How healing water heals the healers

Lynne McTaggart

I’ve been out of communication for a week, as I’ve been zigzagging across North America – first to a meeting of the Evolutionary Leaders (started by Deepak Chopra, and including many thought leaders), and then onto a meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council, set up by Jack Canfield, including many august leaders of and human potential movement. I’ll be writing about both remarkable meetings and their repercussions soon.
I know that all of you have been waiting patiently for the results of our Clean Water Experiment - as have I. The first news I have is that it worked – we had some effect. However, one study on its own means nothing. So at the recent ISSSEEM conference in Boulder, we attempted to replicate our experiment – but this time we did not get results.
To ensure that we have some meaningful evidence from our first experiment, Dr. Gary Schwartz and his team are running controlled experiments next week, and promise to report back promptly. I will have a full run-down for you shortly.
In the meantime, though, we have very interesting results from the survey we ran with the participants. Those who have responded tell us an extraordinary amount about who participated in our experiment – and what happened to them.
Seasoned intenders
First of all, those who participated were highly experienced. More than half (52 per cent) are regular meditators – and a third of our participants have done so for more than 10 years. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds (61 per cent) had read The Intention Experiment. So an overwhelming number of our experimenters were used to applying focused thought.
Nevertheless, many had not used my protocol before; 32 per cent hadn’t practiced Powering Up – my program in The Intention Experiment - until the Clean Water Experiment itself.
But this may be one reason why the first Clean Water Experiment worked and the ISSSEEM attempt did not. All my ISSSEEM intenders were novices, and we know from the scientific evidence that experience counts.
This time, the manner of participation did not make such creative use of technology. More than 85 per cent participated alone on their own computers, with just 5 per cent participating in a group on one computer and 0.7 per cent in a group setting but each using their own computer. Some 82 per cent used a PC, with 16 per cent on a Macintosh and only 1 per cent used a Danger Hiptop.
Just 3 per cent couldn’t access our website, but sent the intention anyway, and 5 per cent chose to participate without knowing the intention by just sending positive intentions at the appropriate time.
One of our participants chose to do so by perching with his computer on a hill top. Although he couldn’t access internet via WiFi, he was happy to send his intention at the right time, anyway.
Few technical hitches
Happily, our technical issues have largely been solved. This time, our website generally worked very well, with less than 10 per cent experiencing trouble registering. Small percentages had trouble with individual pages; one person had problem accessing the forum afterward, others had to use refresh buttons. Your excellent feedback helped a great deal in our learning to refine and improve the process for the next time.
Transformed feelings
Most fascinating were the transformative experiences felt during the process. Nearly a third of our group felt an overwhelming sense of unity and another third a surge of compassionate love. More than half of participants felt a connection with the water or felt very peaceful.
Furthermore, this feeling lasted.
A day later, a quarter of our group felt more peaceful than usual, one-fifth felt happier, one sixth more compassionate and another fifth more connected with others in their lives. Nearly a third felt more optimistic that clean water for all is achievable in the world.
In the following weeks, 31 per cent of our respondents noticed a change in their relationships.
Feel the love
Some 21 per cent felt more love for loved ones, but the most interesting change had to do with the love our participants felt for strangers: 33 per cent felt more love for everyone they came in contact with, 18 per cent felt they got along better with people they normally dislike or argue with, and 10 per cent said they got along better with strangers.
Huge changes occurred in our respondents attitudes toward themselves. More than 26 per cent felt more loving toward themselves and 18 per cent forgave things about themselves or past actions they’d been ashamed of; 32 per cent felt more loving toward the world in general.
These results are similar to those of our Peace Intention Experiment. In that experiment, an overwhelming percentage of our respondents found that the most significant effect occurred in themselves. After participating in a global healing experience, they felt more peaceful and loving themselves. But most of all they were more loving toward strangers.
A group Intention Experiment reminds us of the most important aspect of all about ourselves – that we truly are connected, and that one good collective thought is all it takes to change the world.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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18 comments on “How healing water heals the healers”

