthcarer. I have been roundly criticized by many for refusing to vaccinate them, drug them or for allowing an illness to run its course with out interference. Can I add that they are 3 extremely healthy and vibrant children who are all prepared to look after themselves and find out how best to do that by natural means. I applaude medicine when it's needed but it isn't always is it?

  13. Good job. What they are doing to Wakefield is just more of the same. Big Pharma's business plan has got to be the most successful one ever devised. Too bad it kills people.
    Privately: could you remove that transparent leaf from your writings? It is very annoying and makes your blue type even harder to read. I hope you are not fond of it; I don't want to offend you.

  14. Thanks again Lynne!
    I was listening to some of the podcast this week and (I think in the one with Will Arntz) I heard Lynne mention that Rupert Sheldrake had done an investigation which showed that psi experiments were by a large percentage more scientific in their construction than other areas taken as a whole. As someone often amused and annoyed by the amount of irrationality in the skeptics 'rational' refutations of such research I had to check it out. Googling Sheldrake brought me to a debate on Skeptiko between the Professor and skeptic Richard Wiseman. Sheldrake, rigorous scientist which he is, mopped the floor with the guy. But Wiseman made a strange argument which this blog post brought back to me. When asked by the moderator if telepathy had been proven by the extant body of research, Wiseman said it had met all scientific criteria, but as an 'extraordinary claim' it did not yet achieve the criteria of extraordinary proof! He went onto say that in 100 years psi research had not met that extraordinary standard so it was safe to assume that there was nothing to it!
    Ok, so how does this relate to Lynne's post. Well orthodox medicine has been trying to cure cancer for close to 100 years and has not succeeded. Is it safe to assume that they should just stop trying? The opinion that medical orthodoxy (WHO, big Pharma, etc.) will create some magic pill to cure all our ills is a backward and dangerous assumption as it discourages people from taking natural, simple and safe measures to guard their own health. Of course big Pharma has no stake in curing cancer since they make much more off 'managing' it. I could go on and on on this so let me wrap up.
    Sheldrakes response to to Wiseman's extraordinarily ridiculous claim by the way was that telepathy is experienced by a high percentage of the populace based on pols and there is therefore no reason to class it as extraordinary. Well put Rupert and as always, well put Lynne.
    P.S.-To the community, find this debate. It is fascinating!

  15. Thank you Lynne for that. A French Dr stated that Cancer can be cured by changing your ph balance. Bicarb of Soda is the simple solution. Our problem is that we've all become addicted to sugar, which creates an acidic environment, and then the cancer flourishes. Please do not replace the "sugar" with a sugar substitute like aspartame. That will push your cells into overdrive. It is an excitoxin and sends self-destruct messages to your cells.
    Love is the greatest healing agent on the planet, so Thank You, Lynne for yours.

