You are what your grandmother played with

Lynne McTaggart

I ordinarily don’t like to report on animal studies largely because my blood boils over when I hear of the unspeakable things that scientists do to animals in the name of research. And of course all that slicing and dicing is oftentimes done for no good reason because you cannot always apply the results to human beings. 
But I’m going to tell you about several little mice studies because if their results are shown to have a parallel application to human beings, they upend just about everything that orthodox scientists say about our biology.
DNA – the master switch?
The most favored idea about human mind and body is that there exists a genetic ‘program’ of genes operating collectively to determine our health and longevity. In this view, DNA holds the master switch to selectively turn off and on certain genes and choose certain RNA molecules, which in turn select from a large alphabet of amino acids the genetic ‘words’ that create specific proteins, which ultimately control every bodily function, including intelligence and every aspect of health, including longevity. 
In the simplest terms, according to this view, genetics is destiny.
Epigeneticists like my dear friend Bruce Lipton argue against this view that we are virtually programmed by our genes, with new evidence that the master builder of living things is not a cell’s genetic programming; our cells, our gene expression and therefore our entire organism is largely shaped by environmental influences.
Alzheimer’s mice
As you probably know, scientists know how to manipulate genes, so that certain ones can be turned on or off (or ‘knocked out’, as they indelicately put it). Recently a researcher called Li-Huei Tsai with a team from Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Massachusetts Institute of Technology selectively bred a group of mice with something akin to Alzheimer’s disease — the presence of a certain protein that causes degeneration of neurons in the brain.
Animals like this have profoundly impaired learning and memory, and impaired long-term potentiation (LTP), a crucial cellular process in memory.  In very short order, after signs of brain atrophy and loss of neurons, these mice become demented.
Up until now, scientists have believed this genetic coding to be firmly fixed, operating through a cascade of processes – of proteins affecting other proteins and then amino acids, like a game of dominoes – which ultimately lead to switching on (or not) of connections between neurons.
In the study, Tsai subjected the mice to two tasks, both designed to test memory and ability to learn. The first was to study whether they were capable of ‘fear conditioning’ – where the animals would have to undergo a task that ordinarily would cause them to associate going into a specific chamber with receiving a mild electric shock. In the second test, the mice had to find a submerged platform in a tank of murky water.
Ordinarily, a fear-conditioning situation produces a long-term memory of the event; once we burn our hands on the stove, we know forever after to steer clear of a gas flame. Nevertheless, this group of mice failed both tests; their brains appeared to have atrophied to the point where they could not learn from an unpleasant experience or indeed anything, like their murky water test, requiring memory storage.
Action-packed environment
Impressed by studies showing that an ‘enriched environment’ can improve learning capability, Tsai wanted to test whether the same was the case in an animal who’d already suffered brain degeneration.
This time, she placed her mice population in an action-packed environment, containing new mice, an exercise treadmill, and a variety of bright and different shaped and textured toys, which were changed every day.
To their amazement, once the researchers again tested the animals with the tasks, the mice who’d been stimulated showed marked improvement over animals without the additional stimulation.
When Tsai and her colleagues studied the brains of these animals after their deaths, she discovered that this environmental stimulation actually had altered a part of cellular proteins and chemical tags, which finally turns on or off certain genes. 
The environment overrode the genetic blueprint.  Genes were not destiny.  
A recent study carried out by Larry Feig and his research team from Sackler School of biomedical Sciences at Tufts University extended this idea – to see whether an educational environment could override genes in very young mice with certain major neural handicaps.
Knock-out genes
This time, Feig and his team they’d knocked out the Ras-GRF genes in a group of baby mice. Without this gene, a mouse again has cellular processing critical for memory and learning, and poor synaptic efficiency in the brain, leading to poor information storage. 
Mice without this gene again cannot learn fear. Put them in a potentially unpleasant situation they’ve already experienced, provide the stimulus that should set off a memory of the event, and they won’t have the foggiest memory of it.
This time, the researchers exposed the 15-day-old mice to the equivalent of a indoor theme park designed for novel stimulation: a large cage with play tubes, cardboard boxes, a running wheel, and both toys and nesting material that were all changed or rearranged every other day.
Compensation in the brain
After two weeks, Feig discovered that in this enriched environment, the mice developed a compensatory brain switch, which switched on new pathway that works with with Ras-GRF proteins to help in long-term memory and learning.  Even though they had this gene ‘knocked out’, a stimulating environment in a sense turned it back on.  The mice showed evidence of normal memory and fear conditioning. 
Feig then took this one stage further and examined what happened to their offspring – even though they were given a normal environment, rather than a theme park. 
Astonishingly, the offspring of these mice showed evidence of normal memory and learning ability – even though they themselves had had no additional stimulation and should have inherited the turned-off gene. 
The environmental effect of their ancestors again overrode their genetic destiny. 
If they can be applied to humans (always a big if), the implications of these studies are just extraordinary (and not surprisingly have gained the attention of organizations working with Alzheimer’s disease).
Stimulation and connection
They suggest that connection between a living thing and its world, in the form of social interaction and a constantly stimulating and renewing environment, can be the most potent healer  - even of brain damage or genetic birth ‘defect’.
This is supported by enormous evidence of human centenarians showing that those who lived longest had two important aspects:  a strong connection, socially and spiritually, and a continued curiosity about the new.
The studies also suggest the most radical idea of all:  a mother’s environmental influences will influence the genetic expression of her children. If her environment was constantly stimulating and social, then this will have a bigger effect on her children than their genetic heritage.
It may well be that you are what your grandmother played with.
This sounds to me suspiciously like a Field effect.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,461 comments on “You are what your grandmother played with”

