Well, after all, it was you and me

Lynne McTaggart

Last week I watched the spectacle of US Senators behaving very righteously, as they scrambled over each other to shoot BP chief executive Tony Hayward, with Hayward clumsily dodging their bullets.
The culpability for the Gulf Oil spill is being laid at Hayward’s door, as an example of individual corporate irresponsibility in the drive for ever increasing profits.
There is some truth to that, of course.  Cutting corners oN safety for profit is essentially the daily bread of corporate life. The banking industry and ongoing world financial crisis immediately come to mind.
Nevertheless, to believe that the entire problem stems from a single corporation’s negligence is to miss the entire lesson of this experience and its important role in our evolution.
BP is being demonized at the sole villain of the piece here, but the fact is that BP, like every other petroleum company, is simply doing what any corporation does, which is responding to demand. 
The modern industrial world is created from oil. Oil doesn’t just power our automobiles and heat our houses.  Most everything manufactured these days, in some way, derives from oil.  Virtually all plastics are made from petroleum.  Most prescription and over-the-counter drugs have some form of petroleum at their base, as do most cosmetics. 
As I write this, the lipstick and mascara I’m wearing contain petroleum.  The Apple computer I’m writing on is made of petroleum-based plastic. Even if I were to leave my car at home and bike to my office, I’d I’ll be driving over petroleum-based asphalt.  I could try to save oil by eating by candlelight tonight, but I’d still be using a petroleum product.  If I need to call my husband or children later I’ll be speaking to them via an instrument made of petroleum. We eat organic food and use eco-products in this house, but we, like everyone else, are drowning in petroleum.
Detergents, soaps, rubber bands, almost all cosmetics, perfumes, most of what we clean our houses with, flooring, sports equipment, contact lenses, disposable diapers, paints and paint thinners, garden hoses, many components of automobiles like batteries, most modern boats, virtually every toilet seat, balloons, shower curtains, crayons, golf balls, dental floss and toothbrushes, sunglasses, condoms — all this and much more are made of oil.
Every aspect of our modern-day food production and consumption requires petroleum, from the fertilizer used to grow it, to the mechanized processing used to produce it, the trucks used to distribute it, the refrigerators and plastic packaging required to keep it fresh, and the ovens used to cook it. 
Given the fact that oil has been so interwoven with modern mod-con life, it is not surprising that the earth is running out of it. All Western petroleum companies know this. Big Oil only owns some 10 per cent of global oil and gas reserves. All the rest is in the hands of the state-owned oil companies of Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Iran. That is why they are having to look deeper and deeper into the earth to find whatever stores are left. 
All the petroleum companies are moving out further into the sea and drilling deeper to get oil.  There are 12 deepwater oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico deeper than 40m, and 15 off the coast of Brazil.  Besides BP’s Deepwater Horizon, 31 other rigs drill in deep water in the Gulf, seven of them just set up in 2008. About a third of our oil is now being obtained offshore, with a marginal amount from shallow waters. 
Deep water drilling is inherently risky. The difference in temperature between the water (at 41 degrees Fahrenheit) and the boiling oil puts enormous stress on all equipment used.  The platform itself is unstable.  But the biggest problem of all is the extraordinary pressure in the underground reservoirs, in which every square centimeter contains the weight of an ordinary-sized car. 
Every time you drill into the rock layers of the seabed you risk a Deepwater Horizon type explosion, in which the fuel shoots out of the ground and cannot be contained. Deepwater drilling is an accident waiting to happen.
No matter how careful an individual company, there is no plan B if something goes wrong. Containment of an explosion requires cutting-edge measures that essentially haven’t been invented yet.
The point here is that as tragic as this explosion was, for the animals, for the Gulf residents whose livelihood is destroyed, and for all of us watching helplessly as the oil slick grows the size of a small country, it was necessary and important to our evolution.  Giant ecological disaster seems to be the only way to wake up human beings to the need to do things differently.
In a sense, it was also necessary that it happen in America — and I say this as an American myself.  The world consumes 85 million barrels of oil per day, and America consumes nearly one-quarter of that. America is the sole country in the world that refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement. It is one of the few developed countries to spend almost none of its public money on alternatives to the automobile, such as high rail travel. Unlike Europe, the US continues to eschew high taxes on gasoline as
a disincentive to drive.
Many of the Senators who were so highhanded about Tony Hayward have consistently opposed a Clean Energy Bill and attempted to pass a bill preventing the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing pollution standards against greenhouse emissions. In fact, the petroleum industry oils a fair portion of their campaigns.
Lately, we Americans have cut back on their reliance on big SUVs and cars in general, but the problem is far greater than driving a little less.
We must all realize that this is no one company’s or country’s problem. We don’t just have to drive differently.  The Gulf disaster signals the end of a petroleum-based world.  What this requires is that we come to terms with the fact that that we have to live differently, produce things differently, consume things differently.
It’s time for us all to take responsibility for Deepwater Horizons by doing whatever we can, individually and collectively, to evolve a society that does not depend on oil at every turn.
Since the Gulf of Mexico explosion, words from an old Rolling Stone song keep rattling around in my head. The song is Sympathy for the Devil, and the line goes like this:
I shouted out, ‘Who killed the Kennedys?’
Well, after all, it was you and me.
I have an intention that we heal the area, but mostly that we heal ourselves and our division from the natural world.  It is important to view the Gulf disaster, however painful, as something positive — nature’s early warning signal to make changes in our lives now before it is too late.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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93 comments on “Well, after all, it was you and me”

  1. Lynne,
    Great post! And you are so right about oil being so engrained in our lives. As I shopped at the grocery store last night, I was shocked to realize that all of the salad dressings and mayonnaises are now ALL in plastic...when did that happen? And, as I say this, it wasn't I who made that decision, so I do feel responsible for a changed future, but it means changing industry, changing their decision-making processes...you and I don't decide how to make these things, we just consume them as they are presented to us, and as is the case in the salad dressing aisle, plastic being the only choice. My family is trying to avoid the things that are harmful, but as you said, it's a small contribution when our world is encased in plastic and our vehicles powered by oil. Large change has to occur, and we just have to all shout from the rooftops and pray that it is what we want. Thanks for framing this so perfectly, you are a great writer, doing a great service.

  2. Fantastic article.
    I wish there were more of who thought like this inorder to create a better world , pollute less and minimise waste.
    Lets all INTEND that we have more intelligent and practical politicians .. instead of those who apportion blame.

  3. Well put and rounded up , Lynne .
    Will we ever grow up as a species , and collectively leave the things of our youth , well and truly behind us ?
    Consciousness is changing and more of us are aware of the great unity that makes up this enigmatic Universe . Hope springs eternal .
    The only Corporation that I am a member of is the Company of Humanity within the Corporation of all life on our Planet .
    When will we children learn ?

  4. Well said Lynn and great piece of writing. I enjoy reading your articles and find them accurate and entertaining.
    I feel the need to add to your comments on over consumption of oil based products, you probably heard the recipe for boiling a frog? Set it in cold water first and heat the water up slowly, the frog will delight in the warmth and eventually finished cooked. Similarity is screaming right here we are being slowly cooked and we decide to ignore it and enjoy the warm bath until it's to late.
    Or perhaps we can still get out of the hot water and do something about the whole thing.
    There is many people in our world, and you being one of them, that are working hard at creating awareness and we most time find resistance. There is people creating wonderful products made out of non oil based compound and I will use one soap. Soap is non invasive compared to detergent, it is bio-degradable made of vegetable oils, laundry soap made the same way, shampoo, dish soaps, and many other cleaning products. The public is aware of such effort but choose not to respond out of lethargy and comfort. It's not hard to look for the non invasive products in stores instead of just reaching for the easiest and cheapest one.
    It's going to take time to get things better and it's going to take more people willing to create awareness, giving of themselves. Congratulation Lynn.

