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Lynne McTaggart

Recently, an amazing statistic emerged from a little known sleep laboratory at the University of Swansea in Great Britain:  namely, that the number of people in Western society experiencing a lucid dream has increased by up to 40 per cent in the last 30 years. 
In fact, current estimates are that most of us — eight of every 10 people — will experience a lucid dream at some point in our lives.
In a lucid dream you are, in a sense awake; you remain aware that you are dreaming and so can consciously manipulate the dream’s events.  This neat ability was recently highlighted in the movie Inception, where Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are able to custom-design their dreams in order to blow up cafes, curve streets into the heavens and in general bend reality to their will.
This ability used to be relatively rare — a mark of the gifted psychic or sensitive.  But according to Professor Mark Blagrove, one of Britain’s leading authorities on dreams, our dreaming patterns are drastically shifting. These days far more of us are able to delve into our dreams and consciously control them. 
A different mechanism
Lucid dreams appear to involve a very different mechanism than ordinary dreams.  During ordinary waking consciousness, our brains operate at a fast clip, using beta waves (around 13-40 hertz, or cycles per second), but slow down drastically during sleep. 
Light dreaming or meditation leads to a preponderance of either alpha rhythms (slow, high-amplitude brain waves with frequencies of 8-13 hertz) or the slower theta waves (4-7 hertz), which typify the state of consciousness during deep sleep.
However, something very different happens during lucid dreaming.  Researchers have recorded very high brainwave frequencies of up to 40 hertz in the frontal areas of the brain ((behind the forehead) in test participants during lucid dreaming. 
This is a brain that is very alert and working hard, with the kind of mental ticking over that occurs during the waking state.  Nevertheless, during lucid dreaming, research shows that the brain’s overall activity markedly differs from that of ordinary waking consciousness, which indicates to scientists that lucid dreaming is a third state between sleeping and wakefulness.
Similar personalities
Another interesting aspect of the research is the evidence that has emerged about the type of person most likely to have a lucid dream. Blagrove and others find that lucid dreamers tend to share similar personality traits. 
They tend to be creative and problem-centred, viewing life’s difficulties clinically as a problem to be solved, not a personal issue inspiring anger or defeat.  They also tend to have a high sense of personal responsibility about their lives, rather than expecting society to solve problems for them.
This fascinated me, because these also appear to be the self-same personality traits of people most likely to experience ‘peak experiences’, or transcendent moments — those beyond the limits of ordinary or material existence. 
This refers to the kind of epiphany astronaut Edgar Mitchell experienced after returning from his flight to the moon. Staring out the window of the Kittyhawk, he felt a profound sense of interconnectedness, as if all the planets and all the people of all time were attached by some invisible web.
It was an overwhelmingly visceral feeling, as if he was physically extending out to the furthest reaches of the cosmos.
Peak experiences
At the end of his life, US psychologist Abraham Maslow, best known for “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’, turned his attention to ‘transpersonal psychology’ or peak experience.
In Maslow’s view, those most likely to have transcendent moments are ‘self-actualized’. After reading the biographies and writings of historical figures he considered self-actualized, such as Albert Einstein, Aldous Huxley, William James, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Schweitzer, he was struck by the fact that they also shared this quality of creative problem solving and personal responsibility.  Consequently, many did have both transcendent moments and transcendent dreams.
So lucid dreaming may share the same source as mystical experiences – as a gateway, in a sense, into the Field.
Balanced brain
Peter Fenwick, a British neurophysiologist, has also extensively studied transcendent states. Some of his most interesting scientific evidence concerns the fact that they are caused by an integration of the brain’s left and right hemispheres. 
Until now, scientists believed that the two sides of the brain work more or less independently. The left side used logical, analytical, linear thinking and speech, the right, for spatial orientation, music and intuition.
However, it is now understood that the brain works best when it can operate as a totality, and that speech and many other functions result from both sides of the brain.
Furthermore, during mystical experiences, not only does new activity occur in the brain but, also, both sides act in a particular harmonious manner.
Eugene d’Aquili, and Andrew Newberg of the University of Pennsylvania who carried out a study of Tibetan monks discovered that feelings of transcendence, such as during peak moments, show up as more activity in the brain’s frontal lobes with less activity in the parietal lobes (at the back of the top of the head).
In this situation, the person loses the sense of self and other and enters a perception of oneness. So in lucid dreaming (which creates similar brain activity), we also experience that rare feeling of unity.
Unique geomagnetic effects
A number of fascinating studies also show a strong correlation between geomagnetic activity and an increase in dreams or psychic activity. In extensive studies by psychologist Stanley Krippner, lunar cycle, sunspot activity and changes in the GMF all appear to affect the outcome of dreams.
We now know that earth is presently experiencing a number of unique geomagnetic effects.  The past few years have seen a record number of sunspots — the highest for a thousand years.
According to NASA’s Sun-Earth Connection Office, we’re also experiencing a record number of X-ray flares, coronal mass ejections – blobs of gaseous material hurled toward earth by the sun – and solar storms, causing more and more displays of the Northern lights in more southern regions of the world, as occurred in England a month or so ago. 
We’re also experiencing a record number of earthquakes, hurricanes, and landslides (as our headlines reveal), all of which also affect the human psyche.  Russian scientists predict that we are undergoing a shift in the magnetic poles of the earth.
Canadian neuroscientist Michael Persinger, who has long demonstrated that human temporal lobes are an antennae picking up fluctuations in the earth’s electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields, believes that large cosmic changes, energized by ‘intense geophysical forces of nature’, can create mass changes in human consciousness.
Lucid dreams may be yet another sign that we are experiencing a general reorganization of human consciousness and a greater move toward oneness.  
If so, the world isn’t coming to an end in 2012, but coming to its true beginning.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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27 comments on “In all our dreams”

