How should we evolve?

Lynne McTaggart

As months go, my July had to rate as extraordinary, as it involved meeting with two groups who represent most of the major visionaries and thought leaders in this field.
On July 7, I attended on a three-day retreat organized by Deepak Chopra and his team, with some 40 other extraordinary men and women at the Serra Retreat, high up in the hills of Malibu.
Global Visionaries
And what a group: Don Beck, who helped to broker the release of Nelson Mandela; Marianne Williamson, whom I consider the conscience of America; Michael Beckwith, the extraordinary religious leader and visionary; Jean Huston, who single-handedly invented the human potential movement; Barbara Marx Hubbard, self-described as a grassroots futurist; Gregg Braden, wonderful purveyor and synthesizer of ancient and modern wisdom; Bruce Lipton, a brilliant renegade biologist; Dr Joan Boysenzko, noted pioneer in integrated medicine; Debbie Ford, who has introduced ideas about the shadow to millions; her sister Arielle, with her marvellous work about the soul mate and in the entire mind-body-spirit field; and many more brilliant men and women too numerous to mention, but whose profiles are included here.
During three intense days of discussion and reflection, Deepak charged us with an extraordinary task: how do we consciously evolve in these difficult and challenging times?
And indeed, are they dark times or simply times of major and positive change? One of the problems we face is the modern media, that ever present backdrop, systematically cataloguing disaster and imbedding it into our souls.
By way of example, Gregg Braden showed us a trailer from the new movie 2012, which is a terrifying and highly graphic interpretation of this date at the official end of the world.
The fact is, no one knows whether in 2012 we will face Armageddon or a brilliant the flowering of consciousness. Nevertheless, this kind of negative imagery can only impact negatively on us, in one way or another, becoming its own self-fulfilling prophecy.
Current Challenges
What we do know is that globalization; the technological revolution; the failure of the economic system; rising geopolitical tensions; environmental and ecological changes; and vast changes in our established social habits all signal that the world is out of balance and undergoing extraordinary evolution – for good or bad.
Last July, during our first meeting, we agreed to start a movement supporting the fact that the future doesn’t simply have to happen to us; it can be what we consciously create. At that time we put out a Call to Conscious Evolution, and asked for people to sign our petition
Changing the Conversation
Our first job, we concluded at this year’s retreat, was to change the conversation, from negative to positive; I am part of a working group to create a new, alternative media, which accentuates the positive and helps to educate people about the new emerging story.
We set up numerous other groups – to create a new website, to write a collective book, to set up a big live event. We also formed into smaller groups to encourage social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy; to promote better health and healing; to introduce the world to the new and emergent forms of society.
We also stressed the need to work on ourselves first – to change our own inner conversations — a notion that hit home with particular force during the next meeting.
The Most Popular People in the Room
In later July I met with another group of thought leaders and our deep friendship and interpersonal connection throughout the four days was profound – perhaps more profound than I’ve ever experienced. Nevertheless, we were in for a shock when undergoing a small exercise, which was meant to test our own perception of how well we were integrated into the group.
We were asked to use ourselves to create a sociogram — a graphic representation plotting the structure of interpersonal relations in a group. In the center of the room was placed a chair. The chair represented 10 (perfect integration into the group) and the very edge of the room 1 (complete lack of integration). We were then were asked to position ourselves in relation to the central chair as a personal measure of how well we fit in.
As soon as the idea was announced, a huge number rushed to be at the very center of the group, leaving numerous others pushed out and at the edges. Although the intention was obviously to demonstrate show how closely integrated we all felt, what actually occurred is that many people were left out – pushed to very outer perimeter.
It was an extraordinary and powerful moment when we all realized what we’d done. My own take on the moment was that own need for inclusion is so powerful that we’re willing to elbow out anyone else in the rush to be accepted. We are so desirous of fully fitting in and so used to pushing our way forward, that we have forgotten how to come together in full cooperation.
Need for New Rules
Even as so-called leaders, we evidence enormous gaps between our own sense of reality and our rapidly changing conditions around us. All of us need to educate ourselves in new ways of thinking and become better observers and integrators of all the forces shaping us globally. We have to be creative, in designing new cultural systems of every variety, and we have to think globally. Our challenge is to create new rules to live by – a new way of being, another world view of who we are and why we’re here.
Even during the earlier Evolutionary Leader meeting, it was difficult for us to rewrite that story, so imbued are we with our old mechanistic way of thinking and being.
Even for we so-called Evolutionary Leaders, it is still a work in progress, a crisis in our own deeply ingrained thinking and habits. None of us is, in fact, an evolutionary leader yet; we are all students, still figuring out the new rules of the game.
Please Join the Conversation
The big idea — the real means of evolutionary change — is still elusive – even to so distinguished a group. That will only come about after engaging in many new conversations, within ourselves and with many others.
So I want to open this conversation to include you.
How should we tackle the challenges facing us: in climate, politics, education, media, science, business, economics, technology and elsewhere? What would you like to see us concentrating on? What is true evolutionary change? What are some of the right systems?
What true changes have to come about in the human heart?
Please write below — and please pass on this blog to everyone you know to do likewise.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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  1. I learned from you, Lynn, that there is energy connected with thought. Thought can be pulsed and the energy connected with it becomes coherent and has a laser-like power. I discovered that the greatest cohering agent is love. Love is a pure force. It is like gravity, attracting a cohering force present at every level of existense. This type of thinking might be a beginning to the challenges we face in today's society.

  2. True evolutionary change - evolution is by definition change - I know I have to evolve - inclusiveness is key, of that I am sure - that change in my heart to include all and condemn noone - is the hardest and most necessary challenge. Does the heart have to crack open?
    Do I have to abandon my island of ego and dare to move towards other people in vulnerability? I have a hunch that evolution happens inevitably and that it is by aligning with Divine grace that we make it through.

  3. How do we work together to marry the old paradigm and the new? We would like to bring about change in our community through the creation of a non-profit that provides sanctuary (a large piece of beautiful land/nature) away from the influences of the old paradigm, where we can learn, share and discuss ways to make these necessary changes.
    In order to do this, we have to deal with fundraising in the old paradigm that will not necessarily understand the need for this and/or it's difficult to monitarily justify how this will make a difference.
    So we are now playing with ideas on how to justify it through other methods in order to get the funding (such as teaching classes on alternative energy).
    Global solutions are necessary but it seems we also need to fund local resources where conscious planning and evolution can occur in person, within communities, where individuals are stuck between trying to feed their families and working to make a more impactful and positive change in the world.
    Comments and ideas are welcome!

  4. A true change in the human heart is that we have no right to force another to do what we want, except in self-defence.
    To change the world for the better it is necessary to start from within, creating compassion to enhance the context of love from which all good things come.

  5. The idea that we're all connected is NOT known to the masses. Quantum science confirms this energy field. Why not create a series of large events (at minimum cost) so more people can make the connection through the logic of science how connected we are...and what the possibilities can be if each of us adheres to this basic theory.

  6. Great blog Lynne! The way you chose to share the experiences in these groups IS highly inclusive......every time we are this conscious to act this way, the bucket fills with another drop of pure and innocent and loving water. I so appreciate your work and your posts. Gentleness with self is key to gentleness with others.
    Love, RAL*

  7. What we have to do as individuals and as a collective is to really look at what the current matirx or system of living is doing to us, mind, body and soul. Is it promoting wellness, and peace of mind, or is it destroying us bit by bit? There has to be a shift from the me to the us, we have to be able to see everyone as a part of ourselves. We need to be able to identify with everyone as ourselves and realize that we must live with conscious intention rather than allow our subconscious to create our world. As the world is going through, a detox so is everything in the system, including individual people. Now is the time to create a newall encompassing paradigm that values the well-being of people in all areas of life rather than the all mighty buck! THIS OF COURSE STARTS WITH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US AND THE CHOICES THAT WE MAKE MOMENT BY MOMENT!

  8. If James Lovelock is correct (Revenge of Gaia, The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning) it's already too late to stop the catastrophic effects of global warming, and thus the whole issue is moot. But I hope that somehow the collective wisdom and ingenuity of humanity will, at the very least, ameliorate these catastrophic effects.
    I trust that you and folks like those in the two groups you speak of in this blob are among those who can help save us.
    Aside from the efforts of everyone to transform our hearts and minds, my suggestion is perhaps the most obvious: massive meditative affirmation of a healed world (Gaia and us within), and constant loving openness to input from the Ultimate Indefinable Mystery (my preferred term for our Source Self).

  9. Victoria,
    I completely concur about preaching to the choir. I find this to be true in the metaphysical community as well. We need to bridge the two worlds and share positive messages that appeal to the masses.
    I also agree, KC, that changes need to come from within. I struggle between working entirely on making my own changes and actions that will help bring about these changes for myself and others. I would like my "work" efforts to be focused on collaborating with others to create solutions. In the meantime, I am still a single mom trying to feed my boys and pay my rent. I am working within those realities to create the change within but like to find a way to move it along a little faster. 😉

  10. I would like to see more concentration on valuing the importance of education, schools, teachers and our children. I believe everything starts from there. As a specialist in early childhood education, I see how the love, respect and opportunities given to a child at an early age can impact the rest of their lives. We are making strides in early childhood education, but there needs to be more value placed here and then we need to work our way up through elementary, middle, high school, and so forth. There is a lot of value given to higher education which is great -- and now let's give that same respect and value to the roots. If we want to change our world, we have to start in the classroom.

  11. My question is how are you going to carry it out? This group you belong are you going to meet with President Obama? It sounds like you will need to do so to make the proper affect - the change that needs to come about and you need a hefty amount of people like us to support you.

  12. I agree with David- we need to bring this information to the general public via some type of large events that can serve to facilitate in the collective enlightenment process that is necessasry for us to successfully make the Shift.

  13. Love is too "loaded" a word. I think what we need is more compassion.
    And what we need to do is work on how to develop compassion in others.
    Compassion makes all the difference. It guides and heals.

  14. Try this?
    Three times a day, every day, for as long as it takes each time, consider - just consider - what it would feel like to empty your heart of everything that is not love.
    May you be blessed.

  15. Have you read Barbara Marciniak's book, Bringers of the Dawn, or read William Henry's books? As you know, when each of us changes, and agrees to bring in the light, we will reach that critical mass, and the planet will automatically change, or new probable earths will appear in response to the marriage of our creative desires and thought patterns. Maybe THIS earth isn't what we will change. So, how about the group thinking about, imagining and choosing the earth you desire to live on. One with peace, love, spiritual awareness. As you know, we "create" from within. All first cause is mental, spiritual. Results are the outer. So we must initiate INNER change, make new thought patterns and imaginations and bring to pass what we choose. Doing in the outer first won't solve anything.

  16. I remember some old movie about "Shangri-La" - haven't we always been looking for the "Garden of Eden"? When I listen to the news, and hear about man's inhumanity to man, war, crime, etc. I wonder "haven't we evolved beyond that"? and sadly we have not. How do we get there? Maybe John Lennon had it right in his song "Imagine" - if there were nothing to live and die for, maybe we could start just being and treating each other with compassion. I think greed is a major problem, too. As long as humans feel the need to hoard, we can't get to the share space, and it's all about us and them. I think it's gonna take a miracle!!! Can we create one???

  17. We need more networking to spread the messages. We just have to keep connecting to the world through all means. T.V, internet, Facebook. Eventually, with persistence and faith the world will choose positive messages and imagery over the negative. We need to continue to be an example in our own little corners and connect to everyone we meet and have faith. There is no problem to which there is not a solution.

  18. Dear Lynne,
    I love this blog and all you are doing to raise awareness. I agree with the earlier remarks about the power of intention. We are all creators and it is time to make conscious effort to use that ability for a better world. Mass meditation is ever so powerfull, and maybe what you are looking for is already happening. On 28 july the Fire the Grid intitiative ( led to a mass meditation of millions of people worldwide imaging and imagining the perfect world of Love, abundance, wellbeing, food for all, clean air, harmony with nature etc etc. There will be another meditation that will be announced 1 september.
    Also every wednesday evening at 8 o'clock local time Kathleen Milner ( meditation that is now attracting an immense amount of participants worldwide, meditating and praying for an smooth transition and clearing and helping mother earth of all the negativity. These initiatives have an immense and measurable effect. End the numbers of participants are increasing. So change is happening and more and more people are waking up and are getting actively involved.
    The world will be a better place and we are making it happen right now. So keep up the good work and stay focussed on the end result with Trust. Love will find its way!
    God blesses all.

  19. Although I haven't thoroughly read the blogs posted above, I scanned them looking for the words "Compassionate Non-Violent Communication" and did not see them. For me, Marshall Rosenberg's compassionate communication as demonstrated through the facilitator of our group, demonstrates "walking the talk" of the words "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself". All spiritual traditions, in one way or another, talk about this. Compassionate communication actually puts it into action. Learning HOW to love oneself - by honoring what's alive in us in the moment, allows us to honor what's alive in others in the moment. It is simple but not easy given the cultural training we've had.

