The Intention Experiment

This revolutionary exploration of the science of intention seeks to answer the most fundamental question left unanswered by The Field: if we are all connected, can our thoughts and intentions affect and change the world and things ‘out there’?

To find out, Lynne again carried out exhaustive investigations, including interviews with scientists around the world, and collated the most impressive data yet on intention, or the power of thought.

After distilling the practices of a many intention ‘masters,’ Lynne also created the world’s only toolkit for using and receiving intention based on a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom.

The Intention Experiment is a ‘living book’: working with a consortium of scientists, Lynne periodically invites her worldwide audience to take part in online Intention Experiments examining the power of group intention to effect measurable targets under scientifically controlled targets.

By participating in world’s largest mind-over-matter studies, the readers themselves get to become a part of scientific history.

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