Why thinking is doing something

Lynne McTaggart

I am just returning home from a four-day retreat with the Evolutionary Leaders, a “supergroup” of leaders within the New Thought movement begun by Deepak Chopra and the Association for Global New Thought. Joining me was Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Andrew Cohen, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lynne Twist and 40 other luminaries.
As part of this group, in late July I led a group intention to heal the Gulf oil spill, both as part of the ELs and also on my Intention Experiment site.  I suggested that participants send an intention to assist the technicians at BP in their efforts to cap the oil leak and that, no matter how one felt personally about the BP, it was important to send positive intentions to assist their efforts as the solution to the Deepwater Horizons spill lay in their hands.
Recently, our group heard from a group of political activists, who were dismayed that 1) we were suggesting that thoughts and intentions could change the course of events and 2) that we were misleading and ignoring the vast number of people harmed by the oil spill and 3) we were encouraging people to let BP off the hook.
The letter was written in strong language.  After I’d got over my initial response – taking it all too personally – I realized how helpful it had been because it clarified my thinking about what exactly activism means. 
What is activism?
Our usual definition tends to think of activism as working for some sort of outward change; activists are big ‘doers’, who work tirelessly to change some aspect of the social or political landscape.  I knew one such political activist, a fellow called Al Lowenstein, who single-handedly led the Dump Johnson movement in the 60s, after President Johnson escalated the Vietnam War.  By engaging in a lot of doing, in this case, tirelessly crisscrossing the country, speaking at universities, Lowenstein ensured that Johnson didn’t get a second term.
For more than 20 years with my work with What Doctors Don’t Tell You, I’ve been battling against the orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, to promote more holistic choices in health and healing.  In that role, I am very activist in that I engage in campaigning journalism and encourage our readers to resist orthodox forms of medicine that are harmful or unproven.
Toward that end, I ‘do’ a lot — debating with doctors or in round-table discussions on television and speaking at conferences and events, and I’ve even led a protest march on Parliament, here in the UK.
However, my work with intention is also activist in an even broader sense.  In our large group Intentions Experiments we’re trying to ‘do’ something important – to heal the world in some way. To that end we elect a number of targets with some philanthropic implication; thus far, in experimental settings we’ve attempted to make food more plentiful, purify water, and create peace in a war-torn region.
Of our 21 experiments, 18 have produced positive, significant effects.  So we’ve begun to demonstrate that thoughts indeed can be a form of activism, in the sense of being able to affect and even improve something in the world. 
Nevertheless, there is also something else going on here. 
Palpable oneness
Besides the fascinating results we’ve achieved to date, the most interesting phenomenon is the effect upon the participants in our larger studies. In our large on-line experiments we have many reports of ecstatic experiences – an overwhelming and palpable sense of oneness. I’m fascinated by this experience and how each of us, with our separate computers dotted all over the world, can simply come on the website and feel a sense of connection with other people sharing an experience thousands of miles away. I’m also interested in the long-term effect of this connection.
As you may know, September 2008 I ran an experiment with 15,000 participants from 60 countries around the world, examining whether ‘group mind’ has the power to lower violence and restore peace. The plan was to have readers all over the world join forces on our website to send peace to a particular war-torn area — in this instance, Sri Lanka.
More love for strangers
In a survey I conducted of participants after completion of the experiment, some 46 per cent of our participants noticed long-term changes in their relationships with others after the experiment. The group experience apparently helped them to feel more love in general, whether they knew the recipient or not.
Although more than a quarter either felt more love for their loved ones or for people they normally dislike or argue with, a larger percentage — 41 per cent  — felt more love for anyone with whom they came into contact, and 19 per cent found they were getting along better with perfect strangers.
In fact, when asked with whom relationships most improved, one of the largest groups – 38 per cent – said they noticed the biggest change in their relationships with strangers. The experience of connecting with thousands of strangers gave many people the ability to be more accepting of people they don’t personally know.
Resonating together
This type of powerful bonding can occur in a single day. During weekend workshops, when we divide the audience of attendees into small groups of eight, and ask groups of complete strangers to send loving thoughts to each other during my workshops, we’ve witnessed powerful stories of emotional or physical healing among both the senders and receivers, and I’ve written about them before.
By way of example, Marsha had developed an opacity in one cornea, largely blocking the vision of one eye. The following day, after her group’s healing intention, she claimed that her sight in that eye had been 80 per cent restored.
But even more significant than healing effects is the powerful effect of community.  During these workshops, strangers begin resonating together as one; for instance, in Holland at a recent workshop, I discovered that many of the groups reported having the exact same visualizations during their group intentions. 
In one group, which concentrated on sending intention to a woman with a bad back, she and a variety of members of the group all imagined the same inner vision: her spine being lifted out of her body and infused with light. 
Pure connection
The feeling of oneness reported by the members of the workshops and the Intention Experiment community is an example of the resonance effect of pure connection. The simple act of belonging and spontaneously giving within a small group of strangers is so powerful and so satisfies our deepest sense of ourselves that it heals both the healer and the recipient.
The crises we face on many fronts, including Deepwater Horizons and BP’s response, are symptomatic of a deeper problem than greed or an overreliance on petroleum. They are simply a measure of the vast disparity between our definition of ourselves and our truest essence.
Against nature
For hundreds of years we have acted against nature by ignoring our essential connectedness and defining ourselves as separate from our world. We’ve reached the point where we can no longer live according to this false view of who we really are. 
Coming together in a vast group intention is a revolutionary act.  It is transformational because it shows us that all of life exists in a dynamic relationship of cooperation.
It acknowledges the cutting-edge scientific discoveries in many disciplines demonstrating that individual things are far less individual than we thought they were.
It demonstrates that a drive for cooperation and partnership is fundamental to the physics of life and the biological makeup of all living things, 
It affords us a glimpse of what it really means to be human, of the broad reach of our human potential.
It provides us with a radically new view of the relationship between living things and their environment. 
It reminds us that whenever we interact with another person or group of people, we display a deep and automatic impulse to connect.
That kind of thinking, to my mind, is a whole lot of doing.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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  1. I'm an MA candidate in International Security at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver; and in a class on Conflict Resolution, the professor (Dr. Karen Feste, a member of the US Institute of Peace) spent one class session discussing "collective consciousness" and the impact of meditation and focused intention on areas of conflict.
    Specifically, she mentioned that according to the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy (a Transcendental Meditation research group made up of some high-level PhDs), meditation conducted according to a precise mathematical formula works even in the most difficult situations.
    The Institute's research has revealed that the square root of 1% of the population of a community equals the number of people needed to meditate. It’s most powerful when you have the exact square root in terms of the number of individuals participating.
    For example, this was done by the ISTPP some years ago at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem with 300 people participating. (The population of Israel was 9 million at the time of the study, 1% of that is 90,000, and the square root of 90,000 is 300.)
    The results? Conflict and violence dropped dramatically during that time.
    Blessings, Carol