  20. In my heart I know that coming together collectively to intend, pray, and wish for the violence to decrease enough, so that peace will avail in the whole world will be the start we need to work all our other problems out peacefully, and equally fair for the human race.
    Lynn, this has already been proven when you conducted the Sri Lanka experiment. After 25 years of war, the fighting stopped enough for the government to get back control over their country. But, we must continue to intend peace once peace avails in the world, or we will go right back to were we don't want to be, in war. Maybe a whole generation must pass before peace is in our consciousness enough for us to live it without thinking.
    It is so simple, collective meditation, and right in front of our noses that we cannot register this with our intelletual brain.

  21. I just loved the description of the "chair in the
    centre" exercise. It reminded me of the age-old
    dichotomy of Licence v Liberty. If we maximise the freedom of the individual, we reduce the freedom of the community - and vice versa. These dynamics underlaid the "Cold War" - although like the Yin-Yang symbol, each contains the seed of its counterpart.
    What we need is an open circle around the
    chair where each person is permitted to flow
    to the chair and to bring back its essence to
    the circle. The circle must be big enough for
    others to fill the spaces in between those who
    are already there so that all can participate
    - both by being in the circle and by having a
    real opportunity to approach the chair in a
    sensitive manner, recognising that one can
    get its essence just by being in the circle.
    A parallel is that followers of Islam need visit
    Mecca only once in a lifetime. The inspiration
    gained by those who visit is then shared by
    those who do not but who meet (in the mosque)
    pilgrims who have been there.
    This is not a promotion of Islam (which has
    made a bit of a fetish about this Hajj rather
    than allowing the spirit to lead) but the model
    can take us some of the way to understanding
    in a wider context what can happen (the crush)
    if we all attempt to be at the centre at the same
    time. Nor does it work if we all stand aound the
    edges like newcomers at traditional teenage
    dance events.
    So, thank you for the ideas.
    We need to form a circle at a distance that
    allows for inclusion of everyone, that has
    space for newcomers and accepts inherently
    that there will be a movement of individuals
    to and from their positions and inner spaces
    - as well as around the circle too, enabling a
    greater interaction and mutual learning.
    The gretest learning from this is that one does
    NOT need to be at or to have been at the
    centre in order to be a member of the whole
    community. Each soul is valued.

  22. Utopian ideals are literally impossible to realize, on this plane of existence ... better to
    'tend to your own knitting' ; everyone will be a lot better off, individually and collectively, in the long-run

  23. I feel we have to identify and tear down or eliminate a few things before we can move to much further.
    The average citizen does not know their own legal status. Until enough of us realize the depth and breadth of this , most will not act. The deception is staggering.
    If you have a birth certificate, you are legally a British subject with the same rights as any cow in the field.
    Your birth certificate is called an " adhesion contract".
    What does that mean? It means part of the document is hidden, on file somewhere.
    The part you don't see gives your body, your kids bodies and their income, to the State.
    You are "commercial chattel", just like a cow.
    You cannot own anything. If you paid off your car and have a title, look at it carefully.
    The state retains ownership. Your title gives you the USE of the car, not outright ownership.
    Don't take my word for it, look it up.
    To be free from this deception you must file forms with the state dept.
    Can you imagine how wealthy this country would be if we had retained our true legal status?
    Their would be no IRS and no federal reserve.
    We were sold in 1913 to the British empire. We are literally the collateral in the agreement.
    How can we reach the next level without dismantling this corruption?
    I have filed my papers but nobody else in my family has the guts.
    We must end the outright slavery of the worlds average citizens through these corrupt contracts.
    There are 2 constitutions. One corporate, one for the Republic.
    Which one do you want to apply to you?

  24. i follow the principles of well being:
    1. proper nutrition - vegetarian - feed the world, free the environment.
    2. adequate exercise - yoga, qigong, aerobics.
    3. regular meditation - individual & assisted by monroe institute gateway recordings.
    4. forgiveness of what was - no grudges, no stirs.
    5. acceptance and appreciation of what is - the present moment is where change begins.
    6. conscious creation of what will be - stay as aware as possible for a dreamer.
    7. unconditional love - release fear (sin, envy, exclusiveness, pride, anger, etc.) and accept love (caring, consideration, cooperation, compassion, and kindness).
    i have more to accomplish concerning who i am, but i now feel ready for whatever will awaken this world to its responsibilities with regard to the environment, poverty, healthy lifestyles, peace, equality of its citizens, sustainable development, population, and big picture education.
    maybe instead of attempting to prove our intentions work, we should establish our major priorities and begin the heavy lifting on a regular basis?

  25. As a storyteller, my way to engage with what confronts us all is to realize that, as Thomas Berry was so fond of saying, what we need is a new story. Our dominent story is that human beings are separate from all other life forms, superior, and some of us are even superior to other human beings. Our job is to multiply, use all and any other life form for our use and those that we find offensive, we remove or destroy. Living out this story has brought us to our current global situation of unquestioned critical imbalance.
    Science has been showing us for some time now that all life on planet Earth is interconnected and interdependent. While we may agree conceptually to that premise, we have no idea, as those who attended the CA leaders' summit a few weeks ago found out.
    In an effort to embrace and embody a new story that reflects the new science (as well as the perennial wisdom traditions) , I have been developing an initiative called TreeFriends: Using the Arts to Transform Our Relationship to the Natural World. We have been invited to take it into some NYC high schools and Fordham University's Global Sustainability Dept. this fall.
    As we move along this exciting unfolding path, we find other fellow travelers and welcome more every day.

  26. Thank you for sharing this experience.
    I don't have much idea where you should concentrate upon.
    Every partner in your group might have his own field of experience.
    The main thing seems to be that everyone of us, we really concentrate on 'sharing from our heart, experiencing our oneness' and try to act and live from there in our daily life, job etc.
    Media and education starting in that direction?
    Might certainly lead to a more positive approach.

  27. The only way for change to come without is to begin to truly change what is within. Our thoughts create our world. We need to come together to work in groups to change each and every one's thinking so that we all have positive attitudes and are ready to face whatever is coming our way with Love and Compassion for ourselves and everyone and everything else. Blessings, Love and Light to all.

  28. Hello Lynn & All Fellow Earth Beings,
    My take is simple really... yes, work on One's own HEART, but find a Master/Teacher to show you the Way. This will speed things up, no doubt. And of course.. BE IN THE MOMENT. Then Let Go And Let GOD. Experience the ONENESS through Chanting & Meditation. It's there for us all to Become. We just need to work on moving our Vibrational Energy level to a higher Chakra Level. Optimally to the Heart Level or higher.
    Keep chanting// for World Love, Peace & Harmony .
    Love & Light to all,
    Primrose Anne

  29. I support the idea of ‘conscious evolution’. It is really a duty to do what one can, assuming careful discretion not to interfere with free will, except where free will is being disregarded by a third party. It should be remembered that our worldview is largely a mental one and that all people incarnate or discarnate are evolving through their souls. My feeling is that Humanity as a whole is far more perceptive than it was five years ago, and far more aware that ‘we are one’, therefore the forces of the status quo have less latitude to coerce people by deception. They will of course, continue to try.
    An attempt to increase awareness should, in my view, embrace the words in Karen’s reply - “Compassionate Non-Violent Communication”. I think that it is also important to use simple language, which will be plain to the common man/woman

  30. so what happened with the chair???
    after you did the exercise - and received your message - what happened next?
    is their a circle of people supporting the chair? who is in the chair? who is around the chari - and what are they willing to commit?
    appreciated the review of the event - but need more!

  31. Jane. Re compassion and love
    In my research, when I create compassionate intent for others, I am able to measure new and incremental love inside them. I have learned to define compassion as new and incremental love and love as the accumulation of compassion inside us.
    Alan Rayner.
    You wrote, “If we maximise the freedom of the individual, we reduce the freedom of the community – and vice versa.” That would mean there is an inverse relationship between individuals and their community. Would that not imply if we put all individuals in jail the community would be free? Hey, did I miss that in Orwell’s 1984?
    It seems to me, we are like bees, connected by our honeycomb (spiritual); physically free to go out, explore, find and return with more honey (love).
    About consciousness. I belonged to a forum, where at one time there were maybe a dozen consciousness researchers. I do not think any two had the same definition. The moderator tried to bring them all together under one consciousness umbrella but they each held fast, defending their own definition. My experience with words everyone believes in but cannot agree on is that they are popular memes not based on fact.

  32. Others before me have given a great many useful ideas to further our evolution as human beings. I have no doubt that many of us are achieving a new evolution in our own spiritual paths. My personal observation is that too many of us see other people as objects to circumvent or to outrun. We get angry or frightened if someone is "in our way" or in opposition to us. Love and compassion for others is essential. However, we should first teach our children that every other person is a part of themselves. We can base intention experiments on bringing that to pass. When I was reading "The Field" I was struck by how much like the Tao it is. We are all part of each other, whether we know it or not. Simple physics. We all teach physics to our children, whether we know it or not.

  33. Group processes such as the chair exercise can awaken more people than can be reached through any other way because it is experiential. This is the strength of groups such as AA, etc. If you are on the path find a group that works with such processes. I was completely transformed (and changed too) by the EST training and camps with a sufi master, but there are many other venues out there. You will find one or more that works for you. When you actually experience it it isn't the same as reading about it and when it happens to you you will know what to do.

  34. You mentioned the realisation that each one first must focus on their own inner evolution. Consciousness is evolving, we are becoming able to be aware of this. When we are able to accept that the evolution of consciousness is the reason for our potential to be aware of it, rather than thinking that we are the reason for its occurrence, than we will be aligned with the process.
    Alignment with the process is all that is required, once we let go of the notion that we are somehow separate from or causative of it, all that we need to know about it will come in to view...

  35. Thanks Lynne for being so inclusive.
    As for the new story, Einstein's quotation comes to mind: "We cannot solve the problem by the same mind that created it."
    As for the Field connection, I will send you an essay, as it is too long (?) to post here.

  36. Might the catalyst for evolution be as simple as 1) awakening and 2) choosing to live from spirit vs. ego?
    Awakening is necessary to recognizing how we've become conditioned to think our egoic identities are who we really are. Once we know they do not define us but instead simply enable us to function within the human experience, we can consciously choose to live from a place of true self, spirit, higher consciousness (whatever you want to call it) instead.
    Then, it becomes possible to neither need nor want to be at the center of a group but instead to be self-realized anywhere in the design. Why? Because we are no longer victim to, listening to, nor responding to the ego's demands to be seen and feel important. The true self understands that even if it contributes only cooperatively, it can still completely fulfill its soul and "sole" purpose. And that's what we each need - to play our part, not relish the limelight. When we sufficiently dis-identify from our egos we'll be able to be much more collaborative while just as fulfilled - even moreso - as ever. Perhaps then we will realize we are not separate from each other, but together are one.
    The greatest thing we can do individually and collectively at this time is to awaken to who we really are and consciously live from that truth.

  37. Collective intending and collective meditation has proven to affect the intended target in a very positive way.
    How much more evidence does one need before realizing that using collective intending/meditation to bring peace upon the earth will drastically improve our world?

  38. The 100th monkey effect (i.e. "once a kind of critical mass is reached, conscious awareness spreads by an analogue of telepathy") may well help encourage global consciousness, and I think many of us are supportive of that goal. However, I personally find myself looking for more breakthroughs in the "do" department (i.e. get something done perhaps in a very practical and down-to-Earth way). For example, is a huge "do," and like many things, it was started by one or two people, and in this case one woman and one man. Here's a "do" I'd like see happen: enroll all of those millions of people who join global movement groups into putting $5 a month in a fund, using a monthly automated credit card deduction process, that is tasked with buying and dissolving corporations that are out-of-control. For example, like Monsanto which is single-handedly destroying the food and health of the world. Buy them up and shut them down. Gift their so-called intellectual property into the public domain so that no one else can do the same thing again. When someone (hint hint: Lynne, Marianne, Deepak, etc.) gets this started by enrolling a globally trusted board of directors so we all know the fund is going to properly honor its charter, post the URL here and I'll sign-up for my $5 a month in heartbeat. If it takes $10 or $20 a month for the next "x" number of years, I'm still game to do it and I'll bet there are a lot of other people who are willing to do it, too.

  39. I suggest that each and every one of us take personal responsibility by using thought, the power of intention and whatever other energy work we know and set aside at least a few minutes every single day to send intention to global balance and healing etc. it would make an impact.

  40. Thanks for the update. Let me say a few word about Gregg Braden. At a time when I found myself in deep despair, I prayed and asked God to lead me out of the wilderness. That same night I made a search on Google Video, and came across his lecture on: Beyond Zero Point Journey to Compassion. It was just what I needed, and I refer in particular to the five Tenets, which he had compiled from many traditions, but in particular from the Essenes:
    Whatever state you find yourself they will offer an answer, and they make despair into a gift. I have worked the five tenets into my prayers, and they give instant focus, and meaning to everything that comes your way.

