All tangled up

Lynne McTaggart

The hardest thing to get your mind around with quantum physics is that the smallest units of the universe like electrons or photons aren’t a solid and stable thing, but a potential of any one of its future selves – or what is known by physicists as a ‘superposition’, or sum, of all probabilities. It’s all its possible selves – all at the same time.
At its most elemental, physical matter isn’t solid and stable – indeed, isn’t an anything yet.
Tangled by entanglement
Another strange feature of quantum physics is a feature called ‘non-locality’, also poetically referred to as ‘quantum entanglement’. The Danish physicist Niels Bohr discovered that once subatomic particles such as electrons or photons are in contact, they remain aware of and influenced by each other instantaneously over any distance forever, despite the absence of the usual things that physicists understand are responsible for influence, such as an exchange of force or energy.
When entangled, the actions – for instance, the magnetic orientation – of one will always influence the other in the same or the opposite direction, no matter how far they are separated.
Modern physicists have demonstrated decisively that once two subatomic particles have connected, the measurement of one photon instantaneously affected the position of the second photon. The two photons continued to talk to each other and whatever happened to one was identical to, or very opposite of, what happened to the other. Today, even the most conservative physicists accept non-locality as a strange feature of subatomic reality.
Although modern physicists now accept these effects as a given feature of the quantum world, they console themselves by maintaining that this strange, counter-intuitive property of the subatomic universe does not apply to anything bigger than a photon or an electron or to anything alive. The prevailing view is that quantum effects are only seen in laboratories with non-living systems at temperatures close to absolute zero. 
Once things gets to the level of atoms and molecules, to the hot and wet world of the living organism — which in the world of physics is termed ‘macroscopic’ — the universe starts behaving itself again, according to predictable, measurable, Newtonian laws.
At the heart of biology
However, the latest evidence demonstrates that quantum effects like entanglement could be at the very  heart of biological processes. A multi-center study carried out by the University of California at Berkeley. Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri and the Institute of Physics of Charles University in the Czech Republic, discovered that quantum processes inside of green sulfur bacteria drives the essential process of converting solar energy into oxygen and food.
The researchers tracked the workings of the protein network connecting the external solar collectors, or chlorosomes, to energy centers inside each cell by hitting these proteins with ultrafast laser pulses and following the trail of the light through the cell structure and into its reaction centers, where the conversion of light into oxygen and carbohydrates takes place. 
To the amazement of the researchers, the light traveled in several directions at once – much as an electron does when travelling undetected in its superposition state. The researchers believe that this energy in a sense ‘tries out’ various pathways before finally choosing the most efficient. 
This stunning finding suggests that the most basic and fundamental of all biological processes, responsible for most of life on earth in the form of oxygen supply and food source, is driven by a quantum process.
Quantum green tea
Another study by a group from the Autonomous University of Barcelona discovered that the antioxidant effects of green tea, which counteract the effects of free radicals, have to do with an effect in which, electrons in a molecule somehow are able to jump over and adhere to a second molecule, even though the laws of classical physics says that electrons are bound together too tightly ever to do such a thing. 
This phenomenon of jumping ship from one molecule to the next is known as ‘quantum tunneling’. The Spanish researchers have discovered that electrons from the antioxidants, called catechins, in the tea engage in a mopping up exercise of free radicals, which produce an extra electron.  The catechin electrons are able to tunnel to a free radical electron, binding it up and preventing it from damaging cells in the body. 
In fact, entanglement is now easy to achieve in large ‘macroscopic’ systems in the lab. Physicist Vlatko Vedral of the University of Leeds, working with a team from Portugal and Austria, was able to show that photons from a laser can be entangled with the crystal lattice of a mirror and that this relationship would persist at high temperatures.
Tied up in the Canaries
In several flamboyant gestures, the famous Austrian quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger and his team have most recently entangled a pair of photons between two islands in the Canaries separated by 144 km metres of sea. Zeilinger and his co-workers  have also transferred money securely between an Austrian Bank and Vienna City Hall using pairs of entangled photons produced by a laser and distributed via optical fibers.   They even showed that non-local links could be established in space by bouncing laser pulses off a satellite to a receiving station on Earth. 
The implications of these discoveries are staggering.  They suggest that scientists must drastically modify their understanding of reality, particularly biological reality.
By accepting these quantum effects as a natural facet of nature we are acknowledging that two of the bedrocks on which our world view rests are wrong: that influence only occurs over time and distance, and that particles, and indeed the things that are made up of particles, only exist independently of each other. 
They suggest that we have to ask ourselves a very fundamental question, perhaps the most fundamental of all:  does anything exist before we perform a measurement on it?  Or to put that another way, if quantum entities, which are so impossible to define before measurements are taken, drive all our basic life processes, does anything exist as an actual something independently of us? 
Suddenly the idea that thoughts can affect the physical world doesn’t seem so strange.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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659 comments on “All tangled up”

  1. ohmygod! It all just gets wierder and wierder...but I figured! How exciting!
    Thanks Lynn...I love reading your stuff!