  1. This is the text of the article mentioned above.
    Violent crime plunges in major U.S. cities
    Experts say they're pleased but baffled as to why violent crime rates have plunged in major cities across the United States.
    Homicide rates in Washington, New York and Los Angeles are approaching 40-year lows, while Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis and other cities are also on track for serious declines, The Washington Post reported Monday.
    "Experts did not see this coming at all," Andrew Karmen, a criminologist at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, told the newspaper.
    But although experts don't agree on what's causing the unexpected trend, police in the Washington area like to think it's because of their good work, District of Columbia Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier told the Post.
    "Everybody wants to beat us up when it goes up, so we'll take credit for it when it goes down," she said, adding new high-tech capabilities are allowing police to target specific crimes or areas aided by analyses that let investigators prevent more crime.
    Police in New York, for instance, have established a data center that allows officers on the scene of a homicide to listen in to 911 calls as they come in, the newspaper said.
    Copyright 2009 by United Press International

  2. VERY interesting to see the results on the m editators themselves! Perhaps an affirmation of 'what goes around, comes around'? There is an ever-widening effect, not only towards humans but to all life, with whom we share the major portion of our DNA. If we are 99% identical to the next species closest to us (chimpanzees), how much more identical are we to each other? We are truly ONE. My cat honored me with a mouse last week, which I thought she had killed. No. The mouse now lives happily under my sink and I feed him/her each day ... would love to get it outside where it belongs, but it seems quite happy. I for me can only view it as a brother or sister, a small member of the large family of life on this planet. Linda (alilensea)

  3. Is anyone else having a problem with the subjective evaluations? Such as, "trans formative experiences," "felt a connection," "sense of unity," "felt more peaceful and loving." How much of this comes from placebo snacking or simply the effect of being in communication with another/others? I think we're going to lose a lot of potential supporters if we don't focus on measurable observable indicators.
    I loved the book and am now rereading it, however, I'm disappointed with the apparent absence of precise quantifiable goals on this website. Intending someone's cancer to disappear is inconsistent with my experience of intention. Few with cancer have acknowledged that it is they who intended their cancer. I have no sense that those who ask for such support have in fact cleaned up their integrity so as to create space for healing to take place (Google The Clearing House).

  4. I read the intention experiment and found it very interesting but sadly I noticed at some point you were 'pushing' a book written by your husband. I found this really off putting and felt it was a commercial excercise designed to be financially beneficial. I did find the water exeriment interesting and will read the notices

  5. The energy results of the meditators seems to support the teaching that being in loving service is the best way to move into the higher vibratory frequencies. I know it works for me every time. I believe that in bringing the Universal energy through ourselves and giving it away is the best way to keep ourselves full of light.

  6. I agree with Kerry. Subjective anecdotes do nothing to support the scientific integrity of fully focused intention. It is my understanding that the existence of the "Field", as a provable phenomena, is the goal of these experiments. I fear that too many of the participants are responding in the same manner that they do to religionistic dogma and ritual. Lets do science and leave the "Feelings" to the "New Agers".

  7. Kerry and Ed,
    As I understand it, the hard data is being collected as well. The water was either cleaner, or not. This is hard science. Cancer spread reduces, or goes into remission. This is hard science.
    But "soft" data collection is also important.
    It doesn't matter how subjective the feedback is on "feeling more connected". It will show trends, it can unearth issues or angles that may help with the hard-science side of it all.
    Think of it this way: someone is into target shooting with a pistol. The hard science is the score. But why not also ask if the person was feeling happy, sad, hungry, at peace, distracted, angry, ultra-competitive,"in the zone", etc.
    Human beings are not finite state machines. So collecting soft data also can be quite valuable.

  8. I agree that soft data is equally important as in the end we are connected by energy and spirit not scientific knwledge. Most people who practice meditation I suspect are spiritual and and are drawn to the use of intention through this. I was unable to access the forum after the Water Intention but Icertainly was one who felt an overwhelming connection with all those intending and believe that we can ultimately achieve clean water for all people.
    Regardng the mention of other books in the I ntention Experiment-I really am not concernded if this is commercial if the book is relevant and will help expand my understanding of our universe we live in
    We really are priviliged to be part of these times.