  1. Omigod! As you suggest, this would turn everything we've thought about genetics on its head. However, I'm not sure I see why you think it sounds like a Field effect. What is the connection? (pun intended)

  2. I think this type of testing on animals is horrific, particularly when an animal is exposed to 'fear tests'. To administer electric shocks as a kind of 'fear inducement strategy' in the name of science is simply barbaric. I am a nurse and a researcher myself but will not even take into account results from tests that use animal subjects in my literary reviews. I think it is really dissapointing that you have circulated this blog containing quite horrific treatment of animals. Even if it supports your point of view, it is support founded on acts of cruelty and ignorance.

  3. It seems you are in good company Lynne: In her article, "Development and Evolution Revisited," Dr Mae-Wan Ho reviews recent evidence in support of the idea
    that evolutionary novelties arise from non-random
    developmental changes defined by the dynamics of the
    epigenetic system; and shows how the organism participates in shaping its own development and future evolution. This article is on the I-SIS website at
    Of course we've known this all along, using intuition.

  4. So, again, one's - even a mouse or mice - ability to exercize control and intention, that is to enjoy an opportunity, can alter or impact that which seems uncontrollable. Thought, leading to action, may recondition the unchangable. Makes sense to me... Believing is seeing!

  5. This is an amazing peice of information on genetics -from a new perspective. We must take responsibility for what we create in our lives, thus the lives of our children!

  6. Hi Jenny,
    We humans are very similar to the mice in the above story. We are being used as mass experimental subjects on a daily basis - fear, medical, subliminal, electromagnetic etc....
    Your comment only proves that you have been successfully programmed as a fear based mouse.
    Now does that mean you are more or less prone to Alzheimers? And your offspring how do they feel about this fear?
    Who knows, anyway Jane - its hard to remember all the details 🙂
    Keep smiling it'll all be over soon.
    Marky Mark

  7. So once again, science uses the animal world as a disposable commodity to prove hypotheses. But what is more disturbing is that even people who make claims to the field-like interconnectedness of everything seem to have excluded the millions of lab animals killed every year from that interconnectedness. Interesting.

  8. I too believe that animal testing is awful; however, when this type of results come from it can we really complain. The results of these test is wonderful.

  9. I agree about the animal cruetly. I don't like to read about animals used like this, its wrong.

  10. This confirms my personal life experience (Im now 75 ) --- SOME 35 years ago --- I accepepted a new job offer --- relocated my self and family to a small town 50 miles away --- and then discovered thru observstion and intuition that the INTENTION of my new employer was for me to FAIL --- I made an extroardinrily impotant decision--- I would use this very uncomfortable situation as a MAXIMUM LEARNING EXPERIENCE --- as long as it lasted ---- amazingly --- my shift in attitude from FEAR and ANXIETY to a POSITIVE LEARNING MODE --- enabled me to SUCCEED in spite of an overwhelming NEGITIVE INVIOROMENT --- was there a bit of stress involved ? yes indeed --- but the situation taught me another CRUCIAL LESSON --- the importance of having the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF OPTIONS AS POSSIBLE --- and this has enabled me to look OUTSIDE my little BOX and continue to LEARN -- OBSERVE --- and CONSIDER ALL SORTS OF NEW POSSIBILITIES and look at them as OBJECTIVELY as possible --- using my knowlege --- experience and discernment to choose between what I consider WINNERS --- or LOSERS--- and I dont have to remind you that there is a whole bunch of new and exciting stuff going on these days --- peace ken

  11. The results of these tests are not wonderful, we use so much of this planet as disposable for our own ends without regard to the pain and suffering we cause. That doesn't seem to be the ethos of interconnectedness as John rightly points out.

