Results of the Clean Water Experiment:Of glowing light and alchemy

Lynne McTaggart

Dear friends,
  This week I returned from speaking at Omega and the New York Open Center (both wonderful groups, I must say), and waiting for me was a complete analysis of the results of the two Clean Water Experiments we ran on June 13 and September 19 of this year with psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. 
The results are so breathtaking that I must share them with you here.
Mark Boccuzzi, our chief lab technician who actually runs the experiments, prepared four Petri dishes of ordinary tap water, labelled ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’.  He then took images of them with the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, developed by Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov. 
 Photographing the light from water
The GDV makes use of state-of-the-art optics, digitized television matrices and a powerful computer to photograph the biophotons emissions, or light, emanating from living things.
Ordinarily, a living organism will dribble out the faintest pulse of photons, perceptible only to the most sensitive equipment in conditions of utter pitch black. As Korotkov has realized, a better way to capture this light is to stir up photons by ‘evoking’, or stimulating them into an excited state so that they shine millions of times more intensely than normal.
Korotkov’s equipment blends several techniques: photography, measurements of light intensity and computerized pattern recognition.
Like people, liquids glow
In the case of liquids, the GDV machine examines the emission activity on the surface of the liquid — that is, its ability to retain important information from other molecules.
The emission activity of liquids depends upon the presence of clusters of hydrogen atoms with a special ability to bond.  It is this special property, Korotkov believes, that gives water its unique capacity to record and retain information. 
Tests on liquids
Korotkov and his team have carried out a great deal of research on a great variety of biological liquids, showing that the GDV equipment is highly sensitive to changes in the chemical and physical contents of liquids — subtle changes that don’t show up in ordinary chemical analyses.
His equipment can detect tiny differences in between the glow of natural and synthetic essential oils with the identical chemical composition; between blood samples of healthy people and those patients suffering from cancer or heart disease; and even between oils extracted by different methods. He has also found statistically significant changes in water even when homeopathic remedies diluted 30 times were added to it.
Healing changes water
Since 2001 Dr. Korotkov has investigated the remote mental influence of a healer on water samples. Numerous experiments or his have demonstrated that mental influence results in statistically significant changes of the electrophotonic quality (the ‘glow’) of water.  
In our experiment, we took this one stage further.  We wanted to see if we could transform the glow of tap water to become more like that of mineral water. 
Mineral water and tap water have very different looking GDV images. 
GDV Images of mineral and tap water
Typically, bottled water (the image on the right) generates a larger inner ‘water drop’, or glowing area, and a much smaller and smoother outer ‘aura’ area than tap water (the image on the left).
The Clean Water Experiment protocol
In both our June and September experiments, after taking the GDV images, Mark Boccuzzi made an ordinary photograph of each dish and emailed the images to me.  These water samples were then allowed to sit for five days in a secured location until the date of the experiment. 
During that time, the water became stagnant; when Mark took GDV images shortly the experiments were carried out, both the controls and the targets showed increased ‘glowing’ around the water drop.  At this stage, both images look identical.
Just before we were due to start June experiment, I took four pieces of paper with A, B, C, D written on them, and asked my youngest daughter Anya to select one randomly.  My husband Bryan randomly chose the target for our September experiment.
In both instances, dish ‘C’ was chosen.  The scientists were blinded to our target until after the experiment – which meant they didn’t know which dish we’d targeted. We uploaded dish C on our website, then asked our community, again from some 60 countries around the world, to send an intention to make the energy footprint of the sample water look more like the footprint of bottle water.  During the intention, we showed our audience the photos above, and asked them to imagine the water’s footprint changing.
Here are the impressive results:
JUNE 13, 2009
The first photos show the first GDV photos, when the water was first poured.  The second set of photos shows what the energy footprint looks like after the water is stagnated.  The third set is after intention.  All the photos on the right are of our target Petri dish. The ones on the left represent one of the three controls of each experiment.
As you can see, in the first two sets of photos, the images are very similar, particularly after stagnation.  Nevertheless, after we sent intention to the targets, the target photos (the final photos on the right) show larger center water drops and smoother auras — much like the energy footprint of bottled water. The controls have smaller center water drops and more jagged outer auras.

