Was Einstein wrong?

Lynne McTaggart

This week I had a long chat with physicist Hal Puthoff, the hero of my book The Field, and main proponent of the idea that the Zero Point Field provides the essential underpinning of the entire universe. 


I always enjoy conversations with Hal because they always take an amazingly arcane turn.


Puthoff is one of those incredible frontier scientists – on the ‘frontier of the frontier’ he says, whose life is entirely shaped by the phrase ‘what if’.


Puthoff’s latest question is, essentially, nothing less than:  ‘What if Einstein’s general relativity theory is not the entire story? What if, in fact, gravity is not as we think we know it to be?’


A 96 per cent mystery

This question comes from genuine dissatisfaction by Puthoff and other scientists, that science cannot explain 96 per cent of the universe.  At the moment, believe it or not, all scientific equations deal with only 4 per cent of the universe.  Cosmologists lump at least three-quarters of the universe as consisting of ‘dark energy’.  Twenty percent more is considered so-called ‘dark matter’.

However, to a number of renegade scientists, the thought occurs that dark matter was only invented to explain the unknowable – say, why galaxies don’t spiral out into space.  If they cannot explain this type of gravitational attraction, why not just invent some unknown alternative? 


But to someone like Puthoff, the alternative is to question these unproven assumptions. Consequently, for two and a half years he and his team have been working on an experiment to see whether gravitation force is different from what conventional scientists say it is.  They are working on an experiment that amounts to a sophisticated version of a dumbbell on a string, measuring, via special high-tech microscopes and lasers, every hair’s breath of the device’s movement - down to the level of billionths of a meter. 


At the moment, the signal-to-noise problem is a nightmare.  With this kind of delicate operation, even the movement of a car on a highway miles away can disturb and invalidate the experiment. 


However, if Puthoff and his team can show a difference in our usual understanding of gravity and that it operates according to different laws, he may well do no less that dispel the idea that so-called ‘dark matter’ exists and demonstrate that gravity is associated with vacuum fluctuations – that is, with the Zero Point Field.


Was Einstein wrong?

In other words, he will demonstrate that our concept of gravity is wrong and that the equations for general relativity with their ideas of space-time curvature may not be the whole story.


There could be even a field underlying The Field. 


The point is that we often revere an expert – whether Einstein or Darwin, as we are especially doing this week – as having the final word.


Although we perceive of certain of these discoveries as ultimate truth, science is finally just a story, told in installments. We learn about our world in piecemeal fashion, a process of constant correction and revision.  New chapters refine — and often supplant — the chapters that have come before.


If Puthoff is right – and there is no such thing as dark matter, but only a different nature to gravity - clearly the story we’ve been told is about to be replaced by a drastically revised version.


The whole truth?

And so we must also consider the work of Charles Darwin in the same vein.  Darwin’s discovery of natural selection was no doubt brilliant.  However, as a student of population overrun, he was convinced that there were already too many people on the planet and that change occurred through a struggle to survive. 


It is likely that his theories only represent an approximation of the truth, and that his theory of evolution, with its suggestion that survival is available only to the ruggedly genetic individual, is superceded by increasing evidence that cooperation is the key to survival. 


Upcoming Intention Experiments


News on our Intention Experiments.  I am in the midst of discussions with materials scientists Rustum Roy about attempting to do another water experiment, this time with polluted water.  There is a great deal of evidence that intention can help to mutate bacteria.

Carroll Nash, the director of the parapsychology department at St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, ran an experiment on Escherichia coli, showing that both positive and negative intention could be used to mutate the bacteria.  In our experiment, we want to see if we can mutate ‘bad’ bacteria into ‘good’ bacteria and so clean up polluted water.  It’s a big challenge – but one with big implications.  We’re looking at some time in April.  In the meantime, I will be announcing another experiment shortly.  Stay tuned.



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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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35 comments on “Was Einstein wrong?”

