The Lost Symbol and the New Celebrity

Lynne McTaggart

I’ve just returned home from the September 30 Los Angeles opening of the Living Matrix film, and what a fabulous, glitzy, Los Angeles event (or ‘ta-daaaa’, as my LA hairdresser put it) it was!
The Dan Brown Effect has certainly hit LA. Held in the lush Egyptian theatre, across from the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where the stars leave their footprints immortalized in concrete, the premiere began by parading all the stars of the Living Matrix movie, including me, along a red carpet, as the press’s flash cameras popped and the video cameras rolled.
I’ll feature a short video of the razzle-dazzle on these pages as soon as we get them back from the filmmakers.
If you haven’t seen the Living Matrix (, it is a wonderful documentary about the science and art of energy healing.
Intention goes mainstream
Those of us in the movie may have been treated as celebrities, but the biggest celebrity of all that night was the celebration of a new paradigm, the unfolding of a new idea: the power of thought to change not only health care, but the world.
Such is the reach of Dan Brown’s popular fiction that these radical ideas – heretofore marginalized as New Age – are now being featured all over the popular press. While I was there, I was interviewed for a special NBC Dateline show (to be aired October 15), which will examine the facts behind Dan Brown’s book, including ‘noetic’ science and the Intention Experiment — and explore just how much his imagined scientist, Katherine Solomon was based on fact. News about my book even made it into Entertainment Weekly, one of the biggest entertainment magazines in America.
The power of intention has finally landed smack dab in the center of the mainstream.
During the evening a sell-out audience of 600 screened the movie, and then I joined IONS president Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, Dr. Eric Pearl, the Reconnective healer, Dr. Deborah Rozman, a chief executive of HeartMath, Peter Fraser, a professor of acupuncture, and the film’s two producers, Harry Massey and Greg Becker, in a panel chaired by well-known author and PR guru Arielle Ford of Spiritual Cinema Circle.
We discussed all the evidence about the power of thought as the essential ingredient of healing. For me, most interesting part of intention is the unknown: the exploration of exactly how much power thoughts have to heal. At the end of the panel discussion, I decided to illustrate this with a short demonstration.
A group experiment at the Egyptian
My plan was to ask the audience to participate in the kind of informal group Intention Experiment I run during my workshops and every Sunday for our Intention of the Week.
I asked for a volunteer with a health challenge. ‘Paul’, one of the audience members who’d been diagnosed with had prostate cancer, immediately raised his hand.
We all held hands to connect as a single unit while a group in the front row circled around Paul, our intention ‘target’, placing their hands on his shoulders. By the time we sent him intention to be free of cancer, we had turned into a kind of superorganism – one giant perfect thought.
It was extraordinarily powerful to witness. Paul appeared a very private and quiet man, but during the short focused intention, tears rolled down his cheeks. Many members of the audience also began to weep. When it was over, a number of people approached me to say they’d felt something extraordinary in the room that still lingered on in them. I asked Paul to write me to let me know if he experiences any change.
I emphasized that these kinds of group meetings are an ongoing experiment for me. I don’t pretend to be a healer, or to guarantee any effect, but I’m witness to so many instances of extraordinary physical transformation with group intention that I continue to marvel at its power and reach.
What is the X-factor of the group, I keep asking myself?
Just before boarding my Virgin flight back to the UK yesterday, I bought a copy of Scientific American near the gate. When I sat down to read, I was thunderstruck by the lead story, which seemed to be a message from the universe containing the answer.
The article was called ‘The Social Cure’, which concerned the work of a number of social scientists at the UK’s Exeter University. Although it had always been assumed that membership in a large number of groups was detrimental to health, particularly because it overcomplicates our lives, the evidence shows just the reverse.
The more groups one belonged to, the healthier one was – particularly if one had strong relationships within them. The scientists concluded: “Group life and a sense of social identity have a profound influence on our general health and well-being.”
This was even the case in prisons or with members of ethnic minorities who were the victims of racism. So long as they could connect with other beleaguered members of their minority, they remained robustly immune to the effects of prejudice.
“As a rough rule of thumb,” wrote Harvard political scientist Robert D. Putnam in his book Bowling Alone (Simon & Schuster, 2002), “if you belong to no groups but decide to join one, you cut your risk of dying over the next year in half.”
A group intention, even at a red-carpet Hollywood event, reminds us of the essential nature of the social contract – that our sense of belonging and being loved within a group is one of our most potent healers. At the moment, broke and with its identity in crisis, California is suffering from something close to a complete abandonment of the social code. That evening, with Paul, I like to think that we all had a reminder of just how we could get it back.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,395 comments on “The Lost Symbol and the New Celebrity”

