The Search for the Right Target

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartFor many weeks I have been pondering the first target of our Peace Intention Experiment. Although Iraq is foremost in the minds of the citizens of the US and even the UK, every continent has areas torn by war or heavy violence.
In order to get robust experimental results, I was interested in choosing an area that the West was NOT focused on. Many areas of violence around the world are already the subject of prayer groups and intention; if we were to focus on one of them, it would be more difficult to demonstrate scientifically that the Peace Intention Experiment had a significant effect in lowering violence.
But one issue was foremost in making my final selection:  it had to be an area where accurate daily records of violence had been kept for at least two years.  It also had to be an area where violence and war-related deaths were being tracked virtually in ‘real time’ so we wouldn’t have to wait for months to find out if our week of intention had an effect.
My team of scientists will be carrying out a time analysis of the data.  To do this, they will examine the two years of past data and from that model their prediction of what will happen in the week of our intention and the month afterward.  We’ll then compare our predicted levels with the actual levels of violence.  If the actual levels are significantly lower, it will suggest that our intentions for peace had an effect.
Exhaustive search
Finding data this detailed and up to date proved to be an enormous challenge.  For weeks I contacted conflict resolution and peace organizations around the planet:  The Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland; the Human Security Report Project at Simon Fraser University’s School for International Studies at Vancouver, Washington; the Uppsala Conflict Data Program, to name just a few.  Many organizations like these had collected data, but it wasn’t being collected anymore.  Or it wasn’t particularly up to date.
What I apparently needed to look for was an Early Warning System – an organization gathering real time data on murder and violent crimes as a means of letting governments and other bodies know that conflict was threatening to disrupt in a particular area. My trail of inquiry eventually led me to the Swiss Peace Foundation.
They seemed perfect with the perfect worldwide database, until I discovered that they’d lost their funding in the middle of this year.
Calling Jack Bauer
I then heard about the National Counterterrorist Center – a real live, ’24-style’ counterterrorist unit, which exists within the US State department.  They have a Worldwide Incidents Tracking System, which tracks terrorist activity and terrorist-related deaths everywhere on the planet. I thought I’d hit paydirt.  It was just what I needed.
Nevertheless, when I went onto the WITS, I found that the listings were only provided as recently March 2008.  Nevertheless, I thought that getting accurate stats would simply be a matter of contacting them – until I tried to get through to them.  There was no phone number for the NCC on their website and no phone number in directory assistance.
I then phoned the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence and after three tries, got hold of a number of the NCC. The NCC apparently wasn’t interested in dealing with the public.
Although the person answering that telephone number announced himself merely as ‘Customer Service’, he guardedly admitted I’d got hold of the right department.  When I was finally put through to the WITS, I got hold of a receptionist with attitude, who first asked my full name, address and telephone number before firmly informing me that no one in their department would speak with me but her, and, no, I couldn’t have any more recent data than was on the website.
I’d spent weeks digging and not only was I no closer to finding a source of good data, but I was probably now on a State Department hotlist somewhere for my interest in daily worldwide terrorist activity.
I began calling researchers on all these organizations and a long list of others, until I located a few other Early Warning systems for a number of less likely targets (I’m not going to tell you where because I don’t want you to start thinking about the target yet).  Suffice it to say that in certain parts of the world, even cattle rustling is being tracked on a daily basis.
This latest search led me to what appeared to be the perfect foundation keeping track of daily incidents within its country, although there was no contact details for it on the website.
Eventually, after more exhaustive research, I came up with the student who’d been the program manager of the early warning system.  It so happened that he’d attended a master’s course in America, and so his email address was on the web.  Eventually I discovered it, and when I contacted him, he gave me the contact details of the head of the foundation — a prominent promoter of peace in his country, who turned out to be fascinated by our experiment and very interested in helping.  It just so happens that his organization is carrying out a candle-lighting peace initiative which begins on September 21 – the very day our week of intention ends.
Some paths, however divergent, are eventually meant to converge.
The Chosen Target
I’m delighted to say that after weeks and weeks of calling, writing, pleading and digging through every possible Early Warning System, worldwide terrorist tracking system and government ‘incident’ count, I’ve finally located the very perfect target.  This part of the world has been suffering from heavy violence and civil war for a number of decades.  Nevertheless, a wonderful organization has blossomed in this terrible war-torn area and not only promoted peace, but also tracked every single act of violence of a number of years.  They also have a system that tracks incidents immediately after they occur. The head of this organization is a well-known advocate for peace, with huge stature.
But here’s the best part of all.  It so happens that they have a special peace campaign that they are initiating on September 21 with a special ceremony, with a special symbol of peace everyone can display in their homes.  I’m not going to tell you anymore about this initiative until we begin our first Peace Intention Experiment because I don’t want to give away the target (remember:  I don’t want you to think about it beforehand).  But we not only have a week of intention; we also have a ceremony we can participate in to help this country and this worthwhile campaign. I will reveal all when the experiment starts.