  1. Lynn,
    Your comments about how science unravels its truths a bit at a time is so true. We see that every day even in my mundane field of papermaking. What you thought yesterday gets refined today and sometimes replaced tomorrow.
    Appreciate your insights and wisdom.
    - Mark Crable, Senior Research Scientist

  2. I strongly suggest that you get in touch with the good folks at kronia.com and thunderbolts.info. They have some excellent explanations of plasma, the fourth and most abundant state of matter. Gravity is a very weak force in contrast to the force of electricity. I have the utmost respect for Hal Putoff and I consider him one of the finest minds alive. I also think you might find answers to your questions about gravity at the above noted websites. I find it worth mentioning that the electric universe folks can actually prove many of their theories with lab experiments. Check out these ideas and try them on for a while to see what resonates with you.

  3. There is one phrase that comes to my mind, after going through what you have narrated above, and that is is one of my father's sayings...
    "Beyond time there is Time!"
    Thanks for the insights.

  4. Lynn,
    Thank you for great reporting as always. Love your work.
    Every theory has a domain of validity. As horizons expand all theories are found to be incomplete. How boring life would be if that were not true.
    Master Technician

  5. Einstein wasn't necessarily wrong, just incomplete. Incomplete does not equal to wrong. him "wrong." He was still looking for the unifying theory and wasn't pleased that he wasn't able to come up with it.
    Perhaps Interconnectedness = the "Zero Point Field" = the "Matrix" = Universe = God

  6. Einstein wasn’t necessarily wrong, just incomplete. Incomplete does not equal to wrong. He was still looking for the unifying theory and wasn’t pleased that he wasn’t able to come up with it.
    Perhaps Interconnectedness = the “Zero Point Field” = the “Matrix” = Universe = God

  7. Lynn,
    I always look forward to your blogs. They are so full of wonderful realizations and validations of what my intuition says is right. (A lot of what I "believe", goes so far beyond just belief.
    I look forward to your next experiment with water. I find the concept of water having a crystalline structure so fascinating. The idea that energy in the form of intention can change water is so very much in line with my beliefs and the teachings of my church. This explains Holy Water and Transubstantiation. I have found that by putting a charged quartz crystal in a pitcher of water changes the taste of it from "hard" to sweet. We have hard water and our utility board hyperchlorinates it so much that it often comes out of the tap with a slightly yellowish tint and a strong odor of bleach. The charged crystal changes all this. The chalky taste and all traces of chlorine are gone. I put the intent to heal in the crystal.
    I love reading more about Hal Puthoff as well. I read "The Field" three times and I am sure I heard him on Coast to Coast at least once. (If he hasn't been on, shame on them, he would make a great guest). But I am often fighting sleep to hear that show. I long ago escaped the Newtonian view of gravity as simply a function of weight and mass and even Einstein's view of it as an attractive force. I believe it is a function of the ZPF. I know this is getting close to Maharishi's Unified Field theory, but maybe that is just another descriptive for the Zero Point Field. Consider this: All these theories of science are allot like the famous analogy of the six blind men trying to describe an elephant. In many ways, all were correct in their descriptions, but not in their conclusions. Maybe Hal and others are that voice crying out to orthodox scientists and those who believe in The Religion of Science to wake up and remember what science is really about? That there are no Sacred Theories and that our Point of View is just that: The view from our point in space-time. If two people can witness an event from opposite sides of the street and see remarkably different things, why can't this be true of science? Maybe there is no such thing as a "blind experiment" and the intention of the observer is truly more responsible for the outcome than the "reality" the experiment is trying to prove?
    In a dream state I saw a picture of a spiral galaxy from one of the Hubble viewings. It was a static picture on paper in a book I was dreaming I was reading. All of a sudden I could see some shimmering in the picture like one would see coming off a puddle of water on a very hot day, or off a forest in the distance. The waves were gently flowing toward the center, almost like water going down a drain. I have to wonder if this was my visualizing the concept of galaxies having black holes in their center and these black holes draw in everything. The flow was subtle, like vapor in the air. This pull of a black hole could explain the binding of a galaxy together, but within the galaxy, what binds solar systems to their "suns"? I hope that Hal finds the answer to that one. We have to remember that when we view the universe with our finite eyes we are viewing a segment of space in a moment of time. However, the reality is everything is in motion.
    What do you all think?

