Where have you gone, Woodward and Bernstein?

Lynne McTaggart

Most people are under the mistaken impression that I’m a scientist.  In actual fact, I am a strange hybrid of a writer, with an interest in science and spirituality, but the heart and soul of an investigator reporter.
As a teenager, what clinched the deal for me about becoming a journalist was witnessing the fall of Richard Nixon.  Here were Woodward and Bernstein, two young and inexperienced Washington Post journalists, who nevertheless were able to bring down a corrupt presidency through old-style, tireless, gumshoe-leather reporting.
That experience imbued in me an appreciation of the power of the so-called Fourth Estate.  It seemed to me that every journalist – indeed, every publication – carried a weighty responsibility to provide a check on the the twin monoliths of politics and commerce. 
Nevertheless, it’s a state of mind fast disappearing from the job spec these days.
America’s low ranking
Reporters Without Borders, a worldwide organization devoted to press freedom, publishes an annual Press Freedom Index, which rates the comparative levels of free expression in countries around the globe.
The other day, I was stunned to learn where America ranks on that chart, having tumbled badly during the last presidential regime, when it became unpatriotic for the press to question or even to look into anything the administration was up to.
In 2006, America sat at 53th place, well beaten by the likes of Bosnia, El Salvador and Panama. 
In the latest report, the US has recovered a bit domestically, but is still in 36th place — behind Costa Rica and Ghana. Outside its own borders, the US ranks at 119th place for protecting its press freedom and even its own journalists.
The UK’s press, at 23, sits well below most former satellite states of the Soviet Union, sharing pride of place with Namibia.
The ranking of Western democracies for press freedom is fast being overtaken by that of new countries. While Europe has an excellent showing, France and Japan have made a notable tumble down the charts, and now fare worse than many small Caribbean countries. 
Of the European countries, Scandinavia emerges as the freest press, with Norway sharing first places with Iceland, and Finland and the Netherlands close behind, at 2 and 3 respectively.
New scientific story
I bring this up because I’m part of an Evolutionary Leaders Council – a group started by Deepak Chopra – the purpose of which is to gather together a large number of so-called thought leaders, who can work collectively and in small groups to shift the consciousness of the planet.  Since our first retreat this summer, we’ve been meeting regularly by phone — with another, longer retreat planned this summer.
New biologist Bruce Lipton and I have recently been given the job of leading a group to discuss ways to promote education of the new scientific story and what it means to our health. We want to widely circulate many of the new ideas about physics and biology, which show that our bodies are far more than a collection of linear processes and chemical reactions. 
We’d like to publicize the evidence that the body is a holistic system, in which reactions largely occur globally, as this new scientific story will have a major impact on which health-care systems are actually effective. 
It’s now clear even to most doctors that our current medical model, with its reliance on drugs and surgery, is not working.  According to the Journal for the American Medical Association, correctly prescribed drugs are now the third leading cause of death in America, only a whisker behind heart attacks and stroke.
Dynamic web of connection
German physicist Fritz Albert Popp, who first discovered that living things a tiny current of light (biophoton emissions), has discovered evidence showing that when medication is placed on the one part of the body, a large change in the number of light emissions occurs not only from where the ointment has been applied, but also from distant parts of the body. 
Furthermore, the size of the changes correlate all over the body: even those places where no ointment had been applied record the same increase in light emissions as from the spot where the medicine has been rubbed in.  
This is one tiny bit of the vast amount of evidence suggesting that our body is a dynamical system that operates within a web of connection. It also tells us why the tools of modern medicine often have such blunderbuss effects.  Even if a therapy is intended for a specific location, this communications channel will cause it to affect the body globally.
But how to get this information out to the general public?
Bombarded by Big Pharma
Every time I return to America, what hits me in the face is the sheer number of pharmaceutical ads allowed to be promoted on television. Ads for drugs to treat virtually every manner of condition on the morning news. Direct-to-teenage-consumer ads, attempting to convince 12 years olds to pester their parents to get the Gardisal vaccine – lest they face the risk of dying of cancer. There are even ads now for pet drugs, designed to prey upon the emotional ties of dog owners. 
Those ads and the overriding financial considerations they represent may have something to do with the fact that important stories about health and science often don’t see the light of day.
By way of example, my husband Bryan, also a journalist, was recently stunned to discover evidence that a large consignment of Baxter International’s seasonal flu vaccine, due to be circulated to 18 European countries, had been infected with the deadly live avian flu virus. 
Had this contamination not been detected, the vaccines may have set off an avian flu pandemic, with hundreds of thousands of casualties. (see our news pages, on our website WDDTY).
A headline grabber – in Czechoslovakia
This only came to light when a Czech researcher, who’d made the discovery by accident, fed the story to the Czech papers, which promptly published it (Czechoslovakia is way up there, at number 5 now).
At that point, the story should have been picked up and splashed across the front pages of the world’s newspapers.  In fact, almost no paper carried it – other than the Toronto Star in Canada (now number 13). 
America’s and the UK’s press stayed conspicuously silent.
For us to get out the new scientific story and the important ways that this impacts on your health care, it may be that we will have to bypass the giant corporate conglomerates who now own the media.
We may have to tell this story directly to each other. 
Pass this blog on to everyone you know. Tell them what you know about the new science and the fundamental problems of our current medical solutions. Complain to the newspapers about the poor state of Western reporting on new science and health care, and demand something more than celebrity spotting. 
Woodward and Bernstein – where are you?

