Spiritual bullying

Lynne McTaggart

When I was in Hamburg last week, speaking at a Reconnection conference, when Reconnection healer Dr. Eric Pearl told me about an experience he had in the 1990s when attempting to buy a piece of moldavite, a greenish stone thought to be a meteorite or to have other mysterious cosmic origins.  Pearl, at the time a chiropractor, was having strange healing experiences and had been given some moldavite by a patient. He walked into a gem store, found a piece and brought it to the cash register to pay.
The fellow behind the counter studied Eric for a few moments , taking in his what was then his clean-cut persona – the pressed shirt and tie, the black jeans, the neat ponytail -   before shaking his head.
"You," he said, "are not ready for that stone."
All of us in the spiritual community talk a good game about moving away from the ‘old paradigm’, but in so many instances, we employ the same old tools — the same naked-claw competitiveness, the same need for oneupsmanship   - cloaked beneath the guise of higher purpose.
Not long ago I was speaking to a company that was interested in bolting their work onto What Doctors Don’t Tell You, our sister publication.  They’d done us a favor and we were keen to return the kind gesture.
There seemed to be a great deal of synergy between the two groups, until they put forward the true agenda behind their generosity:  “So when we merge our work, we’ll have our brand be the bannerhead, and we’ll take control of all your web traffic.”
We objected what sounded like a takeover of our business.
“It’s important in this work,” one of the senior managers replied, “not to have any ego about things like ownership.”
It seems, to paraphrase George Orwell, that we are all one, but some are more one than anyone.
If we are to move forward with our new world, we need another set of tools in our relationships, which create a cooperative partnership of every single exchange, and a language that is utterly transparent in its content and motive. Or, to say it with some of the old language: to think of the next guy.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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67 comments on “Spiritual bullying”

  1. As a former Unity minister, one of the most insidious things I continue to see in the New Thought movement is an attitude that we, somehow, have all the answers and the poor misguided fundamental believers are just too quaint.
    As we keep in mind that each of us is exactly where we are and exactly where we are not, we can find oneness. As we know from physics and spiritual teachings, all is ONE.
    Love your work, Lynne!!

  2. Many years ago I went to a "psychic reading" given by the Berkeley Psychic Institute and the young woman who was supposed to "read" me started screaming that I was a witch and giving me hex signs, etc. I was so freaked that I left crying and it took a long time to shake the idea that maybe I was possessed by evil spirits. I later found out this person was a rather disturbed person. What I learned, though, is to weigh information of the "New Age" a little bit more judiciously without losing my beliefs.

  3. LOL about B.P.I.! I went there years ago for an advertised "men's healing group." Everyone in the circle was allowed to speak, but when it came my turn, I was told I couldn't because I hadn't passed a basic class (it's about the $$$) which they'd neglected to advertise as a pre-requisite. It didn't matter that I'd been involved with similar spiritual groups for years (some of which were predecessors to theirs), was close to several of their graduates, and knew one of the founders personally. It was a pure put-down and I've never bothered to go back.

  4. Thank you for bringing this up in conversation. Through my own desire to "know God", "The Field", I too have experienced what I now call spiritual ego. Now, my personal practice is to note when I may experience this arising and ask myself, "In what ways is this a reflection back of this aspect in me? What can I learn from this moment now?" This gives me a chance to take ownership of this aspect in me and make an intentional personal shift. Then I can internally bless the other person and thank them for contributing to my growth. If I shift my resonance here, I contribute to the possibility that others can too.
    Hope this contributes!

  5. Isn't it always all about the money? I joined Lynne's Intention sites and email lists thinking I'd be getting further info since I'd already shelled out the bucks for her two books. What are most of the emails about?
    Uhhh, let's see...
    Books, $$$
    Tapes, $$$
    Seminars, $$$
    It's a BUSINESS, gang. Business is about money and money is the root of all evil because it creates ... COMPETITION !!!

  6. Wow, I'm really glad to see that you've brought up this issue. It seems to come up often with little discussion about it. It's great that you were able to figure out what was REALLY happening. Good on you...I hope that others will be able to listen to that part of them that tells them when something is fishy.

  7. Lynn and her partner are doing basic research. They give out a lot of new, important, and free information about their findings.
    We do not have to buy the things that cost money but when some people do it pays for the basic research and the dissemination of the free findings. I am grateful to Lynn and her partner, as well as those who buy her products. We are all together in this original research as partners to create a better life but not at another's expense. They have created a win-win strategy.
    Business and money are not bad, unless you make them that way. A business is just a way to organize a group to be efficient at some task. Money is just a way to get paid, which is better than bartering for sheep for grain.
    Competition? They are being so creative, their info is so new and different, I'm not sure they even have direct competition. Anyway, competition is the result of economic activity and not the goal. It is what happens when others see that Lynn and her partner are making money doing what they love and others say they can do it better or cheaper.