  1. I have a bodywork practice, for over 30 years now, and dreams are a common topic with my clients as they lie there. Massage therapists are in a unique position to gather a great deal of detailed information re. clients that few other practitioners are with their clients long enough to ascertain. I think it would be a great idea to "pick their brains" on what their clients reveal over years of coming to particular therapists. One thing I've noticed, for instance, is that the cellular oxygenation in people has decreased by several percentage points in the past 10-15 years.

  2. My last lucid dream was my most clear, what I would even call "hi-def." I was aware that I had another actual physcial body. So it felt as much like bilocation as it did lucid. I was very excited that I could see my hands and direct myself to walk and sit. It was very much a "ghost in the machine" feeling as I could also remember that my "other" body was sleeping in bed. It was daytime for my second body, but I knew it was nighttime for my first. I sat down in a chair to organize my thoughts and reminded myself that I did not have to be afraid, that I wanted to remain in the experience as long as possible. Those thoughts excited me even more. I was bringing information from my consciousness into my subconscious! The two were one, and I had two bodies! Next I thought of finding a mirror in the house where I was so I stood up to walk down the hallway. At first there had been others in my dream, family and friends, but at the time I became fully lucid, they had all disappeared. As I walked down the hall I started to wonder how I would get back to my other body, I focused on my breathing to keep my heart rate steady, and reminded myself that I was safe. I kept walking, but the thought began to nag me. "Well," I thought, "if worse comes to worse, I'll just have to find a place to fall asleep here, and...." At that moment, my boyfriend's foot brushed up against the leg of my first body, and I became instantly awake in the bed and was starting to sit up. There was no "waking-up" mechanism. It was as if the second perception fell away to reveal the first. Like, I didn't travel, or dream, but rather I was in two different universes/dimensions that existed simultaneous to one another. I have told myself that the next time I will try to find something that will reveal a date to me if possible, and once again, a mirror.
    A few nights later I spent a number of hours in twilight, though never became fully lucid. My consciousness was split half in bed, half in the other place. In the other place I was having a meeting with Jesus Christ. We were discussing a plan, his part, my part, making decisions and agreements. We were standing next to a table, and on it were some documents or maybe maps of some sort. We were certain about the topic of our conversation and what is going on.

  3. You've mentioned that "...lucid dreaming may share the same source as mystical experiences – as a gateway, in a sense, into the Field". I think lucid dreaming is rather a by-product of better interconnectedness with 'the field'. As our consciousness changes towards a higher level, we automatically get more and more in to the field, and this is what may be giving rise to mystical experience as we open ourselves. The 3rd Eye chakra is located very close to the frontal lobes, and as the chakra channelizes increasing energy thru it, it should theoritcally stimulate the frontal lobes as well giving us the experience of 'mystical experience'

  4. over the last several weeks I have started to experience lucid dreams in colour. These dreams are often me experiencing the scenario as me, but 'also' as seen by an outer source looking in on the event at every level. When I was young besides the apparitions I saw, I was was also told by one of my brothers that he would awake at night in our shared bedroom and a greyish glowing haze with a me in it would be standing near my bed looking at the real me sleeping.