  5. Well written Lynne and as an addendum... What can we do? In my opinion the greatest good we can do is become conscious/aware and start NOW making the necessary distinctions/changes in our lives.
    Some personal examples… Over three years ago I bought a Hybrid. I only consume locally grown and or organic foods. I choose not to support the big corporations and I also do not support Big Pharma by teaching and learning HOW TO take control of my health, then ‘reminding’ others how to do the same.
    I did a youtube on this. We are all 'voters', like it or not. What we watch, read, buy, where we walk, etc means we not only teach other's HOW TO, but we also keep the corporations alive... or we choose not to by keeping it closer to home.
    I'm still working on becoming the change I want to see in this world.
    Sending love

  6. Oh Lynne this is a great article. You are so right about this bing time for us to change. Ultimately I see this as the catalyst for the poeple of the world uniting with a common intention of change for the better. I still think we could orchestrate a 'quantum shift' if in every city on the globe, people physically all came together on the same day in stadiums and arenas to energize an intention of love and planetary healing.

  7. It's funny how we lose sight of just how dependent we are on oil....right down to the mascara- as you put it. As I look around my office I see just what you mean. Maybe it is time to intend this mess to end, and save our oceans!

  8. Great blog entry. Thank you so much for being an activist and leader in so many ways to promote our evolution and continuation. Everyone should sahre this blog with their facebook friends.

  9. Very well written blog and very important information. I posted it on my facebook page and sent it to everyone on my mailing list. Thank you so much for providing that information. It is SO important!

  10. It's entirely true that humanity brought this on themselves & the world, both individually & collectively. We need to stop the blind, modern, "westernizing" (as it stands today) of the world, as that has not served us, nor any followers, nor other species, nor the very earth we're part of, well to date.
    Intention work aside, many of us can also begin right now, if we haven't already done so, to make deeply THOUGHTFUL consumer choices that will help drive the marketplace/industry in a more intelligent, saner and healthier direction.
    For instance, make your own salad dressing (storing it in a glass bottle, where at least there's only a plastic CAP, & also having more control over the actual ingredients), buying only cosmetics that are not chemically-laden (NOR tested on animals!), using soy candles instead of tallow ones (that also fuel cruelty to animals), using natural fertilizers such as seaweed-based ones (not promoting manure, as it, too, comes mainly from horrifically animal-cruel industries), learning how to cook at least MAINLY from scratch again, etc.. Overall, it's not "rocket science," just using your heart & brain for what they were "intended" for. 😉
    Many smaller choices add up quickly, en masse, if enough people are 'voting' for more benign lifestyles through their choice of purchases each day. The same applies to OVERconsuming, e.g. do you REALLY need that new gadget, just because "everyone else has one"? (& research "Planned Obsolescence" of products, too; deliberately begun in the USA in the 40's, I believe) Don't be a mindless automaton, but learn to think not only for yourself, but globally & inter-species-ally, too, in everything you do. Even if you change only the majority of what you do, the cumulative effect will be enormous. If WE'D all done this from the get-go, the whole world wouldn't be in this much trouble today. Big industries ONLY listen to their bottom line of profit (how they've been designed, for the elite, to the elite), so if we have to force their hands through smarter, more caring consumerism in order to get the ball rolling, so be it...but it CAN easily be done, with commitment, versus rhetoric, if we all start this very day.
    For the most part, I don't believe we're as 'helpless' or at the mercy of big industry as people choose to think we are - as a whole, we've just become too lazy to take more thoughtful routes and prefer to allow big industries to make our choices FOR us. We need to take this inherent power of choice back, in order to see & experience our true power throughout the world - the power of the heart & mind to CHOOSE what we're going to see & experience in this world. As Wayne Dyer's book says, "You'll See It When You Believe It," and that's true on every conceivable level.

  11. Extremely fallacious reasoning Lynne. Quoting extremely stoned entertainers does a disservice to us all is regards to such a serious issue. It wasn't you and me killed Kennedy, and it wasn't you and me cutting corners on a difficult and irresponsible while extremely profitable enterprise, taking chances with the public's welfare. THEY corrupted the regulatory and political process WE have to depend upon, often in secret. Yes- some of the politicians are to blame for being corrupted and hypnotized by wealth and power, but don't blame the average person who HAD NO CHOICE.
    Better to think of it as a conspiracy of wealth and power once again- what's confusing you is the nature of their game- if you had to quote an entertainer- would be a better one.

  12. I have shared almost exactly what you shared here with friends and students. We ALL are responsible by the lives we live. If we were not buying and using all these things requiring oil, there would not be an increasing demand. If people stopped buying chickens for only two weeks, we could force chicken ranchers to treat chickens humanely, INSTEAD we are asked not to use raw eggs while they continue their abuse!
    Lastly I have talked to animals professionally for almost 20 years. What this situation NEEDS MOST right now is our UNCONDITIONAL LOVE being sent to everyone involved in this clean up!! When millions and millions of people around the world are sending their anger, resentment, judgments, hatred, confusion, suffering ... NO BRILLIANT solution can be created in this hate and anger filled environment!! It is impossible to create a solution to a problem at the same level it was created Einstein reminded us!! The animals are BEGGING us to send LOVE LOVE LOVE to everyone involved. Right now it needs our forgiveness and understanding to MANIFEST SOMETHING BRILLIANT AND AMAZING to clean up the ever damaging situation. We are called on to Love for the Joy of Loving as animals usually do. As Nature does. To be Bigger than this issue. To see through our Spiritual eyes what is needed. If not, the damage and drama and death will only continue, while people are More Interested in Revenge and Justice than they are in HEALING. THIS IS the Big Leap in Consciousness we are being asked to make, by Choice, not from fear. Because deep inside, we KNOW this IS the Answer. Look at Dr. Emoto's website and realize you are 75% water and your angry thoughts only pollute your own body and all those around you and who you send them to. They Heal nothing. LOVE IS THE ANSWER for You and this situation.

  13. Actually, I think the Deepwater Horizon is the sign that it IS too late. If a Tropical Storm spreads that oil over inland farmland, our goose is cooked.

  14. Thank you Lynne, for yet another superb Blog!
    I completely agree with everything you have so eloquently written. Especially, the world actually needing a large scale disaster to act as a wakeup call, a sad reflection on today’s society, but unfortunately, very accurate!

  15. Thank you Lynne for saying what is in my heart and saying it so eloquently. It is not too late to turn things around. And we must all take responsibility for what is happening in our earth and take the steps in our own lives to change it "now."
    I applaud you..

