More Than Just Spoonbending

Lynne McTaggart

Perhaps the only downside about all the publicity having to do with the The Lost Symbol is the renewed attack on consciousness research as unworthy of serious discussion.
All of the skeptics and their websites are brimming with renewed fervor, and in the UK, where I live, all the scientists and science writers have dismissed out of hand any ideas about a science behind the power of thought.
In a recent documentary on The Lost Symbol, the slightest mention of noetic science was conspicuously absent.
The view seems to be that while the material about Freemasonry may be based on fact, noetic science is more akin to science fiction — and more properly belongs on a show featuring an illusionist like Derren Brown.
The heart of the difference
This body of science and indeed all the implications about the power of thought go well beyond spoon-bending tricks.
This central idea, that consciousness affects matter, lies at the very heart of an irreconcilable difference between the world view offered by classical physics – the science of the big, visible world – and that of quantum physics – the science of the world’s most diminutive components.
These discoveries offer convincing evidence that all matter in the universe exists in a web of connection and constant influence, which often overrides many of the laws of the universe that we used to believe held ultimate sovereignty.
Information transfers
The significance of these findings extends far beyond a validation of extrasensory power or parapsychology. They threaten to demolish the entire edifice of present-day science.
Frontier research into the nature of human consciousness has upended everything that we have hitherto considered scientific certainty about our world.
For more than 30 years many of the scientists I write about — physicists like Fritz Albert-Popp and Hal Puthoff, psychologists like Gary Schwartz and Dean Radin, biologists like the late Jacques Benveniste — have been amassing unimpeachable evidence in experiments that has stretched credulity.
At least 40 top scientists in academic centres of research around the world have demonstrated that an information transfer constantly carries on between living things, and that thought forms are simply another aspect of transmitted energy.
Hundreds of others have offered plausible theories embracing even the most counter-intuitive effects, such as time-displaced influence, as now consistent with the laws of physics.
Our definition of the physical universe as a collection of isolated objects, our definition of ourselves as just another of those objects, and even our most basic understanding of time and space, will have to be recast.
Using the power of thought
Ideas about the power of thought are no longer the ruminations of a few eccentric individuals. They now underpin many well-accepted disciplines in every reach of life, from orthodox and alternative medicine to competitive sport. Any modern coach of a competitive sport routinely offers training in some form of mental rehearsal, and often it is touted as the decisive element separating the elite sportsperson from the second-division player.
Medical scientists often speak of the ‘placebo effect’ as an annoying impediment to the proof of the efficacy of a chemical agent. It is time that we understood and made full use of the power of the placebo. Repeatedly, the mind has proved to be a far more powerful healer than the greatest of breakthrough drugs.
This knowledge may give us back a sense of individual and collective power, which has been wrested from us, largely by the current worldview espoused by modern science, which portrays an indifferent universe populated by things that are separate and unengaged.
Indeed, an understanding of the power of conscious thought may also bring science closer to religion by offering scientific proof of the intuitive understanding, held by most of us, that to be alive is to be far more than an assemblage of chemicals and electrical signalling.
Medicine, healing, education, even our interaction with our technology, would benefit from a greater comprehension of the mind’s inextricable involvement in its world. If we begin to grasp the remarkable power of human consciousness, we will advance our understanding of ourselves as human beings in all our complexity.
The art of the impossible
Frontier science is the art of inquiring about the impossible. All of our major achievements in history have resulted from asking an outrageous question. What if stones fall from the sky? What if giant metal objects could overcome gravity? What if there is no end of the earth to sail off?
All of the discoveries about the power of thought and remote influence have similarly proceeded from asking a seemingly absurd question: what if our thoughts could affect the things around us?
True science always begins with an unpopular question, even if there is no prospect of an immediate answer – even if the answer threatens to overturn every last one of our cherished beliefs. The scientists engaged in consciousness research must constantly put forward unpopular questions about the nature of the mind and the extent of its reach.
In our group Intention Experiments, we have asked the most impossible question of all: what if a group thought could heal a remote target?
It is a little like asking, what if a thought could heal the world?
It is an outlandish question, but the most important part of scientific investigation is just the simple willingness to ask the question.
Mainstream science — and indeed the press — have grown ever more fundamentalist, dominated by a few highly vocal scientists and science writers who believe that our scientific story has largely been written.
Nevertheless, a small body of resistance carries on in defiance of this restricted view. With every unorthodox question asked, with every unlikely answer, frontier scientists such as those featured in my books remake our world. May they and their ilk light our way.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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934 comments on “More Than Just Spoonbending”

