The Key to the Lost Symbol: the Power of Intention

Lynne McTaggart

Every so often my life takes such a fantastical turn that I am overwhelmed by the feeling that I am actually in the midst of a lucid dream, and that at any moment awakening will hand me back my ordinary world.
I had that feeling yesterday when I got an email from my editor informing me that me, my book The Intention Experiment, my website: and a good deal of my research were named, explained and used as a background source of a major plotline in Dan Brown’s new book.
I spent last night skimming the entire text of The Lost Symbol. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, the book centers around the recovery of kidnapped head of the Smithsonian Peter Solomon by Brown’s long-standing protagonist, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, and Solomon’s sister, Katherine.
Solomon is a ‘noetic scientist’, a 50-year-old black-haired woman who has written two popular books about the new science of consciousness and the bridge between science and spirituality, which ‘established her as a leader in this obscure field’.
Presently she does mind-over-matter research and is particularly interested in the power of group minds to change the physical world.
At certain points, the story began to sound strangely familiar. . . In the Cube, a secret laboratory in the basement of the Smithsonian Institute, filled with all sorts of state-of-the-art gadgetry, Katherine carries out her cutting-edge research — virtually all of which represent a composite of the personalities or science  that have been the subject of my books or actual experiments.
Her sidekick is a ‘meta-analyst’ or computer number cruncher called Trish Dunne, which will tickle Brenda Dunne of the PEAR research (also mentioned in the book). Brown also pays homage to the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which will put a smile on the face of Marilyn Schlitz, its president and a real-live noetic scientist.
Much of The Lost Symbol concerns the link between modern physics and ancient wisdom. The ‘big idea’ in Dan Brown’s book is that science is only now providing evidence that ancient traditions have always espoused: that thought has a tangible power, enabling human beings to be creators of their own world.
In The Lost Symbol, Brown very graciously quoted me, mentioned my book by name and even gave out my website address:
“The shocking discovery, it seemed, paralleled the ancient spiritual belief in a ‘cosmic consciousness’—a vast coalescing of human intention that was actually capable of interacting with physical matter. Recently, studies in mass meditation and prayer had produced similar results in Random Event Generators, fueling the claim that human consciousness, as Noetic author Lynne McTaggart described it, was a substance outside the confines of the body . . . a highly ordered energy capable of changing the physical world. Katherine had been fascinated by McTaggart’s book The Intention Experiment, and her global, Web-based study——aimed at discovering how human intention could affect the world.”
Brown makes it clear at the outside in a page entitled ‘FACT’, that “All rituals, science, artwork and monuments in this novel are real.”
Nevertheless, a few of the more traditional scientists or science writers are already taking a swing at Brown for his impossible inventions and so-called junk science.
Although I cannot speak for many of the other elements in the book — Freemasonry, ancient symbols, alchemy or hidden keys — virtually all of his comments about physics, consciousness research, mind-over-matter experiments and intention are based on fact – and indeed are enumerated in detail in either The Field or The Intention Experiment.
Here is a quick guide to the science behind The Lost Symbol:
Katherine’s lab uses random event generators. These electronic tosses of the coin were famously the equipment used in 25 years of consciousness research by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne’s at Princeton’s PEAR lab (The Field, chapter 6).
Her lab also uses CCD cameras that have photographed a faith healer’s energy pouring from his hands. Dr. Gary Schwartz, a psychologist at the University of Arizona, and frequent partner in our Intention Experiments, has a CCD camera that photographs biophoton emissions from living things. He has photographed light emanating from the dominant hands of healers while sending healing (The Intention Experiment, chapter 2).
Katherine’s lab is electromagnetically sealed – so much so that human thought can’t penetrate it. Possibly. In most cases, thoughts traverse anything (hence why we can run an Intention Experiment from Sydney, Australia to affect seeds in Tucson, Arizona). However, Stanford University physicist William Tiller has experimented with magnetically-shielded rooms, which tend to block the effectiveness of trained healers ((The Intention Experiment, chapter 2).
REGs dotted all over the world recorded an effect on September 11, 2001. Former Princeton PEAR researcher Dr. Roger Nelson’s Global Consciousness Project has shown an association between major catastrophic global events and changes in REG machine output (The Field, chapter 11).
Prayer groups have healed people and also have affected REG machines. Not all prayer studies have been successful, but that, in my view, has a good deal to do with poor study design. Nevertheless, many dozens of prayer and healing studies have shown positive results (The Intention Experiment, chapter 6). Dr. Nelson’s Global Consciousness Project has tracked measurable changes in REG machines after many global prayer events.