  16. The following comments I made on an article about BPs cost saving efforts that led to the Gulf of Mexico disaster, might be relevant here too:
    ---I quote from the report above, "BP said the riskier single barrier option made the best economic case." Capitalism reigns!!! Capitalism, as it has been practised in its virulent form demands a cost benefit analysis, an exercise in ensuring the cost to the bottom line must rule over any long term considerations such as the environment, effect on human development etc. That is true CAPITALISM - "Capital Accumulation Prerogative Instigated Totally Apathetic to Laws Inspired by Spiritual Meaning". As SweetOldBob points out in his comments above, "We may have the technology to drill in a mile of water depth, but clearly we do not have the technology to deal with it when things go wrong." Another article titled “On doomed rig, lapses sparked catastrophe” it speculates that “Hours before the explosion, set off by flammable methane gas that surged up the drill pipe, forces were already in motion on the drill deck and beneath the ocean surface that opened the door to catastrophe”. Hey, don't worry about it? Drill any way. Capitalism is king and we the slaves. My experience in aviation safety tells me of the need to build in multiple redundancies and taking timely, appropriate action in keeping with the “Swiss Cheese” concept made famous by Professor James Reason. Does it matter that he developed the idea based on extensive investigation of disasters like ‘Chernobyl’, ‘Three Mile Island’ and such others? No, not at all. The 'King' dictates otherwise.--
    WHO, the drug companies and the PHDs & Journalists they employ to serve them are only serving the 'King'. The cost benefit analysis has shown that a few slaves must be sacrificed for the benefit of the 'King' and his 'significant' subjects. Long live the 'King'.
    I believe such goings on are becoming more and more commonplace because as a humanity we, through our fear, have become willing participants in our enslavement. The solution might lie in GRACE, realising what it is and embracing it.
    Grace is, in a divine sense, God’s gift to humanity, i.e. the infinite love, mercy, favor and goodwill shown to humankind by God. As a word, in human terms, it means: Elegance, Kindness, Politeness, Generosity of Spirit, Blessing, Adornment, Dignity, Loveliness, Beauty and all that these words mean.
    GRACE...think of it every day, always...all that it means...see it in everyone and everything...embrace it as a way, as life itself. Grows into what GRACE stands for - “Growth & Resurgence Achieved by Community Empowerment”. Empower him/her, them...that he/she may empower him/her, them...that he/she may empower him/her, them...and on & on......until it returns to us in many fold.
    Truly, it is in giving that we receive.
    "Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow'" - The Talmud
    Lynne, as I see it, you and any others like you have embraced this concept of GRACE. Hence, you do what you do. May God bless you.

  17. I can fully agree with mama Pip who looks after her children the natural way. I studied Natural Hygiene and nutrition. When w look at Nature, we observe that all of the animal, insect, bird, fish, crawling creatures, etc. are eating food RAW, uncooked, direct, often alive, even plants (vegetables) live. Nature (creation) has supplied us with a huge variety of natural food for humans in vegetables and fruit. Eat it in its raw natural state, plenty of variety possible and good recipes available. Organic is best, if possible grow your own food.
    The big pharma and medical associations will not agree with you, no money in you being healthy. So they even try to forbid super-foods, like "Noni juice", I heard, is forbidden in Germany, due to Bayers pharma's influence on the Government. It is too healthy, no good for their profits. I encourage everyone reading this to get onto the natural raw, uncooked foods, experiment, plenty of great varieties. Many health-food stores have good books. Educate yourself, well done Pip, you are so right, healthy children. Don't be afraid as when you read and educate yourself, you will find that good health is in your hands.
    Go for it ! !

  18. Thank you Lynn for putting it all together so clearly. I am looking forward to your teleseminar tomorrow. Things are slowly coming together for me after the Reconnection training with Eric Pearl. Currently reading The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Seldon.
    So much information that is now available and is transformative in helping us shift our paradigm.

  19. As others have said - thank you Lynne. Mistress WHO has had an episodic re-think on the norm of heartless experimentation.
    The day of the pathogen microbe has reached a new peak where it can be so destructive as to be out of hand and no longer containable by the test tube. It's a point at which pharmacorps who make "medicine" and evil scientists as in Bond style movies who make "weapons" have actually converged.
    As they stand and look at each other wondering what to do next and above all how to profit as well as control (can't have one without the other) we the people have some respite.
    One of the reasons for this state of affairs is Silver Sol nano technology which, being benign is of equal use to the military as to the pharmacorps. With the FDA seal of approval to a mining company to make and market it, WHO hopes that the suspicious public will more or less ignore yet another miracle 'health supplement'.
    They themselves don't know wether to screech to a halt or give it the swerve. OOPS!
    You can read about it and watch a heavily promulgating salesman wave an excalibur he can barely lift. It is an exciting development in humanity's relationship with the microbic world.
    mrsamedical dot com will take you to the site of an unassuming gentleman who is probably a world authority in microbe behaviour. You can even get some. When I talk of the deep rooted suspicion WHO has done a remarkable job of making people's wisdom and knowledge blind them to the obvious. It's like taking a tenner off a stranger offering tenners in the street who has no apparent reaon to pay you money....
    analogous as that is it felt that way to me.... only I had my life saved by being free from suspicion on this occasion. Thank God.

  20. Mi intención es para que la fuga de petróleo de Deepwater Horizon sea exitosamente contenida de inmediato y se restaure el balance ecológico al mar y la vida marina de las cercanías.

