The cancer in your soul

Lynne McTaggart

As I prepare for our special cancer teleconference with the pioneering Dr Patrick Kingsley this Sunday, I’ve been looking over the many things I have written about the disease. 
I have largely characterized it as a deficiency disease — a slow-motion starving of vital nutrients resulting from the wholesale industrialization of food —or disease of toxicity — a poisoning from our chronic exposure to some 20,000 chemicals present in our air, food, water and homes.
Clearly, these elements play an important supporting role. But perhaps not the leading one.
Spontaneous disappearance
They do not, for instance, explain spontaneous remission — how a giant mass can be there one day and virtually melt away the next. A small body of research concerns terminal cancer patients who, with little or no medical intervention, end up beating the odds.
Although medicine likes to pretend that these cases are rare, one in eight skin cancers spontaneously heals, as does nearly one in five genitourinary cancers.
Virtually all types of illnesses, from those where organs have supposedly packed up, as in diabetes or Addison’s disease, to those where a body part is supposedly irretrievably damaged, as in atherosclerosis, have healed on their own.
Rather than calling these cases what they are — the body’s ability to self-correct — medicine refers to them as ‘spontaneous remission’, as though the illness has simply decided to go into hiding, but might still suddenly spring out at you again at any moment.
We all marvel at cases of spontaneous remission because even the most enlightened among us subscribe to the body-as-machine paradigm. Under this model, what is broken stays broken, until a seasoned mechanic comes along with the right monkey wrench or spare part.
Clearly, what’s going on there is something more complex than eating your greens and throwing away your toxic cleaning products.
The sheer volume of cases of spontaneous remission shows that self-repair and renewal is natural to the human body.
Losing the plot
Lately, I’ve been sifting through these studies, looking for the common thread. What these cases collectively say about cancer is highly instructive. In case after case, they describe people up against a major roadblock in their lives: an unremitting stress; an unresolved trauma; a prolonged hostility; a marked isolation; a profound dissatisfaction; a quiet despair.
They describe people who are boxed in a corner with no apparent way out, people who have lost not only the plot but also their role as the central protagonist of their own life drama. They are people who, in short, hurt deeply in their very souls.
Those people who beat their cancer, whose survival remains unexplained, are those same individuals who find a way out of the corner. They get rid of the source of the psychological heartache: they divorce the abusive husband; they resolve the problem with their mother or daughter; they take full responsibility for their illness.
But, most important of all, they find the lost meaning in their lives. Most cases of spontaneous remission seem to take place after the patient has made a major psychological shift to recreate a life that is engaging and purposeful. They play the piano or go trekking in Tibet, if that’s what they always meant to do before they got derailed in their lives. They find a path back to their joie de vivre.
The power of thoughts
Most people, this would suggest, get ill because they’ve lost all hope of life ever being good.  And this suggests that they have cancer because of their thoughts — the thoughts they think about themselves and their lives.
For many years, I’ve studied evidence of how profoundly and quickly the brain alters its function and even its physical structure from mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is more than just relaxation. It creates a profound change in your worldview: an acceptance of ‘what is’ in the current moment without a judgemental overlay.
The research on mindfulness suggests that our physicality is like Play-Doh, to be molded from our conscious thoughts. Form follows function. If the brain can be physically revised throughout life just by thinking better thoughts, so too can the rest of the body.
Indeed, the dynamic plasticity of the body — its ability to go from ill to well overnight — demonstrates how deeply it is a maidservant of consciousness.
Much has been written about the so-called ‘cancer personality’. For me, the real question is getting to the heart of the cancer in your soul.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,337 comments on “The cancer in your soul”

  1. Dis-ease is of the heart and mind.
    Resentment, guilt, fear, shame & remorse.
    Trauma & abuse.
    The only cure is radical forgiveness.
    The return to innocence.
    The way into the Kingdom is as a child.
    Look to the teachings of the Christ!
    Above natural law, there is Grace.
    Ascend, Transform, Transcend!
    Peace be with you

  2. Everything is mindmade, if we could control the mind everything is possible. Nevertheless something in subconscious might be a problem.
    Meditation and mindfulness and also yoga nidra
    are helpfull tools to unsolve them.
    And ofcourse total trust

  3. Good thinking.
    What if cancer is not a malfunction of cells, but a desperate attempt of the body to physically solve a problem of the mind? As soon as the mind solves its own problem, the cancer disappears, for it is no longer needed. When the problem is not solved, the body has to continue its impossible effort, eventually destroying itself.