  12. As 'good' as this may sound on the surface, I have to say I just can't get past the numerous maimings and murders that were committed in the name of science, plus the horror of the likelihood that studies such as these will lead to even MORE animal torture and murders.
    I also can't help but think if scientists would just accept more empirical evidence already in the world, heinous experiments like this wouldn't be needed to 'prove' such ideas at all. In other words and for example, they could have just asked people such as me, who did not limit my animals' growth and development by many preconceived notions about what their species was 'supposed' to be like, and so I experienced first-hand how this changed how they 'turned out.' Even without a directly genetic, biological and even species link, these effects were apparent.
    Let's not forget that even the mice who improved via enriched environmental stimulae were still killed afterward, and in the end, since we all should know by now how these things go, any such direct applications to humans WILL be considered "a big if" and these poor animals will have suffered for no 'good enough' reason.
    Sorry, Lynne, but my blood remains boiling and my 'own' Field will now need more correction to return to a more peaceful state.

  13. The problem with tacitly approving of animal research, which is what you do if you include its results and methods in your own work becomes a conflict if you come from perspective of claiming that everything and everyone is connected via a 'field'. Because if you really believe that everyone and everything is interconnected, it becomes impossible to deny the responsibility we all have for all forms of life because all forms of life must be connected via the same 'field'. Therefore when the mice are tortured then killed, surely their pain and misery affects this field, an effect which we interconnect with on some deep level. Surely that can't be a good thing?

  14. I have two questions about genetics:
    1 Is there a study about the changes in humans genetic blueprint over time. It seems to me that scientics think that it is fixed but it could very well change over time.
    2 How do you knock out certain genes in a body? The DNA are in every cell, do you tread certain cells? Where and how? or do you tread all cells thoughout the body? If yes how?

  15. While this is exciting and encouraging, it also highlights the effects of the way people live today.
    Most mainstream people are plugged into a constant stream of watching and hearing limiting beliefs, dysfunctional behavior and fear messages. Hence, the present financial crisis is really a fear virus or perhaps nightmare Kool-Aid?
    If I understand the implications of what you told us, WE are being negatively programmed to change our attitudes, behaviors and therefor what we manifest in the world... no news there... but we are also passing that on genetically to future generations?
    I have long said that the unmapped 90% of DNA is our connection from our physical manifestation to 'the field.' I have also mused that psychological 'programming' is carried genetically as coded thought forms. Some express this as 'blood lines.'
    I'm both excited that science is 'confirming' my intuition, but also appalled at what it takes to get there. It must, indeed be the right time now. More will be revealed.

  16. I think its a shame you sent this email Lynne, it will take time for my field to return to a peaceful state too after reading about what the mice went through.

  17. As I thank the earth for the potatoes and the chicken for for the eggs, as I thank the people who transport all the goods and the people in the stores, I thank the mice and the soul of the mice. And I thank all those people who know we can change the way we experiment. I thank the hart of the humans.
    Yes, keep smiling, it/everything changes. This will be over soon.
    lots of love, anita.

  18. Really makes u wonder! I think that we are both, combination of our genes and our environment.

  19. Thank you for sharing this important information about the environment and the field. Thank you also for sharing your feelings about animal cruelty. I appreciate the fact that you shared all the information with your readers without censorship.

  20. I wonder ... My mind says that in the end it is "mind over matter" That would mean I think, that genes could not possibly be our destiny unless we BELIEVE that they are.(?) I believe Spirit is First and Matter is Second. Maybe the real question is then: How strong or loving or healing our mind can/could be? That sounds like Field effect to me 🙂
    What do you say? I also think that the first question Science should pose is: Which was/is first the idea or manifestation of it? Spirit or matter that is!
    With kind regards to Lynne and all of you

  21. If one looks into the research and development of kinesiology, as through the research of Dr. David Hawkins and his work, it seems that we (mankind) can get the answers to all of the questions without ever doing things like animal experiments. Talk about connectedness to "The Field"! Hawkins teaches we can use kinesiological (and through other directions of study I have been reading about) testing to not only get answers to virtually all things as they operate, are, were, etc., but when asking the right questions, can get answers to what the probabilities are for the future (looking at the "future" from this physical, linear viewpoint). I often wonder why his work and methods are not more often referred to or used in research. The methods are extremely well 'proven', worldwide. Hmmmm.