  16. Reasonings from both sides presented here are true, and the electric car was demolished in California in 2002 amidst protests.
    Iraq was invaded while worldwide protests happened before the invasion.
    We as consumers do have many alternative choices and we live in an oil based manufacturing world along with many other metals and practices that should be reconsidered.
    This disaster is making people wake up.
    Are the people responsible being held accountable and enforced to use all their profits to clean up and then fund cleaner earth friendly alternate ways which have been invented.
    Who is responsible, shall we include all oil companies as they are competing for drill sites and prolonging the move to cleaner alternatives?
    Who will enforce this and is it possible to enforce non-violently?
    A collective consciousness of extreme wake up call to realize what we are doing and supporting and how we are affecting the earth is happening, and then who in power would be allowed to make those changes,even if they wanted to.(corporations run governments)
    The ceo's of corporations, the shareholders getting profits, and we who think we need their products.
    We are becoming more aware during the crucible of disaster and our minds do shape our reality. The natural disasters many of which happen due to our unconscious unhealthy earth management practices help to cleanse us as well.
    Our visions for the well-being of humanity and all life forms do take shape.

  17. I posted something on this precise issue under „gated communities“: how much the car is a symptom of the loss of communication with nature and the same when a body cell loses communication with its own environment as growth regulation and signalling and becomes a „cancer“ cell. Further how this is ultimately all caused by the mind. The mind believes in a construct called cancer which is perceived as a destructive and alien thing. Remove the mind construct and the body begins to heal as proven. In a similar way to „cancer“ as uncontrolled growth, the oil pouring into the sea is uncontrolled proliferation.
    Today I read a message from one Gerald O Donnell on the appalling consequences of the addiction to black gold. When the oil reaches the Gulf Stream we begin to choke as it will flow everywhere . The title was „Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?.“
    Once I worked in a mental hospital. You knew the people around you were mad but I live in a world where the inhabitants seem to be mad. As a visitor to earth ask what the earth people use for fuel and on what is their civilisation based on. Animals do not do this. People who have lost touch with „reality“ (that they care not that their planet is endangered by what they do) are usually called psychotic.
    Tell me please why do people including you, buy cosmetics, drive cars and fly on a spiritual mission using jet fuel? I too use a computer but I have reduced all to a minimum. It is possible. We have festivities in our town. I imagined that all and every place was turned into gardens, inside the house and on the roofs, that they just intended and determined they would live in another way. I was saddened to read the above message by Gerald O Donnell. It made me aware that there are only two modes of existence: service to self and service to others. When I jump inot the latter, every insect, animal and plant is infinitely precious. I noticed today a large family of falcons I think it is in English on the pub eves. How precious they are.

  18. Well said Lynne, I would make one correction and use the present tense rather than the past tense as it still very real for those in the gulf, see below. :>)
    The point here is that as tragic as this explosion was (IS), for the animals, for the Gulf residents

  19. Thank you Lynne,
    Nature has been tapping us on the shoulder for decades trying to get our attention and to clean up our act. Now, it is hitting us in the head with a Two x Four !
    We are witnessing an Extinction Level Event, (E.L.E.), unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico as great as the last one that, ironically, hit that area and killed off the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. This one, of course, is happening much, much slower but the effect will be the same.
    Petty, greedy, self absorbed politicians and corporate CEOs care more about salvaging what little oil they can from the massive, volcanic gusher spewing from the bottom of the sea (so that they can sell it on the open market for a profit) than they care for the lives of millions of animals, tens of thousands of people and the entire ecosystems of the Gulf, the Caribbean, Florida and the entire Eastern Seaboard.
    This is the most devastating awakening to the crassness of American Politics the citizens of the world have ever seen even outdoing the illegal invasion of Iraq.
    Even if, by some miracle, the oil well was securely capped right now... the amount of toxic, oxygen depleting crude that has already blown into the sea will take tens of decades or longer to even begin to clean up itself.
    The time has come for Congress and the White House to cut the umbilical cord that pumps money into the coffers of, so called, honest Politicians and Judges from the oil and coal giants.
    We must demand that the military and defence industry release, to the public, the advanced energy and propulsion systems they have secretly developed since the death of Nicola Tesla. The world does not need to depend on fossil fuels any longer and it amounts to a crime against humanity to withhold vital systems that can, literally, save mankind.
    With all due respect, because of this E.L.E., even the super rich oil moguls are doomed along with the rest of us; we're already dead and just to stupid to fall down.

  20. Lynne is absolutely on the nail here. We all bear some responsibility for what has happened. Big Oil have certainly manipulated events over the years by buying up every invention that would compete with their business. There is also little doubt that safety was compromised as a matter of corporate policy and BP alone is responsible for that. At the end of the day though, eveybody expects to be able to fill their tank and drive where they want to, and we tend to take the risks to life and the environment for granted. Attitudes have to change and perhaps if there is anything good to come out of this, it is that the public's eyes have been opened to a very large degree by the sight of suffering animals and environmental fallout. The Native Americans have always known that whatever you take from the Earth, be it meat for food, wood for warmth, or water to drink, it should be with gratitude and appreciation.

  21. In answer to your question, Laurie S., "Are the people responsible being held accountable and enforced to use all their profits to clean up and then fund cleaner earth friendly alternate ways which have been invented."
    The short answer is "no." For a more detailed speech that explains what's really (not) happening, please see this video:
    Kindra Arnesan - Quoted on PBS Newshour 6/23/2010
    It's eye-opening, albeit not very surprising.

  22. First, THERE IS NO ENERGY (OIL) SHORTAGE! Supply is kept low to keep the price high: controlled like the diamond cartel. Therefore, there is no need for offshore drilling
    Second, there is mounting evidence this "spill" was intentional. We may never know, but there are too many conincidences surrounding it, such as the short sale of Transocean the day before the spill.
    Third, my intention is to get those oil eating microbes that turn into fish food to do the clean up rather than the toxic dispersant now being used.

  23. I completely agree that we are all complicite on some level and each of us can do something to solve the problem, however, this does not at all let coorporations like BP off the hook. We certainly need to hold them accountable while at the same time look within our own lives and see how we ourselves can be a solution.

  24. ...and as the Beatles sang, "I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together".
    Not to get religious, but for years an amusing image has been dancing across my mind, involving the stereotypical image of St. Peter, meeting us at the door of the pearly gates, following our "passing", to review our lives, and determine our next destination.
    What a shock it would be for most to learn that we, the leaders of our technologigically developed societies, industries, and organized religions, are hell bound, while the ones that are granted admission to heaven are the members of our tribal shamanic cultures, who have lived their lives un-chauvinistically, and collectively functioned in harmony, with the little blue planet, third from the sun, on which we all reside.

  25. Thought provoking blog! For more than two decades, I worked as a consultant to a major electric utility company in California. The environmental research scientists for whom I consulted estimated in 1990 that the Earth would run out of petroleum in 75 years and that alternative energy was absolutely necessary to develop. The U.S. had some very viable alternative energy technologies in the 1980s: wind turbine generators, photovoltaics, solar power plants, geothermal power plants, fuel cells, and others. When the Arabs saw that these technologies would reduce the U.S. consumption of crude oil, they dropped the price of oil from $28.00 a barrel to $8.00 a barrel. That forced California utilities (which were publicly regulated monopolies) to use oil to make electricity, because oil was the cheapest fuel. Alternative energy technologies were more costly. Utilities are mandated by law to save rate payers (people who buy electricity) money. Our legislators also eliminated tax credits to develop alternative energy technologies, because oil was again "cheap." This short sighted U.S. energy policy set back alternative energy development for 30 years. This nation needs a long-range energy policy that will make the U.S. energy independent by 2020. We could have been energy independent by 2000, but there was no political will, and the Arabs and other oil producers won an economic war. Hopefully, the BP disaster will wake up Americans; this IS an economic war. The world is being held hostage by petro dollars.