  4. This is a great blog, thank you Lynne. It states so simply and with the science to back it up the true nature of cancer and of everything really. There are thousands of books on this subject of our thoughts manifesting whatever it is they are thinking about. One book I recommend on this topic is The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. Keep up the good and much needed work! Also, I think Gerard's thought above may be accurate.

  5. I'm just finishing my chemo for breast cancer and an Arab saying goes, "Pray to Allah, but tie up your camel".
    That's what I've been doing, working both sides of this equation. I've chronicled my journey so far in my blog, of what's helped and what I'm doing.

  6. I agree 100% with you, dear Lynne. The problem to find out the source of cancer is mor or less in between solved. One of the possibilities discovered Dr. Dieter Broers, a wise German writer and Biophysician. He developed a method in which he treats people with Teta-frequencies, and most of his patients discover at once the moment, in which their decease started. At this point they start to heal themselves. In Germany we have a saying: " recognition is the first step for improvement."
    A friend of mine told me that she did the opposite, she wanted to get ill to draw the attention of her husbund who very often was involved with other women. So she chose a very bad decease, polyarthritis. It worked out, she got it and suffered a lot. But her husband stayed the same as before. Some years later she started to love herself and also stopped to wait for a reaction of her husband, and because she knew about her mental power the changed into health again. From then on she is very happy and completely healthy. Isn't that a phantastic story?

  7. The "mis"-perception, "mis"-conception, "dis"-belief that needs to be healed as that resurrection was only intended for a man named Jesus.
    He is the Alpha, we the Omega....
    He is God's Holy Son, and so are You!

  8. On the subject of spontaneous remission, Dr Joe Dispenza has done some interesting research which he documents in "How to evolve your Brain". very worthwhile reading.
    Also Dr. Richard Moss wrote "The Black Butterfly" where he posits that Cancer is the result of our energy not moving to a higher vibration and schizophrenia is a lack of centredeness around which the higher energy needs to grounds itself in us. excellent book too

  9. Wonderful to read this Lynne. The material world including our bodies are created anew every now, now, now.

  10. This is a good way to think about it. I know an amazing and very positive person, with the most incredible sense of humour who god the desease.
    A person who lived in a way they wanted, and do the things they love doing.
    And yet, the desease is still there. Maybe there is something more to that. '
    Nutrient deficiency is the most in Africa, and yet, I believe North America prevails in humans being diagnosed with cancer.
    Prevention is a good way of thinking, but once you get it, how can you just ignore it, and not take care of it?

  11. 'Great post, Lynne. You know that I served as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a large group of cancer centers. And my research concluded that cancer patients lived longer because they felt loved and cared for. This realigned them with their essential core/soul, which, as you have noted many times before, allows for a greater flow of the life force energy. Improved health is a natural consequence.
    My best to you and Brian, Dean

  12. The real disease is in our collective subconscious.
    Many are working right now to move us toward the Light.
    There is great resistance, as futile as it may be.

