Heal Your Past

A healing retreat in a historic english country house sanctuary


1-8 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Join Lynne McTaggart and your spiritual tribe for a rare mix of life-changing transformational teaching and joyous relaxation at Broughton Hall in Yorkshire, England, an extraordinary one-of-a kind setting on 3000 acres in the rolling Yorkshire Dales.

START DATE: September 1st 2024END DATE: September 8th 2024VENUE: Broughton HallADDRESS: Eden, Skipton BD23 3AE, United Kingdom

How you’ll be healing your past

Besides pioneering Power of Eight® group intention, Lynne has lately developed a method of using intention to ‘time travel,’ a new technique that not only heals issues in the present but also those of the past. 

Invariably, as she has discovered, when people are not achieving their goals they are being sabotaged by events in the past. However, the lingering effect of these past hurts can be overcome with special intention techniques, no matter how long ago or deeply embedded.

She's also developed a new technique for a Power of Eight® group to collectively ‘time travel’ as a group to envision – and ultimately manifest – a powerful rewarding future and life purpose for each individual group member. 

Many of Lynne’s students have discovered that the intention techniques ‘backward and forward in time’ are among the most transformational work she offers.

Lynne will be joined by her husband, Bryan Hubbard, author of the ground-breaking book The Untrue Story of You, who will be teaching his revolutionary ‘Time-Light’ method, the radical new therapy he developed to help you clear out the old and make way for the new. Time-Light is now being used by a team of European therapists to heal such problems as depression and anxiety. 

These techniques are perfect for healing past incidents that hold you back from living the life of your dreams. 

Bryan will show you with great clarity why your life can be on constant repeat, with patterns that block you from achieving your greatest fulfilment, and why many of your intentions dont' work, despite your best 'intentions'.  


You’ll learn how experiences you never fully understood from your past weigh you down, causing you to respond in the present with anxiety and fear.

Bryan’s exercises will help you identify the patterns in your life and their role in governing your present. 

Lynne will then work with you using her special techniques backward and forward in time, using the supersizing healing power of a Power of Eight® group to heal specific incidents from your past that prevent you from living life to your full potential. 

You’ll then engage in some fast-forward traveling into the future with your group, to design a fulfilling life going forward.

"I was not prepared for how powerful this week would be. The group setting coupled with intention and the idea of using both to heal the past blew me away. I feel like I have done more healing and releasing of the past in a couple of days than I have been able to do in months of therapy. This is an amazing experience."

– Mandee

What other activities are there?

Many of our meals will be taken in Utopia, a special restaurant noted for its delicious, mainly plant-based cuisine, but we’ll also enjoy a fairy-tale open-air dinner in the forest (weather permitting), and a magical banquet evening, complete with string quartet, in Broughton Hall’s stately dining room itself, a rare taste of living history.

On the final night, you’ll join Lynne, Bryan, and the other participants in a special fire ceremony in the estate’s impressive open-air fire pit to usher in your exciting new future.

In addition to these life-transforming sessions, you’ll have plenty of downtime to explore this glorious and unspoiled corner of Yorkshire.

For the more adventurous, these include:

  • exploring the beautiful cobbled market town of Skipton – a 5-minute car ride away – with its open-air markets
  • trekking the Yorkshire dales, within the Estate’s 3000 acres or beyond, consider some of the UK’s most spectacular scenery
  • guided walks through the magnificent forest on the grounds
  • wild swimming in the ponds (for strong, experienced swimmers)
  • traveling a bit further afield to visit the parsonage and museum of writers Jane, Emily, and Anne Bronte. Or Bolton Abbey, a 12th-century monastery with historically laid stepping stones to cross the River Wharfe.

For those who prefer more gentle exercise or relaxation, there’s a magnificent indoor pool, steam room, sauna, and exercise room in Avalon (complete with an immersion meditation ‘egg’), walks around the magnificent 3000-acre estate, plus a range of spa treatments available.

Or you can choose to simply spend time in quiet contemplation by walking the labyrinth, alone or with your Power of Eight® group. Or see all the original Princeton PEAR laboratory equipment, now permanently housed at Broughton.

1 Wellbeing Centre

There’s truly something for everyone here at this magical place.

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The Intention Masterclass 24 Waitlist

"‘A wonderful life-changing course in idyllic surroundings."