  2. Thanks for doing the work of research and reporting. I love it
    when scientists figure out physically what we've intuited all along! In fact, haven't we all experienced it, if we stop and think
    about it?

  3. The emerging fact that we effect our physical reality by our thoughts mandates us to be more conscious of the thoughts we choose, since they are more powerful, quicker and more binding than any culturally defined unconscious "do-good" actions we engage in. I am awakening to the greater power I have in the solitude of my thoughts and feelings to bring what is "external" to me to coherence. Lynn, I really appreciate what you are bring forth.

  4. I have not got my head around all of this yet it is not as simple as it seems at first. Thank you for all the interesting things you give us to think about.

  5. Ms. McTaggart,
    I was thrilled and awestruck when I read "The Field." This latest information continues to "raise the hair on my neck" in wonder and amazement. I come from a religious background--more spirituality in my case--and have always felt that the day would come when science and religion would come together. I see clearly the spiritual overtones in what you have been presenting to the public. Now, if we can begin to incorporate what science is revealing into the way we treat each other, the way we conduct all affairs of life--in other words, practice true "Religion/Spirituality," that will surely bring True Peace to Mankind. Hopefully, in our time.
    Thank you for your thought-changing, life-changing work. We are in your debt.
    Phyllis Windes
    New Mexico

  6. Hi Lynn, We are doing work with our technology to show the effects of thought. We are able to show the dynamics of subtle interactions of biological matter, including human thought and intention. We know and can prove that thought effects water.

  7. It seems the existence of matter requires the existence of another realm, one which seems to contradict what we have seen, because it is not seen, yet all part of the same thing, each necessary for the existence of the other.

  8. I am not an illusion. The last bit implies that we are illusions. Everything else made sense. I am not an illusion and neither are you!
    People abuse me. I know I do not create it. What kind of universe is it that an abused woman or man is responsible for being abused? And the violent violater is free of all responsibility for his or her actions?

  9. Lynne,
    Excellent summary of current work. The last paragraph caused reflection upon another aspect shown by Quantum Theory. There can be only one observer. Wigner's Friend paradox is an example of the search for the observer or where does consciousness enter mater? A blog entry on that subject could be quite enlightening, or more confusing. 😉
    Also in Quantum Theory it is imperative to understand the difference between an interaction and an observation. Perhaps another blog there too.
    Every answer begets 10 questions.

  10. Hi Lynne,
    I've recently viewed a video presentation byNassim Haremein.
    He has established a foundation called the Resonance Project.
    He has been a struggling physicist for the past decade (and more)
    whose ideas are just now coming into recognition and being published
    in peer reviewed journals. He is a theoretical physicist and his
    theories have yet to be verified. (Alternatively, they have probably
    been verified and the results kept under wraps as part of our
    government's black projects systems. I'm sure you have heard some of
    those rumors.)
    He does seem to have created a simpler model as far as dealing with
    sub-atomic forces is concerned. As I understand it, simple is good,
    if the mathematics can back it up. I think he is right to call the
    traditional modes of approaching some of the foundation work in
    physics as "viewing it with blinders on." (The attitude that says.
    "We can't deal with that -infinities-so we'll just exclude-ignore-
    them.") I hope you have a chance to learn something about his work
    and will find his views refreshing. Although he has come to them
    through rather unorthodox means he is by no means "a flake" -- except
    in so far as that is a very flattering description of beautiful
    hexagonal water crystals which are essentially fractal in their
    design, which he would appreciate and concur with to a degree.
    He does seem to understand the recursive nature of the universe
    as being far more fundamental than has been proposed by most other
    professors of physics. As you dig into his work you may see how it
    has the potential for providing even stronger support for your views
    of shared consciousness and our emerging capacity to successfully "live the field."
    Best wishes

  11. All your books are very inspiring, thank you Lynn McTaggert. I shows so clearly how we only know and understand a fraction of our reality and how by being locked into our beliefs are limiting our selves and our possibilities. It is so exciting to see the coming together of spiritual understandings and 'hard' sciences. It really is life changing.
    Nick Heising,Netherlands