  2. Between all possibilities (God) and physical existence (the world) resides the place where the mind makes choices. Are we, as humanity, still functioning from the aspect of our subconscious programming? Or are we navigating wisely through consciousness to get to the Truth about who we are and what is real? The speed of technology is mirroring what is happening through this shift of consciousness. There are no longer places to hide secrets. Karma has become nearly as instant as information. So you think, so you get...so choose carefully what you give as the the cost of giving is receiving. Science is reason, God is love. Both exist simultaneously creating, evolving eternally when one has been freed from the incarceration of intellectual and/or spiritual pride. This is the 1st Commandment! The 2nd, love your neighbor as yourself, for we are One! What follows is unconditional love, joy, peace... enlightenment!

  3. I have a friend who says that there is only one center and it is everywhere. We are all connected, each one an intrinsic part of all there is, for without every one of us, something would be missing. I have experienced the power of thought to change reality, over and over and over. Personally, my focus is on increasing the flow of unconditional love in the world - as a way of replacing the existing focus on fear and frustration. Please keep up your great work so that we all can learn to understand and embrace the power of our connectedness. Thank you.

  4. I realized that the last paragraph of your blog is the definition of the coming changes in eveolutionary thinking
    Rudolf Steiner's RSF and their "Reimagining Money" stresses that this is indeed the wave of the human side of connection. They invest money in organizations that show intelligence the way they create their product, or causes that show the ability for sustanibility.
    Steiner was alive in the 1830's and speaks to us in the 1010's so their is an ability for enlightenment and connection in any "age"- Copernicus, Gallileo, etc.
    The job at hand is to get enough of us on the same page, in the face of fear or smallness and create a resonance that will have a tipping point.
    We all want to feel safe and cared for and part of something larger

  5. When doctors say that their method works, because they have "scientific proof" and that all the other stuff doesn't work, because there is no proof, then I can't help but think that we have robbed ourselves of a very important sense. The sense that just knows when something is "right" or that something "works" We need to allow ourselves to get in touch with that sense again.