 – Audrey

A special message from Lynne and Bryan

Lynne Bryan

“Come and join us both in an amazing, historic wonderland for five days that undoubtedly will transform your life – as it did for so many of our attendees last year.

“When we first came as guests to Broughton Hall, one of the most magnificent settings in the UK, which uniquely combined history with a deep sense of spirituality, we realized that we’d found the perfect place to hold retreats, particularly ones to heal the past.

“And last year, that intention became a reality when a fantastic group of attendees joined us for a magical five days at our ‘Heal Your Past’ retreat. Everything about Broughton – the historical buildings, the 3000 acres of rolling acreage, the magnificent meeting rooms, spa, and restaurant – melded perfectly with our teaching. 

We were deeply gratified to hear that so many of the attendees found the week life-transforming. You can read what many had to say in the video at the top and throughout this page.

“We’ve worked with thousands of large and small groups over the years, and we’ve developed unique ways to help people to use their thoughts to heal longstanding conditions, mend their relationships, improve their finances or careers, and even rekindle their life’s purpose.

“So, if you’ve tried and failed to use intention in your life, spend these life-transforming five days with us.

“You’ll learn special techniques to use intention to zero in on your goals, hone your intuition, heal your relationships, and avoid negative intention (your own and others’).

“Bryan and I have perfected a means of helping you to overcome ways that you sabotage your own goals with unconscious negative intention from your past.

“Together, we will help you to end the misfired intentions that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

“We’ll show you, as we’ve shown thousands of others, the miraculous power you hold inside of you to heal your own life, which gets unleashed the moment you stop thinking about yourself.

“We invite you spend a deeply enriching time with us both that will truly restore you, equip you with skills that will last a lifetime, and introduce you to a raft of new friendships that may last just as long.”

"‘Lynne and Bryan's programme is packed full of information, tools, and evidence-based science. On top of all that are powerful and transformative experiential experiences."

 – Brigitte

Join Waitlist for 2024

The Intention Masterclass 24 Waitlist

Where you’ll stay

This historic country estate – dating back to 1597 and belonging to the Tempest Baronet family – is one of the only exclusive-use Historic Houses in the UK, now completely refurbished to its original stunning glory with elegant common rooms, authentic, characterful features, beautiful heirlooms and the splendid 18th century formal gardens (complete with maze).

The runner up for the filming of Downton Abbey, Broughton has also acted as the location for a number of television shows (Ridley Road, All Creatures Great and Small, Captain Jack and the 1992 remake of Wuthering Heights, to name a few).

But unlike most British country homes, Broughton Hall also has a deeply mystical dimension.  While renovating the house, Roger and Paris Tempest, the spiritually minded owners, added onto the estate to convert it into a setting for spiritual retreats, with Avalon, a state-of-the-art meeting place, plus stunning pool and spa, and Utopia, its on-site restaurant serving organic, largely plant-based food. 

A special building on the Broughton grounds is also now the new home of the original Random Event Generator equipment created by the Princeton PEAR project – another example of the owners’ interest in science and spirituality.

The accommodation

Broughton Hall offers an opportunity to stay in one of the 17 period, characterful rooms of the historic house itself, many with four-poster beds, copper or standalone bathtubs and access to the library (with a hidden door), the magnificent conservatory and more.

There are also a variety of beautiful, scenic smaller accommodations – lovingly restored historic cottages, farmhouses and gate houses – dotted around the estate that will serve as our accommodation, too.

We’ve arranged to take over some of these cottages as well.

These cottages have all been recently restored to their original 19th century glory and then refurbished floor-to-ceiling with new fittings, furniture and appliances.

There are cozy bedrooms and ample communal living spaces: living rooms with period fireplaces, deluxe modern kitchens and even, in one cottage, a beautiful orangery.

The result is a lovely blend of period and modern, offering a homey feel together with spectacular views of the scenery woodland, moors and wildflower meadows.

All this, and a week of experiential instruction in clearing out what holds you back and tapping into the exponential power of small group intention to create the blueprint for your ideal future.

"‘I experienced the most interesting, magical, emotional journey this week with Lynne and Bryan on their Heal Your Past retreat, set in the most exquisite Broughton Hall. It has been a journey of transformation, deep connections and life-long friendships. We have joy in our hearts for humanity and love that radiates freely."

