Dirty medicine

Lynne McTaggart

After 21 years of reporting on the excesses and dangers of modern medicine for my newsletter What Doctors Don't Tell You, I have become a bit ho-hum when confronted by yet another new revelation about the practices of drug companies.
But I have to tell you that I have been shaken to the core by new evidence that a good percentage of the medical research published in the world’s top medical literature is ghostwritten.
In the pharmaceutical world, ‘ghostwriting’ has a particular meaning.  A drugs company will hire a PR firm — known in pharma-speak as a ‘medical education and communication company  (MECC)’ –  to prepare clinical trials, engage a ghost to write an article with a positive spin on the results, and then enlist a prominent academic to put his name to a paper he’s had nothing to do with in order to give it a patina of respectability.
This ‘study’ will then be submitted (and usually published) in a respectable medical journal.
Class action
This practice only came to light several months ago during the discovery process in a class action of a lawsuit against drugs manufacturer Wyeth by 14,000 women who developed breast cancer after taking Premarin, its bestselling hormone replacement therapy drug. 
It was only with the efforts of PLoS Medicine, the Public Library of Science’s peer–reviewed open access journal, and the New York Times that Wyeth’s sealed documents about the marketing of Premarin were made available to the public.
The 1500 documents afford an unprecedented glimpse into the underworld that is pharmaceutical marketing. The paper trail shows clearly how an MECC called DesignWrite hired by Wyeth launched a major damage-limitation exercise after the first clear study emerged demonstrating a link between HRT and life-threatening illness.
Wyeth’s HRT products had reached annual revenues of $2bn but that all changed in 2002, when the US National Institutes of Health-sponsored Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study discovered that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stroke and heart disease. The risk was so unequivocal that the researchers running the study called a halt to HRT use in their patient population.
Wyeth’s sales abruptly nosedived by some 65 per cent after the first WHI reports, when doctors were understandably loath to prescribe the drugs to their patients.
Marketing plan
DesignWrite produced an ambitious marketing plan to flood the professional press with positive stories about Premarin.  This  “comprehensive publication program”, it claimed, would include “peer-reviewed journal articles, editorials, letters to the editor, sales training backgrounders, and critiques of the current literature, all designed to support the marketing efforts by Wyeth-Ayerst for the Premarin Family of Products.”
The disclosure papers show that the articles appeared in 18 prestigious medical journals, including the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and The International Journal of Cardiology.
The true purpose of all this was a massive effort to influence the prescribing habits of doctors; as DesignWrite noted in correspondence with Wyeth, ‘Research shows high clinician reliance on journal articles of credible product information.”
Downplayed risk
Virtually all the studies were ‘meta-analyses’ — a review pooling all previous trials on a drug or procedure. A meta-analysis is the gold standard in medicine for reviewing the safety and effectiveness of a drug.
According to Adrian Fugh-Berman, of the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D. C., who has carried out a complete analysis of the Wyeth disclosure documents, the ghostwritten articles downplayed the carcinogenic potential of HRT, claimed that HRT had cardiovascular benefits, and promoted off-label and unproven uses of HRT, such as for prevention of dementia, even though off-label prescribing is illegal.
DesignWrite was paid $25,000 apiece to write four clinical trials on low-dose Prempro, another of Wyeth’s HRT products.  Many of DesignWrite’s articles disputed the WHI’s conclusions, or implied that breast cancers caused by HRT are less aggressive and easily treatable. 
Aside from its ghostwriting campaign, several months after the WHI results, the Council on Hormone Education, working with University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health, launched a medical education program for doctors to promote hormone therapy and downplay the risks. 
To date, thousands of doctors around the US have taken this online course, entirely funded by a $12 million grant by Wyeth. The University of Wisconsin received $1.5 million of the money and university faculty were also individually paid. 
The course material was largely developed by — you guessed it — DesignWrite. The Council on Hormone Education was formed by DesignWrite, Wyeth and the University of Wisconsin.  Of the 40 member physicians on the council, 34 —including the course chairman, a UW doctor and professor of medicine — have financial ties to Wyeth.
File-drawer research
Just a few months after the Wyeth revelations, new evidence emerged this week showing that another major drug company had concealed virtually all research with results unfavorable to their products.
In mid-October, the British Medical Journal reported that the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, which produces evidence-based consumer health information, encountered ‘serious obstacles’ when attempting to wrest from Pfizer all sponsored published and unpublished studies about its antidepressant, reboxetine. 
Although Pfizer had produced data on some patient trials, eventually it emerged that the drug company had withheld 74 per cent of patient data from the unpublished trials on the drug.
After Pfizer finally handed over its remaining data and the Institute was able to carry out a full assessment of all available data, it concluded that the drug was ‘overall an ineffective and potentially harmful antidepressant.’
As the full scale of Wyeth’s deception is laid bare, there is evidence that their practices are simply standard operating procedure. 
In a review carried out between 1994-5, the Scientific-Ethical Committees for Copenhagen and Frederiksburg concluded that as much as three-quarters of every medical journal could be ‘ghosted’ – either the paper was prepared or promoted by an MECC or the author didn’t write it.
Medical researchers and university professors are encouraged to lend their names to studies because of the ‘publish or perish’ practices in most academic institutions. 
The problem is, there is no way of smoking out research that is either ghostwritten or the result of biased reporting.  As Dr. Joseph S. Ross, professor of geriatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, put it:  “It’s almost like steroids and baseball.  You don’t know who was using and who wasn’t; you don’t know which articles are tainted and which aren’t.”
Crumbling edifice
These disclosures do nothing less than to undermine the entire edifice of modern medicine.  As the ordinarily sanguine British Medical Journal noted, it is likely that the medicine’s “current evidence base. . . contains incomplete and questionable evidence”. 
Although new Food and Drug Administration regulations will make these practices more difficult, what is to be done about the mountain of published material on which doctors, patients and policy makers have relied for many years to make clinical decisions?
The BMJ plans to launch a major effort next year to ‘re-evaluate the integrity of the existing base of research evidence’.  By this the editors are actually suggesting, in decidedly cautious language, that we need to do virtually all of existing medical research over again.
To me, this is evidence of the same problem that gripped the finance world.  We have come to the very end of ‘naked tooth and claw’ commercial enterprise, the mindset that must make a bigger and better a profit every year, at any cost.  
It is clear to me that for modern medicine to survive, pharmaceutical companies must be state-owned and have no shareholders. Anything less than that is nothing but dirty medicine.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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765 comments on “Dirty medicine”

