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Lynne McTaggart

Living the Field: Tapping into the Secret Force of the Universe - Winner of the "2008 Nautilus Award" for World Changing Audio Books!!!

Living with Intention: Intention is a skill we can all use, but scientifically-based training for this faculty remains scarce.

Living the Field

Living the Field: Tapping into the Secret Force of the Universe
Winner of the "2008 Nautilus Award" for World Changing Audio Books!!!
Harness the Source of Your Living Energy: The Zero Point Field
The cutting edge of quantum physics is not just found in a laboratory or university—now, you can live each day on the frontiers of science. Lynne McTaggart’s revolutionary book The Field captivated readers around the world with its exploration of the unseen dimension where science meets spirit, but that was only the beginning. With Living The Field, this pioneering investigator presents a full-length audio workshop on using the scientific discoveries of the quantum age to supercharge your life, health, and consciousness.
Consciousness Is the Signal—You Are the Receiver
How can invisible quantum forces affect the way you live? In light of McTaggart’s research, the answer might astonish you: the very essence of your thoughts, memories, and sentient mind arises from the Zero Point Field. Your consciousness is not stored in your brain—instead, your brain is a receiver that picks up the “signal” of your consciousness from The Field. And through The Field, encoded in its infinite energetic frequencies, you are fundamentally connected to all other life. If you have ever picked up the feelings of a loved one from far away, known what your pet is thinking, worked in synchronicity with a team, or had a strong premonition of the future—then you have already glimpsed the power of this quantum connection.
To “live The Field” is to continuously enhance your ability to receive the signal of this unified consciousness. Distilling the best techniques from her acclaimed workshops, Lynne McTaggart gives you straightforward, practical tools to expand your access to the limitless energy and wisdom of The Field. Whether you wish to boost your health, increase your intuitive powers, turn intention into reality, or even unlock your dormant extrasensory gifts, Lynne McTaggart will help you discover how to achieve profound and life-altering results when you beginLiving The Field.
6 hours/ 6 CD Set

Living with Intention

Can your intention change the world, or is it just wishful thinking?
Nobody has made a more thorough, comprehensive investigation of the power of the mind to influence the universe around us than Lynne McTaggart.
Her conclusion:
Thought does shape reality, but much depends on how skillfully the thinker can use their intention.
With The Science of Intention, this groundbreaking author builds upon her findings from The Field (Harper Paperbacks, 2003) to explore what makes manifestation work, what can interfere with its effectiveness, and how you can put the power of your intention to use in your life.
In her new master course for harnessing the creative power of our thoughts, she teaches listeners:
* The keys of "coherence": how to focus thought with laser-like effectiveness to achieve measurable results
* When and where to practice: knowing how the environment, timing, and even phenomena like solar activity affect your results
* Learning to set aside the sense of self to become a conduit for universal energy
* Secrets of mystical and shamanic "masters of intention," and how you can apply them.
Intention is a skill we can all use, but scientifically-based training for this faculty remains scarce. With The Science of Intention, Lynne McTaggart provides listeners with an indispensable resource of information and practices for turning thought into reality--and unlocking our true human potential.
6-CD set; 5 3/4 hours

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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