Whorls on fire

Lynne McTaggart

Here in the UK, we’re preparing for what scientists are calling a ‘solar tsunami’.  All predictions are on that we will have a rare glimpse of Northern lights  — a vivid neon glow of solar activity if the grey cloud perpetually engulfing England lifts tonight.
In many locations around the world, the inhabitants are regularly entertained by earthlights—strange, recurring balls of light in the sky. Even more strangely, when earthlights appear, UFO sightings, religious visions and all manner of anomalous visions are also reported.
Strange lights
In the early 1980s, the inhabitants of Hessdalen Valley in Norway, which lies 120 km south of Trondheim, began reporting strange lights — sometimes several hundred a day.
In 1983, Erling Strand, an engineer and lecturer at Østfold University, set up Project Hessdalen to examine these inexplicable light phenomena. He rigged up an elaborate system of gadgetry to capture any data or images of earthlights at monitoring stations dotted throughout the valley. These stations are activated every time an earthlight interrupts one of the electronic beams connecting the stations. During his first investigation in the winter of 1984, 53 earthlights were observed.  
The frequency of Hessdalen’s earthlights is now diminishing from their heyday in the 1980s; nevertheless, some 20 observations are made every year. Several years ago Hessdalen joined forces with the small Italian town of Cecina, to host the largest-ever conference on the earthlight phenomenon.
Earthbound explanation
Occasionally, the explanation for earthlights is decidedly earthbound. Texas Physicist Hal Puthoff studied the famous lights in Marfa, part of Texas’ Big Bend country. He and researcher Paul Devereux, along with the International Consciousness Research Laboratories, found that, in many instances, the Marfa lights were actually mirages caused by car lights on roads 30 or more miles away, or the lights of trucks traveling over rough terrain.
However, in spots some 80 miles away from Marfa, they witnessed what Devereux is convinced was a true earthlight.
When they are genuine, what causes these mystical lights? Neuroscientist Michael Persinger, of Laurentian University in Canada, has made a particular study of earthlights and, according to his Tectonic Strain Theory, earthlights are the result of tectonic stress — the movement of massive underground plates — in the earth’s crust.
The theory portrays the inner surface of the earth as wild and unstable. The constant shifting creates force fields, which tend to zero in on fault lines, hills, rock formations and other areas of geographic instability. Many earthlights precede earthquakes as well as moments of high meteorological activity, precipitation or subterranean activity.
Grumbling and glowing
In 1986, Persinger joined forces with geologist John Derr to study the lights observed on the Yakima Indian Reservation in Washington. They noticed that these earthlights were accompanied by noisy rumblings from the earth and glowing clouds, indicating an increase of electromagnetic field activity. 
In one study, Persinger examined the incidence of rainfall and earthquake activity in the San Francisco basin for the years 1950–1969 and compared them with the number of reports of ‘luminous phenomena’ within 400 km of the city. Those years when the January rainfall exceeded 8.5 inches and the number of earthquakes in the basin increased were associated with the largest numbers of sightings, particularly during times when the previous year was drier and quieter.
The Canadian sightings have corresponded with high earth activity. Furthermore, Devereux, who had set up camp in the Australian Outback to monitor the ‘Min Min lights’, recorded the appearance of a glowing red-orange ball of light hurling across the sky. That appearance coincided with their magnetometer recording a large blip — an 800 per cent increase in amplitude — suggesting a huge change in the local geomagnetic field.
Although Persinger’s theory (which is still just a theory) may not explain all sightings of one variety or another, what his studies show is that the brain is highly affected by unusual geomagnetic and electromagnetic activity. For instance, it is well known that both animals and humans register the geomagnetic changes, which precede an earthquake. Many animals engage in bizarre behavior before an earthquake, and human mystics and other ‘sensitives’ are known to experience an increase in precognitive dreams.
A Zero Point Field effect?
According to Paul Devereux, earthlights possess a number of strange aspects that suggest they are different from ordinary electromagnetic phenomena:
• They are often visible from only one direction. In a 1905 sighting in Barmouth-Harlech in Wales, he says, a huge bar of light was visible to one group of observers on one side of the Egryn chapel, but not on the other.
• They appear to be switching on and off all the time, even strobing. They can also change direction instantly, without slowing down, which suggests a ‘thing’ with no mass.
• They are often described as not quite existing in space as we know it. Devereux says that they seem to be flat and to have depth, and to be both flat and revolving at the same time.
Dr Puthoff believes that earthlights may be a physical manifestation of Zero Point Field energy. Although Field effects are usually on the subatomic level, this may be one example of the phenomenon, with all its strange effects, on a ‘macro’ level.
“Perhaps,” writes Devereux, “ the lights are a kind of doorway between quantum and large-scale physical realities.”
I always think of these kinds of bursts of geomagnetic activity, whether solar or earthbound, as a little message to us from the universe.
Despite our view of ourselves as the most influential entity in the universe and at the very apex of the chain of being, we and all the other living things of the earth are simply part of a vast, complex energy system and entirely at the whim of the universe’s planetary geomagnetic activity.
Rather than a discrete entity, we ourselves are an energetic system far more dependent upon other outer forces than we ever care to admit.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,344 comments on “Whorls on fire”

