Against holism

Lynne McTaggart

Just occasionally, I come across a medical hero, a doctor willing to break the conspiracy of silence that exists among doctors about the damage caused by their tools.
My hero of the hour is an American psychiatrist called Grace E. Jackson.  Dr. Jackson is utterly, refreshingly horrified by psychiatric medicine. In fact, she is horrified by most forms of pharmaceutical medicine, period.  She spends her life lecturing and writing about the dangers of drugs and their ability to cause mental illness. 
So incensed is she about the current state of affairs that she felt compelled to self-publish a whistle-blower, entitled Drug-induced Dementia, which painstakingly catalogues a vast amount of scientific evidence showing that modern medicine is the primary culprit behind all forms of dementia, one of the most rampant epidemics of our time.
A new use for rocket fuel
One of her more outrageous snippets of information concerns the fact that in the 1950s, when doctors first began to treat psychiatric patients pharmacologically, they discovered that synthetic dye and rocket-fuel derivatives actually had what they considered some sort of medicinal effect. Thorazine (chlorpromazine), the first antipsychotic, was born. 
There was only one hitch – the drug caused the patient to become so lethargic that his symptoms aped those of sleeping sickness.  The doctors also noticed that over time, the drugs caused all the hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease:  abnormal gait, tremor, dementia and involuntary movement. They also stupefied the patient, flattening out all feeling or excitation — leaving behind, in effect, a vegetable.
Nevertheless, with a brand of logic peculiar to modern medicine, these debilitating side effects were welcomed, on the premise that they were a damned sight better than a crazed hallucinator.
In fact, doctors began to view the arrival of parkinsonian effects as a benchmark in a patient’s therapeutic progress:  proof positive that the drugs were actually working.
Not-so-subtle brain damage
The damage caused by psychiatric medicine is only the tip of the iceberg. I began to look into this issue myself and discovered a good number of the major classes of drugs that doctors give patients as they age bring on dementia.
Heart drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, sleeping pills, antidepressants, narcotics, stimulants, including Ritalin, the ADHD drug given to children, anti-cholinergics, anti-epileptic drugs, to name just a few, all can damage the structure of the brain.
Anti-depressants shrink the hippocampus of the brain, and statins lower crucial fats, or lipids, which compose much of brain tissue. 
Beta-blockers and other drugs that aggressively lower blood pressure, such as calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors, also  lower blood flow to the brain, creating all the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease
Even good old painkillers – the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory class of drugs – can cause a variety of cognitive changes, from delirium to disturbances in memory and concentration.
Many of these drugs actually shrink brain volume, destroying the crucial fatty structures of brain cells, or causing abnormal accumulation of tissue in vital brain structures. 
Drug cocktails
Even though they represent only one-seventh of the population, the over-65s take one-third of all prescription drugs – and usually a cocktail of them.  The average senior is on six drugs at a time, many of which can affect the brain.  
Given the fact that some 90 per cent of Americans from their mid-fifties onward are taking at least one drug regularly, and nearly one-third are taking five or more drugs, it’s small wonder that dementia is one of the world’s fastest growing diseases, now absorbing $90 billion per year, or one-third of America’s entire Medicare bill. It’s now expected that one in four of us will have some form of dementia by the time we reach 80.
To put this cost into perspective, America is now spending about 1 per cent of the US’s entire gross domestic product on a largely iatrogenic (doctor-induced) condition. Medicine has reached the point where it is chasing its own tail, attempting to mop up with yet more drugs and treatments a vast and costly problem it has caused in the first place.
Against nature
I tell you all this not simply to rant against the massive carnage caused by our faulty medical system, but also to illustrate the enormous repercussions that occur whenever we go against our truest nature.  The drug-caused dementia epidemic is simply the result of the ongoing refusal of our current medical model to consider the body as a holistic entity. 
In 1970, a German physicist named Fritz-Albert Popp stumbled upon the fact that human beings emit a tiny current of photons, or light from the DNA of every cell, which he labeled ‘biophoton emissions”. 
In his research, Popp discovered something else remarkable. If a medicine was applied to one part of the body, a large change occurred in the number of light emissions not only from where he’d applied the ointment, but also from distant parts of the body. Furthermore, the size of the changes correlated all over the body.
Popp soon recognized that this light was a communication channel within a living organism, a means of instantaneous, or ‘non-local’, global signaling.
Popp’s work affords a glimpse of the body at work – an exquisite, interconnected whole. What affects one small body part affects every other part simultaneously.
Whenever we atomize anything, but most particularly the human body – taking it apart and attempting to treat it in separate pieces – we invite calamity.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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62 comments on “Against holism”