  1. Hi Lynne: I am so thrilled with all of these developments. Hang on to your hat . . . things are going to get even more exciting I'm sure. Congratulations on being such an enormous part of our conscious evolution!

  2. As soon as I read the "Fact:" page at the beginning of his new book (which I had pre-ordered), and saw the words "Noetic Science" I realized what a great thing he was doing!
    We are almost there!!!

  3. This is so much fun to see happening before my eyes! I wish you the best in getting all of this mainstream... Congratulations!
    (I read The Field about a year ago on the suggestion of my homeopath and my life has changed drastically because of that and other energetic happenings. Thank you.)

  4. I really enjoyed the living matrix movie and I'll definitely check out that article. Tribal living, collective consciousness, oneness. These are the emerging paradigms more and more each day.

  5. The group intention was a really moving experience for me. I look forward to hearing how Paul is doing. Congratulations on the premier.

  6. Dear Lynn,
    This is just super that this information is becoming more available - and supported with science. I remember many years ago when I was studying guided imagery (GI) as part of my doctoral dissertation, and my academic adviser said that it and biofeedback were just a fad. How can people ignore that from 1918 to 1933 four physicists were awarded the Nobel Prize for determining that there is a fundamental energy that underlies and connects all physical matter - and that consciousness creates. I am so pleased that you are this wonderful spokesperson for sanity and truth and consciousness. Bravo!
    Love, Dean

  7. I am almost finished with Dan Browns book "The Lost Symbol." I have enjoyed reading his books, but this one hit a home run.
    Lynn, what is the future with The Intention Experiments? Knowing what you know about group meditations making profound healthy changes in people with diseases and illnesses, and changing the consciousness of a war feuding country to stop warring, Sri Lanka, are you planning on anymore-collective gatherings to feel the feeling of peace to send it to other warring countries?
    Once terror minded people consciousness is dissolved, and a healthier consciousness replaces it, water, air, earth, and humans will become healthy effortlessly.
    These collective gatherings to feel peace, and to send that feeling of peace to different parts of the world should not be experiments anymore, but should be a way of everyday life. How much more proof is needed than what is already available?
    There are no prizes to be given to those who can honorably do what they know is good for humanity by using what is available to them to manipulate the unforeseen forces of this universe for the betterment of humanity. The red carpet will not be rolled out for the work you would do, but I bet in your next life you would be treated as royalty.
    If it is money you lack, maybe some of your followers are good grant writers who can write Universities asking them to sponsor your cause to better humanity. You could probably even find students who would volunteer to do any extra work needed, so you can continue your work, and run a long-term peace experiment on the side.
    I know everyone is doing what they can, and I for one deeply appreciate your hard work, and effort you have given to the betterment of humanity on such a large scale. You are highly valuable on this earth.
    Keep up the good work, and do add some extra fun into your life.

  8. Lovely news,dear lady.In a hundred years or so I believe that the historians of that time will look back on the beginning of the 21st century as "the time of the great change."
    The new renaissance had begun.The present trickle of awareness will become a torrent that will sweep away the house of cards that is our present " nuts and bolts" image of reality.It`s time that we sleepers awake.What rare and wonderful days we live and breath in.In the far future your name and the names of the other pioneers in the Quantum field will live on in glory.
    What dreams may come....indeed!