The CIA ran remote viewing programs that bordered on ancient magic. They did indeed. These programs, run  by  Stanford Research Institute’s then directors, physicists Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, conclusively demonstrated that even novices can see things beyond the reach of visual sense (The Field, chapter 8).
Katherine’s mind-over-matter experiments have affected:
the growth rate of plants. University of Arizona psychologist Gary Schwartz and I ran six such experiments, The Germination Experiments, and presented them before the Society for Scientific Exploration in June 2008).
the direction fish swim. Psychologist William Braud, then of the Mind Science foundation, ran such experiments (The Field, chapter 7).
chemical reactions in one’s own body. Thousands of studies of biofeedback and studies on intentionality on living systems by scientists such as Marilyn Schlitz show such an effect (The Intention Experiment, chapter 9).
‘I have witnessed people transform cancer cells into healthy cells simply by thinking about them, ‘ says Katherine. One such experiment was run by Leonard Laskow by researcher Glen Rein (The Intention Experiment, chapter 10).
Katherine carries out thought experiments on water, showing that she can change the design of the crystals, depending on whether she uses a positive or negative thought. These, of course, refer to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Memory of Water, who proposes that sending thoughts into water changes their crystalline patterns. Psychologist Dean Radin of IONS successfully replicated his work under controlled conditions (The Intention Experiment, chapter 12).
Particles are affected by the observer. This is a fundamental principle of quantum physics: observing a subatomic particle turns that potential something into something real.
As Brown quotes me: “‘Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real. The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.’”
“We have scientifically proven,” says Katherine, “that the power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.” From the 19 studies I’ve facilitated for the Intention Experiment, and the innumerable informal small groups of healing intention I’ve run in my workshops and on my website, it seems that a small number might be just as powerful as a large number. To my mind, what seems to enhance the power of intention is a group – of any size.
“Intention was a learned skill,” writes Brown. “Like meditation, harnessing the true power of ‘thought’ required practice. . . . And throughout history, there had been those few who had become true masters.”
When writing The Intention Experiment, I interviewed dozens of ‘masters of intentions’ – Qigong masters, Buddhist monks, master healers – and all of them discussed particular techniques they learned and practiced to carry out intention. In our web experiments, we’ve had the largest effects with experienced intenders. Experience in focusing thought and carrying out intention seems to count most of all (The Intention Experiment, chapter 5).
“To manifest an intention requires laserlike focus, a full sensory visualization and a profound belief.” These and other techniques are spelled out in my Powering Up program in The Intention Experiment, chapter 13.
Whatever you think of Dan Brown’s books — and I’m finding The Lost Symbol loads of breathlessly page-turning fun — using the world’s bestselling book as a platform to introduce the idea of the power of thought will help to promote consciousness research — and the many scientists who risk careers and reputations in the name of it —  to an entirely new audience,
In the book, as Katherine admits, her particular strand of science is not widely known. But when her story comes out, says the New York Times’ Janet Maslin when reviewing The Lost Symbol, noetic science could get ‘the kind of public relations bump that Brown gave to the Holy Grail.’
This isn’t the first time my work has inspired  fiction. In my 20s, as a young investigator reporter, I had broke several babyselling rings by posing as a pregnant unwed mother and then a prospective adoptive parent.
The resulting book The Baby Brokers was optioned for a television movie by Ron Samuels’ production company. The plan was for his wife, Lynda ‘Wonder Woman’ Carter, to play a young reporter based on me.
For months I had to endure comparisons to superheroines, and dumb jokes about bullet-deflecting bracelets and oversized busts. By the time ‘Born to Be Sold’ hit the small screen, Lynda Carter had been made a social worker, and any resemblance to my book — including the point of it — had been lost.
This Katherine Solomon is different. She’s a girl after my own heart.
‘Within a matter of years,” she says, “modern man will be forced to accept what is now unthinkable: our minds can generate energy capable of transforming physical matter. . . Particles react to our thoughts . . . which means our thoughts have the power to change the world.”
Well, I, for one, am still working on that. But even still, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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985 comments on “The Key to the Lost Symbol: the Power of Intention”

