Our starry, starry days

Lynne McTaggart

Last week, an article in the British papers concerned the fact that medical scientists, usually so dismissive of anything smacking of astrology, were studying the work of a British astrologer named Nicola Smuts. 
Smuts makes the extraordinary claim that she can help those women with fertility problems to conceive – even if they’ve failed at IVF – by divining special astrological times when women are most likely to get pregnant.
Smuts, who is the granddaughter of Jan Smuts, the former South African prime minister, has a string of successes, even among clients who were initially skeptical.  For instance, Mandy Parry, a teacher from Bristol, had undergone seven failed attempts at infertility treatment and was 46 besides – when fertility has largely waned.
During a consultation in June, Smuts told Parry that the next good time for her to conceive was just six weeks away in August. 
Although Parry didn’t believe her, she followed her advice anyway, as she was trying anything at that point.  She was stunned to find that, as Smuts had predicted, the IVF treatment worked that time, and Parry gave birth to her daughter Violet in last May.
Similarly, a hard-nosed chemist and science writer named Catherine Blackledge, also a victim of five failed IVF attempts, got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter Willow after following Smut’s advice. 
“I wouldn’t have imagined going anywhere near astrology,” Blackledge said.
Planetary movements
Smuts says that her system has nothing to do with sun signs but the movements of the planets. Astrologers maintain that a woman’s optimum time for conception occurs when certain of the planets — notably Venus and Jupiter — are most closely aligned to their positions at the time she was born – a situation that only occurs two or three times a year. 
To date, conventional science only recognizes the effect of the moon on women, in that women’s menstrual cycles generally follow the moon’s 28-day cycle. 
Nevertheless, Pat Harris, another British astrologer, recently carried out research showing that when other planetary configurations are taken into account, a woman can boost her chances of becoming pregnant by 14 per cent.
Intrigued by these results, researchers at Shady Grove Fertility, an American chain of IVF clinics, are putting Smut’s system to the test by supplying her with the birth details of hundreds of their clients and asking her to work out the most promising times for them to conceive.  The clinic plans to carry out a study next year examining whether the patients indeed get pregnant at the times deemed to be most favorable. 
A set pattern
Although an obscure branch of science called chronobiology acknowledges that solar activity has a profound effect on the human body — particularly the heart and brain — increasing evidence has begun to show that the other major planets — Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune — also have an effect on us, both at the time of birth and on a daily basis. 
The planetary configurations at birth appear to set a pattern that affects us for the rest of our lives.
Dr Michael Nitsche, of the Institute Z & S in Grosselfingen, Germany, has carried out a body of research showing that the fluctuations of the closest planets to earth — the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — profoundly influence us at the time of our births in forming the structure of human intelligence and the stability of psychological processes. 
Nitsche once examined the positions of these major planets at the time of birth of 186 children. Despite some variations, his results show a correlation: children with a higher intelligence were born during a time when the planets were more in harmony and stabilizing. 
During certain word tests with the children, Nitsche also found an association between children unwilling to take risks and birth dates during times when the major planets were especially harmonious.
Those born when the planets were in close accord seemed likewise to prefer accord in their lives.  
His model also suggests that psychological instabilities and crises are triggered by these planetary fluctuations.
Accidents and deaths
For a doctoral thesis, American researcher Sara Ridgley chose to examine whether industrial accidents have any relationship to planetary positions by studying 1023 injured employees who’d been disabled for at least three months. She discovered that victims tended to be significantly more accident-prone when the sun was transiting its position at the time of the person’s birth, or on his birthday, or during certain ‘harmonics’  — three, six and nine months after his birthday.
In a survey of the deaths and birthdays of nearly three million people, David Phillips, a sociology professor at the University of California at San Diego, also discovered a connection between a person’s fate and the planetary configurations around birthdays, finding that men tended to die more often at around the time of their birthdays.
A resonance effect
Michael Nitsche theorizes that planets influence us through a resonance effect; the giant wave frequencies created by planets when they orbit cause the weak fluctuations in gravity, which in turn has an effect on human beings, who are, after all, energy systems, too.
In a sense, the rotating planets are all giant oscillators (vibrating entities) that create huge vibrations throughout the cosmos. The vibrations of these gravitational fields lead to higher vibrations in other planets and ‘open’ (fluctuating) biological systems like us.
 “A metaphor for this is the formation of waves through movements of the air over the ocean,” says Nitsche. “The powerful masses of water on top of the deep ocean can be compared with the constant gravitational field of the earth. The small waves can be compared to the fluctuation of the planetary gravitational field.”
Nitsche hypothesizes that these planetary fluctuations have a lifelong effect on the structure and stability of the human brain, particularly during the period during birth, when the brain is first developing and synaptic connections are being formed.
Consequently, we develop a lifelong association with the planetary configurations that occur at the time of birth.
Electromagnetic influences
According to Frank McGillion, a member of the Research Colloquium on Astrology from the University of Southampton in the UK, there is a scientific explanation for these findings. The electromagnetic fields and levels of light during the time of our births are thought to affect our pineal gland, affecting our levels of melatonin, which influences many elements of our lives, besides the sleep-wake cycle: for instance, the vascular system of the brain, the endocrine system (which would influence fertility), and also emotions and mood.
Many of these factors, in turn, determine our subjective response to the effects of electromagnetic fields on our body and brain from all sources, including the planets, for the rest of our lives.
“This could also predispose and/or cause an influence on our mood and other states of consciousness on a day-to-day basis,” he says.
“It’s just possible the positions of certain planets at the time of birth could — to a greater or lesser degree through the perinatal actions of melatonin — influence our development and behavior from the time of our birth.”
To me this suggests that we must develop greater appreciation of the fact that we maintain a complex interrelationship with our world as one giant superorganism. Rather than a discrete entity, living things and the earth itself are energetic systems dependent upon other outer forces – gravitational and geomagnetic. 
As Franz Halberg once noted, we must be viewed as “a magnet, living on the Earth, a larger magnet, in the atmosphere of the sun.” Even when we’re trying to become pregnant, we must look to the heavens for help.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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23 comments on “Our starry, starry days”