  8. I think that we complicate things so much that we forget that we are here to experience the present moment. No more. No less. Everything else is fabulous detail that gives us the human experience on Earth. What a pleasure.

  9. Its interesting that the idea of the Zero Point Field seems to be creeping more and more into scientific jargon. Tesla may have been one of the earliest in modern times to have used the term and based his research on the theory that a tumultuous underling virtual field exists that is responsible for the reality we perceive. Attempts to tap and harness this field have led to many stories of suppressed technologies, some of which could solve the pressing problems of clean energy. When the secrecy surrounding these discoveries finally sees the light of day we'll be able to finally begin applying serious solutions to many of our most perplexing issues.

  10. If we can work on purifying the waters of the world what a difference this would make to millions of lives. I believe this will come about. What exciting times and how privilidged we are to be part of it.

  11. Whilst we are questioning Einsein's work, I suggest that another aspect of Einstein's e=mc squared equation needs to be questioned.
    The scientific conclusion that the velocity of travel is limited to the speed of light as a maximum, is clearly breached where light-workers and medium see and summon spirit.
    I propose that this spiritual energy is not subject to the limitations of Einstein's theory. I also propose that this spiritual energy exists in a complex series of universes where physical absolutes in our universe (such as the Chemical Elements aranged in a Periodic Table) are not applicable.
    I can provide more detail if anyone is interested.
    Blessings to all.

  12. Please, please, please refer to holoscience.com for information about the electric universe. Educate yourselves now! Black holes, dark matter/energy, quasars and the like are props fabricated to bolster the increasingly failed "big bang" theory. Gravity is immeasurably weak beside the electromagnetic force, one trillion trillion trillion billionth of the latter's strength, yet has continued to dominate scientific understanding since Newton's Laws of Motion helped describe the movements of the planets. In order to explain the formation of star clusters, galaxies and galactic superclusters, modern cosmologist must necessarily rely on the creation of phantasmic, "dark/invisible" objects in order to perpetuate the Newtonian conception of a gravity-dominated universe . Mainstream cosmology finds itself continuously resorting to inelegant and self-contradictory thinking in the face of the increasing torrent of hard data produced by ever more sensitive and penetrating equipment.
    Plasma cosmology, the science of the electric universe, relies on the direct observation of plasma in the laboratory to help create a concrete and predictable template for observing what is actually going on out in the cosmos. With crystalline clarity it fills the voids, real and imagined, of current cosmological thought. It represents the next paradigm shift, much bigger in its sweep and importance than the Copernican revolution. If you aren't afraid to kill a few sacred cows, explore the Electric Universe at holoscience.com. It is host to an outstanding group of people as well.

  13. Re: gravity . . . what about the possibility that it is more of an "effect" - i.e., that the "genesis/source/causality" could be from another Hologram/Set/Dimension/Time-Line that might somehow be "affecting" the Consensus-Reality/Hologram we're experiencing? . . . I've heard that the Quantum-Boys have provided the Old School Newtonian-Dudes with White-Board/mathematical equations that supposedly supports this working-hypothesis . . .
    "Now, my own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. I have read and heard many attempts at a systematic account of it, from materialism and theosophy to the Christian system or that of Kant, and I have always felt that they were much too simple. I suspect that there are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamed of, or can be dreamed of, in any philosophy. That is the reason why I have no philosophy myself, and must be my excuse for dreaming."
    ~ John Burden Sanderson Haldane {1892-1964}