  1. "Frontier science is the art of inquiring about the impossible."
    Love that.
    a paradigm shift is happening within the world. One of the main things that is changing is our dependency upon main stream media as the only source of relevant and useful information. It could even be argued that mainstream media has never "truly" but an honest source of this info anyways.
    Whether or not it is "accepted" within certain exclusive clubs as possibility, these truths are more importantly being accepted within our hearts.
    We're being pushed as a global family to think, act, and be different.
    Your work Lynne has enabled that to happen. Thank you.
    Peace, love and many blessings to you.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Lynne: As you just stated "Frontier science is the art of inquiring about the impossible. All of our major achievements in history have resulted from asking an outrageous question." I beleive the outcome of your increasing visibility and your intention experiments becoming something the main stream is more curious about will be the tipping point. There are so many brilliant minds out there that will be attracted to this information and with the aid of modern communications tools like the internet there's going to be an avalanche of acceptance for your work that will be impossible to ignore. I'm very excited about all the possibilities this concept opens up and I'm avidly spreading the word. There are many many more like me - you've started a wildfire of awareness and things will heat up quickly now!

  3. I tend to not pay much attention to the naysayers in the world. Part of the problem is that there is little room in religion for what is being put forth by you and many others.
    Jesus once wrote that our truth changes from awareness to awareness, which really explains the way run of the mill science looks at this phenomena. Because they lack the awareness to truly understand what is being presented.
    There is such a fine line between our reality and other realities, something people find difficulty wrapping their minds around. There is all kinds of paranormal activity and abilities in this world, and one must be open to the possibilites in order to ever hope to see the true meaning behind what you talk about. It's like being a medium, everyone has the ability if they take the time to practice and learn the mechanics of it. You are one of many who offer the world a different view of how our lives can change for the better. As with any great truth it is not an easy path, it's hard work and can often take a great amount of time for someone to realize that a difference has occured.

  4. Lynne-
    You are such a Light in this world. Thank you for being you.
    I agree that a simple and radical thought can change the world.
    If we embraced oneness, it could all change.
    We are love at our source and we are all one.
    It starts with ourselves and radiates outward.
    We are spreading the word and the light about all these concepts, in our new web presence and social brand debuts today. It takes the best of Science and Spirit. We have included your work in our tools and resource section. We look forward to collaborating in the future.
    with gratitude for your work
    Debra Derella Cheren
    Chief Inspiration Officer
    Sage DC, Inc.

  5. I think we must understand that the naysayer’s reality is just that, real, well to them at least. It’s almost like having two pronunciations and meanings for the same word. Two interpretations of the same world.
    I think sometimes, that to truly “understand”, more has to happen that that person simply “getting” it.
    Sometimes I think there has to be a spiritual shift first, like something has to fundamentally change in side of that person on a spiritual level, only then when you offer the same facts and explanations are they able to “get it”

  6. Dear Lynn - You sure are a light in this world. As difficult as it may be at times, don't let those who really don't understand the magnitude of this get you down. They will evolve - it will just take many longer than we wish it would. You are on the forefront of a great and powerful source of healing and creating. Keep up the great work. God Bless You. Kathie

  7. I agree with everything you have said. I believe that there are those who want all knowledge to remain within the confines of their domain. If the research finds that we do have the ability to make changes in our lives then the power in the world will shift.
    That shift would be scary to those who like to stay behind the closed doors of the lab where they can toil and be looked to for any advancement in the lives of humans.
    It's a lofty place up there in research land for all those scientist who want to control what is discovered about human thought and consciousness as well as a host of other scientific things.
    Thanks to all of those researchers who want to empower people to think outside the box. I think that most people know they have the power to influence their own lives (good and bad) but there still needs to be more tweaking to get the correct practice of intention though thought down to a simple formula for it to be user friendly and not haphazardly.
    Isn't there enough pain in the world right now enough to begin to contemplate that we really should all be looking for ways to use thought to bring more peace or end suffering?
    The only thing we should be skeptical of are those scientist who want to keep the doors of discovery locked with them behind it. We are all intelligent and although we may not all have scientific credentials, it's not impossible that someone who has no scientific credentials will discover something that will advance human kind.
    Einstein worked in the patent office and that was no snobby research lab--but that didn't stop him from pondering big thoughts about the Universe.

