The Heart of Darkness

Lynne McTaggart

At the moment, I am reading a new book by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, formerly directors of the former Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR).  Consciousness and the Source of Reality ( is the extraordinary story of their three-decade journey into the heart of consciousness. 
Modest start
As those of you will know who have read my book The Field, their work started out modestly as an attempt to replicate a study carried out by a student of Jahn’s showing that mind could have an effect on an early version of a remote event generator (REG).  Their initial aim was to determine whether mind could affect machines and how this might impact future engineering practice and indeed new technology like computing. 
Nevertheless, the further they waded in, the more elusive the answers. 
What they were coming up with in those early experiments defied anything in Robert Jahn’s erudite and extensive scientific vocabulary.
In a tiny cluster of rooms in the basement of the engineering school, Jahn and Dunne set up their own little universe. Within one of the most conservative disciplines at an American Ivy league campus, the pair, systematically and largely without fanfare, launched one of the most radical and essential scientific investigations since Einstein’s reformulation of space and time.
Modern coin-tossers
It was Jahn who perfected and continuously developed the REG machine — the 20th century equivalent of a toss of a coin. The plan was to test the power of human intention to affect equipment governed by a probabilistic system.
Although Jahn developed a wide variety of ingenious machinery, the most common configuration was a computer screen that is randomly alternating two images—say, cowboys and Indians. Over hundreds of thousands of trials, Jahn and Dunne decisively demonstrated that human intention can influence these random electronic devices to produce more of one image, as specified by the participant (more Indians than cowboys, say).
For more than three decades, Jahn and Dunne were inspired to plow away at this research, eventually amassing a mountain of data so compelling that it stands as a giant refutation to scientific reductionism.
From the start it was clear that they had to repeat these trials again and again — indeed millions of times. Statistical glitches happen even with a pool as large as 25,000 trials. With a binary chance event like coin tossing, you should be throwing heads or tails roughly half the time.
As Dunne once shared with me, if you tossed a coin 200 times and came up with 102 heads, given the small numbers involved, your slight favoring of heads would still be statistically well within the laws of chance.
But if you tossed that same coin 2,000,000 times, and had 1,020,000 heads, this would represent a huge deviation from chance.
With tiny effects like REG tests, they demonstrated that with individual or small clusters of studies, the combining of vast amounts of data ‘compounded’ to a statistically significant departure from expectation.
Remote viewing out of time
Perhaps the most astonishing and persuasive aspect of their research was the second prong of the PEAR research, called Precognitive Remote Perception, or PRP, which was meant to build on the work of Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ on remote viewing at SRI for the CIA. 
Jahn and Dunne designed most of their remote-viewing studies as PRPs. All of the studies consisted of a pair of participants.  One was the ‘traveler’, who received an envelope containing a destination; the other stayed behind in the lab to remote view where his partner was.
Those involved in the experiment would pick the traveler’s destinations from a pool of randomly chosen targets, or they could choose the destination spontaneously, while the study was running.
The traveling partner would then follow the standard protocol of remote-viewing experiments. They’d spend 10–15 minutes at the target site at the assigned time, recording their impressions of it, taking photos and following the checklist of questions produced by the PEAR team.
Meanwhile, back at the lab, the remote viewer would record and draw his or her impressions of the traveler’s destination, from half an hour to nine days before the traveler arrived.
This was remote viewing with an interesting twist: the viewer had to see the target before his partner had even chosen it.
Nevertheless, remote viewing out of time worked; of PEAR’s 336 formal trials, more than two-thirds offered accuracy far beyond that achievable by chance. The overall odds against chance in the complete remote viewing database was one billion to one.  
Breathtaking accuracy
As this book makes clear, individual cases were breathtaking in their accuracy.  In one instance, the traveler was in Cornwall, in the UK, at the circular ruins of Launceston Castle.  His partner, the remote viewer, had traveled to Pompano Beach, Florida, over 4000 miles away, where he described the target approximately 31 hours before the traveller visited his target: 
“Agent standing with back to large gray building looking at a circular structure of building of unusual design, possibly with some kind of spiral motif twining around it. . . The main structure is of generally circular shape, somewhat higher than it is wide, made of light colored material, probably stone. . .
Another traveler headed to a sidewalk café in Balaton, Hungary, where they drank beer and wine on a tree-lined sidewalk.
Meanwhile, his partner, 5000 miles away in Burlington, Vermont, had noted down his remote view nine days before the partner reached his target:
 “I see (the agent) sitting at a table, in an outdoor café or at a brightly lit indoor café table.  He is with 2 or three others, drinking something (tea or beer?), and talking. . . There are leaves and vegetation around, perhaps they’re sitting among trees . . . The ground surface is inlaid stone of some kind, perhaps cobblestone.”  
Perhaps the most paradigm busting aspect of this data is the fact that results were utterly independent of spatial or temporal constraints; no matter how far apart or when the remote view was generated, a good percentage of their participants produced their target correctly.  Many of the remote viewers ‘saw’ their partners at the target site before the travelers even knew where they were going.
Evades statistics
Despite scores of provocative examples like these, when Jahn and Dunne attempted to truly systematize their results through a statistical scoring system, they failed to yield a significant result.
As the pair quote Larry Dossey by way of explanation: “ When we put [psi experiences] under the microscope, we hinder their appearance. . . . This doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or that the prior experiments documenting their existence lied, but that we have hounded them into hiding with our petulant demands.”
Every so often in frontier science, a scientist bumps his head against a wall.  The wall isn’t the limit of his data but the limit of the current scientific model. In order to comprehend the wondrous nature of our universe, periodically we need a new science.
In this book, the culmination of a quarter century’s painstaking and remarkable research, Jahn and Dunne make it clear that they long outgrew the current model. The ultimate destination of their journey was into a heart of darkness.
In order to fully understand everything that they discovered, we may have to wait until a new Einstein follows their lead and emerges into the light — with a new science and more accurate notions about space and time.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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911 comments on “The Heart of Darkness”