  1. thanks so much for writing this ... I have someone close to me affected by mental illness and who has been put on zombie inducing drugs but it is an unfashionable illness.
    Thank you for bringing it to the light

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I am a strong supporter of natural healing methods and absolutely agree with everything you wrote. But I think there are times when allopathic medicince can help, too.
    When I was 34, I suddenly developed epilepsy. I refused to take drugs for 5 years; instead I pursued every natural rememdy I could find--diet, naturopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture. I continued having grand mal seizures every one or two months, however.
    I finally decided to get my life back (I was no longer driving by then), and asked my family doctor to prescribe depakote. The seizures subsequently stopped completely. I took the drug for 11 years and then slowly weaned myself off of it. That was 11 years ago, and I have never had another seizure.
    I didn't like taking the drug all those years, but it did give me my life back. I'm just glad I am free of both the drug and the seizures today.

  3. I had a stroke due to what I believe was Doxepin that was given to me for "neurological purposes. I'm living a medical nightmare of what I am calling a :eugenic euthanasia.
    Please google gangstalking/salem,ma. to read stories from many people.

  4. I so agree with all of this!
    When I was in my sixties (I am 84 now) I almost died from severe asthma attacks. I had had it off and on since my teens. As the medications got stronger and stronger I got worse and worse. I was addicted to the inhalers, using them to "keep going".
    I found some Chinese herbal supplements and took charge of my own health. I have been asthma free for over 20 years.
    I am on NO medications. My husband takes a mild blood pressure med.
    We have mild aches and pains but are pretty healthy overall.
    By the way both of my husband's brothers (one older one younger) died of Alzheimers years ago...he is 85 and played tennis until a few weeks ago.

  5. Recently, we took our 83 year-old Dad off one of three blood pressure medications he was on after several bouts with vertigo, and within three weeks he became a different person. Significant symptoms of senile dementia disappeared, his energy levels increased dramatically. In effect it seemed 15 years had come off his aging behavior.
    This was miraculous. Everyone notices how much better he is.

  6. You've communicated clearly about a vitally important topic-brain effects from common medications. Can you follow this article with your recommendations for alternatives to prescription drugs? Thank you.

  7. I read a very poignant analogy regarding the current paradigm of mechanistic thinking. Currently, the prevailing belief system (otherwise known as BS) is that the human body can be taken apart like a watch. We can examine the pieces of the watch and put it back together. If there is something wrong with one piece, we can 'take it out' and the watch will still work just as fine.
    Well, as most people who are drawn to Lynne's work will know, this way of thinking is not completely accurate.
    The second half of the analogy that I find flies in the face of the mechanistic way of thinking is a DIGITAL watch. If we take apart a digital watch, we won't find the same pieces as we will in a regular mechanical watch.
    These two analogies fit with the older way of thinking (mechanistic and relativistic physics) and the newer way of thinking (quantum mechanics). I am not advocating against mechanistic thinking in no way. I think it was quite useful to get us to the point were we are now. However, I do believe that we need to better harmonize the two ways of thinking about science to come to a more cooperative solution.
    With Love and Gratitude,
    The Intentional Sage

  8. As I read Lynne's blog, I began to wonder how, if everything in our lives is regulated by intention, we as a collective have arrived at such a sorry state. If E Pluribus Unum suggests anything, to me it says, we've all had a hand in this(pardon the anti-holistic pun). I know a lot of people who, on acquiring the slightest headache rabidly ransack the cupboards for a pain "killer", and woe betide the hapless holist who foolishly suggests a slightly more integral assist. Evidence of dementia is becoming cradle to grave. If our plurality is non-locally linked, then so might be the contamination arising spreading from victim to the road to perdition is paved with "good" intentions. Silly lil' ol' me aah thought aah was well on the road ta solvin' all tha woold's problems.

  9. ok. Now I'm ready to get off all drugs. I am only 55 and take five drugs a day. What effect will that have in 20 years? I don't think I want to find out.

  10. Aaaah your defiance is most refreshing Lynne! Thankyou for another inspiring blog. For what it is worth, I wish to add a comment that we delude ourselves if we believe that these conditons are not already known and premeditated in the minds of Pharmaceutical companies.

  11. As a practising homeopath I totally agree with Lynne: medical drugs are dangerous.
    As to those who ask what measures should they take if they get off they usual drugs, my suggestion is that they try a good homeopath: a very experienced one, as homeopathic remedies can also be dangerous -- if prescribed from an allopathic perspective.

  12. To Janet's comment.
    It is no good going of medication "cold turkey". Watch out, do it gradually or else you may get into trouble.
    Hope this helps you.