CONTROLS                       TARGET



First Photos


After Stagnating


After Intention

A near identical situation occurred in our September 19 experiment.  Once again, the GDV images looked very similar at first and also after stagnation.  After intention, however, the water droplet in the center of our target dish (bottom photo on right) appears rounded, and the aura smoother:

SEPTEMBER 19, 2009




First Photos


After Stagnating


After Intention

As Dr. Gary Schwartz concludes in his analysis, the results of both the June and September global intention Experiments show increased roundness and smoother auras, which are consistent with the ‘predicted effects of intention on reversing stagnation in water.
Furthermore, the fact that we were able to replicate our findings over the two experiments supports the use of the GVD technique as a means of measuring the energetic effects of stagnation and the use of intentions to create cleaner water.
So what does this all mean, in plain English?  It means that we were apparently able to change the energy footprint of water to something more consistent with the energy of bottled water.
It is a first step toward using intention to clean up water.
It represents nothing less than a kind of alchemy.  Dan Brown would be proud.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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49 comments on “Results of the Clean Water Experiment:Of glowing light and alchemy”

  1. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the experiment. One of the things I have been quite disturbed about it the lack of clean drinking water. This is truly amazing and extremely exciting. Keep up the good work!

  2. The water experiment results are wonderful proof that intention really works. I think we should step up now and work on a practical level with large areas of water.

  3. Bless the scientists who are truly open to new possibility thinking, and you, Lynne, for your ability to communicate this work...we will create a new world order for all.

  4. I think you reversed the target's "First Photos" and "After Stagnating" in the Sept. 19th experiment. Is this correct?

  5. Lynne! You are a blessing to the world!
    Thank you for doing the work you do. The potential we hold with our energy and intention is incredible and YOU are helping people realize this 🙂
    Much Love ♥

  6. The is amazing, and I am so glad to have been a part of both experiments (even though there was a blip for me with the second one). I agree on going bigger. But I also wonder if this doesn't show how important intention is for each of us individually and how intention can purify the water we drink as well as many other things. In other words, as we grow the experiment, we can use and should be using intention in our daily life (as many of us, I am sure, already do).

  7. Right now I have a local radio talk show on in the background and they are "covering" this earth-shattering question: Did some guy in Denver lie that his son got into a helium balloon because he planned a hoax, or is he just stupid?"
    Lynn's questions continue to empower us--bless you for your work!

  8. I am sure this has been mentioned a gazillion times, but since humans are 98% water.....well, I'm sure you know where I'm going

  9. The recognition and now initial test results confirming the power of intention will have far reaching effects. Our future depends on a mindset turned away from the destructive and counter-productive ways of thinking that have brought us to the brink. With the power to positively effect change we are in a position to facilitate the change needed to carry us into a brighter future. Thank you Lynne and all the participants for paving the way to an effective method to achieve that goal. Now let apply it in earnest.

  10. Lynn, I participate with you on many of these intention processes. I would like you to know of the water I have been collecting for several years from around the world. It is in a fountain in my courtyard. I had it tested by a team mate of Dr. Korotkov using the GDV... the results on the water showed that it carried an enormous amount of information. It was an exciting conformation of what I believe is the morphic field that all the water carried from its location and energy field. view the fountain on the about site...blessings Peggy

  11. We could save a lot of money that now goes to bottled water (not to mention throwing away less plastic) if we each did this at home!

  12. I work with intention and I have been a part of many of your experiments. I am thrilled with the results we are seeing.
    I offered an intention of Cleanse the Currency 09-09-09- and created a youtube which was viewed by thousands and also downloaded to several hundred other websites and other devices. My telecast that morning hosted over 600 people from around the world, all holding the intention that the currency was cleaned of all energy signatures from all those who had touched the money, leaving vibrational traces of their fear, scarity, lack,or greed. We continue to work with this intention with our every interaction with money. I would love to have you know about this experiment and check out the youtube for 09-09-09 on google as well as the new youtube and prayer to cleanse the currency on the website above. thank you Peggy

