Announcing: The Clean Water Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart


June 13, 2009

4 pm GMT


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Dear Readers:


I am thrilled to announce that we have now planned another Intention Experiment, this time with a fantastic target: clean water.  We’re working once again with our psychologist Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona’s Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health and his fabulous chief lab technician Mark Boccuzzi. 


Mark, as you may remember, carried our Germination Experiments, which required hours of meticulous preparation. 


This experiment marks the start of our work in attempting to take intention out into the community with real targets and real results. 


Why water?

Water is an excellent target because, as we’ve shown in our own Korotkov Water Experiments, water is highly susceptible to intention. A solid body of scientific evidence has examined chemical changes caused by intention.


Bernard Grad, an associate professor of biology at McGill University in Montreal, for instance, has examined the effect of healing energy on water that was to be used to irrigate plants. After a group of healers had sent healing to samples of water, Grad chemically analysed the water by infrared spectroscopy.


He discovered that the water treated by the healers underwent a fundamental change in the bonding of oxygen and hydrogen in its molecular makeup. The hydrogen bonding between the molecules had lessened in a similar manner to that which occurs in water exposed to magnets. 


A number of other scientists confirmed Grad’s findings; Russian research discovered that the hydrogen–oxygen bonds in water molecules undergo distortions in the crystalline microstructure during healing.


In William tiller’s Black Box experiments, he has also shown that intention can affect water pH – the measure of acidity or alkalinity in a solution up and down by one unit.  Ordinarily pH –remains fairly static and tiny changes of one-hundredth or even one-thousandth of a unit on the pH scale can be measured; a change of a full unit or more on the pH scale would represent an enormous shift that was unlikely to be the result of an incorrect measurement.


Power of positive thoughts

We also know from numerous studies, including one attempting to scientifically validate the theories of Masaru Emoto, that the structure of water crystals is affected by positive and negative emotions.


Emoto claims to have carried out hundreds of tests showing that even a single word of positive intent or negative intent profoundly changes the water’s internal organization. The water subjected to the positive intent supposedly develops a beautiful, highly complex crystalline structure when frozen, whereas the structure of water exposed to negative emotions became random, disordered, even grotesque. The most positive results supposedly occur with feelings of love or gratitude.


Consciousness investigator Dean Radin placed two vials of water in a shielded room in his laboratory at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California. Meanwhile, a group of 2000 attendees at one of Emoto’s conferences in Japan was shown a photo of the vials and asked to send them a prayer of gratitude.


Radin then froze the water in those vials as well as samples of control water from the same source that had not been exposed to the prayers, and showed the resulting crystals to a panel of independent volunteers.


He had carefully blinded the study so that neither he nor his volunteers had any idea which crystals had been grown from the water samples that had been sent intention. A statistically significant number of the volunteer judges concluded that water sent the positive intentions had formed the more aesthetically pleasing crystalline structure.


Inhibiting bacteria

 We also have seen that positive or negative intention has a profound effect on microorganisms, like bacteria. For instance, Carroll Nash, the director of the parapsychology department at St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, carried out work using intention to affect the grown of Escherichia coli, microbes with a direct impact on human beings. Millions of this bacteria, which help to digest food and keep hostile bacteria at bay, peacefully reside in the gut. E coli also metabolizes lactose, the enzyme present in milk. Yet, as with many microbes, E. coli can suddenly turn unfriendly by migrating out of the digestive tract or mutating into a virulent form that causes illness. Many toxic strains are also present in food.


Nash decided to test whether mental influence could affect the mutation rates of E. coli bacteria. Usually, an E. coli population starts life unable to ferment lactose (and so is ‘lactose-negative’), but after it mutates, over numerous generations, the new population can do so (at which point it become ‘lactose-positive’).


This process ordinarily occurs at a predictable rate. Nash wanted to see whether his volunteers could slow it down or speed it up. To work out the growth rates of these tiny organisms, Nash employed an electrophotometer, which counts the microbes by measuring the slightest differences in the density of the media in which they are suspended.


