Start your own circle of protection against a broken heart

Lynne McTaggart

Last week, when I wrote about the power of a group of 10 friends, we had a large group of comments from readers – many wanting to know more about the power of 10 and also how to create such a tribe.


This week I want to share with you that creating this small tribe can prove more powerful as a preventative than any diet or drug from dying from heart disease – which is almost always, metaphorically speaking, caused by dying from a broken heart.


Studies of populations, such as Japanese-Americans, demonstrate that social networks and social support protect them against heart disease — regardless of whether they smoke or suffer from high blood pressure.


Even in America, in a study of over 200 elderly, healthy adults, those with good support networks had lower blood cholesterol levels and higher levels of immune function than those without this emotional support.


As I mentioned last week, how much you smoked or what you ate didn't seem to have as much bearing on your heart as whether you felt isolated from the world.


This situation even exists in animal societies. Researchers conducting heart studies on rabbits were flabbergasted to find that among the animals given high cholesterol-producing diets, those who were played with and petted by researchers developed less cardiovascular disease than those who were in cages out of reach and left alone.


Whether in animals or humans, a high-cholesterol diet appears not to have as much to do with heart disease as a lack of connection. Many other studies have shown that strong community involvement is one of the most important indicators of health.


The power of a coherent community

As those of you who have read my books know, one of my favorite examples of the power of community is a small town in Pennsylvania called Roseto.  This tiny town was entirely populated with immigrants from the same area of Italy.  Along with the people themselves, their culture had been transplanted in its entirety.  The town shared a very cohesive sense of community; rich lived cheek by jowl with poor, but such was the sense of interrelation that jealousy seemed to be minimized. 


Roseto had an amazing health record. Despite the prevalence of a number of high-risk factors in the community – smoking, economic stress, high-fat diets – the people of Roseto had a heart-attack rate less than half that of neighboring towns. 


As soon as the cohesiveness of the town broke up a generation later, Roseto began to resemble an ordinary American town – a collection of isolated individuals – and, seemingly in parallel, the heart-attack rate quickly escalated to that of neighboring towns. 


Numerous studies show that people who are self-absorbed, cynical and hostile to the world also are more likely to die from a heart attack. One study actually found that the number of times a person used 'I' words like 'I', 'me' and 'mine' in an ordinary conversation multiplied the risk of a person's dying from heart disease.


How to set up your group of 10

But for many of us who are busy with work, partners and even children, we lack the time to set up these important social lifelines, and eventually, once we want them, we have forgotten how or don’t have the contacts to find likeminded individuals.


So why not create some groups of 10 right here on the website?  Here’s how to do it.  Go to our Intention Experiment Community home page and click on Groups. Then just set up a Power of 10 group.  To help you along, I’ve already set up a few.  And then you can begin writing to each other.  You can also set up some in particular areas – a Power of 10 group for Seattle, or London.  That way, you’ll begin meeting with likeminded souls in cyberspace, and once you feel comfortable, you’ll be able to meet them in person.


As for all the rest of you, here are five ways to meet your tribe:


·          Blog on this site and ask for people near you

·          Leave a notice at your local health shop or alternative clinic – people interested in consciousness often are often also interested in alternative health

·          Go to a talk or workshop concerning the new science or consciousness being held in your local area and ask the organizers to mention that you’re interested in meeting likeminded souls to discuss this work afterward

·          Join or create a Living the Field group

·          Contact your local IONS group to find people in your area who meet regularly and talk to them about creating a cyber site here on the website (








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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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20 comments on “Start your own circle of protection against a broken heart”

  1. I would love to read the end of the Andrew Collins piece, but it is not showing up anywhere on your site.

  2. I, too was looking for the rest of the Andrew Collins story. Might it go up today?
    Thank you,

  3. This week's intention states Sunday Dec 8th; however, Sunday is the 7th - is the Intention for Sunday or Monday?

  4. Hi There,
    I am Andrew's mom and I am so blessed that i am trying to write without crying! He is fine walked out of the hospital on his own.
    In times of crisis we seem to forget how powerful we are and how when we reach out and connect that power is increased. I believe that just the act of my writing Lynne change Andrew’s condition. I believe that the reaching out to our community at home and around the world was and is the first step in the healing process – our intention and connecting is what makes us strong.
    We had done what the doctors had said to do in an obedient fashion and did not come to our senses about our part in the healing process till there was no hope. And I know better! When we connected, intended and moved into action instead of standing by wringing our hands and feeling helpless is when he got better.
    Andrew says that the only thing he remembers is trying so hard to squeeze his hands – and that was the only thing we where asking him to do. We keep saying, “Andrew if you hear me squeeze my hand.” But he did not do it till after my request to Lynne.
    So if you don't believe then you figure out how 13 days ago I had a son who could not breath on his own and today I have one who changed the sheets on his own bed and but then in the washer! For me it is the power of our intention and connection………..

