The Purifying Effect of Love: the Lake Biwa Intention Experiment, part 2

Lynne McTaggart

Dear friends,
Last week I reported on the results of our first live water Intention Experiment, the March 22 Lake Biwa experiment, where we have evidence that we changed the cluster structure of the water molecules. This week I’ve received the report from Dr. Konstantin Korotkov about our effect on the pH of Lake Biwa’s water.

For those of you who have not read about this before, our stated purpose was to purify the water of Japan’s ‘mother lake’, Lake Biwa, the third oldest lake in the world, which sits almost dead center in Japan.
As I’ve mentioned before, this Intention Experiment was first put mooted in June 2008, when Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages in Water, first approached me with the idea of using an Intention Experiment to purify the lake, which has become polluted from industrial and domestic waste, causing outbreaks of algae and water weeds.
For this experiment, Russian physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and I had tested whether we could change the structure of the water’s molecules through intention through his Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique. But we also wanted to examine the effect of intention on pH.
PH and pollution
Water grows polluted from a number of sources, including bacteria, chemicals or even a change in temperature. These changes can also change the water's pH. The pH of any liquid measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It’s measured on a scale of 1-14.
Natural ‘healthy’ rainwater is supposed to have a neutral pH of 7, and most rainwater now is between 5 and 6. Liquids that are acidic are below 7 and those that are alkaline are above 7.
Industrial plants emit gases that make water too acidic and other pollutants can make the water too alkaline.
One way to clean up polluted water may be to change pH. We already have evidence that pH is very responsive to intention.
In our experiments with University of Arizona psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz, we experimented with deliberately lowering the water pH. This time, with Dr. Korotkov, we did not attempt to send the pH in any particular direction, but simply sent loving intention to purify the water.
Testing the water pH
As I mentioned in last week’s email, the night before Dr. Emoto’s conference was to begin, my husband I climbed out onto the rocks of Lake Biwa to collect two samplings of water in two different glasses.
We then carried the glasses to Dr. Korotkov’s hotel room, where we photographed our target glass and then our control.
Besides his GDV measurements Dr. Korotkov took measurements of the pH of both the control water and our test sample of water before and after the experiment.
He discovered that both glasses of water had a pH of 7.8 before the experiment.
Nevertheless, after the experiment, the control glass stayed at 7.8 and the experimental glass changed to 7.85. As Dr. Korotkov notes, ‘an increase of a pH means that the water became more alkaline, which is more beneficial for life.’
Here is the graph showing the effect:

More rigorous science
Nevertheless, as Dr. Korotkov cautions, we cannot take these results very seriously as good science.
“A real pH experiment is quite complicated and has to be done with constant measurements of the same sample,” he wrote me.
“We do this in the lab. It was impossible to do so at the live Conference.”
So this is a fascinating indication of a possible effect, but one that we must test again under controlled settings.
Going up
Interestingly, we had a stronger effect this time — a good half a pH — attempting to raise pH than we did in attempting to lower pH during the University of Arizona experiment on January 30. It may be that raising the pH is easier than lowering it; as a rule, unless water is too alkaline, increasing alkalinity results in cleaner water.
It may also be that enlisting our audience to send an emotional intention – using their heart to send love to purify water, imagining a mountain stream – proved far more engaging and effective than sending an more intellectual intention to change ‘water into wine’.
We’ll be able to examine this in more detail shortly. Two days before the Lake Biwa event, I spoke at a Reconnective healing conference in Tokyo.
Dr. Schwartz and I had organized another water pH to run during the event with the conference audience. This time, however, I asked the audience to send two intentions over two 10-minute periods — first to lower the pH, and then to raise it.
I’ll have those results for you shortly.
With each Intention Experiment, we learn a little bit more about how to use our collective intention to heal the world.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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2,970 comments on “The Purifying Effect of Love: the Lake Biwa Intention Experiment, part 2”

