Peace Intention Experiment: How the web pages will work

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartOur web team are placing the finishing touches on our Peace Intention Experiment’s experimental portal. I’d like to share with you how it’s all going to work on Sunday and every day next week, so there are no surprises.
First of all, you will register on the main page of the Peace Intention Experiment site (
If you haven’t registered yet, but want to participate, please do so TODAY.
Then, on the day, come onto the site 10-15 minutes before the experiment is due to start. Sign in on the home page.  If you haven’t registered yet, you may sign up then.
So, let’s say, you live in New York and you know that the experiment is starting at 12 noon your time.  You should come onto the site no later than 11:50.
Once you sign in, you’ll be taken to a page with instructions about POWERING UP.  You’ll stay there for five minutes in order to get into a relaxed, meditative state.
While you are waiting for the Peace Intention Experiment to start, please POWER UP.  We’ll supply all the instructions.
So, still assuming you’re from New York, at 12:05 pm the page will automatically flip over to the next page.
The next page will reveal our chosen target – an area in the world with some of the highest levels of sustained war-related deaths.  Please read this page carefully. We’ve supplied a map and some graphic images of the fighting there so you can take the images of suffering into your heart.
You will remain on that page for five more minutes.
So, at 10 past the hour, the page will automatically flip over again.  You’ll be sent to a third page, with the exact wording of the intention and some beautiful images of the country and of all ethnic groups in the country getting along.  At that point, the experiment begins.
You’ll be asked to hold the intention statement in your mind for 10 minutes, while music plays (Jonathan Goldman’s Choku Rei – our signature Intention music).
At the end of 10 minutes, the music will stop and the page will flip over a final time, to a link with our forum page, where you can go to share your experience with our international participants.
I look forward to joining you on Sunday.
Please post any questions below.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,265 comments on “Peace Intention Experiment: How the web pages will work”

  1. My eternal gratitude to all the people who are bringing this project together. It is a joy and a priviledge to lovingly join intentions with people from around the world.

  2. Thank you for giving us this beautiful opportunity to join people around the world to love, raise our compassion and feeel the Oneness that we all share.

  3. I love the synchronicity of our events!
    One love is an officially approved United Nation's International Day of Peace event.
    The purpose of One Love is to raise awareness of this global peace event by uniting over 1,000,000,000 (billion) people in song at the same time through the universal medium of radio. You would play an historic role in the first and largest collective group of human beings to focus on One intention: World Peace. The iconic song is Bob Marley's One Love. The time is 9:21 am & pm GMT. ( 1:21am/pm PST; 4:21 am/pm EST). Lynne: let's make global history together!
    I have a network of tens of thousands on Facebook, Myspace and ipeace.
    It's time to collaborate - I look forward to hearing from you.
    In peace and gratitude, Mark Skelton

  4. Gratitude and intentional Responsibility is what I am feeling as I prepare to participate in this
    extraordinary global connection of lovingkindness and compassion for all Life on our home planet. I deeply feel and Know the power that our collective Intention will generate for All Good and Peace.

  5. I´m invited from the radio and TV in Guadalajara, Mexico, to joing people at my office to share the wonderful experience

  6. I am excited to participate in this experiment. Not only will it bring great benefit to our assigned area, it will document group intention.
    I am, however, concerned about the page with the graphic images. I understand the purpose for the page for most people, but I am extremely sensitive to graphic images and/or stories. Unfortunately, I have not mastered "letting it go" when it comes to witnessing pain. In the past, when I have unwittingly walked into a scene or story of this type, it has taken up to several weeks to shed the continuous weight on my energy.
    Since there is important information on that page, I will not be able to avoid it. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I should handle or prepare myself for this?

  7. It is such a great blessing to be a part of something that will no doubt impact the entire planet.
    My heartfelt gratitude to Lynne and all for the effort that has been put toward setting this up, allowing us to make a greater impact due to the large number of participants.
    I KNOW we are making a difference! By taking part, we can show a world that is hungry for peace and prosperity that it can happen through the power of intention.

  8. Just wondering why we need to view the 'graphic' images before seeing the positive ones? Why not just see the positive ones, so we're only focusing on what we are meaning to create?

  9. I have been actively involved with parallel lines of work as this, and I highly respect the work you are doing and have done. I am signed up to work with you on your intention experiment next week, and eagerly look forward to the experience. One thing concerns me.
    the comment, “We’ve supplied a map and some graphic images of the fighting there so you can take the images of suffering into your heart.”
    May I respectfully suggest replacing the images of fighting with images of peace and reconciliation in the targeted region? I believe that is the intention of the experiment, not meditating on the suffering.

  10. Lynn, My excitement and joy quickens as we approach the beginning of this w0nderful effort. We are getting many more to participate from our network (Unity in Chicago). And will begin as a group on Sunday in church....

  11. Estoy muy interesada en hacer parte del Experimento de la Intención de Paz. Me gustaría que tuviéramos en cuenta el área de nuestro país, Colombia, tan golpeado por la violencia de la guerra. Fraternal abrazo

  12. I agree with those who do not see the need for negative information or vibrations. Our intention is peace, love, and harmony and that is all that needs to be in our hearts. If some "need" to see the violence and pain another web site could be set up to see it. Those of us who know that "all there is is love" and "only love is real" we do not need to see pain and suffering to connect to the love that is at the center of every living thing. We are one with all there is and we simply need to remember that and share it with those who have forgotten who they are.

  13. I don't have words that express my feelings, but I know that finally I've met people that share my concern and love by our planet, thanks for the opportunity

  14. I look forward to this. However, I agree with Paula, Sage, Bruce, and others. Effective intending, imagining (ref: Neville Goddard), visualisation, &c. requires a total absence of thoughts of the unwanted situation that is being replaced by the wanted. "Live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled."
    In "The Intention Experiment" you have mentioned the contagiousness of negativity, and even the most letting-go of us might have a lingering effect from just having viewed "graphic images". I think we would be more effective intending at an area where we do not even know if there is any violence there. I will be intending by "seeing it perfect" and peaceful in the present. I will not look at the page with the "graphic images," and if I inadvertently see them, I will, unfortunately, have to forego participation.
    (You have to try it to discover how wonderful it is to never read newspapers or watch television.)
    On a technical note: I find it inconvenient to access the internet during this. The location of my internet access is not a peaceful spot. Wireless involves unnecessary electromagnetic pollution, and my preferred spot is out of range of any of these anyway. I might suggest a small executable one could download that does all the things the website does, only requiring one to set the time on one's laptop accurately before heading out to their chosen location. The executable could be downloaded a couple of days in advance. It would also releave the need for a high-bandwidth server. Of course, one could "cheat" and set the computer time ahead to view it in advance, but would any of us do that?

  15. I'm deeply grateful for this peace experiment and look forward to participating. However, I was startled by the inclusion of images of suffering to meditate on as part of the process. I have to echo the others who state that this is a part that could be eliminated. We are intending peace, not suffering, and it is my feeling that meditating on the images of suffering would take us into the denser energies that no longer serve us and of which I feel we need to release ourselves from. Perhaps you can re-do this section with something more to the point of our intention of peace. Peace begins in ones own heart. Let's nurture that peace seed with love and gratitude.

  16. Thank you for inviting me to participate in this loving effective intending. I do agree with all about the graphic images of violence...this is not necessary for what we intend to do. Please reconsider this part of your experiment. It is far better for all levels of our minds to focus on what our intention is all about ... PEACE!
    Again, thank you.

  17. May I respectfully suggest how should we handle or prepare ourself for this
    Experiment and to preserve our energy and refual us with energy again: Try to be in silver circle, like in the egg…!
    Gentle pushing in your mind this lights from inside to outside around yourself like taking the trash – or something that you want to clean up and keep it as much as you can during the day and night!