  13. Thanks for this article, it comes at a time when the UK Greater Manchester medical authority is reported to have banned GPs from offering Homeopathic alternatives to patients

  14. Psychiatrist as drug manipulator seems a sort of cop out from the days of couch and hypnosis, which some still practice. I'll be 90 in a few weeks, and have no sign of dementia. I take only natural supplements, and Chinese herbs morning and night for bronchitis. I had no idea how extensive is the use of pharmaceuticals (patent medicines), one upon one upon one! I firmly believe also in the sustaining effects of prayer, meditation, journaling a la Julia Cameron, and exercise. I should add that I teach every day, which invigorates my mental faculties.

  15. Woah! Shocked re Greater Manchester Authority. Live there. Going to find out more.
    I was addicted to many drugs (heroin and alcohol big among them) and today don't even take tea and coffee (choice). My strongest drug is organic chocolate 🙂
    Like the Chatham and many other contributors to this blog - meditation, healthy food, exercise mean I feel better and better and continually heal.
    So simple yet the drug companies complicate and distort it all because their raison d'etre profit. Solutions as well as individual need to address challenging that business raison d'etre and encourage all to move towards more cooperative forms of organising our collective lives.

  16. Sorry I meant Chatham... not the Chatham (silly typo).. though you sound so amazing Chatham that a 'the' before your name would be justified 🙂

  17. i appreciate your bringing forward this information, but what can we do if we MUST take certain drugs or risk stroke or heart attack (beta blockers, ace inhibitors), or anti-epileptic and anti-migraine drugs such as valprolept? i can tell you that without these, my blood pressure shoots through the roof, and my migraines return, almost daily, making my life a living hell. it's easy to say, "these drugs are bad," but the risk of not taking them can be far worse.

  18. Thank you Lynne,
    I have had this same conversation with my VA psychiatrist concerning the medications used to treat PTSD. In general, he agrees with you BUT... (seems there's always a "but") because an affective alternative is yet to be found to eliminating the devastating effects of PTSD, he is reluctant to allow me to withdraw (however slowly) from them. My dilemma is that I don't want to live the rest of my life tethered to pills; yet, I don't like who I become without them.
    I have tried Intention and continue to do so but (another one) as yet I have seen no improvement. Meditation and yoga help and I am at peace while "in the moment" but put me in a crowded room without medication and I become a shivering mess that will explode at the slightest provocation... I hate that and withdraw from the world.
    Please recommend another alternative I might explore?

  19. Thanks for publishing this Lynne lets hope the MPs from the EuropeanParliament read it ,as they are in process of making lots of vitamin and herb supplements unavailable perhaps they are all taking handouts from Drug companies like the WHO officials .

  20. Hi there,
    I am so glad to know there are more people out there discovering these things and passing on this valuable and life saving information, as there are a lot of people being treated in this way. I have been through my own experiences and can completely relate to (Dr.) Grace E. Jackson's expression of feelings towards these findings.
    Due to going through a few things in my life such as, becoming overwhelmed about a particular experience at the time and feeling a bit stressed out, (which mostly required understanding), I was taken to several psychiatric hospitals during these times, to be 'treated' with psychiatric mediation. I was locked inside the walls of the psychiatric hospitals and 'treated.' Even when I felt much better in myself (after recovering from the stress/overwhelmed feeling that I was going through), the doctor Still recommended that I stay on medication (bearing in mind that I was fully well at this time). I was pinned down and forced the medication through injection by several ward staff, following instruction from the doctor. This happened quite a few times!
    Another time in the hospital, I was speaking up about being treated in this distressing and completely unnecessary way, only to be threatened by one of the hospital staff that I would be injected with medication if I carried on, basically speaking up to state my (to put it mildly) disapproval of being 'treated' in this way.
    On another note, I also had to speak up about other people who either weren't being treated fairly, or kindly.
    I would gladly name the hospital which is Talygarn Unit, County Hospital in Pontypool, Torfaen.
    The reason I am speaking up about this (again) is that I would never want anyone to go through what I experienced in those walls. Including the doctors and ward staff that caused the unnecessary experience.
    There are other things that I could mention and if you would like more information about this, you are very welcome to get in touch with me.
    Have a lovely day!
    Sheryl Taylor

  21. Well done, Lynne, for exposing this awful state of affairs. I will quote it to my mental health team in Brighton. Keep it up. Yours John

  22. Well I am on a duietic for controling vertigo, but I don't know what else to do. I have been diagnosed with mineres ear, and sometimes I just wake up drunk and sick. I can't go to work like that I can't even walk. I have been on Meclezene also when it comes up but I don't even know when it's coming. I am a single parent, what else is there?

