The Bond Tour: A New Vision, a New Way Forward

Lynne McTaggart

There's only two weeks to go before the release of my new book THE BOND : CONNECTING THROUGH THE SPACE BETWEEN US, and I wanted to tell you a little more about the work that I have been doing for three years.  The book was written in response to all the crises we now face, including the financial recession, which I believe have occurred because the livese we´ve chosen to lead are not consistent with our truest nature as givers and sharers.

The latest evidence shows that the essential impulse of human beings and all of life is a will to connect, not an urge to compete.
Currently we maintain this view of the universe as a place of scarcity populated by separate things that must turn against each other in order to survive.  We´ve all simply assumed that´s life.  But that´s not the story science is telling us anymore.
I scoured frontier science in many areas and discovered that we are not individuals in any sense of the term.
For instance:
*Sub atomically, there is no such thing as an individual thing.
*Our bodies are created through so many complex interactions with its environment that they cannot be considered to exist independently.
* Our health, our mental stability, and possibly even much of what we consider our uniquely individual motivation are partly at the whim of solar activity.
*We understand the actions of others by simulating the entire experience from a personal vantage point - as though it were happening to us.
*One of our deepest needs is to agree with each other, which manifests in a constant and automatic impulse to synchronize, physically, psychologically and emotionally.
*Emotion, always considered wholly individual, is like a virus, transferring from person to person in an endless and unconscious circle of contagion.
* We seek belonging above all else: for every 10 per cent more your neighbors make than you do, your suicide probability increases by 7.5 per cent.
*Connecting with others is a matter of life and death the lone-wolf, Harrison Ford style all-American hero is a perfect candidate for a heart attack.
I wrote THE BOND to offer the first road-map of how to live according to this new scientific story, in harmony with our true nature.  Next week I´ll tell you a little more about some of the detailed recommendations I make to help foster more cooperative relationships and more unified neighborhoods.
In the meantime, if you´d like to pre-order your copy to make sure you have it sent on the day of launch, just click here:

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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13 comments on “The Bond Tour: A New Vision, a New Way Forward”

  1. I agree. The human body system on a cellular level prospers best when seeking cooperation rather than competition. Love, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, Joy, Kindness, Doing Good For Others as well as Enjoying the Success of Others grow the body system and our universal connectives. They are the Fruit of a Good Spirit. Envy, Anger, Greed, Covetousness, Jealousies and Competitiveness (vs Excellence) are life destroying at the cellular level i.e. These are the Fruit of a Bad Spirit.
    But yet I know from my own experience that there are forces at work beyond our sight, but not our internal knowing, that work in what most term Spiritual Realms against us. Our armor against such onslaughts are to manifest the Fruits of a Good Spirit by our intentions to one another and the World Around Us.
    I always seek and put forth ideas and projects designed to help others find the strengths within them so that they can do the same intern for others. I am currently finding blockages at every turn. Please if any one can direct an intention towards removing those blockages
    Peace & Blessings,
    Mike H.

  2. I am sitting here in Rwanda during the week of commemoration for the over 1000000 victims of the genocide that happened just 16 years ago. It is, of course, not the only genocide that has happened within our recent history. What bothers me is how to explain this in terms of "laws of attraction"; God or anything else that has a spiritual explanation. A friend said to me recently she found it hard to believe that the 9000 people trapped in a church (having been betrayed by the priests) weren't praying for God to rescue them; were not praying for deliverance. In the world we have created most individuals live in abject poverty. Everyday I receive emails telling me how I am not spiritually attracting wealth; soulmate -- I am not meditating enough; I don't have the right thinking. I personally fear our need to blame the victim.
    If anyone out there can tell me where I am mis-thinking this and explain how consciousness could want to experience itself through this type of reality please let me know. I am at a loss to explain it. I agree we need to learn to love, to communicate, to connect --- I am not sure we are wired for it by either genetics or instinct.

    1. To Anna M Karola: Neale Donald Walsch answers your questions in the "Conversations with God" trilogy..

    2. I feel embarrassed to say, but it has occasionally occurred to me that this earth is a long term corrections facility, and most of us (if not all of us), are in some way in need of correction. That said, I feel that love is something we can (and need to) learn and that as more of us overcome our tendencies to allow fear, competitiveness and a belief in scarcity to lead us, we will succeed in transforming our world into an incredible example of peace, abundance, and cooperation. Then again, some days that thought seems so far-off and unreachable -- especially in the face of personal struggles and in the face of malevolence that I see and experience -- all I can say to that is, somewhere, deep within my soul, there is a recognition, a remembrance and an understanding that we are all one, that what I do to you, I do to myself, and that, thankfully, there is something in this world that has the power to transform us into the one human family that we are -- and that is Love!

      1. I agree. Perhaps a missing element is "self-respect." I believe self respect breeds "love." Love is humility; love is gratitude; love is respect for all beings and for all existence; love is respect for self (the secret to understanding the true meaning of love). Love is the foundation of the soul. The soul is the source of intuition; the instinct of character; the innate sense of right and wrong. The soul is the inspiration of the mind; the mind is the motivation of the heart. The heart is the generator that energizes the mind, body, and soul. The body is a manifestation of universal respect and love; the revelation of the universal mind. The universal mind is the final resting place of the collective reflections of existence itself. The universal mind is the forever revolving reservoir of life"s happenings and events. The universal mind is that which binds all beings and all existence with common thread of love.....enduring forever. I believe we are all spiritual beings constantly striving to unite with nature and that these souls survive and prosper for eternity through the power of love generated by the foundation of self respecdt. Thanks for your thoughts. joe sekin

    3. To Anna: I understand how you feel! I see so much hatred, division, anger, greed, fear, lies....around me that I find it very difficult not to feel hopelessness. Nonetheless I continue to trust in Evolution and in the hope that the few that have Seen Light, that have discovered Love and Oneness inside themselves, will finally change our Culture and our World. I don't know why I trust because I can't find any good reason for it, but the fact is that I do Trust. Helena - Venezuela

    4. Hi Anna M Karola,
      Tere is so much of confusion in the world today, you are not alone, to make the law of attraction a reality we have to believe in unconditional love, non-judgmental mind set. We have to make them a real whether we are wired for it or not. We have to bring that about in human evolution. I think we have to practce unconditional love and non-judgmental nature in our every day life then it has a chance to become part of our evolution.