  22. Hey all, let's not get angry at Lynne for circulating this information. If you must get angry, (which is never the best solution to a problem) get angry at the people with control over these issues. I'm sorry these animals are harmed all the time, but it's happening, whether or not Lynne tells you about it. While I don't approve of the methods, I still have to consider the implications of the results, WHICH ARE INCREDIBLE. If you are going to deny any information which comes from sources like this, you'd have to go into exile as a hermit and exclude anything learned by modern humanity. This is not the best way to deal with animal cruelty. Don't shoot the messenger, try to make progress with the people responsible. At least we can learn something amazing from this, acknowledge the facts in front of you.

  23. The idea that we can do whatever we want to small animals is macabre... even diabolical.
    It's as if we've lost touch with... our souls.
    Once, when you were a child, you might have seen so clearly how individual and feeling each living creature was.
    Something happens when we get older.
    People are capable of having such beautiful dreams, yet committing such unspeakable nightmares upon the weak, the small, the vulnerable. Oftentimes, clothed in the name of good.

  24. Cdin has hit the nail on the head. Plus Lynne McTaggart does have to bear some responsibility if she refers to animal experiments to back up her points.

  25. Sincere thanks for this info Lynne. Thanks for allowing expression in the form of unmoderated posts. It is ALL for the learning of all of us.
    To those who so object to cruelty in animal experimentation (as do I), I suggest considering "cleaning" as put forth in the Ho'oponopono practice. I experience The Field palpably, consciously; and choose to take responsibility for any and EVERYTHING that shows up in my experience. The way to do that without insanity is practicing something like Ho'Oponopono.
    Happy Day to all!

  26. It's important to define what is meant by "constantly stimulating and renewing environment" when applying these studies to humans. I'm pretty sure hundreds of thousands of well-meaning parents thought they were providing their children with "enriched environmental stimulation" when they plopped their 2 and 3-year olds in front of the television set for hours on end.

  27. I agree with R.A.L West, for this to come into our lives we must have drawn it too us.Take responsibility and cleanse.
    I wonder if the stimulus given to the mice should reflect the stimulus we give to humans. Just as there is the idea that deafness can sometimes be caused by people not wanting to hear bad things anymore, maybe one of the causes of memory loss and dementia is by too much of the wrong type of stimulus in our lives. Maybe, like a computer, our brains become too full and crash? Just a thought....

  28. I think we all better start connecting the dots that no creature in God's creation should be subjected to "fear stimulation" or any of those incredibly short sighted testings that done on any animals. The Heart has a 40 neuron brain, we should all be listening to it more and all this heinous torture would end - isn't that what this is all about ?????
    Come on now! Take your science a wee bit further and feel it!
    In peace & light,
    Kathie Jamison Cote

  29. It would be an interesting experiment to test psilocybin mushrooms on alzheimers patients. The effects are less with certain mushrooms but it loads up the brain with serotonin, hence more activity. It wears off in few hours and see what they remember from the experience. Psilocybin is not drug like LSD which is artificial.. It is natural DMT as found in the human and numerous other species,both plant and animal. Terrence McKenna is a good source for this material. Unfortunately it is illegal in this country. As far as aminal experiments,better mice than monkeys. At least they were not tortured and in pain.

  30. Just a note: I wasn't feeling angry, so much as just plain disgusted, for what it's worth -- still a 'negative' state, of course. And as for "shooting the messenger", this was just feedback, which I assumed was allowed as part of a sane discussion. I do, however, refrain, myself, from mentioning any such experiments where I know animals have been abused/killed, despite how promising the results may have been, simply because I don't wish to be party in any way to promulgating any cavalier 'use' of them in unthinking people.
    Also, thanks to John for really hitting the nail on the head for me, and for many more of you helping me more tangibly feel that I'm not 'alone' in my love for all creatures, much less this entire universe.
    Envisioning in my heart how it would feel INSTEAD to live in a world where all creatures are equally honoured....
    "...better mice than monkeys."??? "...not tortured and in pain."??? I won't even get into that whole picture, but begging to disagree...better to ask those souls who came here in mouse 'clothing' I think.

  31. Thank you Lynne for this article. In 1966, my daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Physical therapy each morning at 9 am proved to be the stimulation and connection she needed for new pathways to take over for the damaged ones. A "Love Field" expanded to touch and change our whole family. My daughter was given a clean bill of health in 1968, when she was five years old. Read it here:

  32. This was a really interesting post. To me this showed us just how devastating isolation can be. It also adds a deeper meaning to the stimulation and healing qualities of all kinds of fellowship that we experience - whether it be clubs, workshops, traveling, etc. Also when we choose to read books that suggest we train our minds to think more positively or creatively, it can actually change our environment, or as you seem to say, our DNA.
    Anything to free our minds from a state of victimhood sounds good to me. Thanks.