  1. Hi Lynne,
    I believe your comment about sending out “loving feelings” instead of “lowering the PH” is much easier for most people to implement.
    I find many folks seem to shut down mentally whenever I mention mathematics or scientific data when trying to explain these effects.
    My challenge with learning higher level math in high school actually created a mental barrier which I was unaware of until I started my university studies in my late 20’s.
    I had to “unwind” all of my well-entrenched suppositions that math was too hard for me. These feelings of limit and inability were very debilitating and had been sitting there latent since high school.
    I’m sure there would be members in any audience who would struggle with the concepts of acidity, alkalinity and PH.
    But those same people might have a better understanding of what ‘loving thoughts’ are, so they don’t waste valuable mental energy on understanding the science, and can immediately apply full thought to the experiment.
    In my last comment, I asked if there was any evidence of whether the local audience had any greater effect than the non-local participants? I would love to know if distance provided any deviation to the statistics.
    Write On!

  2. Sorry to nit-pick, but the change evidenced in the Lake Biwa samples was one twentith of a pH, not half a pH as quoted.

  3. Dear team,
    I do believe in the good work, and hope that one day it will be accepted mainstream.
    However, I do see 2 possible pitfalls in the reasoning of the setup of the test.
    You took 2 glasses from the same water, one called the target glass and one the control glass. We did the intention work on the water in the target glass and we did it also on the Lake itself.
    Now, as the water in the Lake and both glasses are the same, they do have also the same energy structure.
    The possible effects of the intentions on one glass are automatically instantly relayed to the other glass. The intentions to the Lake itself are also directly relayed to the water in both glasses.
    In your books are such effects well described.
    So, despite the differences we measure between both glasses, or between the glasses and the Lake, they are minimum. This could explain why there is only a difference of 0,05 !
    A second possible pitfall is that the event was announced weeks before the day itself. As such, we all looked already before to the nice pictures of the Lake, we heard much about the event.
    The impact of these actions beforehand are maybe even more difficult too proof, however, the impact will be there.
    Anyhow, I just wanted to add some extra insight in this wonderful domain of positive intentions.
    Keep it up.

  4. I agree with Curtis. Let's send the water love <3 I can do that much easier. I had a hard time in the first experiment trying to think of the taste of wine. I do not like wine and do not ever drink it. I could however concentrate on sending love or think about great tasting water. Love you all!

  5. Intention is capable of achieving miracles and rightful intentions can go a long way in healing the earth. More such efforts are required and the community at Intention Experiment deserves all credit for waking up to the reality of the world and contributing proactively towards it.
    Intention Experiments so as to Program the Minds of Humanity so as not to pollute and damage the environment they live in is a dire necessity in todays times.
    This will plug in further damage and then a simultaneous cleansing process will rid the earth and environment of many taxing procedures.
    General instruction as to heal by love and compassion will go a long way in solving these.
    Thank you

  6. The Lake Biwa Intention Experiment and the wine water experiment, are a perfect start for more consciousness al over the world. Lynne thank you for facilitating that. You make a difference with the intentions. I believe in it; and know we have to reach out; to help other people to know and see and feel that every body can learn this. I know we can make a difference together.
    Love and happiness to you all.

  7. I agree with Poonam, compassion is one of the most important ingredients. Research has shown that the energy radiated by compassion is measurable. Belief also has a huge significance, as Dr Bruce Lipton shows in his book "The Biology of Belief".
    I would ask all of you to Google Hollie Greig....
    Read the Facts and if you feel, or resonate with what you learn please join a growing group 26000 people who's intention is Justice for Hollie. A new development is that small number of us are using the power of intention with compassion and high vibrational energy to vis
    ualise the outcome.
    Maybe the time for experimenting with real emotional charge and a belief that truth will prevail.
    Unity, justice, one heart, let's evolve together,
    Peace and light to all...namaste jen

  8. Lynne, do you have a head count of how many people were logged in, or an estimate of how many people participated online and in person at Lake Biwa?

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