  5. Interesting topic, and so actual. Excellent article with good news! People are using all kinds of ways to raise consciousness now and (lucid) dreaming is one of them.
    Rose, reading your story I got the feeling that more than a lucid dream you may have been in the between state (also called the bardo by the Tibetans). The state where one sort of decides which way to go. One can go to normal or lucid dreaming, shamanic journey, astro travel or die or wake up...This is the state where we also ought to go when we set our intentions and release resistance in order to do it.

  6. The researcher Lynn mentions, Michael Persinger, concludes that the strong cosmic and geologic activities cause massive disruptions or changes in human consciousness. In my view, the "Field" of which we, as well as all other matter, are a part, is actually the cause of these changes, rather than being at the effect of them.
    This is the only way that our intentions, prayers, etc. could possibly have any effect, and we know now that they do.
    The phrase "creating our own reality" has been used to death but those who denigrate it have not looked deeply enough. Just because you haven't won the lottery yet does not make it erroneous. It usually takes years of introspection to dig out the beliefs behind the chaos we create. Our beliefs and the words we think and say create our experience of reality.

  7. I have had 2-3 very real ( lucid ? ) in the past 3 months or so, this is only note worthy because for most of my almost 60 yrs . I can only remember a handful of dreams! ...Is it possible that we are haveing this upsurge in lucid /directed dreams because of 2012? It seems according to NASA we are in for the worst solar storms in a 150 yrs didn't matter much then some telegraph wires burst into flame and stuff like that. Now is an entirely differant scenario, anyone who knows what an EMP is can see the danger to our electornic computer driven world. The last piece of information is that NASA has discovered an huge hole in the magnetic field that protects us from solar activity.
    I submit that the coming together of Intention ,general return to the spirit and all the other groups that are of similer aims ,is not by chance. I have already added repair / adjusting the hole in the magnetosphere to my meditations . Can the people in this group cross pollinate this idea so that all meditators, healers ,everyone attempt to close this hole. This could be what were are here for now, if you are of similer mind pass it on .

  8. Thanks Lynne, great article.
    I have many lucid dreams this year. The more I meditate, the more I remote view, the stronger my connection is.
    I have been able to get numbers without associative remote viewing, something which I think Ingo Swann says was not possible???
    Yes, Inception the movie really lit up my brain! 🙂
    Thanks for the info!

  9. It's nice to see someone painting a positive picture of Transpersonal Psychology. I have often read pieces where it is unfavorably grouped in with the psychedelic movement. While many of the people who were initially behind the 'fourth force,' that doesn't mean that the quality of their thoughts were any less valuable. If anyone is interested in learning more about Transpersonal Psychology, than I highly recommend the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (
    With Love and Gratitude,
    The Intentional Sage

  10. Thanks - this was an interesting article. However, I have to pick this particular nit ...
    "In this situation, the person loses the sense of self and other and enters a perception of oneness. So in lucid dreaming (which creates similar brain activity), we also experience that rare feeling of unity."
    This is saying:
    1. Peak experiences involve a certain kind of brain activity and a sense of oneness.
    2. Lucid dreams involve the same kind of brain activity.
    Therefore, lucid dream involve a sense of oneness.
    Not only is the logic fallacious, this doesn't tie in with my own experience of lucid dreams. While it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, I didn't feel any sense of oneness.

  11. I have to agree with Robin; during my experience of lucid dreaming I also did not get any feelings of oneness.
    I started lucid dreaming when I was going through a time of high anxiety in my personal life. I was having dreadful nightmares and learned to tell myself it was only a dream and wake myself up. This led to the next step, realising it was a dream and instead of waking up, taking control of the dream state. They were amazing and remarkable experiences and at times quite mystical, but I unfortunately had no sense of oneness.

