How to participate in the Peace Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartWith less than three weeks to go before we launch our first ever Peace Intention Experiment, I thought I should give you some basic instructions.
The Peace Intention Experiment will begin running on September 14 and will run for one week.  It will run at the same time every day:

  • 7 am Hawaiian Daylight Savings Time
  • 9 am California Daylight Savings Time
  • 10 am Mountain Daylight Savings Time
  • 11 am Central DST
  • 12 noon Eastern DST
  • 5 pm British Summer Time
  • 6 pm European Summer Time
  • 2 am Sydney and Melbourne

For all other time zones corresponding with 4 pm Greenwich Mean Time, click here.
Here’s how to participate:

  • REGISTER on our home page:  The most important first step is to register so that we know exactly how many people are participating every day.
  • WAIT for our instructions, which will be sent you by email.  If you don’t get instructions by September 7, email us at:  We’ll give you some exercises to do to become practiced at intention.
  • READ The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart, if you’d like the full information about the science of intention and how to master intention.  Note:  you don’t have to buy the book to participate, but doing so helps you to become an intention master. It also helps us to defray the costs involved in setting up a scientific experiment and the enormous web bandwidth involved.
  • COMMENT ON THIS SITE. Tell us your views about this project! You’ll be joining with the thousands of others around the world who looking forward to participating.
  • WRITE DOWN the new website address. We’ve created special web pages for the experiment that are NOT on this website, so that we can cope with the huge traffic expected throughout the week.
  • MAKE NOTE of the right time zone corresponding with 12 noon Eastern Daylight Savings Time (or 4 pm Greenwich Mean Time).  That’s the time you’ll send intention each day that you can participate throughout the week.
  • PLAN to spend 10 minutes sending intention during that period, plus the time preparing to POWER UP.

On September 14, and every day thereafter through September 21:

  • COME ONTO THE NEW SITE 15 minutes or more before the experiment begins.
  • LOGON WITH YOUR PASSWORD. We need you to register/logon every single time, so we can track exactly who is participating.
  • IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE WITH A GROUP, make sure all of you sign in.  We’re arranged it so you can all sign on the same computer.
  • FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS on the pages, which will automatically flip forward so that you are in synch with everyone.

Immediately after the experiment each day:

Please try to make the effort to participate every day.  I am trying to keep a critical mass of at least 7000 people on the site every day.
If you can’t participate every day, come on every day that you can.  Remember, you’ll need to put your password in on our special Peace Intention Experiment website in order to get through to the site, so we’ll be counting our participants every day.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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70 comments on “How to participate in the Peace Intention Experiment”

  1. Just to understand. I am to meditate at 12 noon on sept 14-21. Do I then, if I choose log in daily or after its done in a week? Also, do I meditate now?

  2. I have two questions:
    1)you've asked us to register for the experiment. Aren't we already registered if we get this email? I thought I was.
    2) what are these other websites that we are to write down to decrease the volume?

  3. What if you work at that time and have not access to a computer? That means I cannot participate officially but only...

  4. I have the same two questions as Elsa:
    1) You've asked us ti register for the experiment. Aren't we already registered if we get this email? I thought I was.
    2) Wjat are these other websites that we are to write down to decrease the volume?

  5. Regrets! I signed up for the meditation before the dates were announced. We will be traveling during that time and will not be able to depend on being in a quiet place for meditation every day. My best intentions will be with you whenever possible.

  6. same comments as some others here, I wondered if I was supposed to join again as I am being asked to join in this email and I thought I had already joined i.e., that is why I am receiving your email I would imagine.

  7. I am wondering the process for logging in also. I do not remember a name or password when I signed up. What would these be?? Looking forward to joining as often as possible. middle of the day is sometime impossible for me and I will do my best. Thanks for your creating this opportunity.

  8. Hi all
    Apologies for any confusion. Lynne's blog is read by a lot of people, some of whom have not yet signed up for the Peace Intention Experiment.
    If you've already registered, you won't need to register again.
    The experiment pages are currently being built, and we will be able to send full(er) instructions, including the web addresses and your login passwords, in due course.
    Don't worry - Lynne's blog post today was intended to give you a general idea of what will happen, but all participants will receive complete instructions nearer the time.

  9. Our IONS group in Houston plan to do the Sunday intention as a group. Look forward to getting the group log-in instructions. A question from the group. What specifically will we be intending?

  10. Our Reiki group will be together for the last weekend and will sending intentions for the peace project. I am signed up as well as a few others..I look forward to receiving my name , password and web site as an individual and as a group...I assume this will be different? In Peace and Love

  11. I registered to become a participant over a week ago and have not received any of the emails that my husband is receiving. Could you please check this out? Should I re-register? Thanks.