  13. I enjoyed the post and totally agree with it, including most comments. I was not going to reply, but Valerie H asked a question that is not too difficult to answer. I have a 10 year old Golden R with Lab. People tell me that she should be slowing down by now. She runs up the stair in my building, she plays. she's happy. My answer to Valerie's question about animals getting cancer I have to ask who feeds them? Yes us, and the food is not the best one for sure. All the by products and names I cannot even start pronouncing tells me that it is not appropriate for them the same way that Mac Donald's burgers and fries are not for us. Another point is all the unnecessary vaccine. I rarely took her to take shots, but the very needed ones and that was far and between. She never needed it. Love and good food is all it takes for the dogs and cats to live a long and healthy life. Also, most of their diseases are our fault. Our negativity will affect them greatly. Namaste

  14. I remember a story about some-one who visited a very old indian sage who lived in a cave somewhere in India, when they approached him they saw he was surrounded by cobras and that his body bore the marks of many bites. When they asked the old man why he was still alive he replied " the snake is GOD". This story is I believe is about a deep dis-connection that we have within ourselves that we are separate from the world. The healing of this apparent dis-connection is the major journey of our times. As we do this ~ the major illnesses of our time will vanish ~ best wishes to all and have a great Christmas ~ Lezley

  15. Great blog and great comments, Lynne you are doing a great job.
    Jose I tend to agree with you regarding animals and illness...they are also subjected to chemicals and pollutants, and yes all that awful processed food . I had a Great Dane cross who lived to be 15 years old and was energetic, vital and full of fun and love until the end. She never had a vaccination in her life, lived with me in a clean and unpolluted environment and was fed a diet of raw meaty bones and occasional left overs, but never any carbohydrates or grains.. She was never ill until the week she died of old age and heart failure.
    Environment, diet, attitude and state of mind all contribute to an upset in homeostasis. The body heals and regenerates itself many 'cancers' have come and gone in our bodies without us ever being aware?

  16. After months of stressing over a problem I could not fix, I fell asleep last week reading and pondering Echart Tolle's suggestion, that the mind is a great tool but a horrible master. The next morning I practiced "being" as opposed to "thinking" and gratefully meditated on the gift of my existence. Now I can understand how the mind may have the quality of play dough, as you suggest, because since that event the marked decrease in bodily stress has been coupled with a sense of peace that enables me to replace my first response " thinking" with a felt response of "being". I may not have been cured of cancer but on some deep level I feel healed.

  17. punch in DNA NASA ( or NASA DNA whatever ) in google search--
    check out the first item, whcih is my blog ----
    -- " dna nasa arsenic phosphorus, capt ajit vadakayil "
    i have given reasons , why our planet will understand about the intelligent force residing inside our DNA-- in about 2 years time.
    Quantum consciousness will come of age!
    -- all this because some demented DNA mutated in a " once vibrant lake " in California USA.

  18. Love the Blogs Lynne, and particularly this one. It's not just cancer that heals spontaenously. I believe the mind can cure other illnessess too and witnessed my mother reverse gangrene in her foot caused by artheriosclerosis. She was 76 and was told she needed her leg amputated at the knee in order to survive. She was a very positive, feisty lady and quite horrified at the diagnosis. She refused to accept it, or the treatment and I can only say 'positively thought' herself well. All she lost in the end was the top joint of her middle toe on the affected leg. The surgeon was amazed (as were we!).
    Keep it coming and Happy Xmas. Linda

  19. I have come to view cancer as "eating yourself alive" so yes, it has much to do with thoughts and feelings that are deeply held.

  20. I would just like to add something to Jose's excellent answer in response to why animals get cancer. I toally agree with his point about feeding them chemically toxic diets and over-vaccinating. If we accept that animals are thinking, feeling beings that also possess souls, then we must also believe that their emotional states would contribute to their becoming ill with diseases such as cancer. Yes, animals do become depressed and can also get stressed over separation anxiety. Also, keep in mind if you've adopted an animal from a shelter, you don't know what negative experiences it has endured before it has become a part of your family. Just like people, not all animals enjoy 100% positive emotional health throughout their lives.

  21. A recent study of Egyptian mummies--300 of them--showed evidence of cancer in only one body. Today you'd probably find evidence of 75 to 100 of bodies with cancer. Why? Humans have always had negative feelings and emotions--it is the human condition. Cancer rates are on the rise--in industrialized nations. We are polluting ourselves.

  22. I love Gerard's comment, and resonate so clearly with his perspective. We will go to any measure necessary to get our own attention indicating that our attention and intention are up for review and revision. The spontaneous remissions are such beautiful examples of how far down a path we can go and still change our mind. Any moment is the moment. Thanks for such powerful stimulus, Lynne.

