The Lake Biwa Clean Water Experiment

Lynne McTaggart

As I’ve told you in earlier weeks, we will be taking our Intention Experiment live to Japan on March 22 for the first ‘live’ Clean Water Experiment.
But I also have some really exciting news. If you cannot join us in Lake Biwa, you can still join us in the world’s largest Water Intention Experiment — right in front of your own computer.
This time, I’ll be working with working with Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov, of St. Petersburg Technical University. Dr. Korotkov developed the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, which makes use of state-of-the-art optics, digitized television matrices and a powerful computer to capture the faint light emissions, or biophoton emissions, from living things.
Korotkov’s technique stirs by ‘evoking’, or stimulating them into an excited state so that they shine millions of times more intensely than normal.
His GDV equipment blends several techniques: photography, measurements of light intensity and computerized pattern recognition. He has carried out thousands of studies on humans showing that subtle changes of intention change a person’s light emissions.
A computer program then extrapolates from this a real-time image of the ‘biofield’ surrounding the person and deduces from it the state of health in the case of a person.
Changing the molecular bonds
In the case of liquids, the GDV machine is also able to examine the emission activity on the surface of the liquid — that is, its ability to retain important information from other molecules and its molecular cluster structure.
The emission activity of the surface of these liquids depends upon the presence of clusters of hydrogen atoms with a special ability to bond. It is this special property, Korotkov believes, that gives water its unique capacity to record and retain information.
The ‘structure’ of water, from a scientific point of view, refers to the molecular arrangements of individual water molecules (which are, you know two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen). The molecules form units, or ‘clusters’, which remain stable anywhere from a part of a second to several weeks.
The way in which water molecules cluster together can vary enormously — a bit like a set of Lego. For instance, water can contain molecular clusters of up to several hundred H2O units apiece.
There is good evidence both that pure and healing water has a different structure to that of tap or polluted water. There is also evidence that this structure can be altered by subtle effects, such as that of human intention.
Three earlier Intention Experiments
The Intention Experiment has run three experiments attempting to change the molecular cluster structure of water – two with Dr. Korotkov and one with Dr. Rustum Roy, materials science specialist at Pennsylvania State University.
Two demonstrated changes, and one result was inconclusive. For full details see our Experiments page on our main website:The Intention Experiment. Scroll down the page and click on the two Korotkov experiment links and then one for the Roy Experiment.
At Lake Biwa Dr. Korotkov will take samples of the lake water and under controlled conditions, allow the audience to send intention to make the water purer by changing its structure.
We’ll also be examining the water for two other affects. We’ll be looking for changes in pH before and after the experiment. Dr. Korotkov will also arrange for scientists to study the bacteria content of the sample and the controls after the experiment.
How to get involved
I’ve also worked out with my web team, Copperstrings in India, that you can be part of this historic event, even if you cannot travel to Japan. We will be running the same experiment at the exact same moment on the website, so you will be able to see photos of the lake water in its target and be able to send intention during the same 10 minutes as my audience in Japan.
The time of my experiment will be 12 noon in Japan on March 22. Unfortunately, that is a more unfriendly time for those in Europe than it usually is (although a better time for all of you in Australia and New Zealand). Also, the time difference is such that it will be running the evening before in America.
So if you are in Los Angeles, you will be participating at 8 pm the evening of March 21.
How to participate
If you’d like to participate, here’s what you have to do:
• Register TODAY. (The site gets very busy on the day of the experiment, so register now, so that you can just use your password to get in.) If you have not registered for our Clean Water experiments before, please do so by signing in on
• If you have already registered, you will be able to use your old password to login.
• Note down the date and time. Besides marking down March 22nd on your calendar, please note the time zones in your area:
• 8 PM March 21 US Pacific Daylight Savings Time (DST)
• 9 PM March 21 Mountain DST
• 10 PM March 21 Central DST
• 11 PM March 21 Eastern DST
• 3 AM March 22 UK time
• 4 AM March 22 Rest of European
• 2 PM March 22 Sydney Australia
For other time zones, please consult:
• Practice POWERING UP – the program I developed to maximize your intention skills. For best results, please consult my book The Intention Experiment (and if you don’t have it yet, do consider getting hold of it. Purchasing the book also helps to support our work.
• On the date of the experiment, log onto and sign in one hour before the experiment is due to begin. You can always leave your computer and come back before we’re due to begin. But that way you won’t have trouble logging in once the experiment starts.
• If you have problems on the day, email our Copperstrings web team: Our team will send you the URL to go to directly or help in any other way.
• Five minutes before the experiment is due to begin, get into your highly focused POWERING UP state.
• Follow our instructions to the letter. After powering up, the pages will flip over and you’ll read a description of the intention. The pages will then flip over again and you’ll be told to hold a particular intention for 10 minutes. Music will also play during that time. At the end of the 10 minutes, the page should flip over to signal that the Intention Experiment is over.
• Don’t attempt to change pages. Our web team will automatically flip the pages over for you.
• Notice how you are feeling during the experiment. I’m as interested in any changes in the intenders as in the changes in the target of our intention. I will survey you a few weeks after the event.
• Click on the button to join the lively community discussion afterward. Tell our community from 90 countries around the world how it was for you.
Please join us for this historic event. Let’s see if the power of intention works in a real setting.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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42 comments on “The Lake Biwa Clean Water Experiment”