Each of his 60 student participants received nine test-tubes containing both lactose-negative and lactose-positive strains of E coli culture. The students were asked to mentally encourage the transformation of the unmutated bacteria in the first three test-tubes from lactose-negative to lactose-positive. With the next three test-tubes, they were to attempt to inhibit the process of mutation. The final three, the controls, would not be exposed to influence of any kind.


Bacteria affected

When he tallied the results, Nash discovered more mutation than normal in the test-tubes that had received the positive intentions to mutate, and fewer than normal in those for which intentions were to inhibit the process, although the greatest effect occurred with negative intention.


Gary Schwartz also has also shown that bacteria that has been ‘shocked’ by a sudden blast of heat can be ‘healed’ by intention sent by Reiki practitioners, particularly once they’d worked on a human patient first and their healing ‘pumps’ had been primed, so to speak.


All these early studies revealed several important aspects of intention. Thoughts take aim with great accuracy; although their effects on living things can drastically differ depending on the nature of the intention – whether it is positive or negative.


We also know from our earlier work, particularly the Germination studies, that we are more successful, the more specific we are with our intention.


Our challenge is to work out a way to do this experiment that sends a specific intention that does not entail murderous intention - ‘killing’ bacteria.  We are examining the possibility of sending an intention to mutate the bacteria, so that it is harmless, or attempting to affect the growth of algae in water.


How to participate

At the moment, while we are working on the protocol, the most important thing is to register on our website (, if you have not done so before.  Then you will receive information about how to proceed.  You may have to register again to participate in the experiments, as we are using another web host. 


So write down the date and time now and tell all your friends.

For other time zones, consult the world clock consult the world clock and use their converter. Simply type in June 13 4 pm GMT  and write in your location, and the converter will tell you what time it will be in your area.


Out in the field

Once we’ve tried this experiment a few times in the lab, we’ll take it out in the field.  I’m planning a series of experiments, including one with Masaru Emoto, to clean up a body of water in Japan. 


Please make some suggestions below for good bodies of water that would make good targets for us,  plus ways we can send positive but highly specific intention.



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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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36 comments on “Announcing: The Clean Water Intention Experiment”

  1. I can't wait! My son is laughing at me already, but we will see who has the last laugh!

  2. Yay! This sounds great. I look forward to feeling you all here again, lol I love you all without exception. :0)

  3. A noble purpose. As we whisper the song of our hearts, like the trees, we heal the earth.
    I finished a book today called Cell-Level Healing by Joyce Whitely Hawkes, Ph.D. This book gives insight on specific ways to call cells to action on the intention level, to effect healing in the human body, and on that level, I see a relation between the human body and the earth.
    I wonder how I would make pollution disappear. Of course it couldn't simply vanish - it would have to involve some sort of transformation on the molecular level. So, depending on the type of pollution, we may be able to focus on changing the atomic bonds of the harmful substance, transforming it into something not so harmful, or perhaps into something easier to clean up.
    Thank you Lynn for giving us a place to gather our energy and a time and reason to send it.
    In other news, I recently watched a film about how water on our earth is being abused by global corporations.
    Shocking information, but it also showed humanity pushing back against the global corporate machine. The timing for this series of experiments couldn't be better for me after seeing this film. I want my shoulder on this wheel!
    See youall on 6/13! Looking forward to powering up for this one!

  4. Dear Lynne,
    Thank you for this oppurtunity to help mother earth to get well again!I am very happy to join in !
    See you all on 6/13!
    Love & Peace

  5. Aloha Lynne, mahalo nui loa for all the awe inspiring work that you do, and for gathering the collective positive energy of people from around our planet to participate and make changes for the better! Mahalo for helping us to Pono=Make Right, More Right ! Aloha Pumehana~Mapuana

  6. I think we should think big; work on the largest freshwater bodies on the planet - The Great Lakes. That would have the greatest impact on the largest number of people, too.
    Thank-you, Lynne, for putting your passion into action. I'm honoured and thrilled to take part in the Intention Experiments.
    See you in June.

  7. Wonderful news. Roll on 6/13. For a large body of water I suggest Lake Ontario. I live on its shore here in Kingston, Ontario. If this is too big, I would suggest one of the smaller lakes on the Canadian Shield nearby.