  1. Yet another reason to take our health care into our own hands by making healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding drugs and their almost always side effects. In addition to lifestyle we must do our homework and learn what we can from trusted resources--which means independent--like you Lynne--and others who do not benefit from Big Pharma, Big Biz, Big Agra, and so on.
    Thank you for this enlightening and important article.

  2. "DesignWrite produced an ambitious marketing plan to flood the professional press with positive stories about Premarin."
    This is so disturbing and so cynical a move. It is hard not to feel that the human people behind the decision to do something like this have somehow lost their basic human sensibility towards the suffering of others. Yet I am sure every individual involved would indignantly deny this and pass the blame, so that the action is somehow lost in corporate decision-making. I wonder if we should not devote some of our intention towards awakening a sense of responsibility within the pharmaceutical industry - not with judgement and blame, but with an invitation to return to right action and integrity.

  3. I think an entirely different buisness model will be absolutely necessary in order to stop the tyrany and greed of pharma and insurence companys. a psuedo/nonprofit hybrid where researchers and doctors are extremely well treated and well paid and where actually healing people as quickly and efficiently as possible will be the norm. I think this would attract the brightest young minds to choose healing as a career path rather than becoming another hedge fund manager

  4. Thank you so much for this article. I feel like there is so much more that needs to come to light!! I would really like some investigation on the "flu vacine" that the gov. and medical community thinks everyone should have.

  5. Like awakening to 'Intention', I see this as another step in the process of awakening to the greater and deeper understandings about healing and how we can best work with it. For me, it isn't about one way of thinking over the other but it is about breaking away from the severely limited understanding of developing ever more complex structures of chemical arrangements with the idea that introducing this into our bodies will somehow be a magic bullet. What we can guarantee is that those complex molecular structures will interrupt and potentially make worse the dis-ease state of one's body. I agree that we now need to take control of our own health care in a big way and look for emerging wholistic advances. The one field I have worked in since 2001 is Energy Medicine. Dr. Oz is quoted on the Oprah show saying "The future of medicine is energy medicine." I have found this to be true. So, keep on awakening and share it with all who come your way. "The System" has too many problems with it to be trusted but we also don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Thank you Lynn for all the awakening you have brought in to my life and my families.

