A Week of Peace

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartI’m back in the UK after a five-week stint in the US, where I ran two Living with Intention workshops, had meetings and retreats with spiritual leaders of all persuasions, and spent a much-needed two-week holiday in California with my family.
I also spent a great deal of time speaking with my team of scientists to examine many of the issues involved in setting up the Peace Intention Experiment.
As a mass group experiment to promote peace in a particular hotspot has never been tried before, at least in the very rigorous way that we’re planning, the biggest challenge is to figure out how exactly this experiment should be run.
For the first one, we have to set up a hypothesis and then test it.  If it works, we’ll know we have modelled our study well. If it doesn’t work, we will know only that one of the following is true:

  • intention can’t be used to lower violence
  • our scientific model on this occasion wasn’t robust enough to yield meaningful data.

In other words, with any scientific experiment, you start out by stumbling in the dark.

Help from TM studies
Happily, in this instance we have some scientific work that will help to light our way. As you may know, the Transcendental Meditation organization carried out a great number of systematic studies examining whether the passive act of meditation in a particular area, when carried out by a large group of people, can have an effect on lowering violence levels and also terrorist activities. Many of their studies showed a 10-20 per cent drop in violence levels in particular areas populated by a critical number of meditators.  Their studies have been analyzed by a team of statisticians and published in reputable scientific journals.
These studies are invaluable to us because

  1. they worked  - the TM people repeatedly witnessed highly significant, repeatable results in domestic cities and foreign locales
  2. they used a particular and repeated scientific design and analysis.

Examining their study design can give the Peace Intention Experiment a basis blueprint that we can tailor for our purposes.  And our work, in effect, will extend theirs.
Besides the scientists on my panel, I spoke at length with David Orme-Johnson, one of the architects of the TM studies, and John Davies, of the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland.  Davies worked with Orme-Johnson in helping to find the statistics used for the TM studies, and has offered a great deal of information about how to find reliable data.
The most important question of all that we have had to consider over the last two months in designing this first experiment is simply this:

How long should we send intention?
Should we do our customary 10 minutes, or more?  And should we just send intention one time, or more than once? And if so, how many times?
Jessica Utts, the professor of statistics at the University of California at Davis who will be analyzing this data of the Peace Intention Experiment, says that just seeing one dip in the statistics (corresponding to the time we sent intention) isn’t going to be very impressive. We need to see a sustainable dip, or a series of spikes corresponding to times we send intention, for our experiment to be statistically convincing.
All the Intention Experiments run to date have asked participants to send intention for just 10 minutes. Nevertheless, in those instances, we’ve sent intention to a simple target — a jar of water, a leaf, a set of seeds – and tried to change something simple.
With those experiments, we were taking baby steps. We’re now about to take a giant leap in terms of the complexity of our target.
Gary Schwartz, the professor of psychology at the University of Arizona who has partnered with me on the early experiments, believes that a single 10-minute intention is almost certain to fail with the Peace Intention Experiment.  He argues strongly that our intention needs to be sustained over some days or be run at random intervals.  That way, if we see spikes in our data corresponding with times we send intention, we’ll know that our intentions are having an effect.
In the TM studies, the minimum amount of time for meditation was 40 minutes, although they also ran studies examining the effect of 7000 people in the same place carrying out daily bouts of meditation for 10 minutes.
Nevertheless, the meditators were always asked to meditate over a sustained time period – one week to one month.
That suggests to us that our 10-minute model can work when carried out over a number of days.