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,267 comments on “Where have you gone, Woodward and Bernstein?”

  1. The body is a sub-ecosystem, connected with the universe.
    My uncle Bill c'uwi wanbli s'un (eagle feather)
    Sundance chief & medicine man of the Sic'angu Lakota (Burned leg Sioux) spoke of this when he said All my Relations.
    I wrote to you several months ago concerning this, but received no reply.
    There is a huge body of wisdom, still available to only a few old men & women. The anthropologists have only a dim, misinterpreted idea.

  2. To ask where Woodward and Bernstein are, you must first ask where their editor, Ben Bradlee is. I am a journalist. Mostly freelance now, I started a public affairs program at KPFA-FM (Berkeley, CA) with Bonnie Faulkner. Our first program was on October 12, 2001, and we could have been the next Woodward and Bernstein with respect to Bush and Cheney. But we were attacked and marginalized rather than supported for interviewing people who said the US government knew 9/11 was going to happen. The fact that by May 2002, Condi Rice and Dick Cheney basically admitted as much did not change things.
    I, like you, have an interest in science and technology. I have greatly enjoyed The Field and am enjoying The Intention Experiment. My web site includes some of the One Minute Shift videos from IONS. But there is no way KPFA or Free Speech Radio News (a national cast to which I contribute) would be interested in this type of story. Maybe I can get an interview for you at Women's International News Gathering Service. And I can put such news on my web site, but it is poorly trafficked. The traditional news, even of the so-called alternative variety, is still caught up in blood and gore and legislation.
    So I ask you, Lynne, where can a journalist who would love to do the work of getting out the news of the new science, do so AND make a living at it? Are there any JOBS for this? Unfortunately, I and most other journalists need JOBS, and thus are doing the journalism that pays. And right now, most editors are not buying the new science, and those that are in the market for it want to buy it from journalists with formal scientific credentials, i.e. not me.