  8. Re: Moldavite. The guy in the shop had a point, you do need to be careful when using moldavite (men in particular) as it is a very powerful stone and perhaps your friend wasn't ready. That doesn't excuse the way the guy in the shop went about it, he could have worded it better.
    Remember there are always two sides to every story, I would like to know why the guy in the shop said what he did to hear his point of view.

  9. It is true....every single one of the super tempting offerings of just exactly what I would love to know costs 40 or more Canadian dollars...even for a small book. That is like big pharma. I know the work and research needs to be compensated....but the cost to me is totally ridiculous...20 pounds might be not much perhaps...but 40 dollars is actually a lot of money. I will live without enlightenment.

  10. i agree about the books and constant emails. i dont mind reading something that is informative about lynn's work, but i must admit i am getting a little tired of the constant emails about products of hers. i may have to unsubscribe to the list. i think the prices on the books are a bit high, too. and there is no "return policy" as far as i can tell ; if you buy one of those books you can't return it. another reason why i haven't bought.

  11. Comments like yours, Helen, get some companies to test lower prices. That could make it affordable for more people like you and make more money for Lynn.

  12. "The shop owner studied Eric for a few moments , taking in his striking persona – the flamboyant shirt, the boots, the silver jewelry - before shaking his head."
    Why is this different than the above description? Why do you need a lie in your email to pique people's curiosity?
    Please PEM me with an answer.

  13. Great blog to post on Independence Day!! Anything to free our minds more to truly create is always a good thing, in my opinion:-) I can't tell you how many times within the last two years I've come across people who've tried to spiritually bully me...telling me that their way is the only ticket to Spiritual Disney Land~~~Instead of letting it bother me for long though, I realized it for the contrast that it truly is, and wrote articles about it, etc. Here's one that I wrote which was published in "Psychic Times."
    "On Lightworking"
    I feel it necessary to write about certain misconceptions I see about being a Lightworker in this present day and night. I've had lots of self-professed "Lightworkers" frown upon the fact that I write vampyre/vampire tales. They call themselves "Lightworkers," but I felt a lot of fear still radiating off of them with a rather heavy vibration resulting. And clearly they were forgetting that we're all ONE...on the opposite ends polarity-wise perhaps or somewhere in-between. And that's okay because CONTRAST spurs us on to achieve GREAT things. Acknowledge it for what it is.
    Ironically, to truly enlighten up, one must first acknowledge the hidden/dark parts of their BE-ING. Light and Dark are really the same thing but at opposite ends...two sides of the same coin. I consider myself a Lightworker as well, but I'm sometimes in a Darkworld where there's also much BEAUTY! While exposure in that kind of ignorant Lightworld is sometimes quite UGLY! Let's look at some names: I'm quite fond of the Hindu deity Krishna: He is the Black One. By contrast, Lucifer means Light-bearer. I believe that some so-called "Lightworkers" are mistaking white light and its appearances with true vibration: a lighter vibration. I believe that those who are truly Lightworkers are concerned with a lightness in their own vibration without judging others who cross their path. These true Lightworkers want to move around in the eternal Spiral of Becoming...it's for this reason that instead of saying the somewhat rote expression "Love and Light" anymore, I opt for "Love Light & Darkness." G.L. Giles (http://www.voicesfrombeyond7.com/PsychicTimesWelcome.html)

  14. Interesting scroll of information. Last week, when I was in the throws of panic, a friend told me about this site. I just moved from Tampa Bay to San Francisco Bay area, and am looking for regular work, while I offer my energy work with Feng Shui, mygifts and love. I have not looked for work in 20 years, with the stresses of the NEW environments and other things, I thought this intention expeirment would be perfect, a blessing, a gift. I could not find 'the way' without a price, which I am without work for 30 days and prices here are steep.
    I wrote to 15 friends from back home and asked for love, intention and prayers that I find work. I am doing what I can to help others. I am alone and seeking the oneness. I waivor from complete faith to extreme terror.
    This is my truth today and I LOVE the idea of all of us helping people create miracles. I LOVE it!
    It still feels strange asking for help, yet I do need MORE HELP now, than I believe I ever have.
    I like and prefer to be independent, but I need you.
    Love & Light,

  15. I know you will not leave this but..... i think the Europeans have obnoxious Americans figured out perfectly. "New Age", celebrities, the military whatever! Everyone thinks Americans are greedy obnoxious con artists. I agree totally. I would like to see a "New Age" person pay taxes, let alone do something for free or donate to a cause...Don't you know how disgusting and unspiritual you are? It's getting worse and worse too. I am ashamed for you. It's a joke!!!!!!!

  16. PS.... The "flamboyant" pure egoists at your entire convention could only be tolerated in Los Angeles. When do you people have enough money? I certainly won't give you a dime. At least my church helps the homeless, feeds the poor, gives out blankets.... What does anyone at your conferences do but write 30 books and charge outrageous prices? Alot of people think "intention" is a very expensive form of normal prayer and should have no price tag. Good gimmick though. You're not buying any more jewelry or designer clothes on me. Stick to Yuppies.