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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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32 comments on “The Search for the Right Target”

  1. Have ever considered focusing on peace forming from within the people of the area, as opposed to peace in an area? Peace comes from within and its effects are seean from without as a shadow would be seen on a wall of a cave? Are you focusing on the shadows or the people?

  2. Lynne
    You wrote
    "We’ll then compare our predicted levels with the actual levels of violence. If the actual levels are significantly lower, it will suggest that our intentions for peace had an effect."
    Will you try to factor in (I don't know how) other social or political issues which might occur at the time of the week-long Intention Experiment? It may be impossible to factor them in to the results, but you could at least monitor and record them.
    For example, in the UK, the Home Office is considering whether the credit crunch might increase the levels of violence (see Guardian page 1 for September 1st on
    Good wishes, Norman

  3. Synchronicity strikes again! Well done Lynne, on being so committed to finding just the right situation. It must have been very daunting at times. Wherever and whatever this situation is, I am sure it is the right one for our purposes. Yes we are all one. Yes we could focus only on what is within. But when all is said and done, we all came here for the experiences that being human has to offer. Only by experimentation do we ever find out just how powerful we really are. And what better way to experiment than by creating positive outcomes. We have absolutely nothing to lose in these experiments, and everything to gain! For everyone! Thankyou so much Lynne, and to your team, for providing us with something to focus on beside ourselves! And again, well done on your search. I look forward to participating, even though I'll have to be up at 2am every day for a week! Daunting in itself, but worth the effort, I believe.

  4. Just wanted to say that Simon Fraser University is in Vancouver, B.C., which is in CANADA ~ not Vancouver, Washington in the USA.
    Good luck on your intention experiment!

  5. Fantastic Lynn! I am such a huge fan that I am throwing the support of my entire Great American Think Out behind yours. The correspondances are magnificent: the Intention Experiment is followed by your data provider's peace campaign, AND by the Unity peace campaign, and then The Think Out occurs on Ocotber 2nd (Gandhi's birthday)! The autumn is become one gigantic peace itention and so the consciousness of epace is rising like flood waters. My heart is spilling over with gratitude for your committment to the scientific method and for your commitment to peace. Thank you. Namaste.

  6. Thank you so much Lynne, I felt excited while I read about your search to locate our Intention and felt sorry you couldn't get through with the Counterterrorist Center, but I'm sure the target you finally choose is the right one. Thank you for your commitment. I will participate with all my heart .

  7. Hi Lynne...Hi Pavel! 🙂
    Some of us already know this works. It will be great to finally be able to point to a well designed study/experiment for all those skeptics.
    Peace, Love, and Powerful Joy!
    Dallas, TX

  8. Have you thought of simply using the historical record of the media for the data. Then you could have the appropriate target to initiate global peace. A true ground zero, although not really where the violence is being carried out in the world but the global epicenter of "war" (murder) and destruction, DC.

  9. OK kids,
    I need to remind you-all that to make this work you need to find a non-judgemental attitude. I know my spelling sucks but my intuition is right on.We are going to have to accept what is and then feel the result we want to have . It is very simple and it works I do find the hard part is being non-judgemental . if you look in the mirror you may truthfully find the same challenge, we can do this but the buddic, accept things part can be a bitch get over it and go there it really is very fun!
    later Gene

  10. OK kids,
    I need to remind you-all that to make this work you need to find a non-judgemental attitude. I know my spelling sucks but my intuition is right on.We are going to have to accept what is and then feel the result we want to have . It is very simple and it works I do find the hard part is being non-judgemental . if you look in the mirror you may truthfully find the same challenge, we can do this but the buhdic, accept things part can be a bitch get over it and go there it really is very fun!
    later Gene

  11. I really relate to gene and Zachary Davis. What Zachary is saying is the understanding we need to come from and gene is telling us how to do that. This realm is an illusion, we really need to recognise that first, this will get us beyond the fear, fix place. Then from there we can bring our consciousness right into the heart of the violence and pain of the situation, all of us feel it, embrace it energetically each one of us in our own bodies. This is the action of transcendance, we don't do it, we allow it to happen by embracing what is.
    We have to first get out of the 'fix, bad' consciousness and bridge that gap with our heart consciousness, going beyond fear and seperation.

  12. I am excited and looking forward to participating in this experiment.
    what a grand plan to focus our intentions together for peace.

  13. I reiterate my point that the proper target to stop the senseless murder of our innocent children in this world is not on the people and places where this is actually occurring, but to find and send compassion to the global elite (moneymasters), the puppeteers that hold the strings of every "leader" (GWB) illegal covert operation in recorded history.