  3. Very good stuff as usual.
    We all need to study the law regarding our status, legally here in America.
    Please see and pass along this excellent web site.
    We will see the dollar collapse soon.
    This winter will be cold for those not able to generate their own power/heat.
    Networking and by-passing the main media is critical for this transition back to local rule and food production.
    Celebrate the coming changes and feel the increase in love and community.
    We cannot succumb to the fear mongers, There is beauty all around, look only to these things.
    Loy and peace to all

  4. Where have you gone, Woodward and Bernstein.
    Your article is right to an extent, but you write:
    "Of the European countries, Scandinavia emerges as the freest press, with Norway sharing first places with Iceland, and Finland and the Netherlands close behind, at 2 and 3 respectively."
    This makes me suspicious, and I believe this survey is concocted by international liberals. Norway does not have a free press, it’s totally rigged, and in the pocket of the government, and the far left, a bunch of liars. Firstly they get grants from the state, even writers and artists do. You important work; Lynne would been ridiculed or stopped over here.
    Our main broadcaster is run by the state, with forced subscription. On the balance America has the freest press, and the ranking is part of anti Americanism, by international journalist, who is mostly stealth communists.
    I have promoted Lynne’s work over here, for the press is not free, they would scorn the scientists you give exposure. I had a discussion with a journalist, she would not even look at the research Lynne presented. She lectured me on scientific method.
    They all celebrated Darwin recently, think medical doctors hela people, and Dawkins is a hero, in Norway and Sweden, where they have the most atheists.
    On balance America is still the freeest, due to its diversity, and without it we would not even have had the Internet. I have many Americans friends, and they wrong assumptions about the freedoms in Europe. Scandinavia is one of the most rigged places, when it comes to news and information. I am a Norwegian, living in Sweden. Norway tried to stop the CNN feed three times, to protect their state monopoly. Sweden has the most political correct/ rigged press in the "free world." For information I rely on Americans, Internet and Lynne you are an American, and you do great work. So the many people you give a voice. We would never had one like you, or a Woodward or Bernstein. The latter two were also Americans, and the owner of Washington Post was a brave American Lady.
    God Bless America. Great Scientist end up in america, for there they have a chance. Here all funding comes from the state, and the kind of research you present will no get one cent ever. They laugh and ridicule, without even looking at it: "Jounalists and scientists."
    Take it from a local
    Helge Sundar

  5. For all effected by cancer please read the following.
    US Patent 6630507 - Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
    US Patent Issued on October 7, 2003
    Abstract Claims
    Full Text
    Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated
    to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids
    useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation
    associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and
    autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular
    application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological
    damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the
    treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease,
    Parkinson's disease and HIV dementia.
    Cannabis kills 270 different kinds of cancer.
    Google Rick Simpson and learn how to make Cannabis oil to stop skin cancers and many other types.
    Our Gov. has had patents on this most valuable medicine since 2003, when are they going to tell the public about this medicine?
    Truth will set us free, please pass on.

  6. Thanks again for bringing this to light Lynne.
    You and the people who have responded are asking the same questions about "How to we change the current paradigm"? I've been reading this great book called the "Intention Experiment" by some crazy woman 🙂 In it she describes this crazy idea whereby you can actually intend something to happen. Crazy I know, but she seems to believe it and had the balls I mean fortitude to write about it. So why don't we take a leaf out of her book, as crazy as it sounds, and start intending that people be more open to taking responsibility for their health instead of handing it over to drug companies and otherwise well meaning doctors..3rd biggest cause of death huh! If it were a natural therapy those well meaning docs would be in jail by now and the companies who made the potions sued and destroyed.
    Also there may be restrictions in mainstream media in the US and other nations but there is one nation where you can say and do anything you want, a nation where you can publish articles about love and joy and enlightenment and also publish images of child porn and death and destruction. Yes that nation is called the Internet!! That is the nation where the public are being slowing being more educated now...so use it.

  7. There isn't any simple cause or simple solution, as far as I can see. What we have here in the states is a bunch of influence peddlers at the top who advocate capitalism and give lip service to individual freedom. Behind the veil, they promote "corporation-ism"--so where have we seen that before? Hint: look up what Mussolini said about fascism being a misnomer.
    As long as "news" is a profit center for some corporation, then the working definition of "news" is going to be what sells the most ads. And with the constant dumbing down of the population, what sells is sex, violence and celebrity. Get the public agitated enough with this garbage, and it becomes even easier to sell them some pill to reduce anxiety. It is a self-reinforcing, vicious cycle.
    I do not believe it will last. Social transformation is coming. I just hope and pray that it is more gentle than violent.
    OMG, when I read this back, I sound like some sort of political radical. I'm really pretty much middle-of-the road--maybe I just have my eyes open?

