After the Peace Intention Experiment: What happens next?

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartYesterday marked the end of our eight-day pilot Peace Intention Experiment.
For all of you who didn’t register, we can now reveal our target as the Wanni (or north) section of Sri Lanka.  This area of the world has suffered a civil war for 25 years, with more suicide bombings than anywhere on earth.  The Wanni section is the stronghold of the rebel Tamil Tigers, the well-armed rebel forces.
We’re delighted that  at least 11,468 people took part at different times during the week (many more who couldn’t log onto the sites also joined in, and we will tally them soon).  We enjoyed participation in more than 65 countries  and every continent but Antartica, with the top 10 countries ranking as follows: United States, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Belgium Spain and Mexico.
Nevertheless, intenders also came from many far-flung quarters, from Trinidad, Mongolia and Nepal to Guadeloupe, Indonesia, Malia, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. People participated from all manner of computers, not only PCs and Macs, but also iPhones, iPods and Danger Hiptops.
So, heartfelt thanks to all of you, and we’ll make sure to give Australia a friendlier time of the day with the next experiment.
Big press in Sri Lanka
Although this was simply a pilot, our Peace Intention Experiment was given a great deal of newspaper and television press in Sri Lanka and indeed around the world.
We have been working with the noted Peace advocate Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe, the Gandhi of Sri Lanka, whose organization has supplied us with the weekly figures for war related deaths, abductions, injuries and attacks for the past two years for our study.
What happens now
From these statistics, our scientists, most especially Jessica Utts, professor of Statistics at University of California at Irvine, will model a prediction of the likely average violence levels we should expect over the coming month, if the fighting carries on as normal.  Up until now, the Wanni section of Sri Lanka has averaged 102 deaths per week. We will then compare this model of what should happen to what did happen over a month.  The difference in the two numbers, plus some control of variables, will tell us if our intention had any influence in lowering all levels of violence.  This will require at least a month, as we gather the statistics and then compare them with our model.
We will report our findings to all of you soon thereafter.  Our latest information is that the fighting had intensified at the start of our experiment, as the government attacked the LTTE rebel stronghold, the UN suddenly sent in a peace keeper and the fighting may be diminishing.  Our careful monitoring of the situation will tell us more.
For those of you in the Peace Intention Experiment, you are not on our e-news list and want to find out what happened, please sign up here.
What you can do in the meantime
Many of you who participated wrote about the extraordinary and palpable experience you had participating in this experiment and would like to run further ‘experiments’.  Here’s how you can keep the process going:

  • Join our Intentions of the Week. The Intention Experiment runs weekly Intentions of the Week for a worthy recipient with a health challenge nominated by one of our readers. We have helped a large number of people, from those with serious illnesses like cancer and those suffering life-threatening accidents, to runaway teenagers, who simply require more love and understanding. We are now planning to monitor our results and supply feedback. To participate, just follow the instructions here.  If you’d like to nominate a loved one with health challenge or other extreme difficulty, simply supply us with a recent photo, plus his or her full name, age, location and detailed nature of difficulty to:
  • Share your experiences with us. If you haven’t already, please tell us or send in your diary of experiences on our Intention Experiment site so we can compile information about what happened to our participants during the experiments.
  • Monitor the effects of the Peace Intention Experiment in  your own life. Have you discovered that your own relationships are more peaceful following the Peace intention Experiment?  If so, please write in and tell us:
  • Support our work. My husband Bryan and I have paid for the Intention Experiments to date and allocated a number of our employees to handle various aspects of the process.  For the Peace Intention Experiment, we also relied upon the kindness of organizations like Intentional Chocolate (who paid for the server space) and Copperstrings, our wonderful web folk who supplied us with the pages for the experiment without charge.

But to carry on, we need your support.  We have big plans for the Peace Intention Experiment.  Although this was just a pilot, we’d like to roll out this experiment so that hundreds of thousands participate next time.  To do this, we need big server power.  Here’s how you can help:

  • Buy (and read) The Intention Experiment. Your support of my book supports this work and helps to pay for these experiments. (Plus, you will learn about the science of intention and discover a full program of how to maximize your own intention.)
  • Buy our other products. We have a vast range of products on health, spirituality and personal development, including our Living the Field masterclass and downloads.  For a complete listing, click here.  Buying a product goes a long way toward supporting us.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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73 comments on “After the Peace Intention Experiment: What happens next?”

  1. Delighted to be a part of such a wonderful idea, this has been both humbling & enriching, thank you x

  2. I seriously had a wonderful feeling of my heart opening up with love while meditating and participating in the Intention Experiment. I had visions of peace signs and a butterfly turning into a dove flying into the Sun. This was a very powerful experience for me and I hope it made a difference in the state of the World today. Let's move towards Peace all over the World!

  3. Thank you!!
    You have helped countless break through the inertia of their daily lives to see the 'bigger picture' of daily renewal through prayer and peaceful intentionality. It is my goal to encourage others in office enviornments the world over to take a Peace Break daily by keeping in touch with your website!!

