The Lost Symbol: a group intention experiment

Lynne McTaggart

As I’m reading The Lost Symbol, I’m fascinated that Brown has made one of the central themes of the book both the power of thought to create the world, and the extraordinary and unifying nature of mass thought.
Katherine Solomon, one of the main protagonists, is a scientist who carries out consciousness research. Solomon is particularly interested in the power of thought – or intention, as it’s usually referred to — to affect the world.
“However, what really fascinates her is the power of the group. “We have scientifically proven that the power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought, ” she says.
“This is the inherent power of prayer groups, healing circles, singing in unison, and worshipping en masse. The idea of universal consciousness is no ethereal New Age concept. It’s a hard-core scientific reality. . .”
Ecstatic oneness
In our experiment with our Clean Water experiment last Saturday, we had many reports of ecstatic experiences – a sense of oneness with the group and even with the sample of water.
As always, I’m fascinated by this experience and how each of us, in our separate computers dotted all over the world, can simply come on the website and feel a palpable sense of connection with other people sharing an experience thousands of miles away.
Here’s how some of our participants felt last Saturday.
Bernadette says she became aware of “numerous intentions towards this spot — all in synchonicity, the presence of multiple minds, yet with one focus (or thought form). For a few moments towards the end of the session, it felt like I was in the water itself —or at least became intensely aware of the water - and that it was filled with light.”
Dawn says she could feel the presence of other participants and felt my ‘powering up’ [the process I recommend to use to get highly focused] was assisted by such a collection of wise soul! At times, it almost seemed like the water in the picture was changing before my eyes.”
Although this was Terri Bennett’s first intention experiment, she says, “The energy and connection I felt was intense and beautiful. I truly believe that this type of focused, co-creative intention can change the world!”
It was also Kathy’s first time. “I also felt that my meditative state was assisted by a force beyond me, I have never had this feeling before. Several minutes into the intention I also felt a connection with the water. This was my first experience with something that felt so intense and so different from anything I've ever experienced before.”
Even though she was an experienced ‘intender’, this somehow felt different: “I've been using intention in my daily life so was quite surprised at the change between that and what took place today. As it got closer to the time, I felt my meditation deepening & changing from what I am familiar with — a pleasant sensation. . . . Before the end, I "saw" the water changing from dark-ringed chaotic structures into clear, shining, geometric was an incredible feeling and experience.”
Karen Krugel adds: “I felt a strong power of united focus. . . It was very tangible for me. Also, connected with the water element, there was a strong feeling of peace.
“Something deep within,” she adds, “is touched by having been a part of this experiment. . .it's as if I experienced myself as greater & bigger than when I am doing something by myself!”
John Davis: Wow!” wrote John Davis. “This was the first major intention experiment that I was able to participate in directly by being online at the time. In others, I was just able to send intention to the website while at church (at Mass, so I had ‘help’). I got the book, learned the power-up techniques. . . . I was able to focus on the sample and could visualize the energy coalescing into a nice, clean sphere as in the sample picture. I could almost see the transformation of the water!”
Many people wrote in that they were still feeling the effects hours after the event. Lorreli says she “felt a very good feeling sensation throughout my entire body. it was though my entire body was being energized. I STILL FEEL IT!”
The power of eight
So, what is ‘it’ — this feeling of oneness everyone claims to be feeling?
It is, what I like to call the ‘power of eight’. When I have taken my intention experiments on the road, and asked groups of complete strangers to send healing intention for each other in small groups of a eight or more in my workshops, we’ve witnessed, quite literally overnight, that people’s lifelong illnesses have started to clear.
One woman who had suffered a migraine every day had her first ‘clear’ day after being intended for. Another who was a chronic insomniac had her first full night’s sleep after one of the sessions.
Perhaps the most impressive instance was a woman who had lost sight in one of her eyes; the following day she told us that 80 per cent of her sight had been restored.
Does the group magnify the effect – or just create a kind of merging so that our individual boundaries finally disappear?
In much of the research that I am doing at the moment, I find that a basic drive for cooperation and partnership, even sacrifice, rather than selfishness and naked survival, appears to be intrinsic to the biological makeup of all living things.
Deep connection, rather than competition, is the quality most essential to human nature: we were never meant to live a life of isolation and self-serving survival. Human beings need partnership just to survive; we experience the greatest stress and and the most serious illnesses when we are isolated from others and from a sense of connection.
The greatest healer is just reminding our self of that fact.
Pur group Intention Experiments afford us a rare glimpse of those moments of unity — if just for 10 minutes. They remind us who we were are – who we were really meant to be.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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300 comments on “The Lost Symbol: a group intention experiment”