  12. Thanks for taking up this important subject, Lynne.
    Like Robin and Kat I do not agree that lucid dreaming involves a sense of oneness. Nevertheless, there may be similarities between peak experiences and lucid dreams.
    For many years - since 1994 - I have tried to work out a 'rational' explanation of what happens when a person experiences lucid dreams or epiphanies. My work is not based on measuring brain waves etc. It is more of a philosophical/psychological nature. More like: what is a human that it may have a mystical experience? And what is a mystical experience that a human may have one?
    I base my investigations on personal experiences and get assistance from systemic thinkers like Bateson, islamic mystic Ibn 'Arabi and shamans to draw a picture of a new cosmology, where a 'mundus imaginalis' plays a significant role. This is a sphere where the body is spiritualized and the spirit is materialized - validated by shamans and mystics for thousands of years, but ridiculed by religious leaders and scientists during the past centuries.
    You may read more in the first part of my book about the subject on
    under the link: Imaginal World, Imaginal Mind.

  13. if this dream we call life has a purpose I am inclined to think of it as the school where we learn to be responsible co-creators with God, Or with the Field or any other name you may call it. In lucid dreaming we learn to control what is happening to us and around us. The intense drama of dreams increases the effects of our efforts and we can see our mistakes more clearly. We also learn that it is through our minds that these effects are caused.
    It is actually our egos that are being trained here. I see it as this: we believe something, we have a thought in alignment with this belief, the thought is then materialized. This can be translated like this. We (man) say how it is. The Holy Spirit relays the information to God, Dios Allah, Hu, All That Is, who presents us with the finished product. In actuality all of the players are one. Everything is one. All Separation is illusion.
    Ron is focused on the negative, although He wants to do something about it. According to the scenario I just presented, by believing and saying things are wrong you will just get more of that. Perhaps the hole he fears is actually a good thing. Do we know for sure it is not the "crack in the cosmic egg".( a book title from the 60's)
    What works for me is to say and intend "Show me your perfect world". I frequently find that it is already perfect.

  14. Ah, so, this is what I have been experiencing! I have been going through emotional upheval, i.e., grieving. For the first time, I can be in a pleasant dream state and wake up, but I am not really awake, and choose to go back into the dream. I have been able to manipulate my dream although I have no idea how I did this after I woke up and layed in my bed contemplating the experience. This has never happened to me before and I am 57 years old. I started meditating a year ago and this could have something to do with it.

  15. For those who do not agree that lucid dreaming involves a sense of oneness:
    I feel that in having had many lucid dreams now, the varying degree of the intensity of the dream, will allow for feelings of oneness or interconectedness.
    The more intense the dream the stronger the feeling of being one.
    I hope this helps 🙂

  16. I believe, an experiment with our planet is coming to a climax. Our purpose has been realised and our use is becoming redundant. But the finality of it all will be us realising our worst dreams. Be prepared! for this plantation called earth will go through exactly what has been planned for it. The conclusion will be a nightmare scenario for us, but a higher consciousness for other life forms, elsewhere!

  17. Fascinating to think that there are more lucid dreams going on lately. I've only had one of them in my life, despite efforts to create more. It was tremendous fun, but it was not the same as those transpersonal experiences of oneness (with which I'm quite familiar). I really don't think they're the same phenomenon. Whenever I manage to have one again I guess I'll have to observe further.
    I thought this was an odd statement:
    "Russian scientists predict that we are undergoing a shift in the magnetic poles of the earth."
    What does this have to do with Russian scientists specifically-- and which scientists were those? My understanding is that readings of the Earth's magnetic field from all over the planet tell us that a shift is going on, and that there is general agreement among scientists everywhere. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Holes or weakening in the magnetic field of the planet are a natural part of this process. It's true that there is less protection from solar activity as the magnetic field lessens, but this process has already happened many times in the Earth's history, it is temporary (though long-lasting in human terms), and it's nothing we should get overly upset about or try to change (even if we could). We don't know exactly what to expect, but we do know that the Earth and its creatures have survived these upheavals in the past.

