Love Unleashed – A New Momentum of Heart Consciousness Unfolding

Join Lynne (speaking virtually) and an impressive line up of speakers, including Gregg Braden and Jack Canfield, at Love Unleashed, a transformational retreat in the verdant Santa Cruz mountains. Hosted by HeartMath leaders Howard Martin, Rollin McCraty, and Deborah Rozman, the retreat will focus on living a heart-centered life and unleashing love in action.

Join Lynne as she comes to Canada for a special event with friends Bruce H Lipton, Gregg Braden, Drs. JJ and Deisree Hurtak, Curtis Childs. The Conference is a series of talks that will take the participants on a journey from science to spirituality. This is a unique experience to meet your tribe, learn, grow, and transform.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable weekend seminar where you will have the rare opportunity to experience the renowned visionaries Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard in person and with German translation.

In this intense live workshop "Breaking the Shackles of Time" you will go on a transformative journey to heal your past and open the doors to a future without limits. This seminar is being held for the very first time in Germany.

Join us and a group of like minded souls on a three-day journey like no other. From science to spirituality, some of the greatest teachers in the modern era will all be here to boost your wellbeing, optimise your opportunities and to change your future for the better.

Join us and a group of like-minded souls on a three-day journey like no other. From science to spirituality, some of the greatest teachers in the modern era will all be here to boost your well-being, optimise your opportunities and to change your future for the better.

I am thrilled to invite you to the Gaia Emersion Conference, featuring myself and 9 other transformational speakers and experts. The event will be held at the beautiful GaiaSphere Event Center during one of the most powerful times of the year for creating a new you — the spring equinox weekend of March 18 – 19, 2023. 

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When you have the tools to heal yourself and create the life you want, long-term change becomes far easier than you might think. This conference is designed to empower and inspire all who attend to reach their full potential and create positive change in their lives. The speakers will share their knowledge and wisdom on a variety of topics, including personal growth, wellness, spirituality, and the power of the mind.


  • Regina Meredith
  • Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka
  • Jon Gabriel
  • Lynne McTaggart
  • William Henry
  • Anita Moorjani
  • Robert J Gilbert Ph.D
  • Maureen Hancock
  • Oliver Niño

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Recognize your authentic self and embrace your magnificence.
  • Access healing potential for yourself & others.
  • Learn how to communicate with your loved ones in spirit.
  • Experience a live mediumship demonstration.
  • Understand how to set boundaries & maintain your energy.
  • Assimilate new knowledge & practices for awakening your deepest spiritual potential.

And much more!

You’ll also experience firsthand why fellow alchemists come back to GaiaSphere, again and again, to live the magic of a like-minded community and life-changing topics in an intimate setting with their favorite experts. Buy your ticket now to secure your seat. Then, stay tuned for the schedule and more details on these eleven transformative presentations.

Last year's conference sold out, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of this transformational event. Purchase your tickets today and join us at the Gaia Emersion Conference, where we will come together to elevate our minds, bodies, and spirits.

We look forward to seeing you there!

This is an online event. If you can't attend live via Zoom, we will send you the replay link so you can watch later.

Join Lynne McTaggart, world renowned intention guru and internationally bestselling author, and discover the secret of how group intention and the Power of Eight® unleashes a miraculous power to heal yourself, your loved ones – and the world.

During Lynne’s 22-year work on intention with prestigious scientists, she discovered an astonishing fact: when people carry out intention for each other in small groups of eight, miraculous healings among individuals and entire societies occur – virtually in an instant.

In her talk about the Power of Eight®, you’ll hear and see documented cases of cancer, paralysis, crippling arthritis, cataracts, multiple sclerosis, genetic liver disease, depression, chronic fatigue, and much more – all being healed just through people sending their loving thoughts in a group.

You’ll also have an opportunity to experience this ecstatic, transcendent experience for yourself and learn why small Power of Eight® intention groups have rightly been called ‘a fast track to the miraculous.