  33. Interesting! I think about this sort of "stuff" often - sounds like the argument of Nature vs Nurture. According to your article, it seems to state that Nurture is more important than Nature. I would have to disagree - at least when it comes to me! I grew up as a latch-key kid. Dad split when I was young; had two older half brothers; mom was completely unavailable - both emotionally and physically. I know for sure that my mom's mom did not graduate high-school, and I have sneaky suspicion that my mom didn't either. However, I am the exact opposite. I not only graduate high school, I put myself through college, later started my own business from ground zero, sold it to my business partner when the getting was good, and now I'm getting ready to join the Navy Reserves, and the Navy is willing to wave their age policy for me to become a Navy Officer because I scored a 94 out of 99 on their aptitude test.
    I find myself asking all of the time - how did this happen. My mom NEVER spent time with me. My dad was never around. My brothers instilled fear in my by sexually abusing me. I essentially grew up on my own. So my environment as a child SUCKED!!!!!!! That is putting it nicely. Yet, look where I am today. Kicking A** in life. Pulling ahead of the pack and feeling great about it. So how did this happen? I always attributed it to DNA - what else is there - couldn't have been my upbringing. Though my dad was never around. He did a lot for himself - born dirt poor in the Philippines but retired from the Navy at 46 and lives like a king over there.
    I don't know maybe life had a bigger plan for me and that's why I am where I am without any Nurture....who knows - but from where I stand - I RESPECTIVELY DISAGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE!

  34. What interesting results! I too condone the torturing of innocent animals in the name of scientific research & can't help but wonder about the validity of extrapolating the results to humans. As we all know, the human mind actually can have control over the body. Don't you think that explaining that the addition of external stimulus is helping the brain overcome degeneration is over simplistic? How do you explain the high levels of concentrations achieved in native cultures, religious orders etc... were minimalism is practiced?

  35. I read of similar results in the 90's while doing an undergrad psych degree. The funny thing is that we allow people/society/scientists/whoever to dictate what is allowed as "evidence" of how the world works. We don't need animal testing, nor do we need to subscribe to ideas that say we have to "prove" how things work. Its that whole adversarial ideal that is the basis for war and capitalism and all sorts of other evils(as well as torture of animals, humans and the land!)
    Indigenous peoples have records of how things work, that are thousands of years old-the only thing preventing anyone from using this knowledge is the self limiting you create by allowing someone else to tell you what is real-and what you must do to "prove" something real to others. Shared illusions, the map is not the territory, the menu is not the meal.
    We have human evidence of this effect of experience on genetics and offspring(a paper on the Irish colonization experience comes to mind, but there are plenty of others).
    Colonization,"Progress", "Science", "Control"--psychological flaws and abberations-not answers to anything!I would love to read a "Field" based *practical* answer to Derrick Jensen's Endgame-that might be the stimulation my genes need to cheer up from the last few hundred years of my ancestors being colonized on several continents;-)
    A real paradigm shift happens when you stop letting the folks you disagree with tell you how to do things!

  36. I have to disagree with Jenny here. She is right that publicising tests that involve cruelty to animals may encourage such tests; that is why, for example, improperly obtained evidence is not allowed in a court of law. However, science is not like law in this respect: you can't exclude certain evidence because of the way it was acquired. Much of what we know about hypothermia comes from experiments performed in concentration camps, but we cannot ignore this knowledge.

  37. I do feel sorry that mice, monkeys,etc. that are used to find cures for humans but with the increasing numbers of brain diseases like Alzheimers , Autism and Aspergers,etc. there are no other options.
    I had a son who stopped talking at 2 and had always behaved different than my other child and other children. At the time autism or aspbergers was not on anyone's radar. As difficult as it was, I took him out to the park every day and exposed him to other children and situations that at times embarrassed me because he could be very mean and ugly to the other children due to his fear of everything. Socially, it was a nightmare. Pre-school and elementary school were difficult for him. In 3rd grade we went for help. He was diagnoised as being on the aspergers spectrum.
    Through the years, we never treated him differently. He was exposed to everything and anything and we never told anyone his diagnoises. He did have at times, social problems and many times was not invited to things but we continued to work with him and like the mice, he had all the bright exciting experiences we could provide. He was always on a sports team even when he was the worst player. We took advantage of every opportunity to expose him to an exciting life.
    He is now a freshman in college, very popular and extremely happy. He is not the same person he was as a child. I do believe that because we were viligent with our routine of keeping his life bright and busy, it changed him bit by bit. He still has rare occurrences of missing social cues from time to time but they are not a problem.
    So, as a parent I do hope the research into brain diseases goes on. So, many children are at risk and so many grandparents are slipping away from their families. At some point, it will become a national problem.