  17. There are some good examples of "Spiritual Bullying" in this thread.
    As far as I can see Lynne is running experiments and giving us an opportunity to participate free of charge.
    Yes there is a business being run concurrently. I for one do not mind emails selling new products. Perhaps the wording on those emails could be changed somewhat so that people who do not want this info, will know within the first sentence that the product has a price tag.

  18. Are you infering that the gem store owner was bullying because of who Eric Pearl is? How dare he say that eric pearl is not ready for moldavite. If so - thats in and of itself and the comment referring to his then "clean-cut" looks are both "old paradigm" observations. If it was a normal joe dressed in shredded jeans with messy hair and smelling, would the gem store owner then be a sage instead of a bully?

  19. The moldavite story was an old one from Pearl's book..."The Reconnection"....I have forked over the money for the reconnection...and what do you know...the miracle of life flows on....without a sign of needing any....reconnection. It looks like the old connection (which was free) is the reality. But I think Eric Pearl is quite adorable. Thank you KC.

  20. Discerment, discerment, discernment. We live in a world of competition and if you're involved in New Thought or New Age you get the same mix of folks: some know they're enlightened and are quiet; some are a portion of the way there and aren't as quiet; some have only glimpses of ideas they're attracted to and talk a LOT about it; some are clueless and insist they have the truth; if you're on Earth, you live in a soup of judgmentalism, competition, greed and ego with the added spices of true spiritual elixer. That's just Earth, where we all chose to be. If we notice when we encounter blatant eogism it can either be a wake up call to alert us to a legitimate concern we need to address, or it could be a reflection pointing to something within our being we should contemplate and perhaps change. Bullies, by the way, can be Divine messengers.
    Gabe Samuel, author
    The Kabbalah Handbook,
    A Concise Encyclopedia of Terms and Concepts in Jewish Mysticism

  21. Kathy --
    I'm sending positive energy and intention to you so you find regular employment quickly and have an abundance of money flowing into your life quickly.
    Thank you for sharing your situation with us.
    Blessings to you,

  22. I find this whole concept of competition and spiritual bullying very interesting. What Lynn brought out in her story, many have chosen to "gloss over" and complain about how much her products cost instead...
    I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and I most certainly charge clients for the work I do. I also lecture on many Metaphysical subjects. It is an exchange of energy. If I did my work for nothing, I believe that the amazing healings that I have personally witnessed would not have been as phenomenal or as effective as they were. People have a tendency to dismiss things if there is no value put to them. I think I would start working from a space of resentment if my value wasn't appreciated. How on earth do people expect people like myself to exist in this world without earning the pesos? I also have a family who I must feed, clothe and educate. We, as humankind have placed a value on money and therefore we all need to work with it. If I was a bookkeeper or nurse or anything that seems "normal", no-one would question my earnings. Good for Lynn! Someone commented that Americans are greedy and this spirituality is just for gain. Look past all that. Lynn offers you a way to work with your own energies by becoming involved in her Intention Experiments. It costs you nothing. The rest are by-products of the work. You are not forced to buy them.
    Also, a work of encouragement to those who find that they are struggling financially. Check wehre your focus actually is. Is it on a "lack of" or is it on "abundance"? I have helped many clients move from the one space into the other. When they realise that no-one, but themselves have created the lack around them, they change.......
    Keep up the good work Lynn!

  23. To Lynne herself
    I don't know if you ever read these comment strings, but I think you've evoked some very interesting responses here and I hope the energies and opportunities for learning that they generated aren't lost on the authors themseslves! Keep up the good work.
    To Gabe
    Probably the most sensible and thought-provoking response. Thank You
    To Helen R-S
    I agree completely. I too have 'given' away sessions (I channel energies) and sometimes the people don't even turn up. We recently offered free sessions every Fri morning during June and the uptake was about 20%. I'm more than happy to give, but others seem less than happy to recieve - for whatever reason. I do believe there is a balance though, it's just a matter of realising it. Abundance should flow to, within, and through, a continual cycle. Beautiful.
    RE the Moldavite
    I am a relative baby in the Spiritual path/journey thing, but I have purchased a necklace with about 15 small pieces of Moldavite on it (not physically comfortable incidentally!) and I haven't imploded yet. When it feels right, I wear it and when it doesn't, I don't. Intuition is key to working with Crystals (and life itself of course).
    I add nothing to this string of thoughts other than a deep and true hope that we will all learn enough in this and other lives to work together with respect for each individual Being and that every thought, word and deed comes from the Heart.