  9. Oh my gosh! I am crying so hard. I am so happy. I have been waiting for a big boost form all of this intention and this just sends me sailing past cloud 9! I have experienced a lot from intention and healing and this is the best news I have ever heard.
    Thank you so much Lynne! Thank you everyone.!
    Love, Lynnette

  10. The exact same effect happens in business - a "strategy development session". It's usually held at an offsite location and involves a group of dedicated people who come together to "create" something new or different (a better workplace, a new market, etc.)
    In business, we don't call this process "intention". We call it "alignment". One of the first steps in these sessions is to be "clear" on your (1) Vision - what you want to achieve, (2) Mission - What you need to do a achieve your vision, and (3) Values - what actions you will have to instill and reward to fulfill your mission and achieve your vision.
    It's the same with the Law of Attraction. It's not Peter Pan's idea of "think happy thoughts" and you too can fly. It actually has three distinct steps - (1) ASPIRATION - know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it, (2) INSPIRATION - wait for an opportunity to surface that is in line with your Aspiration, and (3) PERSPIRATION - Now you have to ACT on the opportunities presented to you by the Universe.
    What's more interesting to me is that we can't understand these clear messages early in life. Cognitively, we're just not developed enough to do so at a young age (unless one is truly enlightened). We come to this understanding in mid life when we are ready to hear these messages and act upon them.
    Today, as an executive coach and consultant in Organizational Effectiveness, I use the business approach to help my clients achieve their vision. Afterward I simply smile because I knew when we started that we would be successful using this approach. It's simply a law of nature.
    I hope this was helpful in grounding the principles that some folks see as esoteric.

  11. Talk about everything being part of a Unified Field of Consciousness…
    I had no idea that Dan Brown was writing The Lost Symbol and Lynne McTaggart was planning to star in The Living Matrix when I was writing my book "Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul." My book was released on September 15, 2009. I am in total awe. Rather than trying to explain the synchronicity with words that you might think is some kind of a sell, I’ll share a couple of excerpts.
    In The Living Matrix Lynne McTaggart talks about the future of medicine and says it will become “Information Medicine – Medicine that takes information and changes the disturbed information is going to be the future of medicine.”
    The entire premise of "Instant Healing" is just that – that you and I can change the “disturbed” information. Here three excerpts from "Instant Healing:"
    Page 5: “Instant healing is an idea whose time has come. It is a growing wave of understanding that suggests you and Source of All Life are One, and, you co-create your life together. "
    And, Page 24:
    “Why is it so important to pay attention to the words you speak, think and feel? It is literally less stressful on your whole body-mind-spirit system. With all that your being has to coordinate on a normal day, when mental, emotional, spiritual and, or physical stress or illness are added, and Earth’s geomagnetic energies are in flux too, the magnitude of your body’s energy workload to stay in harmony is compounded. Plus, the subconscious mind is a very precise “default” mechanism. Just do or feel or say something once and it is securely stored deep in the recesses of your subconscious and recalled forever again and again unless you change it.
    Labeling with words emphasizes a thing and attracts our attention to it. Consider, for example, scary medical disease “labels” such as cancer, HIV, and so on. How do these words influence a person’s healing? Just hearing or saying these scary label words has the mind conjuring all kinds of pictures that may influence a nano-second response in the flow of infinite life force.”
    The energy healing self-help in the full color picture guide called "Instant Healing" is exactly that “Information Medicine” that Lynne is talking about. You and I have the power to change the disturbed information. Like Dr. Eric Pearl said in The Living Matrix: Healing can happen instantly.
    Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, President of Institute for Noetic Science also says in The Living Matrix, “It’s time for us to bring these qualities of healing into the mainstream conversation about what is necessary to create an optimal healing system.”
    "Instant Healing" is not only beginning that dialog, it gives a person 50 options to experience the Field as pulsing through the body as well as feel ITS response when you choose to shift your information. The body already has a natural, optimal healing system.
    Here is one final excerpt from "Instant Healing:"
    Page 146: “Instant healing is a state of being that IS the cure for what ails you. Instant healing is a new wave of understanding that you and Source are one, and a part of you exists beyond physical disease.
    With the current science expanding and proving that in a hundredth of a second based on what you think, feel and say you can shift your body-mind chemistry, and each person who is choosing deepens her own personal interactions with Source, who knows, maybe humans are actually evolving into a realm of wholeness in which we can choose to “flip a switch” to the perfect health part of us to replace a “dis-eased” part of the body or the entire body? You could call on the perfect health body part waiting in the wings in the invisible realm to return
    the visible, physical body to its natural state of wholeness.”
    See what I mean by the synchronicity of the Unified Field. HUGE thanks to Lynne, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and all of the frontier scientists with the Institute of Noetic Science and beyond, for creating a wave of momentum to bring this information to mainstream life, especially at this time with all of the convoluted talk about health care and funky viruses.
    Many blessings, Barbara