  23. So glad to read this article...I read a book about this issue some 25 years ago which has resonated with me so much, as I somehow knew that when I was being given pharmaceuticals there was some very powerful downside. I had suffered hives as a result of taking penicilin and then given a drug to counteract the penicilin and another to provide the solution that was originally sought. I finally said to just stop giving me all these pills and leave me alone. Over time, I gave in and about 30 years ago I found myself taking a number of very duty prescription drugs. One of these, a diaretic, required that I increase my ingestion of potassium to prevent depletion. I was not given this instruction and eventually had a form of blackout when walking downtown in traffic. It was an elderly relative who helped me to understand the phenomena I was experiencing. That was a huge wakeup call, and when I went home, I flushed all the drugs, and found a book about food allergies that was the beginning of my journey to health and wellness without drugs. I had on more experience when overdoing high mountains and developed bursitis in my hip. I was prescribed an anti-flammatory that caused gastro intestinal bleeding, and 18 sessions of physio which caused increasingly more and more pain. I finally found a medical practitioner who sent me to a cranial osteopath who with a few manipulations resolved the entire issue, drug free and highly effective.
    These experiences sent me off to learn how to take care of myself and others with very simple systems. I have been careful in sharing my experiences however, I do have many clients, and increasingly they can reduce their reliance on drug solutions. Their pain levels are reduced to "0", their sleep patterns improve naturally, they become more flexible and have more physical energy in natural ways.
    So, I am very pleased to see this publication, and perhaps spread the word that we have self healing bodies, and we don't need to poison ourselves to be well.......there are ways to do it as nature intended.

  24. @Ed: Many vets have been greatly helped by energy psychology methods like EFT and TAT. Here's a link to Ingrid Dinter who specializes in working with EFT for vets The founder of EFT; Gary Craig, has also done tremendous work with vets - a subject very close to his heart. Recently a new documentary on EFT for vets was reliesed. I think you'll find it on Ingrid Dinters website. There is a large amount of free resources/articles/information available on the net. Another useful link to TAT - a very gentle but powerful method to help reliese trauma If you find a skilled practitioner to work with, and you feel comfortable with this kind of methods, your life could change in a very good way. The best part is that these techniques are very simple and are invaluable self-help tools as well. I wish you all the best! Blessings from Ellen, Norway

  25. Good job! Is it ignorance or malice or just plain greed that fuels this ongoing outrage? Many of us have known this to be the case for years, and still it persists. It is no wonder that some folks suspect a conspiracy. =-)

  26. Hi Ed in WA state:
    Hypnotherapists (competent, as in hypnotist trained in medical hypnotism and preferably not a psychiatrist or psychologist) work with PTSD, migraines, IBS, Fibromyalgia, etc. etc. on a regular basis. Root-cause /regression work done by a competent hypnotherapist can usually help you permanently dissolve the root-cause of your issues, thereby freeing you from the symptoms.
    I know this because as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I am regularly referred patients from the local psychiatric hospital...on meds for decades for everything from depression to PTSD, personality 'disorders' etc. etc. and they resolve quite nicely, allowing people to become symptom-free and living a wholesome life.
    I also finally 'saved' myself in my 40's from the ravages of standard treatment for depression and panic attacks when I found an awesome hypnotherapist who did regression work to help me re-frame and overcome the horrors of my childhood.
    Just be sure you seek out the very best hypnotherapist and do not settle on a hypnotist who cannot prove they have the medical hypnotism and specifically the regression training. It's a good idea to avoid stage hypnotists. In my view psychologists and psychiatrists are so invested in dogma and their credentials that they have already made up their minds about 'what's wrong with you' and allowing them to use hypnotism to further push their agenda would not be proof read Making Monsters by Offshe for the false memory, satanic cult and multiple personality abuses by these professionals.
    Homeopathy combined with hypnotherapy is marvelous at returning psychiatric patients to wellness. Hypnotherapy dissolves the emotional root-cause and homeopathy returns the physical body to equilibrium and wellness. The drugs do a great deal of physical damage and careful, staged detox and support of the damaged systems (especially the filtering organs such as kidney and liver) is essential.
    I am blessed to have a great medical doctor who treats only with natural remedies to whom to refer my hypnotherapy clients. My clients are soon on their feet, getting back to work and to life, happy and healthy.

  27. To Ed in Wash. St.
    EFT (emotional freedom technique)has helped many people with PTSD as Ellen said.I used it myself to release childhood trama and abuse that I had carried for over 60 years.I use it daily now to deal with the recent death of my only child due to the hell she was put through to(so called) cure cancer.Please check it out.