  4. I was one who was unable to participate due to computer difficulties but I held the intention of peace every day. I know in my heart that the experiment will produce wonderful results. "Where two or more are gathered."

  5. Dear Friends,
    We mij husband and I did join the experiment the whole week, many of our friends and clients also did.
    we found it great to discover how powerfull it was to join with so many people.
    also we felt after two days an anti movement coming from our computer screen,wich couses us a head ache. we are very used working with energy., so we can handle tose things well.
    amazingly I heard from more than five people the same respons. one clear voyance told she saw a dark cloud coming from the screen of her computer.
    however we just go on and hope this experiment will have many follow ups.

  6. Dear Friends,
    We mij husband and I did join the experiment the whole week, many of our friends and clients also did.
    we found it great to discover how powerfull it was to join with so many people.
    also we felt after two days an anti movement coming from our computer screen,wich couses us a head ache. we are very used working with energy., so we can handle those things well.
    amazingly I heard from more than five people the same respons. one clear voyance told she saw a dark cloud coming from the screen of her computer.
    however we just go on and hope this experiment will have many follow ups.

  7. I am full of gratitude for this opportunity to join with others in healing consciousness. The results I will read but I trust that we did make a could it be any other way?

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this blessed event! I look forward to seeing the results of the experiment, but more importantly, I appreciate the feelings and the positivity that taking part in it have already given me. Best wishes for the future!

  9. Dear,
    We (my wife and I) do not understand that after 25 years, people are still killing each other.
    We do not have enough brains. Why?
    There must be a way to create 'The Paradise on Earth'
    Is this our challenge for 2012?
    So, let's put our shoulders together.
    Tanks to all of you, regards from Belgium.

  10. What a wonderful intention project, I myself did not log-in much after first day of attempting, but did do it everyday at my time,,,
    the energy felt was very relaxing and i could feel it afterwards,,
    Thank you sos much for letting us all. be part of this amazing exeperment

  11. Lynne,
    Thank You for this update. I look forward to being a part of your future experiments. It is quite amazing to see how connected I got with the Wanni region of Sri Lanka after 8 days of intentions. Imagine what would happen if 10% of the global population was simply intending peace and blessing for those they don't know!
    PS...another way we can support the idea is with the badges...I have them on my websites. They are easy to download and add to your site or blog.
    Thanks again.
    "I am Yourself Another"

  12. So happy to say I experienced an inexplicable feeling of peace last night and yesterday and the whole of today. Things have just been breaking through all round, and this is even though the full program was not followed as I did not know the correct time zoning. It is like being lifted into a happy feeling without a causation. It is beautiful.

  13. I am truly honored to have participated in the Intention Experiment. I had some profound experiences.
    I did not have computer acces for the first two days. I just wanted to share that on my third day of participation (9/18/08) I felt lead to intentionally link up with everyone doing the experiment intentioning a synergetic effect. This just seemed necessary for me to do at the start of the intentioning period.
    ~ I am wondering if that is something of use to future group experiments. ~
    On that day it was as if our intention was a giant cloud descending on the target. Like a cloud of peace descending and entering into the hearts of the people. As it descended, it became lighter and lighter, LIGHT!

  14. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for opening it for all of us. I do have one observation-I've meditated for over 35 years, taught it and participated in many group efforts. So the 'click' of group coherence is fairly easy for me to recognize. I did not feel it until Saturday. Perhaps with this large a group more time is needed to produce coherence?
    Hazel Long

  15. This past week I have been sensing so much goodwill all around the world for those who are suffering - I visualized a ring of angels holding hands above the island nation of Sri Lanka to magnify the peace intentions and the children of the island picking up on the vibrations of peace with joyful wonder. I believe they will carry the peace intention to their parents and elders. Thanks to everyone who took part.

  16. Thank you Lynn, and all participants in this wonderful experiment! I very much felt my connection to all as we meditated together. It also had a calming effect in my own life all week, no matter what the circumstances (and we had a few interesting 'circumstances' here).
    I very much look forward to learning of the 'results' of the experiment, and also feel that we have already experienced some of the results, just by doing this! A beautiful experience!

  17. What a wonderful experience this was. I can't wait do this again.
    The very first day I felt connected to everyone (this may sound weird) through the top of my head. It was an odd experience for me, as though all humans are connected this way. I was sending love and light through my head to Sri Lanka. (Sounds weird, I know.) The last day I imagined a great party in Sri Lanka on a beautiful sunny day with people walking from all over to meet. Children were playing together and men & women were shaking hands and sitting down in the green grass to talk. Everyone was smiling.
    I'm pretty new to meditation, less than a year.

  18. Thank you Lynn for creating this wonderfull experiment. I felt touched by participating.
    I am grateful for the experience of connecting with so many people all over the world, all of us focussing on peace for Sri Lankans. In the mean time my own life was very peaceful too last week! I am looking forward to more experiments. Love to all of you.
    I feel hopeful

  19. To be part of this peace intention experiment had brought up much hope for me as well as a sense of meaningful community (though I could not log is as often as I had planned). I also experience inner peace and wide heart openness.
    Thank you for your own intention and work to create such a wide opportunity.

