Living the Field Course

Lynne McTaggart’s The Field is one of the seminal ‘must read’ books of the New Age movement

Now find out how to live according to this new world view

“If all information from the cosmos flows through our pores at every moment, then our current notion of our human potential is only a glimmer of what it should be.” – Lynne McTaggart

The Field elegantly and compellingly bridges the worlds of spirituality and the New Science.

But reader after reader contacted Lynne with a similar question:

"How do I live according to these revolutionary new ideas in science? How do I ‘live’ the Field?"

It was a good question, and for Lynne, a painstaking journalist and investigator, another challenge.

Some 768 pages and 615,000 words later, she and her team answered the question.

The result was Living the Field, a 48-part course that offers in-depth research and lessons on all areas of the New Science. But most important, it provides the step-by-step instructions that will enable you to access your extended human potential in all forms.

  • This includes staged lessons on intention, healing, remote viewing, clairvoyance, ESP, energy medicine, enlightenment, angels, hypnosis, dowsing, mediumship, altered states, dream-sharing and much more.
  • There is instruction on sound and healing, using The Field at work, with relationships and in community. You’ll discover how to raise children (or grandchildren) with spirit, create special extrasensory communication with animals, connect with the earth’s energies, and find your true life’s purpose.
  • Plus, there are dozens and dozens of exercises in every lesson, so that you can immerse yourself in experiential learning and make the shift to a happier and more fulfilled way of being.

Consider it a one-stop course in the next stage of your human evolution.

There are three ways to start Living the Field yourself.

1) Buy the complete course.

By far the most cost-effective method, this offers you all 48 parts (16 pages each) in four easy download volumes of 192 pages each. This includes every subject we’ve covered in Living the Field, including a number of the lessons not covered in the abridged version below (remote viewing, clairvoyance, spirit guides, healing touch, lucid dreaming and dream-sharing, altered states and peak experiences).

2) Buy the entire abridged set of core subjects.

You can buy all 15 of Living the Field’s core subjects at a special price of $118 – a saving of $16.85 over buying them individually.

These include:

  • Frontier Science
    A complete set of lessons in the science of psychic phenomena and the paranormal –scientific evidence on everything from auras and dowsing to precognition and near-death experiences.
  • Science and the Field
    Lynne’s bite-sized primer covers all the major theories of the New Science and the frontier scientists who made these groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Directed Intention
    Lynne’s complete how-to manual about carrying out intention most effectively.
  • Animal Energies
    Animals and pets of all description have been shown to have extraordinary extra-sensory powers. Here’s how to recognize and tap into them.
  • Earth Energies
    Find out how you are affected by planetary, solar, lunar and many other kinds of geomagnetic forces.
  • Relationships and the Field
    If we’re affecting each other at every moment, we have to discover some new ways of relating. These new skills will teach you to connect better with others.
  • Children and the Field
    Discover the basics of ‘spiritual parenting’ – how to raise a holistic child who develops through quantum learning.
  • Work and the Field
    Find out how to make your work a sacred contract and to become a global shareholder in every sense.
  • Energy Therapy
    Many of the latest (as well as many ancient therapies) work by shifting energy within the body. Here’s a complete run-down of the best.
  • Sound therapy
    The Field teaches us that we are beings of light and frequency. These lessons instruct you in the use of sound – another form of frequency – to heal and raise consciousness.
  • Electro pollution
    We’re bathed in a sea of electromagnetic fields and other energy pollution. Find out how to protect yourself.
  • Native Traditions
    Indigenous practices of all varieties – from living life without an alarm clock to daily blessing and offerings - give us clues about how to live in a new holistic way.
  • Enlightenment
    Throughout history, human beings have chased ways to reach a higher state of consciousness. Bryan Hubbard offers a complete grounding in enlightenment and how to achieve it.
  • Philosophy of the Field
    Quantum physics and the Zero Point Field raise so many basic questions about the human experience. Bryan Hubbard attempts to answer the big questions about what all these new discoveries mean to daily existence.
  • Zero Point Perception
    Seven lessons demonstrating that we can access information beyond space and time and affect things with our minds.

3) Pick and mix specific subjects from the abridged version.

If you’d prefer to simply select one subject at a time, we’ve grouped together 15 of Living the Field’s core subjects, which you can download individually.

“If we’re not separate, we have to imagine another way to live, an entirely new way to ‘be’.” – Lynne McTaggart

There’s a revolutionary new view of the world emerging. Now you can rediscover the latent power you hold inside you and become your own miraculous revolution.

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