  12. Hi Lynn,
    I'm feeling very uneasy about being told my life will be shortened by not belonging to a group. I live alone, may not speak to another person for days; am a rank outsider because I do not trust the egoic demands of most people; and look towards wise-men and hermits for guidance in the road I have chosen.
    I agree that 'Intention' is part of the Natural Law - but surely belonging to a group is not the absolute criteria for this law to work!

  13. Oh Lynne, I couldn't be more thrilled for you! (Well, okay, maybe I could once you're on 20/20 and doing the talk show circuit.) The age of great awakening is upon us. How exciting it must be to be at the fulcrum as you are! Yours is one area where "populization of the message" is so desperately needed by humanity.
    BRING IT ON!!!
    I actually hadn't intended to read The Lost Symbol as early as I did. In my opinion there is no accident as to the timing of this book. Here is why (and why I’m so surprised by the book, since I was expecting mostly just a fluffy surface-level mystery sequel to The DaVinci Code).
    By way of fictional narrative, Brown is basically writing about and in doing so preparing people for The Shift that is at hand. I now see that this author probably has a conscious intention (or may have grown into a conscious intention) to illuminate for as many people as possible the true nature of humanity, God, life and the stuff of the universe. He appears to be feeling the same pull many are, the pull I know I’m feeling myself. It’s a pull to cut through the eons of man-made bull, fantasy and manipulation and recognize who we really are while we can consciously benefit from doing so.
    As the book says (p. 409):
    ”Maybe there is a universal truth embedded in everyone’s soul. Maybe we all have the same story hiding inside, like a shared constant in our DNA. Maybe this collective truth is responsible for the similarity of all our (various religious and mystical) stories.” . . . “Of all the people who have ever lived, in all the eras in history . . . we are in that narrow window of time during which we will bear witness to our ultimate renaissance. After millennia of darkness, we will see our sciences, our minds, and even our religions unveil the truth.”
    This book is a powerful testament to and fusion between ancient mystical truth, New Age belief systems and quantifiable science that will no doubt awaken hundreds of thousands if not millions who are poised for awakening – and who, judging from the author’s wild popularity – will buy the book.
    It seems with his latest book Brown is urging people to the next level of questioning and exploring our true natures from within either a religious or scientific framework, and trying to bridge the gap between the two. And like so many realizations and periods of human enlightenment through the ages, the truth will come to the masses and be most approachable through our stories. (Which is great news for us writers, right!?)
    This book will be recognized as a powerful catalyst by the awakened. As we know, the light workers are being marshaled to show us the way (witness Oprah’s increased focus on spirituality and her ten-week series with Eckhart Tolle last year), and I’m guessing in recent years Dan Brown has heard the call. This is an exquisite and powerful work coming from a place of love over fear.
    Again, a heart-felt congratulations and all my energetic support for you, your colleagues, and all who are bringing the power of intention to light.

