Joan Borysenko

This brilliant, practical book distills the core message of the great wisdom traditions and weds it to modern science.

A very important book for the aborning science within consciousness.

Lynne McTaggart has a dazzling genius for bringing together cutting edge research in the field of quantum physics in a stunningly direct and accessible way.

A must for everyone interested in advancing the creative abilities of his own consciousness.

Every now and then a person taps into the zeitgeist of an age, the evolutionary edge of human consciousness and understanding. The Field and The Intention Experiment are seminal. Highly recommended work!

Lynne McTaggart enters into the mind of frontier scientists in ways that inform, illuminate, and even dazzle those of us who need help charting a course through complex scientific research. The Intention Experiment leaves you with palpable excitement that we are about to cross the next threshold where the power of our deepest intentions will be reflected in the design of evolution itself.

This brilliant, practical book distills the core message of the great wisdom traditions and weds it to modern science.

The Bond brilliantly reveals the essence of who we are, backed by rigorous new science and expressed with clarity and power. McTaggart is a visionary and an extraordinary scholar of the heart. In this seminal book, she communicates a life-altering message that has the power to transform the way we see ourselves and therefore the way we see the world. Read this book. It will open your heart, and change your life.

Lynne McTaggart's The Bond is so full of wisdom, truth, and science that it whispers to your heart and screams at your brain: reclaim your life, and create a better way to live for your sake, and your children's, and your children's children.

There is something on every page of this book to make you jump for joy. It's like things you've secretly suspected but figured must not be true since no one else seems to think them are suddenly proven to be true! You don't even realize how thirsty your soul has been for another way of looking at the world, until it's given you and you can't stop drinking it in. Rarely does a book so tell it like it is.

Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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