Same time, same place for one week
So for this first study, it’s likely that we’ll ask you to send intention every day for 10 minutes at the same time for one week.  If this is finally agreed (and we’re still working on study design), we’ll ask you to come on our site at the same time every day (see below) for a week to send the same intention to the same target.
We’re still working out the times, but it’s likely they will be the following:

  • 9 am Pacific Daylight Savings time
  • 12 noon Eastern Daylight Savings time
  • 5 pm British summer time
  • 6 pm European summer time

All other main time zones will be listed and sent to you

Critical mass
John Davies and I discussed something else interesting about use of the internet for this experiment.  The TM studies discovered positive effects with two group sizes.  When 1 per cent of the population in any given area was meditating, the crime rate went down.
Nevertheless, when the square root of 1 per cent of the population was together in the same place, this also had a positive effect on lowering violence.  In the experiments with international terrorist levels, the TM people were able to lower terrorist action when 7000 people t were meditating at the same site.  At the time, 7000 represented the square root of 1 per cent of the population.
In a sense, by gathering together on our website all at the same moment, we will be, in a sense, in the same ‘place’.  If we have 8000 participants or more, we will have the square root of 1 per cent of the world’s current population.  At the moment 5000 have already signed up and that figure is going up by hundreds every day.
So please, if you haven’t signed up already, do so here. And get all your likeminded friends to participate as well. Let’s surpass the TM’s definition of a critical mass and speak with one thunderous voice.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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65 comments on “A Week of Peace”

  1. it will be very difficult for me to meditate every day
    at 9 AM as I am a school teacher. But I pledge to
    meditate each day after school.

  2. Brilliant Lynne!
    As a healer I know how powerful intention is and involving so many this way is truly wonderful. I will do all I can to support this experiment and any others in the future. I believe every single effort/intention we make like this one helps to make a difference to the condition of the planet as a whole and that we are effecting positive change with each action. Peace!

  3. Hello Lynne,
    I am excited and curious to take part in this Peace intention experiment. Thank you for all you are doing! Take care & Have Fun!
    Peace & Blessings,

  4. I have signed up for this and very much want to participate however, weekdays at noon EDT I am in the office at work. I can certainly schedule the time on a weekend but weekdays are much more difficult to make the commitment for noon.

  5. Hello Lynne:
    I really applaud you and am thankful that you are doing this important work.
    If all time is NOW, the target of the "intention" will be hit no matter what time it's sent.
    Considering that some may not be able to send at the specified times, what if those individuals send their intention for peace every day at whatever time they can with the added intention of it reaching the target at the same time as all other participants?
    I apologize if I haven't explained this clearly enough - I know you'll understand.

  6. This intention experiment is a great idea. I am however concerned that it might be difficult for a large mass of people to all be free at the same time for several days running. I would prefer one longer intention time, but I understand it's also a question of what is more effective..and what others have to say about this..! Peace, Justin

  7. I shall be in the back of my Mojave Desert cabin. I will focus on the old Joshua Tree to the southwest. If I read the info accurately, I am to do this for seven mornings beginning Sep. 6. Like to know if that is accurate. Here is the mantra that came to me immediately after 9/11: "For the furthering of all sentient beings; and the protection of earth, air and water.
    Blessed be, Mary

  8. Hello, Lynne
    I think that this experiment is a great idea.
    I' ll do my best, concerning the time.
    Is 6 pm the time that applies to Greece as well?
    Blessings, from Greece

  9. I am so looking forward to participating in this experiment but I also have a conflict during the suggested time (I teach a noon class and I live on the East Coast of the US.) Could there be 2 times, or another way for those of us who want to be involved but have a time conflict?

  10. about the difficulty to be available at a certain time ..... could people coordinate with another location, say if you are on the W coast and not available at 9am, meditate at 6am to join the New York people?

  11. I too may find it difficult to be available at 5pm BSTevery day but intend joining Sandy DeBoice and the rest of you in the Eternal Now, with intention for the effect to be manifested at the appointed time. I hope this approach doesn't affect the scientific validity of your results. Perhaps you could let us know about this Lynne. If you feel it might cloud the results please let us know.
    Blessings to All

  12. This is going to be amazing - it would be useful to know how many people are signing up. Is 7000 a possible target?
    I will be sending the intention on the 14th at 5 pm BST (I am in the UK - Glasgow to be specific)
    But 5pm during the week - will not be so easy as I will be at work.