  18. I agree with the others that viewing negative images is counter productive to healing positive energy and I will not be participating online. Perhaps if the target is known beforehand, one could still participate with the group intention.

  19. We are all one!
    Don´s forget to ground your self, if looking to the negative images.
    What you will give attention, will grow!
    Munay Sonco

  20. I have dialup internet, and will not be able to get the music, unless it is something that can be allowed to download slowly during the period before the experiment and allowed to replay. I hope that the rest of the program will play on dialup.
    I am very grateful for this opportunity, and for the positive images that will be shown. We need lots, lots more of that--positive images that give us "internally-replayable" positive images of peace, cooperation, love. I agree with others who say negative images are not a help--I can only speak for myself, and for me, negative images trigger the physiology of stress, and the sense of strength of the negative.
    Many of us who are particularly interested in healing--especially in widespread healing--feel keenly that the negativity is harmful... if it weren't, why would we be trying to make a shift? Anyway, from a variety of perspectives, I would suggest a totally positive meditation. Thanks.

  21. When I read the text Lynne provided about the sequence of "events" to take place on the first Intention Experiment session of the week, I found that the words which simply stated that the lead-in would include graphic images of the fighting in the area we shall be targeting, "so (we) can take the images of suffering into (our) hearts" had a very striking effect on me. I didn't have a pre-existing opinion (or at least I thought I didn't!) but the impact of that instruction was very strong and negative.
    I do not have the sensitivity that Paula refers to, (though I understand her stance well), but I know that I certainly do not want to see such images at a point when my mind-set will be filling with the positive.
    To spell it out, that time must be filled with LOVE. Love is, I would argue, the POWER with which we shall be dealing. It is the means by which tangible intention is gathered, and the means by which it is transmitted.
    In totally dispassionate terms, to see examples of violence (etc) to "prove" a very real need, so as to stimulate thoughts about the detailed nature and extent of the need, and, so, perhaps, what one would seek to transmit as an intention, is quite logical.
    But no-one can automatically succeed in putting the thoughts of horror, disgust, concern for very specific individuals in the photographs, and many other elements of a complex mindset 100% out of his/her mind, instantly, as the five-minutes mark is reached and the process moves to the next 'step'.
    I emphasise that those "negative" images could lead to thoughts which just might vere towards being judgmental, (even hateful if one dare admit it...) and, to some extent, preoccupied with the negativities. I find it hard to imagine how this could fail to distract a focused intender from the pure positive with which (s)he will be working for those precious minutes within the Experiment, for ALL of the time, with 100% of top-quality "pure" intention.

  22. May I respectfully suggest how should we handle or prepare ourselves for this
    Experiment !? How to preserve, fill up and protect us with this energy: try to be in silver brightness circle, like in the shining egg…!
    Gentle pushing in your mind this lights from inside to outside around yourself like taking the trash – or something that you want to clean up. Keep it as much as you can during the day and night! So we are going to be like the candles who are lighting by one... making the darkness and violence go away.
    Dubrovnik, 9. September '08

  23. I'm thrilled to be part of something so worthwhile and can't help but wonder what would happen if everyone on this planet closed their eyes for even a few minutes everyday and held an intention for peace.
    I hope that the outcome of this experiment is so outstandingly and undeniably successful that we prove without a shadow of a doubt just how powerful thoughts are and we feel compelled to use this powerful resource to make huge strides in our individual and collective well-being.

  24. I too am looking forward to this big experiment where so many of us with the same intention will bring about a shift of consciousness throughout the world.
    I have been working alone for a long time making small differences, now I am going to witness a massive change, thankyou, I am so glad there are more people in the world just like me.

  25. I am now teaching a class that meets at 11 a.m. Central Time everyday next week. Is there a way for me to participate by using the website?

  26. Thank you from my entire self, I feel so very honored to be participating in this...what a wonderful being you are I cannot wait am spreading the word Gaia's so happy as she can feel the "intent" already, I think!

  27. As a dial-up computer user, I find this extreamly frustrating. I doubt if I would be able to participate due to the 28kb per second that I share with another computer. And I also agree that shadow stuff is not something that I have yet learned to befriend in a healthy way, though I'm working on it!

  28. I had thought about the negative images as well and thought there might be a better way to open our heartspaces.
    There are other pictures that open the heart space ~ like the picture of that tiny baby who was being operated on in the uterus who reached out and grabbed the finger of the Dr. with that tiny, tiny hand.... there may be options to consider.
    So happy to be a part of this wonderful experiment!

  29. As a South African living outside the country I had thought about the possibility of making a group meditation to curb, hopefully stop, the violence that is occurring in the country. I gave up thinking I was crazy, only to find there are highly organised crazy people who surpass doubt with action.

  30. I agree with the rest...focus the intention on the positive. I am excited to participate but will not be viewing the "negative" images page.

  31. I wonder about the intention to focus first on the painful and then take it to the heart - ouch - and then switch to the intent of peace. Feels like educating this group to be able to see the negative in this world and then neutralize it in the heart with love and then go to peace.... might be pretty powerful for those who learn to master it - the experiment then is creating masters of transforming pain into peace - having 7 days to practise. If the only intention would be to bring a peaceful shift to that one place - I agree - we need not go over the day to day horror but rather take the time to create a very strong positive energy to be sent. On the other hand - comming from the understanding of neuroliguistic programming - we always need first to connect to the emotional place of the other (as low as this might be) and then bring both energies - the one of the other and mine up to a positive place. If I enter with a high positive energy - the other (here this environment) cannot profit from it as it is like on two different dimensions not being able to connect....
    Just my thoughts when I pondered the instruction and others and my reaction to the announcement of being exposed to those graphics....

  32. I too am concerned about the graphic pictures. I prefer to think only positive thoughts. Please reconsider. i am very excited about this whole idea and have great hope for more peace..

  33. I agree. I do not need images of suffering to empathize with pain. We all know pain. But that's okay - for those who think they do need those images, they can watch. I'll choose that five minutes to meditate, eyes closed.

  34. I look forward to partipating, and I have invited many others, and have been encouraging people to meditate, for a few years at least
    *bows - fist to palm*

  35. If I contitune to see the brokeness in the world I am just adding to it, I believe and feel that the creation of peace vibration is what these people and the earth are in need of (their true state that already is) not more of the same old vibration that is clearly not serving except in creating more confusion and separation. Yes these vibrations are still here but we don't have to give them anymore juice with our awarness of" seeing the horror of it all", but seeing it and know this is a call for us to witness their wholeness NOW, no matter what form it is taking now.

  36. I will be at a conference on that Sunday, but want to have a few friends of mine "focus" on the pics you will be providing online - we will not have access to the Internet during that timeframe. Can you provide this so I may print it out and focus on it with them while at the conference?

  37. I too will be away from my computer in another city. Please send the pertinent info in the next couple of days so I can participate.

  38. Obrigada por nos dar a oportunidade e o privilégio de participar desta experiência.
    União - Unidade - Evolução.

  39. I am looking forward to the experiment and I am very excited about it.
    I have one personal concern:
    right now I am staying at my parents' place, and the computer is in the living room, where every day at this hour my father is whatching the news on TV, at high volume.
    I am debating what I could do:
    use headphones (but I would still be affected by the sounds and energy), or sign up and then do the rest on my own in the back yard, without the computer- but then- will it be valid...?
    It is not a laptop, and there is no other room I can take it to in the house.