  8. The mounting evidence supporting the premise that thought carries material power is becoming more and more convincing. With each scientifically based experiment the results continue to support the efficacy of thought power both individually and collectively. The establishment doesn't want to hear this because the implications are disruptive to a paradigm of dogma and control.
    The fact that thought does have power leads to all kinds of possibilities including self healing from disease and the power to mediate that healing in others. Collective thought has the power to overcome all kinds of obstacles including the obstinance of an established scientific community stuck in an old paradigm.
    It appears that a latent ability is rising to the surface of our consciousness perhaps as a response to the dire circumstance perceived by our subconscious or some aspect of our higher consciousness. Whatever it is I believe it to be an evolutionary movement meant to help propel us past the current quagmire of greed, graft, deception, lies and other impediments used by the corrupt powers that control governments, media and large portions of the scientific community.
    Perhaps the power of enlightened prayer will be our salvation and move us forward into a new paradigm and age where love for all will prevail. One can pray that it will be so.

  9. Absolutely...
    The expression - 'the boat will rise with the tide' is appropriate here....methinks.
    And the tide is certainly turning... People are becoming increasingly aware of where the stresses of life are emerging from - the most affecting being from our mindset and beliefs about the world.
    Free your mind!
    Keep up the fabulous work Lynne - and a big thank you to your team....

  10. Lynn - All this knowledge is a threat to traditional science and there has always been a resistance to when new discoveries are being exposed. The work you do is absolutely amazing and it is of great importance, and we support you from the bottom of our hearts. We can change the world together if we believe, and feel, and know, the amazing power we all have within us. Then mountains can be moved. Light and Love to you. *Michael

  11. Dear Lynne
    I live in the UK. I can agree with you entirely but take heart - I have just finished writing an academic paper about the awakening and it has been accepted for publication in a respected mainstream journal.
    I was talking about these subjects to a friend who is a homeopath. She said she had undertaken some research that had demonstrated that, unlike American people, who are very broad minded, British people were scared to open themselves to new ideas. They had two main fears: a) that someone was trying to rip them off and b) that someone would laugh at them.
    This must be due to the fact that snobbery and bullying has long been endemic in our society. Let us hope things are changing but both seem to be endemic in our work places, schools and academic communities. Maybe you could devise an experiment to counteract its effects?
    As Kathie said, you are a light in the world. You are a way shower. So do not lose heart.

  12. Dear Lynne,
    I always hear you quote chapter and verse on the findings which back your comments. What is disappointing about the naysayers is that they seem not to be able to argue from data in a rational scientific manner, matching findings with findings. I would like proof. Perhaps I am gullible and have believed in quantum reality too readility, in which case I need to get more evidence not just someone's apparent 'scientific' opinions. Thank you for your clarity, Charlotte

  13. Well said Lynne!
    It is an uphill task to convince people that the "certain certainties" that they have come to rely on do not embody the whole truth. I have just given a talk on the power of intention to a forum of retired men with a wealth of life experience between them. They received what I had to say courteously, but with one or two exceptions utterly bemused. Of course that may well have been due to my presentation of ideas completely new to them, but the experience brought home to me what a hill we have to climb
    Bu we'll gret there!

  14. If I understand the information you are providing us mere intention is potentially sufficient to allow violation of nearly every currently accepted tenent of western science. If what you have been teaching is correct then a man could walk on water, heal disease, feed the hungry of the world, and even live forever! Give me a break! Keep up the great work my friend(s), Ron Eastwood in the USA.