  1. Thanks Lynne,
    Another theory to maybe also explain UFO sightings? This is the kind of research that will gain respect, sinve it it doesn't seem biased in any way.

  2. Thanks Lynne,
    Very interesting. I once saw a documentary that stated that high energy cosmic rays from the sun will some day break through our ozone layers and create energy fields resembling a gigantic northern lights show over the entire US that would shut down and short out our electrical power grids rendering them useless for years. The report also stated that we have satellites in the sky that are looking for any approaching cosmic energy fields so that we can shut down our power grids before they are destroyed by these energy fields.

  3. Hello.
    Just an idea. ..
    More and more I realize observing is less about measurement and more about creativity.
    Instead of trying to observe whorls of light, why not do intention experiments to create more and less whorls. At the beginning when we go out for a drive or walk, on odd numbered nights 1, 3, 5, etc., we would use our positive intention to create whorls (odd-numbered experimental group of nights). At the beginning of the even nights in between, 2, 4, 6, etc., we would start with our intention to not create whorls (control groups of nights). Try to cover the same area in the control (even numbers) nights as the previous experimental nights (odd numbers). Every month count the odd nights and their whorls, and the even nights and their whorls.
    Those who want to participate could report their results in an email to Lynne’s site, say monthly, assuming Lynne wants to participate, build interest, and traffic.
    There could be many things researched with this simple and efficient method. It is not a perfect experimental design but may be an adequate exploratory design for screening intentions that do not work and identifying intentions to be researched with a better design later. Maybe whorls are not an ideal starting point. Start with something with a higher incidence like UFOs, something easier, more interesting, etc. In terms of variables Lynne’s site could give out a random number each day like 1, 2, or 3, etc. for a positive intention, negative intention, and neutral intention.
    I'm sure others could do better.
    KC Blair

  4. KC Blair's ideas make sense. It is important to examine our intentions and the reasons they are working or not working.
    I believe we have infinite power to create when we are in alignment with source so I have a problem with Lynne's last couple of paragraphs.

  5. Thanks Leena for the link to that video showing the dangers to our electronic world should another solar flair of the magnitude that hit us in 1859 occurred now or in the near future. There would be some beautiful sights in the sky form the biggest Aurora Borealis ever seen followed by a major disaster that could destroy mankind.
    Everyone should take the time to click on Leena's link.

  6. Interesting about Earth's lights. It reminds me of all nature's glowing light surrounding all living things. Some call them auras. I agree with Gene, Leena's link was thought provoking.