  40. So grateful to be part of something so extraordinary! And I love reading every one. Hello fellow Intenders!
    I too am wondering about the 5 minutes focus on violent pictures and I too can see the rationale for doing so, as Ursula(nr.35) says. If it's meant to neutralize the dense energies of the pictures in the heart while we watch and go to the peace, and teach us to become transformational masters.
    Pondering some more..... if focusing for 5 minutes on violence is meant to raise the power of compassion in us, then I am not sure about that.
    From my understanding of heart coherence and emotional intelligence, intending good and peace from the energy of higher heart compassion and empathy - which carries a universal power for healing - is not the same thing at all as intending that comes from an entanglement of personal emotions, identifications with and feelings of sympathy for the people, places events of these violent scenes. The many and large difference between the 2 emotions have generated much interest, understanding and research findings. They are of different natures according to what is known.
    Instead of violent scenes, I like Ursula's, Carol's and William's suggestions on other ways to open our heart space and stimulate heart felt compassion.
    I would like to know more from Lynne what she has in mind with these violent scenes. And perhaps change also the protocole for these 5 minutes as she sees that fit.
    Heartfully to all,

  41. Dear Lynne,
    Thank your for this great opportunity for so many people around the world to join in, unite and focus on peace!
    I want to join in with my wife and children.
    My wife and I have both computers in an other part of the house and we both signed in. Is it possible to do the week-experiment on one computer, so that we can be together in one room during the experiment?
    I agree with many others above that I want to focus on positive energy. I don't see how the images of war and violence could contribute to that, so I will not look at that. And we don't want to show them to our children.
    Is it possible to change your plan about the images, after having read these comments?
    Rudolf Goedhart

  42. One of the first intention tips suggested we create an intention space without and electronic gadgets. This seems rather in contradiction to the idea of doing the actual experiment in front of our computer, and not in the intention space that we have been meditating in and preparing for several weeks. Would not verbal instructions of what about what and when to intend be enough?
    Thank you for creating this experiment and a very interesting book.

  43. I'm in the same camp as those that have already stated that showing negative images should NOT be part of the experiment. This in my view should be entirely POSITIVE with it's intention. The target is enough information. We all know what to do from there.

  44. Hi, I have so been looking forward to this, and am attending Earthdance at the same time. I don't have a computer with internet at home or to take with me, as I only use the one from work.
    What suggestions on how I can get the instructions before friday to print out and take with me for sunday?
    many thanks and blessings
    Walk in Beauty

  45. Interesting. I've joined up for this experiment as I like the idea of our concerted energies helping the world, but I am reminded of a study on the efficacy of prayer: a group of people prayed for a number of seriously ill people, who were monitored in hospitals to see the results of all that prayer. They got worse...

  46. Many people have asked us why we have chosen to offer graphic images of violence in our intended target.
    The simple reason is that intention has to come truly from the heart. I am showing you what is happening to these people in order to evoke a deep sense of compassion in all of you. I want you to truly feel, in some small way, what these people are going through — to move from an intellectual understanding of it, to something that comes from deep inside of you.
    I once discussed methods of developing compassionate intention with Jerome Stone, a practicing Buddhist, who told me about this marvellous quote from Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.
    Rinpoche recommends that the key to opening yourself to true compassion is to open your hearts every day to the suffering around you, with beggars who pass you by, with the poverty, tragedy and grief you see on our television sets:
    “Don’t waste the love and grief it arouses; the moment you feel compassion welling up in you, don’t brush it aside, don’t shrug it off and try quickly to return to ‘normal’, don’t be afraid of the feeling or embarrassed by it, allow yourself to be distracted from it or let it run aground in apathy. Be vulnerable; use that quick, bright up rush of compassion; focus on it, go deep into your heart and meditate on it, develop it, enhance and deepen it. By doing this you will realize how blind you have been to suffering . . .”
    The actual images with the intention statement are positive, encouraging and beautiful.

  47. I know that the war images that you want to show to us have the scope to stimulate in we a strong charge of compassion so that desire of peace for these places is most intense possible, but I don't know if I will succeed to watch these images also because already from a little I don't watch more the television news own in order to avoid images of that kind, however I am very happy and proud to take part to this experiment.
    Regarding music I have thought that it would beautiful to make to feel "PACEFUL JOURNEY" always of JONATHAN GOLDMAN.
    Hello to all.

  48. I really like this idea and I am interested to perceive the results. . .
    I also think that in addition to this more global peace creating mission, we should all hold New Moon gatherings in which we intend peace and maybe even more so COMMUNICATION among our own local communities!

  49. The graphic imagery described reminds me of similar practices recommended in a book on Zen that I read years ago. It was disturbing for me to imagine the scenes described, so I had to quit reading. Perhaps it takes a greater understanding of Buddhism to be able to appreciate this approach . . . and maybe more experience?
    As several have expressed here, it has also been my understanding that one should only think positive thoughts when practicing "intent." For example, based on what I've learned, one would imagine the war-torn country as being one that is already at peace; then hold that positive image as the intent is sent.
    Years ago, immediately after watching a movie that depicted the after-effects of a nuclear war, I became suddenly ill. It might have been the strange timing of a flu, but I've always felt that the movie was a catalyst.
    Rather than participate in this particular experiment, I have decided to attend a drum circle. Noon in New York would be 3 pm in California (where I am), so I will envision world harmony as my intent while I am within that circle.

  50. For anyone who paid attention to my time conversion; noon in New York is 9 am in California (not 3 pm!!!) Sorry about that. I'm dyslexic!

  51. Lynn???
    You do not think we can have compassion for an area even if we don't see images of what is going on there? I'm certain most of us know of the attrocities of what goes on around the world, we do not need photos to remind us.
    I agree with what others have stated, we do not need to see photos as that only puts us in a negative state to start this intention. As one person stated ... (quote: "Effective intending, imagining (ref: Neville Goddard), visualisation, requires a total absence of thoughts of the unwanted situation that is being replaced by the wanted. “Live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”)
    please reconsider this???
    I believe the effects will be better if we start from a peaceful place rather than one of pain of viewing those photos.

  52. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions regarding the use of non-electronic ways to participate. I share those feelings! My husband will be away from the house during that time, but would willingly set aside the time to participate if a way to do so is made known.
    Regarding the concerns with the graphic images of the fighting in these areas of the world, I do have a suggestion that might be helpful to those who are more sensitive to these images. I used to feel that way too. But then a realization came to me:
    There is suffering in the world. If you don't view it as part of this experiment, you will see it somewhere else unless you prefer going through life in an unconscious way. If we simply live in denial, we remove the meaning behind the suffering, and they suffer for nothing. Perhaps we can view that suffering in a way that sustains us, and brings us closer to the Universal Consiousness. How? By sending our positive loving thoughts out to those who have suffered, for what they teach us about injustice and suffering. We look inside ourselves to see the ways we feel injustice and we come to recognize it as a construct of the ego, and we work to move beyond it. Then, we send positive loving thoughts out to those who have caused the suffering, without condoning what they do, in gratitude for what they teach us about our feelings of "separateness" and for insight into ourselves for how that separateness manifests in our daily lives, as we work to move beyond it. Then, we send positive loving thoughts to ourselves as we witness the acts we would rather not see. Coming face-to-face with the realization that everything comes into our lives by personal invitation tells us that we need to witness that act for some reason. We asked for it. It is just a tool for learning.
    To come to know ourselves as divine manifestations of the spirit, we must first know ourselves as NOT divine. In this way, I say Blessed are the Trouble Makers, because it is through them that we come to know ourselves.