  28. And they call this Modern Medicine. Anyone who dares speak out against anything they do is automatically called a quack. But with the pharaceutical industry behind them, they are a virtually unstoppable juggernaut. But those of us who know the truth must keep on.
    Call me a quack for what I do, but there are answers that don't involve "modern medicine" that are actually based on science. Just ahead of the curve.

  29. I've take fluoxitine for about 10 years now, and it's been a miracle drug for me. However, each time I see a new medication advertised on TV, and listen to the awful side-affects they catalog, I truly shudder. I believe the pharmaceutical industry is out to make money -- period. They have become (perhaps always were) immoral profiteers. I pray to God every day that I can stay healthy enough to avoid having to take any drug, and any doctor attempting to prescribe one to me will have a tough job! BTW, I am 70 and in reasonably good health.

  30. P.S. PLEASE DON'T FLUSH YOUR MEDS!!!! THEY ENTER THE WATER SUPPLY AND AFFECT WILDLIFE!!! Dispose of them as if they are hazardous materials -- which they are!

  31. Hi Lynn
    I am a long standing fan of your work. 20 years ago I subscribed to your magazine "What Doctors Don't Tell You." Thank goodness for the internet and long live net neutrality. When billions of dollars of Pharma profit are at stake it is hard to get this information out via the mainstream media. What is so heartening about the posts here is that so many people instinctively understand that they need to make a change in the way they approach their symptoms, they are just not sure how to go about it. I, like the other posters here, have had great benefit from hypnotherapy and homeopathy ( so much so that I became a homeopath 16 years ago). I have also had benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of your readers may wonder how to choose an experienced, professional practitioner. First ask your friends and neighbors if there is anyone locally they would recommend. If this draws a blank consider working with a homeopath long distance on the telephone. Always check out their testimonials, training and experience. Chat to them before making an appointment to see if you have a good rapport.
    Wishing you all well, Mary.

  32. Ed in WA State, there are many alternatives to treat PTSD, Trager therapy, EFT, EMDR, acupuncture,Mind/body breathing exercises, physical exercise, yoga, tai chi, self-hypnosis, massage, meditation, guided imagery, and biofeedback are just some of the ways of dealing with PTSD , there are also some herbs that can assist. You can check online for alternative treatments for PTSD and find a number of them. You will have to find the one you are most comfortable with and that works best for you. Good Luck!

  33. Great article. Why do you have it blocked making it impossible to print a copy for reference? Far too much data to memorize.
    Ron Eastwood
    Stockton, California

  34. There are studies from the 1940's-60's using high doses of vitamins to cure ailments rather than drugs. I learned from that schizophrenia has been treated with high doses of niacin. What if mental illness is actually a nutritional deficiency?

  35. Thorazine! Still in the PDR, Still in use!
    It was given to my 12 year old daughter
    to calm her down, w/o my consent.