  12. Well there is sort of a new kid on the block called subquanum kinetics which offers evidence of how particles are arranged by combinations of forces known as ether. People think this was some mystical force or alchemy but it's know and used in military antigravity experiments. It's too much to explain here. BTW, the reason all this is an illusion is because the universe has a beginning and end,hence not real or eternal in this sense but temporary. We are created mostly of space and more and more people are learning how to dematerialize. This effect is accelerating because certain forces are close to earth that will prove the vulnerability of what we know to be solid within the confines of space and time,which are also an illusion. Unimaginable occurances will start appearing soon. If you notice many politicians' antics are being exposed if you watch the news with many more to come. These are the tip of the iceberg. Stuart Wilde is a good source to check out regarding these things. We are multidimentional beings,but the majority of us just don't know it or how to see it. Particle physics has already debunked many of the great lies purported by those in control. Science has been repressed. They don't want us knowing the truth. It's only to our advantage manipulating time in forward and backward motion thru states of conciousness. Here's to our brave new world!

  13. This may begin to explain the subtle mechanics of remote healing.
    Now if we were to think in 'above so below' terms we could speculate that when we heal ourselves all those whom we have had contact with, people, pets, the planet, and so on, could also be influenced in a healing manner by such an action.
    This is a separate concept that adds up to the organic effect that healing ourselves could have within the universe and all those other organisms within it.
    And if at the same time we were to add cognitive theories into the mix, partly the ones in which we perceive what we believe we "can" or "should" perceive, (remember the theory of the Spanish ships reaching the Caribbean, as mentioned in What the Bleep..., and the inability of the natives being able to perceive them until a 'trusted' figure of authority "revealed" it to the rest of the tribe) we could just as probably yield better, more powerful and enduring results by healing our perception of those who are ill, apart from sending our intention for the ill person to heal.
    Food for thought.

  14. Blessings Lynn..
    amazing is it not that creation and it energy are still the forefront of everything because everything is before it becomes,it just becomes because we bring it forth..there is no tanglement in knowing that all is beacuse we are created to that image of creation..Q just wants to know how..but it's simple fance word no complications ..just is..and it is wonderful..creation...
    Thank you so much Lynn for your thoughts and sharing gift..that allows us to express our own experience...Namaste to all..

  15. I love what we are finding out now it all makes sense of so much stuff that has never made sense before and made us wonder “what if?” or “did that really happen?” type of thinking. It also explains some of Brian Weiss work with regressions and progressions where the hypnotised person is able to see varying examples of future lives depending on their development in this life time.
    Thank you so much Lynne for your reporting, you give us so much value.

  16. so if at its most elemental state, matter isn't anything yet, then it just loves when we have thoughts and intentions... cuz it gives it something to do and become... how fun... best friends on the playground.

  17. Hello
    Thank you again for helping to make the impossible possible. For over ten years I lived with a scietist for whom quantum physics was his bread and butter whilst I leaned towards the mystic side. We discovered that there was very little difference between our ideas and way of life - an altogether a facinating experience, Your reports put that into perspective - something I know from my innermost and that he could proove from his scientific knowledge. Thank you again

  18. In response to TOM - "Is the abused responsible for their own abuse?" - the real toughie - but perhaps you might like to go to and ask for their free introductory CD and proceed from there. It's another chip off the Intention/Field/Energy block and may just flood your life with radiance as it has mine and thousands of others

  19. In response to Tom
    'Is the abused responsible for their own abuse'
    - a very pertinant question which few people attempt to grapple with, in my experience.
    I have discussed this issue when able to with many spiritual and new-age type people
    (NB I don't know if I come into either or both of these categories - see below)
    Whilst the amazing and wonderful ideas from quantum physics do appear to me to make it possible for us to influence events outside of ourselves ( indeed Lynns expriments have shown this to happen) to say that we CAN influence events is not the same as saying that we DO INFLUENCE ALL EVENTS (ie are solely responsible for everything in our own lives) or that we are THE ONLY FACTOR influencing our own lives.
    In my experience most of the spiritual/new-age people I speak to too easily make big assumptions eg they move from saying that it is 'possible' to saying things like it 'happens all the time'and is 'the only factor at work'.
    I think this is rather too simplistic.
    It appears to me that lots of people have a strong attachment to the idea that we create everything in our lives. This seems to encourage them to make what appear to me to be rather glib assumptions and extrapolate too far and too easily - ie to take the results of quantum physics and use them in ways which are not justifed by the original data/proofs/theories.
    I may not be right of course. I have not had the benefit of any spiritual experiences.
    I don't really know what being 'spiritual' means.
    I am a seeker after 'the truth' . I am very open to new ideas. I do my best to live my life with integrity and responsability. I believe that we are all connected. Lots of people tell me that this is what it means to be spiritual, but I don't know.
    I am not a scientist, but I love the revolutionary ideas of quantum physics which I have been reading about for the last 15 years.
    I have lots of very genuine questions (I am not a sceptic).
    I do have a lot of respect for Lynne and Brian on this, as I feel they do put alot of effort into to being rigorous in their approach and not running away with things.
    Also I applaud them for not going along with the very me-centred, individualistic, business-type approach to all this which seems so prevalent now in the USA (which comes accross to me as smug, unthought out, decidedly un-spiritual and arrogant)
    Love from the, possibly illusory,