  18. I had an interesting experience with what sounds like lucid dreams that might account for the recent up tick in this phenomenon occurring recently. A few years ago I began having dreams that were very real and at times lead to sleep walking. The first instance occurred while we were driving along in our car for about a 3 hour trip to a neighboring town. During the drive and I fell asleep in the passenger seat while my wife was driving. I had only partially awakened and my wife thought that I had a stroke, because my speech was slurred and was acting funny. I told her to stop at this fast food store so that I could go to the bath room. She did and I walked out and went to the bath room. I barely remember walking out of the car and telling my wife to stop. But I remember it only as a dream. But it wasn't a dream. I really did get out of the car and went to the bath room in this restaurant. While I was in the bath room I became fully awake and someone came up to me and said that my wife whom his wife knew from a social network in our home town said that my wife asked him to check on me. They happened to be in the same restaurant. I told him that I was fine and walked back into the car. My wife was grateful that I was OK and she was seriously thinking of taking me to the hospital. I became worried and wondered if I had a stroke. But during the episode, while I was sleeping everything was fine. Then I noticed that I started getting these lucid dreams more often, about once a week and my wife would say again you appeared to have had a stroke. Your speech is slurred and you are walking funny. It always occurred after I was sleeping I noticed. So I didn't think that it was a stroke. So I went to see my doctor and she told me that this was a sleep problem and not a stroke and nothing to worry about. It was as though I was in between a sleep state and an awakened state. After this went on for a few months with the instances occurring more and more frequent. I began to think about any changes in medication that I had made recently. I remembered that I had started taking Omeprazol which is the generic form of Prilosec. This is used to prevent acid reflux problems. I then quit taking this drug and much to my surprise this sleep walking lucid dreams like behavior stopped. It;s now been about 2 years and it has never reoccurred since I stopped taking this drug. I thought that I should share this with your reading audience. I also mentioned it to my doctor and curiously she is now specializing in sleep problems. By the way she had began that study before I reported this problem to her.
    My thinking is that the up tick in lucid dreams might be from people taking Omeprozole and not knowing that this is the cause for their lucid dreams.

  19. I am 55 years old and I have experienced some similiar experiences with dreams, weather they are lucid dreams or some other type of dream, they have had a different effect on me. For the past 5 years I have been in limbo, doing nothing with what I have learned and I hope to "get back at it soon" I need to become more unattached with todays percieved needs and refocus on what I believe to be "God directed" In my dreams the seemingly purpose was not so much as a personnal "oneness" to the universe......although if I consider what I have learned in my dreams and then taking that to a personnal level of dilegent study.....the oneness that I seem to be connecting to, seems to be the universal question, If there is a God, who is he/she, and does he/she have a name......and are there rules in his/her realm?
    Humor me, and let me share just a couple of highlights into this reality of dreams.
    I was not reared in any religious doctrine by my parents. They did send my to Sunday School, simply so they could have some private time to themselves without us children being around. Being a product of this teaching I learned to talk to Jesus ........Jesus in the person as being the son of God....whoever He was.....but not being God himself. ( I say this because I believe it was the keystone for what I would learn 40 years later)
    When I was around 18 years old I had 2 dreams, both being basically the same dream, however I can only recall one dream. I did not know what these dreams meant until I met someone who became a friend, when one day he said to me that he could interpet dreams. I told him my dream. ( about 2 years later)
    In the dream I was 18years old. The scene is in a street intersection. There are two grand ancient cathedrals across the street from each other. One on the 'right'side of the street and the other on the 'left'side of the street. Both cathedrals where old, much like the Notre Dame" The building were massive, very ornate, and grey in color. To enter the building on the 'right'side one had to climb a huge wide staircase, seemed like 100's of stairs. I do not recall if the cathedral on the left side had any stairs to its entry.
    I am standing on the sidewalk on the 'right' side of the street whereas all my friends ...friends from school, university, friends from different nationalities and beliefs, are standing across the street ...the left side.... I am looking at them wondering why I am alone across the street. My friends seem to be connected...all talking, laughing etc. I don't remember thinking 'should I cross the street and join them?' and they do not call out to me for me to join them. As I am looking at them they all turn and start entering into the cathedral (which is on the left side)
    I turn around and look at the cathedal behind me (the right side) An angel?...takes my right hand and leads me up the stairs and takes me into the building. All I remember at this point is that the building beautiful, it has lofty ceilings,but it is grey...dismal and empty. Dream ends.
    Like I said, the other dream was similar however another phenomen starts, I will not go into that, other than I start having frequent evening visits by a 'choking' spirit.
    When my friend interpeted the dream to me, a sense of direction seemed to have seated itself within me but with no immediate direction. That started to fall into place about 20 years later ...slowly. Multiple dreams above....but the dreams were not restricted to me alone, my children and some of my friends were experiencing the same thing. My husband did not have any dreams, but many of the dreams involved him. The surge of dreams lasted only maybe 2 - 2 1/2 years. I had the ability to interpet the dreams. Lucid Dreams....?
    I rarely have dreams anymore......likely because I have idle in my quest for 'truth'.........not that I have abandoned what I have learned, I adhere to everything that I have learned, but there is more to learn and understand. One thing I regret is that one night a transition was happening in my dreams and I said "NO!" Was it my 'soul' or ????, but I felt it leaving my body. 'Out of Body' experience?..........propably. I was SO aware of this that it scared me. It seemed wrong that this would was like leaving a dead body behind. My soul immediately reentered my actually hurt me when it did this. Is this considered a lucid dream also. Simply inquiring. Linda