  7. As a UFO researcher and contactee & channel (communicator) for higher dimensional human appearing Elohim ET’s, who I have had physical contact with, having actually been physically beamed on board what is termed “Merkabah Light Ships”. I have an entirely different much greater expanded view of what most people on Earth refer to as so-called “3-D reality” To those skeptics who view everything from their limited analytical left brain, as verses from their more intuitive right brain, it is important that one allows themselves the freedom and openness to be able to at least examine what I and numerous other fellow UFO researchers and “experiencers” like myself, have to share about this and other levels of reality. I do believe that using one’s discernment, and that termed “cognitive deductive reasoning”, along with a well developed spiritual-psychic-meditative Higher state of consciousness is very important, in a balanced and fair way, to be able to often perceive as well as understood so many of the so-called “unexplained” or “paranormal” and even so-called “explained” phenomena that are constantly occurring both on this 3-D level or any of the other dimensional levels of existence. Even Dr. Einstein’s last greatest work, the “Unified Field Theory” and “quantum psychics” partially explains how we actually do exist in a multidimensional universe, and that also based upon the discoveries and research of Dr. Nikola Tesla and that termed “hyper-dimensional” and “over unity” technologies, it is very obvious that other dimensional phenomena is constantly interacting with the third dimension.
    I have observed and experienced many times when so-called “natural phenomena” that most left brain materialistic Earth scientists would easily explain away as just some so-called “scientific predictable inanimate reaction or byproduct or process” in nature, suddenly change or is altered in ways that they would say is “literally impossible”--and yet those human appearing Elohim ET’s that I referred to earlier, communicated to me that they were specifically responsible for having changed and/or altered these referred to “natural phenomena” So the question would be asked. “what kind(s) of so-called “natural phenomena” are we talking about? And, in fact, most so-called “natural phenomena”, in which as stated, most earth scientists, like to make it appear that all these different types of “natural phenomena” somehow have no consciousness to them, that they are incapable of altering themselves and will always manifest in the exact same scientifically predictable ways. But, as stated, what I and other UFO & ET contactees have observed and experienced first hand many times (with us, of course, being attuned to this “Higher dimensional phenomena”) is the fact that these more advanced Extraterrestrials (and I am not referring to those nasty little “grey aliens” who are reported to be involved in negative abductions) who use what would be termed “Elohim Consciousness Technologies” and actually are members of a real “Intergalactic Federation of Light”, are able to easily alter the shape, size, form, and so-called density of their craft at will, as well as being able to travel backward and forward in time, etc.
    in other words, “Merkabahs” are seen in infinite number of different sizes and shapes, from disks or “flying saucers” as were reported in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, to those “triangular” craft often reported in more recent years (such as the famous “Phoenix Lights’ that occurred over Phoenix, AZ in 1997).
    It is also true, having personally met and interviewed many former “black-ops” and military intelligence agents involved in highly classified black-op projects, that the “cabal” or “secret government” has had a whole “antigravity UFO fleet” for many decades, so some of the UFO’s that we see flying around are also from here, planet Earth.
    Some fellow contactees, such as the famous Billy Meiers, in Switzerland, has had hundreds of contacts with his human appearing Pleiadians, who verified and proved his contacts, with him bringing back E.T. crystal-metal samples which IBM research scientist Marcel Vogel scientifically analyzed at IBM Research Laboratories and he stated categorically that it was “impossible for anyone on Earth to have duplicated such samples with present level of Earth technology, because they were of a ”cold-fusion” process, of over 60 elements combined together that [thirty years ago] when this scientific analysis took place, it was not possible to have been able to have created such a type of crystal-metal sample. The photos and videos of the pleiadian beam ships were scientifically analyzed with top NASA equipment and were concluded as being totally authentic, and the sounds that Mr. Meiers tape recordings of the ships hovering overhead, when scientifically analyzed with what is termed a “sound bank”, that is every known sound that we as humans are familiar with, they found sounds that were not able to be identified, and Meiers stated that the ships “ride the magnetic field of Earth” by attuning to the natural magnetic field of Earth, and there were sounds that verified that this was true. Yet, despite this type of evidence, many skeptics still refused to acknowledge this reality--just like those priests who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope and to acknowledge what he was able to clearly see.
    As far as the “Marfa Lights’ in Texas--I totally disagree with the conclusions of Texas [materialistic] Earth Physicist Hal Puthoff, researcher Paul Devereux and the International Consciousness Research Laboratories, who supposedly “studied” and then “found” or concluded [in their analytical left brain] that the Marfa Lights were supposedly only “mirages” caused merely by “car and truck lights”. I have been there to study and observe these lights, myself, many years ago, and while I could agree that maybe some of them might be caused by the accasional car or truck headlight, in my communication with my ET contacts, they specifically told me that most of this “light phenomena” observed there was really created because of certain “interdimensional portal and vortex” phenomena, which is actually similar to the famous Vortexes of Sedona’ and the fact that there are many portals, vortexes and ancient star gates all over the planet, that sometimes the conditions are just right, as in the Marfa Lights, that a type of ‘reflection” emanation vibrating from these portals, of the Merkabah Light Ships, seen coming and going through the interdimensional portal, can be seen and observed--and of course, explained as merely some “natural phenomena in nature” as verses the real cause of the phenomena. By the way, having conducted thousands of Vortex tours here in Sedona, AZ, after first coming to Sedona in 1980, and having done extensive research of my own, I understand that science [officially] still does not want to recognize these type of “other dimensional” realities.
    A good example, is that referred to as the “Monterey Mystery Spot” in Monterey, Calif., in which one experiences actually seeing one’s size slightly change and time appears to slow down or speed up. The officials have always maintained that this “apparent” “strange phenomena” is not really occurring, that it is only [officially] an “optical illusion”. But when my friend and scientist, Bill Alek specifically took special scientific equipment there and did some extensive research on just exactly what was actually occurring, he discovered that there was, indeed actual “time warp” and “interdimensional” phenomena that could not be explained away as merely “optical illusion”, that he actually measured a slight difference in time outside verses inside the vortex there. And the same was true of the vortexes here in Sedona. Basically, the officials do not want to admit that this is NOT just a simple “optical illusion”, because if they officially acknowledged this fact, then they would also have to ultimately admit allot of other so-called “easily explained” paranormal phenomena is also actually real as verses their lame explanations for so much of so-called materialistic earth science--and the fact that the governments have indeed duplicated all this exotic, hyperdimensional technologies for many years--and this technology, which has only been used for covert military projects and for control over the human race, would now be forced to be declassified and used for more humanitarian usage, such as getting us all off the dependance of oil [Mother Earth’s life blood] and a very quick clean up of all environmental pollution, such as the gulf oil disaster.
    For those who would be interested in finding out more about my experiences, check out these web sites: ChannelfortheMasters.com (how I was originally trained at an early age in the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling), PrepareFortheLandings.com (which is where one can order an E-Book or paperback version of my book, “Prepare For The Landings!” about my ET contacts and the upcoming planetary Divine Intervention by the Federation of Light because of Wormwood or Niburu approaching Earth),and VortexToursofSedona.com (about my Vortex Tours).
    Michael Ellegion