  1. I worked in Water safety control for many years, testing lakes and beaches to see if the water was safe for swimming regulations. There are many variables in the samples taken, even at the same time and place from the same body of water. The samples are completely different taken at:
    1) various depths,
    2) when the last rainfall occurred,
    3) Wind speeds as this stirs up the surface waters differently in different locations and at various depths
    4)ambient temperatures as the solubility of minerals varies as does bacterial growth in the sample
    5) how the sample is taken. For instance if someone is walking in to take the sample, this stirs up sediment and the sample will be completely different.
    I have never tested two samples that are the same from a large body of water---all have to be stated within a range to have any meaning in the baseline.
    Changes would be difficult to impossible to accurately assess, as there are too many variables.

  2. Bills considerations are important. However, if the lake is very polluted to begin with and we are looking for significant clearing, however that is measured, it would seem to handle all that. I see no reason why we have to think in terms of small changes.

  3. Sampling con be done at once with samples taken at different depths and recording the temperatures with special prepared equipment that I surmise they must have prepared prior.

  4. Hi Lynne and all of the participants, I have put the date of the lake Biwa experiment in my calendar and will join you all. I have a question about the experiments date and time. How did you chose the date and time. Did you consider the constellation of the planets, the seasons or how did you decide by this data and time? Warm regards Sylvia

  5. I think we should not look for changes by measuring with conventional methods. But rather open our hearts for the real vibrational changes.

  6. Although it is an uncomfortable time for us in Europe, i gladly join you. Besides, at 4 am in the morning, the energy is very good 😉

  7. 'Bills considerations are important"
    No they aren't - Rupert has the idea-"But rather open our hearts for the real vibrational changes"
    Big Bill the naysayer - if you don't like go some where else with your 5 points.

  8. Hi Lynne and everybody, I am following your web and blog with great interest. I bought your books a couple of weeks ago , and I am reading The Intention Experiment first. Once I finish it I will participate in the experiments. I only want to congratulate you for your great job, I am enjoying your book and I firmly believe in the power of union. Warm wishes from Spain!!!!

  9. Yeah this is my bag! I'm up for it, and looking forward to participating. Nice one Lynne.

  10. Wonderful! We are One in all things and through these types of experiments we will trust and grow that we are more powerful in higher vibrations than lower... many blessings!

  11. Hello, Ms. McTaggert,
    I wanted to tell you about a story in the April issue of Discover magazine that supports what you have already told us about the effects of intention in the future on events in the past. Zeeya Merali writes, in an article entitled "Back From The Future," about measurements of light passed through beam splitters, and how future measurements affect measurements in the past. You may already be aware of this study, but I wanted to let you know about it in case you haven't seen it yet. Best wishes on all of your efforts.
    David Clouston

  12. If the experiment works you could apply for the million dollar JREF prize to be given to the first person to demonstrate psychic phenomena under controlled conditions. No one has yet been able to do this.

  13. Regarding Bill march 12 comment: I recall an experiment carried out by Cleve Baxter on a subject from whom a cell culture was taken, remotely monitored with electrodes, which responded significantly when the subject, in a distant room, was asked to open to the centerfold of a Playboy magazine.
    It's conceivable to me that a water sample drawn from the lake would similarly be in touch with the lake as a whole. If, after conducting the experiment,changes in the sample selected were found to be significant, I think it would not be unfair to assume that improvements would occur throughout the lake as a whole.

  14. First, thank you for everyone's comments.
    Considering this site and all of our intention for being here I think that all Points of View are Honored. All comments are valid Bill, Tricia, Allison, Kip, etc.
    If we are truly opening our heart then it sounds like we are reconciling all parts of our brains and our collective ideas. This is how we move forward or out from a contracted position. Otherwise how can we send love to water if we won't send love to each other or ourselves LOVE?
    Thank you Bill for making me stretch!

  15. Fue fabuloso, sentia la energia fluyendo en forma de calor por mis venas, temblaba sin un motivo aparente, y no dejaba de aparecer la idea: necesito tomar ese agua.
    Gracias por la experiencia!