    everyday I'm begining to see more and more becoming attuned to mother earth, father sky, and the Creator... Life is making a turn for the best... there was a point in time, where I felt so alone in this big huge massive planet called Earth... but now on our young little planet... Dramatic, wonderous, epic beautiful events are occuring to humanity worldwide.
    People are coming to the realization of their true potential every second, minute, hour, day, week, and month that passes by.
    Love, Light, Peace, Truth, and Harmony

  15. Hello Lynne, (please don't remove this post from your site as you did my last).
    Please everybody: Don't forget to do the science of "The Field" for yourself. This is vital for the survival of this project. What many of you are doing is, simply, resurrecting and renaming old, dogmatic, religious ideas of a guiding FORCE or magical influence (god) effecting your existence and accepting someones word for it. PLEASE resist the temptation to accept ANY teaching that separates ANYTHING. The IS-NESS is not a personality or controlling effect. Intention is not a personal affect. The FIELD is IMPERSONAL, (nothing personal) and totally malleable, creative energy.
    Faith and Belief are not elements of the science of manifestation. Ego needs conformation of individual identity and is purely personal; it is not science.
    Remember, none of this work (THE FIELD; INTENTION EXPERIMENT) is original thought. These ideas have been with mankind from the beginning. The Mysteries of the ancients have always devolved into religions with rules and dogmas requiring strict obedience (or else); thus, defeating the experience of impersonal existence. One does not use the FIELD; One IS the FIELD.
    Prove it for yourself through impersonal action and thought.

  16. What a beautiful story. I feel great when hearing that you all connected in an effort to help someone with his "problem"
    If he accepts the help, he will be healed.
    ..and to Ed in WA. All judgement comes from ego..
    I love you

  17. It is interesting to note that Rudolf Steiner's book The Philosphy of Freedom spoke about the imprtance of thinking eons ago. The work of Edgar Cayce's Search for God's Study Groups has also been documented as helpful and healing. A powerful source for Soul Development.The time is at hand for the spiritual development of humanity to progress. I think the term is "homo luminous" beings of Light is what we are supposed to be evolving towards. So may it be.

  18. The ancient sacred sexual texts refer to it as "Dragon's Fire/breath". I call it orgasmic lumenescence when a woman glows during orgasm. This usually occurs when four major nerve trunks associated with the female genitalia are energized leading to what Keeesling called, "The Super Sexual Orgasm." The male partner may also glow.
    My field of study is sex. I am more interested in the new peptides created in the hypothalamus that encourage the brain to operate more effectively than orgasmic lumenescence. This is simply a "side effect" in my view, but I thought you might be interested. I've speculated it was from ATP breaking down and energizing some chemical. But, biology is not my field.
    Love and light,

  19. Lynne,
    WooHoo!! Hallelujah and it's about time! Maybe it's also about time to "take it on the road" for another workshop series? Hmmmmm?

  20. I was at Egyptian Theater, and indeed, I did feel something "extraordinary" during your group experiment for Mr. Paul. It did touch my heart...Love... I almost cried...
    Every time I do join your intention experiment, I do always experience like this...
    It was a magnificent night. I truly love the movie. I am glad I made it on that night.
    Peace and Blessigs

  21. If I remember, for me it all started with my martial art master some 20+ year ago ... and received a knock-out reminder when the film "what the bleep do we know" in 2002 (or 2001 ?)... this little stream has finally started to move to (hopefully) become a large river that will flood our lives...
    Good job indeed Dan Brown... And Lynn, I didn't know about your site ... but I do now and lots of people will ... too ...
    Open your mind and trust your heart ...

  22. Thanks Lynn for this info... and for your part in Dan Brown's book.... which I have just finished.
    I must say that I was delighted to even find myself in it... as one of the participants of your Intention Experiment... and to see that these concepts which we have been working with, some for over 20 years and more, have finally come into mainstream consciousness...
    I too belonged to a group that meets weekly to meditate and send absent healing and got goosebumps when I read your description of the events in the theatre... kudos, congrats!!! awesome...