  24. Kathy:
    I ask and order the comprehensive universale love, all helpers and facilitators, abundance in form of money for you -
    money is a form of materialised energy, myself finds I it a difficult thing - I let my clients decided about the price for the help you recive - the pay me for the use of the facilities and my precent, they pay the universal love with ther openness and wanting to recive and act in this way
    the universal always seek the balance, free offers means in that the recipient has to want to receive, have an openness and that is frequently more difficult than giving money and thinking that that makes the balance right
    light and love -g-

  25. Ah, the thought provoking diversity of comments above to challenge us on the path.
    I delete most of Lynn's emails because they are to sell a product and I'm not shopping today.
    Occasionally I pause to read one and I chose this!

  26. "Laura // Jul 4, 2008 at 10:47 pm
    Isn’t it always all about the money?
    It’s a BUSINESS, gang. Business is about money and money is the root of all evil because it creates … COMPETITION !!!
    No Laura.. it's not all about money.. just as life is not all about air. However, without it we/the business dies.
    Money has never been "the root of all evil"
    Blaming money for being "the root of all evil" is like saying that oxygen is the root of all fatal illness..
    Your statements seem to me to suggest un-examined, inherited thoughts that your Mum, teacher or whoever believed and that you've bought wholesale.
    Please examine your own thoughts/beliefs re money and, indeed, love/self-worth/abundance... as these things are all tied up together.
    What's wrong with competition? Are you concerned that someone will loose? are you concerned that YOU will loose.
    The Wimbledon tennis tournament comprises 299 "losers" and just 1 winner. Do the losers all throw themselves under the nearest train?
    No. A player will go home and improve their game. Their competition is, ultimately, with themselves.
    A minor adjustment in your interpretation (for that is what it is-an interpretation) will have you beaming light and love around the planet.
    Go on!! you know you want to!!!!

  27. Laura's reaction (not necessarily her interpretation) may be somewhat unrefined - it's quite normal and acceptable to advertise and get paid for your work, but I do feel that the WDDTY marketing is too in-your-face and commercial for me to take the 'products' as seriously as I did that wonderful book "Living the Field", that was advertised to me by way of a friend's genuine praise.
    As with anything else, don't buy what you don't want or need...

  28. There is a young man who came here regularly to buy moldavite from Cheb in Czech Republic, the origin of Moldavite. From this he makes jewelry of "activated" moldavite as a business. It seems his inspiration is from his mother who channels beings from Orion in www. oriontransmissions.com but I do not know. The proof these are beings from Orion is tenuous. The messages influence people but they seem to reflect the human person rather than Orion beings. Channellings too may be another guise of the ego. I do not judge the moldavite business except that we do not know whether it is "activated" and why do people take moldavite from this country. You can hardly buy it here anymore.

  29. I like what Ruth Oprean Cardillo wrote about looking within at the interconnectedness of our experiences. She wrote, “In what ways is this a reflection back of this aspect in me? What can I learn from this moment now? This gives me a chance to take ownership of this aspect in me and make an intentional personal shift. Then I can internally bless the other person and thank them for contributing to my growth. If I shift my resonance here, I contribute to the possibility that others can too."
    Well done Ruth!

  30. If you're going to quote the Bible you need to get it right, "LOVE of money is the root of all evil" is the actual (multi-translated) quote. It's that damn "love" thing that's the problem! Jeez, we have enough problem with the energy that is money without adding the burden of evil to it. Money just sits there waiting to be used like an open hand or a closed fist. As usual, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings."
    I'm probably not ready for Moldavite either.

  31. When is an email offering products Spiritual Bullying? When is a seminar or some "offers" in a seminar Spiritual Bullying?
    For me there is a simple answer. If it is the only product that will get me to the next step, the only way for me (and the rest of the participants or addressees) to progress to the next level or obtain X, then I am being bullied.
    No matter how great a product, or the next seminar is, there is always another way to achieve ones goals. No one product is a must have for everyone. When such a truly great work is created, it is in such demand that it is published for a reasonable cost and available to everyone who wants to read it (the bible, the Koran, etc). Everyone is at a particular place on his or her individual path and his or her needs at any instant are different.
    If I am required to do X before I am allowed to read the “sacred text” or if information is hidden from beginners or closely guarded than I feel bullied. If you were to walk into a new church and the pastor and members would not let you read the bible it would make you feel strange. How come we (myself being guilty of this) accept similar bulling because it is secret “New Age” stuff?
    Now if a friend, stranger, pastor, or spiritual advisor tells me I must do X and it comes from their sincere desire to help me then it’s good advice, not bulling.
    Remember that at the core of all religions is Love (and possibly gratitude).
    P.S. I do not resent those who make large profits from seminars, books, oil, whatever. Who am I to judge them? I have purchased a copy of The Field for $11.16 on Amazon. I have not purchased any of the ebooks for £19.95 or $31 US as I don’t feel that an eBook, which costs less to produce than actual hard copy, should cost me more and I have never paid more than $30 for a book (except when once I bought a 1400+ page, hard cover book). Lynne, if you read this, a premium membership would be great pay $4.99 US per month and get access to additional content plus being allowed to download 1 ebook per month.