  15. The statements in this blog that ring truest for me are these: "True science always begins with an unpopular question, even if there is no prospect of an immediate answer – even if the answer threatens to overturn every last one of our cherished beliefs. . . . the most important part of scientific investigation is just the simple willingness to ask the question. "
    I have asked a number of "unpopular questions" over the years, such as "can guided imagery directly influence the immune system?" (asked maybe 25 years ago). Even respected researchers at reknowned universities are somewhat taken aback by them. The best response is, "how will you explain it when you get negative results?" (When, not if!)
    This is a legitimate response, but in a way, it belongs to a different stage of scientific exploration. When you ask, "Does this work?" you are really asking, "what's out there?" This is like the major exploration eras in our history; the researchers on whose work Lynn reports are often like the Drakes and Magellans exploring the Antipodes of the mind. When you ask, "How does it work?" you have accepted that "it's out there." Now you want to know the mechanisms.
    I think some of the nay-sayers are demanding later-stage proofs for first-stage information. The work of investigating mechanisms is just in its infancy. We are still identifying the conditions under which intention and other processes are able to influence matter.
    But you can't explore any of it if you reject the questions. "Is there mind over matter?" "Does it matter?" "Never mind!"

  16. My dearest Lynne,
    I cannot thank you enough for your work. Really. Especially The Field. It changed my life. Through odd circumstances, it came across my path halfway around the world and then proceeded to rock mine.
    I have always felt that thought had power and matter, now you have proven it to me and the world. Now the rest of humanity just needs to put their fear aside and open their minds. The answers are in front of us.
    I have known I was different my whole life. I am profoundly gifted (IQ 160), a healer, an empath and my visual acuity is unmatched. I have been able to see the Field since childhood but no-one believed me. Oh, the things I can see. To finally understand what I have been seeing is a blessing so immense, there are no gave me the answers I needed and the motivation to share what I see and what I have learned.
    Have no doubt, my dear, change is coming. And know you are a pivotal part of our coming together as a species.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my mind.
    With gratitude,
    Carolyn Cook

  17. Lynn,
    I am so impressed by the amount of careful research that you have gathered and presented conveyed in a readable manner for both scientists and non-scientists. The naysayers really should read your work.
    In the meantime, I think we should do a thought experiment to move the naysayers to open their minds. I don't know how we would measure that scientifically, but I have noticed a change in the attitude of individual non-believers when I have sent an intention for them to be "open to healing." How about we send an intention to all skeptics about the new science that they be willing to embrace the possibility of a paradigm shift? It's worth a try!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

  18. Well!.........resistance creates persistence, so I guess all the publicity, positive and negative, is a good thing. It brings peoples attention to the question. While some are so deeply entrenched in their opinions others have many unexplained experiences and questions that are answered by this information.

  19. Lynn;
    I've been impressed by your words and actions for years..everything you've uncovered
    makes sense to me....but there is always the other side of the coin---if positive thinking works then negative thinking also works. I think this may have been addressed elsewhere but it is a truism.
    Negative thinking impressed on someone else
    (witching ways) is bound to work....We can just hope that the majority of mankind is conscious/spiritual enough to deal with this sort of thing.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. lynn,
    You are sooooo special to each & everyone of us because you continue to ASK! The Questions? I say to ALL you skeptics,,Just swap one day of your life to shadow lynn, then make a comment!
    God blees you & All who have helped Lynn with these experiements,

  21. Modern science usually relies on some conclusion of how things should be and then tries to prove it via "scientific methods". This is closed loop. Modern science is great discovering physical properties of the universe and technologies. It's still scientific if we can prove things within ourselves to ourselves,something science can't prove. We know it's not a amtter of faith. We're all living in the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age. This is the age of destruction and the falling apart of everything. Man's inability to control nature after abusing it to such an extent is leading us down a path of self destruction,which is no big secret,but the ego feigns it's death as if it doesn't exist. Possibly we could do an intention on the world ego which separates us all from one another. Pessimism leads me to believe the worst is yet to come...much worse. Nature finds a balance and we're all due for a cataclismic kick in the shorts as it will take a huge shift in energy to change us. It won't be pretty or easy regardless of our intentions. Just my 2 cents for better or worse.

  22. The rise in Consciousness is Unstoppable thanks to you, Dan Brown, and countless other Lightworkers. In gratitude?

  23. That point of 'light' in the 'darkness' ...
    is the point of 'darkness' in the 'light'.
    As always.
    Always is.
    Oscillating waves.