  1. Amazing.... G.I. Gurdjieff had clearly stated that human behavior is influenced by the planets much more than we would like to believe. Now it seems that some soldid proof is being presented. Amazing....

  2. Always thought that astrology had more to do with psychology until I hear Bruce Lipton lecture on the subject. Opened my mind to other possibilies.

  3. @ Dale Remlee: Keep your open mind as it is still relevant. Bruce suggests that our biological behaviour is regulated by the environment which does not exclude the astrological aspect. I suppose that is another field of research, matching the influence beyond what we have control of (in which our thoughts might still be influenced by astrology).

  4. I find fascinating the extremes to which scientists will go to attempt to prove humans machine like and powerless. It is our genes, it is in our stars, it is this, it is that, and that's it on that. Until the next theory comes along
    So.............if that is true then intention is useless. just another pie in the sky, wishing will make it so idea. Is that it?

  5. As is Above, As is Below
    The esoteric wisdom hidden within this phrase dictates it doesn’t matter if you are a microbe, a man, a star, or a galaxy…you still fall under the same basic law of repetition.
    As evolved creatures on this planet, we are children of the stars…the elements of iron in your blood and calcium in your bones were formed in the early days of the expansion of our universe.
    The carbon making up your molecules is space dust!
    Esoteric wisdom states there is a direct connection between the planets and your body and mind…but taking this to a macro level, our galaxy is one of trillions in the universe and so it too is directly connected to its larger entity the Milky Way, and taking this to the micro level, the microbes on your skin are dependent and directly tied to your health and well-being.
    Everything is interconnected and conforms to this powerful law of the macrocosm and the microcosm.
    As Above, So Below is the most simple and elegant way to communicate a very complex relationship which exists in our universe.
    You are directly dependent on our ever spinning galaxy much more than you are probably aware.
    Astrology is an ancient science which has now fallen into the category of “entertainment”.
    By studying the movements of the planets, and the emissions coming from the Sun, researchers have shown that both have an affect us at a cellular level.
    We truly are children of the stars!
    As is Above, As is Below – Macrocosm vs Microcosm – The Wisdom of the Sages…
    Contemplation of this first esoteric axiom is very intriguing…
    Marilyn, from an intention point of view, this cyclical movement of planets, simply means there are better times to use intention then others...
    Write On!

  6. OK- However.................As long as science insists and BELIEVES in the ever smaller and smaller particles they keep looking for, they will continue to find them. OF COURSE they will find them. They are a direct result of their belief. Their minds are capable of infinite creation and they use this God given ability to find little bitty specks of nothingness.
    They will not change until they are willing to surrender their egos. Then they might see the truth. This surrender is the hardest thing for any human to do.
    As above, so below. All "out there" is in truth but a reflection of what is in the eye that beholds it.
    Love those microbes. You made them.