  20. Hi All,
    I became fascinated with these concepts about 10 years ago. I avoided physics as a student because grades were too important to me and I couldn't seem to understand it. During a spiritual journey of change years later, I found books like Goswami's "The Self-Aware Universe" and eventually found Lynne's books. I have been slow in understanding, but I think it is coming.
    What I find most fascinating is that, since all things are possible, we can change if we wish to badly enough. Potential is always there. What is reality after all? We all "see" things differently, and our thoughts and attitudes determine who we are and what we become. I know I am not the same person I was years ago.
    I find it miraculous that it appears to be true that we are all "one." The meaning of this is mind-boggling.
    It's scary in many ways. I don't want to lose myself when I die -- when my body dies that is. Since I am 72, that could happen any time. And yet, something in all of this "interconnectedness" is reassuring. The world is frightening in many ways, but I have always intuitively felt that what we intend plays out in our lives. I know my plants and growing things respond to my wishes. I used to kill them because I found them too much trouble. My attitude toward them changed, and now they grow for me like crazy.
    There is so much power in our intentions, but we often think they are different from what they truly are. I know for a fact that groups that are focused on certain intentions can bring miraculous changes in people's lives. My whole concept of what I call God has changed with my increasing belief that all of these things we are discovering are possible and true. We are still far away from the whole truth (whatever that is) but I suspect we are getting there. Thanks, Lynne.

  21. Lynn,
    Wonderful info. I can't help but wonder if many of your things presented are done so to help guide perception and understanding, but, the ideas of illusion with a fix from intention are most intriguing.
    I cannot explain my understanding, but it's there. Has been since I was kid (I'm 53 now).
    The scientific community keeps looking for the scientific definitions and causes/effects (generally speaking), without taking into account the "whole picture", which is absolutely necessary. Since 'energy' is pervasive to all places/times/dimensions, and the beginnings of particles come from energy (which ultimately form this "illusion" we exist in) , combined with the (metaphysical) understanding that we all are part of and have access to the "universal consciousness" (everybody-insert your own term or understanding), there is no ‘one’ cause. It’s collective. The “illusion” we experience is not entirely self made, but a rendition of our own intentions, thoughts, beliefs, entangled (there’s that word) with the collective. Yes, we have a significant power over and in our own lives, but are still entangled in the collective. Then, or first (I should say), there is the Creator (by whatever name each chooses to recognize), that brought all of this forth. And the Creator’s intention, purpose and influence. There is a lot nobody in this current ‘illusion’ really knows for sure, but I strongly believe that we have that significant power to direct our own lives, be it with understanding of the ‘momentum’ (yes, in a traditional physics sense…kind of) that as we increase out understanding and refine our abilities, we will have more and more strength to make rapid changes, and yes, changes that baffle most of the world right now.
    That’s my short overview of “the big picture”. And it just came pouring out as I sit here…through inspiration…connection…collective.
    For Tom, to escape the world you now live in and understand, you must first accept that you CAN change your future…your existence, then, start with gathering knowledge and understanding. This is where “momentum” comes in. Changing understanding through knowledge (and sometimes spiritual experiences) can alter the course of your life through the resultant changes in how you live your life, what you accept into your life, how you view yourself (self esteem, deservedness). The changes may seem slow at first, but just recognizing that you are making changes is an amazing observation that feeds motivation to continue toward positive change. Cause and effect. Action and reaction. And as for those who act with mal-intent, seemingly without consequences, they will reap their consequences. It’s not up to you, in current feelings, to determine that they are free of consequences. They just come at times determined by “the big picture”, not by you. Please find your faith and acceptance of these laws of the universe and move forward with your own life to a better existence. You absolutely CAN do this. Remember, thinking is a habit. Change your habits and you can change your life. And, remember, changing habits is fighting momentum, and is hardest to get started. But after started. That observation I mentioned can be huge motivation to continue. Remember to continue moment t moment, day to day and week to week, or you lose momentum and slip back into the old habits and the resulting unwanted life. This place is as good as any to begin gathering knowledge and understanding, but be active to find more and more.