  53. Lynne McT: Please understand that there is a difference between compassion and sympathy. What you propose is to be loading in "sympathy" which is experienced below the diaphragm, involves & stimulates the solar plexus which is interruptive of the state necessary to "Intention", or a meditative invocation of intent. This is a commonly confused difference that needs to be discerned: emotions are centered in the solar plexus, below the diaphragm. Emotions are personally oriented and self limiting. They are self-centered rather than "Centered in The Self" or One-ness. Literally, emotions SUCK, drawing-in more energy to the emotional body to FEED themselves and gain more time and attention to amplify and hold one fixated, enthralled with them, glamoured-- "sucked in", damming up the energy for itself. charging it up and swirling with it in a vicious circle of repetition. In this sense, solar plexus identification is CONTRACTIVE.
    "Feelings" related to sensitivity of a higher nature, which includes compassion, are centered in the Heart, above the diaphragm where the personal, which is separating in nature, is transcended, opening one to the Universal which is Unifying. allowing one to come to BE a part in a Greater Part: One-ness. Being ONE.
    To achieve a meditational state, one must be centered above the diaphragm, transcending the personal. Love, for instance, is NOT an emotion, it is the most basic Universal Principle within which all else is subsidiary. Love can be taken down to the emotions and felt emotionally, but that is a fractionally limited and possessive form. Universal Love streaming through is too powerful for personalizing and can "blow a fuse" speaking figuratively, really taking one off the track into a dysfunctional side track. Universal Love must stream THROUGH one FREELY and be RADIANT, EXPANSIVE. The more one radiates, the more there is to radiate! (The more one gives, the more one has to give!)
    Please, let us not bring the focus down into the clinging dependency densities below the diaphragm.
    Such pictures as proposed ARE useful in their place. I use them to reach people who have not yet come to realize that, for instance, Iraqis are HUMAN BEINGS and not dispensable collateral damage as the proppaganda machine has, by demonizing rhetorics, cast them to seem. These people though, don't tend to have much even going on yet "above the diaphragm", or, they have turned it off in selfishly seeking numbness and evading responsibility. They need a shake-up, to be brought to FEEL what these people are feeling so that they get out of that readily manipulated but otherwise closed, vicious circle circuit that separates them.
    People joining a project like this are not numb and/or unaware and therefore do not need an emotional jolt drawing them below the diaphragm to "get it"--- They already GOT IT, or they wouldn't be here!
    I hope that clears things up!
    May Love's Infinite Blessings Be Abounding!
    Let Serendipity Ring!
    "see you" Sunday!

  54. I am pleased to be a part of this demonstration; however, at noon on Sunday I will be at church and will not be able to join in until Monday. I thought I would point this out because it may affect the number of participants living in the EST zone. Blessings.

  55. One goal is made! , another proof that a
    lot of human beings from all over the globe are able to plant a personal and at the same time a collective seed for a positive intention!. That vibe is allready active this moment.
    I think only the intention to have an intention will do the work.

  56. Hi everyone
    I'm with the people who feel that images of violence are unnecessary. Intention is everything, as is focus and I think the lingering thoughts and memories of suffering could remain shadows in our minds that will have a negative effect. I still believe that all you need is love .........

  57. Hi
    Im from Slovenia and Im very happy to be a part of something like this. I hope you will tell me the right time when to be ready.
    Love from Slovenia

  58. Message to Julie in Chicago . . .
    I’m perplexed by several of your statements, which I felt I really needed to respond to or question.
    Statement: “If you don’t view it (suffering) as part of this experiment, you will see it somewhere else . . .”
    Response: There is no real basis for this claim. Whether or not one chooses to view suffering is not a criterion for their observing it elsewhere. And observing it elsewhere has no relevance to the peace experiment.
    Statement: “If we simply live in denial, we remove the meaning behind the suffering, and they suffer for nothing.”
    Response: Neither the meaning behind, nor the reason for, the suffering is substantiated by our acknowledgement of its existence.
    Statement: “We look inside ourselves to see the ways we feel injustice and we come to recognize it as a construct of the ego, and we work to move beyond it. Then, we send positive loving thoughts out to those who have caused the suffering, without condoning what they do, in gratitude for what they teach us about our feelings of “separateness” and for insight into ourselves for how that separateness manifests in our daily lives, as we work to move beyond it.”
    Response: If applied to the experiment, what this says is that the injustices against the victims of war are ego constructs; & by sending positive thoughts to those who caused their suffering (with gratitude for teaching us to recognize separateness), they get past it. This seems to me a peculiar approach for a peace-intention, not to mention how many different levels of thought that must be addressed while performing it.
    Statement: “To come to know ourselves as divine manifestations of the spirit, we must first know ourselves as NOT divine.”
    Response: This sounds like a paradox.
    Statement: “ . . . I say Blessed are the Trouble Makers, because it is through them that we come to know ourselves.
    Response: Who are the Trouble Makers . . . those causing the war suffering? If so, how would you apply this to the experiment?

  59. light/love illuminates
    the very exisistance of darkness/hate..
    without dark...
    light is irrelevant.
    darkness precedes light.

  60. May I have an idea about the violent images that Lynne says would be usefull for us to get compasionate: could we just view these images the days before the experiment and not at the experiment time? This way we can understand before what those people live in but on the experiment day have clear minds and ready hearts to power up the positive thoughts without anything that might put us in a wrong mood?

  61. Dear Lynn et al.,
    Yes, I can what Rinpoche was saying, but I would be thrown into upset too hard for too long to come out of it in the time alotted. I think Rinpoche is talking about much longer-term work than our experiment will go for.
    I am reminded that I have successfully used high-intensity "negative" emotions to fuel intending-type work, but it was unnecessarily exhausting and painful. The result was wonderful and that which I had desired but, for some reason, I ended up hating or resenting it (this may have been for some unrelated reason). On the other hand, some of my most miraculous sessions have been only a few seconds in duration, carefree, light-hearted, enthusiastic or at least interested, and probably not in alpha state. There was a marked absence of any opposition in my mind. I cherished the results.
    Other times, I intensely "coveted" the desired result. I question whether it is compassion, per se, that works, or simply a burning desire for the result (to be distinguished from a burning not-wanting of something, which only strengthens it).
    Previously I mentioned not watching news and reading the papers, and now you are recommending that we do so. I long ago found that I have so much compassion that I become overwhelmed by the intentionally excessive onslaught from the media. After years away from it, I have observed how different and disempowered news-watchers and newspaper-readers are overall. (By the way, I never miss out on important news, since there are so many people around who have to try to unload what they've been subjected to.)
    It appears the assumption is that we are all cushioned first-world'ers who are either callused or naive to horror, suffering, pain, &c.
    Would there really be anyone participating here who doesn't already have plenty of compassion? If one needed to amp-up his or her compassion, why not simply make it an intention tip to spend the five minutes conjuring whatever images or thoughts or feelings best accomplish that for him or her, or supply an optional page one may go to.
    Perhaps more experimentation is needed to establish protocols that work for all the participants before testing the critical-mass hypothesis. We need to be sure we don't have a large number of the 7000-plus people inadvertently intending against the rest.
    I know that you're trying to establish exacting parameters, but I have been concerned that defining exactly how we must practice intenting can (and has, as mentioned in the book) diminish results or even cause opposite results to those that were desired. I loved the book and the "proof" was indispensible to me, but the most amazing thing to me was how small many of the results were.
    I'm sure many of us have experienced 100% results often enough in our personal lives, even if not consistently, to know what is possible. My thought has been centred on what things worked and doing them in subsequent "intendings." I do not consider myself any sort of expert, and have never shared my yet incomplete list with anyone. I disagree with a few of the tips or conclusions in the book and in the emails that I don't think work or help much. These also I don't believe were necessarily demonstrated in the experiments cited.
    I would like to see an experiment sometime where everyone is left free to do whatever works best for them. Since time doesn't really exist, so even when each person does the intending could be flexible (say anytime during the week of the experiment).
    There are other methods and experts (of old and new times) whose work was not examined nor tested in the experiments in the book. We could do expirements that lead to more and more effective intending, and one way would be to test other techinques through proovings.

