The Gulf Oil Spill Intention

Lynne McTaggart

Our intention should support all of BP’s efforts to cleanup the oil, with minimum impact on the ecosystem of the seas.
Check here for the time in your time zone:
Don't forget to hold this intention every day at 1 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time for all involved parties to be successful in their efforts to clean up the sea, marine habitat and surrounding beaches.
Our intention should support everyone's efforts to clean up the ecosystem of the seas and land.
Every day that you can, please come onto our website at 1 pm Eastern DST to send the following intention.
‘My intention is for all clean-up efforts in the seas, among the wildlife and on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to be successful, with no long-term damage to the environment.’

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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19 comments on “The Gulf Oil Spill Intention”

  1. Hi! Yesterday I started an Intentional Healing Circle @ my office in Westwood. 4 participants gathered & we all gave our intentions to be healed by the group & we supported each one with imagery & well-wishes for each situation. I started this circle to help heal the bleeding wound of Mother Earth (Gulf Oil Spill). We empowered everyone who had a hand in getting the spill contained. I know the strength of group min & am available to assist you in your experiments. Our circle runs each Wednesday of July @630 pm 1700 Westwood Blvd. LA 90024. I will include your information so that everyone can do the intention @ PST. Thank you. Peace & blessings to our entire planet.

  2. Dear Lynne,
    The Gulf is near and dear to me. I spent 13 years of my life on the ocean, mostly in the Gulf. My heart is totally connected to it.
    Thank you so much for your work in setting intention for the healing of the Gulf of Mexico. I will be sending this information out to my mailing list.
    We are also doing a weekly meditation on Friday morning at 6am EDT (I am in Florida) for the Gulf and I perform a long distance healing and balancing session for the group's connection with Nature each week. These healing and balancing sessions are free if anyone you know would care to join us.
    We also hold a vision of pure and pristine ocean waters 5 minutes per day so your daily intention fits perfectly with what we are already doing!
    Here is a link to the sign up page for the Seasons-Balance list for the free long distance sessions for healing our connection to Nature if you are okay with posting it.
    Blessings and Namaste, Marilyn

  3. This is a grand idea!
    I'm wondering if a more guided meditation time would be useful for those of us who are distracted by "is 10 minutes over yet?"
    You could repeat the intention and we could repeat it with you --almost like a chant.
    Peace to all.

  4. This is so doable. 10 minutes a day, and even if we can't make the exact time, our thoughts will find the similar others of others and make a powerful energy in the world. Thank you for this opportunity. I have shared it with many others.

  5. NEW ORLEANS – The federal official leading the Gulf oil spill cleanup said Friday a new containment cap and an additional ship collecting oil could effectively contain the spill in the next three days.
    The work to replace a leaky containment cap on the well head with a tighter one will begin Saturday, National Incident Commander Thad Allen said. At the same time, a ship connecting to a different part of the leak is expected to come online Sunday.
    Oil will flow unimpeded into the Gulf during the cap switch for at least part of the weekend.
    If all goes according to plan, the combination of the cap and the new vessel could collect all the leaking oil by Monday, stopping it from escaping into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since April 20.

  6. Thank you for giving us this blessed opportunity to make a difference, to take responsibility,and to love and cherish our beautiful home.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for helping us focus in this way. This is my first time working with you all in an "intention experiment". I liked Julia's idea to get some help staying focused for the whole 10 min. so I set a time and just kept replaying the parts of the video above to keep me aligned with thjs particular intention.

  8. My intention is for BP and anyone else assisting to be successful in cleaning up the oil spills. That the sea, animals and people involved are back to the original order of all concerned.

  9. My intention is for an equalization and adjustment of the inner and outer forces and environment bringing finally successful results for BP and all the persons involved and for all the inhabitants within the waters .

  10. I took part in the Gulf Oil Spill intention for the first time yesterday evening. It was stormy here in Scotland at the time (perfect for intention!). As the intention was in full flow, the clouds parted and a full rainbow emerged in the sky right in front of me. Today's good news about the spill has been the icing on the cake! Keep up the good work everyone! It's great to be part of something so special.

  11. At last I can be a participant in healing the Gulf oil spill. I know we will be as successful now as we have been in the past intention experiments.
    Love and Blessings

  12. Hi there,
    I'm here because i've read "The Lost Symbol" and this "thing" it's really intresting.
    Could you, please, put a new time converter?
    I would like to help.
    Best Regards,
    - Catalin
    p.s. I am from Italy.


  14. Hi Lynne
    It is great this effort to join our intention, but I think that can be better if this intention is projected not for future success but, NOW, If we have this intention in present time. Right NOW.
    Then we really can make a difference.
    From Mexico

  15. He leido sus libros "El Campo" y "el experimento de la Intención";estoy imbuido de todo ello,y quiero participar con Ustedes en sus experimentos.Téngo un un grupo de aproximadamente 200 personas,y desde hace tres meses estámos orando por "la herida del golfo",a las diez de la noche.Ahóra nos unirémos a la una de la tarde.Practico la metafisica y todos los jueves a las siete de la noche,imparto mi conferencia,aquí en Puebla,México,y tengo un programa de radio los sabados a las nueve de la mañana,sobre estos llama "conversaciones",mi trabajo data de 14 años a la fecha.La felicito por sus investigaciones sorprendentes,la abrazo y la bendigo,y por sus libros,me siento muy ligado a Usted y a lo que está haciendo.Namaste.

  16. I encourage these efforts, and I would like to suggest a practical amendment to these intentions. Simply this - stop buying gasoline, stop burning gasoline.

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