  13. i will be in Cypress the week of 9/15 so I think noon EST will be 6PM Cypress time. I will be with many other people, but plan to send intentions in the AM or early afternoon, if that works. Joyce

  14. Hi Lynne
    This intention experiment is an excellent idea - I believe that having everyone's intent at one time can make a great deal of difference. Unfortunately being 1pm Atlantic time I am at work at the time designated so will not be able to participate.
    Blessings - Margie

  15. Dear Lynne
    I am looking forward to being part of this event.
    I'll be with a group in Orkney islands/ Scotland, so we'll direct our intentions ar 5pm each day from wherever we are, which will certainly be nowhere near a computer, so I hope there will be a way of connecting and focusing with you that doesn't involve being right there in front of the screen with your website.
    In joyful support,

  16. Does attending church every Sunday and being in a prayerful state for at least an hour act in the same way? I could promise that at 10.00 a.m. UK time.

  17. as time is an ilusion i think connecting with the eternal now might be correct, love to the worrld

  18. What if...
    Those who are at work during the times of the experiment were to simply do an eyes-open, walking mindfulness meditation -- maintaining thoughts, feelings, and vibrations of peacefulness?
    What if...
    Those who are teaching classes take a moment to teach their students about the power of intention and its potential impact on peace?
    What if...
    Someone were to set an intention in advance that no matter what he or she is doing during those times, he/she will be able to align his or her mind and heart with peace, thus contributing energetically to the experiment?

  19. For once, my being on medical leave will have an advantage. I want to participate as fully as possible on this experiment. I missed the last one because of my work schedule. I'm very excited to be part of this effort.

  20. This will be my first time to work with the Intention Experiment. I have read your book, also listent to it on my MP3 . I have recently started doing meditation on a regular basis, I am looking forward to 9/14, however, I do have a few concerns. Iwill be on an Alaska Cruise at the time, and what to make sure that my timeing is in alightment. Looking forward to doing what I can, in order to be a part of the "Shift".
    Thank you for your excellent work.

  21. As a member of a Christ-minded generic Christ lead group, not only will i join you at 12 Noon (USA) which though we have different time zones within our country, seems a sustainable ID control spread... but i am emailing like minded others to join in this lifting of GOOD Intentions. Thank you and my best Buddy who passed this site on to me ! Blessings to the endevor !

  22. Dear Lynne,
    I'm writing from Caracas, Venezuela, S.A. As I understand , here in Caracas, I will have to join your website at 11:30 a.m. Sunday 14th and at the same time, the following 10 days. Please confirm the site is theintentionexperiment.com. Will we have a special phrase o mantra to have in our hearts, or each of us will just concentrate in reducing violence in the world? I thank you for the work you are doing and for giving us the privilege to join you in this magnificent intention.
    I can assure you we do need this intention in my country where we are suffering with a militarist-authoritarian-communist regimen, but, do have all our hope in a brave and intelligent young student community who loves freedom and peace!
    Thank you again and may the Light of Wisdom erase all ignorance from our world.

  23. This is my first time being involved with any of your experiments although I have participated in others' world peace efforts off and on for many years. I really want to be a part of this but it will be pretty much impossible for me to be on this website at noon Eastern Standard time for a week in September. I work full time as a high school teacher and school starts next week. Even if I am lucky enough to get a schedule that allows me to be without students for 10 minutes at noon (a very slim likelihood), I probably will not have access to the website.
    I like some of the things others have said about time and the eternal now, though. How about this -- I will meditate daily that week at whatever time works for me and hold a crystal or some other small object which may then become associated with my intention. Then I will carry that object in my pocket to work that week where hopefully it will serve as both a reminder and an energy link connecting me to the intention experiment during those ten minutes at noon each day.

  24. Two points can can improve the statistical accuracy and the participation.
    1.You will be counting computer logons, how many people will be making their intention known to the universe from the same computer or location. 5,000 computers could easily mean over 10,000 individuals. Ask each computer user to record the number of people in their home, business, or library who are participating.
    2. Ask the news media Radio, TV, and print to become a part of this great experiment. They could help coordinate the time. And people at work would have an explained reason for logging on with at least one computer per office,
    This is an extremely important experiment coming at a very critical time for this planet and everyone should be interested in process and the outcome.