  20. Hola Lynne:
    te felicito por la iniciativa de este experimento. Si bien, es la primera vez que participo, me senti muy a gusto y contenta de poder tambien colaborar con todos uds.
    No pude conectarme todos los dias (por cuestiones de trabajo) pero no deje de hacerlo.
    Al leer su mail, vi la lista de paises que participaron, pero no vi el mio (Argentina). No sere si habre sido la unica o no, pero me hubiera gustado que fuese nombrado...despues de todo, significa que varios paises escucharon tu pedido.
    Igualmente gracias por darme la oportunidad de participar.
    Hasta el proximo experimento..Saludos cordiales..
    Analia (Argentina)

  21. Dear Lynn and All,
    During the peace meditations I participated in this past week, my mind returned to the faces of two beautiful women.
    I wanted to share that have I had the great opportunity to meet two wonderful women from Sri Lanka who are healers and doing a great deal to help individuals heal from the trauma in their country. They have been flying to India for classes in Auroville (Intentional International Peace Community, 40 years old) just south of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry). Donated funds have been making their trips possible and volunteer instructors like myself have been gifting the Healing Touch classes to them and many Indian villagers in the area. These two women are very committed to assisting individuals with healing sessions and sharing their knowledge with the wider community. With the assistance of The Peace Intention Experiment and other compassionate endeavors Sri Lanka will have the chance to transform, heal, and become once again the beautiful island, with peace in the hearts of the citizens.
    Thanks all for your heart centered energy.

  22. sorry we could not take part in the exercise since the time was not good for us. but we always meditate for peace. hope the result will be interesting. and let us know of future events

  23. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this "experiment." To raise the bar from isolated pray-ers to a focused gathering, and to flip the Mobeus strip from in-turning to outward is so exciting and heartening! It is a movement toward unity which will, through the love generated, promote creative changes.
    As I looked at the young boys with the bombed out building behind them, I saw the boys's families gathering to use the rubble to build a small market and gathering.. to plant and to tend... to love and be loved. May that seed also gestate in the hearts of the soldiers now numbed.
    As the experiment closes in the midst of economic instability, I am reminded that the choice for our intention even here is straightforward -- choose to do love. And the love that flowed in our mangy little trailer in rural US during this week will be guarded as a candle in the wind.
    I look forward to more experiments in the future.

  24. I am so glad to hear about the success of this worthwhile experiment. I am interested, also in hearing about the findings of the intention experiment where we sent positive, purifying energy to Lake Baikal. I invited some friends of mine to do the experiment together with me when we were in Japan in August for a spiritual conference. They were very honored and excited to participate and I told them I would communicate the results of this experiment to them. As of yet, I have not received any information on it, however. I would greatly appreciate receiving any information you have about the results of this wonderful intention experiment. Thank you very much!

  25. Hello, I live in France and gathered together several expats who belong to our meditation group. We spent 10 mins on Sri Lanka, read the intention and experienced the companionship of so many people around the world who were all in accord. Thank you.

  26. This was an amazing experience for me and my partner. We had a great deal of physical, emotional and spiritual experiences over the 8 days and it helped us to focus on finding peace within ourselves and our relationships, and to draw to us a lot of different methods of doing just that. We would love to continue being a part of these kinds of experiments-this is sacred work and I feel honored and humbled to be a part of it. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, soul and spirit!

  27. Was a wonderful experiment and one that I believe can only inspire and create more positivity in our ever changing world. I was holding the whole world globe in my hands sending healing light to the regions that are suffering now and when the song 'All you need is love' came on I felt feelings that I can't really discribe but to say maybe it would be an idea for ipeace people and intention experiment to maybe get a globe, doesn't need to be a big one but just one with the countries and names on it to help focus peaceful thoughts and intention on to.
    As more and more of humanity awaken to the realisation of our Unity in Oneness the possibilities of peace NOW in our time and our childrens time becomes closer and closer to become a living reality. Blessings in the light of love to all. Sol x

  28. Dear Lynne,
    this was my experience the last 5 days of the experiment...
    Within 2 minutes of starting to meditate I found myself above Sri Lanka. I seemed to be scanning the island and south part of India and the country above the north east part of Sri Lanka.
    Although, my attention was on the Wanni region war and violence, my attention would go to the whole island and these other areas I mentioned above.
    I would start scanning from the south of Sri Lanka all the way up to south India and the other country. I would do this over and over.
    When the page flipped I was still above these countries but, they became smaller and I could hold them close to my chest.
    How is my life different since starting this experiment?
    I have a great sense of peace and I am detached to all that is going on around me.
    ( I work in retail. Therefore, I am around hundreds of people daily.)
    Babies are staring at me.
    Men are holding eye contact with me longer. These men are different in the face. They seem to have a shine about their faces.
    People I work with say that I really look good and younger.
    My son is coming to me and telling me some of his very deep thoughts about life. This never has happened before. I usually have to pull information out of him.
    All 3 dogs are sleeping in my room. One dog belongs to my daughter and her boyfriend and has never not slept with them in the night.
    My work is a whole lot easier. When I leave work it was like I was never there.
    Over all I have a very strong sense of peace running through me and I am very satisfied with life.
    Thank you for this opportunity,
    L Fox

  29. I, too, participated each of the 8 days tho could not get thru on computer. Thanks for the opportunity to help enlighten our world.