  6. One of my big concerns with 'activist' groups is that they focus on what they don't want and don't like... repeatedly wit emotion. And they draw others into agreement and conversation about how bad 'it' is.
    This of course powerfully attracts what hey don't want... and they get to be right about how bad it is is.
    Resistance IS Futile. What you resist by focusing on it gains energy from you.
    Since they define themselves by their resistance they feel like 'we' are asking them to literally disappear.
    The flip side is the propaganda we are barraged with daily telling us what, who and how to be... to the advantage of the PR client. Attempt's to influence our choices... our free will.
    Ultimately free will is about what we choose to think about. So getting people to think about something... usually a lie and usually generating fear... creates a hug intention engine of people who are unaware of what they are creating and why.
    Devious, the Dark Side is?

  7. Last week I heard my pastor relate a news item he'd seen (I think on line): A new oil-eating bactrium has been discovered, one that does not deplete oxygen reserves, and that outweighs the 'old' oil-eating bacterium (which did harm oxygen levels) about 80-20 percent ... that is, 80% of bacteria found in the Gulf is of the new variety compared to about 20% of the older version. Is it possible this is God's creative way of helping us cope with the oil spill? Is it possible that our global effort of intentions has helped in the co-creation of this new bug? Is it possible that this is why the damage isn't 1000 times worse than it is? Oh, ye of little faith!

  8. You have touched upon a dilemma that many cannot solve. On one hand, yes, focus on the healing as part of the new paradigm. On the other, let the destroyer destroy self as we let go of the old paradigm. If karma has wisdom, should we interfere with it? Live and let die? No easy answers.
    Thanks for your activism.

  9. I couldn't agree more with all that you've said and I think we need to do an intention around polarity in general as just not working. But in particular, the situation in New York. It's amazing that we don't get that by making Muslims outcasts we actually draw in a greater potential for home grown terrorists activity. The radicals must be thrilled with out self destructive path.

  10. Greater change is made from the level of unbounded consciousness. "Do less and accomplish more. Do nothing and accomplish everything." (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

  11. As to Carol Hubbard's response, this is why the temple and the Oneness University near Chennai were built. The temple was to house approximately 8000 meditators that would collectively change the morphogenic field and the collective consciousness towards oneness. Then the Indian govt. got involved because some nefarious forces did not want this to happen because it would significantly tip the consciousness of the world in effect spring-boarding the world population to Oneness and higher states of consciousness. So it sits awaiting its moment when the meditators will be allowed to do their work.

  12. As Toronto was preparing to host the G20Summit in June 2010 I felt compelled to express a different energy from the one presented by the press ($billion budget, police weapons and protestors). The result was a positive video from 21 extraordinary young women brought to Toronto to prepare them to lead in their countries from a place of awareness, compassion and strength: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxVAr4xkrA0
    Since then I have been moved to create a global vision for democracy that begins at municipal levels and has local residents inviting the rest of the world to think and speak about a specific positive plan for the local community.
    My first project is in Toronto:

  13. this article explains the intuitive feeling i have about the work i am doing in my (art) studio involving transformational processes that don't appear as 'active' as the activities of activists. my visual metaphor is of the sacred geometer's compass, spinning to create a circle. the point poised at the center of the circle does not appear to be stirring very much, yet creates the sweeping movement of the drawing end of the compass.
    i would love to hear more about what went on at the evolutionary leaders conference. lynn, could you give us a report?
    blessings on all of your projects...

  14. I believe that as we think, we are also led to do. My reaction to the spill as well as to pray for our water, our creatures, and our planet was to reach out to others who wish to do something positive and try to encourage them to get together to help no matter what BP or the government was or wasn't doing. Before we can pray, we must be aware of the situation and the pitfalls involved. We must see who will be there to help, and who will just point fingers, or sit by. We are all called in different manners to serve here on earth, but we meditate in our daily lives and then take part as we are called on by God or the field. As I took the action I felt called on to do, I connected with others of like mind, and we came together all in our own ways to take some action after praying for help. I feel like this active connection also brings a sense of greater bonds with others. As all the great minds tell us, we must first think, then ACT ON IT to bring the outcome we would like.