  26. Obama is not only incompetent but bent on destroying this country. He should be impeached.
    Why didn't he repeal the Jone's act and allow the Dutch and others, who volunteered a few days after the spill to bring skimmers to remove the oil.
    Now he is not allowing American skimmers to remove the oil and blocking other efforts to stop the oil from reaching beaches.

  27. You said everything that's been on my mind, and thanks for quantifying it so well. We all have to take responsibility and consciously manifest more sustainable living that doesn't involve dependence on non-renewable resources. Today it's oil, tomorrow who knows if we don't become more aware and connected?
    A great first step would be for the US to invoke stricter manufacturing rules/limits in place for how much packaging and product can be petroleum-based. China, France and several other countries have already outlawed plastic grocery bags, for example (I don't use them myself), why can't we? It's been three years since I've seen someone other than me with a reusable shopping bag at the food mart.
    For real change to happen at quantum speed, we need to get the ball rolling from BOTH the bottom up and the top down simultaneously. Grass-roots changes at a mass level can work, but need to be supported by or lead to top-down directives and decisions. It's time for all hands on deck, literally.

  28. Well, I believe it has to be something big & awful to get the full attention of the US and maybe the world. Interestly enough, there was a brief new blip a few weeks ago then allthe finger pointing was going on and it stated "the inferrior and less expensive pipe used in this drilling by BP was designed and sold by Heliburton.....and that the same components are on many other oil rigs out there in the Gulf and around the world. In the US, the person who signed off on the okay to use them and go was none other than Cheeney under Bush (all oil & war people). Now to make matters worse everyone needs to view the documaentary entittled "GASLAND". The Natural Gas Companies have already polluted the vast lands out west and trying to get the land upstat NY that would totally polltue NY/Pa/NJ/Conn and all the rivers that flow from those areas. They use over 900 chemicals in that industry that seeps into the water table and actually in the areas afffected creates a fire when you light a match at your kitcten faucet. Farmlands, live stock, and the humans have been severly affected the Canadian Co who is employing this pays them off (very small amounts) and therefore they cannot report or sue.........their land is now useless. None of this is ever covered by the news in the US....oh I may add that again Cheeney gave full permission for the go ahead of these Gas Co projects....under Bush. Soon there will be no drinkable water on planet earth...........do you think we will wake up them???? Sad but true!

  29. To Worldbridger good point, but I respectfully disagree about choice. There is ALWAYS a choice, the problem is, we haven't been conditioned to realize we as consumers have choices or power AND once we do realize it, and what the choices are, we might not like them.
    Gee, no paper vs. plastic bags at the store? Forgot to bring your own bags? What about WALKING OUT or remembering to keep reusable bags in the car? Mayonnaise only in plastic bottles? How about you JUST DON'T BUY IT. Oh, sorry, you'll miss your mayonnaise you say? See? we might not like the choices, but choices they are.
    Industry and companies respond to demand, sure, but how can they respond unless we create demand for NEW and BETTER ways to package, produce and deliver what we're now used to having? The demand should begin from us.
    Our responsibility lies with the fact that we've been lulled unconscious down the garden path of comfort, ease and instant gratification by demand-driving consumer advertising since the 1940's (Mad Men anyone?). We've had 70 years to wake up to this and take a stand, but have we? As consumers (at least in the US) we're just as guilty of greed and materialism as big oil.
    It's time to end the era of allowing companies and manufacturers to dictate what we need just because that's what they make, and tell them instead what we want and how we want it. Or keep our wallets shut.
    Time for some tough love. Suck it up people. Make the hard choices now, or you won't be able to chose at all in the future.

  30. I was with you 100% until you mentioned the EPA and the Kyoto Treaty. These are government rules that can be bought and sold. Governments are like corporations, only more corrupt.
    I can see through the Al Gore Carbon Offset Corporations. And the green corporations that are building more products in the petroleum portfolio. And most importantly, the government entities that want to play games with the lives of people to create power plays.
    I hold the intention that the blindness to the ridiculous "go green" initiatives that create more problems than solutions will be lifted.
    I hold the intention that the answers come from a higher place; something that releases all the old vestiges and baggage from self-serving interests.
    You make an excellent point that it is you and me, but the fact that we have made our past mistakes doesn't mean we should hand over the keys to bureaucrats.

  31. Thank you Lynne. Simple and to the point. I echo many of the comments and this is the first time I've felt compelled to write. All personal growth for me has come with the price of sacrifice. Why would I think it'd be any different ? I too am making active changes for the better, hoping that the example out-preaches any words. I am thrilled to join with so many BEING a little part of the healing. Thank you all.

  32. It is great article Lynn. And I fully agree it was me and You , not THEM who killed Kennedy. We are killing his message every day by wrong choices.
    I my opinion unconsciousely buying things is only a small part of it. The issue and core of Your message Lynn is , as I understand , the INTENTION. It is changing world on quantuum level following the quantuum paths. It is the only uncontrolled area for THEM. I am reading Your book, "The Field " one more time now. Please , people , follow the idea - we are all connected over the zero point energy , over The Field. There is no power in buying , choosing that or another thing. They will always find a way to cheat us. But the power is withing US. No Corporation reach that point where You can find Yourselves immidiately - the access to living network.
    We have killed Kennedy, and we have to forgive it to ourselves RADICALLY. "THEY" are our product as well. Radically forgivness means TO UNDERSTAND. And disconnect them within us.
    I follow You Lynn.

  33. Lynne,
    One thing all readers and contributors to this post can do is to review their investment and savings plans immediately!
    If you have an IRA or a 401K or a Superannuation account, you are probably inadvertently supporting these oil companies by buying stock in their companies.
    If everyone went out and sold their shares, the market value of these giants would be reduced, which would lower their credit ratings and their borrowing power.
    Once they no longer can get the funds to build these hugely expensive drilling operations, they would be forced to find alternative ways to generate income to entice shareholders to invest in their operations.
    Each of the 38 commenters on this post can do everything they possibly can to avoid using petroleum-based products in their lives, but slowing or stopping consumption is only half the equation.
    The supply of these products must also be attacked, and this is no task for the weak or fearful. This tales severe courage!
    Recently the Australian Prime Minister suggested a 40% increase on the ore pulled out of the ground by mining companies, and as of last week he was ousted from his position in one of the most bizarre political events I’ve ever witnessed.
    To take a stance against these economic megaliths will require more than buying glass bottles or eating organic food.
    It will take an entrenched effort by both individuals and governments to take control of our world’s resources and not to leave these decisions to commercially, profit-driven entities!
    Write On!

  34. I agree with your results for the most part. I would like to point out that the demand was manufactured and not naturally developing. We have been, as a culture, herded by interests who seek to capitalize on the existance of a system wherein one can profit off the exploitation of anything and everything. Situation, inherited riches, legacies, other peoples lands, destructive practices, livelihoods, etc.. competition and demand are excuses for a lot of things which are no longer feasable.
    The bottom line is that WE are going to have to give up everything being made from petroleum and fossil fuels soon like it or not.
    If you prepare by giving it up now you save yourself grief later. BP was the instrument of destruction, like a bullet or the blade of a large knife they may not be smart enough or humble enough to recognize it but so have most of us been.
    Until we stop being the bullets in theguns of the destroyers of these lands and seas we are their instruments of destruction. Its not about quality of life anymore. Its about changing to facilitate long term survival without oil.
    Start planting and harvesting hemp now.