  9. I used to love Deepak Chopras work on spirituality, but do send him his a bit of advice; stop commenting on politics. His reasoning is farfetched, and as a spiritual man it’s not becoming. He blamed the bombing in Mumbai on Bush and America in an interview on CNN. The buck stops with a dozen of man who decide to enter another country to kill innocent people.
    We are often told we decide our own faith by spiritual leaders, and certainly do not promote or defend acts of violence. Our life is all in the thought, and the passion behind it.
    Deepak Chopra has made a career of speaking negatively about Bush, and he tells how his father passed away during the inauguration January 2001. Interesting, but then Bush had not even spent a day in office. Sure Chopra might hold this contempt; I am just saying it’s not becoming of a man who wants to spread wisdom and spirituality.

  10. Now Come on Helge, don't your recall our spiritual teacher across time have always called out their truths, even when it concerned coruption, and who's, who corupting. Three of these fellows come to mind, Jesus calling out in the Temple, Gaundi calling out, naming government control. Nelson Mandelia, well he spent years in Jail for calling out. There just telling their truths.
    I see a wisdom in Deepak for his strength
    and courage for calling out. Just another phase of a great man who has come to earth to heal.
    Has emotions been proven scientifically? You know cause and effect. How we are feeling is a direct result of what our thoughts are, haven't we already proven this in a scientific stage.
    If we could learn to incourporater a mindset, just like we have in the past , a collective mindset, what ever it may have been.. If we could together come to understand that our emotions can be our gage to right doing or oops doing, don't you all think that this would be the day that peace is created. Don't take life so hard. Have fun with it. Play with love.

  11. This is how I see things:
    1. When I was a non-believer I was also lacking compassion. At the same time I required hard evidence. I wasn't happy a bit.
    2. Now being a true believer I have loads of compassion. And I don't even require soft evidence. I am now more than happy, also enjoying the uniqueness in all events, people and things.
    3. People seeking hard evidence are mostly working against something, thus spreading not so good energy.
    4. People loving soft evidence or don't even care are mostly working for something, thus spreading good energy.
    Deepak Chopra once told Eric Pearl, "Remain childlike!". I think this says it all. Children don't need evidence, only love.
    And last but not least....
    When you lie at your death bed you don't care about evidence AT all (or science). You wish you had had more faith in your life to God, your family and your causes.
    Celebrate life by working together, thus celebrating unity!
    With love
    PS. Lynne, if you happen to read this, maybe you could think about the intention experiment to transfer happiness to another human being. It cannot be measured, but that unhappy person can certainly feel it for sure. And possibly could all people around him/her notice it. =)
    PS2. My guru (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) told me once that the intention of transferring Enlightenment have been tried on several occassions. Most of the time these trials have been non-successful. But at least once it had been successful. Unfortunately I do not remember the names of these people. Maybe someone could help to write these experiments here????

  12. Wonderful and not-so-surprising news that people that are sending good intentions receive them themselves.
    We have been taught that what we send out we will receive, so I guess this confirms the age old saying on a scientific level.
    Whereas the water will be better or not, doesn't really matter so much, because when we feel good - are aligned with the world around us - we cannot be hurt by "bad" water or similar. It is only when we are not aligned with all around us, that we can be affected by the "negative" frequencies.
    I suspect we will see more about this kind of experiment in the future.

  13. the subject of transforming feelings...........
    cut past all the surface externalised mind chatter,which we are all inclined to indulge,and the internal mind clatters too.....,
    Product of the Media Age,or a side effect of work stress,who knows?
    Yogis advise against hapless wording,
    and from their perspective they should know.......
    Few could reach such pured perception.....
    in the humdrum hurley burley on city living .
    So where then, did that feeling, of over welming peace come from?
    our collective manufacture or........
    somewhere else.

  14. Thank you so very much for being you...
    I hope to learn more and improve myself and
    others with what little time I may have left on this wonderful planet...
    Many thanks...

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