Developing Compassion

Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartDeveloping compassion is an essential part of preparing for sending intention.
Our compassion will embrace the world and everyone in it.  This sense of universal compassion will be with us as we intend.
Feel compassion for your heart first.  Imagine that your compassion is a light that is spreading over your heart.
Breathe in and send a loving thought to yourself.  "May I be well and free from suffering", or "I am well and free from suffering."
Breathe out and send this wonderful light from your heart and out into the world.
As you do this, think: "I appreciate the kindness and love of all living creatures.  May all others be well."
Let this light first reach those you love, then your good friends, then people you know, and finally to people you dislike or actually hate.  As the light reaches each new band of people, say: "May they be well and free from suffering."
Concentrate on the kindness and compassion of all living things, and how they make your life possible, and good.
Imagine what it is like to be somebody else.  What is it like to be your parent, your husband, your wife?
How is life for them, with their own fears and dreams, their hopes?
Every day is a call to compassion.  You see a beffar in the street, you see people dying on the television news.
When you feel compassion for others, don't brush it aside.  Become open and vulnerable, enhance and deepen the feeling.
What are your tips for developing compassion?

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,064 comments on “Developing Compassion”

  1. Awakened compassion is to figure out a way to show a person they are much more than just the conditioned fears and desires of the culturally-created-self.
    To feel compassion for someone who is suffering because of their unconscious attachment to the ego-mind is a wonderful idea, but does it really help them?

  2. Knowing that all life is one leads one immediately to compassion for all things. One doesn't hate one's toe because it has an in-grown toenail and is hurting one. I believe that compassion means a gentle acceptance of all people and things and circumstances

  3. Compassion is a consequence, is a state o life, is the "understanding" the "knowing" that we are all One, that we are not separate. Learning to be alone with ourselves, to enjoy and live the silence wihin, is one of the first step to "know" who we really are : not separate, One, with everyone and everything that exists and then, as a consequence we live in a state of Love and Compassion.

  4. Compassion is the ability to want the best for everyone but to accept them as they are right now.
    Universe intelligence thank you for blessing everyone.


  6. Certa vez, estando em um grupo de oração, pdiamos pela cura de um menino com câncer. De repente, senti como se fosse o menino, após a quimioterapia, a náusea o vômito e como se me afastasse dele, o vi. E, daí, como se já não fosse eu, senti uma unidade e uma certeza de uma voz que dizia: ele vai sarar! (sinceramente, eu não sei que tipo de cura ele teve, mas sei que teve!)

  7. Compassion: With feeling; with passion, passion is elatation, it is drive, it is anger, it is love, it is lust, it is vitality. It can be peace and joy or great sorrow and suffering. it keeps our connect to the human, in all aspects.
    When I ponder upon the compassion for others I feel not only the welling up from within but the connect to the whole, divine, universal... and empathy and the humility to see what another is feeling; that my actions as well have reprocussions beyond my scope.
    compassion rises us up beyond our selves; even if some one is errant or bad, compassion for the lack of their growth and knowledge or ignorance.. that they too one day will be open and compassionate; blessing it forward if you will. As Jesus had begged in his moment of angst, "forgive them for they know not what they do"
    and the metta of help them to see their own true light; to be healing....
    that is the potential of compassion.

  8. The Compassion Exercise from Harry Palmer's book Re-Surfacing is another profound tool for increasing compassion.

  9. Feeling compassion for another is nothing short of an instant spontaneous journey to the Source and being one with it. The seat of compassion being in the heart its conscious development and sustained presence in one's life could be attained by constant practice. Marj in her comment above has drawn attention to Harry Palmer's Compassion Exercise. From my experience I would recommend the exercise. Performed at every available opportunity it becomes a habit soon and its expression as natural as breathing.

  10. Ahhh Mick:
    Interesting question. Hmmm...
    Does it matter whether or not it helps them? It helps us and if we are all in the one, I just assumed that it would help all.

  11. Yes Marj! those exercises are really great. Thanks for reminding me!
    Iftikhar, I agree; performed at every available opportunity itbecomes a habit and its as natural as breathing.

  12. I really like using "Metta" Loving Kindness meditation. Here is a video I recently compiled for helping people focus on compassion (Loving Kindness) for all beings.
    Recently I have experienced some very challenging circumstances that have helped me to cultivate a deeper understanding of compassion, compassion is freedom.

  13. Two-ways, bidirectional. Feeling compassion for someone goes through me , I feel it in myself and so it has an equally calming effect and makes me feel good inside. Happy, peaceful, connected, loving. All of the good warm-fuzzy feelings. So I think that it is impossible to intend someone else's healing or well-being without having a positive effect on our own. So if thoughts become things, then intending well-being becomes a good thing for more than just the person you are intending it for, it goes through the giver full force and with equal effect. That's what it feels like to me.

  14. Compassion is what will bring the light in fullness to our hurting, healing world.
    The Law of One is an ancient prayer that supersedes all other prayers. It is:
    We are all one.
    When one is harmed, all are harmed,
    When one is helped, all are healed.
    And so in the name of I Am That I Am,
    And I Am One with All,
    I ask only that which is the highest good ,
    Be done in my life and all of life.
    I give thanks that it is being done,
    Now and always.
    And so it is.
    This calls forth the I Am presence within each of us. This I Am presence is our Divine God Self.
    There is no separation. That is simply an illusion.
    Here we find great compassion.

  15. It is easiest for me to elicit compassion for another by thinking of them/treating them as my child, my mother, my father, my brother/sister, etc. The feelings I have for my family are familiar to me and so this is how I share that feeling with others. In this way, it feels as though my family has grown and I am better able to grasp the concept that we are all one. Compassion grows when we better know someone, so starting out believing you do know them, on the most fundamental level (which you do since we are all one), we already have a greater compassion for them than someone we label as stranger.

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