  12. I love the idea of global meditations- it is so important for planetary awakening! But please do remove that annoying pop up- (you can always have a section for new folks to sign on) It kept getting in the way and almost made me give up.

  13. My question is -
    With so many people working 9 - 5 jobs, do you have any suggestions on how these people can get their bosses on board with the experiment? (The intention of employees who have their bosses Ok their involvement on company time might be much stronger)
    I am lucky in that I only have to forgo my morning exercise class three times - I am smiling as I say that is Ok with me 🙂

  14. It seems to me that everyone else hasn´t received a password either..?? If so, when will we get it?
    I´m very excited about this experiment. However, there´s something I have not understood so far: if intentions have to be very clear and concrete to come true- how can we influence something so global as world peace?? Could somebody explain that to me, please?
    Thank you*

  15. Roger. Everything will unfold as it will...all will become clear. The intention?
    Love One Another, isn't it?

  16. This experiment will have extraordinary energy. I am grateful to be a part of it.
    ---On 12 Sept. there is another wonderful intention process that is being circulated in inter religious circles around the globe, "Axis of Friendship" ...the objective is intention for peace and understanding. ...that weekend will be an extraordinary one for collective Intentions.

  17. I got my password in the e-mail "Thank you for joining the Peace Intention Experiment" when I registered. Maybe you got yours when you registered for this experiment?

  18. Connie,
    You may not believe it but bosses are people on this planet too. Approach your boss with sincerity and love for humanity. Even if he/she does not believe in the power of intention. Whatever, it is called: ie prayer, intention, hope, caring; everyone wants peace , love, and harmony in their lives and is willing to try anthing to make it happen.
    "Ask and you shall receive."

  19. Where are all the answers to these questions?
    I'm a teacher and am wondering how I'm going to be able to do this at school because I really want to be part of this experiment. Thanks Lynne!

  20. Dear Lynne and helping Friends,
    Here at our home we will be participating with two persons.
    I sent your message to many relatives and friends. Yesterday, got a message from the Dutch speaking 'Bouddhist Group' in Belgium. They will participate to.
    With all regards, André.

  21. I am also wondering about the specificity of the time of our intention. I have already introduced the idea to my Monday night meditation class and they are excited to participate. Shall I just give them instructions on how to participate during the week and keep our meditation going along its usual course?

  22. Hi
    the first thing to hone the skill of intention is to intend that you will be able to intend as well as being able to comply with the scientific experimental aspect. This aspect means that monitoring can happen so we can all get feedback on the effectiveness of a whole huge bunch of us putting out energy of peace and imagining the effects of peace and feeling peace.
    Lynne has to keep all the puppies in the basket which she will do no doubt. Just a thought about bosses .. they do not own you and would not refuse you if you were going to a funeral or attending an emergency at a hospital would they? How much more important is this?
    The answer to this question is the first thing I thought of when the questions started racing through my own head. I hope this helps. In other words relax. It will come to you. Don't expect opposition and organise the logistics / stand-ins etc in advance.... stay late, get in early, etc.
    Intention has a funny way of revealing itself in retrospect. If we intend to join the experiment then we will ... this is about more than meditating (which helps you get in touch) - this is ABOUT intention as well.
    Totally exciting.

  23. thanks so much for this. I am glad you are keeping it brief. I'm sure God doesn't like to be nagged.

  24. I have registered more than once.
    1) I do not have a password for whatever reason.
    2) I have not been able to determine the special Website to write down.

  25. Humanity's Team Canada has been informed and those that wish to participate will... We thank you for this opportunity..
    Helen Layton
    Country coordinator for Canada Humanity's Team

  26. Hi, I buy the book The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart, but in Spanish. One of the rules for partipar in the Experiment is that us hara a question related to a word of a paragraph in a number of a page.In my case the book this one translated into the Spanish. This book buys it in

  27. Frankly, just read mindfulness tips---there are many of us who do not come home to a partner or children...would you deal with this, please?! Unconscious marginalization of the single, the old, those who choose to go it alone will not add to harmony.

  28. Hi everyone,
    Some people are asking the same questions that were answered by Admin (response #10). Scroll up and check it out.
    I love this idea!!

  29. Hello, I am opening up a preschool next week and will be with the children at the intention time. I think all the parents world love the idea. What would you suggest the children do to be involed??