  35. Lynn is there any feed back from the people who are ill, do they see any improvement when you ask for intentions, do thy write to you and report?

  36. Thank you Lynne for another great blog topic. Soon after mentioning the article in the Boulder Camera about a member of your intender group wanting to try to seal the leaking pipe, I began to get the feeling that there was more to this situation than a simple mind over matter repair job. The power of intention has been clearly demonstrated in the results obtained in the various experiments you have created and documented. The attempts to resolve the BP problem, while not bringing an immediate end to the leakage, have, I think, brought more focus, awareness and thoughtfulness into a problem of greater magnitude and complexity than might have been assumed during the days immediately following the destruction of the oil rig. Most people are occasionally aware that mortality and immortality are not necessarily mutually exclusive but probably don't want to flood the afterlife with all of us all at once. Until any of us have to leave, we have a great opportunity to learn and grow and do our best, and in my opinion this is a great site for doing that. Sometimes even a great pitcher totally in the zone, watches in astonishment as a giant bird flies in front of home plate and surprise, yuck, this doesn't taste like dinner.

  37. Although I have no particular political persuasion, I am rapidly beginning to see that capitalism is the ideology of individualism, ie. market forces have no morality. They are simply manoeuvred (man-overed?!) by corporations (collectives of individuals organized hierarchically, ie power at the top, which diminishes by orders of magnitude towards the bottom) who also represent a collective of stake-holders/shareholders. Capitalism is based on the belief that we are all separate, even unto the elites.
    It is essentially a polarised model. I don't know what the answer is other than an intention to create a model which is synergistic and collective in its consciousness. However this model has been explored in various economies, the impact on the planet is proving more and more unstable and cataclysmic. A friend who went to China in May was shocked at the pollution, at the frenzied rate of growth regardless of environmental costs, where even the pollution of the human body is seen as expendable - all 15 in the travel group returned home with a chronic cough!
    Voting with our feet & consumer power is one way of creating change. Voting with our hearts for a collective awareness and responsibility is also needed to create a world economy which is truly co-operative and conscious of the All.
    Campaign/set intention for widespread use of public transport and policies which support this. Get to know your neighbourhood as a pedestrian - your part of the world - definitely a way to increase awareness of other!
    Love & blessings

  38. Theres a beautiful Michael Jackson song "Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race" I have just returned after 5 weeks in the UK travelling from south of England right up to Inverness in Scotland. So many vehicles on the roads (including our hire car of course) and enjoyed it all. The vibration I was putting out balanced (LOVE) any negative energy. I made an intention before I left Perth Oz - so it started on the flight over!! We are so powerful, if we begin to realise what we have the abiltiy to do amazing magic will transform our immediate environment and like a pebble dropped into a pond will ripple out forever. OIL vibrates at the number 18/9 and petroleum vibrates at 44/8 both these numbers are powerful so we can all use hold the energy within ourselves and transform not only our own lives but also everyone else!!!! HOOROO from OZ

  39. Oil and politics do mix, so I often have occasion to discuss them in the classroom.. The point bears repeating that 70% of our oil consumption is for transportation; burning it up in engines. Yet we need it for so many other products. What will we do when the last drop is thus consumed? If this fact is a commonplace in the classroom, why isn't it emphasized, or even mentioned, in the media, and in such bodies as Congress? Conservation of the remaining resources should not be a subject for controversy for even a moment, especially given the added very critical environmental benefit. Intelligence is common enough, but wisdom is always in short supply

  40. Bonjour Lynn,
    Je n'ai qu'un mot sur cette catastrophe: C'est un Crime contre l'Humanité au même titre qu'un génocide!" bien sûr, on parlera d'acte irresponsable , d'accident qui aurait pu être prévenu, évité si on n'avait pas pensé qu'au dieu argent mais en réalité, c'est un CRIME de la pire espèce qui touche toute l'Humanité bien au-delà des conséquences "économiques à la con de ce système pervers et non équitable qui met le profit et l'argent au premier rang. Nos élites de la race Humaine, nos dirigents politiques et industriels sont tous à la même solde : Le pouvoir coûte que coûte par l'asservissement de la masse. Quel aveuglement que l'orgueuil et l'égoisme.
    l'ambition fait périr sont maître.....ça s'en vient....
    Heureusement il y a ceux qui croient au pouvoir de l'intention qui avec coeur et compassion se met en fréquence avec la Grande Intention.

  41. Thank you so much for placing the "blame" if that's what we want to call it - where it belongs "on us." Granted I'm sure none of "us" thought we'd be the cause of something so horribly horrific, but when we let our cars idle, winter for warmth and summer for cool, we are spilling more and more oil. WE need to be the change - and get off our dependence to this thick and crude substance. Your buying dollars are your votes, think before you purchase. We purchase almost nothing in plastic, eat 99% organic and local, use our own shopping bags at the market, condense our trips to town, and intend for others to realize the same. Thank you Lynne for a better than usual post 🙂 Bless you.

  42. "and for all of us watching helplessly" as you say Lynn, sadly the "you and the me" have not been able to exercise our wills and voices with equality or fairness. How much of this is "you" (the more powerful) and how much of this is "me" (those watching helplessly)?

  43. Your passion is admirable, but your facts are erroneous. The US has more than enough oil and gas resources for more than 100 yrs; we don't need the Saudia's etc. We wouldn't have to drill in deep water if permited to drill closer or on shore - If the US doesn't drill those off shore locales, other countries will - and do, and less safely; The only real alternative is nuke power, but our gov't won't even undo Carter's order; old oil refineries are not allowed to replace their facilities with newer, safer, cleaner ones - instead making us less safe; Oil will not dissappear b/c you wish it; we don't have enough energy for electric cars; biofuel is less efficient and not less polluting and has numerous other issues, wind and solar are inconsistant and not 24/7; At some point we will have the technology, but rt now wishing it so doesn't make it so. ironically Agenda 21 wants to shove everyone into cities, yet many of the above comments support the country lifestyle. I am personally pissed that Obama was aware in Feb of the BP problems, took no pre-empt actions except to ensure goldman sachs, Soros, etc had notice, as they all sold their BP stock 3/31, and has continued to drag his proverbial feet in the clean up, blocking clean up attempts and failing to bring in the clean up stuff in advance as well as after the explosion - does he not want protect our environment.

  44. I loved our big calling today; thank you all. I know I can't do much more, include crying and complaining interspersed with praying, until I learn to prioritize my own oil use and use my local voice as well as speak up for Mother Earth. In my backyard is a huge oil spill, right in the middle of the city I live in and it has been there for 9 years, for instance. Have I used the power of intention to heal that spill, to pray for the rattlesnakes and prairie dogs? We are all related and so I will also know that what I do in my backyard heals you, and you, and my river and gulf and your ocean and ice shelves. Intention is an action, a step toward global consciousness; and action never stops at AUM but continues on for seven generations. I am grateful to share in the intention of so many. AHO!

  45. During reading your excellent story I came aware how deep we all are involved in the use of oil and all his derivatives. Therefore Lynne, could it be possible that the US Senators apologized afterwards to Tony Hayward: "We had to play the game, sorry"?

  46. Man, I'm sorry I'm not buying this lame horse. The same people that caused this disaster are the same people that have been sitting on renewable energy solutions and a water powered internal combustion engine since the turn of the the 20th Century. If you feel responsible for this one go right ahead. We never had a choice on this one. BP should be charged with cullpable negligence, company assests should be expropriated, the company shut down the fat cats sued for every cent and I'll be happy to turn off the lights.