  25. Dear Lynne,
    I have ordered your book (The Intention Experiment) from Dubai, after a long time waiting I finally got it today. It seems is just in time for me to join your experiment. I agree with what you are trying to prove and I strongly believe it will work. I personally experienced a lot of living with intention in my life (that's why your book awoke my curiosity) and I can say it works with things that before seemed almost impossible to happen. Every time I am "stretching" my intention to things that seem to anybody else difficult to occur so if they happen I know that partially it had to do with my constant thinking about them.
    As for the timing, people should not worry because you have the countdown displayed on top of your page.
    In my opinion "waves" of the same intention coming from all over the world at diffrent times throughout the whole 7 days would be much stronger than just 10 minutes a day. Is like the marching army on a bridge, if they would make all the same time one step only the bridge won't move but if they start marching for a while they can even break the bridge.

  26. Addressing some of the concerns about time availability and multiple household intenders:
    1) Each intender can open their own browser window or tab and login to theintentionexperiment.com to identify themselves as present for the event.
    2) If 10 intention sessions of 10 minutes each are the target, perhaps they (or even more) can be scheduled over the day (or weekend) of Sunday, September 14th.
    3) The above would allow people who can’t meet one session to pickup on another.
    4) By setting the time to every hour on the hour, for instance, the number of logged in intenders will vary, but the count will be known and thus the results can be calculated against the number of intenders, giving a ratio of effect to participating intenders.
    5) The website can issue the start time for intenders in their own time zones, so they can show up a little early and prepare.
    6) The website can also provide a start button for the intenders to click, indicating that they are participating and have not simply allowed the page to stay active all day.
    I don’t think I would be very effective trying to meditate at work and my company has policies against using company resources for personal use.

  27. "The purpose of JUSTICE is the appearance of UNITY among men....
    The well-being of mankind, its PEACE and security, are unattainable unless and until its UNITY is firmly established." Baha'u'llah Yes, I will take part in the meditations.

  28. Dear Lynne:
    I´m sure that all the Universe will be according with The Peace Intention Experiment on Sunday 14th.
    Peace and Blessings from Colombia.

  29. Dear Lynne and Team,
    I have meditated for peace in small groups, but this is the first time I will be involved in an internet experiment of this nature and I think it's fantastic that we have this resource. I hear people grumble (including me!) about how much time kids and teenagers spend in front of screens but after all, they have never known a world without computers. As they say, you can't put the genie back in the bottle, so lets take advantage of our internet-global-village for the goodwill of everyone!
    I think the suggestions of T. St.Amant would work very well to counteract the problems arising from our different time zones. I'm in Australia, in the Blue Mountains, so 2am every day for a week is going to be a challenge - I won't be able to stay awake until 2am because of work commitments and my alarm going off around 1.45am would disturb the person in the room next to mine. However, I'm certain that we will be able to make arrangements to suit the participants based on everyone's suggestions.
    Peace amongst all.

  30. I also am a school teacher. But my comment has to do with time. If, as people say, time is not linear but is in effect, all happening at once, it seems to be that meditating at a different hour would still have the desired accumulative effect.

  31. I would struggle to do intention experiment sittings every day at the specified times too. Perhaps running it over several weeks with one or two sittings in the weekend would be easier for people and still give you multiple 'spikes'

  32. I am with Lauren Archer in her sugesstions. This ten minutes for two weeks out of my life and my students are going to have to go along with it.
    It is too important to ignore!!
    I shall be telling them to calm and centre themselves during that part of the class time, using their inner self to access the "feel" of the class and their surroundings. They can incorporate it into their lesson afterwards.
    Given a little bit of ingenuity we can all manage it somehow.

  33. A little correction to your maths: I think you mean the square of 1%, not the square root, in your discussion of critical mass. The square of 1% is 1% of 1% or 0.01%; the square root of 1% is 10% (because 10% of 10% is 1%).