  6. Thank you Lynne for bringing this info to the public. I've always known that Big Pharma, Big Biz, and Big Agra, and Big any profit making group is infected with the Power/Greed syndrome. My least favorite government organization is the FDA (Federal Death Agency). When is everybody going to learn from those infected with PG that we learn Chemistry in order to understand Mother Nature and when we use it to manipulate Mother Nature only bad things can happen. We lose thousands of souls annually from synethic and prescriptions drugs yet no one dies from homeopathics and herbals when instructions are properly following - along with the appropriate healthy lifestyles. This information is so in line with what I've been preaching for decades that I would like permission to pass it on to my readers and email database. With the appropriate praises to the author, of course. God is in his Nature and you are Loved for helping us stay on the straight and narrow.
    Bill Warner - The Wellness Doc

  7. It is about time! I am relieved to see the truth come out so blatantly. This is something I suspected through my own intuitions more than a decade ago. I've simply been waiting to hear from the courageous whistle-blowers. I hope everyone who reads the article will pass it on to spread awareness.

  8. Big Pharma, Advertising, Media, Academia, Kick-backs for Doctors-Hospitals-Clinics, Health Insurance, Lobbying, Personal Injury Attorneys, Medicare, Medicaid = BIG, CONTROLLING, INTERFERING GOVERNMENT!
    They have all grown from the same root, FEAR!
    Fear of death....
    The fear of death has an even deeper root, GUILT!
    And then, deep, deep, deep down where there's barely any light at all....
    The cure....
    Surrender, humility, forgiveness, and love!
    Natural Law is God's Law and doesn't ever come in a bottle of pills, a bottle of booze, or a bank account.
    Rose Garman, Director
    Springfield, IL

  9. Lynn,
    We personally uncovered similar shenanigans. My 72 year old husband is healthier than most 40 year olds and has kept his entire life's medical records. He takes NO medications.
    Reviewing his medical records, over the years the "Norms" for blood sugar and cholesterol have been lowered so that many "normal" people fall into the "medication recommended" level. Also, if you would look into it you will find that most men who take drugs for erectile dysfunction also take medications to lower blood pressure and cholesterol --which both have side effects of erectile dysfunction--all made by the same drug company.
    Here's the biggy! Results from one brand of blood sugar monitor parallels that from the doctor's office. But one we obtained FOR FREE from a manufacturer of the drugs and paraphernalia required by diabetics consistently reads 10-15 points higher, which could make those on the high end of normal--"need" their products. The human body is made to heal itself, given proper nutrition, exercise and and stress /emotion management. Take charge of your own health!
    Now, something you may not want to hear.
    Great research as always, Lynn, but with what I believe is the wrong conclusion. State ownership of the pharmaceutical companies may work in socialistic Europe but for now the US is still a free country. The FDA has been in their pocket for years and your research shows the result. Officially socializing the pharmaceutical industry would put the fox in charge of the hen house, taking away the last bastion of freedom of choice we have. Constant, public exposure of the Industry and their deceptive practices (that have occurred with government's blessing) along with free choice of natural health management is the answer. Government control is NEVER the answer.

  10. It was too late for me--I developed breast cancer, but didn't know about the class action lawsuit. I took Premarian for years for hot flashes. I'd had a hysterectomy early in my life and in my early 40's it was prescribed for the most God-awful hot flashes. Only one doctor advised against it and that was after 10 years of use. One doctor suggested doubling the dose for other reasons. I was diagnosed in March of 09 with Stage IIa breast cancer and have undergone a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation.

  11. Carol K.,
    "Heal thyself!" Freedom is choice, choice is freedom. We have to stop putting our faith in the power of men.

  12. Thank you Lynne.
    Startling stuff, yet a great relief and hope that the cracks are becoming so visible that this cyst of corruption can at last burst and herald a cleaner, more truthful view of the whole issue of health, wellness and healing.
    One in which orthodox deceit and incompetence is prevented and the benefits of "alternative" approaches to health can be expressed honestly and openly without fear of prosecution.
    About time!