  30. Lynne,
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    On Sunday I could not log in and despite a certain feeling of frustration and that I was missing something I did send my positive intentions. Thursday was the first day I got connected and it was a profound experience for me. I felt a tremendous sense of love and connection to the Sri Lankans. I held all: rebels, military, civilians of all groups, males and females, in a loving mental embrace. I cried. I sent out the intention of love amongst them all and the image of brotherly embrace replacing all violence. I connected for the remainder of the experiment but did not feel as profoundly moved as that first day.
    This experience has made me more aware of our interconnectedness globally, and more apprciative of all the good in my life. Thank you for the honor of being a participant in such noble work.

  31. I was not able to physically being present for the experiment every day but on the days I did, it was powerful! My hands immediately powered up and I felt their saddness and pain and then able to send loving peace the Intention staed and it felt awesome!!!! No matter where I was doing it it was a beautiful experience. Thank you for setting this up! We need to do more as it is needed!

  32. I am truly grateful to have been a participant and feel blessed to have been of service. Every day I looked forward to making a positive difference in this world. I am not working at this time and spend alot of time agonizing over how to best live and work in this world when it feels so out of synch with my true purpose. This was one small opportunity to give from my heart and it reminds me that this is where I long to be.

  33. Thank you thank you and thank you.
    I just wrote out a lengthy comment describing my experience and upon pressing the submit button lost it to the wonderland of electronic wizardry.
    love and blessings to all

  34. Lynne : Que Dios te colme de bendiciones hoy y siempre. A tu equipo : GRACIAS !! GRACIAS !! GRACIAS !!. Es renovador el saber de tantas personas conscientes de SERVIR.
    Desde Medellin, Colombia puedes contar incondicionalmente con VoluntarioSinFronteras -Proyectos de Apoyo Humano

  35. I found the final day the experiment the most powerful. I really felt my energy go forth and connect with the peoples of the Wanni region of Sri lanka. I asked all those people that were filled with fear and anger to take a deep breath, to step back and consider a new way to settle the problems in their country. I heard children laughing and playing and I saw men from the rebel armies and government ministers sitting around a table together, sharing a meal and discussing a solution. And I saw people going about their everyday business without fear. And I know this can happen soon!

  36. I was so pleased to be able to do something other than despair.
    I ache for this world, and before this intention, I felt so helpless.
    This gave me a chance to DO SOMETHING, and for this I thank you.

  37. I joined this project with much anticipation in my participation however my location Turks and Caicos was hit by hurricane Hanna an Ike in the first week of September; disrupting power and phone service which were not re-connected until Sept 22. Hopefully I will be able to participate in the future.

  38. The first day I could not connect, and the last day was interesting. I lit two candles before powering up, and another as requested when the experiment was over. The first two struggled to stay alight all the way through the meditation, but the third, after the meditation was over, blazed confidently with a bright flame. I am still wondering about that.

  39. Thank you for this transforming oppurtunity. We will share our Intention Experiment Diary and the effects of participation with you soon.

  40. Hi, from New Zealand. I managed to do the peace intention every day evan though it was 4oclock in the morning. The first day I couldn't log in and also felt frustrated but then just mediated PEACE and HARMONY. The second day I did get in, and from then on no furthur problems I t was truely fantastic to feel this peaceful force flowing towards Sri Lanka. My hands which normally charge up quite quickly absloutely throbbed with heat and power and the music made it evan more intense they were literally on FIRE. My feet started humming as well. THANK YOU so much I just don't want it to stop, so I think from now on at 4 every morning I will just tune in and hum away with this amazing energy. PEACE and HARMONY to you all and I look forward to particapating in what ever else comes alon. Also made a nice link with Estelle from Aussie as they were all up at 6 in the morning. I do think the time you set was perfect. I kept reflecting on other times, but for most people all around the world, I think it suited. LOVE Joarn X

  41. To Lynne and your remarkable team, Thank you so much for instigating such a worthwhile intention experiment. When I first discovered that I would have to be up at 2am to participate I was somewhat daunted, but after actually doing it I have to say the timing was excellent. I found that my mind was instantly free and open to the intention from the moment the alarm went off. It was as if I was being woken with a call of 'It's time to get up and help the world' It was easy to slip into meditation without the need to block out the concerns of daily life, or indeed the sounds. I hope I was able to transfer some of the peace that I experienced here at that time. I had many wonderful images during the course of the intention experiment, but probably the most profound was on the last day, when I had an image of the women in Sri Lanka being the key to things turning around, and that they were almost at the point of uniting to bring that to fruition. Maybe that's how we can help, maybe it is the women who will pick up on our collective intentions of peace and co-operation and compassion and spread it to their children and men. I sincerely hope so. Thanks again Lynn, it is people like you who are making this world a better place.