  38. I have to agree with both Jenny and John's points raised here and I thought Cdin's posting was very thoughtful too. Lynne McTaggart is running a business , lets not forget that, the books and courses are definately not free. There is of course nothing wrong with that, but there is something very wrong with the fact that her primary argument is based on the theory that we are all interconnected, yet she rather thoroughly and meticulously describes quite horrendous procedures carried out on lab animals in her blog. I suppose the question is, does she see the 'field' as being a two-tier field, one field for us, the dominant users of nature, the other field for the innocent, the vulnerable and the weak that we dominate in our quest for knowledge at any cost.
    Obviously virtually all historical biological sciences research is based on animal experiments but that doesn't mean it should continue or that we should simply continue to quote it at length to prove/sell a point. If someone positions themself as representing the new frontier of bio-sciences then that leadership comes with responsibility to say "no" to the old ways of conducting empirical research and to quoting horrendous animal use. Because if you position yourself on the premise that we are all connected, then ethically you should be congruent to that position through and through, not just when it suits.

  39. I have read all the comments about cruelty to these mice. I do not like or condone cruelty, but, if they think this research is cruel, I ask how much experience do these people have in our natural wild world. I nature mothers kill and even eat their young, especially those with defects. Males often destroy a litter so he can breed the female. Anamials eat each other alive. Thats Life guys, and we do not fall far from the tree.

  40. Dear people - We shall get beyond the horror of animal research.
    There's no point in ignoring the results that have already been obtained - that would make their ordeals in vain. We can, however, voice our feelings rather than turn away and try to put it out of our minds because we can't bear to think about it. The more we talk about it, the better - along with factory farms, trapping, seal slaughter for fashion (I'm an embarrassed Canadian), "recreational" hunting (??)
    - all the way to motorized "fun" vehicles destroying what's left of the wilderness.
    A conundrum - there's a fine balance between making our feelings known, and putting our angry energy into something negative. Doesn't that perpetuate the very thing we object to?
    My love to all!

  41. As I return to this blog and continue reading these posts, it appears that everybody agrees that the cruelty to animals is not 'personally' acceptable (speaking broadly), with a possible exception here or there. I would like (to propose)everybody to consider the power of focused intent and probability of Lynn does with her focused intent part of her blog, by promoting the information I posted here earlier. That is, approaching the gathering of information though our collective..throug our connection to the "universal mind" (term is for use here, apply your own understanding and term), by methods as described in Dr. Dvid Hawkins work. Kinesiological testing using thought out phrases/questions and some digging can produce answers to anything we care to know. It's just that so many people use so many processs, as this blog shows, that are 'primitive' at best, when we have access to the consciousness model of information that will allow us to bypass the physical "testing" on subjects...animal, plant or human. The answers we can obtain can and will allow us to advance much mor rapidly and effectively.
    The idea with this post is to see who is even aware of this methodology, who has considered it, and ultimately, to see if those who do know of it, can focus our consciousness on getting it to be used more in the research arena(s). This is a proposal for a better way. Reply comments to this post will surely leave a 'ripple' in creating change, hopefully, more than a trace, hopefully, it will make a 'big splash'.
    Working for change, not just talking about it.

  42. Thanks, Lynn. I was introduced to the "environment over genes" idea when I was 7. Before I heard anything about "God" and spirituality, I saw "His/Her" face, literally, in the trees at the bottom of our garden. Neither of my parents was instructional in this, and I only started my "spiritual growth" when I was 11. Regarding the comments about experiments on animals, I agree this is not right. This is however the choice of the researchers, and often the rest of us benefit. However.... I believe we have a responsibility to all the animals who have gone through these unkindnesses to hold them in cherishing, thankful, healing thoughts. They have helped us. Namaste' Colin

  43. I think there is a big case of ethical miscongruence here too. Lynne McTaggart is basically using something she professes not to endorse yet she is endorsing it as Vivienne quite rightly points out by using it to support her own belief system. And as David points out, as she is professionally and carefully positioning herself to be the spokesperson for research into areas of field-like interconnectivity, perhaps she has lost sight of the fact that such a position arguably comes with its own moral obligations if the implications for all pervasive interconnectedness are taken into account. She professes disgust yet is quite happy to quote at meticulous length quite horrific descriptions of 'conscious', informed and intended acts of cruelty on fellow 'connectees' in this field. Something is very wrong in Camelot methinks.

