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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggartLast week I attended the Transformational Leadership Council meeting – a group started by Jack Canfield to bring together thought leaders in human transformation.  The group includes many household names in the personal development movement, and the content of the weekend’s events are highly spiritual, designed to help each member evolve.
During this extraordinary weekend, I heard one of the best stories about intention and abundance I’ve ever heard  from a woman I’ll call Laurie.  Laurie and Peter (again, not his real name) have an extraordinarily successful, well known personal transformation company, but it wasn’t always that way.  Although their business had initially flourished, it had stalled to the point where they were scrimping in every direction, just to put food on the table for their two young children.  All they could think about was how much they didn’t have, and both of them were infused with ‘lack’.
Laurie always wore a beautiful diamond ring – a large circle encrusted with small diamonds, given to her by her mother-in-law.  At the time Laurie and Paul had announced their engagement to his family, her mother-in-law had rushed out of the room, come back with a batch of diamond rings (she had a small collection), and asked her daughter-in-law to choose from any one of them.  Laurie’s choice held a special meaning for her, as she loved her mother-in-law deeply and the ring symbolized the bond with her husband and his family.  Nevertheless, in the current hard times, she felt she just couldn’t continue wearing such a large and expensive ring.
She went to her mother-in-law’s house one day and told her that she was considering pawning the ring.
Her mother-in-law, a highly spiritual woman, shook her head. "I have an idea.  Don’t sell the ring, but I’ll just keep it for you until your prosperity consciousness returns."
The following year, things in the business began to turn around. Laurie thought that it might be time to wear the ring again.  She went to her mother-in-law and told her she’d like the ring back.
"No," said the mother-in-law.  "I’ll leave it in the will and you can have it when I die."
Laurie thought her mother-in-law might have had a change of heart about keeping the ring herself, and since she loved her mother-in-law deeply, she didn’t want to argue.
For all of that year, the business really took off.  At Christmas, Laurie received a three foot wrapped rectangular box as the present from her mother-in-law.  When she unwrapped the box, however, she found a slightly smaller wrapped box.  She unwrapped that one, and again found only another smaller wrapped box.  For 15 minutes she continued to unwrap boxes, only to find another box wrapped inside.
Finally, she reached a two-inch box.  She opened it and there lay the ring inside.
For all those months, her mother-in-law had sent repeated intentions for Laurie and Peter’s business and their own intentions for abundance, symbolized by placing the ring in ever larger boxes.  Her intentions and actions may have helped them recover their own intentions for abundance.
The most interesting part of the story, though, concerns their children.  The first two were brought up in a household where money had been very tight during all those hard times, while  the third child was born during the later boom years.  Nevertheless, it is the first two who have a sense that life is filled with endless abundance.  They were raised with very little material wealth, only the love and commitment they shared as a family, and were grateful for everything they had.  Even at such a young age, they understood true prosperity consciousness.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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11 comments on “Message in a box”

  1. Awesome!!! I wish I could teach my husband about the Law of Attraction. He is so stuck in "reality" he can't fathom that his thoughts create what he has.
    I work on positive thoughts a lot. I've always been an optomistic person and one not to dwell on the negative. People have always called me "lucky" but I know better now *G*
    Creating abundance is all about attitude. And in spite of all my illnesses, I continue to have a positive attitude.
    I think this ring story was great to show that we can affect others with our positive attitudes. I just need to find a way to affect my husband's isues as well.

  2. The exponential power of two or more is so, so miraculous and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
    Nice reminder for us all. Colleen

  3. What an amazing story, I love the idea of the layers og boxes symbolising the layers of intention - wow.
    Thank you for sharing this with us all.
    S 🙂

  4. This arrived at the perfect time. I am working on forming a development group in my area of France. There were many difficulties to face, but now I am charged with enthusiasm, optimism and that warm feeling of love. Thank you, thank you. Jill

  5. Whereabouts in France are you Jill? I live in the Creuse and have been looking hard to find a spiritual group, but so far no luck.

  6. I have moved in the past few months to the Costa Tropical in southern Spain. I too would like get involved with a group of like-minded people to commit to meeting regularly to focus on intention. I know that focused intention works.

  7. This is truly an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing it Lynne.
    Mary Seroski... Have faith that your husband will become more open to the Law of Attraction. Hold this vision for him. Just like in this story, the mother-in-law held the vision for the couple that they would experience greater prosperity. What we tend to do with those we love is focus on why they're not getting it which only creates more of the same. So hold the vision for your husband, intend that he will get it and shower him with love and light.
    I would also like to say that because your husband is not 'getting it', he is giving you the opportunity to 'get it' at a deeper level. For years I use to complain and be frustrated about my wife because she did not seem to be on the same spiritual path as I was. Later I came to understand that this gave me the opportunity to know myself at a deeper level. Once I made greater peace with myself, my relationship with my wife changed and she because more open to what I was learning.

  8. thank you Lynne for sharing this experiment with all of us.
    Abundance is the natural law of life, it is a state of
    consciouness. If we are in the flow and in oneness with the existence, we are living aware without past anymore and we start to co-create the new matrix of unconditional love, joy, abundance... all around of us.
    At this level of consciousness, it is important to know
    about our specific soul intention because we are so incredibly powerfull !
    In love and service. . . michelle

  9. I love how the intentions were even larger than the opulent ring. What a beautiful visualization! Thank you for bringing this story back for us to enjoy. I hold an intention circle on the 3rd Monday of every month here in Houston, Texas. I combine it with a focus on Love & Gratitude.

  10. Hi,
    I am wondering if any of you could give me some practical information on your experiences with intention work.
    I have been a meditating for 30 years and have just begun forming a small intention group. I have a few questions, that I hope some of you might be able to give me some guidance on.
    How many people does it really take to move the reality of another in an intention group? Yes, I do understand that this answer may be the more the better. But for all practical purposes how many people in a small local tribe should one have? Does 6 do it or do we need many more?
    Also how much time should the group take on one intention... meaning do we do a once daily visualization for a week , or two, or three or?????
    Can any of you experienced ones offer some guidance on how a small local tribe can best go about this work, in a way that brings sucessful results?
    many thanks,

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