  42. With all the best intentions (no pun intended) I was able to log on only once in the week. I gave my Intention on one other occassion at the right time, though I couldn't log on, so that's only twice in total. For the other 5 days, well I'm sorry to say I was unable to wake up. Slept through the night like a log! Lynne wrote that those who were unable to log on could fill in a survey about the dates on which they sent their Intention so that these could be counted, so perhaps in future, if the Aussie time-slot isn't great, this would be the way to go.
    Happy to have taken part if only for a short while.

  43. I was not available or near a computer to log on before the message was sent with the time to participate. I recieved the prayer always a day late due to my schedule and ability to check my email. No fault of yours. So I'm thrilled so many were able to and I'm anxious to hear the results. We've always known the power of prayer but to be able to log results will not only tell the truth but that it is TRUE.

  44. I eagerly awaited the start of the Experiment and was sad to be unable to log on the first day but held intention as best I could not knowing the target. I "travelled" the globe in my mind's eye and visited all around and really enjoyed the spreading of peace that I expereinced. The second day worked fine and unfortunately business travel prevented my participation online on other days.
    I must add though that I had had the uncanny experience of "knowing" it was the Tamil civil war that was the focus of the experiment for almost a month ahead of time. I am not usually quite that psychic - or am I? LOL - so it was a bit trippy that I turned out to be right on that.
    I am very hopeful that good results will help the world appreciate the power of our thoughts and the gentle strength of group intention. Thank you so much for this revolutionary moment. It has great promise and I hope you will contiue to explore this phenemenon.

  45. I was unable to log on as spending a lot of time at hospital with an elderly dying relative.
    I took part as best I could and I definately felt that it gave me inner strength.
    Cannot wait for another chance to be part of an experiment like this.

  46. Dear Lynne,
    Thank you. A wonderful intention, a superb uniting programme and I was delighted to be part of 'a sacred half-hour' a day.
    Technically there is a way to go for your IT-team as I still am not recognized as a valid e-mail and could not add comment immediately after each session.
    It was a delight though. At times overwhelming emotion, and then great peace and gratitude.
    Thank you!
    The 'Intention' newsgroup that I am a member of, all seemed to be actively taking part too, independent of my alert, so your marketing, it seems, will just expand exponentially.
    blessings from Cape Town, SA

  47. Thank you very much Lynn (and friends) for organizing this awesome event and thank you to all who participated in this historic event.
    In future experiments I would prefer to focus on and surround the people of a particular area with love instead of peace. Peace is a personal decision that everyone must make for themselves. When we choose peace for them, we take away their self determinism, but when we hold them in the Light of Love, we free them from the bondage of fear and hatred and allow them to heal and to make that choice for themselves.
    God bless...

  48. Hello from Spain
    Your work is amazing Lynn. My partner and I were very excited about joining in the peace intention experiment. We're both very new to meditation.
    The experience was enlightening for me. The first few days I felt sick and dizzy as I started to power up and all the way through the intention. I tried moving away from my computer screen and did some visualisation at other times to wrap me in a cloak of light. This helped.
    Since doing the experiment I have been trying to feel what peace in the world would really feel like in every day life, on the news etc. I was surprised at how hard I found this at first. It is work I will be continuing to do.
    Thank you for opening a door to peace in this beautiful world.
    With much love

  49. Hi everyone, good thing to share meditation. It's been said before: next time we'll do even better if we are not against 'something', but pro.
    With Love, Gert

  50. Dear Lynne and team who made the peace intention experiment possible .
    Thank you so very much for this opportunity to participate this experiement.
    It was for me not possible to sit every day behind the computer, than I had al my intentions during the same time on Sri Lanka.
    May there be Peace in the hearts of all human beings on the Earth, being able to cooperate, having friendships, love, unity, joy together.
    Thank you all.

    1. My thumbs are about 1/2 green and 1/2 brown, with black polka dots. That’s about the luck I have with my plants.When you talk to the plants, do they answer back?.-= Re´kimrngGeeoÂfs last blog .. =-.

  51. VERY HAPPY to hear Australia will be given a time of the DAY vs middle of the night next time. Phew, what a challenge to participate and how fantastic to be able to! I organised my life around BEing intentional and was delighted with the results and insights this experiment provided. Simply astounding.... clearer, absolutely intentional in causing miracles, joyous, laughing, talkative, receptive, inclusive, and this morning I was skipping at work much to the surprise of colleagues.
    I've just agreed to organise movie events for a climate change organisation, and instigated change in a few personal domains, and I'm sure I look different!
    LYN, (and the team) THANX THANX THANX for all the energy you ALL provided to make this phenomenal event happen, was an absolute pleasure to participate in... I'll buy the book and recommend it to others, and I wait curiously for the results.