  1. Animals work with The Field constantly and they love to self select Essential Oils, Herbal Plants, Homeopathic remedies and many vibrational remedies.
    Sometimes their choices are also helpful in shifting the vibration of their owners :))
    Love your work Lyn, read The Field and enjoyed very much. Thanks for being who you are xx

  2. Lynn, this is wonderful, you must be over the moon. I think it is truly brilliant that Brown has used this in his story, what a fantastic way to draw attention to the work you do and help open peoples minds. all the best, oh and by the way you are a superhero.

  3. Congratulations Lynn, this will bring your intention work to a huge audience! It is truly wonderful news, and very timely. I've ordered my copy of his book today.

  4. Incredible! I have the book sitting here beside me but I haven't cracked it yet - I know once I get started, I will want to finish it ASAP. It seems that super consciousness is sending humanity a message in as many different areas as possible! I really like Dan Brown's books because he draws from so many different fields of knowledge and I am thrilled to hear that The Intention Experiment appears in such a prominent way in this new work. Surely many will be reading about the experiments for the first time. Plus last night I was watching PBS before bed and discovered that Wayne Dyer has a new book/program out, "Excuses Begone," which essentially says that what you think, you become - manifestation of the physical reality is first and foremost a creation of the subconscious mind's program. I listen to Coast to Coast all the time too and just yesterday morning I was listening to Bruce Lipton talk about thoughts (and feelings) creating our physical reality. So within the span of 24 hours the same message has been presented to me in at least 3 different ways. You are what you think! (Oh and did I mention that a friend of mine gave me a hypnosis CD just Wednesday - to help me deal with my subconscious mind!)

  5. Lynn, this is SO cool! I immediately ordered this book, and didn't read your entire post in case there are spoilers:-) I can hardly wait to read it. I have gotten off this track and had set an intention to attract some powerful reading material around deliberate creation. I bought Gregg Braden's new book last week, and today this one. Life is good!
    With appreciation,

  6. Wonderful news Lynne! What a great introduction to the work for the public at large to become aware of your hard work concerning this research.
    And in the way we do construct our reality, maybe it *is* a sort of Lucid Dream!

  7. Ooops! It was Bruce Lipton's new book that I got last week, not Gregg Braden's. Not sure if Braden has a new one right now, but wanted to clarify so no one goes looking, lol!

  8. Just finished Dan Brown's book and I immediately ordered your books Lynn... I very rarely read fiction, usually its Bruce Lipton, Gregg Bradon, stuff on quantum physics, healing, whatever vibrates with "possibilities". My hope is that having your work quoted in Dan Brown's book will ignite a spark of interest in the people who are just beginning the journey that I call... Home. I know for me it is a validation that I am on the right path. I am excited to read your work and my hope is that the many "millions" of readers that enjoy Dan Brown will reach out to discover authors like yourself. I know I am beyond excited and I can only imagine what lies ahead for you and our planet!!!!!

  9. in 2005 the prince of Orange opened a windpark on th eNorthsea ... the Park functions to someones intention to spread peacethoughts around the whole plate / trans-atlantic oceans .
    into the intend are love, life & void kweek elements from an embedded sphere where everybody counts as a whole ...

  10. Congratulaions, Lynne. I am especially interested to see how public interest generated by Dan Brown's new book spills over into some of the areas where noetic science has been focused for 36 years. Perhaps, as people become more familiar with the research and its implecations, they will acquire a better understanding of how the material and the non-material affect one another. Could this be a catalyst for de-mystifying and a mainstrem acceptance of areas that have hitherto been considered suspect and/or spurious. Understanding can set the stage for acceptance and acceptance is a requirement for embracing any real change. Could we be moving into a space where we are able to actually craft a "New Story"?