  30. I don't have a PC at home. I will be able to log on during the week, as it is timed nicely with my lunch break here in Korea, but I can't sign on when I'm not here.
    As I won't be able to log on on the first day, can I get instructions sent to email earlier?

  31. Dear Lynn,
    I don't get the bit about registering (Aren't I already registered now, as I receive the emails?) and logging in with a password. I don't think I got one, or did I?
    Also, as I am commuting by train at 6 pm CET I won't be able to log on then, but can log on later to let you know wheter I have been sending intentions. Will that work for you?
    I'd appreciate a reply.
    Kind regards
    Mieke (Netherlands)

  32. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your comments. I'll just repeat what I wrote above for those that missed it:
    -We're currently building the experiment website and all confirmed participants will be notified of the address well in advance of September 14.
    -We'll also be sending out your password to enable you to login on the day.
    If you've already registered by filling in the signup form, you DON'T need to register again, but you will need to log in to our website in order to participate.
    Once again, don't worry - we'll send you further instructions nearer the time. As Lynne said in her post, you should have received your full instructions by September 7, so let us know if you haven't heard from us by then.

  33. So happy to be a part of this wonderful happening. And thanks for selecting a time fairly early in the day in the US - so often here in the UK I have to stay up very very late to connect with my US colleagues to engage in collaborative work at 5pm or 6pm their time!
    I believe we can relax about the details of the arrangements - all will be revealed in due course.

  34. It's a bit of a shame for us down under... we would have to get up to take part at 1:30am each morning; would love to be a part of it but i don't know how I would cope with those hours!?

  35. I would like to know how exact time can I enjoy with you in the same time on Sep 14. I'm in Thailand. Many thanks in advance for the answer.

  36. As a suggestion for those who will be busy or asleep during the exact times of the experiment, do exactly what is suggested that everyone do each day, but at a time that works for you. When you sit quietly to do what is asked, first make it your intention that what you do is happening at 12 noon on each given day. As Lynn said, "when sending intention, time and space are irrelevant."
    This web site might give more insight into this.

  37. It is wonderful to be part of this "experiment" as well as such a large community of participants. I am wondering if the focus will be on peace or peace intention. It might not be clear to all people that when you focus on intention, that is what you get. No peace, but the intention for peace.

  38. Someone in an earlier comment a few days ago noted that for those of us who will be at work, we can try "walking meditation." I have been practicing this week and have noticed that I can "power up" to some degree while in my office setting, even if I'm walking around and especially when sitting at my desk. So I intend to join the experiment at the proposed time every day. If that doesn't work, I was going to try sending intention at another time but targeted for the time of the experiment.
    We can do this!

  39. Would it be possible to have an unofficial "practice" intention in the days ahead? I'm very concerned about friends and loved ones in the potential path of Hurricane Gustav, which is already responsible for 20+ deaths in the Caribbean.
    Perhaps we could set a time this weekend for everyone to bring an intention of peaceful weather to the Gulf of Mexico... so that Gustav will diminish as a threat. Many people in the region are still recovering from Katrina and another major storm at this time would be devastating.

  40. Like many others I am confused as to signing up. I assume we don't need to sign up again. if I am incorrect please let me know. also about the password, is this something we will do on the 14th. The instructions were a little confusing.

  41. Hi Lynne
    As noted in my previous comments on this thread, if you have registered once, you will not need to register again. Whenever you participate, you'll log in using your email address and the password we'll send you.
    Please let us know if you haven't received your password by September 7.

  42. There must be many of us who would really like to participate in some way, but who won't be able to get computer access at the designated times. Could we nevertheless come together at these times to unite in sending intentions for the main meditating group to have a positive outcome to their work? If Lynne agrees, she could compose a suitable intention for us to focus on which could be published on the website beforehand without compromising the scientific criteria of the main experiment.

  43. This last Christmas I told my brother I wish we could help manifest Global Peace and Harmony.... and then along came Lynne....Many Many Thank Yous for making my wish come true. Each of us are part of the Global Heart, with each of our individual gifts we serve a different purpose.... I am ready.... to serve.

  44. So, there will be days that I cannot log on as I'll be driving home. And there will be days when I'll be happilly joining in via my PC. Wherever I am it is my intention to be joining in some form somehow! This has such potential for good. Thank you

  45. I am overjoyed to be a part of something so special. Thank you. Hope all goes well for everyone concerned about passwords and the like, trust that it will work out and I'm sure it will.

  46. I think it is a wonderfull experiment to join in for peace together. Are there more people from Holland participating? We will start on 6 pm the 14th .

