Praying for water: the results of the Lake Biwa Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart

I’m back from my trip to Japan, and our first live water Intention Experiment on Lake Biwa. As I’ve written earlier, this Intention Experiment had been planned 18 months ago, when Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages in Water, approached me with the idea of using an Intention Experiment to purify the water in the lake.
As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Lake Biwa, one of the world's oldest lakes, supplies water to 14 million residents. Since 1983, after rapid urbanization of the surrounding land, domestic and industrial waste has changed the population of microorganisms in the lake, causing outbreaks of red tides, water bloom and water weeds and a moldy odor.
It was the perfect first target for first live experiment.
For this experiment, I enlisted Russian physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg State Technical University, who has worked with us on two earlier experiments: the First and Second Korotkov Water Experiment. Dr. Korotkov, you may recall, invented the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, which makes use of state-of-the-art optics, digitized television matrices and a powerful computer.
Korotkov captures the tiny pulse of photons emitted by all living things by stirring them up — ‘evoking’, or stimulating them into an excited state so that they shine millions of times more intensely than normal.
Korotkov’s equipment blends several techniques: photography, measurements of light intensity and computerized pattern recognition. When used on humans, his camera takes pictures of the field around each of the 10 fingers.
A computer program then extrapolates from this a real-time image of the ‘biofield’ surrounding the person and deduces from it the state of health in the case of a person.
Water’s cluster structure
As with our Water experiment with Pennsylvania State University materials science expert Dr. Rustum Roy, we were examining whether intention can changes the molecular structure of water. Any changes in the light emissions of water indicate changes in the clustering of water molecules.
The ‘structure’ of water, from a scientific point of view, refers to the molecular arrangements of individual water molecules (which are, you know two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen). The molecules form units, or ‘clusters’, which remain stable anywhere from a part of a second to several weeks.
Think of water molecules as analogous to pieces of Lego, which cluster together, continuously forming different configurations.
The way in which water molecules cluster together can vary enormously. For instance, water can contain molecular clusters of up to several hundred H2O units apiece.
Water molecules adhere to each other not only through hydrogen bonds but also a wide range of very weak bonds (known as van der Waals bonds).
The presence of very weak bonds enables water molecules to change clustering with remarkable ease by very subtle radiation, including the power of intention.
This change of structure can change fundamental properties, even if the composition of the water doesn’t change.
A perfect example of this is diamond and graphite. Both share identical composition, yet diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth and graphite one of the softest.
Water grows polluted from a number of sources, including bacteria, chemicals or even a change in temperature. These changes can also change the clustering of its H2O molecules. Molecules of healing water or clean water cluster together in very different patterns than that of polluted water.
So changing molecular structure is one highly powerful way to use intention to purify water.
Water with a high degree of structure (strong regular structure) is found in in the cytoplasm of healthy tissue and a variety of healing waters like that of Lourdes.
Tests on liquids
Korotkov and his team have carried out a great deal of research on a great variety of biological liquids, including water, showing that the GDV equipment is highly sensitive to changes in the chemical and physical contents of liquids — subtle changes that don’t show up in ordinary chemical analyses.
For instance, Korotkov discovered statistically significant differences between the blood samples of healthy people and those patients suffering from cancer or heart disease. He has also found statistically significant changes in water after it was irradiated — even when when homeopathic remedies diluted 30 times were added to it.
Preparing the water
On Sunday March 21, I traveled with my family to Lake Biwa, which is outside of Kyoto, Japan. The night before Dr. Emoto’s conference was to begin, my husband I climbed out onto the rocks of Lake Biwa to collect two samplings of water in two different glasses.
We then carried the glasses to Dr. Korotkov’s hotel room, where we photographed our target glass and then our control.
Those photographs were both uploaded in my computer and whisked off to our Copperstrings web team in India, who readied our on-line experiment for the following day.
Meanwhile, Dr. Korotkov took measurements with his GDV instrument using a syringe installation before the experiment. He also measured the pH of the water before and during the experiment.
I arranged with Copperstrings to have our experiment run at 12 noon Japan time – exactly the time I would run the experiment at Lake Biwa. I began my lecture at 11 am, and at exactly noon, showed my audience of more than 500 both the glass of water and the photo of the glass that was uploaded on our Clean Water Experiment site.
After powering up, our audience (as well as our worldwide audience over the internet) sent an intention of love to the water and were told to imagine it like a mountain stream.
After our intention, Dr. Korotkov measured the water with his equipment again.
To register the subtlest of changes, he examined many parameters, including the power of the signal (its area) and the spectrum of the signal (its intensity) and its form co-efficient (the measure of a physical or chemical property that is constant for a system under specified conditions — such as, say, friction.
As you can see from the figures below, he found a statistical different in the area and intensity of the light signal (first chart) and also its form co-efficient (second chart).
The red bar represents our control glass and the blue bar our target glass.