  16. About half way through I began to smile. I felt a lot of love. It is raining here today. The rainwater tumbles down the watershed hillsides. I connected these real time experiences of today and tonight and my water and the Lake water and my love for my Mother Earth, Gaia. I pictured the most sensitive micro-organisms flourishing in Lake Biwa. Pure, healthy, clean, clear and perfectly natural, the way it was intended to be.

  17. that was so amazing, thank you Lynne and everyone, I could taste the sweet clean water : D

  18. WOW!!! That was great !! I am so glad I was able to participate. I had MAjor goose bumps all over my body while I was meditating and I cant even describe the feelings of joy I experienced. Thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of this.

  19. Las palmas de mis manos ardían por la energía que fluía, Y fue como si algo de densidad muy espesa recorriera mi cuerpo. Sed, mucha sed de esa afua fresca y cristalina

  20. I was imagining all of us who were meditating in lake Biwa swimming and the light of our love was radiating from all of us at the same time we were all one!! I LOVE IT

  21. The glass of water was immediately connected to my heart center as I continued to reread the intention...the feeling was very strong and stayed strong for quite awhile. I'm looking forward to the results of this experement. Thanks for everything you do Lynne and for having us able to participate 😉 ...

  22. My husband and I just came out from meditation for the Lake Biwa Experiment. My experience was profound. Many years of meditation and intention work is always of use in this type of situation. Only positive thoughts and loving intentions were, and still are, generating a positive outcome to this joint goal. The results for this particular situation could be monumental.Its impact upon the world could be immeasurable. Blessings to all who participated. Know that whatever you did to positively affect the outcome of this exercise has also had incredibly positive impact and blessings upon you as well.

  23. The mountain stream was coursing through me, around me; its happiness, its JOY was the Totality. My BEing was a huge SMILE. It was so effortless!

  24. While I was Intentioning the Lake Biwa Water Experiment, I became the rushing chuckling clean clear water mountain stream, with all my feelings-- I could feel the mountain clear water, see the water, hear it chuckling drink it in and touching me all over, swimming in it was joyously and lovingly right through me and I was all this beautiful running water filling overflowing the glass, splashing and running over the table.

  25. Felt this great outpouring of love and compassion for the water as if it was (actually it is) a living being. Focused on the water as though it was coming into the glass as a pure clear mountain stream and seeing the Spirit of the Water entering the glass to purify it.

  26. Nunca pensé que algo asi podia suceder... Fue mágico. La energia se siente, se experimenta, se desplaza y fluye... Que maravilloso ! Todavia siento una especie de espasmos, algo que no habia sentido nunca, algo que quiero repetir!

  27. Dear co-participants,
    I feel now responsible for my sample of water ! I know that I will think of it all day with a feeling of cherishing love, like a parent watching her child recovering after illness.
    Thank you for this experiment, I want to be part of as many futur alike experiments as possible !
    Love and light to all of you.

  28. I felt strong love energy interwinded across the globe when I start to meditate for powering up my intention. The water of love flow through my heart and my body and I can sense the collective intention at Lake Biwa, the toxins were flush out from my body as well as those at Lake Biwa. We should practive it as a daily ritual:)

  29. That was amazing! That was the fastest ten minutes ever and I opened my eyes just as the page turned to end the experiement! I could not listen to the music because I am still on a dial-up connection and I was also running an update, but we live beside a creek and even with the doors and windows shut I can still hear it. I also called for Maha Chohan to assist.
    It's wonderful to live in a time when heaven and earth are coming together!
    God bless us all!

  30. Guys, I am thrilled that you all were able to experience so much love collcectively. unfortunately I was not able to join the experiment this time but cannot wait until the next. Additionaly I am lookoing forward to the future wehere societies have accepted and used this knowledge to create more harmony and more.
    Lynne, thank you for `The Field` it should become obligatory reading for open minded students of all faculties, and everybody else of course!

  31. I think the idea of taking a samples out of the lake to be analyzed before and after the experiment is worth doing. I work with lake sediments and water samples myself, and I agree that getting identical samples out of the same body of water just isn't what normally occurs. If a discrete sample isolated from the rest of the lake shows changes... that would be really interesting. Particularly if similar changes occurred in both the isolated samples and lake waters at the same time.
    I'm not making these points to ruin the fun. I'm interested in science and would like to see all the bases covered.

  32. Thanks to all for the great work! We'd love to have our very special, legendary healing water here at Tarajories 'tested' as such and photographed via Dr. Emoto's crystal photographs. We have not been able to connect with anyone with intermittent attempts so far. RSVP anyone who can get us connected. Thanks.

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