  41. Thank you for the update, it is most enlightening.
    1st, as you said, do we really want to focus on changing things, when we aren't certain what that change would look like?
    Even if we knew what we think the change looks like, who is to say our idea of change is one that will be effective and achieve the results intended.
    2nd, forcing things, be they models, scientific principles, friendships, or love, is not the same thing as taking individual steps to modify our own consciousness to change the small world in which we revolve.
    3rd, knowing we interact with the ZPF, would it not be the first place to begin?
    As we manage our own inner and outer selves, we change the energy flux at the quantum level; like pool balls on a pool table, our positive energy moves and ricochets, creating a domino effect. Isn't this what we are trying to accomplish?
    Finally, remembering who we are and what marvelous potential is held in our hands, we can move forward with a second by second, minute by minute conscious interaction with the Quantum world and see positive changes occur in the Macro world, as we see them occur in us.
    Love and blessing to all, Denese S.

  42. It seems we've wrestled with reality for a long time, and now we've begun to realize how futile it is for one dream to fight another, that there is 'only one of us here.'
    Perhaps, as Teilhard de Chardin, Ken Wilber, and a host of others have observed, our evolution is towards that, to 'wake up', to realize non-dual consciousness, to 'live enlightened,' to let go the illusion of self, to unbelieve the twined illusions of separation and connection.
    Perhaps our potential here is to do that on purpose, as self-directed and "conscious evolution," and in that, one by one and gradually, all as one, to fundamentally change our world and manifest here on Earth and day to day the infinity we are both expressions of and a part of.
    As Nikos Kazatzakis spoke through the mouth of St. Francis of Assissi: "I said to the almond tree, 'Sister, speak to me of God,' And the almond tree blossomed;" and as Aurobindo Ghose (Sri Aurobindo) remarked earlier this century: "What then was the commencement of the whole matter? Existence that multiplied itself for sheer delight of being and plunged into numberless trillions of forms so that it might find itself innumerably."
    We need a new dream and a new story, one we've known for eternity, but not ever all expressed or all at once, one which is already being richly woven and slowly lived by You and I and others in gradually growing-to-countless numbers. But we're doing it apart, in isolating episodes despite the Net, and seemingly all too slowly against a moving set of circumstances both within and without ourselves we're not sure may mean that in this cycle of life we're ready being born or we're ready being dead.
    What follows is an excerpt from "Songs of Earth" (copyright Ken David 1994) - I call it a 'woven' copyright (here) because it borrows (without attribution here; not enough space) the words, ideas, and feelings of many of us into the larger weave of one perspective on viewing 'How should we evolve?'.
    Excerpt: "Over mountains, through wars, throughout history, beyond life, we come, finally, against daunting odds, for one another. What happens then when yearning hearts meet genius and ambition in restless creativity? Or single-minded dedication the surging brilliance in questing minds? What happens when sheer guts and a hunger for transcendence call talent into something larger? Or knowing breaches into the universe to delve and summon? What happens when dreams deferred irrupt, and gifted men and women share a compelling awareness of the potential and the need for a dramatic evolution in human capabilities? And then, in an astonishing union, reach out together and achieve it? What happens to human possibility?
    Some 150,000 standard generations mark the way between the Plains of the Serengeti in the highlands of East Africa, and the Sea of Tranquillity on the near side of the Moon, mute testimony to a fierce promise that wrote a staggering odyssey in the annals of human childhood. Richard Leakey, speaking from the Olduvai gorge in Kenya's Rift valley, reminds us that this time, like the one before us, is unique: " the clock is turned back 10 million years, Africa's lush plentiful forests are vanishing. A group of small, man-like creatures embarking on nature's greatest journey walk upright and naked onto the dangerous savannah. Within a mere flicker of geological time their descendants will walk on the moon."
    The watch-bell tolls and the light of dusk is gone. We are once again on the edge of history, outward bound, where there is no safe course to chart, where the wind is high and rising, and the morning's light has not yet shone. Around us, between us - from within us, life is astir and an age is quickening about as an edge of becoming steals through the forest dark towards the brink of lyrical wholeness and lambent storm. You and I are a part of a larger system of life that is once more poised to flower, and yet, like a candle in the wind, we may instantly perish. In the moment years between the lightning and the thunder we have come centre stage, an adolescence struggling in its rights-of-passage to become something new and it's time to lend a hand to life.
    Humanity has reached the point of no return. Acceptance of the community of interest has become a requirement of human survival on Earth and it can no longer be dismissed as an idealistic concept unrelated to realities. In the millennial shadows of the twenty-first century, and well beyond, we face challenges in all directions - from the accelerating forces of historic cultural and social transitions, to an evolutionary transformation in sentient consciousness, and the stirrings of a fundamental spiritual awakening. From the pressures of almost unfettered technological convergence, and potentially catastrophic changes in the environment and planetary ecosystem, to the threats arising from population dynamics and geo-economic competition, to regional wars, and both terrestrial and extraterrestrial surprise, we confront unprecedented perils and extraordinary promise.
    Humankind is part of the fabric of life and dependent on the whole fabric for its very existence. Technology is making us one people on one planet, interdependent with all life, whether we like it or not, and we are both shaping and responding to nothing less than the transition from one civilisation to another. Let there be no illusions - time is short and the need for change acute. Taking effective action will require a mobilisation of will, co-operation and sacrifice unknown, except in wartime, and ask of us to alter both our personal values and the institutions which were formed in this passing industrial era. We need now to build new coalitions, across sectors, generations, and nations. We must quicken a larger wisdom and build a new global ethic, fashioning a global concept of security that will embrace all of us, the notion of sustainable development, the need to combat poverty, the unequal distribution of wealth, the degradation of our environment, and the depletion of our resources.
    We must use our human, scientific, and technological resources, which are richer than at any time in history, in a war in which all peoples must be allies, mobilising the tremendous capabilities for compassion, innovation, dynamism and resourcefulness that exist in our societies. We feel the Earth under our feet and we have seen the Earth from space. Its all one world. What needs to be done can't happen overnight, or be done by any one individual or organisation, yet everything we do, or fail to do today will be decisive for our immediate future and future generations. I am convinced we can succeed. The potential of life is infinite, compelling and stirring - both a heritage yet leashed, and a challenge still unanswered - and on this greatest of adventures, we must nurture its growth and development. In the words of Sean O'Casey: "The bells of the world have tolled long enough for death, let them now ring out for life…"
    Our mission is to be a promise kept. To act as a significant catalyst in engendering capability and creating value on a global basis - employing world-class means that actively support and substantially contribute towards achievements in growing the person and caring for the community; in mending the web and healing the planet; and in exploring the universe and seeking out the mystery of life. Our purposes are to empower life, to catalyse the caring of life for life, to foster the growth and development of life's potential, and to use the deepest teachings and most advanced tools, precepts and methods of Earth’s civilisations in taking up and overcoming the ultimate challenges these journeys bring forth.
    Our role is to employ the spirit that wells from the very depths of life to help develop the latent qualities of wisdom, courage, compassion, and life-force in each individual amidst the, at times, harsh realities of everyday life, and to assist in the expression and harnessing of each person's full powers and talents in achieving the missions set out. Nothing is ever finally safe. Life is tumultuous, an endless losing and regaining of balance, a continuous striving and an assured victory only in that our keenest efforts are directed and done so through work that is rewarding, that engages the heart as well as the mind and body, that develops selfhood, fosters companionship and nourishes the Earth.
    Terence McKenna wrote: “When a species prepares to depart for the stars the planet will be shaken to its core. All evolution has pushed for this moment, and there is no going back.” We are all a part of life’s curving edge, history’s forward sum running out along the frontiers of possibility, calling, once and forever, towards something awesome, shattering and compellingly eloquent. Our business here is to rise up to a call that resonates with the deepest needs and farthest dreams of the individual, and also with the needs and hopes of the planet and its interdependent web of life. There is no way back. “In dreams begins responsibility," wrote Yeats. The way home is the way forward, deeper into the forest that is refracted all around us, and our efforts are a part of an irrevocable commitment to evoking a compassionate new reality, to the race growing up to a new awakening, and to taking our human family safely out into the universe. "

  43. I think that your book was great. It finally allowed me to start letting myself believe something that I always thought was true in my heart. I think the way to bring more people into this line of thought is by exactly what you are already doing. People want scientific proof. You can say lots of feel good flowery words and such that we would all like to be real in a perfect world, but until you show us proof, most people are not going to give you the time of day. What I really would like to share with you though, is a personal experience. You see, I have always believed in intention, though i did not call it that. When I was about 18 years old I had an experience that changed my outlook on the world forever. I was working out in my driveway one evening about 8-9pm. I was trying to get ready for a upcoming tournament. I was a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I was doing my form (pardon the spelling) O-Jon over and over to try to perfect my technique. I had my head phones on , and was rocking out to the Scorpions. I guess that I accidentally stumbled into that perfect frame of mind, but I suddenly had the most profound feeling. I felt like a rush of energy was coming out of the ground and into my body till I was bursting at the seams with it. At the same time, I felt like I was connected to everything, like I was a part of the entire universe. I could see the leaves on trees around me with great detail, even though it was night, and the trees were in the dark. The stars seemed closer. There was a feeling of such ecstatic joy, peacefulness, love for everyone, and everything, words cannot brought me to tears. Needless to say, that moment changed my life. I have spent the rest of my life trying to recapture that feeling. It was as if I had somehow tapped into the earth's energy by accident. Have you ever done any experiments where your subjects tried to obtain rapport with the earth's magnetic field? I may not be using the correct terminology, but I assume you know what the right word is. If a person could do that, how much more powerful would their healing be? When it happened to me I remember feeling that i could do anything, but I was so awestruck so wrapped in the moment, it did not even occur to me to try to do something like that. I think if a person could do it, they would have a serious boost of energy to what ever it was they were attempting. Compared to that experience, this next one is trivial. I have always been a positive person. It is a huge joke in my family that whenever my mother and I go shopping, we always get a front place parking space. Doesn't matter where we go or when, we always get a front place park. We have been laughing about this for the last 25 years. Long before I ever saw the secret, or read any of the books on such things. It was just a nifty coincidence. Now that I have been reading your books, it is explaining things. The other thing that I have always believed in was that people could heal with a touch. I had no evidence, or any sort of proof. My belief came about after hearing about priests healing people. I thought that the priest was sort of a channeler of energy. All the people were sending energy to him, wanting him to heal, and all he had to do was open up to that energy and use it. Reading your book allowed me to start believing these things that I always sensed were true. More importantly it solved the huge war in me between logic and what I believed because of my previous experience. I always wondered if I was kind of a fruit loop, if you know what I mean. I never doubted what happened during my 'epiphany' but I did doubt some of the conclusions I was starting to come up with, as they were unsupported by any sort of science. I just want to say that you have given me new life, and fresh enthusiasm. I had read all the books, I wanted to believe, but I had no proof. Nifty parking tricks is not PROOF. Thank you. I have started experimenting on somethings with interesting results. I think if we could tap into whatever I did that one time, with one of your huge intention experiments, who knows what we could do. You really have no idea how much energy is there, words fail me. It was amazing. I just joined your web site, sorry this is so long, I am just sooooo excited. I really think you are on to something, we can really make a difference and change the world for the better. Oh, and I do like the 5 dollar idea from the other person. Even I can afford 5 dollars. I will stop talking your ears off, I really can't believe I told you and everyone else my story, no one knows that story-I was afraid people would think I was a nut job. Work on the tapping into the ZPF maybe that is what I did, I think that is the answer to your questions. If you make it, it will be the most profound moment of your life. If I can help, let me know. I will do anything I can. The world needs us.

  44. I felt a little amused by the chair experiment..why put one chair in the center..why not several chairs around the center and may be many scattered around and a few random outliers too. May be it is those on the fringe or out of the circle and not those in the center that have the most innovative inclusive solutions to challenges we face now. How does the community empower and nurture the potential in each individual, create safe space for open dialogue, spontaneous expression of aliveness so each can contribute to well being of the community...instead of rigid rules..can we use flexible guidelines and shared values to evolve toward higher order love-compassion based integration?

  45. First to make my point: I am a student of stock market cycles, and have long realized that they are not linked to rational behavior, and it has long been proved by the so called Bullish Consensus Theory (the majority opinion is always wrong).
    The theory is based on classical manias, in particular the tulip boom in Holland around 1600, and there exists a rich literature on the subject.
    In this day and age the polls are based on what the experts/ advisors say, and if you do the opposite of their advise, you will make money both long and short. Note: the polls are not taken among the public, but their “informed” advisors.
    The theory is well known, but never loses its relevance, which reminds me off Gurdijeffs teaching; you cannot do or change anything. You can only observer/ remember yourself, and slowly you will change or involve, but you cannot force change. Barring through shocks to the system, and they occur in cycles, as the Mayans must have understood.
    The theory has relevance for all human behavior, only a tiny percentage act rationally, 80% + are emotionally driven, and the crash (shock) is the most important tool for God to put things right.
    I was born one year after the 2nd world war, and have experienced how innocent people were, and I see it in my older (80+) neighbors how civilized they are. While younger people (not all) seem to have no sense civil behavior. If I read the tabloids, you could think its one big party, and somebody is going to remove the punch bowl. I have done a lot observations; say the last 40 years, thinking this can not go on forever.
    Before the recent economic misery 2008, everybody was bullish, and since March it has returned. So I think our civilization will have a crash in 2012, but it will be to the better. As in the 1930ties it was triggered by stock market and the economy. My parent’s generation was young, and you notice how modest and contained they were. My father is 94, and he goes about his life almost undisturbed, as he always did. Then I see young people, and wonder how long you can last with that life style.
    So God will induce a CRASH, and 2012 seems right. I am looking forward to it. Faith in God is paramount.