  23. On dec 12th at 11 am and 12 am central time zone I tried to call 512-807-1055 512199# to be part of Dr Kingsley's teleconference which I had paid for on my credit card, and could not hear anything but music. How frustrating is that?
    Now what? Will my credit card be refunded? How do I get to hear what Dr Kingsley had to say?
    Is there anyother way to get in touch with Lynn McTaggart?
    Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing from someone soon.

  24. This is good stuff, and I, too, registered, but did not receive any instructions on how to participate. Please help. Thanks!

  25. Hi everyone, as usual I am overwhelmed but in a good way. There is so much promise in each of us, it really is so exciting reading you're comments . It's snowing here and bitter cold with a wicked wind. You can hear the silence. It's beautiful....I wish everyone a warm holiday .Peace and love ...

  26. Over two years ago our wonderful little Blue Heeler was diagnosed with stomach cancer. We refused to believe it and took her to a specialist who confirmed the diagnoses after many X-rays and Ultrasounds. The treatment they recommended was to take her home and wait for death which would probably be soon as she was vomiting blood. We refused to give agreement to their belief, took her home, put her on a mild diet, let her do what she wanted and gave her tons of love. She was soon well and has been well ever since. She is now about 13 years old and still pretty darn frisky.
    We both understand that when you take authorship of your own life it is not necessary to believe anyone else. We also understand that whatever happens to us we have set ourselves up in some way or other and we can change things by recognizing that authorship and changing our beliefs. I agree with Jan's description of cancer as "eating yourself alive".
    I understand heart disease as "losing heart".

  27. John Kehoe's writings have always inspired me, Lynn.....I quote " At one point or another we have to accept personal responsibility for uplifting our own lives.....It is wondrous,exciting,frightening,overwhelming,confusing,mysterious, and it is happening to us moment by moment." We never know what tomorrow will bring, but we have today! "the greatest masterpiece of all is a life well lived!"

  28. I have been given this link by a friend, as I need to learn as much as I can how to heal myself after being diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma last week, following surgery and the removal of my kidney a year ago. All was clear until last Wednesday when I was to have the last of the 3-monthly checks and the signs are there. start treatment tomorrow, but am determined not to let this setback get the better of me. I firmly believe a strong support structure and positive mindset can do much to beat the disease.
    Looking for shared experience and guidance - "do's & don'ts" etc.
    PS - Enid Pennel above from Hermanus is quite near me - I am in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa.

  29. Lynne,
    You’re spot on once again!
    Although in my family, where we had two different grandfathers producing two lines of siblings with the same grandmother, it has become obvious that one bloodline is riddled with a genetic predisposition to cancer, where the other line (my line) has shown no trace of cancer in three generations, so I firmly believe genes also play a part in the equation...
    You can’t be a fan of your books or blog and NOT believe that your thoughts can have an effect on your body.
    The naysayers are the ones getting sick.
    After spending the bulk of my life a very negative and angry person, I’ve worked hard over the past 5 years to release these emotional toxins from my body.
    My intention is this release of emotional crap will allow me to continue to live cancer free...
    Trevor, I wish you the best mate and also offer my intentions of living cancer-free to you!
    Write On!

  30. Well, well, well... thought as much! My feral mate has been saying this for years. He also reckons that the same thing applies to HIV AIDS. He is a cool guy with a lot of gumption and a lot to say, but is generally considered a total 'nutter' by most. He lives at Inanda Dam, in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and has spent years promoting a natural cordial which cleanses and remineralizes the body. The product in the local vernacular is called 'Umlingo Wamangcolosi' or to us the magic of Ngcolosi Please note, I am not trying to push the product but he does have a lot of research that he has collected on his site. If you are interested check out his facebook page

  31. Trevor, yes, indeed ...thoughts are powerful, and those thoughts need 'weeding!' I am so aware of what you must be going through! Just build into that subconscious mind the process of affirmations and visulizations that the healing mechanism....mind.(positive mental attitude..self image)....body(nutritional needs....spirit (fun, joy, inner peace.) The word LOVE is patent energy. Easier said than done...DO NOT GET DOWN ON YOUR AILMENT AILMENT! My thoughts are with you for treatment from tomorrow!

