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Praise from previous Intention Masterclass workshop participants 

"This was a wonderful experience, being in Lynne McTaggart’s workshop. It was much more powerful than I could have imagined, and the ideas were so great and the connection and the way that she’s put this together into a social network to magnify the power of this is just brilliant. It captures the ideas of lots of people and puts them together in a working formula in a way that we can actually create something effective.

"I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. I believe that Lynne is one of our visionaries and I am incredibly grateful."

"I just took Lynne McTaggart’s workshop after reading her books. I think they are really important. On the one hand they draw from a really hard body of science, and on the other hand they go into an area of transformational space in ways we can’t define. At the same time there is a practicality and a humanism that we can really relate to. And the fact that she combines those three areas makes her an important change agent at this time for our world.""I saw the power of group intention. It really works." – T.P., Massachusetts.

“The workshop was a tremendous experience. The work is incredibly important, and I intend to use this information to help me and my patients. The information is at the core of energy work and energy healing." – L.B., Chicago

"The Bond is real. It’s amazing. Come be part of this. Lynne McTaggart’s the Best.""(Lynne’ workshop) made me more attentive to the messages I send out and receive every minute of every day, unconsciously and often negatively. The workshop reminded me to be attentive to everything around me." – A.C., Illinois

"Lynne’s clarity, her precision, her love, her dedication to the Bond and to humanity is delightful, heartwarming and true to why we’re all human beings. ""It was amazing to experience how powerful group intention is."J.D., Chicago

"I love Lynne and all her insights and experiments." - P.B, New Mexico

"I have been meditating for about 10 years now, the last 4 with nightly dedication. I have seen my ability to reach out to someone grow exponentially, with the uncanny effectiveness of concentrating upon a person and asking for them to contact me and then allowing it to take place. It is beautiful, the interconnectedness of it all."  Matt Williamson

"After reading “The Field” I started working with my horses healing energy. I am therapeutic riding instructor, but I found that the horses have a huge quantum healing energy. I started to give workshops. The wild horse energy! Definitely got excellent ideas from your book."  Eti Jacoby

"Let's spread the good news! I was struggling in so many ways with health, emotional, spiritual and financial issues before reading Power of Intention and learning about the amazing movement in faith and affirmative prayer. Once I began to practice intention, so many things changed for the better!"  Mark Vanderkam


I just had an experience yesterday...

My friend is caught up in a personal lesson which landed her on administrative leave at work. As I was listening to her agony on how to figure out this lesson, a message came through me. What came out of my mouth was, "Your father is here with you." Now, Her father passed when she was a little girl. I continued, "Go and meditate and pray, then journal afterwards and his instruction will come through you." Her father had had the same career as she has today and we realized after this message that she needed to sharpen some of her skills. She laughed at the message because the night before she had prayed and asked for her father's guidance. Needless to say, she was touched deeply.

I don't know why in that moment things were so clear. Maybe because I was completely focused on my friend, just listening without distractions? I am finding that my intuitive abilities are only getting stronger, concentration is getting better and my health is fantastic! I am writing a business plan for a new business and I guess I should just shoot for the stars as everything is in alignment.

Your intention class was a blast!" 

Jane Guyette


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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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