  46. Re leadership:
    Lao Tzu said, 2500 years ago - and we're just about getting there, I feel - 'A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him....But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, "We did it ourselves." '
    Ie, our concept of a leader is at last evolving from the old outmoded dominant 'might-is-right' overlord to an effective communicator.
    See also

  47. Malcolm Gladwell described that: tipping points are "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable." We are at this moment experiencing various disturbances , that we are uneasy with, and that we want to change. In order to achieve this, I would like our leaders on all levels to find effective ways to "spread ideas and messages and behaviors like viruses do." Too many people are not "infected" yet to bring about the necessary changes in our 3D global existence.

  48. the insight about the sociogram exercise is vivid.
    and as to new consciousness, i too have wondered long and hard about news and medias,and the apparent bias.
    with the emphasis on outer appearanced presentation,is after all only a small aspect of the whole process,much exists but is not visible.
    Obviously as with your blog lynnne the appearance is not all of the form nor the form all of maybe the 'negative',isnt as it appears, but rather something other?
    a matter of perception,and percieving.

  49. the energy of Unity is streaming onto the planet now ! we will be changed regardless .

  50. Lynne , I think that the relevance of your group's experience is this: you were too willing to participate in the 'game' to take a moment to judge the sense of the rules that were being laid down for you to follow.
    Firstly the rules were nonsense and had no bearing to any truth or reality that is meaningful for us. Why should the centre of the room mean that you are more connected to the group than the outside of the room? Is the centre of an orange more connected to the whole than its peel? Quantum physicists and other mystics (!) say (I think) that two particals can be connected instantly regardless of the distance between them. Telepathy works like that. So a groups 'connection' can be strong even if the individuals are scattered all over the earth (or elsewhere!).
    Secondly the rules were physically impossible to carry out. Only one person can actually stand in the centre of a room. Even if everyone feels equally 'connected' they can't all stand there. Any arrangement of people in the room would have been meaningless and not represented their feeling of connectedness at all.
    SO the big lesson in my opinion is that every person should THINK for themselves before following any instructions, or accepting norms - either socially, politically, scientifically, or any other 'ally's! Question EVERYTHING and look for the answer inside yourself before acting. (The answer to any question is available inside each person - ask Einstein!)
    If every person in your group had done that then no-one would have moved from where they were because each of you would have declared that you felt 100% part of the group from where you were!
    If every person in the world did this then we would already have taken a giant step in evolving.

  51. RE: 2012 Film
    Based on the book by Whitley Streiber
    The content of the story is actually quite spiritual. Aliens invade Earth , yes, but their purpose is to hi-jack human souls which they apparently 'need' to survive as a species.
    The invasion is indeed terrifying but the ultimate human response is to 'fight against the odds' and defeat the alien agenda. It is not easy or pleasant but if the human species is to survive it must be attempted.
    Ultimately, it is human consciousness that must be unified and directed toward the common goal of retaining our spiritual natures. In a 'real life' confrontation of this sort, what do you think humans would do?
    I wouldn't write off the potential usefulness of 2012 (especially the book) to affect the way we see ourselves and our 'probable futures'. Some viewers of the film (especially those who don't read much in general) will view the film for the adrenalin rush but those who grasp the significance of the confrontation between two species, one with a spiritual/moral dimension and the other without it, will be able to discuss the deeper aspects of this modern allegory.
    Give it a chance and don't trash before you see it.

  52. For the highest good of all concerned, the inner work and direct alignment with Spirit is the ultimate key. When that is mastered the love that flows from you naturally will direct your heart into what works for the highest good of all.

  53. The last day of July as I was driving along Coeur d' Alene Lake and intergrating my spirit with appreciation; I felt that this is the key. Another key would be to know we are all One and with knowing this 'Oneness'; one feels that deep penetrating connection to not only everyone, everything but all situations.
    This recipe of these two keys gave way the feeling that helped connect to Spirit. In which then Spirit could do the invisible and invincible work that we are wishing to Lynne's blog of 'How should we evolve?' I imagine to putting all the subjects in God's laundry basket, Spirit's basket, Oneness' basket and let the inner knowing connection be the guide, the blueprint and the Knowing that all will be brought to The All's Beauty, Divine Order and Omnipotent Way...that we can align ourselves with by surrendering to how it should come about. To put ourselves in that faith that when we align ourselves in Divine Order and not 'What should we do?'...out of fear...but 'What should we knowing, surrender and letting with ourselves flow in that tepid water of perfect existence. The place where we do nothing but know that all is well. That place where when you know all is well, is already doing what can be through this knowing. That place you put yourself in to do where one is directed to by being in the 'Omnipresence' of this mighty blueprint that is already perfection. If everyone were to place themselves in this place, that would be the doing.
    So, as I was doing this driving home, the place I was in was (undescribable) but do able in what we can do to bring the 'energy' & 'vibration' which connects all in Divine Order. This subtle placing oneself in the 5th plane of existance is seeing in the Eye of Oneness which places all with it. How powerful we can accomplish this desire without force or fear.
    So, when I placed myself in 'appreciation' for all around a subtle movement I was being placed in a new place of which I was participating in 'new world' or plane of living...I think if we can place ourselves here we can be a much better help or example in which we can bring more through. The vibration of this was so powerful that although we have a hard time staying there and explaining it, with practice and awareness one can bring a stronger energy in to create a climate for All.
    I suggest we all bring ourselves into this 'appreciation' around us continually and with the inner eye of this Spirit will lead us into that place of doing.
    Michelle H.

  54. What to do. While we ponder the bigger things, there is something each of us can do--this moment--that is the most powerful action, and actually the prerequisite for all change. Go within. Change yourself by standing face-to-face with your own fear, greed and negativity of all kinds, being glad to see it so thatyou can let it go, unexpressed.
    We have this power and it is world changing. Why? Because the creation of form really is holographic. Everyting is in each of us and we are everywhere. Michael Brown's "The Presence Process" and Gregg Braden's "The Divine Matrix" are enormous helps for understanding this personal/cosmic phenomenon.
    If enough of us will undertake our own inner change, we will be shown what is ours to do outside. We will be brought together and we will be amazed. There will be a new humanity, a new heaven and a new earth.

  55. Hi Lynne,
    We must THINK BIG and strive for GREATNESS in all things. Greatness equals LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE. When one is consciously in the flow of Greatness all things must change.
    In Greatness,

  56. It is very interesting and encouraging to read the comments. Each and everyone has his/her own way in finding the way to "peace" and "harmony". It is good to see that many know that one needs to start with oneself, which is an arduous taks on its own. If you cannot find peace and harmony within yourself it will be harder to help the world to find it. Indeed, guidance is an excellent way to achieve this goal. I am still struggling to find that actual peace and harmony within me. Each time I am in that moment of peace and harmony, I realized later that it was because I did not think at all but enjoyed each movement I performed and what I saw and heard and smelled without judging it. However short these moments were, it is becoming more frequent as long as I am aware that I am alive. Still an arduous task though.
    Another thing we should not forget is that life has to consists of the bad and the good to keep its balance. For example the current "bad" situation has brought many of us together to work on peace, compassion, love and other "good" things in life.

  57. Hi Lynne,
    I really enjoyed the discussion of the 'one chair' exercise you described in your dialogue. Maybe I have a very limited understanding of the dynamics of the exercise, but I have a question: if the purpose of the exercise was inclusion-oriented, why was there only 1 chair available? That alone may have slanted and limited the outcome.
    Humanity has long held a "follow the leader" and "one at the top" approach to life, and curiously, providing just 1 chair seems to be sort of a representation/remnant of that.
    Just a crazy thought!

  58. Results can come from group focus on things specific. Can we create a short list of conditions that will be normal in the New World? Can we create a vision for each upon which we focus for an Intention Experiment?
    With such a list, along with inspirational visions of each, we can conduct Intention Exercises for each during specific times on specific days.
    As the list is completed we cycle thru it again from the beginning.
    Data points need to be established so improvements can be identified. And remember, the changes may not be incremental but may take a good deal of time before they seem to appear "over night."

  59. I've come to KNOW that if I'm trying to fix something, I'm judging it. I'm not accepting it. It's this judgment and non-acceptance of what IS that will keep me spinning my wheels in duality/polarity wherein for every positive action I take, the nature of polarity is such that it will automatically trigger a negative counter-force re-action somewhere, somehow.
    Change never happens from the same level as the so called "problem" ... one must rise above the issue ... view it from a higher level, greater perspective, expanded consciousness. Of course, once you get to this higher level, greater perspective, expanded consciousness, one realizes there was no "problem" to begin with. It just IS! ... or ... it never existed in the first place!
    Another way of looking at this is that if we don't like the current "duality/polarity" game of positive and negative counter-force playing out on the Planet at this time ... WE do NOT have the master code to change the NATURE of the game ... In the "duality/polarity" game there will always be counter-force, opposites ... These are the very features that make the "duality/polarity" game the "duality/polarity" game!
    When we're tired of playing this particular game ... when we begin trying to "fix" things so that there is more equality, fairness, oneness, etc. ... (not traits of the "duality/polarity" game at all!) ... rather than trying to "fix" and change FEATURES of the "duality/polarity" game, and make it into something it's not and never will be ... we need to realize that the "duality/polarity" game is flawless and working perfectly as the "duality/polarity" game it IS where for every positive there is and always will be a negative counter-force (THUS everything in it IS perfect for the game it IS) .
    Instead, if we're beginning to have symptoms of wanting to step into a new "game" ... feeling the urge to "fix" things and make things whole, united and equal ... we must first wean ourselves off of our addiction to the drama-generating "duality/polarity" game by learning to foster "stillness" ... creating a "still point field" within ... which is like the "log off - shut down" feature of the game ... allowing us to then log on to the new game we're beginning to feel the urge to play ... the "Oneness" game.
    I've begun opening "portals" ... tunnels or worm holes of Light, Consciousness ... into the realms of Oneness ... into the Void (not to "fix" anything but because I wish to experience that). When enough conscious people begin doing this ... when enough holes are punched in the mass consciousness "duality/polarity" hologram by enough conscious "individuals" worming their way into the experience of Oneness ... there will be more and more "avenues" for mass consciousness to migrate over to the "Unity" hologram ... or for Unity consciousness to bleed through into the current "duality/polarity" hologram ... and at some tipping point, the "Unity" hologram will naturally and organically take hold.
    There is no looking to "fix" anything or anyone in the current paradigm ... it's functioning perfectly as it is. We need to switch paradigms altogether. I've laid out one map on how to do just that.

  60. A Point to Ponder:
    If by coming up with a "guideline" or list of what needs to be done, is not the group creating in essence an "Ego"?, It provides structure to the group, much the same as the ego provides structure to the individual. By providing such a structure, doesn't the group then limit the Universe or God?
    Where do you go from there?

  61. As Gandhi said, Real disarmament cannot come unless the nations of the world cease to exploite one another....we must find ways of employing people so that a live wage can support them and their families, the gap between the rich and the poor is a bomb ready to explode - .....we must come up with ways to cease the greed that lives within us, we must find ways to care about those less fortunate, less educated, our frustration in the homeless with their needs and problems must be addressed, a nation can be judged on how it deals with it's weakest individuals, "we need other human beings in order to be human," Desmond Tutu. We must read and educate ourselves about Rankism in America written about by Robert Fuller (Lynne he should be on your panels); I think often of building new hospitals, "healthy centers" where the employees only work 10 months out of 12 months but are paid for 12 - the medical establishment in America is unhealthy, doctors and nurses exploite one another constantly creating a competitive atmosphere of shouldering out the other guy who " doesn't know as much" creating a sickness within themselves they are fully unaware of, they cannot be "healers" when they are stressed and have no time or energy for personal growth and this at the expense of years of constant attending to their profession. We must begin educating the educators about education. Our education system is ramping up a "competitive edge" as soon as children are in kindergarten, education is removing our children's natural curiosity. Gandhi, "Real education consists of drawing the best out of yourself." Our educational system in America does not do this. We need new systems, educational systems with courage to let go of the "competitive edge" and see that we are all vastly different as Robert Fuller states, we must recognize and reward our strengths and stop trying to fit everyone into the same box. A mathematician and a dancer must not hate each other while trying to master each other's gifts - they must focus on their own gifts with the wisdom of an educational system that recognizes that we are vastly unequal in our talents....we must stop competing against each other and start working with one another....we need education in "emotions" - our problems with addictions: food, drugs, sex, anger, name a few are emotionally and spiritually based - we must educate our young on how to deal with their emotions - we are unequal in our emotional intelligence......and we need to do all this by focusing on the positive - moving forward into the light , moving toward the positive - I am here and want to help - I am awake, I am aware! I am peace! I would love to have hospitals named I AM HEALTHY - it would cause people to say those words - imagine millions frequently stating, I am going to I AM Healthy Hospital, imagine large signs by the freeway saying I LOVE YOU, causing millions to read those words or I LOVE MYSELF or I AM PEACE...we must find our own peace, a very large task, this we all can start now! Gandhi, "I AM WHAT I AM BECAUSE WE ARE WHO WE ARE!