  14. Lynnne,
    I have to use this site to get in touch with you because the mail I sent as you instructed us, was rejected as spam.
    I did receive the password assigned to me but did not receive the new site for the Peace Intention Experiment. I will be out of reach next week from Tuesday 9th through Friday 12th, so I'll appreciate you send the info requested as soon as possible.
    Love and Peace,
    Helena Alvarez

  15. 14th September is Red Magnetic Moon in the Dreamspell 13 Moon Peace Calendar and is the start of a new Wavespell (13 days) . Key words for this is: Purify, Flow, Universal Water. As we know, water holds memory and our bodies being a high percentage water, you have chosen the perfect timing frequency for this experiment! If only the masses used this calendar instead of the crooked war-mongering Gregorian thing!

  16. We have an IONS Community Group standing by in Houston and are not clear how to log in as a group.

  17. Will this then demonstrate that thoughts ARE matter? When I watched What The Bleep one of the first questions I was left with was... when will we get our act together to cause a global intention? Very happy that the answer is NOW, and absolutely delighted to participate. Thank you Lynne for causing and sharing... oh and Roger Nelson - yeeeehah, let's rock those eggs!

  18. You know, I didn't read this page or any others before the experiment started. I was waiting the last few moments before the target was revealed, and I asked, Darfur, Palestine? And I said no- this will be somewhere no one pays attention to, a war that has been going on for forever. And I thought, "Sri Lanka". Five seconds later the page turned...

  19. Pity the website broke down at the time of the experiment. I experienced the atmosphere as quite good, though, starting before the experiment already.
    Not knowing the area nor the affirmation that was chosen, I started using "may violence subside". Then, after realising that negativity should not be given attention to, " harmony to ..." , "peace to ..." and the like worked better. As to the region, both Afghanistan and Zimbabwe seemed worth thinking about. I hope Mugabe can turn his attention from (his) justice to harmony and tolerance and Tsvangirai will do well in ruling his country. May hope return to the Zimbabweans.

  20. A small group of us located USA Central Time Zone followed instructions. We were not successful in obtaining the auto page turn to direct our intention too. We'll continue to participate during the balance of this week, hopeful of better results.

  21. Excellent choice for place of intention. For the more obvious sites it maybe better to target White House and Downing Street for changes in policy.
    Comment: This realm is not an illusion it is our interpretation of it that is illusory.

  22. Just a small note - Simon Fraser University is in British Columbia, Canada - not the lovely state of Washington.
    School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University 515 West Hastings StreetVancouver, BC V6B 5K3 Canadaphone 778.782.7148 Vancouver, 778.782.7345

  23. Sadly after anticipating the experiment for weeks I was unable to log onto any of the websites 15 minutes before it was to begin.

  24. About an hour before it was time to log on my face became very hot and red. I never connected this to the experiment in any way
    until it went away at just after twenty past the time the experiment was supposed to end then I began to wonder.
    My page wouldn’t turn over so I sat quietly and imagined people all around the world sending energy and intention which formed
    a huge energy net. At this point my skin began to
    tingle and I could feel the connection. At ten past I visualized my flow of love and peace joining everyone’s as the net flowed
    down to the place chosen for The Intention experiment. (It was not neccessaryto know where that place was enough other people new) When I focused on this I could feel energy concentrated in my hands
    (I do distance healing using my hands so I think this is why that happened)
    I think my thoughts would not have been as concentrated if I had seen the troubled images shown.
    When I do distance healing I do not use my own energy but allow the energy to flow through me, this way you are more effective and don’t exhaust yourself.
    lol Lynne thank you for the opportunity to join this experiment it was the most amazing experience….

  25. Have only just today 15th sept found the site and registered to join, hope that it is not to late to join with others sending intentions, 1 problem i do not have acess to a computer at 5pm to log on, but will join in at home anyway.

  26. I couldn't get to the next page needed for the target on the first day so I focused my intention on contributing an energy of peace and love to the target.
    Today, the 2nd day, after becoming very clear on the target and intention, I was easily able to tie in with the energy of sheer joy on the faces of 2 of the boys. It was interesting that as soon as I did that, I felt as if I was actually there experiencing the beauty of the land itself and the peace and love that was now a part of everyday life.

  27. I could not log on the first day, but found when I log on about an hour before the experiment starts I have no problem with connecting on the computer. Maybe because so many people try to log on at the same time right before it starts. What a peaceful experience. You can feel a connection when you feel the "aliveness" within yourself because of a tingling flow of energy. I hope this continues and more people join in. What a wonderful thing to take part in.

  28. a process that deserves support - might be more collaborative - before rather than after - will be interested in following results - would be interested in collaborating before the next experiment -

  29. my critical side suggests that 10% less deaths is not a good image to intentionalize - as one ought not focus on anything negative - the process of intentionalizing is a pure positive experience IMHO

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