  1. Wonderful news and so uplifting too. The energy and power held in our thoughts ,as you so succinctly put it,is beyond doubt and is built upon firm,empirical scientific foundations.
    Great change has already begun. We live in exciting times.The future looks inviting and bright .....Truth and Compassion to us all

  2. If you have made your resolution to choose
    conscious evolution, Say and Believe
    I am the one who can make a change.
    I am the one who can make peace happen.
    I am the one who carries the light.
    I am the one who releases the fright.

  3. For those who may be interested the author Mark Chadbourn has been postulating the power of our thoughts and the unity of all the Cosmos for far longer than Mr Brown

  4. Thank you Lynne and Dan Brown. The two of you are raising the Consciousness of the Masses. Last week I read both The Lost Symbol and Spontaneous Evolution where Bruce Lipton and Steve Bheerman wrote about your "Intention Experiment", Lynne. Thanks for your incredible works. Love and Light,

  5. I have been involved in energy healing ever since I myself was finally healed of a long chronic illness by these methods. Lynne's work gave so much credibility to this emerging field. The difference between 2009 and 2005 is quite astonishing. Through her accessible writings and thorough research, her efforts have significantly increased the power and scope of this morphic field.
    Bless you, Lynne!!

  6. I also felt that energy of oneness and palpable feeling of this being a transcendent moment in time. I wondered if it was just me in that moment, or if perhaps it was the music (which is wonderful btw) lifting me into a different space.
    I was also really merging with the water and was seeing it with waves of rainbow colors through the last 3-4 minutes of the experiment.
    I'm glad to have participated...blessings to you Lynn.

  7. I am new to this site, experiments, etc. but have long believed in the power of collective thought. I am planning to join you all this Sun. ( 9-27-09 ) I am 72 years young and it's never too late to start something so new and exciting.

  8. As I read Lynn's blog, I was struck by her talking about the "power of eight." I have been involved in multiple Twelve Step programs for over 30 years. Often our small group sessions consist of about 8 people -- sometimes a few more or a few less, but often just 8. As we work together and "intend" recovery for everyone, I have been very aware of the generated power in our combined efforts. We know we do nothing alone -- our Higher Power is always with us. I have grown to expect to miracles.

  9. Bless you, Lynne for the wonderful game you are playing! I would love to join the intention experiment in process, I will investigate the pages how to do it.

  10. I see the water works through lucid color, like dream vision too others trying to make it happen. A large project there were I go up as down. It's steel frame, water skeleton finished!
    I heard tell as all around its crew celebrate yell and shout its great! Its complete, so down I chain hoist I go a ground, too find others since we've had its good day at end. We all walk away I'm talking too a dog, all looking away home outside water project--------nowadays!

