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On August 12th, 2008

Lynne McTaggartA few weeks ago I wrote on my Living The Field blog about finding your tribe - a strong and likeminded community within which you can learn and grow and become more conscious.

What I should have mentioned is that you already have a ready-made tribe of likeminded individuals at the Intention Experiment Community site.  This extraordinarily kind and powerful collective has been one of my biggest discoveries during my work on intention, and I frequently marvel at what you are achieving together.

This week I wanted to pay tribute to some of the individual intention experiments our community members have conducted and written about on our forum.  We want everybody to participate in our large-scale online intention experiments, but we also encourage you to explore how you can bring intention into your own lives, and conducting your own intention experiments is a brilliant way of doing this.

Have a look at some of these personal stories about intention:

  • Hanaan tells us 'How I got my car with intention'.
  • In April, Darren was given a 10% chance of survival.  In this post he charts his return to health, and asks for the help of your healing intention.
  • Lynette's friend did an experiment in her office, sending love to one plant and hate to another.  Click here to find out what happened.
  • Angel asks whether anyone has successfully used intention to find their soul mate.  Click here to read other people's stories or share your own.

How have you used intention in your own life?  Have you conducted any personal intention experiments?  What did you find out?

Post your experiences below.



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  1. Odin Townley says:

    The intention to help and heal others is taken to the next level by the insights of Italian Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini. One of those "aha" moments of a true healer. See the video here:

  2. Raewyn says:

    After watching "What the Bleep Do We Know?" for the second time, I decided to do the morning intention where you visually set up your day. I intended just one thing, that if I had guides looking out for me, please show me so, by having someone unexpectedly give me flowers. A few days passed and I thought perhaps I had missed the sign, maybe there was a picture of flowers on something I was given, or something. I went to a plant store to get swan plants (the ones the monarch butterflies love), forgetting all about the intention by now, and a lady that worked at the plant store thrust a plant in my hands with beautiful white flowers, saying "take it, take it". She could see the look of surprise on my face and she said, "No charge, take it". As for the unexpected factor I'd say that rates a 10 out of 10 as I have never been given anything by a shop before free of charge, ever. The plant was healthy and the white flowers, beautiful. What's especially nice is that white is apparently the colour of spirit. Awesome.

  3. Dean Shrock says:

    Dear Lynn,
    'Great to meet you and Bryan in Portland. As you know, my doctoral dissertation was on guided imagery, so I have had considerable opportunity to experience the use of deliberate intention personally and professionally. My first experiences that motivated me to study guided imagery included 1) ridding myself of hay fever symptoms that I had suffered with for fifteen years, 2) gaining 15 pounds without increasing my waistline, 3) repairing torn cartilage in my knee that allowed me to forego surgery, and 4) to stop smoking. This obviously got my attention! I have since worked with thousands of people with many different diagnoses (primarily cancer and chronic pain), and I am convinced that one's intention, whether we call it guided imagery, hypnosis, prayer, etc., potentially can heal or improve any condition.
    My best to you, Dean

  4. linda epstein says:

    last year my yearly mammogram results showed a spot on my left breast the size of a nickel. They rescheduled another test and a sonogram for the next week.

    When told of the results, after they hung up, i went and meditated and stated that i did not have breast cancer and that the spot did not exist. I envisioned my breast healthy and spot free. I also called my friends and associates in energy healing and ask them to set the intention that i was free from cancer and the spot would be gone by the next week of tests.

    When i went for the tests, they could not believe that the spot was gone, it was too prominent to have been a mistake. Actually my breast was sore because they kept taking more pictures to try and find the spot. Likewise with the sonogram, they couldn't find anything.

  5. Lezley Two Bears says:

    several years i had a friend who had delivered premature twins. They were, of course, very small and had severe breathing problems. There wasn't much hope for them. i belong to a First Peoples Drum and we intended to send these small babies our positive energy and our intention that they would not only survive but to also thrive. Once a week for 2 hours, as we drummed we did so with the intention of sending our love and support to them. Every week their heartbeats became stronger while we drummed and remained stronger for hours after. Except for 2 weeks when we cancelled practise. On those days their mom asked us the next day what happened because there was no improvement on the previous night. On the 2nd occasion the drum pledged to meet and drum every week until they were out of the woods. Every week there was the same positive result. Once they were in crisis and turned the corner toward improvement while we wer drumming and held that new strength. They are now active, healthy, young children.

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