  15. this is a message for David Franklin. I don't agree to your points. Your point is very one sided
    we all focus on what we don't want and on what we don't like. you can't escape yourself however much we pretend. Activists have great points and we may not agree to their methods of tackling things,but we have to listen instead of discreditng their point.

  16. Escaping the (s)elf is the only true freedom. (S)elf is oneness, unity. Being a victim is merely a matter of perception/projection.

  17. Lynn, YES! Thanks for summarising the emerging evolutionary trend. And yes, in a new way which subtly but importantly differs from traditional political activism, we are looking for and expecting ways to marry positive intention with positive tangible action.
    Traditional activism can be angry, but usefully awareness-building. Anger, fear and divisiveness can sometimes be good warning signals, to start, but are usually not practical modes for then working together. An informed and focussed *but not angry* activist could be a good team member for finding and managing in sustainable solutions together.
    I don't see difficulty with marrying positive intentions and positive practical action. Given that we make the positive collective intentions, then very cool opportunities do synchronistically pop up which we can then utilise in practical, active ways. Apollo 13's astronauts returned to Earth alive, in spite of ridiculous odds. The whole world hoped-prayed-intended for this miracle, and then the astoundingly many practical obstacles each got solved either through creative actions or else by luck, one by one.
    Here in Amsterdam we (some management consultants and many others) are seeking to connect to positive intentions and to practical active ways to further heal healthcare systems. Positive intentions and practical ideas are welcome, everyone. Lynn, as much as I dearly love your works starting with The Field and The Intention Experiment, I have always before ignored your earlier works about healthcare (my loss,) because your healthcare book's title written decades ago seemed angry to me, and I thought I wasn't looking for an activist's book. Maybe I should read it too. And maybe your book titles show how you have grown as well. We are each developing beyond divisive anger and into group compassion. We have come far. Keep up the good work -- it's important to the world.
    Ann S. Burgoyne

  18. Currently, the residents of Boulder County are experiencing some massively active flames. I don't know if there is a mathematical ratio of the number of meditators needed to put out the number of flames we are experiencing nor the best way to bring the elements back into balance but we could use some help here. If some of you have used a candle flame as a meditative support, or have any other notions on how to bring benefit to this situation and to calm the causal matrix, I'd be most grateful.

  19. Thank you for these interesting thoughts about activism. I wanted to reflect on a topic related to the introduction of your post. We humans seem to constantly be needing leaders, people who will tell us what to think, will show us the way. We need "big daddy" and forget we have our own personal sense of guidance and that we can think for ourselves. That's why I am bothered by words as "Evolutionary Leaders, a “supergroup” of leaders within the New Thought movement" and "other luminaries". Why this need to call yourself and the other participants, leaders, luminaries. Have you been elected ? This is not to minimize your work and that of your fellows, but would it be wrong to say that the ego is at work when words like that are used. Pioneers or initiators are better words, with less burden.

  20. The New Thought Movement or New Thought is a spiritual movement which developed in the United States during the late 19th century and emphasizes metaphysical beliefs.
    Read Ernst Holmes "The Science of Mind",he was part of the true New Thought Movement and forget anybody else propounding on the subject. All the New Age self-appointed know it alls making huge amounts of money off the unknowing public, got all their material from the original writers and thinkers of the New Thought Movement.
    And that includes you, Lynne. Your field is the One Mind that creates everything (see Holmes book above).
    Individuality is the most important thing, this group mind path is dangerous and unnecessary. One thought from one individual makes changes in the world, not some mathematical formula or critical mass requirement.

  21. By actively engaging with others in a group intention project, we have to consider the need to retain our individual integrity. Often writers on such activities caution that one preface his/her commitment to the project with prayer for protection against adverse interference. But Lynn's blog says that joining the group effort has very beneficent effects on the individual people taking part. This means that an attitude of love is prerequisite to taking part. The subconscious is not an automaton, so should be conditioned for coordinated activity. This may sound a bit goofy, but the realm of the subconscious is not as well explored as some may assume.