  62. I am reading the seventh book of series "the ringing cedars of russia" also known as "Anastasia".... I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the future of man....she sets out a blueprint that is magnificent in it's simplicity and her vision of the future is wonderfilled.
    Also....I watched a video of shelly yates talking about "Fire the Grid" the world meditation on 28th it she speaks of the shift that is happening and how we can change the world by raising our vibrations.....all of this tallies with Bruce Lipton's ideas, greg braden, and many other informed and aware beings.
    Both the video and the Anastasia books plus all of the information that i have been gathering over some years (Lots of it from this and associated sites) show me that the shift is coming from grass is inherent.... a spiritual revolution....this time without the high priests....the leaders will be chosen by what they give and thinking with the heart will be the norm.
    We owe it to the cosmos to be in a state of joyous anticipation and appreciation ...
    Thank you Lynne for all that you have given me....two years ago after fire the grid one, I happened upon your web site which then put me in touch with others who were interested in quantum science, spirituality, ancient cultures, dreams, healing and many other topics. I now have many friends around the globe and I know of millions possibly billions of people whose prime intention is to co-create a sustainable, cohesive, caring, peaceful and loving has begun....... one heart.....thoughts are things.....much love jen x

  63. This morning I was thinking about Marianne Williamson speaking of our deepest fear. That we are not so much afraid of being inadequate but that we are most afraid that we are powerful beyond measure. So it seems that to be the Light that we were designed to be is the first focus for each of us. From there we can begin to share that Light will our family, friends, our local communities, the global community, and the Earth. To try to change anything outside of ourselves before we have owned our Light, at least to the best that we can in the moment, is to recreate what we have already created. Become, as Gandhi said, the change you want to see. Or else the change that will occur will still be of the shadow.

  64. I've noticed in my social circle that my of my friends are very curious and inquisitive of all the ideas and concepts that I've been integrating into my life. However, when I probe them as to why they don't try it themselves, there is always a fear-based excuse. And from what I "hear" my friends saying, it's mostly fear of the unknown, and fear of being different than the crowd.
    So the question at hand: how do we conquer these fears in politics, education, media,
    science, business, economics, technology?
    I think a good answer to that is to continue doing what we're doing. Books, seminars, lectures, movies, social gatherings, etc. Anything that shows our friends that it's okay to try thinking this way. It's okay to try eating this way. It's okay to try living this way. You will be okay. And you may learn things about yourself and the world that you never even knew to ask about.
    So let's not be hesitant to put ourselves out there. And when we do, invite ALL our friends, not just those that are already involved in this movement.

  65. Unconditional Love is the greatest power in the world, and we must use it in our Intentions.
    As David Wilcock says, "There is really only one of us here... meaning that we are all drops in the Divine Love sea of the Greater Self/ Spirit/ Creator. Therefore, I'd like to suggest that we start with Intentions to manifest Unity Consciousness in all humans, who so desire. I'm not sure if a Telepathy Intention should come first, or immediately after the Oneness Intention, but it would certainly contribute to our evolution.... no more secrets!
    Wonderful work, wonderful blogs, Lynne..... we are forever grateful to you and your cohorts.
    Love, Marilyn

  66. It is clear to me that that the most important thing we can all do on a daily basis is to increase our vibration because the people on earth seem to be vibrating at a very slow, dull speed. The fastest way I know how to do this is with sound. So SING, chant, play with making sound in your body to increase your vibration.
    Second, our history has been created out of victim consciousness. We must change that immediately and catch ourselves when we are thinking that way.
    Three intentions for starters:
    To increase our vibratory rate by making sounds in our bodies: start song circles, sing every day, hum, chant, whatever...DAILY
    To eliminate victim thinking
    To TURN OFF THE TV: it lowers our vibration

  67. What am I? What is this life? Don't know. What is this moment? In this moment MY next step appears. If all humanity is an entitiy is it about to be born? Are each of us the cells of this humanity. Does each of us have our own purpose? There may not be an answer for us all; only the question. If we can live out of that question moment to moment without having an answer, it may take us where we need to go. The teachers will teach the leaders lead, the artists sing and draw and play. What am I? What is this life? Moment by moment.

  68. The chair experiment points to the one way nature of a lot of human striving. The enlightened leadership idea is a mechanistic trap that conceives of the next vanguard leading us over the top to the next phase. The evolutionary idea too should be examined as it may be trapping us into presuppositions of a forward improvement type of paradigm. What about involution? A mixture of involution and evolution may gel better with the findings of quantum physics.
    The leadership model exemplifies the crowding out effect our chief 'articulators' have on the rest of us in that we have ideas pollution, like light pollution, and we can't see the stars for the street lights.

  69. There was a collective meditation group called the Dallas Peace Project that had groups of people meditating at the same time throughout Dallas, Texas for the violence to drop in Dallas. One year later at the end of the experiment, April 09, it was reported on the evening news that violence had dropped 51% in Dallas from the year before. The Dallas Police department of course took the credit. Never before in the history of Dallas had crime decreased 51%.
    Lynn, how much more evidence does the top self help, new thought leaders need for them to understand that large collective gathering of people coming together to meditate, intend and pray for violence to decrease, works better than anything else anyone has ever tried to bring peace on earth?
    It is simple and cost efficient.
    Please understand that God/Spirit did not make living life on earth hard, or complicated.
    Please meditate on this Lynn.

  70. Decades of scientific research show that a consciousness-based system can reduce crime without taxing existing law enforcement budgets. Members from faith-based organizations, meditation assemblies, community groups and individuals can implement, within their own traditions, what has been gleaned from these studies to produce a significant decrease in rapes, homicides and assaults, and a significant increase in other factors associated with improved quality of life. Over 41 studies, mostly in peer-reviewed journals, have shown repeated demonstration of these positive effects.

  71. The planetary shift we are undergoing will be experienced by an increasing percentage of humanity as a crisis. I would argue that many are already in crisis as it appears 1 in 6 people do not have enough to eat. What seems to me to be happening is that we in the West are now feeling like our world is collapsing and that our fear of survival is being triggered.
    In the West we had a belief that you could work,obtain shelter,raise children, maintain reasonable health and have access to proper health care and retire in comfort. That model is crumbling and perhaps two models are competing to replace it.
    One model being a return to a modern version of Rome ( This will not support humanity's evolution), the other model is the one WE collectively create through intention and action.
    We pursued our happiness as individuals, but we have done this at a cost to ourselves and the planet. Our affluence has been paid for by someone else's poverty. That's not ideal behavior on our part.
    I would add that for most of the West the comforts we now enjoy have also been borrowed from our own the future generations.
    For what it is worth, I think the Evolutionary leaders need to pool their resources and imaginations and advocate for an agency that will be properly funded and will be tasked with bringing in the reality we wish to experience.
    That may well be the Dept for Peace.
    At this particular time, I think it is safe to say that the consciousness of Rome dominates.
    Let us hope the Evolutionary leaders can pull together and bring humanity out of slavery and into the promised land (without having us wander in the desert for 40 years).
    That means less time on the golf course unless you are engaging those not in the choir while playing golf.

  72. As a Life Coach and Occupational Therapist working in psychiatry, I attend a variety of of continuing education courses and workshop.
    I once attended one entitled: "Emotions, Stress, & Disease."
    Perhaps it "shouldn't" have come as a surprise, but I was amazed at just how little time (2 minutes) the instructor spent talking about the concepts of AWARENESS and Emotional Intelligence.
    I don't think it's a secret that emotions are directly linked to disease. So why spend the bulk of the time illustrating this point?
    I know with every fiber of my being that the instructors lack of focus on the importance of AWARENESS illustrates a crucial point.
    We are just too busy we are searching for "the answer" rather than looking internally and recognizing that the answers truly do lie within each one of us indivually, and collectively as a whole.
    AWARENESS is the key to unlocking the incredible resources inside each and every one of us. We simply cannot use the knowledge and wisdom that exists,and create a more peaceful universe, if we remain asleep.
    I once heard Deepak say, "There is awareness about awareness." I agree, but know that we must make the concept of AWARENESS a household word across the world.
    When I am working with people, I say, "If you remember nothing else, please, just get this, and take it with you whereever you go for the rest of your life. As human beings,we are alseep to our emotions. It's time to WAKE UP to this FACT, and make a commitment to SELF-AWARENESS, as there is simply nothing more important you can possibly do to improve you own life and that of everyone around you.. AWARENESS AWARENESS AWARENESS."
    David Deangelo hosted a seminar in April 2008 entitled Man Transformation. The theme was WAKE UP! I believe this is exactly the type of message that the world would benefit from hearing.
    We simply cannot use what we "know" when we are asleep. As each one of us begins to WAKE UP, recognize, and live our own invidiaul purposes, the so called problems in the world (education, politics, health care, etc...) will begin to magically take care of themselves.
    We all "know" the external problems we are experiencing are simply a reflection of our collective universal consciousness. We cannot change that without first WAKING UP.
    I would love to see a WAKE UP/AWARENESS campaign across the world.

  73. We cannot bring happiness to people and social progress unless we satisfy their basic material needs first.
    Since money has proved to be the most efficient way for satisfying material needs we must make sure that the worlds stock of money is fairly distributed to the worlds peoples. We must also take into account that only a small percentage of the world's population today needs to work in order to produce the material products that will satisfy the needs of all. Therefore we must provide money not only to the few that will need to work but also to those who do not. Unfortunately our current economic and monetary system is designed to concentrate money in the fewer hands possible. This is why it is failing. We need to replace this system with a system that ensures buying power is distributed evenly among the worlds population.
    Such a system cannot and should not be enforced from the top down. It cannot be designed in a pure theoretical environment and then attempt to apply it on society who will pay the cost for errors and adjustments. It must be developed and perfected in the virtual reality of a computer game like the Sims and then voted in for use in real life. People inherently strive for happiness. Relieving them from the struggle of everyday survival will free up huge resources of good intentions upon the world.

  74. We all have a hugely creative resource within us. Every day we can talk to this self, it will reply with a magical sense of joy, glory and resourcefulness.
    With the non dominant hand, a voice can be found for this self, writing or drawing replies we can change any negative thought or feeling - let's do it every day!

  75. Comment 56. Elizabeth Downs
    I concur 200%, in my younger years I read a lot that impressed me, and I had a sense that now I knew. Then I realized I did not really escape from old habits, it became image or ego building.
    Slowly you learn through pain, that you have to go against your own negative mental and emotional habits, and observe, then try to replace it with somethnig permeated with LOVE for the WHOLE. Iinstead of being pre occupied with flaws of others. Sure they are easy to see, but they will not evolve you a millimeter. I also find Gregg Bradens contribution very helpful in the practical application of all what I have previously studied.

  76. Wouldn´t it make sense to create an on-going place -- more than just the occasional forum -- to explore and enact in a deep and sustained way these ideas for consciousness transformation? Everyone has a piece of the vision; we need to bring them together, creating a critical mass for change, a quantum leap to a higher evolutionary level. Cyberspace and conferences are a great start, but not enough -- there needs to be a iiving centre where people can come together who are impassioned to bring into actual manifestation this new paradigm that is struggling to be born; one of compassion, interconnection, cooperation and Oneness, the deep experiential awareness of the unified field of consciousness to which we all belong. Lynn, I wrote to you with this idea about six months ago, and you expressed positive interest -- and now, seeing your blog, I feel the idea of creating a centre is more relevant than ever. Would love to share more with you about this, and anyone on the blog who is interested. -- Kavita Byrd

  77. See the love in all. Be the love. Letting one's heart lead or attuning one's will with the will of God.

  78. I loved this blog forwarded to me by a dear friend. I especially was struck by the example of the chair and the outer edges and the rush to be included even if it means excluding others. My deepest belief is that we must embrace and love our own selves...our shadow self, suspend judgment and criticism of our own selves, face and work through completely the core wounding in our own early lives before we can be at all effective in extending the same to even one other person.

  79. There is precedence for massive social behavior change through marketing campaigns. Right now we see marketing to change our behavior around how we use energy and power. During and after WWI, there was a huge govt marketing campaign to change our behaviour. Whether or not you agree with the change that was made, it worked.
    I believe that we need that type of media to help change the way we think about our future. We need the role model and inspiration to show us that ability. There are alot of big names out there that could do this - not by preaching the message but by using the media to show ordinary people living differently.

