Have Yourself a Rational Little Christmas

Lynne McTaggart

Have Yourself a Rational Little Christmas


Dear Friends,



Have you heard about the new Christmas card making the rounds?  On the cover it reads:


‘On December 25th, a Savior was born. He revealed eternal Truth, bringing Joy to millions. He astonished the world with His command over Nature. He changed history forever.’


You open up the card it says: ‘Happy Birthday, Sir Isaac Newton. December 25, 1642 - March 20, 1726.’


The cardmaker, John Powers, who describes himself as an  ‘objectivist’, was compelled to produce this card because he was tired of having everyone’s else’s religious statements rammed down his throat, while having to limit his own response, as an atheist, to the bland offering:  ‘Happy Holidays’.


‘I decided that if it's okay for (almost) everyone else to stamp, seal, and deliver their philosophy to me every Christmas, I'll do just the same,’ he says.


The ‘rational’ movement is now targeting Christmas.  In the UK, a show entitled ‘Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People:A Rational Celebration of Christmas’ at the Bloomsbury Theatre next week, is sold out.


The show, stars alongside comedian Ricky Gervais, such guardians of rational thinking as Richard Dawkins and Ben Goldacre, a Guardian newspaper columnist wedded to trashing anything he considers ‘junk science’.


As the Skeptic has written, ‘Rather than talking of Jesus’s birth, acclaimed science author Simon Singh will talk about the birth of the universe. Instead of talking about Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, Bad Science Columnist Ben Goldacre will talk of alternative medicine and charlatans, while Josie Long [a British comedienne] will talk about the wonder of the stars.’


The purpose of the evening, we’re told, is not to knock Christmas, but to celebrate the wonder of the universe, rather than pandering to the myths of ‘fundamentalists’. 


Scientific fundamentalism

I have no quarrel with the idea of celebrating the wonder of life here on earth – at this time of year or any other.  What I do have a problem with is calling the discoveries of Newton and the views of Dawkins or Goldacre any sort of final truth, or indeed considering these opinions any more rational or less fundamentalist than those of religious fanaticism.


My own study of science and medicine has convinced me that medicine and science are subject to myths as powerful as the virgin birth. 


Religion is finally a story – a story to help us to make sense of the miracle and puzzlement of our life and death - but so is science.


The scientific story is told in installments. We learn about our world in piecemeal fashion, a process of constant correction and revision.  New chapters refine — and often supplant — the chapters that have come before.


The Rational Christmas evening plans to classic archive footage of the late astronomer Carl Sagan and celebrated physicist Richard Feynman, who once termed Newtonian laws science’s grand ‘rules of the game’. 


These rules – now more than 300 years old - described a tidy little universe as a collection of isolated, well-behaved, discrete and self-contained objects operating according to certain fixed laws.


New scientific story

The work being carried out in prestigious laboratories all over the world have recently torn up that rulebook and scattered it to the four winds.


The latest scientific story suggests that at our essence, we exist not so much as a collection of separate entities, but as a unity, a relationship — utterly interdependent, the parts affecting the whole at every moment.


Our understanding of ourselves and our universe is in flux possibly more than ever before. 


Nevertheless, most of the pundits of ‘rational science’ hold onto the outmoded Newtonian view of our universe just as rigidly as a Christian or Muslim fundamentalist holds onto a literal interpretation of his or her holy book.


At this unique point in history, science and religion are beginning to converge.  Science has begun to prove what peoples of all cultures have instinctively understood for generations.


We can only gasp in wonderment as each chapter unfolds and we discover that we are something far more impressive than evolutionary happenstance or genetic survival machine.  Literally any interpretation of what is human and what is divine could hold sway.


The most rational point of view these days is an open mind and a healthy respect for what human beings have intuitively grasped and described in mythical – and often symbolic - stories through the ages. The Christmas story, with its central message of rebirth and renewal, is just such a powerful message – with far more meaning to our human experience than F=Ma.