  36. This article highlights the duality of the issue -
    with both macro and micro effects. Our most
    obvious power is to address the micro (or
    personal) by taking decisions about our own
    imbibing of drugs aka (in most cases!) as
    Whilst these micro-level decisions will have an
    effect at the macro-level, such effect will be
    small as the number of people taking into their
    bodies allopathic remedies without challenge
    far outweighs those declining that course.
    What can we do about that imbalance?
    At a micro level I was treated by UK experts
    in Five-Element Acupuncture in 1984. My life
    was transformed - and I have suffered from
    the symptoms ever since of what has been
    diagnosed as idiopathic hypersomnolence.
    The neurologists suggest Modafinil (Pro-Vigil)
    or amphetamines. I have declined those but at
    the cost of "living" with the symptoms. To date
    I have been unable to locate any antidotal form
    of treatment despite consulting a variety of
    "alternative" practitioners.
    The moral dilemma is whether to accept the
    drug intake in order to surmount the symptoms
    or to live (as I am living) under the shadow of
    the symptoms. I am not surprised that so many
    people buy in to the "vision" of a life without
    the presenting symptoms. What they do not
    often identify is the range of side(!) effects.
    Even acupuncture presents that dilemma. The
    acupuncturists in 1984 claimed to have saved
    my life. They may have done (I cannot tell)
    but such saving was certainly not without any
    side effects!
    At a macro level the upcoming challenge is
    the opportunity for genetic manipulation
    and the possibility of switching on and off
    particular DNA markers. As an example
    one gene increases substantially our personal
    susceptibility to cancer in one position but
    in the other position does not allow cancer
    to take hold for the same level of onslaught.
    What should be our response?
    Should we welcome the opportunity to get
    DNA components switched on/off in order to
    improve our quality of life? Are interventions
    of this nature liable to side effects in the same
    way? Will our moving away from chemical
    ingestion as the primary "cure" route remove
    the problems or will other effects come to the
    fore, posing new, different challenges?
    A contributor suggests that the root of all
    medical conditions starts with one's thoughts.
    Certainly thoughts are a factor - but we would
    be foolish to suppose that non-physical
    initiatives can, in a physical universe, resolve
    all the physical effects that we experience.
    Indeed, there is some evidence that our
    thoughts come AFTER the physical actions
    that occur in our bodies (ie my finger moves
    and then I think about moving it!). Until we
    understand that one, our chances of getting
    to the roots of our "illnesses" are slim. We
    are inured to the concept of cause-effect
    but this may not be the whole truth.
    As was suggested to me back in the 1970's,
    the universe (in physical form) is constrained
    by what preceded it as the last moment of
    "now". It is only in the spaces in between the
    moments of "now" that we can make a real
    difference. However, every time period can
    be bisected into smaller time periods and so
    the spaces in between moments of now can
    be accessed only outside the confines of the
    physical universe.
    Lynne has identified that under the name of
    the "Field". Our challenge is to recognise
    how to respect the Field at the same time as
    "existing" in the physical universe.
    Can we know our own death?
    Health as conventionally understood is a
    facet of the physical universe - and becomes
    totally irrelevant following death (as becomes
    clear when we allow postmortem incisions
    that would be grievous bodily harm if they
    were performed before death!).
    Here in Devon, England I am involved with a
    group that promote Memory Cafes to assist
    those with Dementia - and their carers.
    In view of Dr Jackson's findings, what line
    should I be advocating in relation to slowing
    the onset of Dementia symptoms?
    Alan Rayner
    EX39 2BA

  37. > Great article. Why do you have it blocked
    > making it impossible to print a copy for
    > reference? Far too much data to memorize.
    > Sincerely,
    > Ron Eastwood
    Whilst a direct copy may be blocked, there
    are ways to extract the text for reference.
    a) Highlight the whole text with [Ctl-A]
    b) Copy to Clipboard using [Ctl-C]
    c) Open Notepad
    d) Use [Ctl-V] to paste into Notepad
    e) Use the editing facilities within Notepad
    to remove the extraneous material (by way
    of shift highlight and the delete key!).
    f) Save the result as a text document - which
    is perfectly amenable to printing - or to
    being copied into Open Office etc for any
    further manipulation.
    NB: Using Notepad ensures that the focus
    is on the text. A direct copy into MS-Word
    is likely to introduce distortion effects.
    The only way to succeed with this is to conduct
    an experiment. The clipboard concept was
    perhaps the most valuable thing included in the
    original Windows product - and the shortcut
    keys of [Ctl-A], [Ctl-C],[Ctl-V] etc have made
    it so much easier to use.
    Alan Rayner
    EX39 2BA

  38. For Alan Rayner - Fortunately we do not have to have a conscious thought before each of our bodily movements. We must however have a belief that such action is possible and that it can be freely utilized.
    A thought alone will not supersede a belief. When intention fails it is because there is some belief lurking in the background that is interfering. One of the trickiest things in this investigation into intention is reaching the point where we "Know", in the sense of a deep spiritual knowing, that a belief is not the 'Truth' it is just our belief. It was our belief that caused the experiences that confirmed it as true. If we change our belief we change our reality.
    The body and its workings is entirely a built up belief system (BS is right on). We have only to look at creatures who are able to regrow limbs they have lost to become suspicious of our belief that it is impossible for us.

  39. To Ed in WA State re PTSD
    And anyone else who wants to make lasting change
    Check out EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) which has extensive clinical success with freeing people from PTSD very quickly (1 or 2 sessions) and without drugs. EFT is being used for PTSD in some VA treatment centers with excellent results. The process involves identifying an issue and what would be a positive difference and then tapping gently on energy meridians in the body (primarily on the face). I have used it to deal with allergic issues and found it successful. Their website is
    You could also check out The One Command which is a way of changing the programs in the subconscious mind in a very quick and lasting way. I have been using this approach steadily for 10 months now and I can hardly believe the changes in how I feel and behave. It began as a way to "command" wealth into the founder's lives and has blossomed into the realization that we can command for any change we want. It goes deeper and deeper to change beliefs that no longer serve us in a healthy and positive way. There are many free options available through TOC that allow you to learn and practise the technique. There are also paid conferences, books and CDs. Their website is
    I wish you all good things, Ed!