  5. I don't even know the beginning of this story but have long thought that heart attacks and heart disease are actually "losing heart". The good wishes of the field can change that. Language is very telling. This also appears to me to be true of Pancreatic diseases since pancreas means world creator or creator of that which is manifest . Christ is often referred to as "Pancreator".

  6. What a wonderful story from Andrew's mom !
    Thank you for sharing & letting us know how he is.

  7. Hello Donna Collins,
    This is absolutely wonderful !!I can relate , as last November my daughter was in the ICU with 11 broken bones and a severe brain injury. She had been in a coma for 8 days. Our community throughout Canada, laced with healers and people who understood about healing and intention, set up healing and prayer circles. They held a vision of her healed and whole. Today, a year later, she is walking without a limp and her brain is 90% back, functioning so that she has had two articles published and if you met her, you would not know. Over 1000 people were praying for her and sending healing. She is our miracle and I'm overjoyed that you have one too, thanks to Lynne. Warm hugs to you and Andrew from Canada.

  8. Hello there. I think this is a great and fantastic ideia. Some people really need to share moments in theyre,and they have nobody to talk with. Having a good circule of friends I now how good it is.
    I am open to have some more!!!
    FRIENDS are always Welcome!
    In Peace and Love, I am that I am.

  9. Hello Donna,
    Thank you for sharing about Andrew's recovery with us. I am delighted to hear it. I send the following prayer to Andrew, "God, please give Andrew the Guidance...the courage to create a powerful extraordinary life for himself full of Love and Joy. Please guide him...please show him how, God."
    Hello friends,
    The time/Date for this week's 'Intention of the Week' comes out as below, as calculated by a 'World Clock' on the net.
    Location Local time Time zone
    New York (U.S.A. - New York) Sunday, 7 December 2008 at 1:00:00 PM UTC-5 hours
    Corresponding UTC (GMT) Sunday, 7 December 2008 at 18:00:00 (1:00:00 PM)
    Canberra (Australia - Australian Capital Territory) Monday, 8 December 2008 at 5:00:00 AM UTC+11 hours EDT
    I invite you all to join me in sending healing intention to Vesanthi. She has had this condition for many years and through it all she has done Uni courses and has been pursuing a teaching job. At most times she is also so cheerful and inspiring, I find it hard to believe and am inspired.
    Thank you.

  10. Any people in Southest Michigan - especially in the Washtenaw/Livingston/Oakland County area?

  11. Dear Donna and everyone, about 8 minutes into last weeks intention I felt a warm glow spreading out from my heart and I knew we were achieving somethng good.
    Srini, I hope to be part of tomrrow's intention. I shall stop what I am doing at my daughter's salon and take time out for you. I will also include you in my daily intentions . All love. Wishing everyone, love, light , peace, hope and laughter. Christine

  12. Thank you, Christine. I am delighted to hear that you will join me.
    Wish you Love, Joy and Peace.

  13. When I moved to a small town in 1995 after medical school and residency to follow my husband, I was lonely. It took me three years to feel like part of the community and I realize now, it was mostly because I knew we wouldn't be staying long (he was doing his postdoctoral degree).
    But I learned a valuable lesson: I was too afraid to lose friends, so I shied away from making any. My "community" was just work - ugh!
    Fast forward to the last few years. While recovering from my own illness, I began taking a monthly healership class with a local energy healer. That became my "tribe". Then in 2006, I went to T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive (soon after I watched The Secret) and heard about Lynne and her work with intenion...and my life has forever changed!
    Now I have a local MMI grads group that meets monthly. We encourage each other, support each other and most of all, help each other keep focused on our intentions. I don't remember the last time I felt lonely. It's been many years.
    What Lynne is saying is so important. Even having a community "online" in today's day and age is a huge blessing. I can't tell you how many wonderful people I have met and connected with this way (In addition to the seminars I go to).
    Dr. Karen

  14. I have enjoyed reading Dr. Karen's story. I would love to be in a MMI group here in the NYC area. I am more interested in emotional wealth than financial, but both would be great.
    Anyone interested??
    Ciao, Relaine

  15. So inspiring to hear such heartwarming stories, it has made want to reach out now and form a group over here in scotland/ glasgow area. anyone interested. My background it spiritual and eco.

  16. Great- thank you for the reminder!
    I have found "" to be a great resource to find people of like interest in my region. is an international web based system to helps locate (or create) groups of common interest and sort them be zip coderegion. It has done much to help me find positive community and meeting a heartsoul need of mine.

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