  13. Bravo! To us all!
    This is such support and reminder to constantly use clear intention in even the daily minutaie of my life.
    I'm about to move to a home for this winter, in a town, where I will likely have "treated" tap water......after more than 20 years of excellent private well water.
    I'm starting today intending to improve its quality.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm in the offering of your great service in this time.
    With great love and appreciation,

  14. Lynn...have you considered contacting GUY LALIBERTÉ...he returned from space after what appears a very successful tribute to water!
    “Moving Stars and Earth for Water”
    International artists for a global event
    Star City (Moscow), September 2, 2009 – Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil
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    social mission, which will be carried out from the International Space Station (ISS). This
    is the first ever artistic and social event to originate from space.
    Under the theme “Moving Stars and Earth for Water,” the poetic social mission will
    take place on October 9, 2009 (GMT) in 14 cities simultaneously around the world.
    For 120 minutes, the earth will gaze up at the stars and resonate to the rhythms of
    artists and world-renowned figures who will demonstrate their commitment to water
    and pay tribute to this vitally important natural resource.
    14 cities on five continents… and space
    The event will take place simultaneously at 20:00 (EDT, -4 GMT) in Montreal, Moscow,
    Santa Monica, New York City, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Marrakesh, Sydney, Tokyo,
    Tampa, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London and the International Space
    In each of the cities, an “artistic moment” will unfold in the presence of artists and
    world-renowned personalities. Each city will have its own theme related to water.
    The following have already confirmed their participation: Former U.S. Vice President
    Al Gore, A. R. Rahman, Cirque du Soleil, Claude Challe, Dr. David Suzuki, Fnaïre,
    Frank De Winne, Garou, Gilberto Gil, Gregory Colbert, Jean Lemire, Julie Payette,
    Maud Fontenoy, Patrick Bruel, Peter Gabriel, Peter Lik, Shakira, Simon Carpentier,
    Tatuya Ishii, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Tiffany Speight, U2, Vandana Shiva and Yann Arthus-
    Bertrand. They will take part in the event either by reading parts of the poem,
    performing or sharing an artistic work.
    “During the past 25 years, my travels on earth have allowed me to meet
    extraordinary people: artists, leaders and friends,” continued Guy Laliberté. “I am
    deeply touched that they have accepted to contribute their voices, their talent and
    their creativity to my artistic project. They have done so because they share my
    concerns about water and my belief that through art and emotion we can convey
    a universal message.”
    A poetic tale for water
    The arts, including music, dance, visual arts and photography serve as the
    connecting thread for Guy Laliberté’s poetic social mission to create awareness
    everywhere through emotion. Each artistic performance will include a subtext that
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    Central to the concept is a poetic tale imagined by Guy Laliberté and written by
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    “When I decided to join Expedition 21, I knew there would be an artistic component
    to my mission,” said Guy Laliberté. “I am an artist, not a scientist, so it was my duty to
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    my artistic approach. The inspiration came from tales and children’s dreams. I
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    Guy Laliberté’s role in the artistic project
    Throughout his expedition aboard the International Space Station, Guy will present
    videos and photographs that will be integrated to the events taking place in each
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    “During my training and preparation for this flight, I have found that many in the
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  15. How many of us were sending intention? How many people does it takes to influence a bottle of water. Can one single person afect his drinking water everyday at home? Questions.....

  16. Great results. I too would like us to do something big. How about peace in the middle East? Lynn, would you please put an intention on for me? The intention is for good eye sight and the cure of macula degeneration.. I am slowly losing my eye sight. Thank you for all you wonderful work. I bought your CD. Mary Lou Bigler

  17. I see images of water droplets and I trust they were photographed on the DAY the experimenters say they were taken. But, how much do the droplets change shape throughout the day or minute-to-minute? At what time of the day were these images taken? Was each photo of each droplet (one of bottled water; one of tap water) taken at the same time?
    In the AFTER STAGNATING photos, the droplets look the same. Did they look the same a few minutes or hours after the AFTER STAGNATING photos were taken?
    “Just before we were due to start June experiment, I took four pieces of paper...”
    “We uploaded dish C on our website, then asked our community, again from some 60 countries around the world…”
    How much lag time was there between the time the AFTER STAGNATING photos were taken and the time the online experiment was done? What shapes did the water droplets take in this ‘in-between’ time?
    “During that time, the water became stagnant; when Mark took GDV images shortly the experiments were carried out, both the controls and the targets showed increased ‘glowing’ around the water drop…”
    What does “stagnant” mean? Does it mean the droplets no longer changed shape? Or does stagnant mean “when water stops flowing”?
    I assume she means “shortly BEFORE the experiments were carried out…”