  80. Sometimes the best solutions are right in front of us if we just know where to look. 'New paradigms'are better created by thoughtful action than dreaming the unattainable.
    Strengthen the local and the global:
    Build local economies (
    Solve global challenges collaboratively (
    Supporting Fair Trade strengthens local economies and humanizes world trade (
    Seek and ye shall find!!

  81. Rather than seeking enlightenment, the great sages suggest that we focus on removing the obstacles that stand in the way.
    I sense that the greatest obstacle we face is the delusion that we are somewhat advanced. A view the ego enthusiastically encourages.
    I confess that I am not yet prepared to face the terror of ruthless self-examination.

  82. I have another idea about making the changes we need world wide.
    In Gregg Braden's book the Divine Matrix, he sites research that, calculated out, says it would take only 8000 of well intentioned people, meditating constantly to change the world. Let's start!!! If there are 24 time zones in the world, what if 8000 people per climate zone meditated on peace and prosperity for 20 - 30 minutes each morning at let's say 7 AM. If we did that, everywhere, there would be 8000 people meditating on world peace for an equivalent of 12 our of 24 hours a day. People could sign up for a 3-6 month time period at a time. If there weren't enough folks in one time zone, then there could be folks in another time zone mediating during the 6-7 AM time of that zone (In fact, I think some of the climate zones are in the middle of the ocean!)
    This doesn't seem that hard if there were a few name folks who were pushing it in different parts of the world. With all the evidence and research, how could it not make a difference.

  83. Please invite Neale Donald Walsch to the Group - if you haven't done so yet.
    Rotating meditation through the time zones sounds good!

  84. Research on cooperation indicates key motivators are perceptions of mutual advantage and interdependency. This is essentially about "oneness" - but defined in a practical way mainstream people seem to understand and accept. That is why the "us-them" mentality is still so compelling to so many people - oneness within the tribe or group, originally useful for survival but now detrimental . So strategies to promote an expanded and global "oneness" mindset are crucial.

  85. Take every opportunitiy, however small, to speak and act out a"compassionate way". ( Like the story of the starfish). As for the media news how about sending in a story of "good news"? Like a talepiece of positive, inspiring news at the end of the broadcaste. It will leave a good taste in the mouth!
    Prayer opens doors like when we prayed for Mandela's release here in S.A. and a new S.A. the head lines in the paper said "It's a miracle!"

  86. Be Still
    I saw a great sign the other day on my walk to the blood center that read, “The Earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” I found that idea very uplifting and hope that we can each find the strength within ourselves to at least become willing to accept our inheritance as “one nation under God.”
    We’re never going to win any war if belief is what we’re fighting for. We have allowed those hungry for power, fortune and fame to tell us what we should believe.
    Quite some time ago, I quit watching the news and started reading, studying and doing research to find out the truth. I’m amazed at what I found, and that was the ability to think clearly for myself.
    The world is incredibly noisy and distracting. We have become a people addicted to stress, drama, conflict and chaos because we just can’t seem to get our hands on enough money and possessions to fill the empty spaces that exist within us. I would like my children to grow up in a world free of the attachment to things and ways of living that society deems necessary to protect and control with weapons. I do believe though that we may finally be beginning to realize the non-value of our materialistic thinking.
    I urge you to find some quiet time each day to ask for peace, not necessarily for the world, but for yourself. A tranquil mind is not a small gift and a giving heart is priceless!

  87. It seems that whatever leads to inner peace will lead to world peace and resolve most of our issues.
    What if learning how to love ourselves and our neighbors was highly valued and recognized? What if systems were available in education,economics, business and religion that recognized achievement in inner growth? The rewards could respond to provide opportunity for more people to do the same. And, the rewards would not be tied to rhetoric but to day to day observable actions in communities around the world.
    For example, most of our systems are based on competition: sports,entertainment and scholastics to name a few. What if we had systems that did not require winners and losers? What if we had systems where people did not have to compete 'against' each other, to fight against but to cooperate with? What if rewards were distributed for personal excellence ? What if films and books had special awards when they highlighted personal and meaningful living, when they enhanced our lives towards inner growth ... that these would not be fringe pieces but mainstream.
    In addition many of our current systems and organizations, including some religious organizations, are exclusive. Of course, exlusiveness emphasizes difference and does not add to our need to recognize our oneness, our connectiveness, that we are far more alike than different and have created artificial concepts that lead to separateness.
    We promote meditation more than we promote chemicals.

  88. Hello.
    Looking over the comments, I can’t help noticing the two extremes of czubul in 77 and Lisa in 22, 39, 73 and 74.
    Czubul advocates materialism first, for the purpose of redistributing wealth, making everyone equal and feeding the poor. He fails to mention, focusing on materialism, redistributing wealth and making everyone equal has always resulted in a failed economy and country, not to mention the poorer poor.
    Lisa advocates spiritualism, first and only. She backs it up with evidence of several large-scale successful experiments, involving group intention and meditation. “It’s simple and cost efficient.”
    Czubul’s recommendation represents where we have been, what we have tried and what the people who have tried it do not like. Lisa seems to represent where we have not been except for those in the lead experiments where it seems to have worked. Even if we expanded the experiments and they did not work, because they are "simple and cost efficient" there is little to lose.
    For most of my life I have focused on materialism. Only recently have I studied the subjective-objective, mind-body and consciousness. It looks to me like the subjective (mind or spiritual) governs and the objective validates its output. When we look around and see the good and bad things around us, the bad seems to start with materialism and the good is based on the spiritual, compassion and love.
    I would like to recommend getting behind Lisa and inviting czubul to join.

  89. I agree that while it seems that the key should be focusing on everyone else and all the problems mentioned (economic crisis, geopolitical tensions, etc.), it is of much greater importance to focus on oneself (which may seem inherently selfish to some). One of the simplest sayings I've heard (and I apologize for forgetting the author) is:
    "As within, so without."
    Our external world reflects (and is created by) our internal one. Increasing positive social media explaining this principle is important (and why I began my blog). I also feel a shift as more people are seeking out Reiki from me rather than traditional therapy (I'm a clinical psychologist and Reiki Master). Overall, there are those that may not find favorable events with regards to 2012, but there will also be those that find it enlightening (based on their own creation). My goal is to help as many find it enlightening as possible, but that is each person's choice.

  90. A quote I learnt some time ago:
    A true leader is not a leader with lots of devotees, disciples or followers. A true leader is a leader that empowers the leader within everyone else.
    - Unknown
    Another quote I like is from Kahlil Gibran:
    "I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers."
    How do you become a Buddha, a Jesus or an all-loving person? Because I guess that is what you are referring to Lynne. Also, I think that to
    become a good leader you also have to be a good servant.
    A speech by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar mentioned:
    A muslim is not really spiritual until he/she recognizes the truths within christianity. A christian is not really spiritual until he/she recognizes the truths withing hinduism and so on. An intelligent person can see the
    similarities between each and every religion. So devoting yourself to a religion is not really needed. What is really important is devoting
    yourself to spirituality and the compassion in yourself.
    The knowledge to myself is to love everyone around me. This of course requires that I love myself. =)
    Another thing to think about is what I would say self destroying for some people's passion in their lives. What if SOMEONE ELSE DISCOVERED A BETTER METHOD and is also asking for support? Did someone else do what I am now trying to do, and in that case should I support him/her or should I ask them to support me??? (this is a good response to KC's number 33)
    A short comment to Susan (nr 52). I think you are right in some perspectives but I also think there is a symbolism in the chair experiment.
    Even if everything is never right or wrong we put judgement all the time. IF none of the leaders would direct a feeling of displacement (i.e. that person is not really a part of us or this experiment) then everything would be just alright. Remove the judgement and remove the problems. The only knowledge I have, to cope with the judgement, (so far in my development) is to move from question or judgement to pure wonder. I.e. see the uniqueness of everything that exists.
    Finally, I think that we can all ask ourselves, how can I help my neighbor? But in the end it always comes down to how we really are behaving by ourselves.
    Comment to Lorraine (nr 64):
    "I always wondered why someone did not do something about it, until I realized that I was that someone."
    - Lily Tomlin
    PS. I know that some of what I say is contradicting. Though, a master realizes that he/she can make a new decision every 10 seconds. As long as you make the decision.
    Act is more powerful than word. And word is more powerful than thought. Doing is acting your beliefs.

  91. Hi Lynne -
    How very interesting this exercise reminds me of how we shot the messenger in the persona of Michael Jackson, a visionary with unprecedented global celebrity, who brought us all togethter, only to be marginalized himself... destroyed by our collective consciousness, feeding into the media. Deepak I think would agree.

  92. Hi Lynne -
    One more thing...did you notice this exercise was done on the day of Michael's memorial service?
    Oprah won't even publicly comment on his passing, altho he was a trail-blazer, he paved the the way for African-Americans on TV, (MTV), and gave her her biggest ratings I guess she is in the center and he is on the outside?

  93. In the last few days since posting my first comment (No. 61), I've been inundated with the message "Everything just IS" ... like although I KNOW this, there was still more to KNOW about it. What I further KNOW at this writing, in a much more organic sense, is that accepting this state of "IS-ness" is the gateway ... the portal to the new state of consciousness your group is seeking to instill on the Planet. It cannot and will not be brought about through the workings of the mind because the mind only knows what it knows. All indicators point to people getting to the "gateway" of "IS-ness" (acceptance of the duality/polarity paradigm as it IS without trying to change it) so that humanity can then take its next step through the gateway into the new consciousness of Oneness. There is no "doing" to get there ... "Doing" is of the mind. "Doing" is the masculine way. There is only acceptance of what IS, "Being" with what is ... the feminine way ... that is left to be mastered ... Balancing the masculine "doing" with the "acceptance" and "Being-ness" of the feminine creates that Zero Point, the eye of the needle, where we'll all just walk through into Oneness (although how exactly this will unfold is still a mystery, and rightly so since the ego is not in control of the process) ... no fuss, no bother. Get ye to the gateway of IS!

  94. Hello.
    Back to Lynne’s question, “What true changes have to come about in the human heart?” to help us determine HOW SHOULD WE EVOLVE?
    I would be interested in a discussion of the following two relevant subquestions?
    1. Why do people who say they believe in the power of the subjective, compassionate intent and love, involve themselves in the political class of controlling others, through taxation and regulation, to benefit their own interests?
    2. Why do people who involve themselves in the political class of controlling others, through taxation and regulation, to benefit their own interests, say they believe in the power of the subjective’s compassionate intent and love?

  95. To:KC
    People are incapable of knowing their true self interest so constantly make mistakes whether out of "love and compassion" or selfishness. Only one having ALL the facts and knowing the future can insure choosing correctly. That is why most spiritual practices recommend surrender, which basically means the answers will not come as a result of "thinking".

  96. Gregg Braden talks about the power of prayer being used to heal a woman's tumor in her body while watching it disappear in real time in the video below.
    Also, over hundred thousand people gathered together to use this same type of healing prayer, that was used on this woman's tumor, was used to bring about significant drop in violence in the world during a collective meditation experiment.
    There is no manipulation being used to control humans when you come together to pray the peaceful feeling of peace on earth.
    Very simple and cost efficent way to bring about a world that feels peaceful.,

  97. Marilyn,
    i read lot's of comments on blogs that say things like surrender, and you need to be the peace you want to see in the world, and the rest will take care of itself.
    Once surrendering, and becoming a peaceful person, you can receive answers to how to make a peaceful world. Should you not do anything about the answer if it involves other people?
    Happy creating,

  98. Lynn asks some interesting questions in her blog: What is true evolutionary change? What true changes have to come about in the human heart?
    I presume that by the ‘human heart’ Lynn wants to point to ways of thinking from a higher (altruistic/spiritual?) level rather than thinking (and acting) from an egoistic and materialistic point of view.
    And how can we understand this? Well, the great thinker, Gregory Bateson, may take us part of the way. He talks of learning on various levels (0, I, II and III) where level II is ‘almost ineradicable’ consisting of learning acquired in infancy which is unconscious (habits and ‘world view’). He says that selfhood is a product or aggregate of Learning II. And goes on: ‘To the degree that a man achieves Learning III … his ‘self’ will take on a sort of irrelevance’ (Steps to an Ecology of Mind, p. 300-304).
    So it seems that we need to achieve Learning III to be able to think from that higher level. But how do we accomplish that?
    Bateson warns us that ‘the attempt at Level III can be dangerous’, but Otto Scharmer seems to be approaching a solution with his Theory U which may be considered a rather moderate way to get in contact with Level III.
    And quite recently it has come to my attention that some dyslectic individuals (like Einstein, Bohr and Churchill) have an interesting way of thinking which may give us an understanding of what this true evolutionary change may be about. (Ronald D. Davis: The Gift of Dyslexia)
    Having myself undergone dramatic changes in my way of thinking and feeling after a series of spiritual experiences some years ago, I’m convinced that all of the above may give a clue to what the new rules of the game are. However, we may also learn from the ancient wisdom of shamanism and mysticism where we find gnosis that was long forgotten in our pursuit of material goods.
    John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”.
    Perhaps the question isn’t ‘how should we evolve?’ but ‘how can we best facilitate the evolutionary challenges that happen to us?’
    Perhaps it is mostly a matter of opening our eyes to and validating phenomena that we meet every day. Perhaps the Kingdom of Heaven truly is right here on earth.
    “Are you a god?” they asked the Buddha. “No”, he replied.
    “Are you an angel, then?” “No”. “A saint?” ”No”.
    “Then what are you?” Replied the Buddha, “I am awake”.