  62. I will not participate if I have to look at violent images...something I just won't do...ever...for any reason...there is no entity from any planet in any multiverse in any dimension that could convince me otherwise...

  63. I am invigorated to participate, but feel the violent images are not neccessary. What if we can't get the violence out of our heads and collectively create MORE violence?
    Much prefer PEACE!

  64. Dear Lynn and all group of people involved in this Great Work:
    May all of you, Beautiful SOULS, be blessed by this Pwerful event througthout our Planet!!!
    May the Ressonance be full of Love Light and The Best of Intentions.
    I will DO my Bit, with Love!

  65. Dear Lynn,
    Having read both The Field and The Intention Experiment, I was looking forward to taking part in this experiment. However, I was stunned to find out that graphic images were required to be observed. My greatest objection to this is the combined effect of MANY people consciously grappling with those images simultaneously. In quantum physics, the act of observation and knowing collapses the wave, bringing a new reality into effect. In this case, perhaps a very undesirable one. As a researcher who has studied the effects of focus, I am completely mystified that you would include this step in your process. I will not participate, and would urge others to consider the ramifications.
    I would also like to add that Sogyal was referring
    to daily life, and relative to that - being mindful. In this experiment, we would be purposely INVITING negative energy into our hearts.
    I respect and appreciate your work and I anticipate good things from you in the future.
    Love and light,

  66. Hello to everyone,
    I have to say that I stand most firmly with everyone who is concerned by the negative images proposed. I do NOT want to see them and I certainly don't need to see them. I haven't watched the news for nearly 20 years because I don't need to focus on suffering - and that's not denial. I feel I have grown enormously in my understanding of life by distancing myself from things that I chosse NOT to have in my life. I have huge respet for Buddhism but my one contention with it is their focus on suffering which I feel can only serve to ensure that suffering continues.
    By a synchronicity, I have been listenning to 'Abraham' CDs (Abraham is the name of a group of higher beings, channelled by Esther Hicks) and yesterday, the question was asked 'Why don't you have compassion, and comfort us in our pain?' The answer was - 'Because we must hold you in your highest magnificence in order to help you reach your true self.' Well, I want to hold all the people that we are going to help, in their highest magnificence of peace, comfort, relief and hope.
    Please reconsider Lynne - what good can it do to carry out this experiment if a large proportion of your participants are unhappy?
    Sending all my love, admiration, and good wishes to you Lynne, your team and all the participants.

  67. I've been reading about everyone's concerns regarding having to face negative imagery; we SEE negative images on tv daily and one some level, harden our hearts and SEE with dim vision so we can protect ourselves and continue to live; without suffering. I am happy to be part of this experiment--there is a quote in my head which I now cannot remember completely, Martin Luther King Jr. said the silence of the good people having more of an impact than the actions of a few bad people. ....this experiment gives us a chance to look, SEE, feel (process) te horrors (reality) and use intention to change; use intention as a united group to raise our consciousness and become actively involved in the process for change. Think of yourself as transitioning from sleep to make the world one that we want to live in. We are all responsible for all. Maybe this is the revolution I've been waiting for. Peace is possible.

  68. Having to look at negativity puzzles me too. However, I shall be there Sunday, and if I find it having an undesirable effect, then there is the option not to return to the experiment. My humble opinion is that this is too important to turn one's back on without making an effort.
    Namaste, Suzi

  69. Lynne,
    I'm really beginning to sense a divisiveness to this experiment due to those who are okay with, and those who are not okay with, the use of graphic images of suffering in order to facilitate compassion, and then intention of peace. This in itself may prove the very thing that negates the desired effect. When any one of us in this experiment chooses to not fully participate (by not viewing the aforementioned images) we have effectively broken a link in the collective chain. I am now choosing not to participate at all in this experiment (with sadness, yet in integrity of my inner-knowing) because of this divisive energy, not because of the use of the graphic images of suffering. Intention on a collective scale is powerful and we must be aware of how the energy could shift to an effect we do not desire.
    May my concerns be proven incorrect, may peace prevail in our hearts and on the earth, and may this experiment be successful as desired.
    Many blessings to all.

  70. This sounds just wonderful.
    But (just a little one) feeling as I read about the second page was an a small 'biff' in my solar plexus (I almost closed the site immediately). I have to agree with Paula - I find it difficult and unnecessary to witness negative images. I believe that it is more beneficial for me to focus unconditional love on a specific subject, without the stress of witnessing their difficulties. Maybe I am an ostrich trying to bury my head, but it doesn't feel comfortable for me. What advice do you have for me.
    I am going to sign up now.

  71. Wow! What wonderful comments! The desire for peace shows a universal concern for humanity, and that peace begins in our neighborhoods, wherever we are around the world. Start with ourselves, and our "enemies". How do we love our enemies? The power of prayer has yet to be mentioned anywhere in this hyperspace. Only good intentions are mentioned, but never "prayer". Prayer tends to bring us "into the harmony of being" -- and it wipes out error most effectively with Truth. (Mrs. Eddy, from "Science & Health, with Key to the Scriptures"). Peace! -- Lovingly, Jason

  72. After posting my comment about the graphic images and finding that many others have the same concerns about them, I was hoping that there would be a resolution to this overwhelming roadblock. It seems that it hasn't even been taken under consideration.
    I fail to understand why the organizers of this experiment do not realize that the type of person who would sign-up for this experiment (by the nature of the experiment) would, in a large part, be a highly sensitive person who believes the results will show a decrease in violent activity in the target area, not only creating a positive impact in that area but a positive impact on the study of intent.
    I am not in denial, nor am I an ostrich, however, I am highly empathetic and greatly disturbed when I witness suffering. A picture will not just cause a wave of sympathy in my heart, I will be taken immediately into the victim's "field," as I suspect many who have expressed their concern here will also, consciously or unconsciously. I truly doubt that the victims are intending rose bushes and friendly neighbors in their near future, so their personal "field" is going to be heavy with pain. I am then expected to ditch those overwhelming feelings at the flip of a page to get down to the experiment, which is in great contrast to what I just witnessed. I am not built like that and I could no sooner change my nature than I could change my blood type.
    This experiment could show proof of how we can raise the consciousness of man above the consciousness of commiting atrocities toward any living being. This would be invaluable information.
    I know myself well enough to know that my participation in this experiment would not be of value to its intent because I will NOT be able to shake the graphic images with the flip of the page, therefore, I will have to withdraw from the experiment.
    I take my commitments seriously and apologize for my withdrawl, however, I will not subject myself to the damage of my psyche.
    Blessings to All Participants! Know that you are making a difference.

  73. This has stirred a great deal of emotions in each person who has shared here. I think that is the whole point of this , take a look at allllll that is going on in our world! The good, the ugly, the indifferance. Each view point leads to a new direction. The question I feel must be answered is where do you need to place your focus?
    Thanks to all that have shared! Great!

  74. I was looking forward to contributing to this. I am not in agreement with the images of violence as part of my meditation. Count me out.