  40. Dear Ed in WA State
    There certainly IS help - and a cure - for PTSD without meds. In my practice, people come to me for help who have been "wiped out" by pharmaceuticals. Just because your doc doesn't know about an alternative to drugs, does not mean none exists. Google EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other Energy Medicine modalities. Lots of research is successfully being done and war vets are being cured of PTSD with EFT. You might want to check out the annual Energy Psychology Conference at Lynne will be keynoting at this conference in 2011 - for the second time.
    As well, google Dr. Norman Shealy - he's a neurosurgeon in Missouri who calls the drug companies the pharmacomafia.

  41. I was diagnosed with stage 3 beginning stage 4 cancer in 2008. I went through the regular treament and then put on pain and neuropathy medicines. I noticed I felt foggy in my brain and I did not want to live anymore. What the doctors did is cure me of cancer but killed my spirit. I had never taken anything until I went through this. It's so true that about the body rejecting all these poisons that is put in ones body in the name of medicine.

  42. Lynne,
    I think the real question is why does 90% of the population require drugs in the first place?
    What are we doing to our selves during the first 50 years which causes our bodies to begin to malfunction?
    I relate to the Pottinger’s cats experiment, where two sets of cats were fed different diets over 5 generations.
    One set of cats were fed only uncooked food while the other were fed only cooked food (the control group).
    The control group of cats, that were fed cooked food, began to experience more and more complications and diseases earlier and earlier in each successive generation such that by the 4th generation they were either still born or born sterile.
    Could we be are eating ourselves to death?
    Jamie Oliver gives great advice when he suggests to look at the contents of packaged and processed foods…if it looks like a science experiment, don’t consume it…if it looks like a list from your nan’s pantry, then it’s OK.
    I’m 45 and have been on anti-allergy medicine for over 10 years….now where are those damn pills again?
    Write On!

  43. Thank you for having the courage to point out the very serious issue of what amounts to a drug-addicted culture. The pharmaceutical companies and their greed are a big part of it, and there have been a number of people who have blown the whistle on them , including Kevin Trudeau. An aspect of it that you might want to consider for future discussion is the phenomenon of people who have read the books and are aware of the problem who continue to take unnecessary drugs just because their doctor prescribes them. It's as if people have a doctor-worship thing going on and blindly accept whatever the doctor says. This is encouraged by propaganda about checking with our doctors before we do anything from exercise programs to changing our diets. Why is it we give our power away to the medical profession?

  44. Lynne:
    Durante toda mi vida he utilizado la medicina alternativa con buenos resultados; estoy leyendo tu libro del Campo y me resulta facinante conocer todo el trabajo de investigación que efectuaste para dar bases científicas al conocimiento de homeopatía, clarividencia, clariaudiencia, curación a distancia por medio de la energía. Creo que tu puedes motivarnos para iunir esfuerzos a fin de lograr crear conciencia de hacer un cambio en nuestra forma de buscar curación a las enfermedades. !ME UNO A TU PROYECTO1

  45. For Ed in WA State - PTSD has been successfully treated with the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, which you can Google. So many conditions originate in our emotions. I personally know one of the 25 EFT Masters in the world. Go to She works either in person or by phone. Please tell her I sent you, and good luck.

  46. There are always some situations where pharmaceutical drugs can be useful and even save lives. But for the most part, people have forgotten the tremendous resource they can be to themselves. Always look first at the foods you are eating, the stress you are under, and the lack of movement, and oxygen getting to your brain. I like to say that the Food Industry is making us all sick, so the Pharmaceutical Industry can put us all on drugs for the rest of our lives. I discovered that the ringing in my ears and vertigo came from my allergy to some wheat products. Viruses and hayfever were aggravated by my dairy intake. And who knows what all the antibiotic filled meats and dairy products did to my intestinal system all these years. Along with a regular yoga practice, I have eliminated (almost 100%) wheat, dairy, eggs, and meat from my diet and feel younger and more alive at age 60, than in my whole life.
    Always test yourself for food allergies first by doing the elimination method. Go off eggs, dairy, wheat, for a week and each following week add one of these back in and see the reaction.
    The power of intention can be enhanced by connecting with your own body/mind and how you are nourishing it with oxygen, water, food, love of yourself and others, movement, meditation, good thoughts, spirituality and right livelihood. Take your power back.

  47. To: Ed in WA State:
    Please go check out the wbsite attache to my name. And, Google; "Try it on Everything". Get the movie! These are from the same discipline base. Do some basic research and begin pracice of this, find a practitioner, and you will find "peace'! With Love an Joy for YOU!

  48. Thanks Lyn. To those who are still unsure about how our thinking changes our lives try reading Bruce Liptons book 'The biology of Belief'.