  13. Let us all be vigilant against the greed and corruption of big Pharma and especially the FDA. Were you aware that a huge portion of the FDA's budget is financed by fees charged for the big Pharma companies to be given the privilege of the rubber-stamping approval system that has been established. If that isn't corruption, I don't know what is. Stay away from the allopathic MD's and perhaps one can be healthy for life!

  14. I agree with Carol K. Giving control of these organisations to government would be a huge mistake.
    What we all need is better food, more exercise and less stress!
    I am also a firm believer in getting multiple opinions. My mother was recently told she that her tests were abnormal, and she might be a candidate for a particular cancer-related ailment.
    I suggested to her to use her network and ask the opinion of a specialist whom she knew in another state.
    After having to pay for a copy of her medical records, she sent them off. After reviewing the records, this specialist told her not to worry as the test results were not abnormal at all.
    She has since changed primary physicians.
    There is a reason they call it “practicing medicine”.
    If you’re told to take a particular medication, get a second and third opinion - and read the small print in the directions!
    As long as profit is the driving factor with these businesses, they will bend the rules.
    Check your stock portfolios and if you don’t want to support these companies, then sell the mutual funds who own their shares.
    Write On!

  15. Thank you Lynne! Some people feel as if I am being all conspiracy theory in my decision not to vaccinate my baby, this just confirms all of my feelings to do with this whole corrupt industry. Natural all the way I say! Thank u thank u thank u!

  16. Dear Lynne and all "fellow travelers "
    The sad news is that big pharma is for the most part is already funded by the goverment most cost for new drug research is paid to companies here ( US ) are paid by the FDA ! Libertarians have for years called for the end of the FDA. I really hope that this information gets the wide spread release it deserves ...but I fear that paris hilton might lose a bag or the octomom will take up the space that this deserves...

  17. My heart sank when I read this. When I started menopause at 46 my doctor convinced me that I should take Premarin even tho I had no hot flashes or nasty symptoms. He said it would do everything from protect my heart to keeping my skin looking younger and so I took it for years.
    Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately it was early and treatable. I trusted that doctor and wonder how much he was influenced by this propaganda.

  18. In many ways this is no surprise. Why would we expect anything else when there is so much corruption in the world and there are people who are prepared to prostitute their own reputation?
    I disagree with the conclusion that nationalisation of Big Pharma is the answer. As an unpaid trade union official, I fought long in my own little corner of the world for justice for the workers, but nationalisation is inefficient, and invariably winds up sucking up taxpayers money. I would agree however, that the trials need to be under goverenment control, and that an independent agency should be set up to carry out these tests, with Big Pharma paying the bill to the government, not directly to the agency.

  19. Why would any sane person recommend government control of ANYTHING connected with our health? They screw up everything they touch. If dishonesty and corruption exist in a corporation or scientific endeavor it is due to philosophic and spiritual error and government doesn't have a clue in this area.

  20. This is the case sadly with all governement agencies besides big pharma. Greed and corruption are rampant no matter what party is in power. Republic or democrat it doesnt matter. Take charge of your health and see a naturopath. When they try to push all the medication on you jsut say no. This includes your pets that are given vaccines for nothing. I have many pets and never vaccinated any of them and they all lived to a ripe old age without any illnesses.

  21. No coincidence that this should come to light today for me. Yesterday I watched a documentary called FoodMatters which really opens the eyes to the way we have come to view our nutrition vs our medical community. It is certainly big business for the big pharmaceutical companies to keep us all dependent on medications for everything including medications to counter the side effects of other medications. It truly has become an Orwellian society.

  22. Look at some statistics regarding the number of mental health diagnoses in children in the past 10 years, and how many are now on meds.
    It's the doping of a generation. And you want to know what all that medication is surpressing? Along with alcohol and other drugs?
    Spiritual enlightenment.
    You want to know what everyone's really "sick" from?
    Guilt and fear.
    I'll just keep saying it. And I know, the "machine" spent 40 years trying to pull me into it.
    I got unplugged. It's not unlike the movie, The Matrix.