  22. Just another way of saying that God and science are not separate. We're just a little slow down here!

  23. Lynne writes:
    "They suggest that we have to ask ourselves a very fundamental question, perhaps the most fundamental of all: does anything exist before we perform a measurement on it? Or to put that another way, if quantum entities, which are so impossible to define before measurements are taken, drive all our basic life processes, does anything exist as an actual something independently of us?
    Suddenly the idea that thoughts can affect the physical world doesn’t seem so strange."
    So how was the physical world before Homo Sapiens started thinking? Was it different? There is some missing link there... Thoughts have been affecting the physical world since many thousands of years when we invented the use of fire, and yes, you need quantum theory to explain the color of flames.

  24. Response to Tom
    I re-read your blog today and want to say to you that I don't think quantan entanglement means we are illusions. After we have made our choices (or after they were made for us), we are then real. However, I tend to believe we can always change that reality.
    When abuse is present, I don't think those who are abused have asked to be abused, or want to be abused -- any more than those who are alcoholic have asked to be alcoholics. But I do think that something in the way we think, feel, and act may set some of us up to experience those things. Prior to retirement I worked 20 years as an Addictions' Counselor so I saw a lot of physical and mental abuse.

  25. "Suddenly the idea that thoughts can affect the physical world doesn’t seem so strange."
    It has bugged me for quite some time, that it seems easy for some to accept these ideas, but for most, it is not. Why are people so scared of the idea that we are so powerful that a whole universe (and more) exists because of us? What makes a person afraid to entertain this idea, even for a moment?
    Why would you bring children into this world if all you will teach them by your own actions is that life is a struggle.
    Why would you become a politician if all you will preach to people is that they need to be led?
    Why would you become a doctor? Why a teacher? Why anything?
    Why are we afraid? What is there to be afraid of? If God created everything, then that means everything, not bits here and there.
    Unless there is some self centered reason or benefit for us to judge everything around us, then I am completely lost! What is to gain from judging something as bad, and then when offered another light, we shun it as madness?
    If the entire population were to change their view to that of being a creator instead of a reactor, then all judgments would cease. But at the same time, being judgmental is what forces many to explore the possibility is it not? Are we not driven by what we see as an incomplete world, or a world with too many bad things going on to explore or seek answers?
    There is something missing, and no religion has the answer either. Therefore it must be within, the center of all existence, and when you find it, you do not need the approval of someone else. You do not need to change the world, for the world does not need changing, for if it did then you are judging the very thing you are creating.
    It's like a see saw, or a pendulum, this movement from creating to reacting, or judging to accepting etc. At some point the see saw ride must end, and then all that is left is to just 'BE'.
    Thankyou, for your research is wonderful.

  26. Greetings dear lady,
    Both you books were indeed a "great read",and their contents were inlightening,inspiring,and incredible to behold.
    Thank-you so very much for the countless hours of timeless pleasure, and pleasant reading they provided.
    Our group,on your site,have focused our attention on the Z.P.F. and its relavance to the dream--state; the world of the Sub-conscious mind.
    Our experiments have produced "Remarkable" results ,and we believe they have shown the following : large groups of people have the capacity to dream about, and become connected with, and uncover from , the "dreamscape" information that is only made known days after the experiment`s end.
    Proff., Bill Sculz has a record of the experiments and their results ,on his page ,on the intention site.
    Perhaps ,this area of research ,as yet not fully exploited, will add to and amplify the Z.p.f.
    Geoff Rodley.

  27. Devi writes:
    " We know and can prove that thought effects water."
    Can you give me references, cite scientific research papers? In my career of a science writer I haven never come across such a claim that has any scientific validity.

  28. Thank you so much for the well written and enlightening article about quantum physics. I honestly admit I still don't really understand it in scientific terms and explanations, but I'm almost drawn to learn about it. I believe it's part of our spiritual journey. I'd like to answer your question; "Does anything exist as an actual something independently of us?" I believe the answer is, no it does not. I believe we are all part of all that is. I think of it as a matrix. All of this, us, is interwoven. The enormity of it is hard for me to wrap my mind around. Life is amazing.....Thanks again for helping us to expand our minds.

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