  44. Out of sight, out of mind so long as the results are "wonderful"... hmmm....I wonder what those people will come back as in the next life, hope to God they are not mice or monkeys?

  45. Sjoukje:
    Concerning your question regarding a person's genes changing over time (ie: evolution), check out the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The members there are doing incredible research on this topic. Specifically research Dr. Bruce Lipton and epigenetics. It seems to me that once we realize what our true nature is, which is a beautiful expression of the infinite force that sustains and creates all of life, we will no longer be a victim even to our genetic make-up and begin to create ourselves and the world around us, however we choose, and regardless of our predetermined DNA! We realize that WE are that creative force that can create our environment, thus changing our DNA! Peace and Bliss,
    Megan 🙂

  46. Regarding "Stimulation and connection - a constantly stimulating and renewing environment, can be the most potent healer - even of brain damage or genetic birth ‘defect’," when we engage in a daily practice of energy healing self-help such as Healing Touch Quick Steps or Yoga or Tai Chi, we are regularly "stimulating" the body's natural system of healing, i.e the Bigger Picture infinitely flowing, Universal Life Force that tends to get stuck when we are stressed. We are also continually "renewing" our personal "environment" energetically on the inner and the outer as well.
    When the mice experienced happy socializing and renewed environment, they were probably fairly relaxed, i.e. without stress.
    It seems a regular energy healing self- help practice that naturally stimulates, renews and refreshes Infinte, Universal Life Force flow, i.e relieves stress, is highly beneficial to one's genetic well being. Just a thought...

  47. BTW, a rather unhealthy intention is being sent to one's genes and whole being system when one says, "my blood boils over when I hear of the unspeakable things that scientists do to animals in the name of research." Hope that thought gets canceled and cleared. 🙂
    Respectfully submitted...

  48. Thanks to all who voiced their opposition to animal tests and vivisection. There are always other options. How about humans and most scientists using their imagination and their brain for a change.
    Lynn, I remember feeling the same sadness when i was reading your books. Animal testing.
    Another embarassed Canadian

  49. I agree with all the readers who object to using the results of animal experimentation. This often happens even in the field of alternative medecine, for example when naturopaths quote that Claude Bernard said that the "ground" (terrain) was more important than germs. They forget that Claude Bernard has been one of the worst vivisectionist on earth ! Quoting him is léike bringing our support to what he did. Dear Lyne, I appreciate very much what you do and I hope that you can take notice of our objections.

  50. Lynne,
    There is some interesting information about this subject in a NOVA program called "Ghost in your genes." A couple of scientist, one from Sweden and one from the UK, have found similar findings in the health and crop records of a small Swedish village. They used the relationship of the individuals health and the environmental conditions (crop success) to show an epigenetic affect that spanned generations. I highly recommend the program to anyone that is interested in epigenetics. I have been studying genetics recently at my local university and have made several connections with genetics, epigenetics, and the field, specifically with the morphogenetic fields that Sheldrake works with. I think that there is a connection with all of this and the widespread diseases and dysfunctions that affect most of us.
    It is unfortunate that some of our fellow creatures were harmed while discovering this very valuable information, but to focus on this negative aspect does not help any of us that are trying to help humanity and in return help all creatures. If you understand the importance of a positive outlook in regards to healthy brain function and how the state of the individuals mind affects the state of the field, you may rethink how you respond, instead of react, to this information. The field is evidence of the interconnectedness of everything, and complaining about anything does not help make it go away. A better use of energy and attention would be to focus on the positive aspects of this information so that we can all evolve past needing these types of experiments. I believe that Gandhi summed this up perfectly when he said, "Be the change that you are looking for in the world." Peace to you all.