• You’ll discover how Power of Eight groups carrying out intention together can heal every aspect of your life
• You’ll learn about the mirror effect of altruistic intention – how intending for others will reflect back on the senders and heal them as well
• You’ll witness how large Intention Experiments have healed relations between long-standing enemy nations (including Arabs and Israelis) and why it works

Get ready for the biggest spiritual festival in Europe from November 11-12, 2023! And, for a limited time, you can secure your place for €199 instead of €399 - and be part of the find your flow Festival!

Experience Lynne and 40 other top experts from the fields of consciousness, mediumship, healing, nutrition, hypnosis, communication, coaching, shamanism, meditation, and motivation live in Basel, Switzerland.

Together with 7,000+ like-minded people you can find your personal flow to grow beyond your limits during this weekend.

Let yourself be inspired by numerous lectures and workshops in German and English, and experience the flow within you!

Join international bestselling author Lynne McTaggart and your spiritual tribe for a rare mix of life-changing transformational teaching and joyous relaxation at Broughton Hall in Yorkshire, England, an extraordinary one-of-a kind setting on 3000 acres in the rolling Yorkshire Dales.

What you’ll learn

Besides pioneering Power of Eight® group intention, Lynne has lately developed a method of using intention to ‘time travel,’ a new technique that not only heals issues in the present but also those of the past.

Invariably, as she has discovered, when people are not achieving their goals they are being sabotaged by events in the past. However, the lingering effect of these past hurts can be overcome with special intention techniques, no matter how long ago or deeply embedded.

She has also developed a new technique for a Power of Eight® group to collectively ‘time travel’ as a group to envision – and ultimately manifest – a powerful rewarding future and life purpose for each individual group member.

Many of Lynne’s students have discovered that the intention techniques ‘backward and forward in time’ are among the most transformational work she offers.

Lynne will be joined by her husband, Bryan Hubbard, author of the ground-breaking book The Untrue Story of You, who will be teaching his revolutionary ‘Time-Light’ method, the radical new therapy he developed to help you clear out the old and make way for the new. Time-Light is now being used by a team of European therapists to heal such problems as depression and anxiety.

These techniques are perfect for healing past incidents that hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

Bryan will show you with great clarity why your life can be on constant repeat, with patterns that block you from achieving your greatest fulfilment.

He’ll also demonstrate why many of your intentions consequently don’t work, despite your best ‘intentions.’

You’ll learn how experiences you never fully understood from your past weigh you down, causing you to respond in the present with anxiety and fear.

Bryan’s exercises will help you identify the patterns in your life and their role in governing your present.

Lynne will then work with you using her special techniques backward and forward in time, using the supersizing healing power of a Power of Eight® group to heal specific incidents from your past that prevent you from living life to your full potential.

You’ll then engage in some fast-forward traveling into the future with your group, to design a fulfilling life going forward.

And in the process of healing yourself, you’ll also be helping to heal the lives of the other attendees – and vice versa!


Imagine welcoming in this next New Year away from the cold on a stunning white-powder beach in Covid-safe Costa Rica, the life-restoring sun on your back, the sand between your toes, and your mind and heart in a better place than they’ve been for years
– in fact, maybe ever.

Escape the winter and the empty promise of New Year celebrations by joining internationally bestselling author Lynne McTaggart and a small group of likeminded people for a rare mix of life-changing transformational teaching and joyous relaxation in a blissful
oceanfront setting that will get this new (and much anticipated) year off to a powerful new start.

Lynne will be joined by her husband, Bryan Hubbard, author of the ground-breaking book The Untrue Story of You, who will be teaching his revolutionary Time-Light therapy to help you clear out the old and make way for the new.

You’ll be staying at the stunning boutique luxury Santarena Hotel in Guanacasta, right on the beachfront, surrounded by lush greenery and magnificent rooftop views, particularly from its lavish terrace and 377-square foot pool.

Your hotel is a short stroll from the tropical, car-free town of Las Catalinas, with an array of charming plazas, shops and restaurants. Also on your doorstep are scenic hiking and biking trails, with sweeping ocean views, shaded areas for meditating or
yoga, and an array of water sports.

All this, and a week of experiential instruction in clearing out what holds you back and tapping into the exponential power of small group intention to create the blueprint for your ideal future.

Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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