  11. Dear Lynne,
    I have studied your research on Intentioning whatever we want to manifest, and I believe that the more selfless and compassionate these "Intention Experiments" are, the greater the power of manifestation.
    Recently, a most critical and serious HEALTH challenge has come up that has the potential to affect and ultimately seriously injure if not kill a majority of the human race--if we, the Guardians to our Rights and Freedoms--especially our HEALTH FREEDOMS--do not take immediate and powerful actions to not only expose these plans, but to totally stop such plans from being able to be successful. What I am referring to is the fact that the power elite have been planning for quite some time to force mandatory vaccinations upon humanity.
    Having studied the subject of vaccinations for many years, and what toxic ingredients actually are contained in all vaccinations--with the recent swine flu vaccinations being the most toxic of all, despite all the disinformation and propaganda from the corrupt CDC and Pharmaceutical cartel, it is very obvious to any intelligent person who has sincerely, without any bias, also studied the true facts about vaccinations, that one would definitely not want to ever receive a vaccination shot. In fact, when one studies the true history regarding vaccinations, rather than the manipulative [orthodox medical] version of history, it becomes very obvious that all the major "epidemics' that occurred from the early 20th century, until now, were all caused by the mass vaccinating of the population, but then these facts were changed to make it seem as if the vaccinations ended the epidemic rather than that these vaccinations were actually the cause of the different epidemics.
    Then, very recently I received an e-mail about the fact that a document was exposed to the public detailing the plans of the French Government to begin mass mandatory vaccinations of the French population very soon, and there were no plans to allow anyone to have any kind of vaccination "exemptions", that this was a secret plan--until this document was released by a concerned and sincere individual who obviously wanted the public to be warned a head of time about this plan, which obviously France is one of the first countries to attempt to force mandatory vaccinations upon their population.
    I have also heard similar plans for the U.S. officials to begin this very same plan, of mass mandatory vaccinations, sometime within the next couple months as well--that is, unless we, the people, can stop them from carrying out these insidious plans. And that is why I am contacting you, Lynne, in hopes that you would be open to conducting, ASAP, another specific mass "Intention Experiment" to not only expose these plans (and the real reasons that the power elite want to force vaccinations upon us all), but to effectively stop/block/neutralize these and/or any other future plans to force mandatory vaccinations upon us all.
    I also recently received a very powerful channeling-transmission from the Higher Cosmic Forces of Light, regarding these plans for mandatory vaccinations, and how they can help us to overcome this challenge, as long as we, the people, take personal responsibility (and “Intentioning” is definitely something we should all apply in this instance to make sure that this plan for mandatory vaccinations is not successful). This recent channeling-transmission that I received from the Higher Forces, titled "Resist Mandatory Vaccinations With Cosmic Help", I have posted in the "Channeled Material" section of my web site, This is truly, in my and many millions of other sincere people's opinion, literally one of the most critical and serious challenges that we, as a planetary civilization have had to ever face. Please feel free to also copy it and send it to everyone you know on your e-mail list (who is attuned to these more “Cosmic-metaphysical” aspects of reality), and please urge them to each also send it to everyone they know, so that we can truly stop this insidious plan to force mandatory vaccination on everyone. Also, I just found out in the last few days, that contrary to what the mass mainstream media is stating, of the vaccination only being "voluntary", I know for a fact, that all the hospitals around the U.S. have been contacted, and they were ordering the nurses and doctors (with over 50% already stating [because they knew what ingrediants are actually in the vaccination shots and how poisonous they are] that they were not going to take a swine flu shot) that if they did not willingly take the vaccination, that they would be fired!
    We need to ASAP, before they can force everyone to take this very toxic vaccination, to do a very powerful Intention Experiment to stop this becoming mandatory for all those of us who know the true facts about this vaccination.

  12. My meditation groups have been working on the concept of group healing for individuals and Mother Earth with spectacular results for about eleven years now! Keep up the good work, and more Divine power to you and your work, dear Lynne!

  13. Dear Lynne,
    I would I am a mother and wife trying to leave from paycheck to paycheck. My husband lost his job, and I have mortage to pay, bills etc. As nurse assitant my check is $800.00 net this not even cover my mortage. I don't ask to be rich but my intention is to have enough money to pay my debt and live without worry. today my bank account is low with an amount of 120.00 that need last for the next two weeks. I drive everyday 50 miles to go a work the cost of gas every three days is about 58.00 dollar. can you help me in my intention?
    thank you

  14. For all of us who are so fasinated by this idea of the power of our thoughts, I recommend to you a book that changed my thinking about my own spitituality: "Conversations With God", by Neil Donald Walsch. He writes exactly the same thing regarding prayer. Read it if you have not.

  15. Thank you, everyone for such wonderful ideas, thoughts to ponder, doors opening. Thank you for your honesty, grace, and maturity. As always, in peace Allison

  16. Lynne
    Interestingly, I heard about the Dan Brown Book at a meeting on Tuesday. This month, my intention is to be able to pay all of my bills and reduce my debts. Regular income from my pensions is sparse and top up income from therapy work is infrequent. Can you help me with my intention?

  17. Just finished reading your book, The Field and now I'm having fun with Dan Brown's new thriller. These last few months since doing the Reconnective Healing seminar I've read some pretty insightful books by Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Ian Plimmer and Norman Doidge...I even had a look at perto f the Keys of Enoch. So Dan's book is a bit of a light read indeed!

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