  23. Thanks for that Lynn. It's great to get more confirmation of the reality that I have believed to be true for years. I have to say thank you to Carol K for her comments. I too agree with her that the government in any country should not be allowed control of pharma Co's. Stringent conditions that are regulated by totally objective indepent groups is what is needed. The pharma Co's should required to fund trials but should not be allowed any control of the process or outcome. Our best defense and possibly our only one at the moment lies in raising our awareness and the awareness of those around us. We can do so much for our health with diet and lifestyle changes. I believe that articles like help re-enforce our resolve to take control of our own health.

  24. Marilyn, I so agree with you! there seems to be no end to what 'money mongers' can and will do.
    The thought, 'what goes round comes round,' and especially to those who disrespect the spirituality of man and creation!

  25. Once again an outstanding blog Lynne! Extraordinary information and yet not unexpected. Their are two themes that bugged me about the comments. From my perspective, in the future no one except ourselves should have any control or right over anyone but ourselves. That means no individual, no group, no police, no government, NOTHING. We are entering a stage where we have to accept total accountability. The other theme is that there is no need for any medical prophylactics, chemical or natural. As we engage with our core make-up every physical, mental and emotional issue can and should be resolved at a subtle energy level. It is the most effective and sustainable medical modality available to us in the future.

  26. As if anything can be trusted to big government? Whatever happened to accountability?
    Until heads roll (Presidents, Vice Presidents and senior executives of companies, and senior officers in goverment can be personally prosecuted and jailed for their personal responsibility in these outcomes) I don't see an opportunity for change.

  27. Thank you so much Lynne,
    although no surprize actually.
    But is it not again part of our acceptance?
    One doesn´t have to accept, eat all that pills. We need to eat good organic grown food and cook fresh meals; that will prevent a lot of deseases of our time.
    There is a growing number of medical doctors and practionars that work to help and heal - with the body and not against it. That is my hope!

  28. I worked the in the pharmaceutical industry for 14 years as a sales rep. This comes as no surprise to me. I actually warned the docs I called on of any potential side effects but my competition did just the opposite for their products. I can assure you, these docs, for the most part, get ALL of their info from the drug companies and do almost no research on their own. Most docs are woefully out of date on vitamin and nutritional info and are in very poor health themselves. I was shocked at how little the docs knew and how much they depended on me for information.

  29. I don’t understand why everybody is so shocked about Wyeth’s behaviour. Their way of wheeling and dealing is no different from how all the other pharmaceutical multinationals go about their businesses. Merck’s story with Vioxx is basically the same criminal approach as Wyeth’s conscious deceit regarding Premarin.
    In 2004 former NEJM editor Marcia Angell, MD wrote ‘The Truth about the Drug Companies’, a book in which she explains how the pharmaceutical industry has marketing masquarading as education and as research. And how ghost writers supply the renowned scientific medical magazines with articles about drugs: only singing their praises, instead of reporting the true disastrous results these toxic chemical substances have on the human body. These drugs are always about killing symptoms, never about solving the root cause!
    I have studied (still do!) the history of Western medicine and thus the history of the pharmaceutical industry. I own many a book written by doctors and scientists from the 1800s and 1900s.
    Therefore I am not at all surprised at what I see today: drugs and vaccines are killing and maiming patients. There even is a term for that: iatrogenic damage. It is the third leading cause of death in the US...
    My presentation on the history of vaccination can be found on the internet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8QKSMK2Ytw .
    Since in 1910 the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations financed the Flexner Report, all non-pharmaceutically based medical education dissappeared, while today the pharmaceutical industry completely controls the medical curriculum globally. The protocols that doctors are obliged to follow in combination with the health insurance companies have turned medical care into a death care. Anyone under 15 and beyond 70 years old is not interesting!
    The most recent and impressive book about the all encompassing deceit and control is written by gynaecologist Nancy Turner Banks MD: ‘Aids, Opium, Diamonds and Empire - the Virus of International Greed’. Dr. Banks gives a crystal clear account of how the current situation has come into being historically. All the conniving parties, from the British East India Company to the CFR, World Bank and Bilderberg...
    Mandated reading for every citizen who considers him/herself awakened!
    Listen to my interview with dr. Banks on http://www.argusoogradio.org/nl/2010/10/gezond-en-wel-–-10-oktober-2010/

  30. Thank you Lynn for such great insight! Great comments too..
    It is another arcane institution hiding behind lies and hidden truths. It is very similar to the structure of media and politics where sources are obscured and a certain desired response (both towards and from the public) being the only result for power, control and wealth.

