The Leaf Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart

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The little leaf that glowed
Psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz, director of the Center for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona, generously volunteered to carry out our first experiment. Dr. Schwartz has a great deal of experience carrying out experiments in energy healing, and is the first scientist to have photographed light (biophoton) emissions from living things through

his super-cooled digital CCD camera system, which not only creates digital photos of biophoton emissions, but analyzes and counts them, one by one.

For our first Intention Experiment, we decided to start with a geranium leaf taken from the flourishing plant in the office of his colleague, Dr. Melinda Connor, using a target and an identical control. Both would be subjected to the same conditions, but only one would be sent intention. Although the participants would know our target, the scientists would not be told until they’d calculated the results.

For our first intention experiment, we started from the ground floor. First we had to establish that the thoughts of a batch of disparate people from around the globe could have an effect — any effect. Only after we’d achieved that could we move on to more ambitious targets.

Such a simple experiment nevertheless required a 50-step protocol to be painstakingly followed by our lab technician, Mark Boccuzzi. Mark would select two geranium leaves identical in terms of size and number of light emissions. In order to achieve statistical significance, we would need more than thirty data points with which to compare to two leaves. Dr. Schwartz decided to puncture each leaf sixteen times. That way, we’d have more than enough data points to compare.

Increasing the light
On March 11, 2007, we decided to carry out a trial run using the attendees of an Intention Experiment conference held by my publishing company in London. Mark Boccuzzi hooked up a webcam, and a live image of each leaf appeared on its own web page, visible only to Lynne and her London audience. After selecting one of the leaves, the audience sent intention for 10 minutes to the target leaf, after which Mark placed both leaves under the CCD camera to be photographed.

The audience was told to attempt to increase the light emissions by using their thoughts to make the leaf ‘glow and glow.’

We then asked a member of the audience to choose the target leaf by flipping a coin then displayed the chosen leaf on a Power Point projector. After engaging the audience in a simple Powering Up exercise, they held an intention to make the leaf glow for 10 minutes.

Mark was told which leaf we’d chosen only after he’d finished his calculations. A week later, Dr. Schwartz revealed that the changes in the light emissions of the leaf given the glowing intention had been so strong that they could readily be seen in the digital images created by the CCD cameras.

Numerically, the increased biophoton effect was highly statistically significant. In fact, he said, all the punctured holes in the chosen leaf were filled with light. All the holes in the control leaf, on the other hand, remained black.

Dr. Schwartz eventually will publish these results in a scientific publication, which prevents me at this writing from publishing photos. Science journals demand that all details of a scientific experiment be published first in a peer-reviewed journal before being circulated publicly.

Glowing seeds
A variation of this experiment was repeated for our internet audience on April 14 — this time using string bean seeds as our target to ‘glow.’

Nearly 7000 people from thirty countries participated in the experiment, This time, after Dr. Schwartz had analyzed the results, the bean seed experiment showed a strong 'glow effect' — the same as the London leaf experiment — but not in terms of statistical significance, largely because of the limitations of the imaging equipment.

“The beans were in the predicted direction, but the results did not reach statistical significance,” Gary wrote me in an email. “However, there were only 12 beans per condition (glow versus control). If it was possible to image twice as many beans, the results would have reached statistical significance (through what is called power analysis in statistics).”

In other words, we showed a large effect, but we needed more seeds just to satisfy the scientific definition of ‘significant.’

A third study carried out in September at a Reconnection Master Conference in Los Angeles produced a similar effect to that of our first Intention Experiment in London.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

22 comments on “The Leaf Intention Experiment”

  1. I am a junior biologist and although many scientists do not believe in the power of the mind to the extent that these experiments are based upon; I do and would be very pleased to participate or to see these experiments continue in depth and gain the recognition they deserve.

  2. I strongly believe in the power of mind and have personally experienced in War. I would like to participate in these experiments

  3. I did not get to participate in this intention experiment, but I so honor this work and Lynn Mctaggart for her teachings. It is wonderful to have access to the results of these experiments on line so we can better educate ourselves. I look forward to future intention experiments! Thank you Lynn!!!! You so appreciated!

  4. thank you for the experiments you conduct...the work you are doing is phenomenal and what a way to go for our healings... where others cannot achieve results, you do... thank you

  5. capisco poche parole d'inglese, ma mi sembra tutto molto interessante , perchè io e Grazia da anni ci occupiamo di relazioni d'aiuto con l'intenzione e con risultati interessanti. Le tecniche di PNL, di Rebirthing, di psicodinamica, di reiki sono state un grande aiuto per comprendere come è possibile utilizzare solo l'intenzione ..sapere che è possibile !... ora leggo il vs. libro e spero in seguito di poter collaborare. grazie e buone feste

  6. I'm a Reiki Master from South Africa, a Chiroprator friend gave me The Field at the exact time i was looking into the quantum field & have been using the zero point field all my life without the scientific explanation! I would love to participate in you experiments that aim to heal. A life-changing book for those who just have an incling. Thanks to all

  7. Your experiments make the impossible seem possible. You are bridging the gap between the seen and unseen. I am so happy to be living during a time when global consciousness is taking such a great leap. It's simply magical!

  8. As a long-time member of Unity Church, I have been wondering why someone hasn't documented the reality that we have seen through the Unity collateral.
    During most of the 1990's one item was prominently displayed and sold in conjunction with Unity activities and book stores. It was a picture of the earth with the words, "Visualize World Peace".
    This item was removed from the materials at the end of 2000. The rest is history. Please allow me to participate in this phenomenal experiment.
    Raleigh, NC

  9. ''I believe in the power the mind."I take tai chi and i see first hand that the mind plays a big roll into your physical being. My teacher from china can break a glass bottle 6ft. using the mind to direct the chi energy to break the glass bottle. and I also seen a tibet monk from a sect, called the black hats walk threw a sold wall I thouhgt it was fake,but later he came up to me and showed me how he did it.

  10. by using breathing and doing a intense meditation practice tumo,but it was so sacrey that I stoped the practice because it was to much energy flowing from me.

  11. There is such an imbalance in the world due to ego.The power of intention is a force of good supplied from the higher field that overcomes the ego.Peace to u all.

  12. from all of us learning and experiencing in our own apparently separate corners, you bring good news : we are not separate but simply assume this mode to eventually enhance the Field.

  13. These experiments and subsequent results are amazing. I will gladly participate in future tests.

  14. I would love to be an active participant in something I believe can help us in a much needed change to help control the direction of the world and intention for all souls existing.

  15. Publishing the book without the results on the scientific journal? good way to make money and trick people without real results. People believe whatever they want to believe, it is sad that nowadays everybody can profit from this kind of non-sense.

  16. What is the status on this? Has it been published yet, I'd like to see the pictures.
    "Dr. Schwartz is writing up results for scientific publication, which prevents me at this writing from publishing photos. Science journals demand that all details of a scientific experiment be published first in a peer-reviewed journal before being circulated publicly."

  17. Dah & Sha,
    I do not need scientific data or reseach on this topic. If anyone practices watching their thoughts (intentions) for any lenght of time it becomes apparent real quick that each one of us creates our outer reality by our thoughts alone.
    It has taken me years of struggle and overcoming fear to finally know that everything in my life was litterally ordered by me. I have never been a victim of anyone or anything except that of my own thoughts and intentions.

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