  8. Lynne,
    I was visiting an author and spiritual guide in Toronto, Canada a couple of weeks ago and noticed something truly amazing...
    "Last night I was standing in the back yard, watching the night sky, and not only saw a shooting star within seconds of stepping outside, I also noticed a very intriguing aspect of the moon.
    The moon is currently about ¾’s full, and as I’m so far north it seemed very large in the night sky. The craters were very easy to identify and I was mesmerized…then I noticed something very odd and intriguing.
    Surrounding the bright white moon was a halo of shimmering blue light.
    The band of moving blue light was like the corona which surrounds the sun during the day.
    At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I blinked and rubbed them only to still see this amazing effect.
    Just to make sure this wasn’t a figment of my imagination, I went inside for a few minutes, then stepped back outside to double check that I wasn’t seeing things. Low and behold, the blue shimmer was still there, so I stopped and watched in awe.
    This blue corona changed shades every few seconds and they ranged from a light sky blue to a vivid sea blue. It did seem to have a finite range of colors as it rippled around the edge of the white and dark patches.
    I’ve never experienced anything like it as the moon seemed to be trying to communicate something to me…
    I wondered if this was an aspect of the aurora borealis, but the shimmer could only be seen just around the edges of the glowing white moon. It was brilliant!
    Was this something caused by my growing self awareness? Or a natural effect of nature?
    After about 30 minutes, I realized this shimmer was quite real and wasn’t just a bizarre effect of jet lag.
    The intense blue corona made the moon seem truly alive by exhibiting this wonderful cosmic aura, and it looked and acted much like the auras which can be seen surrounding people."
    Whether it's Earthly whorls, aurora borealis or dervishes from Merkaba, we all must realize we share this earthly plane with a myriad of various vibrating energies...
    You showed in your book the studies of our ability to absorb and give off light photons, especially during solar flares and storms, so be open to to exploring these phenomenon and living in a state of constant wonder!
    Our planet is an amazing place in the universe...
    Write On!

  9. Pls. see the website of Andrew Terker, living in Switzerland now. A lot of things will be changing pretty soon. I only can deeply and honestly recomend his page.... see under news his daily updates......
    this is an exert of his comment from 7.August2010:
    On August 14th, just seven days from now, a massive change is going to occur. A change in the Earth's energetic field is going to have the following effect:
    1. The discrepancy between illusion and reality is going to become much greater. What this means, for example, is that a much greater segment of the French population is going to realize what Mr. Sarkozy is doing. The truth is going to be much more apparent.
    2. The power of mental thought is going to decrease immensely. At the present time, the earth is in a very powerful mental field that has existed for many thousands of years. This field has made it possible to project mental thought on the world and make it appear real. What this means is that your mental intentions are going to have much less force.
    You are going to discover that things happen in your life much more without your intention. For example, you intend one thing, and your body does something entirely different. You think one thing and something that has nothing to do with your thought comes out of your mouth.
    This is going to be a very uncomfortable time for a lot of people. They are going to discover that there is something else behind what we believe to be reality. Many people are going to discover the soul and the higher dimensions of the self, which we call the Divine Self.
    It is if we are going to look in the mirror and see someone there we have never seen before: ourselves.