  47. We always have a choice. Call your senators. Vote only for people who stand for what you want. Work on the elections this year-these people are not distant unreachable entities on TV: they get elected by us. Knock on their doors, call their offices. Choose to buy ONLY the products you want available. Don't buy big corporate products-there is always an alternative, no matter how busy you are. Spend the extra bucks to take a stand. Corporations and infrastructures follow money. Spend it elsewhere and big corporations will get your message. The extra effort, and sometimes extra pennies, to vote with your purchases, will change things.
    Greed is supported by apathy. Corporations and politicians may tell you "Clean energy and alternative products are too expensive and it will cost too much to change our ways." Now big oil and refusal to change has cost us the Gulf of Mexico, half our East coast, and countless future problems.
    It is very much our fault. But you can change things. Make the call. Send the email. Buy anything but corporate products. This is the perfect time to put on your activist hat and turn your anger into something positive. Start NOW. Get your friends and family on board. No one is going to do it for us. We did this, but we can change.

  48. Shame on you Lynn...you talk about self righteous responses! You defend Tony Hayward when our lives have been ripped apart by BP and they will NEVER be the same. That's as bad as blaming an abused child for their abuse or telling a rape victim they brought it on. You have selective hearing. BP had close to 800 EGREGIOUS and WILLFUL VIOLATIONS!!! The next worst oil company only had 8!!!!!
    They made 4 decisions the last few days before the explosion to save 24 hours and 1/2 million dollars! That's why the explosion happened. They should be tried for murder. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IF THEY WERE NOT SO GREEDY.
    This is clearly the wrong time to get on your self righteous high horse about how we need to begin to stop our dependence on oil. I agree with you on that one, we do need to look at the way we use oil. How many flights a year do you go on to do a one hour speech or a workshop that could be done with the computer???
    You remind me of all the people who kicked New Orleans when we were down after Katrina!! Which, by the way, we are still suffering after! That too was because of greed. Call it like it is Lynn, absolute unadulturated GREED of corporations like BP.
    And now this, from you! Shame on you to say we were self righteous to blame Tony Hayward who cried to the public that he wanted his life to return to normal and sail his yatch!
    There was some chance that those of us on the Gulf could return to normal some day....but now it will NEVER happen and you defend Tony. This CRIME did not have to happen. Charge BP with the murder of 11 innocent people and the death of our gulf.
    Bad timing Lynn. You should apologize to all the families of the victims.
    I will continue to cut my carbon foot print, will you?

  49. Lynn - If I may tender a suggestion for your consideration, I think it's appropriate to adopt the use of the word "petroleum" instead of the generic "oil". "Petroleum" is a specific chemical compound, a specific type pf oil, and most importantly, a specific resource.
    Bio-diesel is an oil, but is an alternative to petroleum. To extend the context, "steam" is not an ineffective power source, but wood-powered steam would be a disaster. Similarly, private vehicles are not inherently a crisis, but petroleum-powered private vehicles are.
    Lastly, BP is not your average corporation, and should not be portrayed as typical. BP is an example of a specific type of corporate culture the exemplifies why we need more effective policy-driven governance.
    Peace and love, john madsen

  50. A good post, and some great perspectives rounding it out. Ultimately it is US who are "accountable". Part of getting into balance will be making our government accountable again. I'm not sure if the chicken or the egg comes first. :>
    And, we must reshape our relationship with the oil companies, for as long as huge companies bring us our energy. We must return to a provider/customer relationship. Currently we are in a master/slave relationship. Perhaps when we all heal, corporate greed will simply fall away, eh?
    I would invite anyone interested to view this article on the gulf spill. It is in keeping with what Lynne is up to, but also oriented to folks who may not be believers yet.

    What i heard from the guided meditation at the "Gulf call to sacred action" seemed to say: Let's first stop the leak, then let's look at the underlying issues and see whether we can also change the addiction to the carbon based economy. -
    I have a sense this approach is not in harmony with the best possible development of the situation.
    If I imagine, the clever engineers, BP or others, would be able to pull off an ingenious technological miracle and stop the leak quickly, then clean up the mess with all means available etc. , a huge sigh of relief would go through humanity, together with pride in the ingenuity and the confidence of being able to handle pretty much every disaster, feeling confirmed in the dare-devil approach of "act now, think later", - "make the money now, deal with arising problems only if the arise", - "cross the bridge, when you come to it...".
    If I imagine thinking on Mother Earth's behalf, I would not feel as if my needs were well taken care of by this approach. To the contrary. I would feel my sacrifice is in the process of being wasted. - I would feel this even on behalf of the pelicans and the dolphins, the fish, shellfish, plankton and all other sea life.
    I feel really strongly, that the top priority here has to be a thorough shaking of conscience. Not in a blaming, finger-pointing superficial scape-goat-finding sort of way, but in a deep movement of consciousness.
    I imagine the life-force of all the creatures that lost their lives, including the 11 people, rising like a torrent, guided and supported by our own conscious movement directing itself towards those many key players in politics, economy, administration, religion, military - in all sectors of society.
    I imagine meeting them in their dreams, questioning their conscience, piercing the fog of legal and illegal drugs, bypass the elaborate diversions and bring them to account, visualise them aware of their own personal responsibility. Aware and fully conscious of a possible future, devastated planet, when the oceans collapse, the oxygen production drops, the food production is disrupted, the temperature runs away. I see them in my inner eye, hear their rasping breath, sense their quaking, when they feel the karmic weight of the suffering, the many deaths and the impossible lives. Not as a blame or a guilt, but as a very real option, something they will carry on their karmic port-folio, very matter-of-fact.
    The beauty of this moment in history is, that it is not yet too late. - I imagine those key players, this certain percentage of the population, from the very rich and powerful to the ordinary opportunists, who have so far resisted awareness, to be waking, haunted, night after night, and day after day, sweating, struggling, trembling until they finally behold the wonderful idea of letting go of their self interest, for once do the right thing.
    I imagine, how they draw a deep and relieved breath, the first pure and easy breath for a long time, perhaps ever since they can remember, now, after having made their wonderful choice...and emerge cleansed, strengthened, determined and clear. - Happy, in a very new kind of way, exhilarated and instantly rewarded by a wave bliss, their right choice giving them already a small taste of the sweet future they from now on will co-create.
    Mother herself is giving us the clue. It's not about the body, she is willing to sacrifice physical life to shake us up. Let's honor her and help her with the shaking. And we are not making anything up, here, we are just making things clear.
    If I were an unaware stock-market dealer, I would prefer to be woken up like this rather than "spared" and then later landed with the same situation but at a time when it is too late. - And after all, Jesus did the same thing. -
    I am sure, once a critical amount of people have raised their consciousness, the oil disaster will have fulfilled it's purpose and will then be taken care of. -
    much love..........

  52. Oh, and Lynne, thanx very much. The jingle has been playing in my mind all day, so I finally had to fire up iTunes and play Sympathy for the Devil. Over and over. And over. ;>
    BTW, those who locked on to the "Kennedy" thing. I suspect that Lynne (IMHO) was speaking in somewhat broader terms. Perhaps something along the lines of how we all co-create reality. Just a thought.