 – Lee, Bradford

What you will learn at this retreat:

You will:

  • DISCOVER that time is an energy – and why something that affected you 30 years ago still has a terrible hold on you

  • LEARN new scientific evidence that time isn’t linear, but one giant smeared out present– and use this knowledge to heal long-ago events

  • BECOME CONSCIOUS of your own attempts to sabotage your own highest aspirations, and learn to reprogram your own negative thought stream

  • CARRY OUT exercises to identify the patterns in your life that are inadvertently controlling your present – and break this vicious cycle

  • LOCATE the ‘seed’ moment events that caused hurt or trauma – and employ Lynne’s special ‘time-travel’ intention techniques to heal the deepest wounds

  • LEARN that your mind is an unreliable narrator that seeks to find patterns in your life that contribute to your sense of victimhood

  • UNCOVER ways that you deliberately seek out and repeat these ‘time-heavy’ patterns and how to break them for good

  • EXPERIENCE for yourself the instant transformational state of oneness of group intention that escalates healing of old wounds

  • PRACTICE healing vagus nerve activity on constant high alertwhich is central to overcoming deep hurts and past trauma.

  • DEFLATE emotion around these traumatic moments using forgiveness and ‘retro-intention’ techniques to heal the people who have hurt you the most.
  • GET ‘TELEPORTED’ into the future, with your group to have them ‘see’ and help you design the life you’ve always wanted .

"‘‘I left a different person, with deeper knowledge of myself. I'm excited to continue living life."

 – Kim Bernauer

Schedule for Broughton Hall event

September 4: 

  • Arrival: 4 pm
  • Welcome dinner: 6:30 pm
  • Evening welcome meeting: 8 pm – 9:30 pm

September 5:

  • Workshop:  9:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Lunch: 12:30 – 2pm
  • Workshop:  2 – 4pm

Free time for spa, walks etc: 4-7 pm (or individual Power of Eight® group work)

Dinner:  7 pm

September 6:

  • Workshop: 9:30 am-12:30 pm
  • Lunch:  12:30 – 2 pm
  • Workshop 2 – 4 pm

Free time for activities: 4 – 7 pm (or individual Power of Eight® group work)

Dinner:  Outdoor dinner: 7 pm

September 7:

  • Workshop: 9:30-12:30 pm
  • Lunch:  12:30 pm
  • Afternoon free time:  2 pm – 6 pm

Visit Skipton, do forest ‘bathing,’ take yoga, spend time in the spa (or meet with your Power of Eight® group)

  • Dinner: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
  • Firepit ceremony: 7:30 – 9:30 pm

September 8 (leave rooms at 10 am):

  • Workshop:  10am -12:30 pm 
  • Final lunch: 12:30 – 2 pm
  • Hugs and goodbyes: 2 pm

Here's what you will receive when joining us at the Retreat:

Before the Retreat

  • Pre-Retreat Questionnaire
  • Pre-Retreat Information Pack
  • Pre-Retreat Study Recommendations
  • WhatsApp Group Support (if opted-in)

During the Retreat

  • All activities during the retreat, including daily workshops, group work, the Wyrd Experience with Jeff Dunne, banquet night with string quartet, evening activities and guided forest walk
  • 3 plant-based meals per day, plus unlimited teas and light snacks
  • 2-3 hours per day to yourself for group work, rest, spa treatments or walks in the breath-taking surroundings
  • Exclusive use of Avalon - State of the art health spa

After the Retreat

  • Post-Retreat Online Reunion Call with Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard
  • Entry into the wider Lynne McTaggart Community
  • Regular updates on all future Lynne McTaggart events, courses and free tools
  • WhatsApp Group Support (if opted-in)

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The Intention Masterclass 24 Waitlist
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Terms and Conditions

If you cancel your participation in this retreat for any reason, we regret that we are not able to refund deposits or any subsequent payments regardless of the circumstances.

Consequently, we urge you to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances of your own so that your investment - particularly the costs of any flights or other transport - will be protected.

Book with Confidence

In the unlikely event that Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard are forced to cancel or re-schedule this retreat, due to illness or emergency, we will transfer any monies paid towards another of Lynne’s retreats within a one-year period. If we are unable to put on an alternative event on dates convenient to you, we will refund any funds paid to us by you in full.

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