  24. The story science doesn't want anyone to know is it used to change it's beliefs every 50 years. Now its more like every 5 years. Reminds me of the old story: How many Psychologists does it take to change a light bulb. The question is, does the light bulb want to change.

  25. You, Lynne, as well as all the other scientists and researchers mentioned in this post, are trailblazers and pioneers. The status quo gets nervous and indignant when their tenets are challenged and it has always been so throughout history. This is due, of course, to fear. My intention today is that this fear should dissipate in the global scientific community and a new era of a common search for Truth arises to lead us all into the new age which is dawning.

  26. I will stay right here on edge with those who perform true science, who explore where the naysayers fear to tread. The light would fade from my world if Lynne and the scientists who are conducting experiments to understand even the untouchable anomalies in our world weren't here. With the exception of those who are open to exploring new frontiers, the naysayers are too invested in the old, to welcome the new. What right do they have to say noetics is not real science anyway, when they refuse to even consider experimenting with consciousness, etc. Maybe not enough big companies will support those experiments so it's not worth their time. I'm with Walt and Cynthia ~ let's, as a group, send them loving intention to open their minds, to be genuinely curious.
    Nevertheless, who needs them? 🙂

  27. As much as I love your book I've been disappointed with your experiments, (“improved,” “clearer,” “more nearly”) are not scientific objective measurements/goals. Such subjective criteria supports the assertions of the naysayers.
    What would work for me is if you'd run a rough draft description of each proposed experiment past us first (for feedback and editing) before posting the final draft. With each one I’ve found one or more errors that reveal the results will not be scientific.
    I believe that part of what fuels naysayers are your web site's prayer intentions. I’m certain that some read the prayer page and automatically dismiss your entire project. Health prayer requests should be on an entirely different web site, preferably not associated with your name or the book’s title.
    For example: Asking us to pray for/intend a stranger’s health to “improve” completely ignores the integrity and the intentions of the ill person who obviously (albeit unconsciously) intended his/her health problem. It ignores the effects of the operating integrity of the person requesting a prayer. To heal they must first acknowledge that it was their intention to be ill—for an as yet unknown reason. As a communication skills coach (30+ yrs) I find that most people have accumulated a lifetime of perpetrations (lies, withholds, abuses, deceits) and are still trying to make life work without having to clean up the messes, the badmouthing, the blames, and abuses. Each unacknowledged perpetration detracts from ones aliveness, eventually effecting ones very health. Asking us to pray for someone (so they feel better) when the integrity of the recipient is obviously out is not very good science. Unacknowledged perpetrations serve as barriers to communication, to the experience of love, and to manifesting ones intentions.
    Along the same line: What we do know is that millions of LMT’s (Licensed Massage Therapists) receive their license and within a short period of time have discontinued massaging for pay, because clients weren’t calling them back due to the miraculous benefits. This is due in part because if a masseuse’s integrity is out and they lay their hands on another the energy is equalized between the two instead of uplifting the recipient. Both awesomely valuable professions of Rebirthing and Rolfing have remained virtually unknown to the masses (instead of growing per its potential) because of the personal/and collective integrities of the practitioners. There’s more to intention than what's been addressed here so far.
    With aloha,

  28. I am truly sorry there are so many skeptics. Sorry for them and what they are missing, sorry for the world and what the skeptics could be giving them. I have seen intention work over and over again in my life. When it doesn't "work," I know the reason why - I didn't believe it would. Lynne, please keep up your good work.

  29. While I enjoyed 'The Lost Symbol' as a book of fiction it is very far off base as Masonic facts. This I speak of from knowledge gained by being a member for over 40 years.
    As for the establishment, they are set in their belief system and don't rock their boat even if it is far from being on the leading edge of new discoveries.
    I find it is better to pursue your knowledge and not worry about the professional establishment.

  30. Have a look at "YouTube" for Bruce Lipton. He's great and with his biology science proving that our cells are reacting to our thoughts. Also about Anastasia in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", thoughts are becoming true. OK, there may be cases or times that there are nil results but that could not be attributed to thoughts not working. They do, see also "Abraham" channeled by Ester Hicks.
    Thoughts are the energy impulses going together with feelings and vibrations, then knowing that ALL IS.
    More of this Lynne, please!