  53. Lynne
    Please educate yourself,that you really think BP wants to take care of their mess and clean it up?
    1-This is more then a oil spill. This can be considered a step toward depopulation.
    2-Green conscience people are already aware of oil and plastic products. We try to consider the environment when we shop.
    3-One way to have less toxins in and on your body is to choose organic. Organic cosmetics are not made from petroleum.
    4-With that said- have you seen "who killed the electric car"?
    5-I have seen people killed, paid off, loose business and gone missing when they have earth friendly businesses that say no to oil. This is the way of our government.
    6-Think that "absolute power" is going to change anytime soon? Some people actually make money on disasters. Hard to believe, start reading.
    Examiner.com has reported that the spreading BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is in fact an intentional ‘disaster capitalism’ false flag operation for insider profit in the genre of environmental war, and a component of an elite plan to depopulate human society and stop disclosure.
    Evidence that the BP Gulf oil catastrophe is a false flag operation includes: (1) “foreshadowing drills” by the U.S. agencies prior to the April 20, 2010 disaster; (2) insider trading of 44% of its BP stock by Goldman Sachs and a related insider corporate takeover of the world’s largest oil spill by Halliburton three weeks prior to the oil spill; (3) BP CEO Tony Hayward dumping approximately one-third of his BP stocks one month prior to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.
    The 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico false flag environmental catastrophe did not occur out of an environmental war policy vacuum. The intentional wrecking of the environment as a deliberate policy to engage humanity in perpetual “war” has been in development for over 50 years in environmental weapons think tanks and laboratories, starting in the late 1950s, with JASON scientists such as Gordon MacDonald and his work on “Wrecking the Environment” as a geopolitical strategy.
    Under this geopolitical doctrine of “wrecking the environment”, the ecology and environment and biosphere are intentionally covertly wrecked using advanced, exotic environmental weapons and false flag methodologies. The natural environment becomes the next “enemy” in the permanent war economy. That portion of humanity that is not destroyed by the disturbed ecology must now struggle just to survive in what was before the wrecking a supportive environment and ecology. One purported 1967 environmental war policy report stated, “But from present indications, it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution…will be sufficiently menacing on a global scale to offer…a solution.” etc etc.
    And another note:Goldman Sachs has their hands in water besides oil.
    Claymore S&P Water
    CGW seeks to track (before fees and expenses) the performance of the S&P Global Water Index(R). The Index is comprised of 50 equity securities selected from a universe of companies listed on global developed market exchanges. The universe of companies includes all companies, as classified by Standard & Poor's Industry Classifications, associated with the global demand for water including water utilities, infrastructure, equipment, instruments and materials. Companies included in the Index have market capitalizations ranging from $250 million to $25 billion as defined by S&P.
    "Claymore is a respected leader in providing investors with innovative products for their portfolios," said Scott Ebner, Senior Vice President of the Amex ETF Marketplace. "The Amex takes great pride in welcoming Claymore's 21st ETF listing to the Exchange."
    Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, LP is the specialist for CGW.

  54. Hello friends,
    It is so good to see so many (65) responses at this point, on this subject of petroleum dependencies. I wanted to add something new that I didn't catch being brought up in these replies. As found in The Field book, there are references to many extraordinary breakthroughs in alternative energy research. Just yesterday I discovered some fascinating You Tube videos presented at the Project Camelot conference held in Zurich, July 2009.. in particular, the talk by Dr. Brian O'Leary.
    Brian presented an excellent overview of the alternatives available. He himself had spent a great deal of time studying the wind power alternative, but since moved on. The most important revelation to me from that presentation concerned the fact that we already have many inventions and proof-of-concepts, validating them, for 'free energy' devices. The most important one concerns Cold Fusion, (but there were many others) which had been the subject of a campaign of denial by MIT nuclear physicists just over 20years ago, at which time it was exposed as a Fraud (a group of them deliberately falsified experimental results to conclude that the experiments could not be duplicated). That is to say that 'cold fusion' has indeed been demonstrated in the lab and even advanced further by many over the recent past 20 years! Cold fusion produces nuclear energy with NO radiation. Neither does Cold fusion require nuclear high-tech industrial buildings to make it. In fact it is speculated that it could be made available in small energy packages costing perhaps no more than a few hundred dollars per person; packages which could supply the whole needs of a household for quite extended periods of time. Brian carefully delineated the several major obstacles to getting this technology out to us all. At top of the list was main-stream scientist and government continuing in a ‘can’t be real’ thinking. The late Arthur C Clarke was quoted as saying that this fraud of will likely go down in history books as the most serious fraud of ALL history.
    I invite you to check out that symposium presentation; it has been made available for free to anyone on the internet (eg YouTube), since I cannot do the subject enough justice in this response to this blog.
    The connection with the research presented in the book the Field, links this energy source to quantum mechanics and 'the zero-point energy', which energy is basically INFINITELY available out of the vacuum within the space that surrounds us.
    Brian has spent many years in his search for free energy (research) and has personally visited and witnessed many of the successful leading breakthrough inventions himself. You can check out his very impressive credentials, which include a professorship at Princeton U (a colleague of his was Carl Sagan), and being a NASA Astronaut that was to be sent on a Mars mission (Pres. Johnston cancelled that program).
    Brian has an interesting take on the solution to our energy dependence on petroleum. He has evolved and his current focus is on the required change necessary, being one of solving the economic/political world problem. The global dependencies on economics, capitalism, greed, profit motive and power, as it currently in place, makes any ‘quick flip’ of lifestyle interactions, very difficult. People in power particularly, but also all of us as well, have quite established habits that have developed out of thousands of years of historical problem solving and conditioning. There is a lot of fear of change; people get very angry when we rock the boat, so to speak. The most powerful tend to crush those who challenge their power. Also, he mentioned and experiment at one Phoenix Conference (Energy and the Environment), which had tested the creativity of a group of influential thinkers from around the world to solve the problem of how to work out solutions to the energy problem. There were many well meaning people, but the biggest obstacles encountered appeared to do with the different individuals’ paradigms on the meanings of life and need or not for energy, over which a consensus could not be drawn.
    I believe that the BP oil spill will forever go down in the history books as a ‘revolution’ trigger, for the dawning of a new economic/ political paradigm. This oil spill is great enough to inspire the whole world to action and to demand REAL change. I think we have been more than successful in our intentions to get the change started, perhaps not in this way, but change none-the-less.
    The availability of ‘free energy’, in my view, will ultimately enable EVERYONE to live life to the fullest, without exception. It will totally change the way we interact, our socio/economic/political life. That is, evidently to me, one of the reasons there has likely been so much resistance to bringing on the ‘quantum leap’ energy solutions [Fear].
    Going forward, I believe that we ought to focus our Intentions now on capitalizing on this (tragic) opportunity. This is a critical blow to those who would prefer to stay with the great profits of oil for as long as they can. I vote that we ‘Intend’ for the accelerated release of information, acceptance by main stream scientists and government, and a formal international announcement to the world, of the new ‘free energy’ technologies. Key inventors were killed to keep this knowledge hidden. We need to expose the truth quickly at this key timing. We also need to ‘Intend’ that there will be a will, the leaders, and a way to bring the differing peoples world paradigms inline. It will still take time and money to develop the technologies into practical devices. The sooner we get this enormous energy resource available in practical form, cleaning up the pollution we’ve created rendered incredibly easier. Our creative thinking, everywhere in the world, will yield untold of, and perhaps limitless, new ideas for its use. There will be plenty for all to do, and the means to do it with.
    Ps. The need for Petroleum products will still be ‘extensive’ for thousands of years of come. I believe that what appears to be a great oil reserve at present, will not take us very far into the future. Plastic products will likely be here to stay ‘ad infinitum’, so we will need to use the petroleum most exclusively for its fabrication… hence recycled and NOT burnt. We will need to produce it ourselves. Perhaps the access to ‘free energy’ with also yield to us an easy way to draw out the oil buried deep under the ocean, sometime later.
    I am a retired mechanical engineer with 35 years R&D experience, having worked in the telecom and medical devices industries.
    Thank you again Lynne for your inspired work. Reading the book ‘The Field’ a few years ago was one of the most important eye openers for me and a landmark in my formulation of my view of reality. It was very well researched, greatly inspiring, and incredibly timely for me. I think some people have a mindset though, against the fringe scientists. I tried to convert many, though not with great success. That was another eye opener for me, i.e., that so many are so ‘fixed’ in conditioned thinking. Congratulations on your work and I hope many more will soon ‘see the light’.

