Light makes the world go round

Lynne McTaggart

Why is an energetic footprint as we’re studying in water so important?
As you may know, one of my heroes is Fritz-Albert Popp, a German physicist, who first discovered that we also maintain a constant conversation with our environment in the form of a constant Morse code of light emissions.
Living systems, writes Popp, ‘not only exchange heat with the external world but also signals”, e.g., electromagnetic waves or matter. . . . Every chemical reaction takes place if, and only if, at least one of the reacting compounds is excited by a photon. . . This means that 1) without photons chemical reactions are not possible and 2) the distribution of photons regulates the chemical reactivity in non-living and living matter.”
In other words, light makes the world go round.
Popp has been studying these light emissions for many years at the International Institute of Biophysics, which has 15 groups of scientists from international centres all around the world.
He and his colleagues have uncovered many new findings since those early days. For instance, he’s discovered that the number of these emissions matches on both hands and the forehead, and that they seem to follow weekly and monthly rhythms, which may correspond to energy outside ourselves, such as from the sun.
Universal medicine
One of Popp’s most recent investigations concerns the change in light production after medical treatment. In one experiment, he and his colleagues applied medicated ointment to a spot on a patient’s right arm, and then measured the light emissions from the treated area as well as a number of untreated parts from all over the body.
Similarly, in a patient with psoriasis affecting both arms, Popp applied a standard treatment for psoriasis, shining a UV (Ultraviolet) lamp on both the psoriatic portion of one arm and a healthy portion for five minutes. Shortly afterward, Popp measured the photon emissions from both parts of the arm.
When taking these measurements, Popp and his colleagues used exacting equipment that can count the light emissions, photon by photon – and they discovered something remarkable. If the number of emissions in one part of the body increases or decreases, so do those in other parts of the body.
In his first experiment, Popp found a large change in the number of light emissions not only from where he’d applied the ointment, but also from distant parts of the body. Furthermore, the size of the changes correlated all over the body: even from those places where no ointment had been applied, Popp recorded the same increase in light emissions as from the spot where the medicine had been used.
In the case of the psoriatic patient and the UV light treatment, the emissions roughly quadrupled after using the light from both healthy and unhealthy regions of skin, regardless of whether or not they’d been exposed to the UV lamp.
An hour later, all parts of the body – treated and untreated, healthy and unhealthy – had reverted to identical light emissions, although the healthy regions of skin showed twice the amount of luminescence as the unhealthy regions. This may be because healthy skin doesn’t ‘need’ the light and so ‘gets rid’ of it, whereas the psoriatic regions did have a need for it and so retained it.
Light as global communication
Popp believes that he has uncovered a new communications channel within the body that uses light as a means of instantaneous, or ‘non-local’, signaling to the rest of the living organism. “These signals contain valuable information about the health state of [the body] as well as of therapeutical effects,” he says.
Popp’s research takes us one step closer to understanding the multi-channel method by which the body communicates with itself and with the rest of the universe. Parts of the body tell each other about the state of things with these tiny messages of light.
It also tells us why the tools of modern medicine often have such blunderbuss effects. Even if a therapy is intended for a specific location, this communications channel will cause it to have a global effect.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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12 comments on “Light makes the world go round”

  1. This is so cool!
    I do not understand what you mean in this part:
    'An hour later, all parts of the body – treated and untreated, healthy and unhealthy – had reverted to identical light emissions, although the healthy regions of skin showed twice the amount of luminescence as the unhealthy regions. This may be because healthy skin doesn’t ‘need’ the light and so ‘gets rid’ of it, whereas the psoriatic regions did have a need for it and so retained it.'
    Please clarify what you mean. This is important.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Love to you and Brian!

  2. Life is light, we come from light and just like a NDE your being is present in the light and once back all it's sences are hightened. So light has and will be the inner most actoivator of life, because life knows light and light knows life..
    Thank you for sharing your discovery...

  3. Its interesting that light is being recognized as the universal communication vehicle between all living organisms. Its particularly interesting given the fact that we are all bodies of light resonating at a frequency that not only projects itself into a living material but seems to be evolving towards a higher resonant frequency which may imply a more flexible malleable form. Perhaps this explains why we are now able to detect the light we emit. As we evolve towards are more efficient and perfected form the light that we are will and is becoming more apparent. Hopefully this evolution will involve our consciousness as well, perhaps it already is...

  4. I have thought for many years that light has a big role to play in our well being, and that we communicate with everything around us via the electro magnetic emanations, which include light emissions, from both animate and inanimate objects. Are thought waves carried via light or by another means. I ask this because thoughts seem to travel symaltaneously to any where on earth or maybe in the universe. For my part, I say let there be light! Were those words in Genesis, the beginning of communication mind to mind?
    Ken Jackson.

  5. Another example of how Star Trek so accurately foretells the future 😉 (see Dr. McCoy treating injuries with a tool that emits light and sound).
    I'm really looking forward to the time when we don't use money any more...just hope that'll be sooner rather than later (though I apply my intention to it daily...)

  6. Thank you. Isn't it beautiful. Reading your comments allowed me to bathe in the light while breathing in the fresh summer breeze whispering through my window. Love and light to you all. Jann

  7. Golden light appears to be the frequency of transformation/rewiring. White light for healing. Platinum light for strengthening/reinforcing. Lights in each chakra color for the specific intent of each chakra. A meditation using golden light with hands on the chest/thymus is particularly helpful in transforming the history/herstory.

  8. Don't be alarmed if you experience hot flashes during this meditation. That signifies transformation in process as I see it. Enjoy!

  9. I feel very privileged to be exposed to the cutting edge of scientific and spiritual coming together. Everything around me has taken on a new significance. Since we are made of light and so is everything else, and what we think or intend affects the Universe, no wonder positive prayer always works positively.
    Love and Blessings

  10. May I make a suggestion? It seems that all of you are limiting your thoughts and intention to visible light only. The visible light spectrum is but a tiny percentage of light energy. Just because the human eye cannot perceive light energy's total reality does not mean that it does not exist or should be ignored when considering the ethereal aspect of consciousness.
    Accordingly, through the study of quantum physics, we have learned that everything is comprised of energy in the form of light waves (string theory); the overwhelmingly majority, of which, is invisible to us, yet is a vital part of the physical universe (including our bodies) and without it we, along with everything else, ceases to exist. Visible light is unable to sustain form; it merely reflects form and is, therefore, unsubstantial. On the other hand, the total light energy spectrum IS form and sustains everything in existence, seen and unseen. Imagine trying to drive a concept motorcar while only perceiving one seat or a steering wheel: enjoyable to dream about, yet, impossible and unsubstantial, nonetheless. One needs to perceive the car in total in order to experience it.
    Human consciousness is the sum total of light energy and infinite. The human mind detects and experiences limits of it's own making (example: the lone steering wheel); yet, is also infinite.
    All this rambling, simply put, means that, in order to realize absolute, coherent intention, one must, first, abandon the reflections presented to the self from a finite, visible energy spectrum and embrace the whole as the substance of Self.
    This work, these experiments, are the direct result of limited human consciousness slowly releasing dogmatic perceptions created by fear, superstition and self imposed ignorance. In the course of time and maturity and with loving persistence, human consciousness will bloom from a finite bud into an infinite garden if possibility.
    The Universe is in no hurry,for, it knows itself as infinite and will wait patiently for the stragglers to come home.

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