  52. i am glad to have had the oppertunity to find a place where some have started to reach out to the higher potential of (who&what) we are. as to my participation the schedualling precluded my ability to be on-line each day of the 'experiment'.
    i will tell you now before your data is compiled, that you 'will' see good 'signs' to the endever. i hope that you and some of the participants felt within yourselves the merger, or oneness that is also a part of the prosess of reaching into the 'levels of being' that we are moving towards. as part of my added intent to your expearament it was my expressed desire to awaken you all to these hights within you all. the comments left here have raised my hopes that a great many will realize a reality and embrace the transitions we are moving toward.
    to all who see these words and feel them within, blessings on you and open yourselves to hte awakening taking place within, and do for others about you what your ''hearts/souls/innerbeing''' wills to guide or enlighten the paths that lay ahead..
    blessings to you all

  53. I'm assuming that this is where we're to share our diaries of the Peace Intention week. I kept only three days of diary, but here's what I wrote, unedited.
    I really don't like those images in the outset of the experiment. We don't need to see pain to connect with peace or to feel compassion. If there is war, we know in our hearts that there is fear, anger, pain and every other ferocious light-eating monster conceivable. But we come not to wrestle with monsters, but to bathe in light and reassurance. Our purpose is to allay fear through love and to help anger dissolve in the light. We come to fill the hearts, homes fields and forests with light and compassionate love.
    I'm also disturbed by this ten percent business. Does love know how to give only ten percent? Does my flashlight, or the evening star know how to shine only ten percent? We have to be there fully. I know we must measure the result and that the ten percent is the minimum we hope to achieve, but it doesn't need to be more than a statistic used by the number crunchers. The senders need the sense of wholly completing the peace to do it most effectively.
    Today, my intuition guided me to step further back than usual once the meditation had begun. I'd used the supercharging technique and had invoked such guides and teachers as I usually do. Then, it was made known to me to do my best and deepest meditation without further concern for the island.
    I saw the Island lifted up on a column of white light which closed gently over the top. The entire picture was not unlike an ocean disaster, but this was a deluge of delight. Ease and peace, surprise and delight painted the faces that flitted before my eyes.
    Anger dissolved, as it does and dark corners glowed in their finest natural colours, radiant to be fully themselves again. Waters flowed, flowers glowed and people moved gently among each other. Great grins and soft smiles replaced the pinched faces of terror. It was as hard for them to believe all this was happening as it might be for a very hard-headed news reporter, of course.
    Then I saw all the intenders and meditators pouring their many colours of loving light forward, as if to fill the spaces of the hearts of Sri Lanka with love and the "flavours" of the rest of the world caring about them. So many feel lost in the midst of strife and it was especially to these that the colours went at first. Then the soldiers, whose job it is to carry into action what the nation feels, had to be suffused with new purpose, new views, and the light did that, too.
    Better hands, bigger hearts than mine reached out and sent this light. We were all a part of the focus, as we are all a part of the field, but the guidance was most surely divine.
    Different approach today: I am going to sit on the sofa & be comfortably in mandarin seat doing zazen while listening to the dalai lama's healing chant. I know the other music will come in to signal when to send the intention, but I don't believe the two will clash. I'm going to do zazen throughout with a moment or so to make the directed intention. Once I've invoked the healers and helpers as I do at all sendings, I'll return to zazen. I think this will give the most focussed energy for the healers and helpers to use. If I stray from zazen, it will be to bathe the island in whatever colour light it needs.
    Except that my mind wandered a little near the end - I'm hungry! - this seemed to work very well. I saw the island lifted up and cocooned in white light. Then I was requested to weave mother of pearl through the white light and saw it going into the hearts of the people on the island. Then QuanYin (Kanon) came forward and touched the hearts of the people too. Again, I stepped back and simply focussed energy to go there through zazen.
    Began by running energy for a sick cat across the continent.
    Today I tried running the energy into my head, which held the image of the island in peace and abundance. Symbolically, my head was the island. As I worked, the island dropped to the hara - a place of spiritual focus and balance. I felt, as we ended the meditation, that the image was still there and being nourished by its presence in the hara. I intend to be mindful of treasuring Sri Lanka's image throughout the day.

  54. It was a very interesting process, thank you very much. Also, wonderful to engage in discussions with people from around the world. Very healthy, in my opinion.

  55. Why is a specific percentage used (i.e. 15% less violence) rather than intending peace in the geographic region?

  56. I have partecipated every day to this experiment and every day I have imagined these person smiling and happy. I have seen them to exchange signs of peace and to reconstruct together their houses. I have imagined the children to run happy.
    I imagined all of them dressed in white.
    Peace and Good Luck to Wanni Region.
    Giuliana (Italy).