  22. As well as the main article, the covering letter
    included a piece about the role of the heart as
    a physical organism.
    There is some interesting material about the
    after-effects of heart transplants. Some of the
    recipients seem to have a direct experiential
    link with the donor of the heart - including
    information unknown by other means.
    It may be that the heart (being the largest
    vibrator in the body) is the motor for the
    links between the individual and what those
    in the Intention community call the "Field".
    This would explain why individual conscious
    identity appears to cease at death - when the
    heart stops. We are literally cut off from our
    source - and the body becomes as useless as
    a radio set without a power supply.
    This scenario leads on to the plausibility of
    other phenomena such as telepathy and clues
    to the paradox of individuality and the unity
    of consciousness. Amazingly it is only just
    over forty years since the technology of heart
    transplants has enabled us to discover this
    aspect of our existence. The pace of unfolding
    of the means to see more clearly the essential
    nature of our existence is accelerating.
    There is a parallel with dowsing - where it has
    been shewn that shielding to two areas of the
    human body can stop the dowsing effect - by
    cutting off the link to the zero point field.
    Whilst the many advances in the physical
    and medical sciences are wonderful - they
    still are of nought until we understand the
    basic building blocks of life - not just the
    DNA at this end but the means of making
    the connection with consciousness.
    An interesting thought is what sort of person
    would emerge from a real-life transporter
    device of the Star Trek type. Would the
    destination body have the same personality
    and other individual characteristics as the
    original? Experiments so far have suggested
    with concepts such as remote entanglement
    have suggested that the origin needs to be
    destroyed in order for the destination to be
    created - perhaps an endorsement of the
    Buddhist cycle of death and recreation?
    Younger people of today are living in
    interesting times. Already the old paradigms
    are changing and there is a recognition that
    the "wiring" of the brains of younger people
    is changing. I used to recognise a threshold
    from 1943 when Neptune moved into Libra
    as the time after which a fundamental change in the way in which people born after that date use
    their "thinking". Can anyone point out what
    is a later threshold? Is it associated with the
    Harmonic Convergence of 1987? Is there some
    other (astrological?) significator? Recently,
    even mainstream thinking is talking about
    Generation X and Generation Y in the sense
    of modes of thinking - and the advent of the
    Internet has certainly changed the nature of
    our relationship with information. My hope is
    that we do not lose our sense of discernment in
    the process (ie Wikipedia is not always right!).
    This may not be on the main theme but it does
    derive from the covering message and I would
    hope that those interested in the main topic
    will be able also to give some creative thought
    to the role of the heart in ensuring the illusion
    of individual identity.
    Alan Rayner
    EX39 2BA

  23. I am just so happy to have found u! I read all your articles and hope to be able to attend one of your workshops in holland. I get a lot of interesting mails in my inbox from Deepak Chopra, Mike Dooley (tUT) and Marlene Marion etc. and i feel a happy person. Thanks again, namaste Garry

  24. Thank you for this article! I do beleive that we can choose to Do in a different way by becoming aware of the power of our thoughts and our intentions. Not just as activist to our world around us but also as activists to the world within us. If we can do this without grasping for a particular or prefered outcome but realy coming from our heart with our focused attention I´m sure we can infuse the world and ourselves with a new way of being and creating in this world.
    Loving presence....Karin Hall, Oslo

  25. Yes thank you Lyn and everyone, I agree with comments. Though I am disabled and cant easily access workshops, I too am on the path as an activist. I realise we need to let go of any grasping need to have a set outcome in mind and try to work with the intention to change and hopefully improve things. I meet with a few likeminded others doing the same. Though it can be very challenging at times! At the moment I am trying to challenge the british government who are set in making the lives of us disabled people as difficult as possible by taking our benefits away. What we will do if this happens is anyones guess, its hard enough living with a disability without this worry. If anyone wants to join in with the intention of helping the government find a different route to make their cuts I'd so love to link up. Just let me know.
    Many thanks to everyone whos involved in easing the passage of life through these challenging times. My thoughts are with you.

  26. Advocacy...not activism, is what works. Ask the Holy Spirit! It's what's in the subconscious that matters. I agree, to some degree, with Clara. Power of intention requires a group of "like-minded individuals." This likeness MUST exist in the subconscious, otherwise, you could wind up with a lot of scary stuff manifesting that you weren't consciously intending. I've been trying to teach this in these types of groups for quite some time, but the ones with credentials won't listen.