  32. e estado estudiando algo sobre el tema.......... creo q hay personas que nacen con un tipo de canal abierto, tipo mental---- por ejemplo un ser que conosco mucho se sano con la tecnica del profesor Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj "el no temer y olvidarse de su enfermedad y llenarse con abundancia de pensamientos buenos"..... eso me paso a mi en particular al leer el tercer libro de dan brown llegue a esta pagina y sus postulado como nueva ciencia me iso recordar muchas cosas q en un minuto de mi vida las pense y con estas informacines reatribullo que la mente es un tipo o un sentido adicional a nuestra vida y hay que perfeccionarlos........ creo que hay muchos hay afuera deambulando en la vida con la soluciones a los problemas ..... me despido para seguir en mi busqueda por el engranaje de esta corriente viva llamada "mente o supermentes"

  33. Life Way is forming in the Crystal River, Fl. area. The group heart/mind will access and integrate life changing ideas and practices such as those mentioned in this blog. For more info:

  34. this is a fascinating subject , especially to me because i often take care of cancer patients. I wonder what the world population would be if we could all heal ourselves of this disease by changing our thoughts . We had all better start practicing birth control or the pace of environmental degradition caused by overpopulation will nip us in the behind , to put it mildly. either way, no one knows how time they have so why not take Lynn's advice and live /love to the fullest .

  35. Enid really wants someone to translate Ariel's comments? Into what? For someone like Ariel who may have been born with an open channel letting a friend heal himself with many wonderful non-dual thoughts could appear in the pages of Dan Brown's 3rd novel as a mind viewing itself as a superselfperfecting Don Quijote tilting at wind sails gently generating more problems than the average musician could solve during a long vacation in Buenos Aires. I know I missed it by a mile but it happened so fast I couldn't see that fast.

  36. I wonder how you are doing, Trevor? You commenced treatment a few days ago! Powerful LOVE LIFE Thoughts!

  37. If health restoring intentionality were to gain widespread efficaciousness leading to the virtual elimination of cancer of the soul and its physical byproducts, the proclivity for rampant reproduction would perhaps fall by the wayside without fanfare. As a consequence of increased confidence in the power of intention, people who fear the loss of a major source of survival potential( the Cancer industry), would discover they could rewrite their own survival scripts as easily as chemo prescriptions are currently.
    Life is full of surprises. This could be one of them.
    And do unto Trevor as you would do unto yourself...and tread softly in this starry starry world. Or not.

  38. I humbly offer some verses as my response or comment on the subject of "The Cancer in Your Soul"
    Quatrain #192
    Overfed and yet under nourished is the plight of too many people today,
    they gorge themselves on just about anything to drive their hunger away.
    When one eats to live instead of living to eat, with discipline maintains,
    one not only keeps in good health but also their mind over body reigns.
    Simple Observation #65
    In sickness and disease there’s the hopeful possibility of a lasting cure
    though misery or discomfort is what all have to overcome and endure.
    Simple Observation #80
    Remove the cause of disease and you have the cure
    this can be accomplished by making the mind pure.
    Simple Observation #128
    To reverse the trend, where possible, of an adverse condition or situation
    one must take certain specific opposite measures with due consideration.
    Simple Observation #195
    Miracles can and do happen every day
    because the power of God is here to stay.
    Simple Observation #198
    It’s very often said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’,
    but to get well one has to undergo a kind of discipline.

  39. Hello Lynn,
    thank you for your thoughts and personal work about thouse issues that pull us beyond our own frontiers of science and thoughts.
    Working with cancer patients I have a glimpse into a lot of personal stories.
    My question: what is your take on babies diagnosed with cancer ?
    The soul incarnating to experience this aspect of consciousness and contribute in this way ...
    Thank you

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