  21. Thanks Lynn for keeping this information alive.
    The best way to maintain optimal health and even reverse the clock on diseases of aging is to drink high quality, high alkaline, high antioxidant, ionized Kangen water. It works partly because it is electrically charged.

  22. Ma Guadalupe - estoy de acuerdo y contigo pero a la vez hay que reconecer y denunciar todo lo que esten haciendo para consiguir más de su droga 'petroleo'. Están sacánodolo a nivel profundo en los mares porque ya apenas quedan fuentes fáciles a sacar - lo han chupado todo. Una cosa que encontré muy triste era que uno de los obreros que murío por la explosión había protestado a su jefe que la operación era demasiado ariesgoso. Srini hablaba del capitalismo que por su naturaleza busca beneficios sea lo que sea el coste al pueblo y al planeta. Yo propongo la intención que el capitalismo sea transformado y que vayamos hacía una transición pacífica de un sistema económico que ya no nos sirve hasta una economía basada en cooperación, respeto mutual, respeto a todas las demás especies. Hay suficiente para todos, hay tecnologías milagrosas y en manos responsables si lo organizamos bien puede ser un paraíso.

  23. It is in the interest of Big Pharma, as well as the governments /corporations to keep us unwell, under educated, distracted, and mislead in order to control us. This may be the year that the conspiracists can say "I told you so."
    I did not come to this realization lightly. It took many years.

  24. dear lynn,
    we do have NOT SO STRANGE bed fellows in computer anti virus manufacturers and computer virus manufacturers and computer manufacturers -- a gruesome threesome.
    remember Y2K which fostered roaring business?
    same way -- between the pharma industry and medical associations and the mighty health organisations.
    Why is 1 in 16 doctors ( 45000 ) in USA an Immigrant Indian?
    People flock to doctors who can diagnose fast (without too much of costly vested lab tests )--
    -- and who INTENDS to cure you fast, and get you cak on your feet.

  25. It was Bob Dylan who wrote the line "Money doesn't just talk - it swears!" I too was aghast when I read that Dr. Andrew Wakefield had been dis-barred. Right or wrong, and I still believe he was right, he did nothing to warrant such censure. Is it in fact a warning to others who might choose to buck the system in the public interest?
    It is undoubtably a tough call to make a decision on vaccine preperation and perhaps it is better to err on the side of too much not too little. That said, the pressure from Corporate execs to up the anti, which Lynn describes, is in my view, corruption! I do however, believe that stockpiling Tamiflu is a good idea. My own experience of this drug was very postitive indeed. My Doctor confirmed by culture that I had the flu, and Tamiflu reduced the illness length from 2 weeks to 2 days.
    There were a number of deaths among college kids in the US from swine flu and this has made public another factor which was discussed on YouTube by some Health Professionals who believe that vaccination may be counter productive in that it does not produce the same long term immunity that older people, who were exposed to the illnesses, possess.

  26. "Your comment is awaiting moderation" was your response to me. #3
    If I do not get a response to this probe from you today I will assume you are not going to post any of my posting anymore and I will stop trying.
    No hard feelings, as I appreciate your work.

  27. Yes, as James says it has nothing to do with whether we like or dislike Dr Wakefield's ideas and opinions. It simply has to do with the freedom of speach.
    The Big Pharma are desperately trying to shut up anybody who's against them and do their best to ridicule any alternative health care programs but more and more open minds are popping up.
    Meanwhile the Bildergerger group is having their annual meeting here in Spain...
    Darryl, thank you for mentioning the Skeptiko debate. Being a huge Rupert Sheldrake fan myself this one had gone by unnoticed for some reason. For anybody else who's ingterested, here's the link:

  28. 'Though I'm sure you don't agree, the same exact program is running on global warming, where scientists are being paid to hide data contrary to the appproved storyline, dissenting scientists are being silenced and persecuted, and the marketers of the program, like Al Gore, are postioned to make a fortune on the resulting cap & trade legislation. And by the way, the media reports on;y one side of this discussion, too.

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