  32. A spiritual person learns to develop a tough skin. Tough enough, to realize that what happens is always perfect as it is, that whatever one encounters is merely a test to see how one is doing.
    That kind of person has progressed beyond the sand box mentality, far beyond the maddening crowd of whiners, complainers, and do gooders vying for some parental substitute to give them attention.
    Everyone has there own version of another based on their personal encounter with them or a visceral response to connecting with them from afar. In the case of Mr. Pearl, some who have attended his seminars will never return due to his rude, condescending, and critical behavior toward attendees. That is their experience of him, as well as, their lesson in the moment.
    His encounter with the moldavite guy may merely be a mirror of his treatment of some others in his life. If he, indeed, is a spiritual leader, he would take it in stride and realize the lesson it has for him.

  33. Please see:
    In the first page of the post these words describe Eric Pearl:
    The shop owner studied Eric for a few moments taking in his striking persona – the flamboyant shirt, the boots, the silver jewelry - before shaking his head.
    when you click through to the full message you see this:
    The fellow behind the counter studied Eric for a few moments , taking in his what was then his clean-cut persona – the pressed shirt and tie, the black jeans, the neat ponytail - before shaking his head.
    Was the the shop owner involved with Eric or was it the fellow behind the counter? How was Eric dressed, in a flamboyant shirt or shirt and tie?
    Fascinating exercise in observation...thank you

  34. Well, this has been very interesting to read this morning. First of all I would like to comment on the Spiritual Bullying...I think it must be part of the process of our evolution...we either are the Bully or the Bullied, and maybe "just" witness to the Bullying. At any rate, the opportunity is to recognize the experience for what it is, an opportunity for growth and healing. For this action is a cry out for healing. Healing of the place within us that cries "we are not worthy". May we see this and recognize the truth of our Nature, which is ever moving, ever evolving and potentially ever loving of all of us Light and Dark for in this duel universe, we are both.."as above, so below".
    As to the comments on the cost of the info. and heavy handed marketing. I too have had my discomfort with it. Not because of the heavy handed marketing, but because I may not have been able to purchase a REALLY cool report because of the cost. This does build a feeling of resentment, it is not at Lynn however. It is ultimately at and with myself. Why can I not afford this? Why is this priced out of MY economy? It all reflects ME...as usual...the Universe DOES revolve around ME. If Lynn and Co. wanted to make it more affordable and thus her work more palatable to purchase by those who feel it is too expensive, the idea given by Hale is perfect. However, if I may gently remind us all who have had that moment of "darn, it is just too expensive for me right now", let's look at that experience for it's potential...a MIRROR. Let's find the wrinkles and iron them out...be receptive to the truth of this Universe, there is more then enough for all. Now let's go find our share, so we can be a vessel to provide part of Lynn and Co's share too!
    Be Well,

  35. Wow! Lynne! The diversity of these comments really speaks to YOU and your offering of this space offered us on the web and your time taken to provoke, and allow, such comments to come forth. How awesome a gift you give us all.
    It is my choice to accept your free offering. Today I have read and taken in these fruits!
    Thank you Lynne!

  36. Good God ...
    Listen, I've wandered the world a bit and love to chill with just about any group ... but some of this is just silly.
    I have yet to meet any rock that impressed me.

  37. As one of Dr.Eric Pearl's practitioners, I laughed out loud at the store clerks 'take' on Eric not 'being ready' for moldavite........read the book The Reconnection to see why it's so funny..........I'm sure he related the story for it's irony, ......sending you light life love.

  38. I too have written to Lynn many times about the cost of her material
    It is e-pdf, so there is no paper cost involved, WE load it down,so charging as if it were a hardcover book $40 is overcharging. You could still make money if you charge less.

  39. I've been receiving Lynn's emails for a couple of years now, I've never bought one of her ebooks that look very interesting because they are overpriced, whatever the crap from people about 'money is energy' blah blah blah. Yes I and I expect everyone else on her list know that, and I'd say know about spiritual snobbery, you'd have to be just out of a cave not to have experienced that. It's like Lynn thinks we're 12 years old.
    I worked in publishing for years, and books that take months to write and produce with printing, binding, distributing, costs of booksellers storing and selling the books - all the hours and people's wages involved - and you can still get a meaty paperback for £8, or possibly £10-12 if it's a very large format book. £20 for an electronic book, as far as I'm concerned, is being ripped off, that's why I don't buy them.
    And don't anyone please patronise me by sending 'energy' for abundance or anything else. Honestly sometimes these new-agey/new thought/whatever they're called movements are so full of bullshit. I've been hanging around the new-age system for close on 30 years, there's wonderful people and information but it's become a money-spinning industry like any other.
    I'm all for paying for things, but I ain't paying over the odds, I take it as an insult to overcharge me to be honest. The 'new-age' for want of a better term now has become an industry like any other. And in many cases, unlike most other industries, one where people regularly get overcharged.