  75. In order for me to be congruent and in coherence with this wonderful experience and also in harmony with all, since it is the energy of feeling compassion we are after, my focused awareness and my intentions for these 5 minutes will be ' I will not let the waves of emotions welling in me, while I watch, take me into the victims field'. I will let these waves of energy, these stirrings inside move me to the highest place of peace and compassion I can intend. Like be 'with' the suffering, but not 'in' the suffering. Similar to the expression 'be in the world, but not of that world' , kind of inner posture. Something I am developing any way. How well that will play out once in the experiment??
    .... Words, they can sound so 'intellectual' but they are my vision for accomplishing what the organizers have prepared as far as the protocol of the experiment goes.

  76. I've not had time to read all the above 81 comments. All I have read, confirm my own thoughts of, at the very leased, the sillyness of absorbing these graphic images of suffering, and then dealing with the low negative energies of heartache and suffeing that follows. This of course is compounded by being in a meditativ state. Who was it that said "The laws of flotation were not disscovered by the contemplation of the sinking of things"
    At five minutes past the hour, I will try and check the chosen target and maps, unless the 'images' are in view also, otherwise I will wate for the next page of 'beautifull images ' and words of intention, and continue from there.
    At the onset, my dominant intent will be
    to 'play a successful and loving part of an overall successful exsperiment.' in whatever way is right for me, with the help and guidence from within.
    Robert G. (UK)
    'Whatever it is, do the right thing because it is right.'

  77. I believe that if we hold graphic images of suffering in our minds or hearts, that is what we'll create MORE of. graphic images of suffering to hold in our hearts! Let's see something to work toward instead of something to struggle against. I cannot imagine being able to hold a positive image in my mind when I'm overwhelmed with sadness and horror.

  78. Think only of joy bliss and abundance and peace and it will happenI am so happy and grateful to be partisepating in this with all these wonderful Souls God bless you Namaste

  79. I wonder if the 'conflict' that is arising in this project is a GOLDEN OPPOTUNITY for us to realise how easily conflict can occur between human beings - even those who are more spiritually aware and actively focusing on peace!! I am SURE that we can resolve this to most people's satisfaction and therefore BE the energy of PEACE & CONCILIATION that we are hoping to give out to others.
    There seems no need to force these negative images on anybody and I am sure that Lynne and her team are working overtime to find a solution. There only needs to be a satisfactory method of bypassing the pictures or at the very least, a noise indicator when the pages turn so that people can choose to look away but not miss the next sequence.
    I would like to see the following pictures to help me with my focus - the location on a world map and also a more detailed map, pictures of the terrain (is it mountainous, desert, forestland etc.), a typical village and city, and a groups of people going about the daily life that would be desireable and normal if the violence was not occuring.
    I really hope that the negative pictures will not be included, but if they are, shouldn't we all pull together and deal with them the best we can?
    Peace & light.

  80. If we are upset about having to watch 5 minutes of images about suffering on our computer screens, imagine what it is like for those who actually have to LIVE with such suffering, 24 hours a day, every single day. How lucky we are that we can choose not to watch such images.
    I am all for the approach Lynne is taking. The news is happening even if we refuse to watch it or read about it. Pain and suffering are in the world whether we see them or not.
    What matters is what we do with such images. Do they make us want to turn away and not think about them, or do they give us the desire - the intention - to do something about it?
    Lynne, please DO include the images. I think many people will be surprised at the strength this gives to their intention.

  81. I agree with Iain... A while ago somebody told me something which I found very interesting: that the devil's best trick is to convince you he doesn't exist and ignore him.
    I was suggesting we see these images a bit earlier (a day earlier maybe) so before the experiment our minds are clear from negativeness but focused as we have understood what is going on in the area of our experiment.

  82. Time-wise: for those intending in Australia - it will be 2am on Monday 15th in Sydney, not 2am on 14th, as Australia is ahead.
    Looking forward to joining in this experiment, regardless of the images, with love and compassion.

  83. Folks, All levels of care and concern are valid so let us JUST DO THE BEST WE CAN with what we have and FEEL the Intention as totally as is confortable for us.
    ... with Reverence for all LIFE, Christa

  84. Iain your comments are wise, thank you, but a different point is being made - not (just) that members are sensitive to violence but that in the school of meditation they follow, viewing of and concentrating upon negative images adds to the potential of those negative outcomes.
    In a similar way to quantum law that an atom in a box is only potential - until it is observed and becomes, for example, a wave of energy; or not - depending on the observer.
    And from a practical view, its so hard to shake violent images that truly touch you, especially if you concentrate on them - to just move on to the next page and forget... well, we are after all human...
    I would love to take part "by the book" but will not compromise my beliefs to prove a "scientfic point". There is enough of that in the Nobel prize community.
    Its the peaceful outcome that's important, not the goal-scoring.
    So instead I will do the best I can, while avoiding the negative, violent images.
    with love and light, V

  85. Dear Lynn,
    In your book The Intention Experiment, you write that healing is “well ordered light”. I agree, and I would also like to posit that well ordered intention is required to obtain the greatest results. In chapter 10, The Voodoo Effect, you write, “…bad thoughts, as well as good ones, can have an effect on the world, and indeed may be the more powerful of the two.” In the same chapter, you site an experiment conducted by Dr. Scott Walker, where he had two groups praying for alcoholics. The group that was affiliated personally with the drinkers had a measurable negative effect. Dr. walker’s interpretation of the ill effects was due to “…their complicated, unconscious, feelings toward alcoholics”. How does this relate to the target of this current experiment? Beliefs are complex. How many people signed up for this experiment are Qigong masters or Buddhist monks? Should empaths be excluded? What about all the Law of Attraction, Science of Mind, et al followers that are taking it upon themselves to just omit the five minute viewing of the disturbing images, - how can this be considered a true scientific experiment, if the participants do whatever they feel like?
    I personally withdrew myself because I could not be assured 100% that I could do no harm. The issue of compassion is a compelling conundrum.
    It is a component of many organized religions, based on the belief that the ONLY way to end suffering is to embrace suffering, and I humbly disagree.
    What if all the people that watch the news, assimilate and feel the effects of violence, could understand that they would be MORE helpful if they did not place their attention there? There might not be a NEED for compassion. There are those that would argue that because there is a need, we do in fact, have to have compassion. This is like a dog chasing its own tail. I think the real problem is that most people do not realize the power of their own directed thought, and further, the amplitude of combined coherent thought.
    Have you noticed that within ones’ own circle of friends and associates that whenever a confession is made referring to some kind of ailment, (which may have taken five minutes) it is difficult not to think about that ailment whenever that person comes to mind? Isn’t that a type of voodoo? To stop the perpetuation of that problem, one would require the skill of being able to erase that negative scenario, and see only their magnificence. How many participants have this ability? Can it be turned on and off as easily as the flip a web page?
    Lynn, your work is highly influential. I was hoping that this experiment would demonstrate the results of directed intention and would serve humanity by proving the effects. Scientific experiment requires that every step of the process be examined by taking into consideration every conceivable variable. The element of compassion taps into a huge morphic field (organized religion) that has considerable implications. Please forgive me for feeling dubious.
    I appreciate all the effort you have dedicated to this project and I hope for a positive resolution.
    With Love and grace,

  86. Just finished reading most of the comments by others so far. W-o-w .... I, too, am considering withdrawing from the experiment because I can admit quite easily the thought of viewing the 'graphic images of violence' really, really scares me. I just recently woke up to the fact that we each have such a darkness within us that we must face and also love, INSTEAD of letting it have unconscious free reign which I suspect many also, like me previously, are unware of, and which is actually creating this very real dualistic experience for all of us. So, only tomorrow will I know for sure if I can summon the courage to go through with participating in the experiment. Lynn, you totally are challenging me. Hope I can face me! Wishing peace and love (and courage) for us all.