  31. twitter (Davanee)Could someone please put some eggs in my basket. I've dedicated my life (and it's been on the line many times) to uniting the world through global consciousness. My story can be the driving force behind this movement. It astounds people who come to understand it Thanx in advance

  32. Thank You Lynne for your insight.
    Man's longest and biggest journey will be from his head to his heart. When he knows his own TRUTH on the inside and finds it reflecting back at him from the outside, then will he know who he is. From the Chaos of his Babble-on will come the Clarity of Creation and TOGETHER WILL THEIR WILL BE DONE. Prosperity is a by-product of living in LOVE and INTEGRITY. This is OUR Birthright....Mother and Father, co-creators, have the power to create the most intelligent,healthy, loving human beings. With her thoughts, intention and healthy lifestyle she
    can create her next chain of evolution....our future generation.

  33. Main stream science first attacks what is new, then they say there might be validity to it but they need to study it and finally they embrace this new idea and say it is theirs and that it belongs to them. I have seen this happen again and again, from acupuncture to chiropractic spinal manipulation and more. This is just part of the process. The truth marches on despite the skeptics!

  34. I really loved the philosophy and science side to "The Lost Symbol". It was a gory book at times and it also made shrink back in horror in some parts, but at the end of it I felt imbued with that "inner-knowing" that the theories it presents are right. It felt good.
    I am sure science is really close to prove it. Thanks Lynne for your work. I've read your books (and others) but I haven't been participating in the experiments and this is something I really ought to do. It's time to give back...Thank you.

  35. "change is the nursery of music,joy,life,and eternity...John Dunne.
    Those who hold tight to the current World view of reality and humanity`s place in it will be self-isolating and hold themselves inert ; starved of flexibility and imagination of thought. Thinking is the prize not the subject matter.Pity their frozen concepts and brittle revelations shattered by anything new. The egos of these folk are the remnants of the Dodo mentality;soon to be extinct.

  36. Wonderful to find you. Please see my website for an excellent Russian video providing masses of verification of the work of Dr. Emoto. I am sure that you will find this and especially the second half of my chapter 17 interesting and hopefully helpful. The video is long (over 80min) but I have just fininshed the first draft of the summary and guide to the video that I hope to put on my website soon. I will try to email it to you for comments before I do.

  37. I once showed my students the video of Hidden Messages in Water, and one of my students asked what is the point of this. I told her, what if it was this easy. Be patient.

  38. Ms. McTaggart,
    I just wanted to let you know that this site has opened up a world for me that previously only existed in my imagination. Ever since I was young, not always because I remember a time when I didn't think this, but for a long time, I have believed that people had, what I thought of as telekinetic powers, that is just how I think of them. Recently, I have discovered my ability to perform small healings on myself, small things like headaches, and to see this site as helping prove that I'm not crazy is just unimaginably wonderful.
    I found this site through Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" because I am a HUGE Dan Brown fan, but this site is more than I could have ever thought. Visiting it makes my day more bearable, and I just wanted to let you know that not all the people attracted by Dan Brown are psychotic. They obviously know what Dan Brown writes about and if they are just going to piss all over it, why did they even waste the energy reading it? This project is very important and don't lose heart! (did I mention I'm only 17?)

  39. I can see how the book might have an effect on the legitimacy of the project. There are countless "intellectual" snobs that slam Brown's style and content, but he didn't write the book for them. He wrote it for the masses and in doing so chose a style that is "non-intellectual". This will blow over soon enough and your following will continue to grow exponentially.