  11. This is SO thrilling!!!!! OMG, the intention experiments and IONS and PEARS - the movement for conscious evolution through scientific research - is finally hitting mainstream! Thank you for sharing this with us, Lynne; you certainly deserve to be fictionalized as a heroine . You and others too numerous to mention are leading to the healing of this ailing planet. I believe the planet also owes a colossal thank you to Dan Brown!

  12. There is absolutely no doubt that written works of fiction have in the past played an imortant role in the expansion of conciousness of people who would never have given some of the subject matter a second thought otherwise. This is good news indeed! Let the conservatives and the skeptics believe what they will, they cannot rival the popular imagination.

  13. Congratulations Lynn! I am so excited about the possibilities of this new book reaching a whole new audience and perhaps clarifying things for those who doubt. I trust that the book will become a movie and reach an even vaster group. I have tears of joy in my eyes. I am so happy that your wonderful work with intentions is being honored in this way.

  14. I almost never read fiction any more -- unless it is in some way grounded in the awakening of consciousness. This week I picked up "The Lost Symbol," just on a lark, or so I thought. Within a moment there you and my other heroes and heroines were featured on the pages of Dan Brown's book. These sorts of "happenings are now so common for me (multiple times daily on occasions). But the feeling of being led down a most wonderous and constructive path is so exciting. This should take the movement to a whole new level. Thanks, Dan and congrats, Lynne.
    I am a devoted Intention Experiment participant.

  15. Much before the scientific validation gathered in Lynn Book The intention Experiment, I had my own validation through a profound spiritual awakening in 1993. I was fortunate to stumble upon Seth books along with Chopra books to make sense of this world of samsara.
    I felt the entire planet is moving towards illusion than reality. So I had a planetary vision for which I have been working almost singularly and quietly since early 2001.
    This year I can see just sharing my intention for peace online two years ago has gathered momentum. And my biggest intention experiment is Deep Conscious Capitalism.
    The more of us believe in the power of intention, more surreal reality becomes. Grateful to everyone plus Lynn and Dan participating in the this co-creative intention experiment.
    Lynn and others reading this..please endorse the 90 day World march for Peace
    Joyful Evolution

  16. Hi Lynn,
    This is fantastic! I agree that this will go a long way in introducing the power of thought and consciousness research. You deserve this credit for the meticulous and persistent efforts you have made to further our understanding of quantum physics, consciousness, and deliberate intention.
    Thank you and congratulations, Dean

  17. I think you could link to Amazon or another bookstore and get a percentage!!!!
    Great news.

  18. Wow, with millions more people believing that they indeed create their own reality and that with personal or group intentions they can make positive and radical changes within themselves and our planet, the Earth will truly benefit from the repurcussions of this information. Thankyou Lynne for being such an light to the world and bridging science with spirituality so beautifully.

  19. WOW!!! This is great Lynn!!I have been telling my friends that their thoughts create their realities for so long but they just would look at me like I was out in space. I have told them about you and the work your doing, about IONS, Dr. Emoto, etc. They will see this movie and understand now. Just imagine, once people see this movie the interest it will spark. I can't wait to see what this movie and those who will watch it will manifest in our world now! Good things are coming, I can feel it!!!!

  20. Hi Lynn, I'm very impressed with your work. My Grandmother is a big fan and has been very interested in Noetic science for years. It will be interesting to see where it goes now that Dan Brown has pushed it into the mainstream.

  21. Does everyone understand that Dan Brown's books are fictional? F-i-c-t-i-o-n-a-l!
    You know, kind of like Star Wars? Oh, wait, everyone here probably believes in the Force, too. Sorry, I'm barking up the wrong tree.

  22. Hi Lynne:
    I am blown away by the enormous power of this whole thing! I can hardly contain my excitement right now as I think of the implications for global consciousness. You are proving to be the stick of dynamite this planet needs to unearth the vast potential of mankind. My heartfelt thanks ....

  23. Hi Lynn, I just purchased "The Intention Experiment" book, began reading and am finding it difficult to put down. Your information feels so familar to me, information from long ago, in another time. I want to work with you on your projects but know I need to read the book first. My passion is to heal whoever or whatever needs this Divine gift, so thank you for allowing me to be part of your incredible and timely "Vision". With Great Gratitude ...........