  1. Excellent review. Man creates through thought and action. Man destroys through thought and action. What else is there? We DO NOT know beyond a shadow of a doubt, how or who created the Universe. We may never know, but we may learn how the universe created us. Explorers like Russel & Keith, Jahn & Dunne, Braeden, Lipton, McTaggart, and others continue to lead the way and it's because of their lack of failure (the is no failure here really), lack of bias, and abundance of curiosity that we will eventually get there. Indeed, we are well on our way with the thousand miles first step. Thanks to you all we amateur dreamers will continue to dream!
    Randy S.
    Energy Healer
    Orange, CA

  2. "If you want to change some condition in your life, you must change your thought about it and keep it changed. Then the condition will change accordingly. All that anyone else can do for you is help you change your thought." - Emmet Fox
    You can heal ANYTHING with this treatment. It is beneficial while you're working on your condition in the present to forgive the harms done to you and harms you've done in the past. It can be anything from a rude comment to abuse, anything from gossip to suicide, anything from a lost toy to war.
    Also, practice gratitude for your life, and to the Higher Power of your understanding, offer your trust and love!
    "The cost of giving is receiving."
    "So you think, so you get."
    "What think you are, you become."
    Jesus prayed, "that they will all be one, just as you and I are one - as you are in me, Father, and I am in you."
    May the mind that is in you be the mind that is in Christ Jesus.
    Peace be with you -- let there be Lighht!

  3. Inanimate, non-living, non-sentient items may "travel through time," but not an animated body. Only the etheric body may "travel through time," or exist in alternate realities. Those realities are illusions, they never really happen, and always collapse. This is the past and the future, they don't really exist, as everything collapses back on itself into the now. You cannot manifest a physical body in any other time than right now. That's not to say you cannot manifest many bodies, you just can't go backward of forward in "time." That would be impossible, as they are illusions, memories, thoughts, and dreams. As you forgive the ones you don't like, they actually cease to exist...memories, people, anything. It's like they get flushed down into a black hole. Actually, that's exactly what happens. You may multilocate in a number of different dimensions that are in line with your present reality, and also replicate in many places in your current dimension.
    However, bilocation, or multilocation requires the willingness to let your main body fall into stasis so that your etheric body may be free to go and fragment.
    That's astral-projection.
    This can be triggered by an extreme disruption in the electrical wave function within the human body, or the cessation of that electrical wave function.
    What can cause this?
    Specifically, coming in contact with things or experiencing things that do this.
    If the heart is beating too fast, you will not be able to control your projection, your may even fragment and not come back to your current present reality, die.
    It's about bringing your heartrate down, down, down, down, down... the closer it comes to stopping, you can control your projection when you shift into a faster mode nearly approaching the speed of light.
    When your heart stops, everything where you were becomes static, frozen in "time."
    That is timewave zero. Thought brings immediate manifestation and you can go anywhere just by thinking of that "place."
    Faster than the speed of light, is the speed of thought.