  40. While reading these posts, it occurred to me that the power of Quantum Theory was in action. What we "notice" is precisely what we need to reflect on--it's simply a mirror of our learning needs.
    This remains an observation, not a criticism--an invitation to see what each of us incarnated to achieve or experience.
    So much of the time, the biggest stumbling block to our progress is not having our own permission to move forward.
    The path out of the woods can be as simple as repeating to ourselves and the Field: "I (state your name) have and give myself unconditional permission to transform this block to becoming who I can be in all ways."
    There are "techniques" to help this be integrated more completely into our emotional being, but this is so powerful in an of itself. Add any you practice to enhance it.
    Life simply mirrors ourselves back to us--we just have to understand what we're being shown.
    Light to all,
    Dina Shira

  41. Good morning everyone!
    I have been reading a few of your responses and emails, and I honestly have very mixed feelings about all this. First and foremost I am new to sharing my views of the world and our human purpose. I have been quite a loner on this topic, thinking I could not share this with others for I must be weird! In that matter I thank Mrs McTaggart for giving me and others the opportunity to find and connect with each other. Concerning the sale and cost of things...I have to say that Helen R-S has a point we all need to make a living and it seems all right for others to do so. To tell you the truth I'd rather have sites like the field, ions and many good others proposing interesting material that I may or may not want to buy, than having to buy into government taxes and other well disguised money-sucking so called bettering human causes ; when we all very well know ,do not or barely reach any of the goals they say they will. I'd rather give to people and organizations that teach human kind how to shift their consciousness and achieve oneness, than to others who promote individualism, elitism and selfishness.
    I do not buy any of the E-Books or go to any seminars, but just the fact of reading and sharing with others my views through Mrs McTaggart's site is incredibly enriching...so do I really need all the rest? Sometimes...
    Kathy let go of the fear of not finding a job and having to step up to all your responsibilities. Trust, trust, trust!!!! Grandfather Universe never lets any of his children with no guidance. Listen with your soul, He will speak to you!
    Thank you all and thank you Lynne for letting me hope for a better future for all of us!

  42. This is addressed to Ms. Helen Randall-Smith.
    Ms. Randall-Smith, when I was 8 a peer of mine noticed that I had warts on my hand. He whispered, "Do you want to know how to get rid of those?"
    I replied with a simple affirmitive nod.
    He continued, "Now don't tell anybody what I am about to tell you or it won't work!"
    I agreed. He proceeded to tell me that I needed to rub the wart as I chanted "wart go away, wart go away."
    Well, I would have chalked it up to the rubbing that caused the warts to go away but I had them on my knee and other hand which I never even touched...yet, they all disappeared...within a fortnight!
    See?......FREE knowledge is true healing.
    I have even witnessed two people in Louisiana cure two of my sons of their afflictions. One had heat stroke and he was cured immediately after the meeting with the healer (which was witnessed by the grandparents), and, do you know what the oddest thing about both of these healers...who healed my sons when the money charging doctors could not!? They did not charge a dime nor did they allow you to thank them!
    Your kind of healing (the one with the financial enumeration) simply does not work and I can attest to that personally by having my savings depleted and still my illness lingers.
    I have asked if these healers could heal what ails me but they were totally honest and without ego when they replied that they could not.
    I appreciated that more than you can understand.
    I have found that "snake-oil" salesmen and charlatans abound in this genre and that they are serving themselves more than they are serving others.
    I can understand the injustice that some feel here over the financial aspect of "enlightenment".
    To those who have brought this up.....you are on the right track with this understanding.
    True knowledge, healing and enlightment does not have a price tag and to even make a case for charging a human being in assisting him on his journey is perversion and corruption in no uncertain terms.
    When you charge someone for help you are serving your ego needs and no amount of erudite articulation can make it otherwise.
    When you know something that no one else knows...TEACH them what you know so that they may heal themselves in all ways.
    Remember the old parable in the Bible, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him HOW to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life."
    I cannot imagine charging someone for the knowledge to feed their body much less their soul and psyche!
    Things to think about.

  43. Hi there all
    May, may, may.... what an intersting kaleidoskope of opinions! How very entertaining this has all been for me today! I do not think there is very much more to contribute, pretty much all was covered that jggles the the mind and ego!
    P.S. Thank you Lynn for invoking such a variety of expressions, makes one realize what diversity really means.
    Maria Pache

  44. Lynne,

  45. I have downloaded several books which when converted to my currency amounted to FOUR times as much as LT's book The Field cost me. I was expecting some extended reading at the price I paid. Sadly, the (very thin, poorly illustrated) books contained so little new info that I have not downloaded any more. I look forward to a hardcover sequel to The Field.