  24. Wonderful news,Lynne.
    The synchronicities that are happening all over the world in relation to your work are myriad.
    This is yet one more. The more we ask of the Universe the more it provides.
    Like so many folk I believe that the great change has already begun; the experiments on the Intention Experiment site backs this up with a host of proven change in many diverse mediums.Such exciting times we are privileged to live in

  25. Naturally Dan Brown is including you and your research in his new book. To quote you & Dan Brown: “To manifest an intention requires laserlike focus, a full sensory visualization and a profound belief.” These and other techniques are spelled out in my Powering Up program in the Intention Experiment, chapter 13.
    Everyone needs this vital information to move mankind forward into the shift of 2012. This is timely. This is the "How?" Thank you so much for giving all of us the learned skills of healers like Dr. Joyce Hawkes and of Hado Masters like Toyoko Matsuzaki, all in a concise and learnable chapter of your new book, The Intention Experiment. Brilliant! Your intention to spread the word worked marvelously. Much appreciation. The world will be eternally grateful.

  26. Amazing how the magic unfolds! Gotta just love it! Better get that website server ready for an influx of visitors 🙂 Your work has been inspiring my health practice in Energy medicine for many years now and your books are always open to explain things to my clients. Thankyou !

  27. Check out the Proto- Surrealist Austin Osmond Spare if you like this kinda thing. He mixed art and weird science and is starting to receive notice finally. He was the precursor to Salvador Dali, only more strange.

  28. Ordered your book, The Field recently and am waiting for delivery all the way to Tasmania. This is good news, Lynne. Will have a read of Dan's latest yarn too.

  29. The Lost Symbol is an excellent book, I just finished it! Great to see these concepts now go out into the world through such a popular writer! Allthough many people will not believe these things are possible the seeds, will be planted! Congratz Lynne!
    Much Love to you,
    Christa ;-))
    The Netherlands

  30. That is just great Lynne. Congratulations!
    It takes an investigative journalist like you to bring the back room science to the forefront for seekers like me. Now, Dan Brown will take it one step further and raise it to the mainstream audience. This is how transformation propagates. --- John Wong

  31. I just finished The Lost Symbol this morning. Truly magnificent! I had heard of Noetic Science before, but never dived that much into it. After reading Dan Brown's book I see Noetic Science as a beautiful truth. The Lost Symbol adds to the awakening of human consciousness. It's overwhelming to imagine how many lives will be touched with The Lost Symbol and I am excited to watch the response and domino effect in the coming years! I plan to get The Intention Experiment today. Thank you for your research, Lynne! The organizers of your event coming up in NY will need to get larger facilities! I myself ,would love to be there . . . With Gratitude, Nicole

  32. Just finished The Lost Symbol. A very dangerous work of fiction that proclaims ancient wisdom from the past will trump the developments in rational modern science. Brown's glorification of thousand year old writings should be read carefully. You can't cure cancer by thinking hard or group prayer. There is a reason why the words "meditation" and "masterbation" sound so similar. Even between the black lines of Biblical text all one discovers is white lies--white like the milk babies suck from their mother's breast. Brown's interpretation of Noetic philosophy lacks the raw "meat" scientific men and women have been striving to cook since the Industrial Revolution; and Brown's assertion that life after death can be proven by a miniscule amount of missing mass at the time of death has never been proven in a laboratory setting. If it has, the discoverer would have a nice juicy Nobel prize to hang around their neck. Brown's fetish for ancient wisdom is flawed and misleading. Read Robert Wright's "Evolution of God" if you want to understand the actual process of religous enlightenment. And remember: Mother Teresa, Ghandi, the Dali Lama and anyone else who thinks they have an enlightened view of themselves and their personal brain power aren't really meditating their way into becoming gods; all they are doing is masterbating in a public circle.
    God bless Richard Dawkins.

  33. Lynne
    Thank "conscious thought" that I'm not crazy!
    I'm a white skinned "afrikaanse boernooi" , who's mother's maiden name was Van Der Merwe - that should give you the right picture from where I come from! As a child I could play hours alone and challenged everything and everybody. People experienced me as weird but amusing and kept me at arms length. I thought there was something wrong with me and as I grew up, I started to numb myself with alcohol and cigarettes for not being worth or normal. Still I kept challenging everything and had success all the way. As soon as I reached the top, I resigned and went on to a new challenge. All the while still numbing myself as a protection against my feelings as to how people treated me . I started reading like never before, from religions to quantum physics. Searching for sanity and understanding why I am not "normal" like everybody. When we go to the Spur (I have 2 small boys), I would ask them to think and agree upon the same parking spot opening (with the exact colour) and the exact favorite table opening up - and it did! I wanted to understand. Thank you Lynne for confirming that I was normal after all!!!!