  4. Please, can someone change the current colours of these blogs from green on green to something easier to see. I am finding it quite difficult to read them now and I have enjoyed them so much in the past.

    1. The posts are black on blue on my computer. Perhaps it is the computer or your browser.

  5. The problem is that you will never convince a skeptic of the validity of energy and it's subltle powers. Personally I don't even try. Talk to and with those who are open, let the rest stay in their ignorance.
    Sounds harsh, but that's the way I cope with what I know but can't prove. But,... I know.

  6. Thanks for the review! One tiny correction: A REG ist, of course, a *random* event generator, not a "remote event generator". 🙂
    It was Jahn's and Dunne's book "Margins of Reality" that mostly triggered my interest in the creative power of consciousness, about which I meanwhile published a book myself ("The Making of Reality"). Do you know whether "Consciousness and the Source of Reality" presents new information compared to "Margins of Reality"? In that case I would surely have to read it.

  7. It seems that 'it' all comes down to the very Nernst Equation in the first place.( kT/q.)
    Since kT stands for Free Energy of 'Concentration' and kT/q stands for Free Energy of Reaction.
    While information theory of Shannon holds kTLn2 where 2 stands for the On /Off in the very transistors inside the REG's too!
    Strangely enough This Nernst equation is also at work in our Pacemaker of each human being's Heart as well in our Minds and other cells.
    Is it any wonder that finally we seem to better understand what is going on?
    The Nernst equation is also at work when we have a heavy thunderstorm and lighting!!!.

  8. Into the Heart of Darkness... and then an implication that we must wait for the light of a new science to bring about a better understanding. Could it be that our reliance on light so that we can "see" is part of the old structure that must be gently set aside in order to evolve? I don't really need to "see" / understand something to make tremendously effective use of it. Electricity is a prime example. Most people don't understand it, but almost everyone uses it. Searching for theories assumes the existence of an extrinsic "reality" but if thought creates reality, then the journey to the heart of darkness does take us to where the answers may be experienced - as intrinsic "reality". Very few people are ever convinced of anything from the standpoint of logical argument. Generally, they decide emotionally and then use logic to support their decision. This happens so fast that most people don't even realize that it is happening. But "scientific proof" of all this is probably both unlikely (within the parameters of the "old" science) and ultimately ineffective. "Those convinced against their will are of their own opinion still."
    Thank you for a very thought provoking post!

  9. Thank you Lynn. Somehow it rather feels like we are heading into the "Heart of Lightnes" with these wonderful 'new' insights. We are expanding in consciousness!

  10. This reminds me of my favorite quote by Max Planck - 'Science advances one funeral at the time'

  11. The comprehension of cosmic circumstance may be in better hands outside the influence of scientific control which is both observation and influence of the outcome of all things perhaps to prove what experiences are and how they can be controlled as basis for an unholy technology that makes coming to earth way too inorganic.
    But what you're doing, Lynne, cajoles scientific thinking into respecting the nature of our experience, so that we can apply some aspect of experi/mentation/, processing the experience in our minds, to do even more than better appreciate life as a concept, but as connecting doing and being for the mindful -- a self-mastery "thing."

  12. Hi Lynn,
    Again, simply mind boggling!
    If the researchers have "hit a wall" perhaps they can work on the mundane until the Spirit (inSpir-ation) is triggered again. Perhaps the remote viewers could use their talents to search for / locate murder victims remains or circumstances for cold cases. Even better - possibly locate stolen or missing children?
    There is still the opportunity to amass a great deal of data.
    Kepp safe & well

  13. Thanks Lynne, I am getting more and more convinced that more I become non-judgmental and unconditionally loving world seems to appear peaceful in midst of chaos.

  14. While at the Monroe Institute, I had the pleasure to meet Mr Joe McMoneagle. He did remote viewing for the CIA & had us do it as well. Most interresting. There are many variables that can affect the outcome, this is why it is so difficult to study this phenomenon, in a double blind manner, but the proof is there. Read his book: "The Ultimate Time Machine "

  15. a comment for the administrators -
    my comment is unrelated to this post, sorry.
    i just wanted to leave a note on the website saying that i am a new visitor who hoped to find something here about an upcoming organized intention for Japan.

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