  27. Hello Lynne and everyone,
    I am so moved by all this discussion. From my point of view as a crone (elder woman of wisdom) I have seen much of this evolution. I have come to realize that any form of dualism (them/us .. blame gaming ... even God/us) is unreal. Our thoughts ARE prayers. Philippians 4:8 says it: "Whatsoever things are true, righteous, lovely etc....think on these things" We DO draw to us that on which we focus.
    When Lynne asked us to send intention to the gulf I chose to 'see' it as clear and clean, surrounded with healthy plants and filled with healthy animals. Everything works together for good. In the news now is a person who advocates burning a holy book. From this is coming an awareness of how sad and wrong minded it is to criticize those of a different faith. Even if he proceeds he will have raised the consciousness of masses of others.
    As to thought vs. activism: There is nothing more active than thought. If we are moved to action by our inner wisdom we need to be very careful that we stay on track to be pro-active. We can’t make war against war. We aren’t all moved to march. We can all be moved to spreading more kindness and peace in everyday actions. We can all participate in the thinking action of healing/loving/visualizing our wonderful planet and the people on it as the heavenly place and beings we were designed to be.
    I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

  28. Dear All,
    Thank you all for your thoughtful, intelligent comments — as always with this fantastic community. Just to address some of your comments: Gaeten and Clara, I used 'luminaries' and New Thought leaders, as blog shorthand for people. I am not terribly comfortable with the term 'Evolutionary
    Leaders for just the reasons you mention (I would have preferred 'Evolutionary Fellowship', or something similar), but the point of the group is to act as an instigating body, to empower others to themselves act as a catalyst for change and evolution, in order to create a just, peaceful, sustainable world. As I announced at our first event in Los Angeles August 31, we should be considered your evolutionary servants, not leaders. And we are students of all of this, just as you are. Pam, see Sept. 10, 2010 blog for more info and thoughts about the Evolutionary Leaders meeting.
    Warmest wishes,

  29. HuMM,what to say ,how much do I tell them about me,do i bother coming back here again,after all I ,ve been a membr of Global Coherence for months and there doing the same thing and though millions know about it as far as I can tell theres about 8 people showing up for the meditations,.......SO why am I here ? I,m here because I ,ve always been here searching for a way to help the world,I,ve always Loved people, would do things to help complete strangers,for 30 yrs I,ve studied this stuff,the answer was right there in the Silva Method it was 1980 I returned from Nam in 69,fell down a cliff in a rock slide,it locked up my back for the next 25 yrs, and months later I was wounded again in a mortar attack,why do I bring all this up its because a few years back I figures out why even though I never shot at anyone in my 12 months in Nam ,I DIED THERE,I know its a trick writin this stuff and not being here ,but what I mean about dieing over there is we who make it home left our souls there,another page I looked at earlier and a program I will get soon when the money appears teaches us to raise our frency that we are mostley vibreating at 200 and we need to get to at least 500 where we produce Love ,anyways I,ve searched for 30 years buying every program ,seminar out there trying to get back what I lost that caused me to spend the last 40 years alone and barley getting by spending all my money to fix my life ,so I,m here looking one more time an so far I love this place because I can only afford the $4.00 membership now but will upgrade soon,THE POINT TO MY STORY IS; I can afford to be here an learn I 've spent thousands over the years and have little to show for it so when the group gets together remember ther are millions like me out there who lose there souls in war and return empty and wander around until they die,never knowing what they lost are how to get it back so if your here ,this should be the most important thing you ever do everyones life may depend on it ,Thank You For Your Time ,Harry Beam

  30. As has been discussed by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman in (Spontaneous Evolution), there are many, MANY examples of how humans thrive when they join together in like-groups. They use the evolution of cells (from the beginning of time) to show how humans are like cells and that in order for the next evolutionary leap to occur, humans will need to band together.
    With Love and Gratitude,
    The Intentional Sage

  31. Harry, you can re-call your soul, for-give and love yourself you deserve your own mercy and compassion

  32. Intention & Attention are what you use.
    One "Sacred" person can change the weather, can make a lightning storm or tornado change course. That power is not gained by watching TV.
    Recent research, ridiculed by the scientific establishment, has shown the human heart has about as many neurons as the brain, & that the heart emits an electro-magnetic pulse detectable out to 12 feet. Detection is impossible further out, as the instruments are not sensitive enough.
    For all we know, the stars may be listening to our hearts.

  33. Harry, Laurie is right. You can re call your soul., you may need some assistance in this as in a shamanic practioner or another versed in the process. As money is tight - for a start sit quietly - surrender - and ask your soul to return, welcome it back with an open and loving heart that in the first instance loves you with compassion. You are a wonderful being to have shared as you did and experienced as you have. I wish you much love and peace.

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