  47. Hi to everyone. I'm totally over-the-moon to be participating in this with all of you. I'm in south west France - would love to hear from anyone else in this area or from anyone participating in SOUTH AMERICA. Peace.

  48. Hi everyone, I definitely believe in the Power of Intention. I have experienced it myself and percieved the signals that guide you along the way in life.I live in Argentina,South America. And I´m at the moment coaching with Jack Canfield,Thanks Lynne for this opportunity!
    Thank you for your knowledge and sharing!
    Peace to the world

  49. Hi everyone.
    I too am a little worried about making "quiet time" in front of a PC due to work but with the help of my husband hope to sort it out most days.
    I´m also wodering about my inexperience with meditation BUT am still excited about taking part.
    Peace and love to all

  50. The 7th intention tip said to be specific and not to simply intend for "world peace" but to intend for a specific wound, but isnt this experiment supposed to be for world peace? What "specific" thing should we intend for for the actual experiment?

  51. Hi Brett.
    We will be asking our participants to send a specific intention to a specific target - please see Lynne's latest blog post on the search for a target at
    We'll be letting you know the exact target and intention wording on the day.

  52. Hi Lynne,
    I wrote to to inform you that I did receive the password asigned to me but NOT the new website address, but my mail was rejected as spam. I'll be out of reach from Wednesday 10th through Saturday 13th, so I need your answer as soon as possible.
    Looking forward to join you all next Sunday Sept 14th.
    Love and Peace,

  53. Down the centuries it has been experienced again and again, that if in a village of one thousand people even one person is a real meditator, the whole quality of the village changes.
    Man has arrived at this state not because of the greater majority but because of a few people like Jesus, Buddha, Zarathrustra, Krishna - just because of these few people. With each Buddha, with each Christ, with each awakened soul, humanity takes a step higher.
    But if thousands of people become awakened the the whole of humanity will take a quantum leap. That's what I call the beginning of the new man.
    My effort here is not just to help individuals - obviously that's what I'm doing - but deep down it is an effort to create the situation, the background, the essential context, in which a new man can arise with love in his heart, with light in his soul, with intelligence, with awareness, and can transform the whole earth into a paradise. That miracle is possible. In fact it is only possible now - it was never possible before - because we have come to a certain stage of growth. Man is no longer childish, he has come of age.
    But great effort is needed. One needs to put one's total energy into it. Put your total energy into giving yourself a rebirth. And it will not only be a rebirth for you, it will be helping the whole of humanity. To me that is true service.

  54. I have been trying to get through and was unable to today.. left message at other site. Is there something we can do to prevent this from happening tomorrow?

  55. Didn't know this Region has so many problems. Will continue beyone the experiment to send peace and cooperation.

  56. It's 12:30 and the page hasn't flipped yet. I think maybe if you sent everyone the target and wording before hand and then we could let you know if we participated or not. I think maybe there are too many people trying to do it on the site. Hopefully you will get this resolved, or just let's all do it and if you can't get the "proof" who cares?

  57. It was a little difficult to concentrate with kids running around but I managed to not stress and to stay focused pretty well I think.
    As the music played I visualized the negative energy leaving the people with guns and they fell to their knees in disbelief that they were anything but love. They cried and asked for forgiveness and all the people in the land cried for joy, hugged and kissed each other. In the future they healed each other and took care of the weaker and sick. They planted crops and loved each other without conditions. It was beautiful and pure bliss. I felt a know in my throat sometimes during this. Not like I was gonna cry but that there was a ball of something there. I also felt a warm loving feeling surrounding me and I also felt the connection between, them and everything. I saw them awakening and it was beautiful. Thank you for arranging this wonderful offering of love.
    Peace, Lynnette

  58. My family,especially my mother helped me learn that we are all expressions of the universe, one system of which we are all essential components. So our task in living is to try, through our thoughts and actions to attain the REALIZATION that we are ONE. Even though as American Indians (Lakota Sioux) who were deemed "savages" by Europeans who conquered us, we had our belief system that provided the means to achieve AT ONE MENT with the universe ( using the Christian term ATONEMENT) to express this.! Our core concept is WAKAN, the quality that all of creation has, because everything is in perpetual movement, the mysterious energy (taku skan skan) that demonstrates this. We have no concept of INANIMATE and ANIMATE,everything is alive!
    Suffering and "bad things" can be negated including those caused by we humans. At my age of 78 I have finally realized that BELIEF is the key to truly discovering what the universe is all about. Science and religion are continuing to converge as proponents of both ways of knowing are working together in research and study! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your project! I will continue to participate in this experiment to bring peace to the tribal people of the Wanni region of Shri Lanka.