  51. 2 things I wish to comment on.
    First the genetics, epigenetics. A couple of years ago there was a stunning find in the field of genetics. That in humans and at least one plant, and by inference probably all life with genes, there are a number of alleles with not just one copy of a gene at that site but multiple copies. If I remember correctly, some sites had up to 6 genes stacked up on one side leaving perhaps 12 total per site. Which ones are activated or deactivated determines the expression. In species where 2 X chromosomes means female, random deactivation occurs so that genes are not over expressed or conflicted. It's not 100% which leads to things such as women truly having better color vision than men as their retinas will have more color receptors due to the genes on both chromosomes saying make a certain number of receptors.
    So it is possible to have genes from perhaps 12 different progenitors at some sites. And in some sites, genes were missing on at least one allele.
    Now 2 things could have happened with these animals and the knockout genes. Either the epigenetic switch was modified so it was switched off but a normal switching process turned it back on, or the animals bodies' switched to a normal gene and activated it. Another possibility is that with canalization--where the body has multiple paths to maintain optimal form and function, that some other genes compensated. From the info above I couldn't tell if the knockout genes had been tested for a reversal or a true change that seems self repairing or were still technically inactive with some unknown pathway triggered by the environment came into play.
    I do also believe that some field effect is possible at changing the genes. Would like more info on the experiment or similar ones.
    Now for the second and sensitive issue I'd like to comment on. The passionate and often harsh comments on the experiments and author.
    For all who posted such, I applaud your compassion and good intentions. And I want to whack you upside the head a bit to shake up your thoughts and emotions.
    To all of you who posted such, I ask are you a vegan? if not, go sit in the corner wearing a hat that says I don't practice what I preach. Do you eat any foods that require bees for pollination? if you do, join those in the corner?
    How about any leather products? Silk, wool, feathers, honey, omega 3 oils from fish, glue made from whey or animal by products, do you have any pets, much less a pet that requires some animal food for health? are any of you insulin dependent or know someone who is? how about receiving or recommending vaccines, most of which still have some animal origin, at least in cultured cells--is growing a cell in a lab torture or abuse? anyone who hasn't swatted a fly or mosquito? stepped on a cockroach? put out ant or roach poison if the ants or roaches were a problem? termite control? killed a rat or mouse in your house?
    All of these involve some sort of exploitation of as in bees, ownership of as in pets or torture and killing of as in swatting or poisoning a hazardous pest. Is there anyone here innocent of all the above or any not mentioned? If so, take a bow. If not, and you were harshly critical, I'm going to be harsh and flat out call you a hypocrite.
    Now I truly believe everyone here has the best interest of the entire planet at heart and all who dwell on it, plants, human animals and non human beings and perhaps if inanimate matter also has awareness and soul, everything in existence.
    Unless you're a breatharian, you eat at least plant life. Life calls to life and except for the plants and microbes that manage to feed off nutrients extracted from raw materials such as rocks, that means something else dies to give the humus for growth, the grain, fruit, nuts, tubers or flesh we eat. Milk and eggs are taking a body product from an animal in a way not in the animal's best interest. Either eating unborn children or taking the food meant for the living children of the animal.
    I eat meat, have dogs and cats, wear leather, wool and silk as well as putting out ant poison. I also try to keep a low footprint on the planet. I've raised my own animals for meat in free range healthy conditions and humanely slaughtered them myself when the time came with a prayer of thanks and the knowing that my body is also food and when I'm done with it, my ashes will feed the earth.
    Yes, there is a lot wrong with some animal experimentation. But much experimentation is done as humanely as possible. Shocks given to lab animals are stressful but they are not 'torture'. About like a static shock an animal could encounter in normal life, especially a rat in a house who crossed a carpet and then touched some metal. They have adequate shelter, food and water which is far more than their wild relatives do. Sea lions in California in the wild often have ulcers. And one private facility training sea lions--very humanely, to do things like carry a camera to film whales for National Geographic, has such happy sea lions making contented noises, that wild ones break in regularly and must be removed by animal control.
    My mother had diabetes requiring animal derived insulin. And a loved one committed suicide from depression not responsive to various medication that I believe due to a family genetic tendency likely to have an epigenetic switch.
    If some animals died for her insulin or die in a experiment that saves the lives of humans at risk for the same genetic trait that killed my loved one, then I say prayers of thanks, appreciation, and honor the gift the animals gave as well as regretting the necessity. And if anyone were to attempt to stop production of insulin or such an experiment, I'd put my own life and limb at risk and be willing to cause them grave bodily harm to insure they fail. For the life of my human loved ones is higher priority than that of animals.
    One last thought, lab animals do deserve humane treatment and any experiments that can validly be done on cultured cells is to be preferred. But the amount of vitriol expended here on this when there are so many places where mankind is committing wholesale atrocities on mankind as well as destroying the planet seems like more appropriate areas to put the outrage followed by thoughts of healing, balancing and improving the planet.

  52. I wish to comment on the animal testing. I truely feel sorry for these animals but I'm also very gratefull. Thanks to them we can cure many disseases and understand a lot more. I'm not saying we're supperieur to them cause we're not but if you have someone in your surroundings suffering a terrible dissease, believe me, you're happy with those tests. It's easy to say your against it when it doesn't touch you personally.
    I'm very gratefull for those mice giving their lives to save my son and like clare I would give my life to save my sons.
    If you want to convince the world the way to do so is to proove what you say scientificly, otherwise the 'world' won't listen so instead of being angry, be gratefull and believe that we will find a way so animal testing won't be needed anymore.

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