  8. Hello everyone,
    Seems to me that we are limiting the power of healing combine with water...
    The hole planet needs help!
    The oceans are the homes of millions of speacies that are threat by the way humains have been behaving for years...
    All the lakes and rivers are water streaming toward our citys and evantually in the oceans.
    If we help the water on the hole planet, we can help the entire humanity and all our co-habitants of this wounderful and beautiful planet we call Earth.
    So why limit this GREAT healing power to a small area and why not spread it around.

  9. The book mentioned above about cell-level healing sounds like a great place to get specific ideas, especially since we're mainly comprised of water. I send intention to a glass of water every night before bed by using Reiki; then I drink it. I usually intend to have a specific question answered in my sleep and I've never not had the answer in the morning. Following that line of thinking (and the size of a glass of water), I actually might go in the opposite direction and not use the largest lakes in the world. I might pick a smaller body of water with known problems - in an area where people rely on that water for life activities (e.g. they wash their clothes in that water, bathe in it, etc.) Just a suggestion - I'll be at my son's baseball game on the 16th but will try to send intention as well. 🙂

  10. I am looking forward to experiment even more with the power of intention.
    I particularly like the one used in ho'oponopono: I love you!
    Or using the heartly laughter as a means of communicating with people, animals and all other living substances.

  11. Yes, count me in! I am very excited in participating in powering up my thoughts here. My power thoughts will be pulsing within, with Truths I know and feel!
    Taking the Whole Earth is a grand idea too. Thanks, Madeleine for the great thought. I am very greatful for Lynne and others that live from these possibilities and am loving this time of higher desires. (In our healing our Earth and Universe!)
    This experiment will be a great stepping-stone.

  12. Hi Lynn:
    Thanks so much for initiating this. Our water certainly needs healing. Of course, it all starts with us. Our bodies are made up of at least70% water so send beautiful energy to yourself.
    May peace prevail on earth.

  13. Thank you, Lynne for inviting us all to participate. Your experiments not only remind us of the power of our minds, but of how our minds can come together and work as one if we choose.
    Have you thought about sending intention to rivers? I live in Colorado and have lived in California and Arizona, all of which get their water supply from the Colorado River. I would like to see us try this experiment on rivers, as well as, lakes and oceans.

  14. Lynn,
    I look forward to being a part of this experiment, and believe that this is the start of something magnificent.
    My focus will be passing this information on to others in hopes that we can magnify our efforts.

  15. Hi Lynne:
    I'm looking forward to it! I'm passing this on to everyone I know. You are magnificent for creating the opportunity for us to share asuch a positive and powerful experience!

  16. Since most of the human body is made up of water, with cells consisting of 65-90% water by weight, this intention has so many possiblities - maybe even for healping the healing of a particular population of the world (Dafur?). Perhaps the experiment could be repeated a number of times with different tergets?

  17. I will be exploring, with a multinational class of Body Harmony Practitioners in Bilbao, Spain, the Mechanics or the Physical Aspects of Intention Manifestation.
    As a class we welcome the wonderful opportunity to participate in an experiment of this magnitude.
    My experience during the last experiment:
    A doorway of ever expanding perceptive sensitivities.
    Thank You

  18. I support the water intention wholeheartedly!
    Ever since reading two of Dr. Emoto's books on the changing structure of water through prayer and one-word intentions, I thank my water, say I love you to each glass and "you are beautiful" to my pitcherful. My tea has never tasted better!
    California needs a major cleanup. Let's go for it! June 13, 9 a.m. is our time to send strong intentions to the Colorado River, Feather River and the Sacramento River. Thanks for asking.

  19. Had a long reply written then lost it! We MUST do this for all water everywherethe power of mind over water is well documented . another small experiment is really just preaching to the choir . Open this experiment up to the world by taking on the Colorado river, or the great lakes , my target would be one of the worst rivers in the world the Ganges contact all the various yogis ect. to join us on 6/13 to repurefy the water where all of these beliefs started. On to the book on cellular healing those interested might also want to check ouit Dr. Mathias Raths ideas on cellular nutrition @ may come accross as a bit of a crazy but we on this forum should be used to that since the vast majority consider us the same waay... All love

  20. Thank you Lynne for giving us more evidence of the power of intention.... mind over matter. By tapping into the Universal Field, we can all effect positive changes, not only for ourselves, but also more importantly, our Mother Earth, which sustains all life.