  99. I believe the answer to the question: "What is true evolutionary change? What true changes have to come about in the human heart?" asked by Lynn should be somewhere around the following idea:
    - so far people have been concerned about their own "safety" in materialistic sense (at the beginning clothes, food, then more and more sophisticated needs like life insurance and so on); that brought the rest of the scenario around, from the idea of limited resources on the outside world to the same on the inside so some people could "help"/"give" something provided they get some reward which has to be greater than what they give (accumulating safety); to be very aware that the lack of safety generates fear, even the thought of it is enough...
    - I believe now is a time of great and welcomed changes that ruins everything that was so far related to "safety" as we are used to know it... if you think your job is safe, well is not, if you think a life insurance or a private pension will keep you away from poverty, well you can't tell if that company will survive next year, if you think you should change your savings in what??? dolar? euro? gold? what??? and the list can go on and on of systems that are instable now and are no longer offering us safety...
    Maybe all this will help us understand one thing, that from now on, your only "investment" in your future that will undoubtely come back with rewards is what you will offer to others to help, heal, love, is that positive energy that you will send out through anything that you might do, think, speak to others.
    This is called having FAITH that this Divine Matrix is a perfect system which with no exceptions works the same in every single case: you send out bad, you receive bad, you send out love, help, understanding, compassion, you receive the same...
    We should be more concerned from now on, in every minute of our life, on how to help, give, put some more love in there, make that extra step which we couldn't make yesterday in compassion, blessing, be aware of what do we exacly give to the Whole.
    If there is nothing you have, give a smile, give a hug, give a blessing, dedicate the joy you feel in one moment to God.
    If this could only be our means of living from now on...

  100. Hello.
    Let me give some background leading to my questions. As I began to read Chopra, Dyer and other spiritual writers, I became more spiritual, less material and less fearful.
    Then, I noticed Chopra had turned around and was going back, from where I was coming. He and other spiritual writers were joining and belonging to the political class, Democratic Party politics. I watched the Democratic Party gain control of the country; increase taxes and regulations, without giving anyone more freedoms. The government’s absolute power increased, as it does with every change of power. The signals I was getting from the new administration and history indicated they were going to increase control for as long as they could.
    What’s wrong with this picture, Deepak?
    I am reminded of the pictures I saw a few years ago of two groups of “spiritual” monks physically fighting with each other in the street over which group had the greater right over a monastery, -a material monastery!
    I understand and agree with Lisa. I have read the experiments to which she is referring and I conducted my own to validate them. I could never understand why John Hagelin, who conducted many of the experiments with his TM people, did not expand the experiments to include the whole world, except it seemed he asked governments for money and when the governments refused, he stopped.
    “How should we evolve,” Lynne?
    By following the data, I cannot conceive of asking a government for support, joining government, becoming a Democratic or Republican Party member to expand the spiritual. The Parties take turns using the government to fight for greater control over the monastery. Why? That’s what Parties and governments do.
    When I advocate following Lisa, I mean follow her logic. She knows.
    Lynne, you are off to a great start. Expand the experiments until everyone is the experimenter, spreading their compassionate intent to enhance the love in the Universe. This seems to be what Mother Nature wants. I think the rest will take care of itself.
    To help you with expenses, ask the experimenters for small donations per month, payable yearly, etc. You can experiment to get the most people paying the least money per person.
    Become the leader you are and less enamored by the “visionaries,” not that there is anything wrong with them. I trust you can make it all happen, if you see your own potential.

  101. > “If we maximise the freedom of the individual,
    > we reduce the freedom of the community –
    > and vice versa.”
    > That would mean there is an inverse
    > relationship between individuals and their
    > community.
    No - because of the paradox that ALL of the
    individuals are part of the community. The
    distinction is the ROLE(s) that we play.
    Some play the role of Jailer and also Parent
    as well as being consumer, elector etc.
    The danger arises when we move away from the
    optimum point of balance. In the communist
    society, fulfilment of the production plan is
    more important that the self-esteem of the worker. In the capitalist model, the worker
    needs to be motivated (by money??) in order
    to work. In an optimal society the extremes
    are avoided and each contributes to the
    overall good that comes from her/his inner
    being (or whatever one wishes to call it!).
    > Would that not imply if we put all individuals
    > in jail the community would be free?
    No - because the people in the jail ARE the
    community (as are the jailers).
    If we allow everyone the right to smash shop
    windows and take away goods from the shelf
    behind we increase the wealth of a few but we
    impoverish many - and the community. The
    same applies with international development
    where the wealth of developing countries is
    taken by "incomers" leaving poverty as the
    state in which others are compelled to survive.
    Utopia is a situation where we all contribute to
    the enlargement of the cake - but take out only
    what we actually NEED, rather than much more
    than we need (which may waste a lot as we are
    unable to consume it responsibly).
    > Hey, did I miss that in Orwell’s 1984?
    What you got in 1984 was a tale of distorted
    motivations - a context of insufficiency where
    each needs to grab more in order to survive.
    It is well known that the world have a sufficiency
    of resources, several times over - but tell that
    to a resident of Zimbabwe!
    The "Field"/"intention" community is about
    defusing the context of Fear so that there is
    space for a context of abundance. Somewhat
    surprisingly that sense of abundance generates
    also a context of Love - out of experience.
    Unfortunately, putting up Love at the front
    does not work if it is undermined by Fear.
    Abundance can lead to transformation - but
    it can proceed only at the pace that it does.
    Gradually, increasing numbers of people
    will "get it" - but there will always be more
    who have yet to have the opportunity to put
    aside Fear of scarcity.
    In the next blog there is a plea to Lynne about
    financial viability of a business as a subject for
    intention. In relation to that idea, I have to ask
    whether the intention idea is drifting. Well-being
    is not about money - it is about the context of
    sufficiency and reliable abundance.
    The right balance between the individual and
    the community is something that needs to be
    discerned by each individual. It cannot be
    imposed externally (no jailers!!!) but it can
    exist in a context of abundance - both of
    resources and ideas, so that any individual
    surpluses can be used for the benefit of the
    wider community.
    I am really amazed at how well-meaning a lot
    of people actually are. The sadness is that many
    of them feel thwarted about expressing that
    side of themselves for ultimate community
    benefit - but more ARE casting aside those
    obstacles and truly making a difference, even
    if they would not use that term of themselves.
    In principle we should aim for anarchy but in
    practice we need to address what is so right now
    and anarchy is not viable - yet!
    Until it is, we need to balance the needs of the
    individual (ultimately anarchy) with the needs
    of the community (safety and the justified predictability of the respect of others) and
    that implies some form of law/government etc
    - to which we all TRULY assent.
    Intention is a powerful tool.
    I can but trust that we will use it wisely!

  102. Dear KC,
    I think we forget that God is also here in everything that happens and the fact that people's lives are so much challenged these days is not by accident. This is the scenario of CHANGE, in which every single one of us is put in front of critical decisions, challenged at maximum, exactly for the reason of pushing all of us towards becoming better, more spiritual.
    I believe the right, positive and powerful information is enough for a person, should that person want to change a little bit into better now or later, that's their free will.
    And I believe one more thing, each one of us is like a trainee in God's eyes, He knows when you have received the next piece of information that you needed, he knows when is your turn for the next step and for sure we are all going in the same direction.
    Yes, these times are a great opportunity to change for the better, efficient, fast and yes, we all have to do something together! I actually want to say that is important to keep looking at the greater picture and focusing at the greater outcome, not forgetting that there is first of all God’s will.
    Let me tell you that I used to be so black in my thinking, materialist and some day something happened that made me pray with all my heart, for a few times, like this: „please God, help me so every day of my life, every moment from here on I will get closer to You, every day I’ll make one more step towards You”. That was long before I started to read Lynn’s books or Gregg Braden, Deepak, Neale D. Walsch, watch The Secret and so on... One of these days I was remembering my deepest darkest emotions and thinking „how did I get here now? All these steps... My God, I’m a different person since then, like in a different life...” and suddenly I remembered my prayer from years ago in a church in Egypt... I haven’t even repeated this prayer so many times since then... and still... I was not a religious person, I just knew a major change in my life is just starting, I didn't’t know how to pray even, I just thought this would be the whole idea of what do I choose from that moment on... I can say now that at that moment I had a lot of FAITH...
    If we get into small details, we will get the same small results, if that monks chose to fight that time, they must have found their greater understanding out of their experience...
    I think the question „How should we evolve” brings the answer: „Well, where do we want to get in the first place?”
    I think is normal that our prayers should simply be, on behalf of the mankind: „may all the people in this world approach God in every second of their life on Earth” the details will come along only if we have such a strong faith in God to understand that this wish is already our destination. Taking the decision that we choose to approach Him is enough to bring to our reality the rest of details; and I know that a handful of people’s prayers are enough to make the change.

  103. @ KC
    It is easy, I see, to mistake my notion of wealth redistribution for a plan to revive failed experiments. I do not favor a repeat of the communist experiment where a huge omnipotent state took the role of planning every aspect of human life. I rather envision a decentralized libertarian system of government where a sustainable portion of banking and stockmarket wealth is redistributed in a constant manner. I am not in favor of taxing any kind of property or personal labor other than a small sustainable portion of the worlds "paper assets" .
    I also feel I have to make one more observation: at todays prices and world GDP (around $60 trillion) there cannot be more than $4.000 - 5.000 available income for every adult on earth if we were to distribute it equally. I do not know what exact political structures it would take to accomplish such a feat, but it would definitely mean that we in the west should become significantly poorer in order for the remaining 4-5 billion inhabitants of the planet to have a tolerable living.
    That said I must admit that after being involved in politics (Green Party) for about 3 years I fear that you are right to say that we must start from the spiritual before we achieve progress in the material level. But we must recognize that material inequalities pose dreadful obstacles to the spiritual advancement of the Earths peoples. It would be helpful if we could do away with them in the process.

  104. In 1972, 24 US cities conducted an experiment using people trained to feel the feelings of peace. These people were strategically placed in these cities of over 10,000 people.
    When the experiment began the communities around these cities experienced statically measurable reduction in crime, violent crimes against people, emergency room
    visits, and the stock market soared.
    When the prayer stopped static’s showed the reverse happened. These experiments were conducted time and time again on different days, different times of the day, and months to make sure there wasn’t something else like the lunar effects of the moon, causing the declined in crimes and the stock market to soar.
    A greater experiment called “International Peace Project in the Middle East,” was conducted and documented in the, “Journal of Conflict Resolution,” in 1988 using people trained to feel the feelings of peace, and placing them in positions in the war torn area’s of the Middle East. Statistician’s showed terrorist activities dropped to zero, emergency room visits dropped to zero, and crime against people declined. Again, this experiment was conducted at different times of days, and on different days with the same results.
    The statistician’s figured out how many people it takes to come together to feel peace for peace to affect the intended target. All it takes is the square root of 1% of the population of the intended target of people. If there are 8 billion people in the world, then 8,000 people coming together at the same time to feel peace, and direct it towards the earth, to bring statically proven decline in violence, crimes, and emergency room visits.
    What I find fasinating about these experiments is, 1. It is very simple proven way to affect positive change on earth 2. cost efficent 3. You can cease "thinking" about what should be done to change something that is not working 4. set back and watch the spirit take over working out all problems within humans effortlessly 5. you benefit greatly from these experiments without having to do anything.
    What is so hard to understand that collective feeling of peace brings about the changes humans are wanting?

  105. Hello.
    So here we are, head-to-head: postings 107 and 108.
    In 108 Lisa explains more of the purity of the compassionate intent strategy, her total belief in and expectancy of its success, -based on evidence. She shows no fear. I feel no fear of her strategy or her. We know that following the strategy we do not have to give up any of the old until it is seen as useless.
    Czubul, in the first two paragraphs is 100% focused on materialism and control, still without any evidence and seemingly without understanding he or she is creating the materialism, class warfare, its inequality, force and control. Czubul and everything he or she discussed in paragraphs 1 and 2 created fear in me.
    Then Czubul, in the last paragraph shows how the mind opens a crack to let out the stale info and let in the fresh. It may be the beginning of a conversion from focusing on material and force to the spiritual and compassion. Brave Czubul is not starting down the rabbit hole but coming out of Plato’s cave. I have never known anyone to do that, including myself, who did not become happier in the bright sunlight and colorful rainbows. Have no fear, Czubul, as your focus goes to compassion, love, equality and peace from materialism, force and war. I no longer fear Czubul.