  34. Whoops. Cancel that last comment. I see now that you mean the square root of the number that is 1% of the population

  35. Lynne,
    Thanks so much all your work synthesizing the many, many studies. What a wonderful contribution to the world. I read The Field last week and am now listening to the CD's of Living with Intention.
    My son returned home for a year in the US Army infantry in Iraq recently. I have been talking with him about many of the studies in your work. Tonight at dinner I told him about the Peace Intention Experiment. He suggested Iraq as an ideal target. He says that every act of violence is tracked and sent to a headquarters in Baghdad. He said every team, squad, platoon, etc -- reports SIGACTs (significant actions of violence) -- the place, time of day, even to the details of the number of rounds when possible. The Army crunches the data to find the safest times to perform missions and to analyze and track the conflict.
    At any rate, I'm sure you must be connected with others who can find out more about this huge data base that the Army has been keeping.
    Thanks for all you efforts

  36. your experiment will work, however it should be understood and made known to your friends who participate that the wave of intention can also be time directional,, ie. all maditators nomater WHEN the indivuduals are in meditation can project the intention of there meditative focus to a prearranged period of time, for the pupose of measurability this will suffice.
    good luck

  37. Knowing that time is an illusion, I pledge to meditate at the same time each morning with the intention of adding that energy to the 9am Pacific group.
    Looking forward to seeing the results. What potential we have!

  38. The European Time means CET (Central European Time). Would be more precise to mention this. In the EET timezone the beginning hour is 19.

  39. I'd like to amend the suggestions for creating a space for the work:
    Getting the space ready
    intention place.
    Take time to feel comfortable in it. Clear it of extraneous items. Make it THE PLANET's .
    CLEAN AWAY WHAT ISN'T ESSENTIAL TO YOUR INTENTION. LEAVE IT EMPTY OR Put in it the things you like - cushions, or comfortable
    > furniture.
    > Soft lighting, perhaps, or candles, or incense.
    > Some people create an altar on which they focus. You may
    > like to,
    > too.
    > Make the air cleaner and fresher with an ionizer, (NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO OWN AN IONIZER.)
    > especially if you
    > live in an urban area.
    Blessed be, Mary S.

  40. Lynn,
    This has been my dream! I had proposed this idea to a friend who had created a site on Ning a while ago. We have been back and forth in how to go about it and did not come to finalize our intention as of yet. Thank you Lynn for manifesting my dream.
    I can see the group coming together for 10 minutes every day for a week. I now it will be very effective and powerful for the whole globe. I have friends on many Ning sites, which I plan to send out invitation tonight.
    all love

  41. dear Lynn
    also contact George Norry at coasttocoast.com
    he is well aware of the possibillities of combined concience abikities and would be a good means to reach a very large group of others who would be glad to participate in such an adventure

  42. I'm a Reiki Master living in Kuwait. In Reiki we practice distant healing, and believe in the power of intention, so when I heard about this experiment I was very interested to take part. I've also told some other Reiki practitioners about it.
    I enjoyed reading the postings here. I believe it would be just as effective to set an intention in advance, and also that waves of intention can be as effective as synchronised intention. However, I believe that it would be more helpful for the experiment if we all try as far as possible to all do this at the same time.
    I agree with "Peace for All" that Iraq could be a suitable subject, given the amount of violence there and the existence of detailed statistics. I would also like to put in a word for Palestine/Israel.
    Incidentally, this experiment will be taking place during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

  43. Well, I haven't worn a watch in over twenty years, but am really keen to contribute to this experiment, in an accurate fashion. So, I guess I'll have to break down and purchase a watch with a timer. But after this is over, I promise to put the watch away!

  44. The other thing is that it's nice to try to meditate anywhere adn under any conditions. I know it';s useful to create a special place, but sometimes it's good to also get used to meditating in a shopping mall, for instance. Find a bench and just do it. I'll be at work, but I am also advising everyone, and as a consequence, other have become interested.