Interestingly, after our influence, the power of the signal waned, but not its intensity.
This would indicate that we made a permanent change.
As Korotkov writes: ‘All presented results demonstrate that collective intentional mental influence has significant effect both on water parameters and on the condition of the space. These results give us one more indication of the power of our mind.’
Next week we will report on the pH and the involvement of our international audience.
Have a blessed and restful Easter weekend.
Warmest wishes,
Lynne McTaggart

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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19 comments on “Praying for water: the results of the Lake Biwa Intention Experiment”

  1. I love it! There is no end to the good that may be accomplished by the human mind. I can hardly wait for the next one.

  2. Your report is so exciting. You have left it on a "cliff hanger" and so I'm already anticipating the next segment of your findings. Thank you so much for your work.

  3. This is exciting, looking forward to your findings. Kindly also experiment on other basic elements such as earth, Fire, air , Space.

  4. What a honor it is to be included in a group that is making such wonderful changes.
    It is so easy to feel powerless in this modern world. This helps me have purpose for my own environment.
    Thank you.

  5. Lynne, Thank you so much for all you do for us as human beings! I love participating in these experiments! I feel so blessed to be aware of our power to change the world. I believe that world peace is not only possible but it is happening through intentions such as these. Water is a very good place to send our attention.
    Peace be with you always, Lynnette

  6. Namaste Lynn,
    Your (and our) intentions make an immensely valuable difference in our Earth and for humanity as a whole.
    I thank you for that ... may you be strong and happy in your personal life.
    You bring hope.
    Love & Light, Ellen

  7. Congratulations and thank you for showing the world what can be done. I knew you/we could do it! It's a relief to have connected with those who know. What miracles present in our collective future now! Thanks to all for the great work!
    Namaste... Much love and many blessings,
    Suzy Rice

  8. Lynne, I was critical of your previous water into wine experiment, but this seems sound. There is a clear cut (and much better presented) difference between the two samples and Korotkov's methodology is good. There is a fair amount of skepticism towards the GDV technique, but I think most of it is ungrounded. Thanks again, and look forward to the pH results.
    Michael Duggan Ph.D

  9. Dear Lynne,
    thanks for organizing, great work as always. Could you please display a better resolution image, as the details of the graph is hard to discern; similarly to the earlier laboratory wine water experiment.
    The box plots mean normal distribution sampling average is the center, standard error of the mean for the box and two standard deviation of the sample (95% confidence intervals, two tailed) for the whiskers? Would help enormously to understand the results, thanks.
    Would help measuring the clathrate structure and possible phase transitions with magnetic resonance imaging, that is an established technique.
    I am also looking forward for the pH results: less reliance on GDV alone.

  10. Hi Lynne,
    It’s great to have evidence to support what you’ve known and written about for many years now!
    I am interested to know if there was any split-testing to measure the direct effect of the intention provided by your local audience versus evidence of effects derived from those sending their intention from afar?
    In many of the intention experiments outlined in your chapter about faith and healing in The Intention Experiment, it’s suggested that intenders who had a direct access to the receiver had a much higher ‘impact’ than those who were simply asked to prey for a name on a card.
    There is also the issue of exactly what are we intending? To imagine a mountain stream…well that could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, so where there photos provided to offer a visual guidance of some sort?
    For those of us who practice working with intention every day, we don’t need other people’s proof…these results simply accommodate those who are skeptical of this ability…
    I don’t need to see scientific results to believe intention has an effect on my life…I experience it daily!
    Write On!

  11. It would be wonderful if sufficiently many skillful intenders were assembled to truly transform Lake Biwa into a pristine condition. Would some manufacturers pursue even more damaging practices with the sense that negative consequences could so easily be ameliorated? Would intender groups then be tasked with purifying the mind streams of polluting groups?

  12. Great going! What a glorious melding of science and spirituality! Exciting times these...

  13. I believe there is no end to what the human heart can accomplish. I just heard that the human heart has an extremely powerful electromagnetic field (per gregg braden) as compared to our brain. Keep up the good work. Isn't life exciting and amazing!

  14. Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers? I'm kinda paranoid about losing everything I've worked hard on. Any recommendations?

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