The Clean Water Experiment

Lynne McTaggart

Last week I announced that we’ll be running a new Intention Experiment on July 13 – this time, to see if we can use intention to clean up polluted water. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas about where we can use the power of our collective intention in real life. 
After we test this experiment in a controlled way in a laboratory setting, we’ll try it out on a real body of water.  But in order to provide evidence that our intention actually can clean up water, we need first to demonstrate this scientifically, with Dr. Gary Schwartz and his University of Arizona team.
Our web team at Copper Strings, who handled our Peace Intention Experiment last September, are busy assembling a separate landing page for our experiment. As with our earlier experiments, our June 13 experiment will not take place on our website (, but will have a separate landing page to go to, in order to ease the huge traffic we’ll experience on the day.
The team are also working on a separate registration area so that we will won’t have the log-jam that we have faced in the past.
So in order to participate, you will need to register again – on this new mini site. Next week I’ll explain exactly what to do and how to register. 
Remember: we’re asking you to register again because this is a scientific experiment.  Our scientific team at the University of Arizona need to know exactly how many are participating.  Otherwise, we can’t quantify our success.
Here are a baker’s dozen of steps you’ll have to take in order to take part in this historic event.
1. REGISTER on the new landing pages, as soon they are ready.  Everyone who registers will receive additional information about how to take part.
2. FILL OUT THE SHORT SURVEY.  After registering, you will be asked to fill out a short survey. This survey will ask you a few basic questions, such as the country you’re from, whether you’re a regular meditator, whether you follow The Intention Experiment’s Powering Up program, etc.  These questions are purely for our scientific team, who wish to have some basic demographics about our participants.  We won’t be asking anything personal, and we won’t share your data with anyone else.
3. MARK DOWN THE DATE on your calendar and in your diary. Allow at least 40 minutes or more – 15 minutes of coming on early, 10 minutes preparing, and 10 minutes for the experiment. Also allow for a few minutes more to blog with our community about your experience.
4. CHECK OUT the time in your local time zone and WRITE IT DOWN NOW. Remember:  all of us need to participate at the same moment, and the experiment will only run for 20 minutes.  It’s really important that you know exactly when it is running in your time zone.
 In past experiments, many people have got the time wrong, and missed the experiment.  
The Clean Water Experiment will be running on June 13, 2009 at 4 pm Greenwich Mean time. 
That’s the same time as:
9 am US Pacific DST
10 am US Mountain DST
11 am Central DST
12 noon Eastern DST
5 pm British Summer Time
6 pm rest of Western Europe
2 am Sydney, Australia (sorry, Ozzies)
For other time zones, click on this website, which will help you convert to your own time zone.
5. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW about the Clean Water Experiment, and ask to take part.  As with the Peace Intention Experiment, we’d like a large body of participants we can to maximize our effect.
6. BUY OR BORROW my book, The Intention Experiment. Reading my book is not a condition of participating. Nevertheless, it will help you to participate more fully.  It provides the fullest explanation of the power of intention and my POWERING UP program, the most complete program of how to do intention, distilled from evidence I gathered from a wide variety of intention masters.  Buying my book also helps to defray any costs of these experiments. 
7. PRACTICE POWERING UP.  Once you register, you’ll also receive information from me about how to practice intention — the right mind and emotional states, the right time and place —  so that you have time to practice.  The sooner you register, the more time you’ll learn how to do intention.
8. GET YOUR COMPUTER READY a few days before the event.  Ensure that you have access to it at least a half hour to 15 minutes before we’re due to start.
9.  ON THE DAY OF THE EXPERIMENT, SIGN IN EARLY — at least 15 minutes beforehand.  If you participated in earlier experiments, you recall that we were victims of our own success – so many people tried to participate that it was sometimes difficult to access the landing pages. 
Last time, our web team worked on a means of controlling the flipping of pages on our Peace Intention Experiment portal website pages, and staggering timings by a few seconds between the various participants, so that our site wouldn’t be overwhelmed by traffic.  It ended up working well across the week.  They’ll be doing something similar here, so that we don’t overwhelm the site.
10. READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. After signing in you’ll be sent to the first page of the experiment. Read the instructions, which will tell you to start powering up.  Get into your meditative state and hold it, in readiness for the start of the experiment.
11.  FOCUS ON THE INTENTION TARGET.  After 5-10 minutes, you’ll be directed to the experiment page.  Only at that point will we show you the Intention Experiment target, which will be a sample of water.  We’ll also reveal at that time the exact intention we’d like you to send for exactly 10 minutes.  PLEASE FOCUS YOUR THOUGHTS ONLY AND ENTIRELY ON THAT PARTICULAR BODY OF WATER.  In future, we’ll try intention experiments with ‘real’ bodies of water, which pollution problems.  For now, you can help most by joining everyone else with the exact same thought. 
During the 10 minutes of the experiment, our website will play Choku Rei, the famous Reiki chant by Jonathan Goldman that we have used for all our experiments. 
12. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES.  Immediately after the experiment, there will be a link for you to return to our Social Community (, where you can share with others your immediate reactions and sensations. 
13.  TELL US HOW IT WAS FOR YOU.  After the experiment, I will ask you to fill out a short survey, similar to the survey I used for the Peace Intention Experiment, asking if your life has changed in any way after the experiment.  This questionnaire also helps me and my scientists in our research.  Again, we won’t be asking personal questions. 
While you await the creation of our new registration form, please tell everyone you know to register on our website ( to receive all the latest information about this and other Intention Experiments.
In the meantime, share with me below your intention of the week.  What Intention do you wish to hold for your life this week?