  3. God heard me crying last night - because I had (finally) understood why I've never fit in with the culture I was raised in - Capitalism is the religion of this society/culture - and I could never find any meaning/comfort in engaging in the constant emotional/physical friction this type of life-style expected of me. I'm now deeply interested in the culture I never knew because it's only been recently that I've been opening up to my Native American culture....that has long (before scientists) stated "We are One."
    I am so very, very grateful for your words - I can quit feeling crazy now!

  4. "United, we stand. Divided, we fall"
    Given that many societies and cultures actively encourage competition from our infancy, and we are taught repeatedly to not trust others, it is not surprising that we find ourselves in this mess.(repetition deadens awareness) Think about the contents of the childhood stories we are taught, the games we are taught. They foster competition and distrust. It isn't just about 'capitalism' (there is nothing intrinsically 'wrong' about a person earning a living), or any other 'ism'
    The question that perhaps needs addressing is WHY would centuries of humans WANT to foster these attitudes and beliefs in their societies? WHO does it serve?
    To undo centuries of ingrained 'training' is difficult, at best. The bottom line would be to become self-governing. Yet we've all been raised to believe we NEED a governing body to 'keep us in line', so to speak.
    I recall asking my father when I was 9 yrs. old a question that really upset him. I asked this: Why don't these people 'in charge' just leave everyone be, so they can to do what they want to do? He yelled at me, saying, "What? Do you have ANY IDEA of what would HAPPEN if everyone, everywhere could do whatever they wanted???!!!" I answered, "No. I don't believe it has ever been allowed, or tried". He continued, "I'll TELL you what would happen! ABSOLUTE CHAOS!! THAT'S what!" A few years after he passed away, Scientific American ran an article about a couple scientists who had programmed a computer to run a scenario of chaos, and found that it actually presented a pattern of its own. So that shoots the chaos theory in the foot- we are naturally prone to patterns, as it were, so where is the danger? Sure, some may take longer to integrate into a smooth behavior, but overall, it seems like we intuitively know what is best for us- as a whole, and would eventually get to a point of cooperation and peace, given the opportunity to do as we wish. Infants want to belong- be hugged- be loved. It is intrinsic to their survival. It only makes sense that that desire is innate, and never goes away (albeit it could get 'buried' with enough 'negative' training).
    How long would the projection be of the world's population attaining a state of belonging-ness? (however long it takes for a thought to occur...whether everyone does that at once is another matter...)
    [Perhaps we could learn a few things from the natives in the Amazon. They seem to have been able to live harmoniously and fairly]
    Lest we forget...
    All things are inter-related. They cannot exist without each other.
    They do not exist without each other.
    When one is part of a whole, separation is illusionary, at best. When that 'whole' is 'no thing', it is all illusionary.Perhaps energy, itself, is just 'thought'...
    Who is doing the thinking? Perhaps (the illusive 'collective' of)'I AM' (not intended to mean 'I AM' as an individual, but rather 'God's(or whatever tag you care to employ or not employ)...God's 'hand'(Source) creating a 'window' or opening, so as to 'separate the Waters/Light [Yod=hand(I), Hey=window(A), Mem=water(M)] hence creating this 'reality' we 'see'/'co-create' ; a thought/breath directed to manifest something from the 'fluid' of 'no thing', as it were- or Life as we perceive it)
    It is difficult for us to see the 'puzzle' when each of us are a piece of that puzzle- and the puzzle is the 'whole' of life as we know it.
    I liken it to each being as a part of this higher 'being'- if it had a body, you could be a cell in the fingernail- maybe I am a part of a cell in the skin of the shin, etc. Each has a 'job' to do- the well-being of the whole depends on how well each does it's particular job. All of the parts make up the whole, and each has a consciousness, and the ability to alter everything with its own thoughts.
    Now, if we can affect each other in such a way as to get each on a positive roll, we can manifest a healthy whole (aligning our 'individual' 'free will' to that of the Whole/Holy...(not as in man-structured organized religion; as in respect for Life itself).
    First, we have to stop the negative programming (whether societal or self-induced), and re-program, as it were, to effectively do our utmost to create a positive environment for each 'individual' part/cell/human/entity- Once health is attained on a 'individual' level, the whole is then healthy/harmonious.
    Can we do this? Think it so....
    We can start by consciously (ie. thinking it is possible, and believing it so) altering all harmful substances into life-giving, life-promoting, safe, and healthy substances. We can start with ourselves (mind/body/spirit), and what we have done to our beautiful planet....
    All the answers are within, and will guide us- because we are all one -

  5. I love it when different scientists/researchers come up with similar conclusions going at the question from different perspectives. Many of the conclusions you have offered in this post are similar to conclusions from the likes of Lipton, Dossey, Sheldrake, etc.
    The best part about your upcoming book "The Bond," is that you've (expanded on) and collected these in one place. I love reading books like these because they really are a great way to view the information with a different lens.
    With Love and Gratitude,

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