  106. I would like to recommend the Ringing Cedar book Series (see for more information) to start.
    Once we have identified and released our own fears of
    - lacking material things,
    - being not smart enough,
    - not feeling loved,
    - being detached from life itself,
    - etc. etc.
    we'll come to realize that nature and other people have so much to offer that we don't need anything that stands in contrast to life: We don't need anything that destroys our environment - whether short- or long-term.
    We will come to realize that we don't need to run after the newest healing technique, the newest guru. We will find everything it takes within ourselves and the global consciousness. It's just a matter to transform the energy of fear into action.

  107. Dear Lynn,
    Thank you for your invitation to co-think the future. I had just send out a call for help, when someone suggested to look at your blog. Maybe my call connects to your question...?
    To tell you what’s it all about, I have to go back to august 1987. As a young student I traveled to the very first open Space conference in Europe, in a castle called Ashridge College in England. A group of 80 leading-edge consultants and trainers from all over the world came together around the theme ‘Creating Planetary Consciousness’. No program, no speakers for five days in a most luxurious castle.. It was the final frontier of those days: the first meeting place of consultancy and spirituality.
    It was during this conference that I heard about a most extraordinary prophecy: according to Maya-tradition the 17th and 18th of august 1987 would herald the last timeframe up till 2012, which would be the end of their calendar. (In those days 2012 didn’t exist yet; even the year 2000 sounded like a star-trek movie itself)
    The prediction told about thousands of people gathering at sacred sites around the earth, coming together to celebrate and welcome this 26-year period of fundamental change, chaos and transformation. When a few Americans told me one of these places happened to be Glastonbury in England, and the weekend was right after the conference, I was dumbfounded. I had read everything about Avalon (Glastonbury) and since this was my first visit to the UK I decided to go to Glastonbury after the conference. Suddenly this seemed like a 5000-year old appointment that I was going to and had simply forgotten about.
    To make a long story short, after the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ as it was called, I left university (I studied business –administration…), traveled to the United States, visited the Hopi- and Jaqui- Indian and never stopped traveling. During the last 23 years I visited many sacred sites around the world; Altai in Siberia, Jericho and Jerusalem in Israel, Arunachala in India, Montsegur in France, the Pyramids in Egypt, Table mountain in South Africa, Kilimanjaro in Kenia, Lalibela in Ethiopia, Gunung Agung in Bali…and all of them have taught me about the big changes in consciousness in this moment of time. I wrote four books on the subject and am still writing…
    In 2006 I visited Monte Amiata, the sacred mountain of the Etruscans in Tuscany. Here I had a vision that is leading to my question. In the year 2012 I saw many people gathering at the same sacred sites, this time not thousands but millions, facilitating the process of rebirth that the world and its inhabitants is going through. We are called as its midwives, it’s change-agents. Sacred sites contain ancient knowledge about the evolution of mankind and the blueprint of our culture.
    In my vision I was asked to help organize this; make it happen, get things moving…. But how in God’s name do you do that? How to reach millions of people? How will they ever believe such a crazy idea? How to get them there? Or should we just let it happen and do nothing? But why then the vision and the question? Maybe other people are already organizing this?
    So who knows this might be a event which focusses on the positive, the mystical, the adventurous. Let me know if it rings a bell!
    Best greetings,
    Ton van der Kroon

  108. All answers are found in nature.
    Look there..... find a similar paradigm..... make the connection.

  109. I just wanted to say thanks to Lynn for her book and for her website, and for this task.
    I agree with some of the other posters that the very structure of our society (free-market capitalism) is something that in many ways alienates and separates people. If we could somehow modify that structure, maybe we could change the way people see themselves and their place in the world.
    Two websites I thought I would mention
    1. - a non-profit search engine, pretty cool idea actually. I can't think of an easier way to give money to those who need it most.
    It's a movie called "Home"... just a cinematically incredible movie, and it actually comes out quite well over the internet .. much better quality than the average youtube video.
    that's it!

  110. There are many ideas about thought and how it can change things, but if it is not in person's personal mission, while on this earth, for an event or happening , to will not change, because it is part of the ongoing mission. Whatever it is that the person is suppose to learn. A thought is just a thought, a prayer is something more than a thought. Actions are more powerful than thoughts, a person can have all kinds of thoughts, but actions speak louder than words, or thoughts. change comes about through action... actions can change through thoughts but those thoughts have to be shared.

  111. I would like to see an 'intentions' video game. It would help people to see, work, and feel how their concentrated thoughts can affect an outcome in a game. It would be great for thought training and would produce revenue too. I would also like to see a really good psi trainer game.
    Thank you.

  112. Our attachment to our intellect and our need to create poses a tremendous problem for us. The more we look around, we find that even without the presence of human beings, there will always be a natural hierarchy in which the higher the position on the food chain, the more the being is dependant on lower stages for its survival, i.e. a single cell animal extracts nutrients from its surroundings, but more complex organisms become predators (hence the term food-chain). The difference between animals and humans is that animals are not so clingy to life as we are, and so a natural balance between predators and prey is always existent. We can sing kumbaya and hold hands all day long, but in the end, even if we all would understand we are all a part of the same consciousness, unless we change our reference point from our bodies to our souls, change cannot happen. In other words, unless we truly go back to being spiritual beings and stop depending so much on natural resources for our comfort and survival, change is impossible. We need new agreements. The day when we agree that we are able to energize our bodies with our thoughts and stop thinking we need a diverse diet to maintain our health; the day we agree we can control how cold or how hot we feel with our minds; when we, through collective intention, agree that are able to control the weather; the day we agree that this life is not that important, but just a cool ride, and our time here does not have to be that long, thus controlling the population, thus giving other beings the chance to experience life on earth, because we understand that we are always fully alive, we don’t really die; then a new order WILL come. Creation will happen spontaneously without the need to predate on natural resources and the need for an exchange medium or currency. Our awakening to the need to become more spiritual than carnal has been a natural, subtle process, and as much as we want to contribute to elevating our consciousness, this is nothing but another sign of our need to control things. The first step seems to me that should be giving up control and trusting completely that The Field is in the process of fixing things for the better. Deepak is the biggest proponent of giving up the need to control. Trying to “change” things is a form of resistance and falls under the same old manner of doing things “our way.” Individually and collectively we must agree to give up control, in every sense of the word. The transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous will happen effortlessly, but until we understand and accept this, we haven’t really learned anything. We hear over and over how there is abundance all around us, yet we also hear we need to conserve energy and resources…which is it? It is not just the mainstream media the ones with mixed messages. Evolution has never and will never be dependent on our will. I love your books.

  113. I am learning terms for ideas that I have toyed with on my own since I've read "The Lost Symbol", and the blurb that Mr. Brown wrote about "Living with Intention". I didn't read the other comments above because I didn't want to accidently paraphrase another's words.
    I believe that everyone needs to change their ways of thinking about our world and ourselves. But for real change to happen we need to focus on the world leaders of each government. The people with the "power" to enact change. These are the people that need to change their way of thinking the most. That sounds like passing the buck but it's not. Most people want to be led because then when something goes wrong they don't have to accept responsibility for the fallout. Our leaders are too afraid to be different because then they lose the ratings they need to stay in office. I make it sound like a no win situation but thats not how I feel. I feel it will take a really bad situation for people to sit up and realize that the power to change and heal our world is in ourselves.

  114. Dear Lyn:
    I attended yesterday for the first time to one of your presentations (New York Open Center). I have to recognize that I could barely sleep last night (I was making unexpected connections with different experiences in my life).
    I was trained as an Economist & Financial Mathematician. After hearing your talk yesterday I just realized the tremendous gap between the paradigm you are advocating and the one I was trained on. For demonstration purposes I will quote the words of my very first class of Economics: "Economics is the science that looks to promote/achieve the optimal allocation of scarce goods to meet the infinite material needs of society". The traditional view of the World by Economists is very deterministic. The traditional thought process about potential solutions to different problems are always governed by the constraints derived from a deterministic interpretation of the World.
    I have been blessed of having the opportunity to work at international organizations like the World Bank and witness by myself what kind of efforts are we implementing as a society to improve the lives of the poorest population. But even within such a noble mission, the "tools" that are being applied to solve the problem are governed by that same deterministic view/paradigm.
    The implications of your new paradigm would imply a 180 degree change in the approach about how do we engineer strategies/policies/programs. As I understand from your concepts, it would translate to a kind of "group visualization" effort (like the example you used from lead atheletes). We would need to imagine/discuss first the essence of the reality we would like to live in or help other create for themselves and ultimately develop a strong new model for reality. As a second step we would need to devise a strategic implementation plan. But given the fact that we are very novice in terms on handling the full implications of a conscious co-creator role, it is difficult to imagine what kind of recommendations/actions you can take to help our society migrate to a new model without a caotic transition phase. Maybe the caotic phase is part of the learning experience and we should not worry about the implications.
    Have you thought about including in your intention experimentation events some serious efforts of visualization of a new reality for human beings? Something equivalent to what some kinds are playing nowadays by creating their own virtual civilizations in computer games.
    I might be also a powerful opportunity to contrast and even reconcile some of the core cultural/religious values that are generating artificial separation barriers between the human beings?

  115. I like your statement "that the future doesn’t simply have to happen to us; it can be what we consciously create."
    Can we come together to create and make available activities, etc that could be more reachable to the mass. So many of these global healings, inner transformation courses,etc cost way beyond many could pay.
    Perhaps we could help people to start small local groups and provide them with free consciousness alleviation movies, discussion and sharing tools for inner transformation and let that effect of that spread by itself.
    Of course we can at the same time have all these expensive retreat and courses too. I am not saying it's bad, it's not enough to reach the mass. There got to be a better way and faster way to reach out to more.

  116. Finding a way to bring political leaders together to search for ways to rescue our beleaguered planet would, to my mind, be a strong candidate as a starting point for healing our world, ridding politicals of self interest and the unquenchable pursuit of power.
    We need to be led, as Jo 116 above says. We need leaders who listen. We need leaders who care. We need leaders who can work together for a common good. When we achieve this, we will see a world where the individual really matters and where collectively we can influence outcomes.

  117. It begins with control of our own thoughts. Thought permiates through all dimensions creating realities on all levels.
    Each though should be decided upon by the soul who ultimately is in control. Spend a day believing everyone else can hear your thoughts then make it a month, a year. How would your thoughts change? Would still think that nasty word at the driver who just cut you off in traffic? or would you hope that nothing horrible has happened in his life today and wish him peace?
    We must have control of ourselves every second of every day and create only peace and kindness to give to the world around us until then we can connect with no one consistantly.
    Look people in the eye and thank them, help them feel an intregal part of society. Nothing will be gained by running it must begin with the thought process and by expressing respect for others.

  118. Servant Leadership, first proposed and developed by Robert Greenleaf and since then many others, may be a framework whose time has come. Servant leaders are those whose innate desire is to serve first and leadership develops out of that space, conferred by followers rather than claimed by authority or position.
    SL is not a "management technique," but perhaps more a guiding value and set of characteristics to be aspired to, or you could say, to allow to evolve.
    As I read your blog on the experience with the sociogram, I wondered how a leader who comes from the perspective of serving those around her/him would have acted in that situation. I suspect she/he would have been one of those on the perimeter.
    I encourage at least becoming familiar with, if not the study of, servant leadership. More can be learned about this at . Greenleaf was ahead of his time, or perhaps not - perhaps a pioneer of a way of being from a leadership/followership perspective that laid out a roadmap for the rest of us.

  119. Great Thanks to all visionaries, commentees ( on this topic), angels, demons, all sentient beings, Gaia and Great Spirit.
    How should we evolve?
    Globally, we have so many tools, inspirations and guidance to explore , experiment and exercise, applicable and apporpriate to our individuality, our community-self, and our cosmological Self. We can see that many, many people are devoting mind and soul to living the best they can.
    Yet the Earth has its own inexorable evolution which proceeds as it will. We seem problem and horror and imbalance afoot and abroad.
    What to do? Perhaps we need to move back into small communities, forget about democracy, just interconnect and interdepend in small groups where one must find both STRENGTH and COMPASSION for the group to flourish.
    The great visionary F M Alexander suggested vital tools for this kind of evolution: AWARENESS - OBSERVATION - LISTENING - STOPPING - INTENTION - SELF-DIRECTING - and CONSCIOUS, CONSTRUCTIVE CONTROL of the SELF.
    To apply these qualities to ourselves, in every thought, word and deed, is the most refined and difficult, task of all. But when we integrate this way of Being and Doing, we bring The Field into coherence and resonance.
    Maybe we can all do this bit for the good of all. And then it seems, we have to let go of wanting the world the way we want it, and simply pray tht Goodness, Truth and Beauty will send ripple effects through the orderly structures of society.

  120. Chopra may have asked how we consciously evolve, but the answer isn't contained in a roomful of people (even those I admire). So very many of us are waking up, making ever more authentic choices and welcoming the sort of unity with all life that we sense but can't fully imagine. Cast your eyes across the world and really see. Right beyond the surface shimmers true possibility.

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