  10. Lynne
    Should this rubbish be here ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. i have had witnessed experiences with lights, some the size of golf balls and about 15 ft away. and others up to 20 ft across and maybe a hundred meters away. in this tally i am discounting numerous orbs and metallic spheres. the earth lights appeared over small stones that i took from 2 sacred locations in ireland and consequently placed on a garden table here in england. they appeared after i meditated, prayed and requested some sort of
    communication. i threw the stones into a small nearby river and several months later earth lights appeared over the river and then moved to momentarily stop over my garden table. i did not understand the events then, but i do now!

  12. Visions of light; signs and omens of things to come
    are just the rare experiences that are given to some
    who in their lives are more sensitive and attuned,
    by a higher dimension and reality are being pruned.

  13. To add another more physical aspect I would like to point out the existence of an electric circuit, connecting the Sun with the Earth and all other planets. The Themis satellites have confirmed this. Our Solar system is part of galactic and probably intergalactic currents, so everything in the universe is connected electrically. The most visible part of this circuit is lightning (with its accompanying sprites and elves), which connects the ionosphere to the ground. Inside Earth's crust these currents may be the creators of volcanism and earthquakes.
    Earth lights may be part of this circuit.
    Learn more about this research at http://www.thunderbolts.info

  14. i believe some of the earth lights i seen contained the spirit energy which was locked in as memory or residual energy from the locations whence they came. sacred places in ireland can go back thousands of years to pre christian times and may have been exposed to trauma or a belief in their power of deliverance. the locations i refer to were frequented by my ancestors as pagans/druids and later as converted christians.

  15. My father saw end 1939 or in januari or februari 1940 Northern Lights from the flat roof of our house in Winterswijk (Netherlands).
    He was shocked, because he interpreted it as a sign that war would come soon to the Netherlands.
    Indeed that became true.
    So maybe Northern Lights are a warning for war or terror that is going to happen, or indeed a great change: for the worse or the better

  16. some years back i seen a ufo. this was a black triangle with a light in each corner. it was traveling at about 1200 feet, fast and silent. the same craft was seen by other witness's and days later an account was in our local newspaper. i contacted a telephone number of a ufo monitoring group and at a meeting about the ufo sighting i was asked if i had seen such craft before. as i started to recall an event some years earlier the investigator, much to my surprise, finished the story with dates, times and location. apparently, others had seen the same craft, hovering over the same factory roof. when the craft was approached via roof access it took off vertically at great speed. my view was seeing it side on and it was wedged shaped. from below, as seen by others it was triangular and emitted a low level humming noise and had indentations to the underside and about 45 feet long and wide and at close range it was a dark gun metal grey rather than black. a similar craft was seen on a nearby farm by land workers and was hovering at tree height near an airfield. when approached the craft vanished at incredible speed. the one thing i noticed about these particular craft is that they were flat and two dimensional to look at as if superimposed on the sky. i also had a feeling that these triangular craft were sinister and a threat. other sightings i have had of different craft, orbs and lights did not register the same way, but were viewed with awe.

  17. earth lights can be conscious. often they are a deliberate manifestation via a memory bank
    that webs this planet. how we respond to them is one of the reasons why we see them. you see there is no great mystery as to why we are here. its for feedback. which all goes into the memory bank, a collective experiment, research and development.
    'a refinement'

  18. The following quote is interesting - and the
    phenomena described are worthy of further
    The Bermuda Triangle effect may well be a
    manifestation of the "time warp". There is
    a documented account of a flight in a light
    aircraft which reached the US mainland at
    an average speed of over 1900kph. The pilot
    reported being in some sort of time bubble
    which transported him and his plane outside
    the usual physical dimensions. This was in
    about 1970 and is still unexplained.
    At present we seem not to have the ability to
    enter these portals at will but any additional
    evidence of such "rapid transportation" would
    be very useful to be known - especially if there
    are official records (such as air traffic control
    reports) than can confirm such.
    > Bill Alek specifically took special scientific
    > equipment there. He discovered that there
    > was, indeed actual “time warp” and
    > “interdimensional” phenomena that could not
    > be explained away as merely “optical illusion”.
    > He actually measured a slight difference in
    > time outside versus inside the vortex there."
    If anyone already has any such evidence of
    signifcant changes in time (over and above the
    very small changes predicted by the Einstein
    theories for round-the-world flights), please
    let us know.
    It has been suggested that only use of such
    "time bubble" technology will allow for
    inter-stellar travel - and some say that the
    way this planet is being desecrated increases
    the need for a "new frontier"!

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