  87. A site that will be inadvertently monitoring this experiment is : The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project.
    Some of you may want to tune and see if there is an effect on their project. We will intentionally be creating a global impact on consciousness and the eggs will be measuring it around the world.
    Approach with love, peace, and harmony in your heart and mind and do not acknowledge the existence of any thing that may appear to be negative or evil. Remember: "LOVE is all there is".

  88. Completely unable to access the special website. Began trying 45 minutes ahead and I get nothing. I've confirmed that I can run Java scripts so I can only conclude that either technical difficulties or traffic issues are preventing my participation. Guess the universe has decided my input isn't needed.
    I will not be in a position to try again until Thursday but I'll be interested in finding out the results.

  89. I could not log on to join, but after reading the comments regarding the introduction pictures, I was heartily glad.
    The images would have lasted too long for me and the calm would be ruined.
    I am not an ostrich, and have run trials myself with positive results. I did not need to see damaged crops to create healthy ones when I was doing my work.
    Many regards and hope to log on next time.
    but I wont view negative images, we are bombarded with these on a day to day basis.

  90. unfortunately, not change in page very disappointed by at least we are sending the intention for global peace there is nothing else we can do

  91. During the intention period, I had a moment of expanding awareness where I saw women across Sri Lanka powerfully bonding together in the spirit of peace and cooperation. The positive feelings of wellness and shifting of power toward peaceful means that emanated from this image was astoundingly powerful.

  92. I registered and thought I was all set. I got as far as the 'While you are waiting for the
    Peace Intention Experiment
    please POWER UP' page. However, the web site did not flip the pages....It is still trying to load.....Any suggestions? I've missed this first day
    but would still like to participate. Thank you.

  93. Tried to log on, but was unable to. Will hold peace as intention and mindful place throughtout day.
    Looking forward to starting earlier tomorrow to place effective connection for your monitoring purposes.

  94. Hi. Well I logged in ok and got the initial page but I'm 25 minutes past start time and the pages haven't turned. I have been sending intention of peace to all trouble spots meantime - at least we may help some peole with our intention to have tried. Will be here again tomorrow to see if we can get there.
    Much love to everyone.

  95. I had the same problem as Linda. So I just fusioned my intention with those who knew the target area and the intention statement. Would anybody mind sharing what they are (I guess they will be the same every day?)

  96. I'm currently trying to log in to the experiment and cant get through.
    As I suggested in my previous comment I think the idea of getting everyone to sit in front of a computer to meditate is wrong for the following reasons.
    1 It limits the experiment to broadband users with computers in a fairly quiet place.
    2 In the book, and also in your tips you suggest that its a good idea to create a meditating space free of electronic gadgets and clutter, and that there seems to be some evidence that the intentions become more powerful through repeated use of the space for intending. This is incompatible with doing the actual experiment in front of the computer.
    3 The server required for the simultaneous log on seems to be the main expense of the the experiment, we could do more experiments if we ditch this requirement.
    4. It is quite possible that willing experimenters will not be able to get trough and be put off. I don't mind too much so I'll try again tomorrow if I'm near my computer at the right time, but others might not.
    5 I prefer to meditate in silence. Event if they do not want to or cannot create a regular intention space, many participants may wish to meditate somewhere other than in front of a computer.
    6 The actual proposed sequence seems to be putting a lot of people off. (Personally I'm sorry to say I have become rather immune to images of suffering on the news, so I didn't feel the same apprehension about the images, but I don't know if they would help me feel compassion or not)
    7 I see no problem in telling people in advance which places will be the targets. As long as the participants know the target time I dont see that it even matters when they do the intending. I cant see that intending at a different time is likely to reduce the effect.
    I expect a lot of thought has gone into the design of this experiment, and no doubt there are reasons for the way it is being done, but I hope you find these suggestions useful.
    Its a bit late to change the protocol now but maybe future experiments could try doing some conditions in front of the computer and some not. Actually it may be worth even at this stage having at least one day without the images of suffering to allow those who object to them to take part, and also to compare the results with and without the images.

  97. Could not connect but felt very strongly connected with peace intentions over the world.

  98. I was completely unable to access the special website. I began trying 30 minutes ahead but I couldn't log on. I can run Java scripts so I think that either technical difficulties or traffic issues prevented me from participate. I'll try tomorrow again!

  99. I was unable to participate in the experiment. After I logged in and meditated, the page never flipped over . There was no connection and yet the internet is working on my computer. I am so disappointed. I would love to know what the target was. and read comments from participants.Blessings to all.

  100. I am sooo disappointed! I have been trying to load the page since 8:10 this morning ... 35 minutes before the loggin time. I don't know if it is the high volume of users but the page just will not load for me.
    How sad that some of us that wanted to participate cannot log on.
    I will keep the experiment in my mind and radiate peace on our planet.

  101. This worked for me. I went to this website and signed in about 1 hour before it started. The pages did turn for me. For those of you who are concerned with seeing upsetting images, I want to tell you there weren't any. There was only a brief description of the area of the world we were focusing on. Then we sent the intention for peace and cooperation while music played.
    Hope you all get on next time. It was a great experience connecting with all the others doing this at the same time and blanketing this area of our world with peace.

  102. Had some trouble w/ the images flipping over at the assigned times but did get the intention message and two pictures (the three boys and the waterfall).
    Thank you for your effort and opening it up to like-minded people around the world.

  103. Couldn't connect - got as far as "While you wait..etc" and that was it. I just sent peace to where I felt it was needed and kept coming up with Israel. It was a really strong sensation. I can't do this again until next Saturday now, but I do hope the web connections get sorted.

  104. Logged in 15 mins before Intention Experiment was due to begin. Arrived at page with powering up instructions and time schedule for experiment. Meditated and waited for page to flip over revealing target, but this never happened. So I just intended for there to be a significant reduction in violence in the region chosen for the Global Peace Intention Experiment starting today.

  105. I signed in for the experiment at 11:45. My page never did turn over, so I was unable to participate in the experiment. Please let me know if there are new instructions in case this happens again. Dissapointing!

  106. Followed all instructions and no page changed at all?! Decided to read all the pre intention comments after the fact. Very interesting reading, indeed.
    I will not be able to log on on Monday but will attempt again on Tues. and for the rest of the week. Was surprised to learn at the end that meditating would have to take place in front of a computer. Since I only have access from my office, at least it as the start of my day at work!
    Love to all who have managed to participate and to all those who have shared their concerns.

  107. It is now 9:37 AM, PDS, and I like so many others were not able to participate: the page did not automatically flip, and I was left with the initial instruction page for the entirety of the experiment. Is broadband a requirement? If so, I don't think that was stated anywhere. If you were to disclose the target area and the intention statement, many of us would be grateful.

  108. For my time area the experiment did not work. I signed in and after that the page crashed. I tried several times to reach the site and could not. I restarted my computer and started the process all over again. I signed in, go the page about powering up and that was it It is also now 50 minutes past the time of the experiment for my area.
    I did not get the intention message or any graphics. I did a meditation on my own. Could you please email the intent statement

  109. Logged in 10 mins before as instructed. Arrived at page with powering up instructions. Meditated and waited for page to flip over but this never happened. I wish I had done what Jenny Ellert did, but in the event I spent the time trying to check Java settings (which all seemed ok) and trying in vain to get it to work. It would be good to hear whether this is a common problem and whether it is fixable either at source or at my end.

  110. What went wrong with Sunday's experiment? The pages did not flip as they were supposed to at the 5-min. intervals. Help! I'd like to participate for the remaining 7 days, but not sure I'll be able to if the website isn't activated at your end, as we were informed it would. Please advise us by e-mail how we can resolve such issues and provide an e-mail address that can be used where the messages sent to you are not bounced back as undeliverable. Thank you.