  14. Thank you for your work and insights Lynne. 4% - wow! I didn't know that.
    I like the thread about 'incompleteness' - that is exactly what it is. I'm reminded of Ken Wilber's theory - the evolutionary process encompasses and transcends...
    We are now (obviously) transcending Einstein's theories ..... but building on what has gone before (encompassing). Thank you Jeff for that link - will check that out - the electric universe! That feels right. Our sensory perception is designed to register something like 0.05 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. How incredible - we are mostly blind (deaf and dumb) to the true nature of the universe... Of course we are meant to be. Doesn't stop us trying to understand what lies beyond.....
    Lotsaluv all,

  15. (=: Wow! What a great idea to do it with water! I love it! Let's turn it Holy in the same process! :=)

  16. Long since retired from teaching grades 4-8, way back in the 1980s, I told the students that what we were studying in the science textbooks and other sources was only how we understood our world at the time. I encouraged them to keep an opened mind about theories and not be too convinced about scientific "facts" and to not be dismayed when pet theories were proved incorrect or incomplete.
    We can admire the work done by dedicated scientists of all kind, but must realize that each breakthrough simply leads to a next step, but must not discount the good work done that led to the breakthroughs.
    My hope is that our various religions will follow suit with the same attitude. I've seen "some" evidence of this in some branches of religion and none at all in others...sigh.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. I do Vortex healing which is part of Life Alignment. I use vortex cards in this healing and have amazing results. The cards are channeled and each card works in a different way. There is a card for improving your water I stand a glass of water on the card for a few minutes, the water has a fresher taste after doing this.
    I believe we are given the ability to find answers when we are ready for them and we are very ready for answers at the moment.
    Thank you for the opportunity to gain more knowledge and keep up with all of this

  18. Hi: My understanding about the nature of "Zero Point Energy" comes from the writings of Glenda Green. When the Master Jesus appeared in her studio in 1993 for a painting, he imparted much information to her regarding this subject, if you can read between the lines. Go to lovewithoutend.com. We need to understand the nature of love to be able to understand the attractive nature of Zero Point Energy, and to access it.

  19. Hi Lynne
    If anyone would like a different view on gravity , and the universe , I suggest they Google Wal Thornhill , or David Talbot's Electric Universe website !
    These plasma scientists suggest that the unknown 96% is plasma !
    Charles Goldsmith

  20. Hello Lynne,
    Thank you for creating this blog..: )
    From an observers point of view, that being my perspective, Einstein was right.
    In very simple terms, where relativity is concerned, there is always 2 right answers, Einstein found one of those answers. In order to find the other right answer, look in the opposite direction.
    The second answer is, what the first answer is not.
    Einstein found the right answer as to how life works on the outside..
    If you were to ask me what I believe to be the other answer, I would say to you..
    Time does not exist because God exists and I know that, because God exists within me.
    Everything around me, is what I am not.
    I am God yet at the same time I am a part of God..
    God /Time Exists.
    God/Time does Not Exist.
    Both answers are right..
    Hope that made sense..
    Much Love
    xKatyx : )

  21. I read your book last year, sent out by IONS, and have been participating with some of the 'intentions'.
    The latest one with transforming water is intriguing, particularly since water is a real global issue. I read it daily and hear it on TV........"the need for water", clean water, drinkable water..... just to survive as a species.....Do you know the city of Atlanta Georgia ran OUT of water last summer and had to tank it into the city? what about all the chemicals dumped into our sinks, our toilets, while we innocently think it's harmless to do that?
    Nature is warning us to pay attention globally.....instead of locally... Water is a world wide necessity for survival of living creatures.....of which we are only ONE species....Yet we are the ONLY ones here who are capable of finding solutions. You might guess the recent brush fires in Australia struck a responsive chord in this Las Vegas 'desert inhabitant'. Whole towns burned to the ground.. people trapped in their cars attempting to drive through the flames on roads...
    Yet our world has OCEANS of water surrounding us, mainly used for transport and recreation....Surely there must be a way to use salt water to put out fires, some way to store it in remote areas.....even in Calif. brush fires periodically rage, which is so near salt water.....or other chemicals? I often wonder, in my ignorance, what about those in fire extinguishers? they do work....could it be expanded for larger fires? We keep using yesterdays' solutions for todays' problems. Perhaps your 'Intentionalities' will transform more than polluted water.
    Sincerely, Jediah