  46. Several years ago I attended an event put on by Werner Erhardt's people called The Forum. It was a three day gathering aimed at putting attendees on a path to "transformation". The course was very intense and useful to me, but then it started.
    There was also a series of "Seminars" to sign up for afterward and a lot of pressure to participate lest you lose the progress gained. My seminar was called "Commitment". It was $75 to attend, once a week for several weeks. When one evening I was late, a woman at the door gave me a ration about how I obviously wasn't committed and she wanted some promise from me that I would never be late again. Then the seminar itself began including "previews" of the other seminars - all of which carried the same price tag. People were very proud of saying how many of these seminars they had attended, and seemed to feel themselves somehow "better" than those who had only attended one.
    I dropped the program and didn't even ask for my money back. At what point would one "get it"? And why solicit my further enrollment when the subject at hand hadn't been concluded? One of the other seminar attendees called me saying he was working with the leader to try to get people to come back - apparently a number of people had also dropped out. I still declined. The seminar leader called me and I still declined.
    Was this bullying? I don't think so. It was a buisness. It was my choice whether or not to buy. The experience confirmed for me that the only authority to accept is my own.
    I enjoy Lynne's emails. I did order one ebook, but found it much more "surface" than the Intention book and agree with others' posts that it was quite expensive. But the offers are not aggressive - it's just an offer, and it's your choice.

  47. Wow, I am so surprised by the negative comments. While reading, The Intention Experiment, Lynn noted that much of the cost for the experiments was being funded by her personally and her hope was that the sale of the book would help continue the experiments. It just seems to me that she found some more creative ways to fund the project. The goal of the project is to help the world. What's the problem? Also, I thought I understood the phrase to be "The LOVE of money is at the root of all evil"

  48. Hi Jamie
    Thank you very much for your comment. I do my healing as a way of life, just as much as a teacher, nurse or any other acceptable profession does theirs. This is my full time job, not something I do after work.I have had many wonderful healings take place. A client with Phase 4 cancer, heal herself within a week, only to dumbfound her doctors and specialists, a client regrow her ovary, because she is only 32 years old and very young for hormone replacement therapy, a little boy, who doctors claim would not live a normal life and would have to be on medication for aggression for the rest of his life, show such an improvement that it seems he is not the same child, to the business man who after seeing me, signs a major deal that sets him up for life.............. should I continue? This is my job and I am very good at it. Is that my ego, or is it that I am constantly amazed at how powerful people are when they come to see me and all I have really done, is to remind them of this? Yes, I charge. And no-one has ever complained to me. This is simply a way of life and the point I was trying to put across, is that people like myself and Lynne and others are just doing their job. No-one puts a gun to your head and insists that you come and see me or buy her products. The choice is yours. And by the way, I have done many "no charge cases" when I feel that the case warrents it. (Including a little child with warts). I believe that the more I give, the more I receive.... At the same time, I believe fully in the quote by Marianne Williamson, which goes:"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." I wish you the best that life has to offer
    With love and light

  49. Oh, one more thing, Jamie.....
    The reason why you cleared your warts as a child, is because you BELIEVED. Children are far more open to healings than adults, because they haven't built up this wall of beliefs and low self-esteem. The healers you have asked for your healing were quite right when they said that they could not heal you. Only YOU have that power. The body is self-healing and it is our beliefs and traumas that prevent this healing from taking place. I wish you all the best on your journey and I thank you for your contribution to this issue........
    "Shining my light brightly, so others feel comfortable to shine theirs.."
    In love and light

  50. Jamie....don't be bullied by the love and light folk...your reality deserves more than....a lecture. You might not have the 'superhuman' ability to heal yourself alone and what a burden that lays on you....but you do have the power to love others and make this world better for that.
    And show of hands....how many have actually bought Lynne's extraordinarily overpriced ebooks? Let us get real.
    There is not an issue about the necessity for money....we need that exchange of energy....but I am very curious to know if she makes anything at all from them. Perhaps if there was a disclaimer saying that a portion of the price was going to R&D.....or charity....I would feel differently too. Right now I feel RUDELY excluded...and my choice seems to be...accept being rudely excluded and shut up. Or I might have another choice....questioning WHY? I want an answer. And God knows.....Eric Pearl is sublimely able to take care of himself!

  51. Oh Gosh! I do apologize for the lecture. It was not my intention to give one. What I was trying to put across is that we are all powerful. When a healing occurs, I do not think that I was the one who "did it". No, I am always in awe of how wonderful and magnificent the client is whose journey this is. I am purely facilitating the process... My apologies to Jamie for perhaps creating the "burden" of her healing... Again, not at all my meaning or intention. Healing takes place in many forms and not necessarily the way in which we expect. I guess I was trying to respond to:"Your kind of healing (the one with the financial enumeration) simply does not work and I can attest to that personally by having my savings depleted and still my illness lingers." and:"I have found that “snake-oil” salesmen and charlatans abound in this genre and that they are serving themselves more than they are serving others." - I felt the need to respond as this was directed straight at me. I obviously didn't do very well in my response to elicit the comment:"You might not have the ’superhuman’ ability to heal yourself alone and what a burden that lays on you…."
    Thank you for that comment. Again, mirrors and mirrors.....
    Thank you to for forums like this. Fascinating to read all the different opinions....