  20. Lovely article, thank you so much Lynne. As a matter of fact, our son came to sleep over last night, he is 24, very creative, in the film business. We often have dreams along the same line. Last night, I had one where I was, as usual, always trying to fix a situation, which always seems so complex and dire, and end always so easily and well that is leaves me laughing when I wake up.
    Anyway, he is the one who had the most interesting dream, as happens often. He dreamt we were both in New York and there was an earthquake, he was not afraid at all, and he said we, each, both dived under a table and waited. ( we live on the west coast so we know what to do !! )
    When we came out, the other side of the street, was Wall Street, and was totally destroyed. But our side was totally pristine.... 😀 , and many friends were coming up the street to shake his hand, and say that is what you were saying would happen, and it did...
    We just thought this was a pretty hilarious dream considering we're both progressive, and look at what is going on with widening eyes ... 😀 I add that we are not insensitive, we do feel for anyone and live ourselves in a frugal way, but totally sure this will end well for everyone at the same time...

  21. Methinks the scientists have not done their homework.
    What in this is supposed to be news or a discovery?

  22. If anyone is looking to chemically induce lucid dreams research Galantamine.
    It is a natural chemical found in the Red Spider lily and is used to treat Alzheimers.
    I have used it successfully 5 times now. Each time I take it I have insane "false awakening loops" of lucid dreams.
    I have been able to fly and walk through solid objects...its so unreal, yet more real than real. So if you want to raise the probability of having a lucid dream my suggestion is to buy some galantamine.
    The stuff i got was from
    ps this is not an advertisement

  23. At first I agreed with some of the writers since my lucid dreams did not include a "feeling of oneness"., however in looking a little deeper I realize that in order to manipulate matter or circumstances one must, in some manner or other, be one with it, so yes, they do include oneness even if it is not a specific "feeling".

  24. My last lucid dream was a door to someone's live experience, someone that I was lucky enough having met in actual life. I shared the vision of my dream with the person of the dream and the interaction reveled I was somewhere else in the Earth in a different form, which can be imagined as a wind of quantum. That' s one of the reasons why I found this website and now, some more books to feel. I find the article very precise, simple as super interesting, thanks. I take a space to ask if someone can kindly indicates where I find answers about a process of mirroring emotions, magnetism of it and eventual connection to the Divine Matrix/ Field through it.

  25. Dear Ms Milam:
    I think you focused on 1 small part of my post . The larger and more important part was I do not believe that vast rise in nondnominational spritual believers , groups like this and the art of living,and prof Emoto's group/research and many others that have sprung up in the last few words is a coincidence.
    Also facts are facts ...I may not like that water is wet, but it is a fact, neither negative or positive...of course what I wrote in my earlier post were predictions and yet to be proven...but since many thousands of experiments have shown that the mind can control certian quantum /electromagnetic fields , IT IS MY OPINION that the informed universe has given us the tools and the time to prepare for what might be just 2yrs away. I also consider that helping to "save" 6 billion people one of the more positive things you/me/us could do with or lives and talents

  26. Research by the Global Coherebce Initiative ( suggests that it is not a one-directional flow of influence by the sun on the Earth but that what goes on here can influence the sun. That is, it is a feedback loop, meaning that outcomes are unpredictable, in part becasue small inputs can have huge outputs. On the weakening earth magentic field, I read somewhere that this acutally aids creativity and flexibility. It is in the areas of the earth where the field is strongest (apparently it vaires with location) that one finds the most resistance to change and compromise.


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