  55. An excellent article! However, since the 1970s I've been saying that plastics and oil will bury us! The other problem, as pointed out, is that pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, etc. ALL are petroleum-based. To understand more about that, please read my Dec'09 book, Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What's Probably Making Us Sick, available on Amazon.com. I think you really will be enlightened by what you read.

  56. Dear Lynne,
    the more I reflect on your guided meditation at the "Gulf call to sacred action" the more I feel how adverse it was to the needs of our time. - It was like giving cough syrup to a person with lung cancer.... and then imagining how good everyone will feel, once he or she stops coughing....
    further thoughts:
    This morning I was thinking of using the same pattern for a meditation to affect for example the war in Palestine or in Iraq, in Afghanistan, the ravaging that happens on the African continent and so on... - So many people suffer, have died and are dying .. -
    So there is no shortage of sentiment towards self-serving leaders. Why has it not yet happened then, that the responsible people wake up to their conscience?
    I guess it has happened and is happening to some degree and this accounts for the consumption of drugs from alcohol to anti-depressants or blood pressure downers to sex, money and whatever... Btw. I totally honor the many soldiers coming down with post traumatic stress disorder as it shows the waking up of soul in the young men and women. They are the "normal" ones.
    But the key might be that it is usually difficult for victims or people who care about them, to get out of their emotional selves and act from the part of themselves that doesn't blame or hate. -
    Therefore they miss the twist of visualising the leaders making the right choice and be flooded with light and bliss accordingly. - Also, this cannot be a trick but has to be real and genuinely felt. -
    Conversely, people who have understood the counter-productive nature of blame and hate, have perhaps only suppressed their own rage and are therefore unable or too "correct" and timid, to feel the powerful call to shake up a conscience.
    So there is your needle's eye. - But I think we might be getting there...

  57. If oil isn't part of the natural world, then what is it? Yes, it's not supposed to be spewing into our ocean - that is certainly NOT natural! I came here tonight to see if you have planned a healing to participate in to intend the healing and wholeness of the people and creatures of the gulf and surrounding areas. Instead the article above which is basically a guilt trip. Gee Lynne, it's just not what I expected, lol! Surely we can do better than 20/20 hindsight???

  58. The thing that makes me angry is that in our own country, we sit on more oil than is or has ever been in the middle east. Yet our own leadership, bending to the fanatics, will not allow us to drill for it. And considering the many years that drilling has taken place, the number of accidents are tiny. This one, of course, is very bad. Alaskans know that ANWR drilling would not harm the ecosystem there. Those who believe otherwise are buying the media spin. Many other states also have oil and gas lying beneath their lands, also. It is simply nuts to depend upon other countries. So, we stop drilling ourselves due to this disaster; yet China and other countries are still drilling a few miles off our coasts. Doesn't make any sense. Other types of energy can't do it all. Even if they are up and running, you can't make plastic tubing for IV's out of wind!!! We will always need petroleum. And we have enough available to last 10o's of years. I am for nuclear power as well.

  59. [...] Guests on my Align Shine Prosper Internet radio shows predicted 2010 was a major turning point for humanity. There are no bystanders now, everyone is asked to choose authentic truth and liberate Light on Earth. As oil gushes in the Gulf of Mexico, re-member … growth is always an option. Every one of us owns the Gulf catastrophe. If you doubt this read Lynn McTaggart’s Blog at https://lynnemctaggart.com/intention/well-after-all-it-was-you-and-me.htm [...]

  60. [...] Guests on my Align Shine Prosper Internet radio shows predicted 2010 was a major turning point for humanity. There are no bystanders now, everyone is asked to choose authentic truth and liberate Light on Earth. As oil gushes in the Gulf of Mexico, re-member … growth is always an option. Every one of us owns the Gulf catastrophe. If you doubt this read Lynn McTaggart’s Blog at https://lynnemctaggart.com/intention/well-after-all-it-was-you-and-me.htm [...]

  61. Lynne, thank you for a good and thought-provoking post. I join you in hoping that "the Gulf disaster signals the end of a petroleum-based world," and that we start "doing whatever we can, individually and collectively, to evolve a society that does not depend on oil at every turn."
    This was also my hope ten years ago when I wrote a book called "Divorce Your Car!" which includes practical info on how to drive less and live happily ever after.
    I found after interviewing scores of car-free folks for the book that although many of them got rid of their cars for environmental or financial reasons, they stayed car-free after discovering its benefits for quality of life.
    In response to the Gulf disaster, I'm now writing 30 blog posts in 30 days at http://divorceyourcar.blogspot.com -- and hope these posts will help us visualize how we can live better with less petroleum. I'm also pledging to make further cuts in my own petroleum use, and to donate dollars for every post I write to wildlife recovery efforts. My intention is to support healing in the Gulf and around the world by spreading ideas about how to use less oil. I'm so glad to see so many people here interested in the same thing!
    Thank you again for your good work.

  62. Lynne, this post needs to be read by everyone who is interested in saving all lifeforms on Earth. If this situation is not contained in a timely manner, there is so much that could go wrong in nature - far beyond the Gulf of Mexico area. Similar disasters have been happening in other areas of the world where BP drills - but has always gone unreported because the developed world regards the lives of the people in Third World countries dispensable offerings on the altar of greed.
    I wonder if the 'drill-baby-drill' crowd are aware of what is happening now - I'm sure there are a few literate folks amongst them.

  63. The Problem With Oil
    The oil that man digs for and mines from below the surface of the earth
    is like the life blood of the planet that's been accumulating since its birth.
    The more that we use and deplete this fuel as an ongoing energy resource
    the less likely we'll be able to sustain a clean environment in our future course.
    It is said to be the transformed residue of animal forms that lived and died before
    over many millions of years that nature in her capacity has been able to devour.
    Is it really any wonder then about the shape and size of the machines form
    that have been invented and developed to run using oil as their fuel norm.
    The pollution of our atmosphere and environment that is caused by using this fuel
    says a good deal about our ignorance that with nature we are really having a duel.
    Mankind acts like a relentless parasite on the surface of the earth
    and has been eating away at the life of the planet since its birth.
    Think of it this way that the ground below our feet is gradually getting colder
    as we suck and drain the oil or life blood of the planet as man becomes bolder.
    While the atmosphere above is evidently becoming warmer through carbon pollution
    by burning oil and coal for our needs; surely we know there's a better, cleaner solution!

  64. I think the most painful aspect of America's use of oil is the fact that so much of what they use ends up in the garbage bin. The very expensive packaging of many items which serves no purpose but to increase sales by making things look larger than they are and more attractive, for example.

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