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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25 comments on “The Clean Water Experiment”

  1. I am a scientist in the field of Metallurgy. I must ask the question "what is impure water and what is pure water by your and Dr Schwartz's definition" . Is sterilized water which has been subjected to temperature above 77 degrees celsius pure? How many parts per million is considered impure? Is triple distilled de-ionized water considered such as is used in the making of electronics parts pure?
    I would like to see these questions referred to and what it is exactly are we trying to do. Is it to kill bacteria etc or what?

  2. This week I am focusing on being understanding of abusive people. At times I have found myself struggling with patience and understanding-compassion. In the past my body and mind have felt frustration. My intention is to understand that I love these people and to leave frustration and negative energy out of the equation, as negative energy is abusive in itself. My intention is to become the person I want to be; loving abusive people(-indeed everyone and everything), therefore providing abusive people with a new perspective. My intention is to observe abusers in a new light, with the intention of changing others abusive behavior to understand that all there exists is love. I look to the eternal source, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan People, as well as the countless other masters of understanding, compassion, love, and generosity, for guidance. Through the energy that these masters have practiced and become, it is my intention to also become positive energy in every way imaginable, and more.

  3. I wanted to make a suggestion for everyone getting ready to take part in this experiment. When I was taking Reiki classes, my Reiki Master told me that her Reiki Master clears the energy in the water when he takes a shower. He imagines clearing the energy towards the source of where the water comes from through the pipes, etc. and where the water goes, down the drain. Sending the water love and light whenever we use it could make a big difference in our everyday lives. Water is our friend. It is a part of us. We are made of mostly water. There are so many drugs and impurities in the water these days I feel that practicing this on a daily basis will help tremendously. Thank you everyone for giving your time and love to these experiments. I love you all unconditionally without exceptions.
    Namaste, Lynnette

  4. I appreciate Mr. Stanley's questions. I too appreciate as exact information as possible to focus my intention correctly. I have had great success with intention experiments of my own and see results with precision when I have specified exactly what outcome I intend. These results have been with intentions involving fires needing to be contained, hurricanes, floods, missing persons and the like. Please be as specific regarding pH, etc. as possible. Perhaps each person sees clean water differently and to specify certain aspects may help our collective focus obtain better results.

  5. What wonderful minds are at work here. Each comment is so well articulated. Each expressed thoughts and ideas similar to mine as I began preparing my mind for the Clean Water Experiment. I love that Lynette is able to get a purer shower now, thanks to her love for Sister Water. And Gretchen opened my mind today for more understanding-compassion. I feel grateful for this website.