  21. Please consider the waters around the Hawaiian Islands. Since there is only open septic here, no significant soil development as on the continents, we're heavily populated, and we're in the tropics so heavy pesticides-herbicides are used, the coastal waters are very polluted, especially around the Big Island. Frequent heavy rains wash everything out down to the coast at the rate of 1 foot per day. I feel very sad for the Spinner Dolphins, turtles, seals, and all that live in it.

  22. This will be a great experiment. What deserves our positive intentions more than that which gives us and all living species life? Mother Earth deserves this more than anything else for all we take from her. Time for us all to give back. I too will be telling my friends about this. One thing I think would benefit those who are new to this is some direction on Powering Up and how to send intentions directly on this site. I know that there are books available for purchase here but not all can afford it in this economy. Also the more the better for the intention because those who don't have the book or the knowledge will be unable to help with the experiment. Maybe just a page of steps to power up and how to send an intention in point form. Educate people here on the site, with simple instructions. More people involved the better the intention, the better the results of the experiment, the more proof that intention's do cause changes.
    More Evidence = More Belief= More People Participating = More Healing.
    Imagine the Possibilities!

  23. This could be an ongoing project as we have so many of our bodies of water in need of attention. Also what about those floating plastic islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans...plastic debris the size of Texas and 90 feet deep in some areas...and possibly in other much to consider, but all can be healed, it's just a matter of our focused intentions. I intend every day that our beloved earth and all those inhabiting her are healing and we are all becoming part of the true paradise, we can be. I also write the words love, peace and joy on every surface in my home that I can, or I put heart stickers on areas that are hard to write on. I put a heart on my laptop and it has been working faster and more efficiently. I truly believe. Love and Peace and Joy for all.

  24. I, like Ron, thought also of the Ganges. But I do feel a small body of water might more easily show the result of intentions and the change be more easily measured. This is science, guys. But no one is suggesting that AFTER the duration of the intention, that other bodies of water might not be considered. My heart cries out for our oceans and all the fantastic creatures who live in them, who have no defense against our kind. Thank you, Lynn!

  25. I wonder... Just a wild, bold thought:
    What if... we focussed our intention on H2O?
    As someone said: "Aim for the Moon; if you miss you may hit a Star".
    I too am for the oceans - they ultimately nourish the lakes, rivers, streams, rain and every living being, including Mother Earth.
    As "this is science" and I am novice here, what parameters would I have local Tweed Lab Centre test for - simply water quality, with before 13-June and post 13-June? (That was what they asked me...)
    I have ordered the book and intending to receive it (OXOXOX) in time to learn how to power-up etc. for 13-June.
    Namaste Lynn and all the Intention Team and global Community!

  26. June 13th is my birthday, I'm IN. I have some water oracle cards by Matsuru Emoto, and they are very inspiring. And even though water is constantly changing its form, apparently it is the same water everywhere from all time. Very basic, especially when you consider how many of us drink it! Now that's Oneness.

  27. Might I suggest Lake Michigan as a worthy target? In 2007 the Bush administration supported the dumping of waste by the Indiana BP refinery into the waters of this Great Lake. This is the source of our drinking water in Chicago and outlying areas. Maybe an intention to heal this water will also affect the legality of BP dumping its toxic waste in our favor. Below is a link to a news article from Associated Content

  28. I recently saw a PBS special on water, focusing on the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound, both of which are in need of help.

  29. I agree with the Chesapeake Bay. The Amish leave their livestock deficate in the running streams of water that leads to the bay, they also dump waste into the streams that run through their lands that ultimately run downstream into the's a big problem here in the East...can we do this with the Amish?????

  30. I know this is going to work. I'm excited about it because of the implications for clean water, clean air, and overall well-being on our beautiful Earth.

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