When Big Brother went High Tech

Lynne McTaggart

In June 2018, Google – the portal through which we discover facts, make connections, interpret the world – decided to change its algorithms about which information gains preference on its pages. Its target was alternative and natural health. At a stroke, all information about alternative and natural health disappeared or was relegated to back pages.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a functional medicine specialist and architect of a highly popular nutritional health site, whose referenced content has been at the top of health search results for some 15 years, he says, experienced a 99 percent drop in natural search engine traffic. Our own magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You saw its traffic halved.
As Mercola wrote a few weeks ago: “When entering a health-related search word into Google, you will no longer find Mercola.com articles in the search results. The only way to locate Mercola articles is by adding ‘Mercola.com’ to the search words in question.”
Even then, he goes on, if ‘undesirables’ like him don’t outright vanish on Google, the tech giant has a raft of ‘quality raters’ who will manually manipulate even pages with crowd-sourced relevance, to bury them.
In fact, any negative stories about alternative health practitioners, no matter how questionable, now appear at the top of search results about them.
At the top of any Google search is Wikipedia, run by invigilators who are ardent skeptics of anything out of the orthodoxy. British biologist Rupert Sheldrake, Joe Mercola and just about anyone else with an alternative view of the world finds it fruitless to attempt to correct any inaccuracy about them on their Wikipedia page.
Google never saw fit to explain the reason for its drastic change, but it was generally assumed to have something to do with government scrutiny of Big Tech, a misguided attempt to eliminate fake news or even a response to the new epidemic of measles with an attempt to protect the public from ‘anti-vax’ sites.
Sadly, the answer is a good deal more insidious, a massive concerted effort by Big Tech and giant corporations to censor the information you are allowed to see, not for any justifiable moral reason or adherence to the facts other than to consolidate Big Profits.
Just climb down this rabbit hole for a moment.
In the last six years, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has set up two pharmaceutical companies: Calico (2013) and Verily Life Sciences (2015). Verily went on to partner with GlaxoSmithKline to create a third innovative drug company called Galvani Bioelectronics.
In this way, Google can essentially harvest patients for Verily. Say you type in ‘alternatives for arthritis.’ What won’t immediately appear any longer are actual alternatives.
You’ll see results for many pages on conventional treatments, and what may also pop up is an ad inviting you to add your name to a drug trial registry so that, if desired, you can participate in a trial of an exciting breakthrough drug.
Climb down this hole some more. Mary Ellen Coe, Alphabet’s president of customer solutions, also happens to be on the board of Merck, which happens to manufacture the MMR vaccine.
Other big online giants are at it, too. Amazon, now the world’s largest online store, has bought PillPack, a company that pre-sorts drugs, and is partnering with another drug company to identify suitable patients for new cancer drugs.
Amazon now owns Wholefoods, and Wholefoods, despite its reputation for promoting all things wholesome and natural, has banned all ‘anti-vax books’, and even recently banned our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, despite its being one of the store chain’s top-selling magazines.
We were never told why, but we assume it had to do with a column in the last issue that appeared on its shelves, asking some pertinent questions about vaccines.
Our youngest daughter recently graduated with a design degree. Her thesis and final project this year had to do with media as an instrument of surveillance. In a nod to George Orwell, she called her project ‘small sister,’ and in her thesis she wrote: “One of the saddest aspects of this is that much of the information media has about us we largely supply. By using the media, we become the instruments of our own imprisonment.”
And that imprisonment is to enter into a world of censored information, largely tailored your history of searches and preferences, designed to make you an instrument of giant multinational profits.
But that’s only true of Google right now. If it’s an alternative and more even-handed view of the world you are seeking, look to other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.
And maybe it’s time to shop somewhere other than Amazon.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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12 comments on “When Big Brother went High Tech”

  1. Lynne, this is frightening. I hadn't realised the extent of this. A fine article.
    Maybe we should have an intention that this manipulation should be confounded. Or that people at large should understand it and rebel. I avoid Amazon if I possibly can, and maybe I will avoid Google as well from now on.

  2. Remember when the scientist came up with the nut theory that fat of any kind was bad for your heart and fudged the data to prove it. Many died as a result. Universities destroyed the careers of any researchers who requested the funding to retest his theory. And now there is the despicable but legal opiate debacle perpetrated by the drug companies. This censorship is even more depressing. Our supposedly helpful drug providers are legal drug pushers, our food and water and air are contaminated, and now we can't obtain information to allow us to find any alternatives? What is left for humanity? What hope do we have?

  3. I was working on an article relating to this, when this post of yours appeared in my inbox. Thank you! Please consider Ecosia.org as another alternative search engine -- they respect privacy, dont store or sell data, and use their profits to plant trees.

  4. Anyone looking to swap from amazon. I went to Ebay. Not only do I feel I’m buying from more independent sellers but I have saved a FORTUNE. seriously. I also buy brand new less often now. Realising that often second hand is fine for what I need. It’s not the ultimate best thing. But as an amazon replacement. It serves me great and is a simple switch. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for keeping us all up to date - so what do we do?
    Power of 8 facilitator, NK, RI
    Holistic counselor, Expressive Arts facilitator

  6. Have been using DuckDuckGo as my search engine for years, It works well and doesn't keep a record of your searches.

  7. Lynne, your book "WDDTY" was the book that started my 2-decades long fascination with natural wellness modalities and products. And with wanting to find the truth in medicine. What Google and others are doing is appalling! We are losing freedom of speech, freedom to make decisions for our own body and our children, the right to education for our kids unless they've been injected with all manner of toxic chemicals --- all in the name of big profits for Big Pharma and it's cohorts in government. Keep doing what you're doing!! And a huge THANK YOU!

  8. This is appalling and angering. I landed here because I just spent the night in the ER with my first, and prayerfully last, excruciating experience with colitis. To find myself on the bathroom floor screaming in pain and then to awake to my husband on the phone with 911 and experience what I just did - then be told colitis feels like a bad dream. I am an RN who despises big pharma, I practice alternative medicine, eat well - but what an overhaul I've got to make now - and preach to the masses whenever they'll listen about the dangers of horrible lifestyles and crap food products.
    Anyway, my friend told me long ago of duckduckgo and I've been using it. I am now DONE with Amazon - they hardly have any free "prime" movies anymore. And I've been reading a whole lot about vaccines. (btw I had my healthcare worker mandated MMR #2 as well as Hep B #1 (of 3) 12 hours before my abdominal pain started...).
    Freedoms are definitely being chipped away at. My request would be for all of you, while you (we) are all raging about our alternative info etc freedoms being chipped away at, regardless of your views on guns please know that this is just one more of the freedoms they are desperately trying to removing from us. Looking back in history reveals that once the citizens can be disarmed, all hell REALLY breaks loose. Big Media distorts everything for us as we know because they are in bed with pharma. Don't think they aren't distorting the "facts" regarding the shootings.

  9. If the product is free, YOU are the product. Next time you type a search into Firefox, notice the little "Change search settings" link that pops up and take their advice! Firefox and Safari (for starters) will introduce you to dozens of alternatives like DuckDuckGo, and it's incredibly easy to switch back and forth, even on a per-search basis if you want. There's no excuse for feeding the parasites!

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