  6. I am just excited to be able to participate in another Intention Experiment. Eventually I intend to start an Intention group in my church. I need to be clearer on the procedure for that, however.
    Love you all

  7. You admonish us to arrive at the right time, but you list two different dates, July 13 and June 13. Which is it really?

  8. I am just loving connecting with you all here. Gretchen, I meditated on something similar to what you are talking about that is great! I am going through a loving everyone and forgiving everyone phase. It's the best way to promote peace. I love you all :~)

  9. Nice to be here .
    i wish you all most feeling love .
    Thanks to this wonderfull life , wheere we are understanding alwaYs more in proof , there is no "Out Theere" ,
    Namaste' to all you

  10. I have been involved with a special technology call the Bioscope, that is able to detect subtle changes in water, including thoughts. You can download a PDF doc. at this site:­/AllGoodNews
    I tried to get hold of Lynn many times, but I never had any response. I think that including this technology in the Intention Experiments could give you valuable information that is not able to be detected by standard technologies. It is similar to the Tiller black box idea. Please have a look.

  11. In answer to the dates question -
    I believe it is both... First the test, and then the experiment. I'm sure it will be more clear on the sign up page -
    Stardevi - this new device sounds really interesting!!! Thanks for the link!

  12. Hi!
    Maybe you should share te experiment of water to Dr. Emoto who has realized the sema experiment ( cleanig waters in some countries ) and it has scientific tests.
    I have participed. I think that it's better share with him and his international web with the same intention.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi Lynne,
    Will you please reply here to Earl K. Stanley's post on May 22, 2009 at 4:01 pm? I'm unclear as to what "clean" means. Are we aiming to kill all bacteria or just remove the sediment or just a few of the hundreds of different chemicals? Would we not drink the before and drink the results? Also, as a teacher I'd like to know how soon after the experiment will we be advised of its results?
    With aloha,

  14. At 57 years old, I just completed a 15 page research paper for an English Comp class entitled"Water: Imprinted with Memory". "The Field" and "The Intention Experiment" were two of my sources. I would like more info on the bioscope mentioned by Stardevi but I'm leary of a site I have to become a member of.

  15. I was part of the water experiment.I feel a infinite wave of love. Now I making a scketh of the vision in my mind during the experiment.
    I wont to send it to you. Give me please an E Mail, Thanks,and love!
    Daniel from Israel

  16. I am so delighted to be a part of this. Here is my recommendation :-
    I recommend that we'll be notified of the flip of the page with a sound. This will help in our focus on the subject rather than wondering when the page is going to flip.
    I believe the level of the result is based on
    1. Our level of focus
    2. The purity of mind
    3. The setting we are in ( as this help bring about more concentrated focus)
    I look forward to doing more of this.

  17. today it was the first time of this experiment I joined in. The previous days my computer had problems, it did'nt work. today, yes, I could participate.
    my intention went to the example as it has to become, is en will be. this was an excersice to stay with, with my heart, mind, everything.
    focus, focus, focus, relax, and be with it.
    think big, that was today my experience.

  18. yes and hello, and although I did not participate in the experiment I was listening to coast to coast radio with the woman in charge of the experiment and the idea was to observe the water and see if you could decipher a word in the water and how you felt about it and to report what you might have thought the word was imprinted in the water as a word was put there in the water and the experimentors suggest that most people got the word right although reported never having actually seen the word
    Thank you,
    Steven G. Gokey

  19. Hi Earl
    I am trying to locate an Earl Stanley who, quite a number of years ago, worked for Solarex (a silicon metal manufacturer) in Martinsburg West, Virgina.
    If I have indeed reached the right person, we would be interested in discussing some ideas about making silicon from silica and carbon sources.
    Thanks in advance,
    Michael Binder Ph.D.
    Senior Research Scientist
    RSI Silicon
    3700 Glover Rd.
    Easton PA 18040 USA
    (610) 258-7777 extension 224

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