  40. Lynne,
    The reality is who cares what the nay-sayers think?
    You and I will not change a scientist's mind, if they have spent a lifetime living from a perspective of materialism.
    But why waste your energy attempting to do just that? There is nothing more wasteful then meticulously doing something which should never be done.
    I believe in idealism, and you obviously have a following (with 50 posts in just a few hours) who also believe consciousness does affect matter, or at least are willing to engage in this line of thinking, so play to your audience!
    The nay-sayers are just looking for easy-access- press, as their view of life is so limited and rigid. I would suggest most have not put the effort into understanding the concept of quantum effects or they would be more open to the science behind it.
    I am also writing a book, focused on how intention and thought can have an effect on our experience of life, and many of my friends think I’m nuts!
    I don’t invest any time trying to change their minds. Let them have their closed little lives where they will never experience anything other than what is given to them.
    I intend to affect my reality daily with my thoughts and focused intention, and daily I see these effects come to fruition! If my friends don’t want to believe me or my experience, I leave them to their way of thinking.
    We can best live like a beacon of light and life, when we no longer are guided by the thinking of others, and concentrate on what intention and focused thought can do for us as individuals.
    My proof is in my experience of life!
    Write On!

  41. What a bunch of bunk..... If this is real it is testable and can be documented and repeated...

  42. To J. Stanford:
    Regarding your comment above,
    if you read Lynn McTaggart's books, you will find plenty of documented scientific evidence for what you label "bunk." Please READ!

  43. Hello Lynn and every one.
    All this now seems to me, to be excepted as common sense. it is so natural that I now see it and hear it in everyday life. the feeling has taken my believes to the realm of knowning.
    The nansayer are of two types
    1. the slow to change type that would have us believe that star track commicators were never to be real, now we have cell phones that are even better.
    2. The other is the ones that feel only some of the masses of humans should be able to use this science as pratice in everyday life by a few.
    The new concept would be if not all humans are alowed to use intentions then how are we going to prepare are selves for the univeral travals, it will not be a repeat of the Conquestors and the Aztec. We had better expand our Mental powers and thoughts or be doomed by others that have.
    This is our history and hopefully not our future.

  44. The intention aspect is severly misunderstood.
    You as an instument in concert with other instruments even now carry forth with an act of intent started thousands of centuries ago.
    You have no idea of the endgame.
    It profits you none at all, you are the mere demi puppett of a very small creature called the mitochondria.
    You do not even understand there is no "you" to you.
    billions of individuals cooperate to construct you, each giving itself over to the power of intention as practiced by a very tiny worm.
    It has not only produced the specifications of your"self" it also brought forth every ancestor you had.
    You are on a voyage of mind, a servant to that which is so small that the human eye cannot see it. The real power of the mind is within the mind of the mitochondria, which of course only uses us as a means to an end, and when it addresses us it does so in mass, we individuals are simply animals with an over inflated sense of self.
    As more people tune out "rational science" more three card monte dealers take you'r tokens, surely such great skill is one of mind!
    The dealers game is in palming the bead, it takes not much kill.
    These days we are over-run with sham and shill.
    Not one of you could bend a spoon as it lay upon a table.
    In tests the "highly psychic" frauds were actually a bit less "intuitive" than persons claiming no psychic skills at all.
    No one has lightened James Randi's pocketbook.
    There remains the fact that great claims require great proof.
    So then all that is left to the "psychic" amongst us is this.
    Prove it.
    Why yes, that is the sound of the universe; laughing behind you'r back.

  45. Mahatma Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    And: “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

  46. So good to read the comments. So good to not be alone. Stand strong fellow travelers. Those of you who don't believe or are doubtful, hold on to your hats, we are going for a ride in the next few years.

  47. I am pleased to have participed. I agree with everything you have done and continue your work , please.
    Thank you for being you.
    Gérard, from Belgium.

  48. Look at all the positive light this work is getting in the media today.How many shows are on about psychic's,paranormal activity and angels.People it is real,it has been proven over and over again.Someone said it should be able to be proven and repeatable.Like pharma.studies?Three people take an aspirin,your headache goes away,his stomach bleeds and the other has an allergic reaction.And they call that science.I have been Psychic since I was a kid,I didn't choose to be it just happened.I am also a healer,have been for about twenty years.I saw Lynne at the North American premiere of "The Living Matrix".It is an amazing movie that I recommend to everyone.

  49. The "new" new is always the "old" brought forward. Jesus told the people that all of these things he was doing that "we" will do and greater. These are the things he was talking about. He said to the Sanhedrin, "Are ye not Gods!?". This was his reply to their question if he thought he was God. His reply also included the obvious statement, "I and the Father are one". We are all "One". We are all Gods, capable of changing the world with just a thought.

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