  18. This was so great! Thanks for sending the results. I participated and am glad to know I might have helped.

  19. I understand that the energy signature of the water has changed as the results are quite clear in that respect; however, I don't understand how this indicates that the water is any cleaner. Bottled water just because it has been processed more than tap water does not mean that it is clean, there can still be many minerals and other toxins in bottled water as there is in tap water. So just because the intended water now has a different energy signature is it cleaner? Cleaner I would indicate closer to pure H2O.
    I realize that creating pure H2O was not the intention of this experiment, but to change the energy signature of the sample water to match that of bottled water was the intent and clearly a successful one, I am now just curious if it would be possible to actually clean the water and remove all minerals and elements that are not pure H2O.

  20. There was never a doubt in my mind that our intentions would change the water's footprint.
    We are learning through experience; we effect energy and as Prof. Einstein said, E=MC2 (matter and energy are interchangeable) - welcome to the new world!

  21. I think the results are incredible. I am not so sure I understand the practical implications?

  22. I don't understand why bottled water is something to aspire to? Why would we want to create bottled water, when this type of water is assumed to be of less quality then fresh water?
    Often I have seen people say that bottled water is "dead" and have no energy for humans to use.
    I may have misunderstood the experiment, but I thought it was to re-enliven water...

  23. so happy to be part of this thank you Lynne and please go on with this wonderful work

  24. These pics dont show anything. Where did you get the absurd idea that the water is "cleaner"? Nonsense. You can fool all these imbiciles out here, thats easy. But dont fool yourself!

  25. I knew the Intention Experiment would work. I would like to also know how many people "intended" and from where. And, as already stated by others, does a different energy footprint mean cleaner, healthier water? I think we are capable of changing a larger body of water, but I think we need to understand what the optimum water should be like. "Living" water would certainly seem to be healthier than stagnant water with a changed energy footprint. Looking forward to the next Intention.
    In light & love, K.

  26. Bravo ! You have done a great job. This can definitely effect a drastic change in people's thinking. It is really very enlightening.

  27. The great experiment rolls on.The more we practise intention,the greater and the quicker the changes will come.Once we really know how to "ride the bike" of intention well,then who knows where it will take us.The future is without limits,without constraints if we wish it so.

  28. Just more "proof" that intention has manifestation in the real world. So glad to be part of the intention experiment. Together we can make (are making) the world a better, more harmonious place.

  29. This is too cool and wonderful for words.:-) That such an experiment would have these results is nothing short of extraordinary. If more studies like this are done and if the results are consistent, we could really be onto something HUGE. This could prove once and for all, the we indeed, have unlimited potential to change the world as we know it, in a positive way!

  30. I am reading Dan Brown's new book and it is fun to read about you, Lynne. You are making your mark on the world one experiment at a time. Let us draw closer to the Source one positive thought at a time.

  31. There are hundreds of skeptical people out there. I would like to think everyone will do there best to convince these people that they are wrong.
    Let us go bigger, to create absolutely irrefutable evidence. Please. It is about time humans started living, not for themselves, but for our race.

  32. I'm afraid not to be in the mainstream of this forum. I think that this experiment is fuzzy and not significant.
    First the concept of bottled water is vague and confusing. Its quality and caracteristics depend on the local laws and of each "manufacturing" process. In addition to this, bottled water is stagnant while tap water necessarily flows through the pipes down to the tap...
    There is no proof whatsoever that its quality is always better than water tap (which is also variable in quality). So the participant opinions about the values of bottled and tap water may have influenced their intention.
    When I look at the results, the photos, I am not convinced at all. No photo looks like the "typical" bottled water one.
    It seems to me that in both experiments, the intention has allowed water to recover from stagnation, not to be similar to bottled water.
    But what about the evolution of controls ? Why do they also evolve ?
    All this is purely qualitative and debatable and certainly not significant from a statistical point of view.
    The only way to have valid experiments would be to make measurements, (of what, I don't know) which would be treated by statistical analysis.
    I hope my remarks will not hurt anybody, they are dictated by the willingness to improve this wonderful scientific research.
    It's great to be with you.