  59. We in Erie, PA, were able to log onto the site but the page never automatically flipped over. We never got beyond "While you are waiting for the Peace Intention Experiment please POWER UP." I hope this will be fixed tomorrow! We would like to participate.

  60. I was not able to 'officially' participate today, because I was at Agape. However, I did take the opportunity to tune in to the 'vibe' that is already happening. I find the discussion very interesting. While I personally would prefer not to meditate with pictures of suffering, I do intend to participate fully.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  61. Two here also, on separate computers, never got past that first page with the list of timings in which the page was supposed to flip, so we had no idea of the location, conflict or people upon whom we were meant to focus. The page never did flip. So, we each just sat here doing a more generalized meditation/invocation for sustainable world peace connected with the group in general.
    I had logged on a little early, just to make sure it would all work in time to try to do something about it if it glitched. I had such a time getting TO the page, with several rounds of, after waiting a while, getting one of those "timed out" notices. After that, so once I finally reached the page by 9:40, I just logged in and stayed there, so it wasn't a matter of starting early enough, yet still, it did not flip. The large number of posts describing the same problem indicates that there is not enough band width to handle this many respondents. This needs to be remedied with increased band width. I would suggest that the number of posts reporting the page not 'flipping' is also indicative of a larger number of people who have not posted about it, but who have experienced the same problem.
    Also, I sent an e mail describing the repetitive and even confusing sign-up issue, though I forgot to mention that silly floating pop-up sign-up in that, I did say enough to make it clear how and why this was causing confusion. I received no answer, and on Mon., there it all was again, and with that floater too.
    Please take note that there are a number of other posts also mentioning this.
    It is important to staighten things out so that you can be contributing to the FURTHERANCE of INCREASING participation in large group and global meditaions rather than the opposite by demonstrating that its too dysfunctional to bother paying any notice to them when seeing one announced or receiving an invitation to participate. By correcting the problems, all who DO arrange for the time and space to participate are then actually ABLE to participate rather than finding themselves blocked out (while yet confronted with yet MORE insisting push, again, to SIGN UP.)
    At sign-up, there are questions that because of HOW they are asked, and also from what is NOT asked to go with that, perhaps the answers have left an impression that many long-time meditators were instead inexperienced and hence the barrage of e mails with elementary instructions for beginners to learn a selected version of HOW TO, and ALL of them having a link, only link given, seeming as if to the site, but that goes only to a sign-up page which has links "about the author" and etc., but each such link is ONLY to yet another page of a bit of rudimentary info and yet another sign-up.
    Speaking for ourselves, we did not come to give personal attention or kudos to the author of a worthy yet rudimentary book, we came for the impersonal motivation to participate in a UNIVERSAL quality of meditation that has, with its scientists's quantifying aspect, the potential for contributing to wider awareness of the effectiveness of meditation applied to world problems and needs.
    The question on the sign-up form asked if a person had ever participated in an EXPERIMENT like this before. Answering 'no' does not mean people are inexperienced in working with large group and global meditations. The book is written from a point of view that does not stem from a long experience of meditation. The "experiment" has attracted a good number for whom meditation was a "practice" long ago that, from that "practice", has moved onward, merging with their lives into a natural, ongoing way of life. We would appreciate an opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile project without that entailing any participation focused through personal attachment of/to, with, or as if students under, the author.
    Creating a depersonalized main page that is focused on THE WORK and not a person, and with NO pushy SIGN-UP form would be greatly appreciated. From that main page then, providing a link to a page dedicated to that day's particular point of meditational focus would be like a breath of fresh air compared with how it is handled at present, and would alleviate all confusion that has been engendered by numerous e mails that push again each time to sign-up and link only to a sign-up page with a floating sign-up additional pop-up, plus links to personalized offerings of the author, all leading to yet another push for sign-up.
    Also, if for some reason, somehow, logging in does not then provide a count of how many are participating, and you wish for people to register each time, please at least drop the "questionaire". If it is being used to provide divisions into classifications, the questions used are not adequate for that and are a bothersome additional repetition.
    Please do work on resolving these matters. They have been a problem for many who have sought to participate.
    Thank you.

  62. This time everything worked as planned. Thank you (although I did log in 5 hours early, not sure if this helped)
    Twice during the meditation, as I focused on a sense of gratitude for the peace for the area, a huge sadness welled up in me, but somehow it wasn't sad to feel the sadness. I felt so grateful to be able to participate in something as wonderful as this.
    May this process spread throughout the world.

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