  31. Thank you for this article. I have long believed in order to understand what is being done, we have to understand the personal objective.
    The Pharmaceutical industry is intended only on making huge profits, through supplying drugs - Who needs drugs? People who are "Sick" or want to avoid being"Sick" - Healthy people do not need Drugs - So why would the industry be incentivised in make us Healthy?
    Keep us Sick and dependent and Alive as long as possible and you have an perfect target market! Fear Fuels it - and Fearful stories not only Create illness but ensure it continues.
    The most incredible part of it all is - How did they pull this off for so long??? I think the best idea on here is for us to have an intention aimed at making ethics KNOWN in this industry and cracking it open from the inside - trying to resolving this behaviour from the outside is only going to give it something to attack - it has to be cracked open by awakening conciousness within this Concrete thinking industry. Let us Shine focused LOVE on those controlling and profiting from it for change to occur through a powerful intention.

  32. Jeremy Shaw,
    You are correct about the proper way to get at this problem, and that's from the inside. The key is being healthy people. Also, I know others like myself studying to become doctors and mental health practitioners at present who have become enlightened to the Truth, available in our time, and have become inspired to be personally responsible as catalysts for social change.
    (Social change is not the same thing as social justice...salvation is not collective.)

  33. thanks for this article. Today I found another article in my mailbox about the practices of big pharma industry. From 11th april 2011 on, it will no longer be possible to import herbs from abroad in Europe. For everybody who is practicing ayurveda this will be a complete disaster. Herbs that have proven to work for as long as 5000 years will be forbidden. This is the result of the lobby work of big pharmaceutical companies with the European Commission.

  34. I am sorry you are surprised to hear this but I can tell you from actual experience that drug companies and medical manufactures lie all the time and get away with it. I use to work for a company that makes ( believe it or not they are still in business ) stents and guide wires all used in unclogging blocked arteries. Plus they also manufacture pacemakers and other devices used in the medical community. They do most of there preliminary testing outside the United States because of the laws. The reason for this is because they would have to report all of their trial finding to the FDA. About a year after I left the company my daughter send me a news clipping showing that the company lied to the FDA about trials on one of there products and they had been charged with 6 felonies. The felonies were because they did not report deaths that had occurred directly from the use of a new stent. Please keep people informed about these and other problems in not only the pharmaceutical companies but the medical equipment manufactures. Thank you for being so alert.

  35. hi everyone, have been reading and pretty much agreeing with the blogs, today here in U S A , it is Tuesday the 19th of October, I open the Chicago Tribune and lo and behold there is a article byJudith Graham, the Bold letters read, on front page, "When doctors moonlight for drug companies, how is that for coincidence...anyway , I so enjoy this site and each and every blog. peace and love.

  36. It is unfortunate that the structure of medicine has so many agendas, many not with the patient's interest first. You just have to trust your intuition more and more to guide you.

  37. A denouement from: http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/THE_FOUNDATION/News/2009/pharmaceutical_business/index.htm
    Pfizer Unit Loses Bid to Dismiss British Columbia Drug Suit
    Pfizer Inc.’s Wyeth unit failed to persuade a British Columbia appeals court to dismiss a lawsuit alleging the menopause drug Premarin caused breast cancer. A three-member panel of the British Columbia Court of Appeal on Dec. 21 upheld a trial judge’s decision allowing the group lawsuit to go ahead. Wyeth’s U.S. and Canadian units were sued in 2006 by Dianna Stanway, of Sechelt, British Columbia. Stanway claimed she developed breast cancer as a result of taking Premarin, in combination with another drug, progestin.
    Read article at bloomberg.com, http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/THE_FOUNDATION/News/2009/pharmaceutical_business/index.htm

  38. It saddens me to say that your last sentence destroys the credability of the whole article;
    perhaps you favor the Chinese model.

  39. I am not wondering any more since I saw my landlords - both MDs in the pharma industry - cure their own diseases quite compulsively with herbes and other natural remedies. And as the pharma's and the politicians have let go any shame in parting brazenly the billions, the patients have paid for the insurances (Germany), with apparently any interest in the health of people, it is the moment to learn finally to understand our bodies and to take responsability for ourselves, and to open up for our intuition and healing faculties.


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