  57. Dear All, This whole experience has turned into such an amazing, powerful intention to seek peace for all that is. On Day 1 when the experiment began in a "powered up state" the refreshing of the page did not take place in one of the browsers. At that stage there is no second thought or question but a singular focus and intention of peace for ALL! Few sites crossed thru my heart that include, Srilanka, Darfur, Gaza and Iraq. The intention of peace is held steadfast with an intention of Peace and Prosperity for ALL.
    From day 2 after installing safari the experience has been smoother.
    My beloved shared her experience as children's laughter and playing in the midst of them on a beautiful tropical day. I have seen the vision of a lazy afternoon rows of homes (not war torn but homes where families lived for generations in peace), the soldiers who held guns are now in traditional clothes holding farming equipment with smiles on their faces. Warm, muggy afternoon they are tending to their farms and taking care of day to day businesses, kids are in school learning, elderly are resting with a hand held fan cooling themselves. What an amazing sight!! A simple lazy afternoon is such a miracle! I intended for a lazy afternoon with all things at peace in Wanni!!
    This continued and on Sunday I went to a workshop about vision education. There I made a request with the person who is sharing her wisdom of holistic vision therapy that I will be in meditation for 20 minutes starting noon ( in ontario, Canada). This triggered a meditation with about 12 people with intention of peace for Wanni Region. In the midst of green forest setting with about 12 people holding intention of peace together. It is such a powerful feeling. All in the group appreciated the thought and together.
    We are blessed to be part of this experiment. Thank You! Love You, Respect You!

  58. Lynne and all,
    This was a very rewarding and confirming experience for me. I have been involved in energy work for about 8 years now, but I have never felt such a strong, all-encompassing connection with so many at one time.
    I have felt connected with the Universe, the One or whatever name one wants to give that energy and I have felt that power working through me, but I have not felt SO connected with so many people as we were during the intention time.
    I felt the energetic connection build up until the actual intention period where it was so very strong and joyous, even though we were intending to affect the suffering...balancing opposites. Balance. Their suffering with our loving.
    My most powerful vision during the intention was that a grand, global, golden glow of peace was enveloping us all. And each time a bullet flew, it cut through the gold, creating a million more specks of gold/peace that fluttered down and landed on the weapon and the person. It was inescapable but welcomed. I saw dogs mesmerized by the event... and children all being bathed by a golden raining of 'peace particles'. Nobody could do anything without those pieces of gold being divided and spread!
    That was the most powerful vision.
    I had to miss 2 days, but my intention was with you none-the-less. Thank you, again, for this experience which only reinforced my 'knowing' that we ARE all connected and to actually feel it with so many was a gift.
    Golden blessings of Peace to you all!

  59. I had a great time participating in thisvery important peace experiment. There were a couple days when I was unable to log-in, but I knew the target and time-frames and participated each and every day. The energy was incredible...I could feel it surging through and arond me.

  60. thank you for the opportunity to participate in the peace intention experiment. I missed two days, but focused on my intention, dispite not being able to log on.
    On saturday I had an emotional and physical response to the experiment. while focusing on the statement and photos given before the actual start I found myself covering my eyes to block out the pictures of bodies and soldiers. I didn't want to see the negative images and something directed me to change the my statement to only positive words. I felt that I couldn't limit my intention of reducing death and violence and when I viewed the photos of the boys and waterfall they seemed brighter and more clear. I believe that violent deaths should be reduced globally and I hope my global intentions didn't distract from this wnderful experiment.
    gratefull to have participated
    Geanie Rosner

  61. I believe an important aspect of your experiment is the asking for personal feedback from intenders as what we wish upon others also affects our own lives.
    For your next intention you could not do better than to ask Jack Black, Scottish motivational speaker, to prepare the wording. He has worked out to perfection how to achieve whatever results you want
    The Treasure House Within by Dr Joseph Murphy and Mindstore by Jack Black have particularly influenced me and state clearly how to manifest with positive gratitude and love (desire)
    I have transformed relationships and manifested things I needed using the methods in these books
    Hmmm, I know, so why haven’t I gone out and saved the world by now?
    If you organise it I shall be absolutely thrilled to support you in this world changing venture!
    With best wishes and anticipation for a peaceful future!
    * ”I once discussed methods of developing compassionate intention with Jerome Stone, a practicing Buddhist, who told me about this marvellous quote from Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Rinpoche recommends that the key to opening yourself to true compassion is to open your hearts every day to the suffering around you, with beggars who pass you by, with the poverty, tragedy and grief you see on your television sets:
    "Don't waste the love and grief it arouses; the moment you feel compassion welling up in you, don't brush it aside, don't shrug it off and try quickly to return to 'normal', don't be afraid of the feeling or embarrassed by it, allow yourself to be distracted from it or let it run aground in apathy. Be vulnerable; use that quick, bright up rush of compassion; focus on it, go deep into your heart and meditate on it, develop it, enhance and deepen it. By doing this you will realize how blind you have been to suffering . . ."