  8. Wow! ALL great posts. What a thoughtful community!
    I really appreciate Helge's perspective in the mix.
    Lynne, in the reference to the JAMA story, was it your intention to write "CORRECTLY prescribed medications"??? If so, this would mean that iatrogenic 'health care' totally rules now!
    Sincere thanks to Rainbowarrior too, as I just found the Rick site, and am in contact, and attempting to use for a loved one; but did NOT know about the patent, which will help with credibility for various concerned. LOA in action!

  9. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing, Lynne!
    I think every writer has the responsibility to evolve the mind of the world. Especially those of us who write on the Net have amazing freedom of speech. We must use it bravely.

  10. I heard an interesting discussion about this very subject on NPR radio last week. They concluded that the problem is that all the main media companies (including their news organizations) are currently owned by large corporations now. (How many networks does GE own?) These large corporations do not want their news organizations uncovering anything that would create a political problem for their owners. Their journalist employees know this and they want to keep their jobs. The problem is made worse when the executive branch of government scares everyone into silence by overtly and covertly attacking anyone who is critical of them as we have seen here in the US for eight years.

  11. I am surprised at the poll results and wonder about the criteria used. Sadly, "news" is becoming a commodity and its distribution is based on the profit it brings to the owner -- which increasingly means fewer and fewer corporations. That leads to voluntary restrictions or censoring if one wants to keep being employed.
    I respectively beg to differ with Helga Sunder's negative view on Norwegian media. Having lived 4 years in Oslo, 7 years in Stockholm and 4 years in Amsterdam I find the media (news) distribution based on proportional political power much freer than in the U.S. At least when one reads Aftenposten one knows the political bias.
    Jim Everett

  12. Lynne,
    When and where is the summer retreat to be held, that you mentioned.........you and Bruce Lipton are to lead a group discussion????? I have some ideas about the education process that are working wonders in my counseling practice.

  13. I wonder if it is a good place to ask for healing to my best friend? Or should I use another email. I take my chanse here.
    I would ask for the attention for my best friend Amy who just lost her relationship and at the same time her economy is beyond what is acceptable. everything just went down for her. I know that in her much stressed condition, she lost any zest for living and more than that. I know she is pondering taking her life. That would be the worse of all, but in her case the stress caused the bodily symtoms and her brain is not woking, so she can´t do something for herself right now, everything is shuting in her . and the pain of depression is unbearable .
    Can I ask the community to send the energy of love and healing for her and an intention of a will of returning back to normal life
    Thank you very much
    and bless you all

  14. Dear Helge Sundar,
    I left the Netherlands, ages ago, gladly. What you said about Scandinavia, the same can be said for the Netherlands. They pride themselves on their "tolerance" which even when I left, 40 years ago, was an empty slogan. They love to gossip and if you do not "toe the line" in their very rigid, basically calvinistic society, even as a citizen, you will be shunned. Meanwhile, their "tolerance" has bought them not much more than the reputation as "free money country" and citizens pay through the nose in taxes, and the latest study shows that almost 50 percent is thinking if emigration. At the moment, the thinking people of the Netherlands (and as in any society today, there aren't many) are very very unhappy with the state of affairs. And when they visit me in California they are willing to do anything to stay. One of them even married someone, just for that purpose.
    Blessed be America!