  22. Lynn, I so much appreciate that your blog posts come from the leading-edge, where you're interviewing heroes such as Hal Puthoff. Meanwhile more and more experimenters worldwide are building prototypes of devices that seem to tap into a previously-unrecognized source of useable power -- the zero-point field? My new coauthored book Breakthrough Power introduces a variety of such quantum-leap energy alternatives to everyday people. Your book The Field was the ground-breaker and puts it all in a big-picture context. Thank you.
    Jeane Manning

  23. Billions of people, seeing the world through their own filters, creating billions of realities. Perhaps those scientists working on these theories are uncovering small jigsaw pieces according to their own realities (Lynne refers to Darwin's preoccupation with population overrun). If co-operation is the key to evolution, then maybe it will take different individuals experiencing their different realities to uncover answers through their work, and all these answers will together reveal the larger 'truth'.

  24. From my free online book: "Creating From the Future: Making it Through the End Times."
    "The third technique for transmuting nuclear waste was that of Chow Chow Imamoto, a former student of Dr. Marcel Vogel. She also used a large quartz crystal. (177) Chow Chow heals energy fields by pulsing exorcist’s mantras into the earth to cleanse the negativity, then pumping constructive thoughtforms to fill the void left behind. When the process is complete, there is a brilliant light, often accompanied by rainbow hues and later, pouring rain.
    Chow Chow’s method has also been used to prevent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, divert meteors, uncover ancient history and geology, eliminate group karma, purify the soil, water and air and neutralize radioactive waste.
    In Ireland, Chow Chow and her group released radiation out of the Irish Sea after the Chernobyl incident. In Schenectady, New York, she gathered a group to clear General Electric’s Knoll Atomic Laboratory’s storage ground of atomic wastes. A year later, the area tested clean of radiation and toxins and was approved for home building. Trees, grass and flowers now thrive where nothing would grow before. The water downstream is again safe to drink, also.
    Both Chow Chow and I found that groups are greatly more effective than lone individuals for environmental work. The most phenomenal clearing, witnessed psychically by six of a group of nine participants, occurred at Lake Temsecal, a reservoir behind California’s Berkeley Hills. After her procedure, a volcano arose from the lake, spewing molten lava and a fireball as it exploded.
    In Utah, Chow Chow and a student cleansed a steel mill spewing toxic yellow-brown gas over the towns of Orem and Provo. To avoid inhaling this gas, they worked from inside their automobile. A huge windstorm came up out of nowhere, rocking the car and blowing trees about. Finally, on the mountaintop across the valley, an inverted funnel cloud arose, sucking up all the yellow gas. At the far end of the funnel, a white plume of light and a small rainbow appeared. In twenty minutes, the valley had no more yellow-brown haze and was still clear a week later.
    Chow Chow is still working with her crystal and putting together a workbook that can be used by others who have Vogel-Cut (tm) Crystals. The crystals can be ordered form Lifestream Associates. (175) These crystals are expensive, but a phenomenal blessing for those who do a great deal of subtle energy work.
    Super Ionized Water, another high tech substance, was used on one of the most polluted bays in the world. It became totally clear within a few days. Having an optimal effect on whatever it touches, the super-water appears to be alive and have consciousness. There are over forty types of “exotic waters” available now, each claiming to heal the body or the environment. Some seem to have miraculous powers, and others are short-lived. If you are interested in these waters, contact Spirit of Ma’at Research, who regularly investigate these products at http://www.spiritofmaat.com (53)
    A new Russian technology is now available from Spirit of Ma’at Research which uses laminated cards called “Harmonic Bio-Resonator Cards”. Dr. Victor Vergun and other scientists worked on this project for ten years. It is now reviewed in scientific journals. These cards are truly astounding; they are psychotronic devices__ they are activated by human consciousness. This author, her family and friends are now experimenting with them. Personal size cards purify water and food after a few minutes and have healing effects on the body. This card helped by reducing the intensity and frequency of four years of major seizures I was having, caused by toxic nerve damage after being given the wrong drug in a hospital. Personal size cards can protect computers, automobiles and other electric devices,while mini cards can be enclosed in cell phones; larger ones harmonize entire rooms' electrical pollution. Dr. Vergun considers them to be “alive”. (53)"