  33. Dear Lynn,
    The Sept. 19 experiment results look completely in consistent. The GDV images of the control and the target look completely different. Infact after the intention the control and target images look similar. The image at the outset look inconclusive unless there is a mix up in uploading the pictures.
    Having said that, let me assure you that I'm a firm beleiver in the scientific work that you are doing. It definately has potential to open up completely new doors for humanity. That mind can influence matter has been mentioned consistently in ancient texts, if you prove it with your research it will be incredible.
    Also the experiments such as these can conclude that intention can influence matter, but the bigger question HOW? What the are sub-atomic particles or space-time disturbances that we are able to generate from our minds that can lead to such changes?
    Work towards that in your research credibility will move to a whole new level

  34. It is refreshing and it evokes hope knowing that the imbalances of our planet can be healed through a unified effort of God given energies. Though Nature is being abused, Natural Law cannot be altered, therefore wrongs will always be made right when like minds cooperate in healing efforts.

  35. Is this type of photography similar to the "Kirelian" photography that brought so much interest in the seventies? That showed "auras" around living things as well, and was called "unscientific" by debunkers then. also. Even when it showed the aura of an amputated finger still glowing on the hand as if it was still there!!!

  36. This works is so very important as once people start to exercise their intent - like any muscle - it will grow more powerful and effective. This study paves the way to an acceptance of our greater capabilities and hopefully in turn will lead to a host of similar studies and as our skills improve even more remarkable results. Well done.

  37. Water is indeed an incredible carrier of information and intention. This web site will show you fabulous revolutionary quantum physics for health, longevity and more! Enjoy!

  38. Come explore our new site, Be the Light, Be the One : tools and resources for conscious change,
    We offer the best of Science and spirituality resources, such as Lynn, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Noetics and WiserEarth. We also carry
    conscious gifts from heart which include our inspiring message on bamboo/organic apparel, recycled umbrellas and DVDs.

  39. I feel like i would be a great candidate to help with the testing. The answer or link between our two worlds is upon us. With the help from brilliant open minded scientists with only the best intentions for our world, our future looks bright and full of wonder. So I thank all of the dedication you all have put into this awe inspiring indevour. You all diserve thanks. And Congradulations.
    Just wanted to mention that I believe in the Almighty God Who was, is, and is to come. I have a close relationship for reasons unknown to me for It was not up to me to believe, and if so I would have never, for my doubt overroad my belief or faith. I can only conclude that because of who I am that my rationalization of what needs to be done will lead me to become the man that I am. Which is a piece to the puzzle if a puzzle be needed completed. For those whom scearch tech evolves and we advance. For those whom listen receive all their answers reguardless of whether ever needed.
    Because of my newfounded beliefs the world seems to be adapting into what I believe is necessary to perpetuate sound reasoning, which in itself is advancing rapidly.
    Of course with a hypothesis there comes experimentation to prove its validity. So If I said my belief structure overrides reality itself would anyone Acknowledge Its' significance or even rationalize its possibility. At the least I would expect a scientist not to rule it out and understand where I'm coming from with this cognition. I know it sounds prideful and a little imaginative but I say it anyway. Not for myself but for others with open ears and open mindes unblinded by doubtful individualism which would be contrary to the idea itself canceling out its possibility and its recognition.
    I understand while in this three-dimensional manifestation of pure will power there are limitations set in time. Through time our understanding grows yet binds our beliefs to the physical restrictions created before technology. Eventually a singularity between what we see as two different realms, which actually overlap eachother, will become apparent to all, and our beliefs in supernatural involvement will grow.
    Finally the understanding of all things being possible will be instilled the world over releasing us from ourselves or better said our negativity will cease.
    With this all being said could I ask for a reply from one with experience in the understanding of such interpretations, that could use a break from negativity(I will always listen to your comments open mindedly, never pridefully critical), willing to analyze what I've said to find any validity, or just hear what I want to say for entertainments' sake.
    Once again Thank You for the great progress.

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