  52. Hi I sat for two minutes thinking should i put a comment........ what will be the purpose.... do I have the time........ so I just listened to what I call my soul sense. Yes write......... I opened this email because of the word bullying and then spirituality.......... why oh because my journey has been connected to this particular field since the birth of my twins..... one is an academic flyer all a's the other struggles with outstanding effort. Bullied at every turn in every school attended. beaten bitten called every foul name possible his last school where we are just working through to get GCSE's the head boy, deput head and other seniors set up website for him........his heroes for a short moment in time became something else for the website was for aFxxxxxx Retard and the result was truamatic as my children were still sore from two unexpected deaths their father and their grandpa. So you may all be thinking what has this got to do with anything. well reading all the emails/blogs so far everyone seems to share a common connection PASSION. For me it reminds me of how difficult it is for all of us to share ideas and communicate our critical comments with positive energy I am always failing but one just keeps on trying. I think perhaps the answer lays in the intention of our communications its starting point. Watching and experiencing the pain of one of my sons tell me he knows he is different and how sad he feel that he cant make true friends at school just spears me on with my vso work within the uk educational system. For over 10 years as a solo working mum I have sponsered this work out of my own funds and my current project although the same will have to be funded by others in the end if it is to have the optimum impact to empower enable the children in the uk. So perhaps the money /business issues are like everything a question of balance. I have to say that I too have found the repeat emails come across as on ongoing pitch but then perhaps that is what is needed and it has indeed caused quite a stir and connected a lot of people. I dont have a website yet but watch out for INaSENSE and I TOO WILL BE banging the drum because I care so passionately so forgive me in advance in the meantime best wishes to all those I read I learnt from each one. Susanwj

  53. Thank you so much Lynne. I feel that the new thought movement is a powerful vehicle for "oneness" that will help catapult us beyond the ego based need for "oneupsmanship," and that we need to let go of the ego to get there. The best example I have seen of no need for ego is Eckhart Tolle. He had to go through hell to get there, and perhaps if we learn from him and from you, we all don't have to do the same. There is plenty of health, plenty of money, plenty of time, plenty of everything when we are not looking through the scarcity glasses, and realize that mother earth and the universe can and will support us in our every need every day. We can learn from each and every experience, we can craft what we desire from the endless supply of energy out there, and having what we want takes nothing away from anyone else. There is no need for greed, put downs, judgments...we are all exactly where we are because that is where we need to be for now.

  54. Hello.
    I hope this will help you, your son, and others, Susan. I am a Consumer Researcher and Compassion Scientist. Through research, I have found that the less similar we are, for ex. demographically, the less likely our communications and getting along will be successful. The more similar we are, the more likely our communications and socializing will be successful.
    Through experiments, I have learned that when people of difference (most of us are physically and mentally different) first offer their compassion or compassionate intent to others, they are more likely to successfully communicate and get along. When compassion is created, I am able to measure new and incremental love in receivers and givers; that results in enhancing love’s correlates like happiness, less stress, health, immunity, optimism, creativity, productivity, and longevity.
    Creating compassion and compassionate intent changes our context from the objective of things, egos, and our differences, to the subjective, where everyone is the same through our connection of love, unity.
    KC 🙂

  55. As a practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Techniques I have to be free of ego and being connected to the outcome of sessions with clients. I see, every day, "healers" who have their own agendas. It might be "healing" someone or adding cash to their own bottom line.
    One might think the agenda of healing someone is altruistic until you realize that the client is the healer and the practitioner is only a facilitator.
    So, you say, what has this to do with the topic at hand? There is a growing group of people in this spiritual movement who are cashing in for selfish reasons. We can feel/be/express anger at those people or send them love, gratitude (for the message we get from them) and forgiveness. This elevates, not only them, but all of us. "We are always on a journey and we never get it wrong. If we live by that philosophy there is no need for anger of self or others.
    Keep up the good work Lynne, I am interested in the results.

  56. I do appreciate the work of Lynn Mc taggarth and cooworkers.
    And Helen R S thank you for shareing your experiences and thoughts! Thanks for lecturing 🙂
    Joy for your day!

  57. i love new age movement and all the one up man ship and bullying. All the spiritual one up manship that I have been subjected to has really helped me burn my bad karma from when I was an a-hole in a previous life.

  58. MV Lehti on tunnettu kriittisestä ja usein provokatiivisestakin uutisoinnistaan, joka koskee monenlaisia aiheita poliittisista skandaaleista ja korruptiosta kansainvälisiin konflikteihin ja talouden ilmiöihin. Sen rohkea otteensa on herättänyt keskustelua ja jakanut mielipiteitä laajasti.

  59. Kärkkäinen on valittu yhdeksi MV Lehti:n mainoskumppaneista, joka herätti kiivasta keskustelua kuluttajien keskuudessa, nostattaen kysymyksiä vastuullisuudesta ja mainonnan eettisistä periaatteista.

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