  23. the truth goes along way theses days.dan brown bring reality to the big screen, people that don't care about science and biology or this new age stuff will learn that this can and will change how we live our lifes .that very soon there will be certified healing (groups or circles) that will heal you at home in your favorite chair of all major diseases. that includes the people who aren't interested in that science stuff!! nod, nod wink wink

  24. Hi Lynne,
    I didn't know anything about you until I read Dan Brown's book, and saw the CBS piece featuring you. Glad to know that there are people like yourself out there within the scientific community. And I may be just one of the 5 billion people here in this planet Earth trying to communicate to you, what seems to me as information worthy for a fellow seeker of knowledge to the powers of the mind.
    Dan Brown's book only served to reaffirm what has been experienced by myself, as a creator of my own experiences in my life through my choices and my intentions. In the deepest meditation, when I placed my intention out into the universe, or the grand field of consciousness as you call it, I have been able to manifest very remarkable synchronicities and results in my own life. The more I move towards the truth of myself as pure awareness , a state of no thoughts, the more I seem to be taken care of. Hence, some of the deep mystical truths as is mentioned in the book, have been validated to me through my own life experiences.
    As is featured in Dan's book, these ancient secrets which you are trying to uncover through the scientific method, has been there for centuries. In India, we are surrounded by a societal and religious structure which puts all these truths into place, within our own lives. Only the mystics are able to fully appreciate this.The grand temples there are storehouses of energy, or portals through which one is able to attain deeper awareness of the source/field one is in reality . Having grown up in such an atmosphere, and having had certain life changing experiences myself,, there has been a deep appreciation for these mystical truths, and for the gurus who have expounding these truths to the masses. However there are many who still reside in the lower states of mind, and are simply not ready to appreciate these truths to its full scale of possibilities. I feel the need to pull in more people residing in these truths, on a daily basis, in scientific endeavours to push forth science and the frontiers of knowledge.
    To quote one guru, psychologists haven't performed any experiments on buddha to expand their knowledge, but on ordinary human beings who are aware of their own conscious mind. ( In case you are not aware of the 5 states of the mind {conscious,subconscious,sub-subconscious,sub-superconscious, superconscious} I suggest you go through this link : )
    There are rare souls out there, gurus, who are in the superconscious state of mind, unlike the ordinary joes who resides in the conscious state of mind of thoughts. I claim, that intention experiments with these beings will result far more stronger results than ordinary beings who predominantly live in their conscious minds. True, superconscious mind is accessible to any ordinary human being through practices of meditation, or deep contemplation of stillness or through group meditations; but why not use someone who is already in that state of mind to advance the frontiers of science ?
    Yes. There have been experiments on yogis, that have confirmed this. But I am talking of people who train these yogis to their full potentiality; the gurus who claim they are the source themselves. Take your experiments to the next level, by advancing the subjects of your experiments.
    As you are interested in healing, and its effects, I suggest you see the Dr. Mitchel Gibson's channel in youtube. He is one of the rarest real deals I have found online, who has taken healing to new limits.
    It is nice that Dan Brown has taken up this challenge of planting seeds of thought of looking within our own minds, to find the true god that we are, and to know that western science has taken the giant leap in the direction of looking within our own minds, or as he has called it, in creating the field of Noetic Sciences. And Noetic science is simply rediscovering the wheel which has been explored by mystics thousands of years ago.. Truth be told, the illusion of separation from everything we experience is the great barrier that is to be broken by humanity to step into their true nature of instant healers.
    God Bless..

  25. [...] Lynn Mctaggart, of the Intention Experiment fame, was coming home from the L.A. premier of the Living Matrix movie, which is a great flick, when she stumbled upon an article in Scientific American that answered a question that had burn burning up her consciousness. [...]

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