  45. Dear Everyone,
    Thanks so much for all your great comments.
    Remember: the purpose of this experiment is to test scientifically whether sending focused intention can lower violence and restore peace and cooperation.
    We're asking people to send 10 minutes of intention at the same time each day for an entire week to maximize our changes of showing a significant statistical change.
    We increase our chances significantly if we send intention for more than one day. We might ultimately decide to go for longer than a week. If so, I'll let you all know soon.
    If you can't make it every single day, make sure to come on those days that you can. The important thing is to REGISTER every day during that week that you send intention. That way, our scientific team will know exactly how many people sent intention on any given day.
    Remember: this pilot is the first attempt of many Peace Intention Experiments. We're going to learn a lot from this first experiment. Much as I'd like to choose Baghdad as our first target, we may have to choose elsewhere for two reasons.
    It is difficult to get reliable stats out of the US government for war-related deaths and violence
    Everyone is sending prayers and intentions for peace to Iraq. It may be difficult to show any meaningful relationship with our own intentions. In scientific terms, those other intentions will merge with ours.
    But we're still deciding the target. I'll let you know on the day. And if we don't do Iraq this time, we'll sure do it in the future.
    Please keep checking this website, as we'll be putting our first set of instructions next week. If you haven't registered, do so NOW. We'll be sending you specific instructions, including how to prepare for this historic event.
    I'll also have great news soon about the special website we're creating for the Peace Intention Experiment.
    Warm wishes,
    Lynne McTaggart

  46. Thank you for the invitation. I am from Mexico, and I do not know at what hour I must make the meditation... I hope it will be in my no job hours.
    Another question: I forgot what is the intention point of the meditation: the middle East?
    Congratulations for the experiment. I hope it will bring more knowledge about the subtle and strong power of the mind.

  47. Hi Lynn,
    What a beautiful experiment! I KNOW it will work. James Twyman has done a lot of meditations like this and recorded impressive results.
    As for the right time/date: did you consult the Maya-calender for this? Might be a good idea in order to find the right date and time. I cannot help you with this, but I'm sure you know somebody who can.
    With love and peace!

  48. I created a video when Lynne first announced this experiment.
    Helps me get in the frame of mind needed for world peace.
    I have read and been part of the last few experiments and I am truly looking forward to being part of this experiment. We are doing all we can to get the word out about this experiment.
    You are truly a catalyst for change Lynne, I love all of your work, you are a shining example to us all!
    world peace.
    I have read and been part of the last few experiments and I am truly looking forward to being part of this experiment. We are doing all we can to get the word out about this experiment.
    You are truly a catalyste for change Lynne, I love all of your work, you are a shining example to us all!
    Jody Sachse

  49. Having read thru these, I'm feeling very hopeful. Just reading has contributed to a sense of calm and peace for me which I am surprised & delighted by. Perhaps I'm connecting to your intentions as I read. I thank you very much. This day had a very mixed start.
    I plan to be with you EST the entire week. I like the idea of a focus on Iraq or Iran...or perhaps the White House.. Iraq & I ran have the advantage of statistic taking...wonder if we could crack thru something in the White House or the Capitol.
    With you in valuing vital peaceful living,

  50. I am getting more and more excited about the Intention Experiment for World Peace as the date approaches.
    I will be at my computer at 9:00 AM on the appointed date. Have increased my meditation frequency, but have not been able to create the desired space. As I need to be at my computer, I'll need to clean up the space a bit. We will succeed and the experiment will have very positive, provable results. Thanks, Lynne