  49. 'Against holism' Lynne McTaggart's latest blog:
    I so agree with Lynne & I think that many people recognize the psychotropic medication problem from watching loved ones recieve treatment. However, when that loved one is non compliant with the meds chaos ensues. We are hog tied because there are few Naturopaths who will take to risk of being sued by providing alternative therapy for very serious mental illnesses.
    Lynne - do you have comments regarding the reserach in Lethbridge Alberta where Bi-polar patients are being given natural supplents as originally designed (& very successful for) for the treatment of pigs with the swine equivent disease? The results are looking very promising on human subjects.
    Also, do you have advise re: Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's disease) ? Many serious conditions are linked to this disorder not being properly diagnosed. When it is diagnosed doctors take a sledge hammer medicinal approach. This is affecting millions who are wrongly diagnosed and improperly treated.
    Good luck
    Marian C.

  50. To Ed in Washington State: For your PTSD symptoms, check out the work of Eugene Penniston at the VA, Neurofeedback and the videos at It works. And Good Luck.

  51. Please check out Stephen Cherniske' s book "The Metabolic Plan" and "Caffine Blues" He is involved with a wonderful company called Univera Life Sciences. Please look at his before and after pictures. Modern "science" has nothing on Mother Nature! Contact me for samples or more info. Theresa 😉

  52. Hi again,
    In my normal life, there are amazing people who are, kind, cheerful people, they are friendly and nice to chat to, who feel like family, intelligent and bright. It's warm and clean, good healthy vegan food (tasty, delicious and nutritional). Whiteboards to draw on, in various colours, football and basketball. It's tidy and colorful, organised and pretty spectacular!
    The above positive aspects are also found at County Unit, Talygarn Hospital, Pontypool, Cwmbran. This is fair to state. 🙂
    Have a lovely day.
    Sheryl Taylor

  53. While I appreciate the intention behind this article I disagree with one point. In many cases, medication is necessary and people need to be taught how to take medication without hurting themselves. Period. Most people don't have the resources to invest thousands of dollars into naturopathic treatment when they are in the midst of the biggest crisis of their lives. I, personally, inspite of the fact that I am a nutritionist and have been described as a "moderate purist" endured the agony of postpartum depression last year. I tried, in vain, to find some herb, some acupunture treatment, some magic energy treatment that would help. NOTHING did except medication. I am so grateful for the antidepressants that have given me my life back and if I had only 1 thing to do again, I wouldn't wait so damn long to go on them.

  54. And, btw, I am far from being a zombie. In fact, medication de-zombified me, if that's a word. But you have to take it properly, with a ton of supplements, to counter act the toxins in the medication. And remember, most side effects are due to the medication stealing some vital nutrient, like calcium. Most cases of dementia can be helped with acetyl l-carnitine. Tremors will subside with a spoonful of liquid calcium/magnesium supplement.

  55. [...] Against holism – “Modern” medicine is creating a massive onslaught of Dementia through pharmaceuticals, ignoring and suppressing the holism of the body and its self-healing responses. This entry was written by Bruce, posted on August 23, 2010 at 9:27 am, filed under Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Quicklinx for the week of 8/16 (see Quicklinx page for previous) [...]

  56. Depression runs in my family, so I feel it is an inherited brain chemical imbalance. The best thing for me has been a combination of visualizations (Belleruth Naperstek's CD Healing Trauma helped my PTSD & depression. She is one of the original pioneers of guided imagery -check you local library) and 5-HTP: or me 100mg 2/day & for my sister 200 mg/day time release caps. No side effects like pharmaceuticcals. What a huge relief! Eating well. exercise & good quality amino acids & vitamins complete my regimen. I'm 53 and feel better than I did at 30. Thanks Lynne for your positive thoughts & science based intention research.

  57. Seroquel is drug approved for squizofrenics by the FDA. However it is being recommended by the maker and doctors for everything, like a feel good drug. The FDA has fined the maker in excess of 500 million, but the co keeps recommending it since the fines are much less than the profit they make off the drug. Astra-Zeneca is the maker.

  58. Elly van Winkle, a neuro-scientist, discovered that most psychiatric issues are related to suppressed anger (this is an epidemic in our culture) . She developed a method called re-direct therapy to release the suppressed anger. Even schizophrenics have been know to heal with this method. John Spyer, the person keeping her work going after she passed away had been institutionalized, drugged and electro-shocked. Only after he did redirect therapy did he heal. Look here:

  59. Hello There. I discovered your blog using msn. That is an extremely well written article.
    I'll make sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of your helpful info.
    Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.

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