  111. Will you please provide us with an explanation why this Intention Experiment did not technically work? We were told that steps were taken to allow millions of people to participate. Apparently it failed. Thank You.

  112. I see that many others who wanted to participate could not do I could not. Could you email us with the intent statement and the area to send the meditation too.
    I did a global meditation and I also experienced a profound feeling of sadness which could have been feelings of compassion but may have just been my frustration at not being able to participate in the experiment as it was layed out. I did feel a sense of connection with others while meditating.
    Profound disappointment with the experiment as it was stated.

  113. We had tried to participate with four persons of Almere in Holland and to sign up a quarter for the experiment. There will be sadness because only two of the four people sign up and there was no connection anymore. So we didn't know the subject. We choice by ourself. Some had picture of African people. The feeling of compassion was there.

  114. Dear Lynne, I totally understand that technical difficulties happen and it could "Vista" is the culprit on my end.
    Please post what to do for tomorrow. Thanks so much as I do want to participate more directly rather than just "connecting." Maia Rose

  115. Hi everybody
    For anyone who refuses to deal with the negative images, you can still make a difference in your own time and style.
    I haven't been able to login, trying the entire hour before the experiment started, and during. After I let go my efforts to participate online, I could still participate my own way, less directed toward a specific region.
    I made a good start: I have felt a field of positive vibes, they were making me feel comfortable and relaxed in my body.
    Then I had some ordinary time and afterwards I experienced a lot of extra negative feelings, a rebound effect? I felt like quitting becouse of this, since I didn't get online anyway.
    I prefer a progression of the higher energies around humans and the entire earth: in a more subtly to the person adapted pace, joining the inner growth that is naturally developping itself without such directive experimental rules. The desire is with many people already, pure intention to grow spiritually.
    Slowly culminating the loving energies would probably rise a more solid basis of those vibes and a naturally ongoing, self sustaining process. Instead of the focussed exercised practice of this experiment, with chances of rebound into negative heavy low destructive energies.
    So I'm now letting go off this experiment and wish you all good luck and interesting, measurable results.

  116. Unable to access the webpage, I proceeded with meditation on my own. The following is a description of my experience.
    My intention is for peace in Darfur, focusing specifically on the refugee camps. I imagined the government backed militia, putting down their rifles and their knives one at a time in a large pile. They released their weapons, letting go of them and turning away from the pile. Dark camouflage outfits were replaced by pristine white desert robes. The robes blew in the wind, flowing behind them as they stretched their arms in freedom toward the heavens. I pictured them being cleansed, sudsy water scrubbing their bodies and reaching into beating hearts to clean them as well. Thoughts of attack left them and they began to smile and walk down a long dusty road, away from the camps, walking mile after mile further away. Their thoughts were of going home to families and children and parents. They imagined smiling faces welcoming them home and embraces. Food was on the table and the family celebrated at being together again. Interior peace filled their bodies. Love of family and friends washed over them over and over again. They dropped to their knees in prayer to Allah, giving thanks for this new life.
    At the camps, people slowly became aware that they were free from harm. Smiles spread throughout the camp and people danced. Aid groups flowed in from the road to the west of the camp. They carried food, water, solar stoves, and firewood. A sense of safety and nourishment washed over the refugees.

  117. Response to Capable People
    I have read many of the replies to this, “Intention” experiment. I am set back by people who have experienced the graphic pictures and do not understand the benefit of why they are place the way they are. In addition, why are some of the chosen few so negative about how graphic the pictures are?
    Regardless, when people receive positive or negative stimulus, such as television, in real life, and other forms of medium, the inner perceptiveness that takes place is when the brain receives images they are placed in a storehouse of images for the process of analyzing. After the stimulus is digested, the brain deciphers whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, which at that moment, is when the brain releases chemicals which cause a physical feeling that rushes through the body. Once the natural chemicals are released throughout the body, the feelings people get need to be reanalyzed so they know what they are going to do with the thought of the images. After this happens, each person makes decisions whether or not they want to keep them or not. If the person doesn’t like them, they first discard them and should try to replace them with positive images so the individual can feel good. This gets the bad taste out of their storehouse (part of the brain). Shortly after the release, the stress put upon the body by the mind can lessen the anxiety and negative feelings usually go away, of course, along with the images.
    It is within the similar understanding of mind control; such as the teachings from Nichiren Daishonin’s practice.
    When people, all people understand the real meaning about reality, in this world and our past ancestor’s lives, then people can realize these images are only but a few that create trueness to what life on this planet is and has been for all human beings. Reality is just that reality.
    I have some poems about reality; however, I will save them for another time. You see, by not sharing my poems, some people will think I am selfish, others will understand, however, some creatures (human beings) don’t like that I would tease them and not fulfill my poem for them to baste in its wisdom.
    People, we are all judgmental of others, so when I see something that works to open a channel for people to learn about the human species, I implore those who challenge other’s minds.
    This Lynne character has hit something right on the button. For the people who are negative about this experiment, well they just don’t understand what the process is doing for the mind; maybe they need more training like this Lynne character.
    Either way, Lynne keep up the great work, so that more people can experience what I call learning how to understand life and communication skills, or just send those people who can benefit from my teachings to my web site to learn about “Street Smart Techniques of Self-Defense.”
    People who are opinionated please do not discard information that you do not understand because Lynne knows what and why she placed the images before the experiment!
    Follow along and try it more than once because you will open up more channels of communication than you ever dreamt possible. This experiment is a great idea for the benefit of world peace!

  118. I did not understand when signing up that the information was only available for 10 min. a day. I am often up most of the night and sleep in the mornings. Had planned to do the meditation every day, but cannot for west coast time.
    Also, I refuse to look at pictures of graphic violence when I am sending out love and peace.

  119. I was also unable to participate on the first day. But today was the shortest 10 minutes of my life! I asked my guides to "use and guide" me, and had the most amazing subconscious images arrive: I could see, and feel, individuals on all sides, damaging their weapons, throwing them aside, and. . . reaching out, in sorrow, sudden understanding, and great compassion - to people on the opposite side. . . . In My vision, they were saying: My Brother, I'm sorry, I understand now. . . .
    Crushed weapons were abandoned. Men embraced. It may sound silly, but I cried with relief and gratitude.
    And then it was already over: I am seeing this as chaos theory in action _ And each thought is the flap of wings that changes continents>
    Whatever happens on this experiment, I am grateful to have been able to participate. It has moved my personal meditation practice into a space I could not have dreamed of.
    Whatever the outcome, I know:
    We have made a positive change in the world.

  120. Lynne,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to connect with others desiring peace and cooperation and to be a part of this great experiment -- which will show that prayer (intention), and meditating (listening / allowing) are indeed effective and that ALL thoughts and choices matter in this world, particularly when from more than one!
    During that brief 10 minutes, I felt such connectedness with other intenders and with the people of this area of Sri Lanka. The love I felt was overwhelming 'causing tears of happiness and love to flow from my eyes.
    Thank you again.... All of you -- and those in Sri Lanka for being open to the love being sent.

  121. I was unable to get through on Sunday. And as much as I wanted to be able to participate today escpecially because of yesterday. My only recourse was to take the intention with me and meditate at the precise time of the experiment. I know something took place because I felt it. There was a tremendous amount of energy pressing in and around me. I plan to be available tomorrow and as many times as I can the rest of the week.
    Thank you

  122. Well done to you and your Team on working hard behind the scenes to make this project work. Glitches always happen and you have managed them well.
    I am honored to be part of this project and working collectively with all the fine folks participating in this Venture.

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