  51. I have tried to contact lyn
    and have made contact with dr roger nelson
    who agrees that my suggestion is plausible
    I am willing to facilitate
    to start the wave at a civilised hour 11am
    wish to organise media interviews for lyn
    by satellite
    and have sent request to her webssite
    no response TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE
    copy of email to roger nelson follows and of course his reply
    From: rdnelson@Princeton.EDU
    Subject: Re: intention experiment sep 14 -21 2008
    Date: 3 September 2008 12:42:26 AM
    To: e.myers.20@scu.edu.au
    Cc: rdnelson@Princeton.EDU
    Hi Estelle,
    I think the wave idea is fine, and indeed any way to help
    people focus on their/our best qualities and on positive
    visions and dreams should be followed. The evidence is
    already clear that what we wish and pray for is more likely
    to become our reality than if we did not do so.
    I am not the person to contact with regard to the the
    intention experiment -- you need to write to Lynn McTaggart.
    Your point is well taken, however. Of course we do have the
    flexibility to "intend" that our intentions will apply, even
    if the time we come together is before or after the time set
    by experimenters. Love is nonlocal.
    On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Estelle Myers wrote:
    my dear good dr
    have been tracking you for some years
    you feature in the last chapter of my ph.d thesis
    midwife to gaia, birthing global consciousness
    we are both in the wonderful journal
    produced by
    the equally fantastic visionary
    sacha stone of humanitad
    this new experiment is so promising
    the following is the communication sent by me
    to the DOWN UNDER POD
    where we start the new day - new zealand and australia
    i have suggest we begin the wave of energy
    at 11am or high noon
    for those in great numbers who would not arise
    at 2am every morning for a week
    i have been working on morphic fields and waves since 1976
    on way or another facilitating planetary pause for peace events
    and watched them grow from a few hundred to
    thanks to tim berner lees
    us there data on the opening closing of 2008 olympics
    the recent democratic convention
    where i understand the numbers were even greater than any previous public event
    if you can spare the time
    be grateful to have you peruse and comment
    on the actual wave idea
    especially as we down under are in the future
    not the past
    is there a place for media releases
    love your wild and wonderful vision
    personally started with ten 28th october 1980
    now one of millions holding the vision
    hi to my special "down under" network
    this is the most exciting news for me
    as it is essentially what the last chapter in my ph.d is about
    using the www and the princeton uni research to measure
    global consciousness
    the only problem is that
    up in the north they have only facted in times
    from GMT time over the week long experiment
    which means that we would have to be up every day
    at 2am to be part of the group
    which they want to get the critical mass of square root of 1%
    as the new day begins DOWN UNDER
    it is my intention to start the INTENTION IN NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA
    creating the morphic field for the others to follow
    plan to get in touch with the organisers to suggest that
    they are claiming to need only 8000 people for the experiment
    with the appropriate use of our global family network
    i think we can get to millions globally and thousands
    down under
    ho hum
    and my thesis is about
    a WAVE OF ENERGY of intention and action
    co creating the magic required
    the world is looking more exciting every minute of every day in every way
    Freedom Fun and Friendship
    Estelle Myers
    1/19 Waterview Ct
    Ballina 2478
    02 6681 1307
    0415 143 925
    Roger D. Nelson
    Director, Global Consciousness Project
    rdnelson@princeton.edu http://noosphere.princeton.edu

  52. hi lyn
    just read your post
    to co create the wave of energy to be built upon
    this is the subject of the last chapter in my
    PhD just completed
    'Midwife to Gaia, birthing global conscousness'
    with much apprecation of you and EVERYONE
    We are ONE/WON./NOW
    down under where the new day begins

  53. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your further comments.
    Please note that, to participate in the experiment, you will need to log in at the times stated for your time zone. This corresponds to 4pm GMT.
    As Lynne stated, if you can't participate every day, please simply participate when you can.

  54. hey from down under
    that sounds like a good idea
    i just know that more people will commit
    from down under
    at a civil hour
    the future starts in the southern hemisphere
    and this needs to be addressed
    some amazing events are unfolding
    as 'grandmother spider' i have been weaving
    a magical web around gaia since 1976
    connecting everyone's intentions
    your project is amazing
    can be the ONE,WON,NOW
    love love
    down under

  55. What happened? I logged in, got directed to the instructions page, powered up and waited. The page never flipped, although it was trying to.
    So I don't know where the target was , or the exact intention wording. I did focus on peace for the 10 minutes, but that time has just ended and I wasn't able to participate properly.
    Hope the glitch gets fixed for tomorrow...

  56. I, too, attempted to log 15 min. b4 noon since i'm on EDT. i couldn't get logged on and so did an intention walking meditation throughtout my home sending peace on the winds in all directions to include above and below. May peace flow into every being's heart, may every being see and recognize the sacred and divine that is within all.
    Blessings & Love to All

  57. Your book integrates esoteric and exoteric assessments of reality... the key to peace personal, global and universal.

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