  15. I would love to see more deep digging reporting done - not only in america and scandinavia, but all over the world.
    The only issue is thet when people do that today, most governments react by killing you in one way or another. Either literally or through ridicule as mentioned by a few others.
    There is very little openmindedness anywhere in teh established bodies we call governments.
    I know most places they don't take Lynnes research for scientific evidence. And at the moment almost the whole world is bellieving in a global disaster happening as a result of our behavior.
    Well, if that is true, then why not simply change our behavior, and thus change the possibility for a disaster.
    There are so many ways we can heal the world, but as long as we focus on how easily we are destroying it, then that will be our experience.

  16. If you would like to expand your intentions worldwide, and learn the physics behind why we can, you may be interested in this web site, too, where we are all trying to raise the vibration of the planet and effect change by responding to alerts to send energy to areas that need healing due to major events. The science is so interesting! We actually are affecting and responding to the earth's geomagnetic field. Check it out.

  17. So what were the results of the "Intention Experiments?" Through your newsletter I got the impression that they were inconclusive. Intention (without the promise of action and then actually following through) is not very powerful.
    Christine Hoeflich

  18. You've only just seen that the american public is not told what goes on in the world and you think it only started with the last presidency????????????????? Time to look a little further.

  19. When I first started reading your book "The Field" a friend of mine was shocked that I was excited about it. Her comment was "but you know all this stuff, why do you need proof?" I don't need proof, but I find it exciting that you're making this understanding available and accessible to the main-stream. I see a day when people understand the holistic connection between our bodies, our intent and the universe.
    No, it's not a quick fix. We can't put one intention out and expect immediate results. But if we do it over and over again AND give our thanks and express gratitude when it does manifest, it will become clearer and quicker. The more of us who stay clear and out of the hype and fear, the more impact we'll have.
    The information in The Field and the Intention Experiment helped give us clearer ways to understand and explain phenomenon that we already knew to be true of both how our lives and energy works and how the BioElectric Shield works as well. There is a huge layer of fear around the planet http://www.scribd.com/doc/7988228/Fear-Is-All-Around-UsHow-is-it-impacting-your-life - the more of us who refuse to let it rule, the better we'll all be. My intent is to allow in the love and gratitude.

  20. Last year I read George Orwell's '1984'. It portends the most brutal and terrifying future sans every concievable form of freedom. Unless we stand/intend for something different, this Orwellian future is what we are going to get handed on a gilded plate. For my money Christine Hoeflich and any other detrators of the field, Lynne and peers are a catalyst to a better future field or no field. Love and light.

  21. Lynne -
    Despite the fact that our press here is abysmally absent of any backbone, news about the vaccine issue did reach many groups in the US, and continues to be spread..
    There are MANY issues in the US that the press will not cover for a lack of financial backing from their handlers in the name of Big Ag and Big Pharma - but I am more than willing to pass along whatever I find that can be verified - count me in, lol.
    People need also to be aware of the global push (in the false name of food safety) for industrializing their food through the top international conglomerates... Programs like NAIS and creation of more govt agencies will not protect our food any more than Baxter has protected our health...
    We must all be vigilant and active in many ways - and I thank you for being on the front lines on many of these issues!!!
    Ivan - check out "Farenheit 451" - good book, seems more like reality every day (especially in the states where they want to destroy all books, toys and clothing made for children prior to 1985 in the name of protection from Chinese lead products). It is... FEDERAL LAW.

  22. Hi Sue
    Thanks, I bought 'Farenheit 451' at the same time as '1984' primarily because I saw the film in the UK 1988. The movie has been etched in my memory ever since. If anyone else gets the chance check it out...

  23. Dear Lynne,
    Your cry for writers and journalists to create more awareness has come at the right time. I have just been hired in the Netherlands as an editor and writer for a women's webmagazine http://www.vrouw.nl . They want to change their articles to create more awareness, going to a deeper level and more conscious. Aiming more at the natural woman and her power to change things. I am very excited as I want to contribute my bit to this changing world.