  34. Hello Lynne,
    Your books on noetic sciences are excellent. I'm glad that Dan Brown has brought to the public attention the work of noetic scientists and their important findings on human consciousness.
    I've written some posts on noetic sciences and Brown's lastest book. For example:
    In my blog, I try to deal with the philosophical and spiritual implications of all of these discoveries. I think they'll change our conception of reality.
    Keep the good work!

  35. Yay, Lynne! I've always had an abhorrence of "following the herd" so I'm one of the few people I know who has not yet read DaVinci code, yet I picked up a copy of The Lost Symbol on the day of release - now I know why. It has moved to the top of my reading pile. I even taped Dan Brown's TV interview which only hinted at IONS. These days, I don't need to be hit over the head anymore - I just go with the flow and SMILE through my days. My life is so much happier, meaningful and fulfilling since I have been reading up on Lynne McTaggert, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, David R. Hawkins, et al. And isn't it amazing how scientific research is congruent with spiritual works of Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, et al, and business works of Bob Berg? I feel privileged to have had this information brought into my consciousness.
    p.s. (Why is it "debunkers" always sound angry, fearful, and belligerant, or all 3? Don't look now, but your insecurities are showing. Why can't they give you an emotion-free rebuttal with well-documented scientific reference instead of abusive rhetoric? Richard Dawkins, show me da SCIENCE - like Lynne does!!!!)
    p.p.s. (Yes, we DO understand that Lost Symbol has characters and storyline that are f-i-c-t-i-o-n, but the s-c-i-e-n-c-e it references is NOT. Thanks for the spelling lesson.)

  36. Well, I'm only a 10 year old child who has recently read Dan Brown's latest book The Lost Symbol because my dad read it and I tried opening pages randomly and reading them and I was fascinated with this book.Sometime during January I started reading and I found myself wrapped up in this amazing storyline,yes I know it's not real but the noetic science is and I'm still very open minded to its legends.The first I'd heard of the freemasons,stonemasons, or knights of templar was in a documentary on the history channel.This has interested me deeply and given me a new view on 2012 and the first I had heard of that was on the history channel truly yet I knew little about the enlightenment the ancient Greeks would say we are entering a golden age, a path of spiritual enlightenment and now as most likely the only 4th grader in my class who knows this I am thinking of uncovring and/or decrypting some of the "secrets" or "legends" and I rarely read books without my parents telling me to and I'm thinking of reading The Da Vinci Code. ........Ciao

  37. and just for the record I can seperate most fact from fiction in this book but it doesn't hurt to be open minded

  38. This is a very good write up Ms.Lynn, I am suggesting this to all my friends who read the book I too am a member of your intention experiment after reading the book. Thoughts can really transform the world. But I dont believe that there can be a place where thoughts cannot penetrate. Because what is happening now is THOUGHT REVOLUTION.

  39. Desearía ponerme en contacto, con el inconveniente de no hablar inglés.
    Habría la posibilidad de comunicarnos en español. ?
    Hace tiempo tuve el pensamiento de qué ocurriría si todos los humanos pensásemos a la misma hora y el mismo dia sanar el planeta
    Muchas gracias

  40. dear lynn,
    in August 1990 , a 13. 3 mile long crop circle popped up in a wet muddy lake bed of Oregon USA.
    this is the geometrical shape of GOD.
    punch in SRI YANTRA 108 AND THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING in google search.
    this intricate symbol is 8000 years old.

    Hi Lynn
    I received The Lost Symbol this Christmas...I loved Dan Browns other books.
    This was was my FAVORITE.
    TODAY I googled the words Power and The Lost Symbol and ...THIS LINK APPEARED.
    Who Cares!! All I know is...
    ...I cannot wait to dive into your/our work!
    Very Kool

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