  62. Oops here is the rest of it...
    "My intention is for peace and cooperation to be restored in the Wanni region of Sri Lanka and for all war-related deaths and violence to be reduced by at least 10 per cent".
    Dear Lynne
    To harness the amazing and powerful energy of the subconscious mind (the alpha state) in order to transform the desperate sadness and cruelties in our world is a truly magnificent ideal, and how wonderful if you could facilitate this.
    Our thoughts are prayers, our words vibrate with energy.
    I felt unable to join your peace experiment as I did not want to consciously send out thoughts (intentions/ prayers) of “war-related deaths and violence” and have them manifest into reality
    To send images (thoughts) of pain and anguish is destructive and I was not surprised that you haven’t been sending enthusiastic reports of the ensuing peace and happiness in Wanni since the end of the intention experiment.
    Oh and why limit the intention by at least 10%?
    Just as the intender might be opening their heart to manifest peace and love, (If they avoided the death and violence) just as the powerful energy starts to emanate, a restriction is imposed. Stop! Not more than 10%! (As if we were in Tescos.)
    How can you limit the glory and generosity of love?
    Imagine a couple about to make mad and passionate love together. It is the love and desire which has the power to motivate them towards a glorious conclusion, to make the earth move.
    “Oh how my heart yearns for you!” he says.
    “Oh darling I love you…” she says
    To which her lover replies “Oh yes dear, that reminds me about that war in Wanni and the violence and death..look at these terrible pictures!” and most of her loving passion and drive dissipates. And she might respond with all the best intentions “Oh yes anyway, and while you’re at it, please could you manage 10% better than yesterday?”
    So what happens to all that enthusiastic loving energy and focus? Gone.
    What is left apart from a few sad images which will continue to reverberate in their minds.
    (I chose not to look at the images as I understood they would be sad or painful)
    (Lynne, Your Intention tip no 5 seems to be partly missing from the web page :
    “5. Be Compassionate
    Encourage a sense of universal compassion during your intention session by focusing your attention to your heart, as though you are sending light to it most want to be healed. Then direct your loving thoughts to the target.”)
    I think the quote* you mention by Sogyal Rinpoche is about the need to acknowledge the presence of pain and grief when you witness it. To accept it and bless it rather than avoiding or dismissing the suffering of others. I don’t think he means you have to actively seek it out to save the world.
    Reading the feedback emails I see how some people chose to concentrate on the love and peace aspects and had wonderful and uplifting experiences.
    I believe your experiment would be better served by sending just the concentrated powerful energy of love and gratitude to Sri Lanka. Images of smiling children, people cheerful and living in peace. Images to warm our hearts and fill them with love and thankfulness, visualising the desired outcome. Aggression in Wanni could be overwhelmed by a flood of joy and love!
    The principle behind creative visualisation (prayer, intention, thought) is in experiencing the feeling of gratitude and joy for the outcome you desire. In The Treasure house Within Dr Joseph Murphy writes that
    “ You must make certain to give your subconscious only suggestions which heal, bless, elevate and inspire you...” He reminds us that the subconscious mind takes us literally.
    “Where 2 or more are gathered..” where a group prays or intends together, the power is magnified ‘to the power of’. What great success you could achieve if thousands of people focus their energies together on sending love and peace. How uplifting and rewarding for everyone concentrating their thoughts together as they are drawn into the collective rush of oneness and joy!
    I believe an important aspect of your experiment is the asking for personal feedback from intenders as what we wish upon others also affects our own lives.
    For your next intention you could not do better than to ask Jack Black, Scottish motivational speaker, to prepare the wording. He has worked out to perfection how to achieve whatever results you want
    The Treasure House Within by Dr Joseph Murphy and Mindstore by Jack Black have particularly influenced me and state clearly how to manifest with positive gratitude and love (desire)
    I have transformed relationships and manifested things I needed using the methods in these books
    Hmmm, I know, so why haven’t I gone out and saved the world by now?
    If you organise it I shall be absolutely thrilled to support you in this world changing venture!
    With best wishes and anticipation for a peaceful future!
    * ”I once discussed methods of developing compassionate intention with Jerome Stone, a practicing Buddhist, who told me about this marvellous quote from Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Rinpoche recommends that the key to opening yourself to true compassion is to open your hearts every day to the suffering around you, with beggars who pass you by, with the poverty, tragedy and grief you see on your television sets:
    "Don't waste the love and grief it arouses; the moment you feel compassion welling up in you, don't brush it aside, don't shrug it off and try quickly to return to 'normal', don't be afraid of the feeling or embarrassed by it, allow yourself to be distracted from it or let it run aground in apathy. Be vulnerable; use that quick, bright up rush of compassion; focus on it, go deep into your heart and meditate on it, develop it, enhance and deepen it. By doing this you will realize how blind you have been to suffering . . ."

  63. I endorse Felicity's feedback 100%. (not 10%)
    Lynne I recognise that to validate your experiment you must have a measurable outcome, and 10% may be a realistic measure.
    However, Felicity is right in asserting that the intention must be 100% and the focus must be on the visualised positive outcome rather than the actual negative event.
    Using a null hypothesis ( ) to validate your experiment , the statistics will show the outcome, whether positive , negative or unchanged.
    I trust your work and the world will benefit from Felicity's insights. with loving intent ...

  64. Among other things, I am a Lightworker. These comments are unrelated to the island experiment , but refer to the book the Intention
    Experiment by Ms. McTaggett. I am particularly interested in the account of intention affecting the past ( the cars and clicking meter episode). Since Time is unreal, might not more effort be expended in changing the past?? I have used this approach to achieve
    some emotional relief personally, and I find this field of inquiry to be fascinating!! Namaste!

  65. First of all I would like to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question in which I'd like to ask if you do not mind.
    I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear
    your mind before writing. I have had a difficult time clearing
    my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like
    the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints?
    Many thanks!

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