  25. Going towards spirituality, in Hindu relegious scriptures it is said that God created the Mind first then mind modified itself and became Akash the free space. Now I know what the Akash is, it is the Zero Point Field. The scriptpture goes further to say that the Aksh then modified itself to become Air then fire, water and Earth. Very interesting.
    Best regards,

  26. Its funny how the Zero Point Field concept is a modern way of going full circle. In Taoism and Buddhism they talk of emptiness being full. And to become one with nothingness.
    I remember reading in 'The Field' that the Zero Point Field was considered by some to be a massive if not infinite medium for information storage. I also remember that it was speculated that our human memory could also be stored in the zero point field. Interesting stuff, which we could later elaborate. But staying on track...
    Zero Point, vacuum, nothingness, emptiness
    After pondering for a long time I concluded that nothing is everything and everything is nothing.
    I will try to explain this rationale or logic through written words and a few simple mathematical symbols.
    If nothing is no particular thing, then we must be referring to everything. Void is something, hence it cannot be no-thing. Positive and Negative are some-things hence they cannot be nothing. Only everything cannot be something, hence it is no-thing (as in no particular thing).
    Let us now look at math...
    For the purpose of this argument we will equate nothing with zero.
    Nothing = 0
    We have been taught that zero has no value. But what if we look at it through another perspective. It could have all value.
    In math, One has the absolute value of one, and negative one has the absolute value of one.
    [1] = 1
    [-1] = 1
    And if you sum 1 plus -1 you get zero as a result.
    So if Zero is also the sum of all negative values and all positive values... then within it, it has ALL the possibly existing values.
    (-..., -5, -4, -3, -2, -1) + (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...) = 0
    I marvel at the wisdom of those who make up the words that we use, and through the study of etymology we can still glean in to their original and magical meaning.
    I also awe at those who "invented" the mathematical symbols we use to this present day.
    For by this rationale, zero is nothing and hence everything... and is represented by a circle. 0
    Overtly simple, but works for me. Hope this adds to the conversation and we can all be enriched by the process.
    Be well, be you.

  27. Sandra Ingerman has done amazing work with water using intention to change the pH of water polluted by ammonium hydroxide a by-product of human or animal waste so that it was undrinkable. Using the power of intention to 'not just transmute the pollution in the water, but to transmute it into holy water that can nourish and heal anyone who drinks or touches it' (p. 248) Sandra and her colleagues changed the pH of the water so that it was drinkable. This result has been scientifically verified and might be of interest. This work is detailed in the epilogue to her book "Medicine for the Earth How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins".

  28. "The Final Theory" by Mark McCutcheon is a self-published (therefore ignored by "Scientists") book that explains a lot of the mysteries of Gravity. http://www.theorionproject.org is a good site to explore modern research on power from Zero Point and other places.

  29. Ref: Was Einstein Wrong?
    Are you aware that there is a book that discusses the problems with the dark matter theory? The name is: "Reinventing Gravity: A Physicist Goes Beyond Einstein" by John W. Moffat, a Ph.D. physicist at the Perimeter Institute. He outlines a refinement to general relativity that yields similar results under normal circumstances, but strengthens the gravitational field in the center of galaxies. Thus there is no need for dark matter, which can't be observed, and whose existence seems to be an attempt to fill a gap necessitated by anomalies in galactic behavior. The theory is called Modified Gravity or “MOG” for short.
    Arthur Wiegenfeld, New York City

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