I have my own Christmas card I’d like to print.  As William Blake once famously wrote in a letter:


 ‘Pray God us keep

 ‘From single vision & Newton’s sleep.’



Have a non-rational week.


Warm wishes,




Lynne McTaggart


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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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10 comments on “Have Yourself a Rational Little Christmas”

  1. Dear Lynne,
    I don't see how you can continue to promote for your DVD while not attending to my problem despite many emails and also a message left on your blog 2 days ago. I ordered the DVD and Frontier Science Part I and had been billed by PayPal on the 22 Nov. Up till now I have not received any response nor goods from WDDTY. I am slowly losing my confidence in the Living field and WDDTY as I am continually being disappointed when no response was received from them each day. I am forced to request for refund under such circumstances even though I very much look forward to viewing the DVD.

  2. Dear Lynne: Re the Dawkins/Sagan dogmatists: the biologist Bruce Lipton states his case that immortal spirit directly works through our cell membrane to participate in the conduct of our lives, as opposed to our being ruled by DNA at the cell nucleus. He correlates this with the findings of cutting edge physicists. The resulting scenario seems to be in accord with your synthesis of the findings of vanguard physicists in The Field. Do you concur? For me, this view is both hopeful and liberating. Also, the power of intention follows logically from this.

  3. A new vision for Christmas:
    Love and respect the cosmos
    Love and respect our planet
    Love and respect all living creatures
    - and by doing so you will find God.

  4. Hi Connie
    I have been having the same problems with WDDTY regarding my order for the DVDs which I placed and paid for on 24th November.
    I emailed three times and sent a fax but heard nothing. I finally managed to find a phone number on my order confirmation and left a message for Brian Hubbard. His phone numbers are: 0208 971 1653 and 0870 9908405.
    Thankfully he phoned me back and explained that there had been a delay with the DVDs and I should be receiving them this week. He said there was not a Customer Service Dept as such but this would be addressed in the New Year. Hope this helps Connie!
    Best wishes.

  5. Hi Lynne, this is the first time I have felt compelled to write. I love what you are doing and join in on the experiments. I agree with your views about the so called rational thinkers which I see as basically fundamentalist.
    I would however caution against getting into a bun fight and agree to disagree. People with such set views are more likely than not to simply relish the fight rather than be open to something not quantifiable, I look forward to continuing enjoying this cite into the future, Merry Christmas .......Miriam

  6. Hi Lynne,
    Hope all is well. I am writing for a couple of reasons. First, I too ordered your DVD set a few weeks ago and have yet to receive it. I feel sure you will address this issue if the DVDs are indeed delayed so I'll wait a bit longer to hear before I cancel my order.
    Secondly, I have read "The Intention Eperiment" and listened to your session on the Great Shift dvd from earlier this year. I am intrigued with all of it and look forward to learning more. But last evening, I was sharing what I had learned so far with a friend and she asked me where God and the Bible fit into the concepts resulting from the Intention Experiment. I understand that your work is about uncovering scientific proof that should bring God and Science together. However, I heard you say that prayer and intention are not the same. So, I was unable to give my friend a concise answer to her question - where do (or if) prayer and teh bible fit into your concepts?
    I look forward to your insightful reply. Thank You.

  7. Dear Connie, Andrea and Brenda,
    Thanks for your comments. Our supplier assures us that all DVDs have been now shipped and he is up to date with orders. We are in the process of changing our subscription department out of house, so thanks for bearing with us. In the new year, we will have a very responsive customer service department ready to handle all queries. If you have any more problems, please write in to cs@livingthefield.com.
    Warm wishes,

  8. Dear Lynne,
    I have to say I have been studying quantum physics for almost 5 years and know from my own experience that the power of thought "intention" work. However, I caution you to post such offensive material such as the "Rational Christmas". It's el toro caca! Don''t you know Jesus Christ Himself was the most brilliant quantum physicist ever. Carolyn

  9. One of the ironies of the Newton's birth/anti-Christmas card is that Newton himself was extremely religious. His attitude, from what little I know of it, was that the point of science was to discover and understand the works of God.

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