  7. Astrology as Dean Radin says is one of the "woo woo taboos" of science.
    For us astrologers, it is one of the greatest portals to Universal knowledge and a tool for practical decisions.
    I taught some principles to my 18 year old son; he was astonished... "Dad, this should be understood by everyone, the world would be so different".
    Unfortunately most people have a superficial and biased opinion from the "astrology" section of the newspaper.

  8. Curtis: I might add, there can't be a better time to intend peace than now. All we experience follows our intention. No exceptions.


  10. I believe Mr. Gurdjieff also taught that Man, as he/she is, is asleep. G. structured his teachings around how Man, in general, resembles a machine, exhibiting very mechanical, conditioned responses to his or her world. He taught his students how to observe their physical, mental and emotional behaviors with the aim of waking up.
    In this vein, it might be that a person's astrological makeup might be more influential the less that person was aware of his or her own mechanicality, ie. a kind of sleep walking mindless approach to life.
    Gurdjieff said that Man as he/she is cannot do. When I first encountered that idea, I felt rather offended, was self-righteously indignant and definately unpleasant to be around ( and perhaps nothing has changed since then but I'm stubborn and arrogant enough to vigorously challenge such nonsense).
    Starry starry night...

  11. If the planetary, moon, and sun effects are indeed real, then they must be due to measurable energy reception. Yet we must be exchanging energy with other entities and sources continuously in our daily lives. Therefore, the astrological effects would have to be strong to be both effective and measurable amid those competing energies. One fact is certain: we continue to add to our knowledge. The further challenge is to understand it as a coherent system. If we can grasp it whole we can then perceive our identity and role in the world and universe. From that can proceed recognition of our vulnerabilities and responsibilities as human beings.

  12. Gurdjieff was exactly right. Humans ACT like machines when they are unaware of the many influences that have shaped their minds, so he says "Man as he is" meaning unenlightened. When man surrenders his ego, usually in extremity, "no atheists in foxholes", etc.,he opens a space for real intelligence to come in. He then sees his machineness and is able to break free and regain authority over his life and experience.
    There is actually a pretty good description of this kind of breaking through in the recent book "Eat, Pray, Love". It is almost exactly the experience I had under similar circumstances but while studying a completely different religion. It was omitted in the movie completely which is probably a good thing since who knows what Hollywood would have done with it. I have read recollections of this experience in several other books, including those of Catholic Saints. They are always described in almost identical words.
    As for astrology it is no different than anything else. If you believe in it you will match your experience to it. If you believe it is nonsense it will be just that - in your experience.

  13. Love your humor and word play. The point was that no one religion has an exclusive on any of this.

  14. Reading the article and following the comments thread is so refreshing. I am reassured that we... the energy architects of the future... are doing an awesome job in crafting a brilliant future through our sense of possibility/knowing of what could be.

  15. HELP
    This is amazing news although not surprising as I think we all at some level intuitively know this to be true... I am trying to conceive at the moment and as a 41 year old I need all the help I can get.
    Thanks so much for this fabulous information it changes lives and the world nonal thought by nonothought, nanomoment by nanomoment,

  16. Hi Lynne Great that this is getting some publicity. As far as I know Nicola also uses the stars as well as the planets. There are also major developments in Visual astrology - ie the whole sky. The only hesitation I have with this is that we are still looking for causes. Not that this might not be the case - ie that the planets can have sone sort of physical effect. But the work that you do also emphasises the existence of other fields. A while ago I wrote an article on how planets could also be seen as morphic fields. What we have said about them for years creates a field. Also how we have used their energies modifies and changes meaning. In my view this is why astrology 'works'. As astrologers we have a duty to help the world make the most of the positive opporrtunities being offered at particular times when planetary energies combine. What is happening now is that Jupiter and Uranus are close together. This can and is creating huge rebellion. Cold and authoritative politics. Huge amounts of 'I know better than you'. But with consciousness it could mean huge leaps forward in innovative ideas to help the world. A switch in belief systems. It could mean honest politics, or out of the box ideas for creating abundance. To name but a few things. For me it's all about consciousness levels. One of my papers is at http://www.astrozero.co.uk - three histories of Uranus if you are interested in the morphic field idea.

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