  24. I lived through those exciting, far-off days when Woodward & Bernstein's work was unfolding daily and being played out on our black and white television screens, and the Nixon regime was unravelling and revealing its corrupt heart. We were shocked also in those times by the assassinations of JFK, his assassin, his brother Bobbie, Martin Luther King, and the murder of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe reportedly by Gregory because of her involvement in the Kennedy family story.
    I have lived long enough on this planet to know that the only constant is change, that established leaders fall, implacable enemies are capable of making peace (eg: Good Friday Agreement; Camp David Accord), vast and mighty political monoliths like the USSR crumble, seemingly entrenched ideas can be blown away.
    I think it was Mahatma Gandhi who exhorted everyone to "be the change you want to see in this world." Lynne and her team are living true to this principle.
    I and my colleagues at The Soul Therapy Centre are also living true to this principle by training professional spiritual healers, to nationally accredited status, who are well versed in the understandings of the Zero Point Field and able to use these concepts in their work with clients, their conversations with family and friends, and their contacts with the media. We incorporate the LTF curriculum in our Advanced Year and our Professional Practitioners Group.
    There is sometimes a tendency in discussions like these to start from a resentful, "Why can't they see the truth like we do," standpoint. This is a false and silly position. When we learn to give well-informed comment - and thanks to all at Living The Field for providing us with a rich resource of knowledge and research findings of the New Science - then people become by definition better informed and more aware that there is an alternative way of thinking and being in the world. They can begin then to make a choice whereas before they had none. Those who are tempted to adopt the idea that "other people" are made of inferior stuff, wear tight blinkers and choose to be closed-minded, should look within themselves and rethink their prejudices and new-age tribalism. Medical practitioners attend our courses and benefit from their newly acquired skills which they then choose to incorporate into their practices.
    If everyone who really cares passionately about how the spread of understanding of the concepts of the New Science can enrich, enliven and enlighten our world were to take personal responsibility and walk their talk, we could create a vast demographic which will then be in place when the old establishments and institutions are ready to open and accommodate them. We do not need to be assassins of people's other perspectives but simply, by being the change, set a successful example that others find too intriguing and attractive to ignore.

  25. Anna - this is for your depressed friend. She will feel just as depressed if she takes her life, worse even, because she will no longer have a physical body to heal. She needs to learn something. I just went through it, and my journey has landed me at many wondrous spaces, including this one! Now well enough to send healing energy, I began my journey realizing something was wrong with my energy. Good book to read - Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan. Here's her website for more info:
    I read Light Emerging every day and night for over a year and the information absolutely helped me discover the power I have over my body, mind, and spirit. The journey would not have begun had I not been depressed, had I not had the book in my bookshelf, sitting there for years after the initial skimming of interest. Personal transformation can be an instrument of survival when it comes to depression. It can be done!
    Sunny days - Cid

  26. Thank you for being a pioneer in this journey toward empowering others and shifting consciousness. I too consider this my journey and am honored to work with my clients on their own path. I too believe we will never get anywhere with a "us" vs. "them" belief system, but rather "it's all of us" and merging together.
    My best to all of you here who are guided by something bigger than your ego.
    Dr. Sarah

  27. Thanks for this wonderful material, written with insight and truth. I am glad that you have exposed some of the complex evils in the western world... pharmaceuticals for profit and not health, and the intentional lack of integrity in the news media due to oppression on a sinister level (cowardly/paid-off editors or sneaky collaborators). Who is the enemy I ask? We are certainly under siege from all fronts and that is exactly how it feels to those who have taken the time to look around and free themselves from the deliberate amusements (porn, toxic foods, drugs etc etc) meant to addle the brain and entertain the masses. The real problem is one of survival in a snake filled corporate world bent on suppressing, addicting, fleecing and destroying the population. I believe that on a positive side of all of this mess, that we are learning that we can step back from the material world, and explore our divine spiritual core.
    Thank you for forging your insightful and illuminating path in this world, and sharing it with us — it is my intention to keep everyone in mind for true peace and I have faith that even small prayers in the night can help others eventually.

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